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(generated from captions) People forget. (Whispers) Oh, dear God. Mom? Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. for RailCorp - Tonight, a corruption shock of millions in rip-offs. key staff accused MAN: Get back, get back! The star witness - in a Sydney court. chaos as Nicole Kidman testifies And the rampaging mob - among the suspected attackers an 11-year-old boy of an off-duty policeman. and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. to save his career. Also tonight, Ben Cousins fights trapped underground in Victoria And the miners reunited with loved ones. But heading the news at 5:00, on the railways - incredible corruption

ripped off millions of taxpayers dollars by a handful of workers. One woman breaking down, through the pokies. confessing she put $500,000 the corruption inquiry Caught out - Renea Hughes fled was revealed. after her rorting at RailCorp

She's not the only one - by three other workers more than $7 million defrauded

in just four years. This inquiry will demonstrate one lone person that there is not just on a single occasion. pulling some sort of isolated sting This inquiry will reveal and repeated fiddles. the extent of entrenched, complex

more than $500,000. She tearfully confessed to stealing The mother of two put most of it straight through the poker machines

at a tavern near her home. $37,000 at the Pioneer Tavern. In a single month alone she lost by Commissioner Jerrold Cripps Today she was told to stop crying and answer questions. running from 2004 to 2006. She had three scams

to a boss to cover her tracks. she lied about having bowel cancer of her scam and did nothing about it. Another boss allegedly knew inquiry into RailCorp since 1992. This is the seventh corruption

The Commission's lawyer argues unscrupulous employees RailCorp didn't weed out or monitor public money properly. been implemented Recommendations that if they had the sorts of rorts could have avoided we're seeing out of ICAC today. the Government is promising again For its part, it already knew about. to fix a problem I'm outraged and quite angry misused in this way, that taxpayers' money could be and we will put in place that come out of this inquiry. all of the recommendations tomorrow. The 4-week hearing continues Kevin Wilde, Ten News. has turned star witness Superstar Nicole Kidman in a Sydney court case, through a monster media pack. but only after battling her way over themselves to get to her. Camera crews and reporters tripping Nicole Kidman is most afraid of, If the paparazzi is what this must have been her worst nightmare -

at Sydney's Supreme Court the Hollywood star arriving to give evidence, a protective hand over her stomach. appeared nervous The Australian actor by security guards and her lawyers, as she was escorted inside

each other to get the best shot. members of the media tripping over for the paparazzi today? Do you have a message In court, she recalled a day in 2005 was chasing her car, when photographer Jamie Fawcett running a red light. to avoid being seen. She crouched down in the back She explained feeling trapped and husband Keith Urban when Fawcett followed her to a coastal holiday house. And she was upset on her honeymoon to Tahiti. how memorable that honeymoon was, But many in the court were wondering remember when it was. because Nicole Kidman couldn't even it was two years ago. Under cross-examination she said it was less than 18 months ago. In actual fact, Kidman appeared more relaxed, After finishing her evidence, but outside that quickly changed... and court officers clashed. the media, onlookers Do you feel safe in Sydney, Nicole? to face more welcome cameras The star witness tomorrow heads back on the set of her new movie. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. just days from the election - A new headache for John Howard a senior Liberal has lashed out climate change policy, at the Government's

an outburst welcomed by Kevin Rudd. of the long campaign's last week, A familiar sight at the beginning Ruddmania, welcome the Labor leader. as teenagers not old enough to vote for one young lady. But it was all too much During the news conference, she fainted.

Oh, sweetheart. Mr Rudd came to her aid, the embarrassed girl as she came to. offering water to

that effect on people. When I speak, I often have

of a different sort for the PM - There was embarrassment accuses vested interests a senior State Liberal from combating climate change. of distracting the Howard Government long ago I wish we had ratified Kyoto and then we could have led the world in clean energy. with bold initiatives former Liberal leader in NSW, Peter Debnam, stating quite clearly nation have known for a long time. what commonsense folk across the he will immediately ratify Kyoto Mr Rudd says if he wins on Saturday and personally represent Australia conference in Bali next month. at the international climate change to say to the rest of the world of the global solution that Australia is now part of the global problem. and not just part State Liberal colleague, the PM. Most unimpressed with his No, I don't agree with him. who believe that? Are there more and more Liberals No, I don't. Do you believe... Is that an embarassment to you? No, it's not. Prime Minister's department reveals And the annual report of the last year on advertising the Government has spent $250 million The polls suggest it's money wasted. showing in Western Australia John Howard now counting on a better to save his government. will be crucial Winning seats from Labor in WA next Saturday. to the ultimate outcome Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. An angry war of words tonight between unions and the State Government

