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Tonight - drink drive shame. A

police officer jailed after blowing

five times the legal lipt on his

way to court. Tough tactics

backfire for a police officer in

Kings Cross. The Keneally

Government's popularity slumps to a

record low. The next election will

be like climbing Mount Everest. And

the senior citizen who was

absolutely shocked by the email she

received from her local council.

Are you a bitch? I wouldn't think

so. Not really. Good evening. Jockeys

Jockeys questioned over a betting

scandal. And the reason Julie

Andrews really hated filming this

classic scene? First tonight - a

policeman sentenced to jail and

banned from the road tr 10 years

over staggering drink driving

offences.. He was busted driving

drunk to court to face charges

being almost eight times the drink

drive limit. The senior constable

took an oath to uphold the law but

today he was convicted of one of

Australia's highest drink driving

readings. No comment. I've been advised through legal avenues to

make no comment at all. The 38-

year-old was wearing his police

overalls when he

overalls when he blew 0.395 in

November last year. He fell from

the driver's seat of his Nissan

after a collision in the car park

of his supermarket. Remarkably, he

was booked a second time, blowing

.253 as he drove his way to Gosford

court. He later told officers he

drunk a bottle and a half of scotch

before getting behind the before getting behind the wheel. In

sentencing Campbell to 12 months

jail and suspending his licence for

a decade, the magistrate said:

The court heard Senior Constable

Campbell was diagnosed with post-

traumatic stress disorder after 16

years in the force. Now, recovering

in a rehabilitation centre, he's

been sober for 130 days. And is

keen to become a councillor to help

others -- counsellor to help others

beat their addictions. He spent

less than an hour in custody. Late

this afternoon he was released on

bail pending an appeal. Do you

think you've learnt your lesson?

Definitely, Sir. I can't comment

under fire for any further. The police force is

under fire for using heavy-handed

tactics to stop the filming of a

violent arrest. It was a Ten News

cameraman who had to explain to

police the public's legal rights.

It was an over the top response to

the simple act of filming a police

arrest. Turn it off now before I

smash it on the ground? The Ten

News cameraman began filming on his

mobile phone when he came across

police struggling to arrest a man.

We witnessed the police, this

particular woman putting her knee

in to the offender's head. That's

when the officer objected

aggressively. It's a serious threat.

A threat of violence. A threat to

break my property. And then a shove.

And some foul language. By law, any

member of the public is entitled to

film in a public place, police film in a public place, police

arrest or not. Officers only backed

off when the cameraman produced

media identification. Police can

request people not to film them but

they have no right to demand it or

have no right to push them who are

filming them, to threaten them or

to even look at the material that's

Service been recorded. The Police Legal

Service has warned its officers

that the widespread use of mobile

phone camera technology will see

them filmed increasingly and it's

not illegal and something they must

be aware of. A local commander said

the police officer has been

counselled over the incident. We

acknowledge it could have been

handled better. And the matter has handled better. And the matter has

been dealt with at a local level.

The offender has been charged with

resisting arrest and offensive

behaviour. A coroner has

recommended charges over the fatal

police shooting of a mentally ill

man. Elijah Holcombe was shot dead

after allegedly confronting an after allegedly confronting an

officer with a knife in June last

year. Thon day he died, the 24-

year-old had gone to the police

station and then been taken to

left and was pursued hospital for treatment. He later

left and was pursued by Andrew Rich

who shot Elijah once in the chest.

The coroner has suspended the

inquest, recommending criminal

charges be considered against a

known person. Kristina Keneally is

now leading the most unpopular

Labor Government ever. The Premier,

facing political annihilation, says

the March election will be like

climbing Mount Everest. Kristina climbing Mount Everest. Kristina

Keneally insists her abysmal polls

haven't triggered leadership

rumblings and she still thinks she

can win. Most people don't agree.

