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in Indonesia - Tonight - Aussie drug suspects arrives in Bali. the father of Michelle Leslie now by her side Friends of the young model for his future - as another Australian suspect fears behind bars in Medan. Graham Clifford Payne and Jessica Rowe. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - agrees to promote Aussie values. the PM's Islamic summit Sydney cosmetic surgeon Plus - a high-profile accused of serious sexual misconduct. And petrol price shock - hits a new high. the cost of fuel in Sydney for the relatives and friends But first - heartache Michelle Leslie of Australian drug suspect moral support behind bars. as they arrive in Bali to give her And first images have emerged arrested in Indonesia. of the latest Australian Graham Clifford Payne, He's 20-year-old of a large stash of drugs. who's accused of being in possession for model Michelle Leslie - Finally a familiar face the 24-year-old moral support. her father arrives in Bali to lend Friends have also rushed to her side,

Scott Sutton. among them her boyfriend, left Adelaide this morning. Fellow model Amy Trott

I'm really in the dark guys. I just don't know anything. I'm just off on my way. After four days in custody an Indonesian lawyer. the model has appointed His client is yet to be interrogated. at a dance party on Saturday The two tablets confiscated still to be tested for amphetamine. from the police. We haven't got any confirmation yet to the laboratory we get the report. Usually after they are sent

Mr Rifan has a strong record,

for other Australians, securing short jail terms including Adelaide's John Pyle. for a relatively short five months He was imprisoned on drugs offences. is expected for Leslie A similar sentence should charges be laid. and it's a shame it's happened Absolutely shocked little community here. to someone in our is arrested It comes as a second Australian in the north Sumatra town of Medan. 21-year-old Graham Clifford Payne with crystal methamphetamine was allegedly caught mostly prescription drugs. and more than 2,000 tablets, at his Adelaide home today, There was no answer for Indonesia already, his parents believed to have left of the family's ordeal. neighbours shocked to learn when I've talked to them, They've been lovely young kids they've always been polite and nice. Rowdy parties her only concern. pretty noisy and go on, Sometimes they're pretty loud, kept within the limits. but at least they've always

Adelaide's Pembroke School, Payne, who attended English in Sumatra. is believed to have been teaching Belinda Heggen, Ten News.

Michelle Leslie's family to help. have retained a Sydney law firm issued a brief statement. A short time ago, her new lawyer is there. Our reporter Deborah Knight Deb, what's he had to say? to Michelle Leslie's case Well, the approach legal team from the outset is to show a very organised and media circumstances in sharp contrast to the confusion Schapelle Corby's case. that did and does surround Ross Hill, Her Australian-based lawyer, a short time ago did issue a statement of a statement that comes off the back from her Indonesian lawyers. He's a very organised lawyer in defending Australians. and has a track record a short time ago But Ross Hill did speak is some of what he had to say. before flying to Bali and this and as we speak, Throughout the course of today is assisting her reputable legal counsel at Polda police station. with the various processes At Miss Leslie's direct request, facilitate those matters tomorrow. we're flying into Bali to further

I've spoken to Miss Leslie directly in the attendant circumstances. and she's holding up as best she can And Mr Hill did express some concern that have been issued about the variety of statements surrounding her case, saying that there was concern on legal proceedings. about the effect that could have to Bali tonight He did, as I say, will be flying to be issued some time tonight and he is also expecting a statement from her Indonesian lawyers. Thanks, Deb. Deb Knight in the city. have conceded Moderate Australian Islamic leaders terrorism on Australian soil. they need to do more to fight today aimed at building bridges They attended a summit in Canberra while promoting Australian values. Howard agreed with Islamic leaders After the London bombings, John and do some serious talking. they needed to get together that it can't happen here. We shouldn't kid ourselves and we acknowledge that. There are some radicals, obviously, do give them an ear Some of the young people and we need to challenge that. something needs to be done Agreement was reached imported from overseas. to screen firebrand preachers to come in Why do we allow these people the young people's minds? and corrupt young people, Conspicuous by their absence, their sole represenative happy to see in future forums. they will be given a bigger role