over the shambolic state of the rail system. The unions urging commuters to join the fight to improve what they call our Third World network. It's a very public and embarrassing rail blame game - an unprecedented open letter by CityRail station managers blaming the State Government for a failed and worsening system. overcrowding, dirty trains, We've got a slower timetable, longer ticketing queues, and the front-line managers have said we've had enough. The unions say they've also had enough of management bullying and its members being branded "lazy" and "greedy". John Watkins has achieved an historic first -

he has both commuters and rail workers now indicating that the State's rail system is a shambles. The Government blaming the station managers' mutiny

on an ongoing industrial dispute over rosters. But often when you've got the argy-bargy of the industrial disputation you'll get intemperate language being used. Rail workers say their jobs have been made more difficult in recent years by Treasury-inspired cuts to services under the guise of productivity reforms. The unions deny this is all about adding pressure over enterprise agreement negotiations, and they refuse to be drawn on the possible extension of the campaign to take in strike action. This is frustration by workers who've just had enough of the system. The unions say their aim is to gain public support to improve a rail system currently at Third World standard. Paul Mullins, Ten News. There's little relief in sight for Sydney's embattled Royal North Shore Hospital - the State Government announcing it will get only 12 new acute care beds. Doctors say that's less than a quarter of what's needed to avoid further tragedies, like that suffered by Jana Horska, who miscarried in a hospital toilet. 19 hospitals will share in the extra 250 beds being rolled out by next March. The government insisting they've been allocated on a "greatest needs" basis. A look at sport now with Tim Webster, and it's the day of reckoning for Ben Cousins. Yes - crunch time. Cousins has been fighting for his career, locked in day-long talks trying to convince the AFL he has not brought the game into disrepute.

Ten reporter Rob Waters is there.

Then Cousins has been a man of very

few public words ever since his

trade issues were made known this

year. Today he pleaded for his

football life before the AFL Commission.

Commission. The charges has in

Spain dropped after bungling by the

de be a place. He was flanked by de be a place. He was flanked by

his father Brian, by his manager,

and by his lawyer. It is believed

cousins will be putting up an offer

to the AFL Commission to stand out of

of a for a year and to come back in

2009. After spending

2009. After spending four-and-a-

half hours before the commission

Cousins has been waiting for a

decision. Cousins footballing

future of Halim by a thread.

Also shortly we'll hear from Australian netball captain Liz Ellis, who's announced her retirement after that World Championship victory and a magnificent career. Protesters take drastic action to foil coal exports, details next. Plus, the miners trapped underground in Victoria reunited with loved ones. And how to avoid disastrous mistakes when choosing a sunscreen.

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JOHN HOWARD: Working families in Australia have never been better off. Yeah, good on you, Mr Howard. Let's start with WorkChoices. Penalty rates - gone. Overtime - gone. Job security - gone. The thing that really gets me going is you never said you were going to do it. Last time I voted for you, I believed you when you said interest rates wouldn't go up. And now you're retiring anyway, so what's the point? Sorry, mate. Not this time. bus strikes, train strikes, wharf strikes? They will stuff our economy. Over the last 35 years, interest rates have risen to over 10% Imagine what will happen to interest rates environmental extremists, and learners in charge of our economy? This program is captioned live. An 11-year-old boy from Tweed Heads has been charged with a brutal crime. He's among six young people accused of bashing and robbing an off-duty police officer, the mob leaving their victim with serious injuries. It was a random and violent attack. Early Saturday morning, a gang of 20 youths callously bashed and robbed an off-duty policeman and his girlfriend. Yesterday, police charged and arrested one of the group - he's just 11 years old. It's exceptionally disturbing. Today, another five teenagers were arrested. to be identified, They're all too young aged between 15 and 17. Security vision of the random bashing shows one of the group stomping on the constable's head and celebrating moments later. It will take some time to get over those injuries. It was quite a callous bashing. It's expected those arrested will face charges of assault occasioning bodily harm and robbery with violence. Police still want to question who they believe were also involved in the attack. Meanwhile, it was a busy night for police in Surfers Paradise

as the schoolies celebrations continued. How old are you? 17. Do you have some reason for possessing alcohol in a public place? 97 people were arrested - 35 were schoolies. GIRL: Get out of the way! A 17-year-old Toowoomba schoolie was charged with drink-driving after he lost control of his car and ploughed into the footpath, hitting two female schoolies. They escaped with only minor injuries - one has a broken foot. He did flee the scene to the scene. Police say the P-plater had blood alcohol level of 0.04.

Meggie Palmer, Ten News. 27 miners have been winched to safety after fears of a major mining disaster. The men were trapped 300 metres underground without ventilation or power after a cave-in. Bucketed out of a ventilation shaft, all 27 miners slowly reached safety. After five hours trapped below, the relief was palpable. Nige! You're out, mate! The accident happened about 3:30 this morning, when a mineshaft gave way at the goldfield near Ballarat. A shift leader made the discovery when the power and ventilation cut out. I found a heap of guys that said a cable was down so I stopped the vehicle and walked up and found the mine had collapsed. Mobile phone calls alerted authorities to the drama 300m down. And as the rescue operation took shape, worried wives and girlfriends gathered, fearing the worst. My husband has always said it will always happen one day, but today, of all days, you don't think it's going to happen. Just Beaconsfield, it just flashes through your mind.