I don't need a poll to tell me what

I already know, which is I have a

tough job. Indeed, probably the

toughest job in Australian politics.

It would certainly be rewriting the

record books if this Government

were to come back from that

position. Newspoll predicts Labor

will lose 31 seats and nine

Ministers. Kristina Keneally would

survive but others would go.

Nothing can be taken for granted.

Certainly, in my own electorate, Certainly, in my own electorate,

I'm out there every day, every

night, every weekend talking to my

community and working with them. community and working with them.

And so some have stood out in

Opposition but many are unknowns.

They're still waiting to

demonstrate they've got the

capacity to run a government. Polls

will narrow as we get closer

towards the election campaign but

nothing will stop Andrew Stoner and

people in NSW I continuing our efforts to give

people in NSW the change they

deserve. The election could see the

representation substantially with Greens increase their

two lower house seats and an extra

two seats in the upper house giving

them the balance of power. Newspoll

numbers suggest Greens candidates

will eliminate the education

Premier. The minister and deputy -- Deputy

Premier. The Greens have thrown

their support behind Joe Hockey in

his fight against greedy banks,

federally. Bob Brown is seeking a

meeting and says the Coalition

could join the Greens in banning

$2ATM fees. Baurb Brown believes he

has something to -- Bob Brown

believes he has something to offer

the Government. He likes what he

sees? I'm looking forward to

talking with Joe Hockey about how

we can progress some of those ideas.

Perhaps the start of a new

alliance? No. I don't think so. But

I welcome the fact the Greens,

Independents and others are jumping

onboard. And in turn the Greens are

inviting the Coalition to vote for

its bill outlawing bank ATM fees.

Mr Hockey keener to have another

bash at Mike Smith. Mr Smith earns

$50,000 a day but the people that

underwrite his bank earn $50,000 a

year. The Government says it's the

middle-income earners that would be

hurt if the Coalition's tax

preferences ever see the light of

day. Target of the attack - a flat

tax proposal floated last night by

Tony Abbott. To increase the tax-

free threshold to $25,000 and to

have a flat rate from that point to

an income of $180,000 a year.

Middle-income earners would pay

around $500 a year more under the

proposal that Tony Abbott has

embraced. The PM left the argy

bargey behind her this morning,

flying out of Canberra with her

partner for a summit in han oi.

partner for a summit in han oi. --

Hanoi. Four days away from the

Melbourne Cup - the racing world

has been rocked by scandal. Two

jockeys are being investigated for

allegedly using a TAB account to

bet on races. He's enjoyed racing's

highest glory but faces a career low.

low. Two jockeys are being

investigated for allegedly

illegally betting on horse races.

We received information to the

operation of a TAB beting account.

They were questioned in

relationship to that. Racing NSW

says it was alerted to the possible

breach in September during a

routine audit of punter accounts.

There's a means of comparing not

only names, but other means of

identification. And that brought

the particular account under notice.

It's illegal for jockeys to bet on It's illegal for jockeys to bet on

any thoroughbred race. There can't any thoroughbred race. There can't

be any implied idea that the jockey

is betting on the race. Jockeys not

involved in this investigation say

the rules are clear. I think

everyone's been in the game long

enough to know where we stand on

that. The racing industry's very

strict. It is disappointing but

it's not going to take the focus

off the fantastic racing. The

jockeys won't be prevented from

racing in the Spring Racing

Carnival. The agents representing

both riders wouldn't be interviewed

today, saying it would be inappropriate to

inappropriate to comment before the

hearing. Racing NSW says it's

possible other parties will also be

cited. A Sydney woman is struggling cited. A Sydney woman is struggling

to understand an insulting email

from a local councillor. The

councillor's blaming it on his son.