about young people I was really concerned that they feel and the isolation and rejection that happened overseas. because of events And Islamic schools will be reminded and repudiate extremism. they are expected to teach tolerance all of the summiteers are But doubts persist just how convinced was behind the September 11 attacks. about the causes of terrorism and who Islamic Council's president one of his own executive appearing to slap down doubting Osma bin Laden's role. for his views No-one supports him, who made that statement. one or two people to make that. It's a stupid statement now changing his tune. Hajji Abdul Ramin Deen Osama bin Laden was behind it. to conspiracy theories? But why give weight about lots of things - There've been theories still haven't worked out who killed Kennedy. There was unanimous condemnation of terrorism - unanimos without equivocation. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. And a major security shake-up tonight aimed at protecting Sydney's ports from terrorism. Millions will be spent on technology,

along with stepped-up patrols and physical barriers. The Premier on the maritime front line touring Port Botany by boat to announce a $23 million security shake-up. Assessments by ASIO, Federal and State police have identified Sydney's ports as potentially the city's most serious terrorist threat. It's a commercial gateway. And we have a responsibility to act with additional security measures. Those additional measures include: Things you try to guard against are people on vessels that shouldn't be on vessels, cargo in containers that shouldn't be in containers. There's no specific terrorist threat against our ports. But the users of these facilities will have to pay more for the security upgrade. These are modest increases to pay for this security plan.

A security plan the Government hopes will never be tested. Paul Mullins, Ten News. The State Government has been slammed over plans to provide free security for delegates to an international conference in Sydney. Nearly 600 police officers will patrol the Opera House for the annual Forbes Global Conference next week, but there are concerns it'll put a strain on frontline services. With the number of police that are required for this conference, we've got reports from our commands that they're going to have great difficulty in maintaining that response and that means our community will be put at risk. The Premier has defended the decision.

ASIO have declared this as a medium-security event which warrants it requiring security. Protestors have warned police to expect a large rally on opening day. A high-profile Sydney doctor has appeared in court accused of raping a patient. Plastic surgeon Dr Martyn Mendelsohn, a regular on Australian TV, allegedly had sex with the woman at his North Shore clinic. This surgeon's website details the career of a highly respected doctor. It also reads like an actor's CV. Dr Martyn Stuart Mendelsohn - a Scot's College and Sydney University graduate. The North Shore facial plastic surgeon became a celebrity make-over man, appearing often on TV. 'Big Brother' contestant Aphrodite became his most famous client describing him as her professional life-saver. But now Dr Mendelsohn is making headlines for a more serious reason. Arm in arm with his wife Jacqueline, he appeared in court today charged with having sex with a patient. It's alleged to have happened at his Chatswood consulting rooms on May 30 this year. Obviously Dr Mendelsohn is anxious to respond to these allegations. However it would be inappropriate to do so at this stage. While on bail, the court has ordered Dr Mendelsohn is not allowed to consult with any patients without having another adult present to act as somewhat of a chaperone. He's also to report to police three times a week. I can confirm that the matter will be going to trial and at that stage, of course Dr Mendelsohn will give his side of the story. His wife sat beside him in court and could be seen crying as the couple left. The case has been adjourned for a month. Dr Mendelsohn insists he'll fight the charge. That's correct, thank you. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. A look ahead to sport with Tim Webster, and one of Souths' best players cops a long ban? Yes, Luke Macdougall is out until next season. He'll be banned for 10 weeks

after the Rabbitohs opted not to contest his dangerous throw charge and risk a 14-game suspension. What's left Souths unimpressed with MacDougall's treatment a little later in sport. And could this teenager be a shock selection for the struggling Wallabies next game against the Kiwis? 19-year-old Scott Daruda is on stand-by. He hasn't been in a run-on side for Queensland in Super 12, but the Australians are struggling to find a fit fly-half. And also later - new shock drug claims concerning Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong. Ahead - the bank fees that could be against the law. Plus - a prank backfires badly on a group of hoons in Sydney.