But cool heads prevailed, and group by group, the men were winched to safety. All in good spirits, and uninjured.

They were all laughing and joking, so, yeah, it was all good. Operators say there had been no explosives used at the site, and the cause of the collapse is under investigation. I'm extremely grateful that nobody was injured. It's the last thing that you want to see. But unions believe the industry has seen too many, and is facing a safety crisis. If an event like this occurred again,

I'm not sure we're going to be that lucky. Good fortune played down by those who made it out. To be honest with you, we haven't even done any more hours than what we would have done on a normal shift, so it won't even make a good story down at the pub. Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. Global warming protesters have shut one of the main freight lines into Newcastle harbour, one activist chaining himself to a train to highlight the impact of coal on the environment. The demonstrators hanging banners by the coal line

and waiting for police to arrive as coal shipments banked up in and out of the Kooragang terminal. The protesters were removed after more than three hours. Alarming news for sun-loving Australians - Sydney researchers finding many popular sunscreens fail to protect against all of the sun's deadly rays. We're told to slip, slop, slap, maximum protection? but is your sunscreen offering My mum always tells me 30 plus, so that's what I look for. You don't know whether they're greasy or oily and you don't really know what to look for. New research from the University of Sydney has found many popular sunscreens don't protect us

from the less known but equally harmful UVA rays. These rays of light damage our immune system, leaving the body vulnerable to cancer. When we look at the SPF factor on a bottle of sunscreen that will give us some idea of how effectively that sunscreen will protect us against sunburn.

Now, it doesn't, in general, give us an idea of how well the sunscreen will protect us from the long-wave UVA radiation. Researchers recommend only sunscreens labelled broad spectrum.

It's got the broad spectrum, the UVA and the UVB, both those rays that I look for, and this one is going to last for at least two hours and it's water resistant and for my kids, that's what I want. When choosing a sunscreen so it will maximally protect you from sunburn, but also a sunscreen which is broad spectrum so you know there is some UVA protection being provided as well. And despite the warnings it seems the sun-smart message is still not getting through to some.

Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News.

It was a sows laugh. Hot and It was a sows laugh. Hot and the

West. Penrith up to 32 degrees

today. Five above average. Fell

western areas are New South Wales

Wagga Wagga had his hottest day

since summertime. Ivanhoe degrees. since summertime. Ivanhoe 43

degrees. With the photographs are

very important part. They continue

to Sri man. Today's little beauty,

from Corah be so much of Ron from Corah be so much of Ron says.

Sunrise at runty baths. We give the

DJ Cam away on Friday. The stutter

offer little bit foggy offer little bit foggy with

visibility down to 450 metres. A

big boost of blues crisis to riches big boost of blues crisis to riches

around 24 degrees. Tomorrow and be

declared early, and big blue sky on

Tuesday about 26-31 degrees. See

you again at 10. International fury as Japan defiantly hunts protected humpbacks - that's next. And the wild floods turning roads into rivers.

JOHN HOWARD: Working families in Australia have never been better off. Really? WorkChoices has been a disaster for us. And you never said you were going to do it. So what are you gonna do next? Sorry, mate. Not this time.

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With but a road which and the

traffic and Carlingford. Penance

toll road Lochside there's a break

down and Pennant Hills. There are a down and Pennant Hills. There are a

lot of July South Downs. Only two

lanes available in peak hours. He

run for traffic out of the north of

via B Croft after a breakdown. He

be traffic out to Wentworthville. Japan is causing more international outrage over a new whaling tactic. For the first time in decades it's targeting humpbacks, sparking a formal protest by Australia.

A formal farewell to mark the start of a divisive mission. The crew of a Japanese whaling fleet enjoy official endorsement

for the first humpback whale hunt in more than 40 years.

Well-wishers packed the southern Japanese port for the send-off, four ships led by the 8,000-tonne mother ship, the 'Nisshin Maru'. The crew intend to slaughter around 1,000 whales, including 50 humpbacks, over the next four months. Japan cut its commercial whaling program in 1986

but it continues killing under the guise of "scientific research". Greenpeace boats are now tracking the fleet and plan to jeopardise the hunt. They've spoken to Ten News from their ship. Putting ourselves and our boats between the harpoon and the whale The activists plan a peaceful protest rather than a repeat of last year's dangerous collision. Greenpeace has plenty of high-level support. Leaders around the globe are expressing their disdain for the hunt. