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(generated from captions) She's gonna put me on the stand. What am I a witness to, Ridge? Besides your incredible indifference on the face of this earth, to every other human being from my mom all the way to Nick. was absolutely despicable. By the way, what you did to Nick Thanks for chiming in. to say on the stand What am I supposed

if you're a violent person? when they ask me if you... Rick, just forget it...

he even shot a guy my mom married, "Well, he attacked me once, manage to kill us." "but, hell, he didn't Oh, OK. I did not shoot Grant Chambers. and now you're changing your mind? You thought you did Then who shot him, Ridge? Rick, please don't push this! Did Nick Marone shoot him too? You did. SINISTER MUSIC the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight, the high-speed bomb scare - from wrestling with this chappie I got sore hands, though, at the same time. and trying to steer the bus And digging in his heels - to call it quits. John Howard resists pressure and I don't intend to do so now. I have never run from a fight before and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - privatise the electricity industry. a major battle looming over plans to religious protests in Sydney. And the raunchy TV show sparking But first this evening - has averted a catastrophe, a hero bus driver

fighting for the steering wheel, wrestling a berserk passenger there was a bomb on board. the man claiming as the bus crashed and skidded, Passengers were terrified sparking a peak-hour nightmare. a full-scale emergency - The bomb threat sparked at 8:30 in both directions police shut down Pennant Hills Road right in the middle of peak hour. Horrified passengers told when he heard news reports how a 34-year-old father panicked the September 11 terrorist attacks. that today is the anniversary of a guy coming from the back, I was in the middle and there was he was walking to the front, and turned it around grabbed the steering wheel on the bus. and said there was a bomb He grabbed it and swerved the bus what did he say? - and then he said - "There's a bomb on the bus." I think that's what he said. and that's all we could hear. A lady in the front yelled The driver fought off the passenger, crashing into the car in front to a stop before safely bringing the bus with no-one injured. He immediately applied the brakes, whilst applying the brakes with the male person had managed to wrestle coming into oncoming traffic, and stopped the bus which included semitrailers on Pennant Hills Road. which were heading north Passengers fled the bus removed the luggage piece by piece. before bomb squad officers to check for explosives. The dog squad also called in None was found. Once they had the all clear, two hours later. the busy road was reopened to traffic the hero status. The bus driver shrugging off I don't believe I'm a hero. like veryone else. Detectives have spent the day who caused the drama. interviewing the passenger He'll be in court tomorrow. They expect to lay charges tonight. to put it all behind him. Tonight, Con Jansen just wants Evan Batten, Ten News. the grip of leadership speculation, The Government is once again in with reports today John Howard should quit. that senior ministers are saying to any challengers. But the PM has issued a blunt warning of destabilising leadership stories, Despite a week to bring the issue to a head. John Howard refuses to revisit it - It is not in the party's interest my very strong position. that is my position, He's taking no chances. A Liberal party room meeting has been cancelled,

for a leadership spill. cutting off any opportunity is utterly determined The Prime Minister to lead into the election. and I don't intend to do so now. I have never run from a fight before

According to a report earlier, late last week told Mr Howard Alexander Downer and Malcolm Turnbull he should consider his position. they told him he should go. Both ministers deny have your full confidence? Does the Prime Minister yesterday on the ABC. Yes, and I covered all that his position on Sunday night - But Mr Howard did consider with his family. to continue to contribute. They want me They support what I'm doing. on what Mr Howard should do. The Defence Minister uncertain Well, certainly that's a matter for him

any circumstance but I certainly don't envisage will not lead our Government under which the Prime Minister to the forthcoming election. Less equivocal, Tony Abbott. as too big a risk. He sees any switch to the Treasurer in my judgment, And would constitute, and into the fire. jumping out of the frying pan has stayed out of the limelight The heir apparent, Peter Costello, disastrous opinion polls, has surged. as the speculation, fuelled by from the Treasurer, or a strong statement the destabilising is set to continue. leadership challenge is happening. But it appears no organised why aren't they canvassing people? And if they're going to do that