And have terror fears gone over the top? We'll visit the peaceful childcare centre

that's closing following claims it could be a target. Today, I'm with the Watson family

and we're gonna make a delicious butternut pumpkin soup. So, just slice it up... Thanks, kids. And pop it in the blender. That's my job, is it? OK. You know what I think? It's probably best if we just leave it to the experts. Campbell's - the experts in soup. Mmm. Wow! Um... Oh, OK. Oh, yeah. I see what they're doing there. This program is captioned live.

Banks are in the firing line tonight, accused of charging customers fees that may be illegal. Furious consumer groups are demanding a government investigation. Bank fees - they account for millions of customer dollars,

and consumer groups are claiming some of the charges are potentially illegal. The Consumer Law Centre of Victoria says any fee which is out of proportion to the actual cost to the bank is an unlawful penalty.

It claims banks are charging customers up to 16 times what it costs them to process a bounced cheque and 92 times for that of a dishonoured direct debit. Banks need to be making sure they're being transparent about the fees they're charging. The Australian Consumers Association says the fees, usually between $25 and $50, bear no relation to the losses suffered by the financial institutions. These fees can affect all consumers but obviously they have a particularly harsh impact on those already in financial difficulty. And the costs have been spiralling. Fees charged for overdrawn accounts have increased from nil to $29

in four years. Late payment charges have risen almost 50% since 2000. But the Australian Banking Association says the allegations are based on out-of-date information. It's confident consumers are protected under the industry banking code. That code requires us to treat our customers fairly and that's the basis banks deal with their customers.

And the Reserve Bank of Australia won't conduct an investigation into penalty fees, saying it doesn't have regulatory responsibility over the banks. The ACA is now calling on the ACCC and Treasurer Costello to investigate the matter. Kathryn Robinson, Ten News. A prank appears to have backfired badly on a group of Sydney hoons. They've been arrested in a sting operation at Mascot after police received hoax calls claiming an officer had been injured. For weeks, the hoax calls came. Police obliged to respond to all of them in case an officer was hurt. Having had enough, a trap was finally sprung. Because of those calls that we have decided to do something proactive to stop the calls from happening and to try and determine what the people are making the calls. A small army of police from a dozen different squads pounced on drivers in the car park beside the old airport control tower. Within minutes, a dozen drivers were against the fence being padded down for ID and drugs.

A sniffer dog bounding into the boot of one car before finding drugs in another.

For several hours, police moved through the maze of cars arresting four drivers.

They've been charged with using offensive language and resisting arrest. Excessive noise and bald tyre checks resulting in 11 defect notices. The isolated car park, a regular car meet rendezvous on weekends. Senior police say they don't have a problem with the genuine car enthusiasts who gather at the spot. They're targeting the trouble makers and police hoaxers who infiltrate their ranks and ruin the night for them and the police. The blitz is the latest in the battle between police and car hoons for control of some trouble spots. The wide expanses of Hickson Road in The Rocks scene of a showdown with police not long ago. Harry Potter, Ten News. The teenage owner of a dog accused of mauling a 5-year-old boy has appeared before a Sydney court. 19-year-old Daniel Christopher Donnellan has pleaded not guilty to four charges, including failing to comply with dangerous dog requirements. It's alleged he owned the American pit bull that savaged little Jordan Wisby on an Illawong street as the boy walked home from school for the first time in April. The attack led to the State Government's proposed ban on pit bull ownership The animal has since been destroyed. Claims security concerns are out of control in Canberra. A childcare centre is being forced to shut its doors

because, supposedly, it's a target for terrorist attack. The Teddy Bears Centre has been caring for Canberra's kids for 14 years. But it backs on to the ACT's emergency service headquarters and that, according to local government officials, makes it a terrorist target. I don't know why it's a threat to the children, it's a call centre. Centre owner Mark Gillett still can't believe it.

You can use terrorism for all sorts of things nowadays, but it's obviously an absurd suggestion. Parents, too, are stunned, but have vowed to stand by those caring for their children. I love this childcare centre. I worked here for six years, that's why I bring my children here. There's no threat here ever, and there never will be. That confidence, though, may not be enough to stop the centre shutting its doors, forcing over 100 kids out. It's probably a bit over the top, frankly. I don't think it's justifiable by anything that's happened in the last two or three years. But this may be a sign of things to come. Post-September 11 no-one, it seems, can take safety and their future operations for granted. In the nation's capital, a childcare centre is crammed between Defence headquarters and ASIO and another is literally inside Australia's Foreign Affairs Department. Even a primary school is just a stone's throw from the home of federal politics.

