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and I honestly think that you do, If you care about Rick, and I know that you do, if you love your daughter, this engagement ring. then don't accept Please, I am begging you. Don't do this to our children. D n t do this to ou children. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

This program is captioned live. Tonight, the vote that never was - costing taxpayers dearly. Iemma's power plan shelved, Yesterday it was bring it on. Today it was run away.

finally going to put you away? When are your colleagues Bail refused western Sydney's serial rapist. for the young man accused of being for a popular television actor And tributes

a long battle with depression. found dead after will be saying, A lot of people today "If only I could have done more." Good evening. I'm Deborah Knight. And I'm Ron Wilson. Also tonight, a huge pokies payout biggest class action. for shareholders in the country's And he's their man - the Democrats make history, in the race for the White House. endorsing the first black man

But heading the 5:00 News, D-day for the Premier it was billed as but Morris Iemma has shut down debate power privatisation plan on his controversial in Parliament. to avoid it being defeated joins us from Macquarie Street. State political reporter Kevin Wilde

Parliament early for this vote. Kevin, the Premier recalled of taxpayer's money isn't it? It's a total waste

Would have to agree with you. The

Premier was hoping the Liberal

Party would blink and to the right

thing from his board of un support

the power plant. They didn't.

just after 9:00 The Premier breezed into Parliament

he wanted but was certain to lose. for the power privatisation vote as he entered a meeting of Labor MPs. He was all smiles Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell from humiliation, could have saved the Premier but didn't. Liberal and National MPs were united in their opposition to the power plan.

the power bill to the upper house Michael Costa presented

the debate was over, but within a few minutes taken off the table. the power sell-off plan

to never vote on the sell-off. There was a vote, but only outraged the Opposition. The shock move is the mother of all dummy spits. What he's done and Mr Costa so they adjourned the debate. They didn't get their way the debate got even more personal. In question time in the lower house, today it was run away. Yesterday it was bring it on -

finally going to put you away? When are your colleagues Iemma returned fired. of political advantage, Took his five minutes who is Ronald Biggs, the economic vandal who made off with the billions. workers and the union movement. It's a sweet victory for power to proceed with power privatisation. This Government has no support The issue is now dead and buried. to see it squashed We were here today

but we're claiming it as a victory.

Spend an extraordinary day but is

this issue now really dead and

buried? Unfortunately not for the

power workers, many who come down

from Newcastle. Right now there's

an emergency meeting estate Cabinet.

an emergency meeting estate Cabinet.

They said there's no plan B but

there's one. I'll sell off land

around power stations but not the

generators. That will be approved

by cabinet tonight, we believe. There will

There will be a mini-budget in 10

weeks' time with tough decisions.

Some hosp tal upgrades will be Some hospital upgrades will be

Some hospital upgrades will be cancelled. The Premi r thing cancelled. The Premier

cancelled. The Premier thing see is

cancelled. The Premier thing see is

safe but the minister thinks it's

not over. It's a big mess and power

privatisation in one form is still privatisation in one form is still

the future. Shareholders have hit the jackpot, class action settlement. winning the country's biggest

manufacturer to court They took a poker machine for fudging the books and today came up trumps. like this before. The pokies have never paid out

Aristocrat Leisure, of poker machines, the world's second-biggest maker has agreed to pay millions of dollars it misled. to thousands of shareholders class action settlement Today will be the largest ever in Australian legal history. It's a settlement of $144.5 million. the company fudged its books, Six years ago,

overstating profits by $12 million. by $15 million. Then again the next year was revealed to the market, When the true state of the company its share price collapsed its market capitalisation. and $2 billion came off on the share price, It took a shocking toll from $5.90 to just 89 cents. which plummeted thanks to taking legal action, But now, highest return from a class action - shareholders will receive the some 80 cents in the dollar.

biggest companies in Australia They include some of the to mum-and-dad investors. behind the class action says But the legal team put money back in peoples pockets. put money back in peoples' pockets. the settlement does more than will send a real message This class action and the boardrooms to corporate Australia are real. that their disclosure obligations

have been removed The managers responsible its latest results, and today the company posted of $70 million. announcing a global profit Ali Donaldson, Ten News. The man accused of being the western Sydney rapist

is a father of two young children. The 22-year-old faced court today,

at knifepoint. charged with attacking six women for days. Detectives had been watching him