When Betty Wickens wrote an email

to her local council, she simply

wanted to know if her bowling club

was being renovated and why the

local hall was being torn down. She

was not at all prepared for the

response. I couldn't believe it. I

just could not believe it. The

reply to Betty and other people read:

Hurtful. To think that a person

that has been put in to council, to look

look after the people of the area,

and that's the way they think about

us. When the grandmother complained

about the email, the councillor

blamed his young son, claiming he

had sent it. I hate to ask you this,

but are you a bitch? I wouldn't

think so. Not really. My

grandchildren don't think I am. I

think that's absolutely atrocious.

I can't believe our councillors I can't believe our councillors

would use that sort of language

about anybody, at all. I think it's

disgraceful. The councillor was

unavailable for an interview today.

We're told he's travelling overseas

on private business. He did,

however, issue a written statement.

In it, he once again apologises. He

says he has punished his son and

bought a mobile phone holster to

prevent future mishaps. An apology

won't take all that away. Still to

come - an urgent weather warning

issued to the Derby Day crowds.

Plus, the family of missing

schoolboy Matthew Appleby issues an

appeal. The decision in the middle

appeal. The decision in the middle

of the night that saved a man's life.


The father of a missing Central The father of a missing Central

Coast teenager has made an

emotional appeal for his son to

come home. It's been almost two

weeks since Michael Appleby

vanished and there have been

reported sightings of him as far

away as Queensland. It was always

going to be difficult making an

appeal no father should have to.

Hoping his boy is still alive.

James Appleby spoke directly to him.

Matt, your mother and I and your Matt, your mother and I and your

brothers, we need to know where you

are. We need to know you're alright.

Jet has been pining for you. Please

pick up the phone and give us a

call. Matthew Appleby was last seen

dropping his younger brother at

primary school on Monday last week.

A few hours later, a couple of

people think they saw the 16-year-

old at a bus stop near his high

school. Police believe it could

have been the missing boy. His

backpack and shoes were found

during searches at Avoca Beach

later in the week. He's always been

full of life and potential. He's a

very caring and bright young man.

So far investigators can think of

no reason the straight A student

would go missing. There's no

information to suggest there's any

issues at home. There is so much

ground for police to cover and they

weren't able to search everywhere

they wanted to here at Kincumber

Mountain yesterday. That search has

now been suspended while officers

go through all the information.

There have been unconfirmed

sightings of Matthew Appleby has

far away as Queensland. Police they

they're relying on calls from the

public to help realise what's

happened to the teenager. While

we're thankful for all the support

we've received, we would also

please ask you to respect our

privacy. A family says it's been

the target of a shooting as

community anger rages over

Adelaide's house of horrors. The

case saw five children starved to

the brink of death. After a $30,000

clean-up, the house is now a clean-up, the house is now a family

home. But not everyone knows it's a

new family. We've had garbage

that's been dumped all over our

front yard. We had two bullets that

were fired at the house. One came

straight through the window and

another ricocheted. We've had eggs

thrown at the house. Megan has

spent two years explaining she has

nothing to do with what happened

there before. I think it was the there before. I think it was the

kids, we were worried about their

safety. Not that anyone will ever

be allowed to know who lived there

previously. The bizarre web of

relationships means naming the

adults would identify the five

starved children. Their mother has

already been jailed and their

father was convicted yesterday. His

stepfather found guilty too. Each

of them was in a relationship with

one of three siblings who lived in

the house. The mother's boyfriend,

the third man convicted. But it's

the father's girlfriend who is key

to the whole thing. It was her idea

for everyone to live in the same

Housing Trust property. She had 12

children of her own. There were 21

in the house in total. That netted

a social security income of over

$100,000. This case does not

reflect, does not reflect the

failure of the approach we're

taking to our system. The reason

the five children were singled out

was petty and cruel. Although she

wanted the money, the father's

girlfriend didn't like his old life

being a part of his new one. The

question remains why her hold over

the other adults was so powerful

that each was willing to watch the

children being beaten, tortured and

fading away. The children taken

publicly from the house were

relatively healthy. The other five

were already in hospital. Skin and

bones. One of them hours from death.