They haven't done that. And as far as I'm concerned is bullshit. the madness of the last hour or two Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Let's go to Paul now. to being part of this organised push, Paul, if no-one is actually admitting where are all the stories There have been a number of stories,

and then again today, especially from late last week from unnamed Cabinet ministers. There are ministers - told us we know because Alexander Downer on 'Meet The Press' on Sunday a lot of discussions that there have been about the plight of the Government, and say Cabinet ministers, but the stories go further or some Cabinet ministers,

cannot win under John Howard. are convinced that the Government

and the uncertainty. and pushed along the speculation what's going to happen? A crucial meeting tomorrow - has been abandoned - The Liberal party room meeting that means there can't be any spill motion against John Howard. There is a joint party room meeting and a couple of Liberal backbenchers have told me

they've been warned by a Cabinet Minister

not to stir the pot in there, so what we're expecting is

Mr Howard will come into that meeting, he'll try to gee-up the troops, tell them that he can lead them to victory and then close the meeting down. Thanks. Ten's political editor Paul Bongiorno in Canberra. A major battle is looming over plans to privatise the State's electricity industry - the blueprint released today raising fears of job losses and higher prices. It's potentially the biggest ever shake-up of the State's electricity industry. Full privatisation, including the sale or long-term lease of generators

and the construction of a new coal- or gas-fired power station. The Treasurer barely able to disguise his delight with the Owen report's recommendations. Any proposition that sees the private sector investing and freeing up resources for our record capital program, our record investment program, clearly would be welcomed. Less enthusiasm from the unions and the Greens. We say to any potential developer of a new coal-fired power station that they will face the mother of all battles. I don't think the private sector is in a position to deliver electricity in NSW without having an impact on workers and on price for consumers. No guarantees on jobs or electricity prices, but the report's author says the increase in competition will help. And by definition, therefore, prices should be at a minimum. The Opposition says the Government's undertaking to take time to consider the report has more to do with avoiding a clash with the unions. before the federal election rather than any concern about breaking its own election promises. Mr Iemma simply deceived the public before the election campaign for base political reasons. Still on privatisation, the Government has denied a report it has already decided to sell off Sydney Ferries. Paul Mullins, Ten News. A major murder trial has been reopened because of a conversation overheard in a tearoom. The jury deciding Bruce Burrell's fate was called back to consider new evidence. It was just a short chat in the modest tearoom of Darlinghurst Court, but it's totally disrupted the Bruce Burrell murder trial. The jury considering his fate has been recalled,

interrupting days of deliberations over whether Burrell killed 74-year-old grandmother Dorothy Davis in 1995.

The conversation in question involved witness Martin Meagher,

a chloroform addict who claimed during the trial he was at Lurline Bay the day Ms Davis disappeared and didn't see any elderly ladies. But the jury was told today Mr Meagher told a different story in a chat with court tea lady Patricia Abbey. Court watcher Dennis Roberts recalling:

The claim has been denied in court by Mr Meagher, while Patricia Abbey claims Ms Davis's name was never mentioned. Burrell's defence team claims the tearoom chat casts doubt on their client's guilt, but Crown prosecutor Mark Tedeschi QC says the new evidence can't be trusted. Judge David Kirby stressed to the jury much of today's material was based on hearsay and should not be given undue weight. He warned them to give it only as much consideration as other evidence already presented during the trial.

Burrell is accused of killing Ms Davis to avoid repaying a $100,000 loan. Her body has never been found. The jury will resume deliberations tomorrow.

Daniel Sutton, Ten News. Despite horse flu claiming a fit and healthy thoroughbred yesterday, A meeting will be held in Newcastle this Saturday and at Rosehill in a fortnight, Public access to areas on a low-risk assessment, so there would have to be a significant degree of separation between horse and the public. Horses from Warwick Farm and Wollongong might also be taking part. Tim Webster with a look ahead to sport, and a late call up to the World cup for one Wallaby. Yes, Cameron Shepherd was originally left behind but now he's on his way. We'll hear from him shortly. Also, the Bulldogs angry at constant talk they aim to take out opposition kickers. Plus, the sight of Brett Stewart forced off with an injury puts a momentary scare through Manly's finals preparation. Also, the Socceroos prepare to face the might of Argentina tonight. A mum sentenced for a fit of carpark rage - that story next. Plus, running the gauntlet - the reasons jaywalking is rampant in Sydney's CBD. And later, 'Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe looking for love. I'll just marry the first person that asks me. Every kilometre we ride, we save 75 cents on petrol. Dad, forgot my shoes. VOICEOVER: Take the hard work out of saving. car insurance online and save $50. (Man sings) # Lucky you're with AAMI. # This program is captioned live. Confirmation tonight that Sydney pedestrians are going nowhere fast. People on foot spend more time standing around waiting for traffic than they spend walking. It's not easy walking the line in Sydney's CBD. It's more like waiting in line. The lights change too quickly, I think. Too many cars. Yeah, very difficult. And now the experts agree - a study has found Sydney's CBD is pedestrian-unfriendly. You feel second-class, you feel harassed.

And you wait -

up to half of every walking trip in the CBD is spent going nowhere.

Jan Gehl World-renowned urban designer timed numerous routes in the city. a lonely second to traffic. His findings - that walkers come

get so frustrated People, in the end, altogether they tend to ignore the lights and so we have the jaywalking. of Sydney City's long-term goal It's all part and more people in. to get more cars out Jan has done around the world. That's something on the hit list. He's promised Sydney is next on your feet for a long time here. It's not very comfortable to be

a few bugbears, The Danish designer does have to cross the road like why do we have to push a button when there are actually more people than cars,

and why not have countdown timers they're going to be waiting for? so people know just how long to smooth out the city is long. The list of options We'll no doubt hear more from Jan is released in December. when his full report Josh Murphy, Ten News. A woman was so incensed in a car that four children were left alone she tried to choke their mother. the 43-year-old in court. The carpark cat fight landing the post-Christmas carpark rush, Deanne Harris was battling to work, dropping her 15-year-old daughter alone in a car. when she saw four children It was holding up traffic at Westfield Carindale. outside a major supermarket were Tepurewa Morrison's children, Inside aged between one and eight. and I couldn't find a park I was looking for a park

and ran to the ATM machine. so I pulled up on the side and got back in the car When she returned Harris approached and said: swore at Harris, who retaliated. The 38-year-old mother Leaning through the window and dug her nails into her neck. Harris grabbed Morrison by the throat I was scared for my kids screaming and yelling. 'cause they were in the car, her 8-year-old son ran to get help. Terrified, My eldest son ran into his dad's job there's a lady killing Mum." and yelled out, "Mum - I mean Dad, to make her let go. Morrison pulled at Harris' hair and pulled the enraged woman off. An unknown man finally intervened Harris told police After the incident, she was going to get her sons and track the complainant down to text messages to their friends had their heads buried in the sand. and that Queensland police 240 hours community service. Harris was ordered to complete

I'm hoping she'll learn from this and attack people. that you can't just go around In sentencing "over the top", the judge called Harris' behaviour about leaving the kids in the car but said her statement would have liked to have made. was one others Summer Burke, Ten News. Under fire tonight, of using sneaky tactics alcohol companies accused into binge-drinking. leading young women encouraging dangerous abuse. Experts say cunning promotions are If you were a fly on the wall these girls went to, at the last party

this is what you'd see. drink to get drunk, Young girls, now, which is, I guess, a bit upsetting.

a lot of their inhibitions. I think they lose Girls become catty as a result of that. and then they resort to violence It's an alarming fact out-drink the boys. but today, 14 to 17-year-old girls You see girls reeling around. have long being blamed 'Lolly-water' drinks but now researchers have discovered are also responsible. giveaways and competitions they look like soft drinks It's because they look harmless, in really pretty bottles and they're packaged to young girls. and they're very attractive

with that bottle...? And if you get a free lipstick attracts heaps of young drinkers. It's even more enticing, from stubby holders to keyrings, Gimicky gifts and make-overs, even offers of an overseas trip of recruiting young drinkers. all with the aim While companies are limited their drinks, in how they label and package in pubs and clubs, as well as how they're promoted there are no regulations they can offer in liquor stores. on promotional giveaways a call to action. The concerns have prompted I think it's irresponsible, a breach of their licence I think it's probably potentially that the industry itself and I think it's something needs to take stock of. on how to reverse the trend. These girls have their own ideas who are straight-edge - We need to start promoting people ho don't do drugs or drink alcohol, as well. that that's a cool thing to do Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. for the Sydney Film Festival - A boost tonight $1.8 million towards the event, the State Government is giving an official competition. allowing it to become by a 5-member jury 12 films will be judged members of the film industry. made of both local and international We've really got the opportunity, genuinely, seriously,

kicks off next June. The new and improved festival

Checking the weather now with Tim

Bailey. Let go to Sky watch to show

you. What a brilliant day it's

darted - fine and sunny

darted - fine and sunny conditions.

The westerly winds kept things nice The westerly winds kept things

and clear. Those showers last and clear. Those showers last night

dropped less than one millimetre

across the CBD. The wind up to 60 k

place it'll be fine and sunny. Fine it an hour and tomorrow a your

and sunny for the next six days, place it'll be fine and sunny. Fine

it's looking pretty good. Here is

the weather photograph. And this

puts the photographer in the

running for a Sony Handicam. They running for a Sony Handicam. They

queued to Harvey Norman for this.

See you again in 10. DNA evidence linking Madeleine McCann's parents with her disappearance

handed to prosecutors. Details next. And the combination of drugs much easier to manage. that makes arthritis for breakfast, what do I see? When we have Cheerios enough of those tasty little O's. I see a family that can't get I see four whole grains: And me feeling great, I'm giving my family because I know a nutritious start to the day. So, what do I see when we have Cheerios for breakfast? Four whole grains and one happy family. Cheerios. Smiles all round. The Australian Government is serious about protecting your family online. For practical Internet safety advice

plus a free filter, visit: Not really a gym kind of a person though... POP! Fernwood clubs now offer flexible memberships that don't lock you in. Call 1300 FERNWOOD today.

You're watching the news at five. You're watching the news at five.

Letters check of the traffic with

Vic Larusso. It's an absolutely

glorious afternoon. I've the best

view of all of the traffic heading

out over the harbour bridge.

There's hardly any traffic as we

Sumer little closer. You see that

the cars are moving very steadily

across the bridge. No accidents or

breakdowns in the city's north-west. A

A good run through. Back again soon. Thousands of US troops could start pulling out of Iraq as early as next month. But America's military chief in Baghdad is warning against withdrawing completely too soon.

Anti-war protesters managed to breach the front lines of the highly anticipated congressional hearing but not for long. MAN: Please remove them. With the vocal opponents escorted out, the President's man in Iraq was able to deliver some encouraging news on the battlefront. The military objectives of the surge are, in large measure, being met. That's since an extra 30,000 troops were sent in earlier this year to quell escalating violence, especially around Baghdad. The general says it's now possible to start withdrawing those troops, and all should be out of Iraq by next July. But he says it is too soon to set a deadline for the remaining 130,000 US troops, because, overall, progress in Iraq is patchy. Violence has decreased in the country but only to the same level as two years ago. Al-Qaeda is certainly not defeated. However, it is off-balance and we are pursuing its leaders and operators aggressively. Our assessments underscore, in fact, the importance of recognising that a premature drawdown of our forces would likely have devastating consequences. The US Ambassador to Iraq told the hearing peace is possible, but when exactly remains unclear. It is no exaggeration to say that Iraq is, and will remain for some time to come, a traumatised society. President Bush will respond to the report later in the week but is expected to accept the general's recommendation of an initial troop withdrawal. As for the 1,500 Australian troops in Iraq, they still have a job to do. If we were to have fewer of them there in that battle group,

in fact, their own safety would be at risk. In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Osama bin Laden has released another video to mark the sixth anniversary of the September 11 attacks. In the new video, a voice identified as Bin Laden's praises the 9/11 suicide hijacker and his cause. Reports say that the new video shows the terror leader in the same clothes and with the same background as a video released earlier this week where he called on Americans to abandon capitalism and democracy and to convert to Islam. More dramatic developments tonight over the disappearance of British girl Madeleine McCann. Portuguese police reportedly bugged the phones of her parents for a month before declaring them suspects. But they're now playing down a DNA link. Scrutinising each new twist the world's media has moved from southern Portugal to outside the McCann home in the English Midlands. Kate and Gerry McCann are formal suspects in Madeleine's disappearance. But reports today that blood found in the family's hire car was a perfect DNA match to Madeleine have been down-played by Portuguese authorities. You may have very strong evidence that this DNA that you have found has originated from a particular person. But what you don't know is how it got there. They say it could have come from her favourite soft toy. The parents may yet be summoned back to Portugal.

But for now, along with their other two children, they're prisoners in their own home. Kate and Gerry continue to get support and the children are fine. That's all I'm going to say. England's 'Sun' newspaper reports Portuguese police had bugged the McCanns' phones and emails for the past month. The Leicestershire village has been invaded by the press, everyone with a different opinion on what happened. I can't see how they could've possibly done it. How could they have done it? They're under constant scrutiny. They went out living it up. At the end of the day, if it was any people on council estates. people who live on council estate, not in professions like the McCanns they'd be done.

Neighbours have also questioned the work of Portuguese investigators. I think they've made a lot of mistakes and I think they're trying to pin it on someone. Those police have now handed their evidence to a Portuguese prosecutor. Max Futcher, Ten News. A new drug therapy is helping to ease the pain of arthritis. 90% of patients trying the treatment are claiming dramatic results. This is the old Peter Shotton - an old man, stiff and sore. And this is the new Peter -

a line dance enthusiast who's pain-free. It's given me back my quality of life again, that's what it's really all about. Glenda Ramage also has a new lease on life after joining the drug study. Constant pain to no pain, virtually.

The international study is trialling a mix of two drugs - the pain-killer Tramal and an anti-inflammatory - with 9 out of 10 patients reporting some relief. They are either significantly better or pain-free. They are less stiff, they can move better, they're out doing things they haven't done for a long while and they're enjoying life again. The early results are bringing new hope to sufferers, who've been forced to ditch a generation of arthritis drugs because of dangerous side effects. There were some concerns that they may be resulting in an increased risk of heart attacks and other vascular problems. This new mix of medications is proving safe and effective. Because it's a very carefully supervised program with monthly visits we're keeping an eye out for any possible safety issues, but we've seen none. It's hoped the worldwide research will eventually lead to a super pill to treat the debilitating disease. Researchers are looking for more osteoarthritis sufferers which is only in Brisbane so far. to join the study, Tremendous! It's worked wonders for me. I wish I had've had these tablets 5, 10 years ago. in two years. Lexy Hamilton-Smith, Ten News. The founder of The Body Shop chain dies suddenly - the tributes next.

Also, we'll catch up with the frontrunner for the Queensland Government's And the raunchy TV show sparking religious protests in Sydney. If you'd like to kick joint pain, then Blackmores Joint Formula with glucosamine and chondroitin may be ideal. Plus, you could win with special September only in-store promotions. Effective joint pain relief. So you can be your best. BABY WHIMPERS BABY CRIES Whether you're looking for a bigger home or your first home, you can trust the Commonwealth Bank to help you get the right loan. So talk to our experienced lenders at Australia's biggest home loan bank. Call 13 2224 or drop in to any branch. This program is captioned live. Tonight's top stories - big changes ahead for the Sydney CBD to make it more pedestrian-friendly. A study released today shows

people on foot spend more time waiting around for traffic than they spend actually walking. The frustrating delays are being blamed for the huge numbers of people jaywalking in the city. John Howard digs in his heels, determined to lead the Coalition to the next election. Reports have emerged that senior Liberals have asked him to step down. But the PM insists he's determined not to run from a fight. And what a hero - the coach driver who fought off a passenger who went berserk claiming he had a bomb. Con Jansen managed to stop the man from steering the bus into oncoming traffic on busy Pennant Hills Road. But there were huge traffic snarls as police checked the vehicle for explosive devices,

which were not found. Queensland will soon have its first woman premier. Anna Bligh is unopposed for the job and she's already issued warnings to the media and her husband. The final leg in her race to the top, and not a competitor in sight. A day is a long time in politics and the vote won't be in until tomorrow, so let's wait and see. For now, on with the job for the premier-in-waiting, inspecting work on the Gold Coast desalination plant. A Beattie-esque appearance, she says. but she won't sink to media tart, He set the standard and I'm happy for him to walk off the stage holding the trophy. And she's warned her husband, too. If he ever got the urge to go on the front page of the paper and say that I look fat, old and tired, he should resist that urge. she's got their vote. No resisting from the party - Her Deputy, confirmed, too - Transport Minister Paul Lucas, also unopposed. I think I'm the best person for the job. I wouldn't nominate if I didn't think I was. There'll be a reshuffle - minimal, says Ms Bligh. At least one minister seems blissfully relaxed. But the Opposition says Ms Bligh's not ready. Her track record does not suggest that she's a good administrator. As for the man still Premier... about diplomatic posts. I've heard the rumours I've heard rumours about London, New York. He's not going, likely to go to unionist Grace Grace. but his seat of Brisbane Central It's expected the Premier will walk away from his career with a healthy superannuation package, estimated to be somewhere in the vicinity of $1.6 million. Maybe he'll take the holiday he's longed for for nine years.

That's where I want to go. Emma Dallimore, Ten News. The founder of The Body Shop, Anita Roddick,

has died at the age of 64. Dubbed the 'Queen of Green', Roddick pioneered cruelty-free beauty products, turning them into a global phenomenon. In February this year she announced she had contracted hepatitis C from a blood transfusion in 1971. There were no symptoms, as such, that it never really hit me. The only time it ever, sort of, hits me and so I'm thinking in a new language, and that language where the currency is time. She died after suffering a major brain haemorrhage. A much better day for investors - the Australian share market recovering some of yesterdays losses. Love it or hate it, there's no denying David Duchonvy's new TV drama, 'Californication', has hit a nerve. Protests outside Ten's Sydney studios are growing every week, but the show's audience is growing even faster. Each Monday night as Ten's new drama begins, a growing number of protesters start to pray. MAN: Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. A candlelit vigil outside Ten's head office in Sydney seeking redemption for the network which airs the controversial series 'Californication'. for the people at Channel Ten, Basically we're praying for the people that would be watching the show.

But as objections mounted, viewer numbers soared, for the first time. breaking the one million mark Holy ----! 'Californication' comes with an MA warning. But it's not just the promiscuity that offends religious groups. My name is Hank. Hello, Hank. In particular the scene in the church with the nun, the statue of Our Lady in the background, we find that particularly offensive.

The creators had expected to upset some viewers. Ostensibly it is a comedy, but it's a comedy that's based on the real, you know? It's based on kind of a dark character I think it breaks some new territory in terms of a kind of sexual antagonism that actually exists. But commentators say it's far from the worst content on television. I'm sure I heard Mark Holden swear on 'Australian Idol' the other night and jokes about rape on the ABC's 'Summer Heights High'. Many of the themes have been previously explored in programs like 'Sex in the City' and Australia's own 'Number 96'. It's still going to be on air next Monday night and more people are going to watch it, because you're protesting about it. That could mean the protesters have an adverse reaction of their own. Amber Muir, Ten News. Sport now with Tim Webster,

Let's take another look at the

weather now with Tim Bailey. Has

weather now with Tim Bailey. Has

Vic Larusso been treading on your Vic Larusso been treading on your turf?

Maybe, but it's fine and sunny here.

Letters have a look at the map of New South Wales.

Back to the desk. Later wrong we

were showed 27-year-old photos of

both of you and! Sport now with Tim Webster, and a special call from Wallabies coach John Connolly confirms a World Cup replacement. Yes, we'll tell you how Cameron Shepherd found out he'd be taking Mark Gerrard's spot. Also, the Dogs fire up at claims

they are taking out opposition kickers. And Brett Stewart talks about the training accident that sent a momentary shudder through the Sea Eagles' finals campaign. Also, he's the best of the best again - Ricky Ponting collects two of international cricket's biggest awards in a big night for the Aussie players. This program is captioned live. Bulldogs coach Steve Folkes has defended accusations his side deliberately try to take out rival kickers. Folkes says the Dogs are no different to other teams Tim Smith, and Parramatta's number seven, can expect the same treatment on Saturday night. It's not quite the grapple, but the Bulldogs are working on ways of shutting down Parramatta's flashy backs. No laughs, though, from the coach

when asked if his players will target the Eels kickers like they did Cowboys skipper Johnathan Thurston. Well, those words were actually put in my mouth about targeting Johnathan. I mean, every team in the competition tries to put pressure on the kicker. Despite angering Thurston in consecutive weeks

courtesy of Sonny Bill Williams and Willie Mason, Folkes says his players will legally be in the face of the Eels. Whoever kicks the ball for them, we'll be looking at, and we'll be trying to get as much pressure on them as we can. Williams returning to the side after his one-week suspension. The powerhouse Dogs pack back together for possibly one final fling. Roosters-bound Mark O'Meley treating every game like his last. I thought that last week too when we were lucky to get through again, so, yeah, have spoken. I think Adam Perry, it might be his last game as well, O'Meley saying the Dogs are confident despite three straight losses. It was as if we won when we went up there and had to, I suppose, beat the Cowboys, which is a good team, beat their crowd and beat a ref, so we went close to it. And a scare for Manly, with fullback Brett Stewart forced to quit training with a thumb injury. The Sea Eagles pushing on without their strike weapon, who later downplayed fears he'll miss the grand final qualifier. Just my knuckle was pretty tender, that's all. Just went and iced it and the physio strapped it up. It's nothing serious. a practical joke, but he didn't come back. REPORTER: Could you play this weekend? I could play tomorrow. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Cameron Shepherd is on his way to Cardiff after being called into the World Cup squad. The Western Force fullback replaces Mark Gerrard, who suffered a tournament-ending knee injury in the match against Japan. On Saturday night Cam Shepherd was watching the Wallabies in action against Japan and lamenting his misfortune at missing the World Cup squad because of a knee injury, but a phone call from John Connolly late yesterday changed all that. John called me and played a bit of a joke on me, saying, "I'm calling everyone who hasn't made it "to let them know that we really appreciate them." Then he said, "Thankfully, you're not one of them." So it was a pretty nice feeling. While game time will be limited, skipper Stirling Mortlock has warned Shepherd the trip won't be a vacation. By no means is he coming over here for a holiday. Every single guy in the 30-man squad contributes, whether they get on the field or not. It's a big step up from where I've been playing now and we'll see, but I'm really looking forward to it.

Shepherd will rendezvous with team-mates in Cardiff ahead of Saturday night's vital match against Wales, top spot in Group B the prize on offer. When we came together as a squad at the start of the year this game, this weekend was the one that was in the back of our minds. It's a crucial game for us to win and we're treating it that way. Millennium Stadium has not been a happy hunting ground for the Wallabies in recent times. The best result from their last two matches at the venue - a draw. Stephen Larkham questioning the scheduling. I think they're very lucky to get a home game in a World Cup that's supposedly hosted in France. Neil Cordy, Ten News. The Socceroos are outsiders with the bookies, at $6 for tonight's game against Argentina, the number-two ranked team in the world. Certainly not overawed, the Socceroos were relaxed as they had a causal kick in a Melbourne park disappointing Asian Cup campaign. ahead of their first game since their a fairly even keel here. I think we're on Our guys are up for it to Argentina tonight and are going to take it we can get a result. and I actually believe at the MCG for the friendly. More than 60,000 are expected the first player Ricky Ponting has become to win ICC Cricketer of the Year for the second year running.

in South Africa It was a good night for the Aussies on the eve of the Twenty20 World Cup. Captain of the Year Ponting was also named One-Day Player of the Year. while Matthew Hayden was rated Mike Hussey accepted Best Emerging Player award the injured Shaun Tait's and Simon Taufel took the umpire's gong.

with his team-mates. Ponting quick to share the accolades and as a captain For me, as an individual player and part of the Australian team, of what we achieved. I think we all should be very proud Four Australians were named of the year. in each of the Test and one-day sides That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight, contract problems with Edinburgh, the latest on Stephen Larkham's after the rugby World Cup. the club he's heading to with the weather. Tim Bailey's back next

Well let's take a look of a

travelling there with Vic Larusso.

They it's a terrible run tonight in

Sydney. An accident has seen

to the M4. traffic locked up all the way back

Unfortunately this is the picture

for the M2. Pretty much all the way up to the tunnel. looking for love. And 'Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe Get off the phone! Yeah, I know. I need to use the Net! When can I see you next? My brother's being a dork. No, sorry. Can you shut up? Get off the phone! (Sighs) Yeah. Tonight's the night." (Reads) "I think I love him. Matt, I've got to go. Give it back to me! Dad! Give it to me! Go on the computer if you want! Fine, I'm giving it to you! Give it to me. You're SO annoying! It is bumper-to-bumper on the Ring Road. In a hurry, mate? How are ya? ENGINE STARTS Apia could save you up to 20% and not working full-time, So, if you're over 50 call: Apia. # is brought to you by Apia. Tonight's weather It's not going to be over 50 and not working full-time but if you are Call 13 50 50. This program is captioned live.

he will always be Harry Potter, To boys and girls the world over, is doing his best but actor Daniel Radcliffe of the the boy wizard. to break free from the spell his new film, 'December Boys', He's in Sydney tonight spruiking required months of accent training. a small Australian production that has spent most of this year It seems Daniel Radcliffe walking red carpets around the world. he'll do it again. And tonight, at Sydney's Fox Studios, that's got him facing the fans - But it's not 'Harry Potter' it was the best script. Quite simply, Well, I don't want to be adopted. What's the big idea about parents anyway?

Were you concerned that you were going to be able to nail an Australian accent? We're pretty picky about that here. "What do you think of the accent?" I know, if I ever say to anybody, "Well, you know, it was good, and they say, sounds that sometimes don't..." "but there's a couple of vowel

an Adelaide accent. And I just say I was doing Of course, 'cause they say 'darnce' and 'charnce'.

Yeah, exactly. of non-boy wizard projects The film is one of a number the actor has tackled - the controversial play 'Equus', the other being which is now destined for Broadway. that doesn't really exist. Broadway almost seems like a myth and seen shows there. Obviously it does - I've been there that's so far removed from my life. But it's like something But no, it's gonna be amazing. and magnitude of it, And just to add to the terror for part of the performance. you'll be nude only, like, 10 minutes. Oh, yeah, but not much - On Broadway. Yeah. It's fine. Hey, we've all done it. Eight shows a week. Yeah, exactly. That was your first kiss, I bet.

I can teach you if you want. The other thing you're gonna have to accept that comes with you, is this eligibility you've done alright, that you're a successful actor, in the bank. you've got a couple of bucks

How are you gonna handle that and this sort of thing? now that you're 18, women fainting that asks me. I'll just marry the first person Angela Bishop, Ten News.

The Heart Foundation and - it's

there and your door knocker at the

moment. A it's rather important

that we get behind it. It's money for life-saving research. that we get behind it. It's raising

48,000 people succumb to heart

disease every year - that's one

every 10 minutes. When they knock

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long time. Have a look at this

photograph - I had to put this on

the television!. There's Ron Wilson

from 1981!. Last but not least two,

have a look at him Webster.

Support the Heart Foundation has run and Tim have been doing for

more than 25 years. Good work

The to Merle is going to be a good

looking day around 23 and 24

degrees. Up to 28 degrees on Friday.

Player springtime skies. But will

go right through until about next

outlook. Wednesday so a very fine and sunny

Let us have a look at the satellite

now. Cloud over the south-east

bringing heavy showers to Tasmania

and Victoria. The tomorrow a low

front will move in which will cause

showers in Tasmania, Victoria and

southern New South Wales.

Showers will be clearing from

south-east New South Wales. Showers clearing

clearing from Victoria and Tasmania. Widespread

In WFA. A bigger spread of blues

guy here in New South Wales.

Temperatures creeping up to 28

degrees. He'll have a clear blue sky

sky for your barbecue. Sunday will

be sparkling with sunshine. And now

let's look at Interstate.

The South Wales sunshine. The fair crust for


As far as I'm concerned fine and

sunny for the next eight days. What

a great outlook! See you tomorrow! I'm Ron Wilson. That's the news at 5:00, Thanks for your company. And I'm Deborah Knight.