Last night they pounced,

at the glass factory where he works. arresting the 22-year-old He's a father of two young children.

he's also the western Sydney rapist, Police allege daylight sex attacks responsible for at least seven on teenage women. amounts of evidence to the court We will be presenting significant against this gentleman. to support the case Among that evidence, clothing and a knife seized during raids on the man's home. The knifepoint assaults began at Castle Hill in April - then Quakers Hill, Kellyville, Blacktown, Mount Druitt, and Woodcroft. The most recent attack was last Friday - again at Quakers Hill. but chose not to leave the cells. REPORTER: How is your family coping? There was no application for bail. We can't show you the accused rapist's face or even tell you his name

because of a suppression order issued by the court. It was applied for by his barrister, who said police identification procedures were still under way. At this stage there's no interest for my client in talking to you, so I'm not going to. There was another arrest earlier this month - Joey De Mesa was freed after two days when DNA tests confirmed his innocence. This time police say they waited for the lab results.

We were able to identify forensic evidence that brought this gentleman under attention, which led to his arrest last night. The case returns to court next month. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. The television industry is mourning the loss of one of its most popular young talents. 'All Saints' star Mark Priestley has taken his life after a battle with depression - his death leaving fans in shock.

He was the young nurse on the Australian medical drama 'All Saints'. His character, Dan Goldman, married his on-screen sweetheart just two nights ago. But there's a very different story behind the television character. Ricki, I love you and I want to marry you today. Mark Priestley's body was found on an awning in Sydney's Market Street.

He'd been staying at the Swissotel. It's believed Priestley had been struggling with severe depression for some time. It is an illness in one sense that is insidious. uBut it is an illness that can attack all. The industry is in shock. Colleagues have described him as clever, witty, a great inventor. A vitality, a humour and a great clown. And in these days we need our clowns - it's so depressing out there. And sometimes the darkness can be overwhelming as is the case here. Mark Priestley graduated from NIDA in 1999 most well-known productions from 'Blue Heelers' to 'The Secret Life of Us'. and stop being such a bore. Dig yourself out of this hole and stop be ng such a bore.

He could be quite a handful. While his death has hit his 'All Saints' cast members hard. His co-star Jolene Anderson is said to be in shock. She was involved in a car crash yesterday and is recovering from an arm injury. Tributes have also been pouring in for Priestley on fan sites. His mother Kate is flying to Sydney to return his body to Perth.

Mark was 32. Barack Obama has made history as the first black man to be nominated by a major party to run for US president. And he let everyone know he's the boss by upstaging Bill and Hillary Clinton at the Democratic convention. The timing was perfect. Hello, Democrats! Barack Obama appearing at the convention to make sure Democrats remembered HE was the star of the show,

alongside his running mate, Joe Biden. I think the convention's gone pretty well so far. What do you think? Earlier it seemed the party believed Bill Clinton was the man of the moment, greeting him as a hero.

CHEERING Although clearly enjoying the adulation, the former president fell into line. I love this! And I thank you. But we have important work to do tonight. I am here, first, to support Barack Obama. In the official business of this convention,

the delegates voted for the nominee and, in a nod to Hillary Clinton's historic campaign, her name was included in the nominating process. The former first lady just couldn't resist the chance to be the centre of attention for just a little bit longer, withdrawing her name on the floor of the convention. I move Senator Barack Obama of Illinois

be selected by this convention by acclamation

as the nominee of the Democratic Party for president of the United States. Barack Obama as the Democratic Party's presidential candidate. Please say aye. (All) Aye! More history will made tomorrow when Barack Obama makes his acceptance speech as the first black man nominated by a major party to run for US president. In Denver, Colorado, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Ahead in sport with Brad McEwan, the player who's fired up the Raiders would like to thank his mum. Yes, in this case Mum knows best, and her constructive criticism has transformed him into the NRL's form player - we'll meet her shortly. And far from our halcyon days - the lone Aussie in the US Open men's draw, Chris Guccione,

keeps our flag flying in New York.

Also, why a controversial move by the US women's pro golf tour to ban players who can't speak English has won support from our ladies' professional association. And we'll see how the Swans have utilised their footy skills at the circus. and unions over controversial his school-ranking reforms - that's next. Also tonight, fighting to save his career - the celebrity Sydney doctor accused of malpractice. And a teacher faces court over a global paedophile ring.