The question Mark Gillett and these children are asking - where will be their new home? Frank Colletta, Ten News. Sydney petrol prices have hit another record high as oil companies end their discounting cycle. The bowser price for unleaded petrol soaring to 127.9 cents a litre at several Caltex service stations across the city. That's almost $77 to fill an average 60-litre tank. The fresh highs perhaps explaining the lack of customers. The price is expected to flow on to other stations tonight before the weekly discounting kicks in again.

Weather check now with a very

spifing looking Tim Bailey this

evening. You did it again today.

Beautiful blue sky. It will stretch

all the way across to the weekend

with temperatures climbing to 20 on

Thursday and Friday and it will be

around about 25 degrees by Sunday.

So that's some pretty good news for

you. At the moment, that south,

southeast, it would make the hairs

on a polar bear's bottom blue. It

is around about 14 degrees at the

moment and feels colder than that

because of the wind chill factor.

Let's look at sky watch to put a

big texter beneath beautiful day.

Up came the glorous sun, sparkling

blue sky but you can't feel the

wind when you're looking at video

tape. Currently around about 14.

And plugs levels did not stand a

chance. -- pollution levels did not

stand a chance. Crystal clear from

ear to ear and I'll see you again

in around about ten. Next - the dispute was embroiled in Olivia Newton-John's partner just before he vanished. an amazing escape And a cameraman films a helicopter. moments after being kicked off

This program is captioned live. causing $2 million damage. Fire has destroyed a Sydney pub renovated Raby Tavern The blaze gutted the recently near Campbelltown. in a shopping centre just after midnight Fire crews were called spreading to other shops. and stopped the flames No-one was hurt. is still unclear. The cause of the fire at the trial of the hotel bouncer Dramatic evidence today of cricket legend David Hookes. charged with the manslaughter The man tried in vain to save Hookes in Melbourne. after be was struck down as he described in court Jonathon Porter was emotional to save David Hookes's life. the night, 17 months ago, he fought struck down by Zdavko Micevic. The former cricketer had been

to give evidence Mr Porter the first witness at the bouncer's manslaughter trial. Under prosecution questioning, occurred he said the first sign of trouble inside St Kilda's Beaconsfield Hotel in a headlock and ejected him. when Mr Micevic grabbed Hookes with the SA cricket team, The physiotherapist, then working had tried to free Hookes told jurors a man and a woman from the bouncer's grasp. members of the cricketer's group Mr Porter claimed outside also grappled with two bouncers

by his shirt. when they started grabbing Hookes was agitated and trying to get away. He said the Victorian coach by the accused man's lawyer, When cross-examined and shouting between the sides. Mr Porter remembered pushing, shoving He also recalled threatening to sue the bouncers members of Hookes's group amid pleas to be left alone. and have them sacked Mr Porter told court that felled Hookes, but heard it. he didn't see the punch

The witness becoming distressed of Hookes being hit as he described the sounds and the screams that followed.

the injured sportsman, He resuscitated until ambulance paramedics took over. caring for him in self-defence Mr Micevic claims he punched Hookes struck him twice. after the broadcaster Christopher Still, Ten News. most frightening confrontation The last and possibly and the West Bank is under way. of the Jewish withdrawal from Gaza and police Tens of thousands of soldiers West Bank settlements have moved into two have dug in where about 2,000 extremists and petrol bombs. with firearms, stun grenades with burning tyres and rocks They've also blockaded roads and put up barbed wire. They're vowing to stay. as determined to drag them out Soldiers and police just with whatever force is necessary. A heartbroken Olivia Newton-John slamming into a glacier. Dramatic video of a helicopter The cameraman shooting these pictures chopper just moments earlier. was ordered off the over-crowded everyone on board survived, Incredibly, before it burst into flames. climbing out of the wreckage suffered burns. Two pilots and one of the passengers by a German scientific team. The chopper had been chartered A heartbroken Olivia Newton-John to find her missing boyfriend. is pleading for help

he was suffering money problems The appeal made amid claims his disappearance. and might have staged of the mystery investigation As the crew of the centre returns to port, who is said to be frantic with worry, Olivia Newton-John,

pleading for help released a written statement Patrick McDermott, to find her long-time partner, who vanished after a night at sea.