Sentencing begins next week. A

Melbourne man's decision to burn

the midnight oil may have saved his

life. A car smashed through his

bedroom wall moments after he got

out of bed to do some work on his

computer. My bed's been

disintegrated. It's completely

shattered. I'm sure I wouldn't have

made it had I been in bed at that

time. The driver and passenger were

lucky to escape with minor injuries.

Police say the car crossed a

service lane, median strip and

through a fence before crashing in

to the brick wall. A bleak outlook

in Victoria is threatening a

washout on the opening day of the Flemington Carnival.

Flemington Carnival. It may be

short-lived but the sun was shining

at Flemington as the famous track

was groomed ahead of the first day

of the carnival. And with a bleak

outlook forecast, at track work,

preparation was key. Yeah, ready

for the rain. Got my wet weather

pants and race gear ready to go.

There are some weather predictions for

for Derby Day. But I think they're

changing. A bit like Bart Cummings,

I think they'll come good. The

Cup's king will not be trackside

tomorrow to see his two Derby hopes.

But neither runner is expected to

perform well in the wet. And while

the forecast which saw a slump in

ticket sales has improved slightly,

the must-have accessory among race

goers is still an goers is still an umbrella. It

looks reasonably wet in the

afternoon. Expect five to 10

millimetres between midday and

about 5 or 6 o'clock. Despite the

outlook, tomorrow's racing will go

ahead. I don't have any major

concerns. Trying on a new look to

keep on top of trouble-makers,

police are going undercover.

Ditching the blue in favour of

suits and frocks. They will be

looking at more than just the form.

But the in colour is green. As

Flemington switches to sustainable

energy. But, new solar panels on

top of the grand stand to power the

race course throughout the season

may not be the best bet, at least

for this weekend. If you're in to

Melbourne Cup omens, Brad has

something pretty special, don't

you? That's right.

you? That's right. I nearly forgot

there. You'll be taking note of one

particular horse shortly in sport,

given these connections. A string

of coincidences and omens could see

a great granddaughter reclaim

racing's greatest prize for her

family exactly 100 years after they

first won it. Unbelievable. England

skipper Andrew Strauss hasn't

forgotten to pack the urn. England

is vowing not to get in to a war of

words. Shortly, it's a little too

late for that, you'll hear. And how

Samantha Stosur made it in to the

semis of the rich WTA Tour

Championship by winning one set.

Kath. The giggles at 5:15. It's

Friday. That could have gone

anywhere. Emily Rice joins us now.

You've been literally blown away by You've been literally blown away by

this chance to present the weather

tonight? I'm going to adopt the

wind-swept look for this weekend, I

think. It's pretty windy out here

at the moment, although we haven't

had the rain which threatened all

throughout the day. We've got

sunshine. It looks quite nice out

here and hopefully the plezppbtsd

weather will continue tomorrow. We

reach -- pleasant weather will

continue tomorrow. We reached a top

of 21 degree today. One place that was warm today

was warm today but not so dry was

Coffs Harbour. 19 millimetres they

had today, over 480 millimetres

they've had this month alone. It's

their wettest October in 38 years.

Now there is some rain on the way

for Sydney. I won't tell you about

that just yet. Before that, some

good news. Our weekly weather pics winner.

We will send you the camera thanks

to Harvey Norman. If you think you

have a great weather picture or

you're planning to take one, send

it in to us. Stick around. I'll

bring you the full weekend weather

outlook. And it's going to be an

interesting one, Bill. OK. Thank

you. A jury's verdict over the

drugs that killed Anna Nicole Smith.

Also - flights diverted as two

European volcanos erupt. And a very

rare little youngster makes his

public debut.

Blind taste tests have shown that more people prefer McCafe coffee when compared to coffee from another leading chain. But don't just take our word for it.

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It's just a fuller taste.

Where is it from? Really? That is very surprising. McCafe. I don't believe it. So there you have it. Clearly, there's more to McCafe. So, put it to the test yourself. Hey, Dad. What if I'm at school? Dad, what do we have to do if a fire comes? Mum, what if there's no power? What if the fire's at night? What will we do if there's no water? Well, what if you're at work?

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Time now to have a look at the

traffic heading out of Sydney. Not

looking great at the F3?

looking great at the F3? No, it

sure isn't. The traffic heading

north out of Sydney, it will be a

long delay. I'm just over Beecroft.

These are the approaches towards

Pennant Hills Road. Both traffic

lanes are barely moving. Completely

stopped there. And unfortunately

Beecroft Road traffic delays,

swinging past the shops, back swinging past the shops, back all

the way in to Epping. That adds

another 50 minutes to the journey

there. Also, problems heading in to

the city for Victoria Road. We're

going to have a look and bring you

a live update. Defence chief Angus

Houston has defended the training

of Afghan militiamen by Australian

soldiers. Six soldiers under the

command of an Afghan war

command of an Afghan war lord

visited Australia to train with

defence special forces troops. If

we want to get our act together so

we have an absolutely seamless

opraigdz, it's absolutely

imperative -- operation, it's

absolutely impairtive we train with

the people we will be fighting side by side with.

Now to the ING Direct finance

report. Macquarie, the latest bank

to release its results? It is and

it caps off a big week of bumper

profit results. A first-half profit

result of just over $400 million.

Compared with the same time last Compared with the same time last

year, that marks a 16% drop but

investors welcome the result, given

it came in some $40 million above

expectation. Investors will receive

a half-year dividend of 86 cents

per share and Macquarie Bank shares

surged on the news.

And that's finance news for this

week. Looking ahead - US market are

in for a fairly lacklustre start to

tonight's session. The ex-boyfriend

of late Playboy model Anna Nicole

Smith has been found guilty of a

drugs conspiracy. A jury has found

Howard K Stern and a psychiatrist secured thousands secured thousands of tablets for

Smith who died of an overdose. He

was Anna Nicole's lawyer, lover and

says a jury, her enableer. This is

ridiculous, she would think. She

would think it's absolutely

ridiculous. Three years after Anna

Nicole Smith's death, Howard krbs

Stern has been found guilty -- K

Stern has been found guilty. Stern has been found guilty. This

was done to protect Anna Nicole's

privacy. And it was nothing more

than that. Her psychiatrist was

convicted too for unlawfully

supplying a pain pill. I don't have

all regrets. I have some good

feelings still. They were accused

of providing Smith with thousands

of tablets for no apparent reason

but the doctor who dished them out

was let off. A jury was let off. A jury ruled he

prescribed in good faith, believing

his client was in agony over the

death of her son. It's a victory

for patients everywhere in our

nation, who suffer chronic pain.

After a public downward spiral -

Make me beautiful. Smith overdosed

in 2007. Police found 11 in 2007. Police found 11

prescriptions in her hotel room, prescriptions in her hotel room,

600 tablets were missing. I loved

Anna Nicole. She had a lot of

problems. No-one was charged over

Anna Nicole's death. That was ruled

an accident. The parents of a young an accident. The parents of a young

Australian missing in Canada have

blamed local health authorities. Owen Rooney was Owen Rooney was admitted to

hospital in British Columbia 10

weeks ago after being bashed but weeks ago after being bashed but

left before any tests were done. He

hasn't been seen since. He actually

had blood in his ears and he was

bruised on his temples. And his

face. Facial bruising as well. The

Rooneys claim the hospital failed

to properly monitor their son. The to properly monitor their son. The

actor who played Danno in 'Hawaii

Five-O' has died at the age of 72.

He was the long-running police

sidekick referred to in one of the

most famous catch phrases in TV

history. Book 'em, Danno. He died

of natural causes. A new series of

'Hawaii Five-O' will be seen on Ten next year. next year. London Zoo is

celebrating a new addition. A baby

gorilla to be born at the zoo in 20

years. There's no name yet but the doting first-time mum is doing

everything right and won't leave

him alone. The father died in March,

so he will be slowly introduced to

his fepfather -- stepfather. In the

hope they'll form hope they'll form a family.

Sydneysiders rally support for the

latest tsunami victims. Also - one

of the last surviving Fuzzy Wuzzy

Angels reunited. And Julie Andrews

explains why filming this iconic scene was so difficult.

Despite recent rainfall, the Murray-Darling Basin still needs help. Together we need to change the way we do things so our rivers have a future

and our communities are sustainable. The Water for the Future initiative is helping Basin farmers produce our food with less water by investing in efficient irrigation systems. Helping our cities and towns with stormwater reuse, desalination and recycling. Helping our rivers and wetlands come back to life by returning more water to them and helping them adapt to a changing climate. Drop by drop we're securing Australia's water for the future.

With not just the polls but the PM

running hard against her, what running hard against her, what hope

for NSW Premier Kristina Keneally?

The next election will be like

climbing Mount Everest.

Tonight's headlines - a police

officer has been sentenced to a

minimum 12 months jail after being

caught drink driving twice. The

second time senior

second time senior Constable Glen

Campbell was arrested, he was

arrested driving to court drunk. A

police officer has been counselled

after threatening violence against

a man taking video of an arrest in

Kings Cross. The threats were made

against the Ten News cameraman who

was well aware of his legal right

to film in a public place. A senior

citizen has received an email from

her local councillor describing her

in very unflattering terms. The

councillor claims the message was

sent by his young son. The death

toll from the Indonesian tsunami is

now expected to climb to more than

500. Survivors are rushing to bury

the dead before disease takes hold.

Back safe in Sydney, five of the Back safe in Sydney, five of the

Australian surfers who were aboard

the 'Freedom 3' when their boat was

catapulted in to another. One

massive smash, in to the next smash,

which slammed in to the 'Midas'.

The surfers agreed to speak to Ten

News for one reason - to urge

people to support the aid effort in

the disaster zone and this is why.

Pictures of the devastation are Pictures of the devastation are

only now emerging. The death toll

continues to rise. Bodies are being

discovered buried by degree four

days after the 7.7 undersea quake

hit. It's very big, big wave. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

has toured the region. He assured

victims the Government would act

quickly to build temporary homes.

Here, he tells a survivor to Here, he tells a survivor to be

patient. You might think in an

emergency like this there's plenty

of aid. We expected to see

helicopters and naval ships and

there was nothing of that

infrastructure. Villagers are

facing another natural disaster.

The volatile Mount Merapi has

erupted again. Mourners have only

just buried the 32 people killed in

Tuesday's eruption. They too need help. It could have

help. It could have been our own

sons and daughters that were killed

or injured. So obviously we've got

to have empathy for the situation.

To donate, log on to the website

below. One of the last surviving

Fuzzy Wuzzy Aifrpgles has been

reunited -- Angels has been reunited

reunited with diggers. They battled

the Japanese on the famed Kokoda

Track in Papua New Guinea. A dinner

is being held to help raise money

for communities along the track.

There's also the Adopt An Angel

program to provide funding for

children living in the area. The

kars of the 'Sound of Music' has

reunited for the first time in 45 reunited for the first time in 45

years. She brought together Julie

Andrews, Christopher Plummer and

the seven Von Trapp children. There

were some secrets revealed. Every

time we got the shot, I made my

turn and the helicopter went around

me to start again. Every time it

went around me, it just levelled me

in to the grass. The 'Sound of

Music' is still considered the Music' is still considered the most

successful movie musical in history.

Brad is back. G'day, I'm Kath.

Frplgt very good. Cricket gets the

biggest efrblution since the 1970s.

An Australian version of the Indian

Premier League will be up and

running. Investors are poised to

pump in millions. pump in millions. Handle with care

- England pack said the -- packs

the Ashes. I think I might put him

off his game by not saying anything

and let his ego get him out,

basically. A story a century in the

making. A woman hoping to win a

Melbourne Cup 100 years after her

great grandfather.


What we need now is energy - the energy to keep the economy growing,

the energy to tackle challenges like climate change. What if that energy came from an energy company? Chevron Australia is investing billions of dollars in people, in ideas, seeking, teaching, building, fuelling growth around the nation, now and in the future. This is the power of human energy.

Good evening. Australia's latest

cricket revolution has just got the go-ahead.

go-ahead. And may yet prove the

game's greatest gold mine. An 18-

city-based Twenty20 competition

similar to the Indian Premier

League is due to start from next

summer. Cricket Australia will

allow cashed-up Indian

entrepreneurs to invest. It's

interesting to see the sort of

values that one might place on

these teams, based on the these teams, based on the investor

interest. The news is not so good

for Merv Hughes. He has been

dropped as an Australian selector.

England batsman Kevin Pietersen has

ignored his captain's advice,

launching a war of words against

Australia's cricketers ahead of the

Ashes and the verbal fire has been

quickly returned. Putting in some

last-minute practice before heading

for Australia, Kevin Pietersen has

also been honing his verbal skills.

Hitting back at critic and former

Australian coach John Buchanan who

questioned his character. He's

nobody, mate. It doesn't matter.

What do you mean he's nobody? Who

is he? Obviously, he's done well? He had

He had a great team to play with.

He had the best team that's

probably ever played the game of

cricket to coach. Well done. You

could have coached that team. Doug

Bollinger returning serve. I don't

think I'll say much to Kevin

Pietersen because I think that's

what he likes. I might put him off

his game and let him ego get him

out. Bollinger wasane more charitable charitable mood towards Canteen.

He's confident he's recovered from

a stomach strain. The message of

skipper Andrew Strauss was clearly

not getting through to his players.

We don't like the idea of getting

caught up in a war of words with

the Australian team. You can spend

hours trying to think up witty

retorts or spend hours trying to

get your game in order.

get your game in order. One man who get your game in order. One man who

knows plenty about beating England

is Steve Waugh who is predicting

possible surprises in the first

Test. Greg Chappell may go for some

younger players. I think Steve

Smith is a good chance. England

arrive in Australia tomorrow night.

Kangaroos coach Tim Sheens has

named an unchanged starting line-up

for the

for the claegs against England. Eng-- clash against England.

The 21-year-old's move catching the

eye of Sheens. Some of the changes

I think are very, very good. And

obviously very dangerous for us,

particularly the fullback.

Australia is hot favourite after England was beaten

England was beaten by New Zealand

24-10. Samantha Stosur lost, yet

still won through to the semifinals

of the WTA Championships in Doha

after a tight battle with Elena

Dementieva. She only needed to win

one set to progress and took the

first set with her trademark power

game. But the Russian fought back

to win the match in a third-set tie-break.

Stosur is the first Australian

woman to reach the last four at a season-ending singles championship

since Wendy Turnbull in 1982.

Looking for an omen bet for the

Cup? We have found one - Manighar.

Andrew Brown has discovered a

string of coincidences which should

make this international raid a favourite for

favourite for those looking for a

sign for Tuesday. According to part

owner Toni, Manighar is destined to owner Toni, Manighar is destined to

win the Melbourne Cup. My great

grandfather was the winner of the

1910 which was the 50th year of the

Melbourne Cup. I set my task I was

going to have a horse running in the Melbourne

the Melbourne Cup 100 years after

him. He was one of Melbourne's most

successful book-makers. He

pioneered doubles betting in the

early 1900s and in 1906 Green

travelled to England and purchased

some horses. Four years later, the

son of one of those horses, racing

under the name of Comedy King won

this, the 50th this, the 50th Melbourne Cup,

becoming the first imported horse

to win's great race. 100 years on,

greerpb's great granddaughter is --

Green's great granddaughter is

honouring his memory. I've been

inspired. Toni's 13-year quest for

a Cup starter came to fruition

after her cousin John had a chance

encounter. John rang me and said,

"I think I can make your dream come true." A friend true." A friend of mine rang and

said, "Would you like to go to the

races?" It turned out to be with

Simon and Terry. They sold them a

5% share in Manighar. There have

been all these amazing coincidences

that have bonded her to the 150th

Melbourne Cup. One of those is that

Manighar's first race was on Toni's son's birthday.

son's birthday. Toni discovered

another connection. He looks at me

and he goes, "My greatgrandfather

was a jockey on Comedy King." It's

all falling in to place. We'll find

out on Tuesday, won't we?

Rob Canning will have all the

latest sporting news, including the

latest from the Wallabies' camp.

It's just like Good Morning Delhi,

but with Bill. Like old times. Have

a great weekend. Time to check a great weekend. Time to check in

again with Vic in the traffic

chopper. You're above the Harbour

Bridge. How is it looking? Plenty

of traffic leaving the CBD. There

are no accidents or breakdowns. We

zoom in there but it's very slow

going. Heading there -l the way

through to -- heading all the way

through to North Sydney. Emacy Rice will join us next will join us next with all the weather details.

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There's a lot of talk about the

rain threatening Derby Day. Will it

threaten Sydney, Emily? I don't

want to give it all away just yet.

But so far tomorrow is the pick of

the days for the weekend. It will

be around twaefbg degrees. No rain

tomorrow but -- 27 degrees. No rain

tomorrow but that will change on Sunday. Sunday. We're expecting by Sunday

afternoon a few showers here in

Sydney. It won't be a washout but

it will be different to dampen the

day. The Riverina, down in the

southern part of the State, they're

expecting up to 60 millimetres of

rain. They've had a lot of rain in

that area already this year. The

place looks amazing with all the

rivers at their peak. But rivers at their peak. But water

authorities are having to release

water from the dams, the Snowy

Mountains dams. The Blowering Dam

has not seen water spilled over

since 1993. So there's some

interesting water events coming up

over the next couple of days,

particularly if they get the 60

millimetres predicted. Let's take a

look now a little look now a little closer to home

what's happening weatherwise in

your part of Sydney at the moment.

The thick cloud stretching from

central Australia in to South

Australia in a trough is bringing areas of heavy rain areas of heavy rain and storms and

low cloud along the NSW coast in

easterlies is causing a few showers.

A trough will draw moisture from

the Tropics in to south-east

Australia, leading to heavy rain

over western Queensland, NSW,

Victoria and Tasmania. The rainfall

map - rain and isolated storms

spreading across most of NSW.

Heaviest in the west and south with

40 to 60 millimetres possible. Heavy Heavy rain spreading across

Victoria and Tasmania. And gusty

showers for south-east South

Australia. Well, rain - that's the

talk of the town here in Sydney on

Sunday and in the Riverina. Of

course, already they've had a lot

of rain down there. The countryside

looks just amazing. Around Wagga

wuinga, the billa -- wuinga, the billa -- -- Wagga Wagga,

the billabongs are full. Farmers

are happy and don't want too much

more but let's hope they get a

little bit more in to those dams

which we need for our irrigation storages.

Let's not worry too much about the weekend just yet.

weekend just yet. It's going to be

a lovely one tonight. Tomorrow and

Sunday, the rain will be back.

Thank you. Lots of people planning

that Cup day event. Anyway, that's

Ten News for now. Thanks for your

company. We'll have update

throughout the evening and I'll

have the Late News at 11:30. Have a

great weekend. Goodnight. Goodnight.

Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.

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