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This program is captioned live. A Sydney celebrity doctor has apologised for letting a patient perform a sex act on him. He's told the Medical Tribunal

it was a moment of weakness caused by his huge workload. Dr Martyn Mendelsohn is no stranger to cameras. The ear, nose and throat specialist made a name for himself appearing on reality television. But today, an ugly reality as the doctor was forced to face the New South Wales Medical Tribunal. He admits he allowed a 22-year-old patient perform oral sex on him during an after-hours consultation at his Sydney surgery. He says: The doctor says, after sexual contact, he finished fixing the woman's nose.

The doctor today apologised, saying his moment of weakness happened because he was working long hours, had lots of responsibility and a 3-month waiting list. Despite the investigation, Dr Mendelsohn continues to see patients here at his Chatswood surgery. Since the incident, however, he has been forced to have a minder present during every consultation.

A decision on the doctor's future will be made in the coming weeks. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. A Wollongong teacher is facing the sack after being charged with downloading child pornography. Robert Dunwoodie was arrested earlier this year as part of a worldwide crackdown on child porn on the internet. 43-year-old Robert Dunwoodie of Figtree was arrested in May during the global crackdown

after explicit images were released by a European gang onto the Internet. Federal Police raided the house he was occupying at Lake Heights, allegedly discovering 43 pornographic pictures had been downloaded on his computer. Wollongong court was told the images depicted children between the ages of 6 and 12 posing in a sexually explicit manner and engaging in sexual acts.

Dunwoodie is an English and history teacher employed at Wollongong Performing Arts High School. He was one of three teachers arrested during Operation Centurion, in which a total of 107 Australians have now been charged. He's yet to enter a plea to one count of downloading child pornography. Two charges of possessing child porn were dropped today.

Dunwoodie has been stood down on full pay pending the outcome of this case.

As part of his bail conditions, he's been ordered not to enter or loiter within 100 metres of a school. The Education Department says Dunwoodie will be sacked if he enters a guilty plea or is convicted. The case was adjourned until October so a psychiatric report can be prepared. John Hill, Ten News. Kevin Rudd has ramped up his fight with education unions.

He's told them to get with the 21st century and stop opposing his plan to get rid of bad teachers and schools. shape up or ship out, Kevin Rudd is demanding teachers but he's promising more resources, today unveiling $40 million for programs to improve reading, writing and arithmetic. Multiply, multiply, multiply. This Canberra school, one of 29 nationwide to receive the special funding.

Its principal not happy with the threat of the sack. Those kind of punitive measures aren't particularly helpful. 9.5 out of 10 teachers are doing an absolutely fantastic job anyway. Many parents agree. I don't think they should be sacked but I think they should be accountable I don't think they're given enough incentive, and that sort of thing. especially through pay packages

The Government says it's ready to. The Opposition taunts - "What are you waiting for?" Mr Rudd has the power now

to withhold money from States who have not complied with this and the challenge for him is will he do so? He may not have to - at least one premier can already count. they have a big cheque book.

At the end of the day And at the end of the day if they are determined to push this things through, I guess they will.

The unions not so accommodating. I will say to our friends in the teachers' unions across Australia,

are fantastic people, and many of them

in the 21st century. is it's time to arrive it is about cooperation The Government claims schools or the States. and not naming or shaming teachers, for its political opponents though. It seems to make an exception singling out Peter Costello Julia Gillard "books with spine". whose publisher's motto is,

from a politician without one.

"Books with spine" - Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

Joe around this morning. One mm 3 mm

mm in the the east. But that the

clouds of clear a wave. Tomorrow clouds of clear a wave. Tomorrow clouds of clear a wave. Tomorr

will be a repeat of today. Maybe a

close a coastal shower. Occasional

blue shires and I've had appalled

at everything. Tops of a 10 degrees.

The biggest, brightest blue

The biggest, brightest blue this

guy at in 10 minutes. help an Australian battler Next, London doctors

see the world in a whole new light. he wants to get out and run around Train broke down yesterday and

and it's packed, jammed tight. He is a bundle of joy. And itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny - her sizzling new swimwear range. Jennifer Hawkins parades

the greatest challenges we face. Climate change is one of

energy efficient lighting. We're installing become carbon neutral. We're helping our schools trees and shrubs entitlements We've increased the new home owner

to help people go solar. and we now have feed-in tariff laws

The ACT Government and Canberra:

An we'll check the traffic now. The

M two is jam-packed. All waif to

Windsor Road. This is the traffic Windsor Road. This is the traffic

approaching the toll. The real


problem spot you can see it's jam-

packed from lane at Cove Road. It

goes back to the tunnel. It does to

two. the Gore Hill freeway. Avoid the M

of a World War II pilot what's believed to be the remains

while trekking the Kokoda Track.

was attached to a cable and harness. the moss-covered skeleton Witnesses say

latest Kokoda adventure Tour leader David Collins's has become his most memorable. Last week his trekkers stumbled across what they believe to be

of a former war pilot the moss-covered skeleton hanging from a cable in a tree. The experienced trekker says and was difficult to spot. the body was suspended 15m high and it was twisting and turning - The wind blew obviously not part of a tree. to be a harness it was caught in It was then I saw what appeared and it was certainly in the shape of a human being.

made the find last Thursday A senior policeman who is still away near Mount Bellamy, while taking photos of native plants the highest point of the track. everyone was excited. Very excited.

We were all over the moon. It's a very significant find what we think it is. if it turns out to be

were found near the Myola Lakes, Mr Collins says the remains by the Allied forces an area once used as a supply drop

from the Second World War went down. and where many planes in that campaign, in that area. 500 Australian troops died up there all the bodies. They certainly didn't retrieve in Papua New Guinea The Australian High Commission

about the find is believed to be hopeful to the site. and is planning to send a team

It would be fabulous for the family. It would be fabulous to give them some sort of closure.

Erin Cassar, Ten News. To the BankWest finance report. lower rates on fixed home loans ANZ today announced it will and residential investment loans by up to 50 basis points.

on the Australian share market, A strong day the resource and banking sectors. led by Gaming machine company Aristocrat Leisure gained 13 cents

and settling a massive class action. despite posting a fall in profit

tonight is $1.57 a litre The average price of petrol in Sydney in Revesby. but we've seen it at $1.40 An Australian toddler at risk of losing his remaining eye to cancer

in London. has just finished radical treatment and his recovery is looking good. Now he's getting ready to head home but Isaiah Muller isn't fazed. He may be a little boy in a big city mornings under general anaesthetic, For five weeks he's spent his specialised radiation therapy. undergoing we'd walk through the doors, He knew every time

the radiotherapy doors and he'd get to and he'd go, "Not here, not here." he knew what was coming. That was the hard thing - and be put to sleep. He knew he'd have the gas mask on he'd wake up full of life Yet still, each afternoon and keen to explore. The train broke down yesterday. and it's packed and jammed tight. He wants to get out and run around

He is a bundle of joy. last month Isaiah flew halfway across the world media campaign after a South Australian in a matter of days. raised money for his mercy dash

could the 2.5-year-old, Only in London to the rare cancer retinoblastoma, who had already lost one eye without losing his remaining eye. be treated to shrink a second tumour has been by his side every session His mum Olivia his vision might deteriorate a bit There was a chance

he could go blind as well and there was a chance but that hasn't happened.

who have five other boys at home, The Mullers, early next week will fly back to Adelaide and in a month's time, how well the therapy worked. they'll find out has now been raised More than $84,000 for the Isaiah Muller trust fund - in London and any money not spent here his future medical costs. will go toward a big amount or a small amount, Whether it be it all makes a huge difference.

the sight of a little boy, Because for now, it may have saved it could just save his life. but in time, In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. and a bit of gossip - Big names, bare skin latest collections had it all. the launch of Myer's picked up the gauntlet Jennifer Hawkins

by rival store David Jones, thrown down hitting the catwalk in sizzling summer swimwear. The sight of Jennifer Hawkins in an itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny yellow bikini seemed to warm up the crowd on a chilly Sydney night. The Myer model turning designer with a range of cossies called Cozi. Not nervous, just excited and yeah, just excited to actually get it on the stage and I've already seen it on the girls and it looks great so I'm happy. Yeah, it's really hot. Trust me.

Boyfriend Jake was also working the runway - almost wearing an Armani ensemble. There were designer threads for the young fashion victim in your life, while the grown-up girls will be wearing maxi dresses, plenty of colour, perhaps a print or two,

and definitely a chunky shoe. But there was almost as much attention on the front row braved the A-list stares and whispers where designer Wayne Cooper following a tell-all interview from his long-term girlfriend earlier in the week. I just want to be dignified. Let her be Heather Mills, you know what I mean. Also there, a very camera-shy Kate Waterhouse - the David Jones racewear ambassador not keen to be photographed front row at the Myer show -

her new job as a fashion journalist causing the conflict of interest. But all eyes were back on the fashion when Jennifer appeared as the lady in red

in a show-stopping corsetted dress by Camilla and Marc. Angela Bishop, Ten News. A cast of thousands - next, the State's budding councillors fight for election. Also, Australian zoos boast a baby boom of jumbo proportions. We're absolutely ecstatic. And X marks the spot - her show home for Christmas. Kylie confirms she's bringing (MEXICAN ACCENT) For years now, Mexican families have been plagued with a rift in their traditional family life and all because adults and kids until one day... (SPEAKS SPANISH) (UPBEAT MEXICAN MUSIC) New Simmer Sauces from Old El Paso - So now the family that eats together stays together. Find them in the Mexican section.

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Top stories this news hour - This program is captioned live.

television actor Mark Priestley, tributes are flowing for popular while battling depression. who has taken his own life on the medical drama 'All Saints'. The 32-year-old played a nurse artist, both on stage and screen. He's being remembered as a brilliant believe to be Sydney's serial rapist. Police have arrested a man they

The 22-year-old father of two least seven teenage women is accused of attacking in the city's west this year. He's been refused bail. the State's electricity industry And the Premier's plan to privatise has turned sour. Facing inevitable defeat, costing taxpayers $500,000. Morris Iemma delayed today's vote, he's spineless and gutless. Critics say

for another politician, 'Sorry' seems to be the hardest word Wendy Waller was a pivotal player over the Oasis debacle when Liverpool Council was sacked

and wants to be re-elected. and she's making no apologies Marc Conners is one of a new breed, wanting a fresh direction. part of an Independent team

Liverpool Council was sacked after the failed Oasis development out of its coffers. ripped $30 million

supported the disastrous deal. Former deputy mayor Wendy Waller who want to be voted in again. She's among Labor politicians with those people who were involved So much could go wrong to stand again. and now they've got the hide

I think the area wants new blood. they have the legal right, They don't have the moral right, and they're doing it

they'll pay the price for it. and I think ALP officials were in hiding today

Ms Waller refused to apologise. but, at a recent forum, should be the crown in their jewel, If this is Labor heartland, this

as opposed to their rubbish dump. she gets in is a different story. She can stand but whether to stand. No, they shouldn't even be allowed

not just reserved for Liverpool Controversy in the south-west ahead of next month's election, of a costly legal challenge Camden faces the prospect to build an Islamic school after knocking back a proposal

choose from almost 100 candidates. and Campbelltown voters will have to

of the 147 councils. It's the biggest ballot paper Penrith is next with 83 candidates, After Campbelltown, then Port Stephens,

and down to Warringah with 65. for Warringah ratepayers. It's been a long wait

for five years. They've been without representation Wollongong Council, over sex-for-development allegations, subject of an ICAC inquiry

will remain under administration. is among four which Frank Coletta, Ten News.

I think all you can say is that we

must be jealous if we're not

heading to the snows this weekend.

The biggest employers guy in

The biggest employers guy in the The biggest employers guy in the

country harlots hat across the mountains today. Glorious

conditions. I got a call for a mate

saying the snowboarding and skiing

was awesome. I love telling you

that when you're at sea level and

they're in the mountain. The snow

depths was measured at one

depths was measured at one pts 62

metres. As we head into spring up

plenty of snow to playing.

a dampener. 18 degrees Will be no rain on Sunday could be

a dampener. 18 degrees tomorrow and a bit of everything. Spring is in the air at Taronga Zoo for a baby boom. and the keepers are preparing one thanks to IVF. Two elephants are now pregnant - has come along way in two years. Taronga Zoo's Asian elephant herd Gung has tusks, Thong Dee is pregnant to Gung has artificially conceived, and Porntip

bull elephant Bong Su. thanks to Melbourne Zoo's We're absolutely ecstatic. the zoo said that we'd do We're basically doing everything since these elephants have arrived. IVF elephant born in Australia. Porntip's calf will be the second due in December next year. Melbourne Zoo's will be the first, most fertile elephant, Bong Su. It's also fathered by the world's the super stud. I don't know who's calling him

he's got two calves on the way. The proof is in That shows he's a very fertile guy. and that's its tiny trunk moving. and hat's its t ny trunk m v The calf is just 11 centimetres long, of natural breeding and IVF Taronga Zoo will use a combination in the region. to maintain genetic diversity But it will be a while to pick the pregnant mums-to-be. until you'll be able

to grow a baby elephant. It takes a long time for these pregnancies Unfortunately, we have to wait so it's a long, long wait. for almost 22 months,

will weigh about 70 kilograms. But at birth the calf would be as bad I don't think the pregnancy to something that size. as having to give birth the gorilla clan is expanding. And just a few enclosures away Proud mum Mouila around his new home. has shown her 10-day-old son Mahale but healthy and happy. He's still shy, with the breeding programs The zoo is thrilled as both the Asian elephant and western lowland gorilla

are endangered species.

Tim Potter, Ten News. Sport now with Brad, labelled discriminatory and a US women's golf decision wins Aussie backing. any female professionals Yes, it's a move that will ban who can't speak English - more shortly. Aussie flag at the US tennis Open. Plus, Chris Guccione still flying the

And always taking note - we'll meet the footy mastermind mum brought the best out in her NRL son. whose tough talk has finally a finals tightrope, Plus, after walking at a few circus acts. the Swans try their hand

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This program is captioned live. Bad news for the Wests Tigers, with an ankle injury forcing Robbie Farah out of tomorrow's crucial clash with Cronulla. And it could get worse, with captain Brett Hodgson in extreme doubt,

also with a leg injury.

Meanwhile, Canberra star Terry Campese has revealed the reason he's gone from fringe first-grader to one of the NRL's most exciting players. This is the woman Raiders fans should thank incredible finals surge - for their side's Lisa Campese, harshest critic of her son Terry. She lets me know. Gives me a boot up the bum

if I'm not doing what she knows that I can do. After the game, we ring each other, every week, yeah.

We're pretty close actually, yeah. he should do on the field. And I just tell him what I think Campese says mother's home truths have been vital, helping him keep faith with his ability during four years in and out of first grade. Even if I didn't have any confidence, I'd always come home and Mum would always say, "You're better than what you played on the weekend," because she's one of the only people who's seen every single game of my life. From a bright-eyed kid, Campese is poised to break into Australia's World Cup squad, perhaps following his famous uncle - Wallaby icon David Campese - to the top of his sport. He's the attacking heartbeat the in-form Green Machine, like he showed with a recent 36-point haul against Penrith -

a game that gets a bit of air time at home. The good news is Canberra are going to keep on attacking, despite a horror injury toll.

We're getting confidence off playing a bit of football and it's helping our attack out and we're scoring a lot of points so we have to keep doing that and keep doing the things that work for us. But if it comes unstuck, he can expect a phone call - and another boot up the bum. Is that your role as a mum?

Yes. Yes. Adam Hawse, Ten News. The AFL has just unveiled its tough new drugs policy. The three strikes remain but it will trial hair-testing. Meantime, it appears the Swans have run away to the circus, or Cirque du Soleil, to be exact. The Swans tried their hand at a range of activities with varying degrees of success. Star midfielder Adam Goodes showing off his juggling skills about his chances of playing but is up in the air against the Brisbane Lions. in Saturday night's match training I'll play against the Lions I think if I mentally get through

but, if I can't, I'll have a rest. A short time ago he was ruled out. Irishman Tadhg Kennelly will play

with the circus performers but probably never again with a football. after he broke one of their apparatus by the US ladies' golf tour A controversial move who can't speak English to ban players from their Australian counterparts. has backing The US LPGA deciding that from 2009 an English test. all players must pass from 26 countries, With 121 foreign players

is a truly international competition. the LPGA who have been members for two years From ne t year, though, play From next year, though, players

evaluation of their English skills. will be required to pass an oral Korean player on the LPGA. and 3 or 4 Japanese players, Now there are 45, so it's a necessity. Golfers oss Warren Sevile Australian Women's Professional Golfers boss Warren Sevile

says it is about the bigger picture. The players have to interact with their sponsors, their Pro Am partners. the interpretations of the rulings They need to understand

on the golf course. that they're given who make up 7 of the world's top 20, Many Korean players, feel they are being targeted. But some are supporting the move. in the South Korean city of Chonan, Sun Hwa Lee, born

tutor during the off-season. has been working with an English My third shot was really important, to the pin and make birdie, so I really want to hit close

so I did it and I won. over the last few years The LPGA has employed staff to accommodate these girls, just the the next step. I think this is

their Japanese counterparts, The Americans following at their events who require all overseas players to be accompanied by an interpreter. Adam Thompson, Ten News.

Australia's men's title hopes alive Chris Guccione has kept at the US Open of the Grand Slam tennis tournament. after progressing to the second round American Jesse Levine in four sets The Victorian defeated

with Radek Stepanek, to book a round-2 clash Sydney International. a player he beat at this year's in Sydney I had a good match against him but then he cleaned me up in Memphis get some revenge on him here. so, hopefully, I can

was so overpowered by Andy Roddick 35-year-old Frenchmen Fabrice Santoro not even to contest match point. he chose Australian sport and entertainment Some of the biggest names in have celebrated Sir Donald Bradman's 100th birthday. what would have been and sporting arena Stars from the screen, political gathered in Sydney last night. the annual Bradman oration. Test captain Ricky Ponting delivered Talking about the Olympics, and more. I think he's Spitz and Phelps As far as I'm concerned the world has ever seen. he's simply the greatest sportsman was provided Part of the entertainment by Sir Don's granddaughter Greta. by the Don himself in 1930. She sang a tune composed we'll hear from A-League officials In Sports Tonight

to 10 teams. on the expansion of the competition how he's feeling Plus, Mark Bosnich tells us domestic football here in Australia. ahead of his return to Tim Bailey's weather wrap is next. Stay with us.

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But you've the Environment Awards

are winners tonight. We go to the

deep south to my homeland Tasmania. deep south to my homeland Tasmania.

You're never to alter care about

the environment. The Dermot - - the

Derwent Water's retirement village

just north of Hobart has put in new just north of Hobart has put in new

light bulbs. They've a solar panel

for that swimming pool. They've a

recycling programme and have

installed a rainwater tanks.

They've earned the right to sit back

back and take it easy but they're

not doing that. They're enervated

and responsive to change for the

betterment of the environment.

They'll be going off, a loud and

proud as we give them $2,000. It's

the environment award. We give

$5,000 away in December and $2,000

each and every month. Be part of

helping us look after this

brilliant planet we live on and

putting a bit of money in Europe

always and Sky rocket. Today the sun

always featured and cleared the sky

I a bit. Nothing across the

catchment. The same again tomorrow.

Occasional sunny periods and a

coastal shower. On getting it right.

Tops of a 10 degrees. On the

weekend - and don't get nervous - I

mainly blue Saturday and tops of a

10 or nine Ten. Cloud increasing

and a shower on Sunday.

Further showers tomorrow. Here is

predicted precipitation across

rooftops and crops. Isolated rooftops and crops. Isolated

showers along the eastern coast. Storms

South Storms possible in north-east New

South Wales and south-east Storms possible in north-east New

Queensland. To Mile is officially a

Friday. It'll come with a bit of

everything. Overcast conditions and

at coastal shower. The weekend

half-and-half. Half-blue and half

grey. The banana benders a possible shower.

Finally tonight,

been desperately waiting to hear. it's the news Kylie Minogue fans have her Kylie X tour home for Christmas. Kylie has confirmed she's bringing on December 14 She'll play Sydney's Acer Arena on December 19. before heading to Melbourne a giant IMAX-sized video screen, The $20-million show, which features in Europe. has already played 53 dates I'm Ron Wilson. That's Ten News for now. Thanks for your company. And I'm Deborah Knight. throughout the evening We'll have updates with Sports Tonight along at 11:00. before the Late News Goodnight. by Red Bee Media Australia. Supertext captions