by the 48-year-old's disappearance. Authorities remain baffled There was no incident. He didn't act up. or any incident in the log book. There was no crew, no passenger, they saw him get off the boat. Some passengers say Others aren't so sure. he reportedly told some crew members During the 22-hour fishing trip, dispute with his ex-wife he was locked in a child support missing five days later who was the one who reported him at the marina. after finding his car abandoned across America. The case is making headlines Newton-John's missing boyfriend. NEWS CLIP: The mystery of Olivia story with a Hollywood connection. In California, missing person for Olivia Newton-John. This should have been a happy time

her music career She's about to relaunch and a US tour in October. with a new record next month with family and friends For now, she is believed holed up will solve the mystery. hoping a private investigator Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. In California, They might be in their 60s, the Rolling Stones. but there's no stopping their latest world tour in Boston The veteran rockers kicked off of their first performance on the anniversary 43 years ago. (Sings) # Shattered # to visit Australia next year The Stones have promised have been confirmed. but no dates or venues

Time for a check on the traffic

with Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106

Traffic Helicopter. You've got down

on the Hume highway. What's down

there? A pretty bad accident. It

was right opposite the race course,

we'll show you the shots there. You

can see the race course there but

look at the traffic delay that is

motorists are experiencing

throughout the south-west and it is

bumper to bumper heading into

Liverpool at a slow pace. So the

best bet for motorists is to avoid

the Hume highway and take the M5.

We had a bad accident off the

Harbour Bridge. There was a lot of

traffic stalled. We'll have the

traffic again at 5:50. leaves Red Cross blood supplies Ahead - the flu season dangerously low. Jobie Dajka released on bail Plus former Aussie cycling champ under very strict conditions. And are you getting the perfect beer? if your bartender is up to the job. The simple tricks to check

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Tim Bailey I was so cold today, it

was freezing. I think Jess, if

she's not already there right now,

she will be there under the duner

all night long. Who am I talking

about? Audry Jessica's cat. It is

14 degrees across Sydney at the

moment. Keeping us a wee bit chilly.

Nothing wrong with tomorrow's

forecast. On the improve Thursday

and Friday to 20. I did tell you it

would be 25 on Sunday, I did tell

you a fib, it will be 23. You'll

have to wait until next Tuesday for

25 degrees but still pretty good

for this time of year. Let's look

at the map of NSW.

Audrey the cat, starting to think

how lucky she is to live why wr she

is. Tonight in Campbelltown, down

to 1 degree. I'll tell you more

about that at 5:55. Top stories this newshour - moderate Australian Islamic leaders have conceded they need to do more to fight terrorism on Australian soil. They attended a summit in Canberra today aimed at building bridges and promoting Australian values. A high-profile Sydney cosmetic surgeon appears in court accused of raping a patient. Dr Martyn Stuart Mendelsohn insisting he'll fight the charges. And some grim news for the father of Australian model Michelle Leslie. As he arrived in Bali, confirmation that the tablets allegedly in his daughter's possession were, in fact, ecstasy. Former world champion cyclist Jobie Dajka has been released from police custody. The 23-year-old was arrested in Adelaide last week after he allegedly assaulted his father. Bail's been granted under strict conditions. He has a nightly curfew, can't contact his father, and isn't allowed to assault or harass his mother. Dajka's fall from grace began when he was dropped from the Athens Olympics team for lying at a drugs inquiry. He was later banned by cycling authorities for assaulting Australian Institute of Sport head coach Martin Barras. Dajka faces criminal charges in relation to that next month. To finance news, and the Australian share market backed off yesterday's gains.

Let's go to Craig James at

Commonwealth securities. A big jump

in Qantas airfares? Yes, Qantas has

increased the fuel surge charge,

it's up by $6 to $26 on domestic

routes and on international routes,

it is up from $15 to $75. The

increases are occurring from super

low levels of airfares. In the last

three years, discount airfares have

plummeted by 27% Looking at the

back at the share market, I guess

the good news had to plummet?

BHPBiliton also lower ahead of the profit announcement tomorrow.

Expected to be the largest profit

announcement in corporate history.

Now is time to take stock of the

superannaution . It's been an

increase in the Australian share

market. Shares are up 31% and

that's the best increase we've seen

in 18 years. to prevent a nationwide shortage. An urgent plea today for blood donors by this year's cold and flu season, Blood stocks have been hit hard leaving the Australian Red Cross

of type O. with less than two days' supply

One third of us will need blood

products at some point in our lives

and yet only one in 30 of us give. To find out where you can donate, is just about the taste, If you think a good beer then think again. for Australia's best beer puller The search is on Draught Master competition. They call it the Australian who can pull the best beer. A nationwide hunt for the bartender It begins with a spiel. We'll start with the Hoegarden, with coriander and orange peel, that's a wheat beer spiced fantastic stuff. is only part of the contest. But expertise needs character as well. A real draught master this year is definitely their style, What's going to set them apart they come across to the judges their character, the way in those first few minutes. and it can be won or lost The technique is also critical. A meticulous process of cleaning... ..rinsing... ..filling... then wiping off the head, before one last rinse for good luck. detergent, grease, lipstick, dust, Anything in glasses these days - to affect your beer. all of that's gonna start You're gonna start losing your head. Your beer's gonna go bad. employing the theory It's a Belgian technique holds in the flair. that the bigger head And they should know a bit about it, for over 2,000 years. Belgians have been drinking beer as the French look to their wine. We Belgians we look to beer It is very important for us. out there Now there's plenty of bartenders they're a draught master, too, who will try and tell you will never let the tap touch the beer but a true professional

is classed as cheating. so topping up like that Sydney's best beer puller at the Belgian Beer Cafe tomorrow. will be decided Dan Nolan, Ten News. and Manly gets some sympathy? Tim Webster is back with sport, We'll have their view shortly. Yes, and from a rival club, too. to the rescue with an early comeback? And could it be Darren Lockyer And suddenly it's pitch-black. The game that left fans in the dark. UPLIFTING ORCHESTRAL MUSIC with the new Home & Mobile Cap, only from Telstra. Get up to $500 of value each month and mobile phones to share across both your home eligible calls, plus line rental. when you spend $99 a month on call 1800 008 454 now. That's 1800 008 454. for the things you love. It's hard finding time to make the most of it. When I do, I like myself or the team down. I don't like letting I don't have time for headaches. So it's fair to say That's why I choose Panadol Rapid. WHISTLE BLOWS The name says it all. as regular Panadol tablets. It's absorbed twice as fast Panadol - it's my choice. This program is captioned live. Cronulla's Stuart Raper to find a replacement fly-half The Wallabies are so desperate to face the All Blacks,

to Queensland teenager Scott Daruda. they've sent an SOS to an urgent session Coach Eddie Jones ordered Daruda Ben Perkins today. with Wallabies kicking tutor Flatley and Matt Giteau in doubt, With prospective pivot's Elton have delayed naming their squad. the Wallabies Daruda could be the key, in a Super 12 match. despite having never started to have an opportunity like this People would give an arm and a leg to do so and I might have the opportunity with both hands. so I'll definitely take it If Daruda gets the nod since a 19 year old Tim Horan it'll be the biggest selection shock to play the All Blacks in 1989. was plucked from his Brisbane club has thrown his support Cronulla's Stuart Raper behind rival coach Des Hasler. at Kurnell today The Sharks took time out

I sympathise with Des, we've all

been there. Everyone has had their

turn and I think that always brings

a club closer together. Star Forward Barry Hall through their finals campaign will captain the Swans when it gets under way in two weeks. Sydney FC striker Sasho Petrovski full-strength 22-man squad has been included in Guus Hiddink's against the Solomon Islands. for the World Cup qualifier with his Sydney team-mates Petrovski, who trained named for the match, is one of two locally based players is the other. Melbourne's Archie Thompson five other A-League players As well as Petrovski, Clint Bolton and Ian Fyfe including club team-mates in the train-on squad. have been named at the NEC Invitational, Tiger Woods stole the show were doing their best to upstage him but some of his colleagues on the regular PGA Tour. First it was Bill Glasson, who had the galleries gasping on the 11th hole. when he holed his approach shot Bill didn't do much celebrating. But surprisingly, who also hit a perfect shot He left that to Harrison Fraser then held nothing back. Despite his final-hole antics, behind runaway winner Vaughan Taylor. Fraser could only finish 18th for soccer in Germany, Finally, it's been a black night

quite literally. During this second-division game to put two bob in the meter. someone obviously forgot failed The floodlights at the packed stadium

We're having all sorts of dramas

with everything so I should

probably forget the whole lot of it

and go back to you guys. Good on

you I think the server just had a

problem. But you were terrific, it sounded good. weather details next. Tim Bailey with the latest you know roll like this? (Scribe raps) # How many dudes you know flow like this? # How many dudes

# Not many, if any # How many dudes you know got the skills to go # And rock a show like this? # CHEERING # Uh-uh, uh-uh # Next time you come on down to... # Get emotional. Catch the all-new Hyundai A-League and English Premier League, live and exclusive on FOX SPORTS, plus live European action on ESPN. Call FOXTEL Digital, # Yeah, check it out. #

All right, let's try again.

The Rabbitohs are not impressed by

the intense media scrutiny of the

incident. I think there is a fair

bit of hysteria that went into it.

The kid is not a bad kid. We have a

system in place and we should wait

to see what the judge says before

we actually declare guilt. And pep

rith forward Ken Ross has pleaded

not guilty to pushing the referree. Star Forward Barry Hall will captain the Swans through their finals campaign when it gets under way in two weeks. Coach Paul Roos is yet to officially confirm Hall has the job, but he gave a strong indication the sharpshooter would be the skipper for all of Sydney's finals matches.

I got some feed back from the

leadership group today. They were

reasonably keen to continue the

rotation. I think they were keen

for one guy to do it through the

finals series which would mean

Horley be the one to do it. The Swans are likely to name an unchanged line-up for their final regular-season match against Hawthorn at the MCG on Saturday. Sydney FC striker Sasho Petrovski has been included in Guus Hiddink's full-strength 22-man squad for the World Cup qualifier against the Solomon Islands. Petrovski, who trained with his Sydney team-mates

is one of two locally based players named for the match, Melbourne's Archie Thompson is the other.

It just goes to show, just because

I'm playing in Australia doesn't

mean that whoever is playing in

Australia, especially all the other

A-league boys that are involved,

won't get the chance if you're

doing the right thing. As well as Petrovski, five other A-League players including club team-mates Clint Bolton and Ian Fyfe have been named in the train-on squad. Tiger Woods stole the show at the NEC Invitational, but some of his colleagues were doing their best to upstage him on the regular PGA Tour. First it was Bill Glasson, who had the galleries gasping

when he holed his approach shot on the 11th hole. But surprisingly, Bill didn't do much celebrating. He left that to Harrison Fraser who also hit a perfect shot

then held nothing back. COMMENTATOR: And down goes Harrison Fraser. Is this a goofy game, or what? Despite his final-hole antics, Fraser could only finish 18th behind runaway winner Vaughan Taylor. Finally, it's been a black night for soccer in Germany, quite literally. During this second-division game

someone obviously forgot to put two bob in the meter. failed The floodlights at the packed stadium about half an hour into the game. The problem quickly fixed. emerged from the darkness The home side Braunschweig to snatch a dramatic victory.

Now to the weather. Wilson will do

the weather. I don't think I am

actually. Now Tim Bailey, I know

that you can talk underwater but I

think tap dancing underwater would

be too much for you? The folks back

home, that is why Bailey runs his

own weather. Nothing like that

happens in the weather show. We

always get to air, live, and full

of colour and entertain. Tonight we

have a special guest, an inspiring

guest called Mark Leslie. He's been

in the wars as you can probably see.

He's a paraplegic. But do you

reckon that's worrying him? I don't

think so. A round of applause for

him. A little bit of a footy game

that didn't work out in March? What

happened? Just play not guilty

school in a trial match and went

into a tackle the wrong way and

ended up not being able to feel my

legs for a while. Just a little

while, like for the rest of your

life. So from your chest down, you

can't feel it? Probably from the

shoulder line down I can't feel

much, nothing much is happening.

But the main thing is that this is

still working up here. And what

does the future hold four? Are you

going to go back and do your HSC?

I'm going to finish school next

year and get entry to a uni and

hopefully take time off and go

travelling overseas. Because

everyone has to do the road trip.

If you're Australian you have to do

the road trip. You're not getting

out of it just because you're in

that. We've got a big benefit for

Mark in Star City over there on the

25th of September. We're going to

raise a whole heap of money. Peter

Jenkins will be there, Van the Man

the band will be thrfplt and if you

would like to be there yourself and

help us out because it changes

people's lives, not just your life

but family lives. You had to buy a

new house? We lived in a two

storey house at the time and that

is pretty inaccessible. You've done

well on that one. And what about

the rehab mate? How difficult is it

when you go from everything, a

17-year-old kid who can do anything

to being where you are now? Well

the rehab where I am, all the

people, the physios and the nurses the rehab where I am, all the

are really good. Especially the

physio, it is pretty intense. Hard

work but it pays off in the end. It

is great to have you on the telly,

it really is. And tell me this,

when are you going home and giving

the place the flick? Put it down

for the Monday after this but

trying to get home next Friday. He

goes home next Friday, is that the

best news you've heard? The best.

Weather wise, Bailey weather,

reliable first at five. Fine and

sunny and 19 degrees and let's get

into your back yard at the moment.

The cameras when they're on Webster

and Wilson will go wonky from time

to time.

The map tomorrow, I wouldn't leave

home without one. A broad area of low pressure will

low pressure will generate home without one. A broad area of

widespread pressure over WA but the

large pressure over NSW will keep

us dry and sunny apart from the

north coast of NSW. The business of

the brolly, predicted precipitation,

drips and dros across the proof

tops. By Thursday, a slow moving

trough over WA will bring further

rain and thunderstorms with heavy

falls in the east. If we can bring

the graphic up again producers

there at network ten and there it

is. The Mark Leslie benefit at Star

City. The phone number is there.

Please dial the number as you speak.

Just give us some money and some

tickets to the night out and the

website is also there.

One of those things. Oh Bailey's

weather wobble there for a minute

folks. Let's go interstate. But

he's going to keep going not like

Webster who fell over.

Bailey's weather, delivers the

goods with heart like Mark Leslie.

See you again tomorrow night. Mark Leslie, you're an absolute inspiration. 'Fiddler on the Roof' The classic musical with one very special ingredient. is set to return to Australia in the movie version in 1971, Topol, who starred will be starring on stage. of 'Fiddler on the Roof', For the Australian cast at rehearsals today having the legendary Topol singing with joy. was enough to have them playing Tevye, the Russian milkman, The 68-year-old actor has been on and off for more than 30 years, performance in the classic movie. including his Oscar-nominated you'd still be doing it in 2005? Did you ever think all the time to do it. Yes, because people keep asking me all he's done - Not that it's by any means a respected illustrator, more than 20 other films, he's also made 'For Your Eyes Only'. including the Bond flick with 'Fiddler on the Roof' Topol has been associated

since the late-'60s, can surprise him. so nothing about this musical the show's signature tune - Not even the fact that 'If I Were A Rich Man ' - by Gwen Stefani. has become a pop song (Sings) # If I were a rich man... # (Sings) # If I was a rich girl... # It wasn't a surprise. no-one came to that idea earlier. I was actually surprised that at Sydney's Capitol Theatre 'Fiddler on the Roof' opens on September 22. That's the 5:00 news. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Jessica Rowe. after Rove. Goodnight. Sandra Sully will have the late news Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions by the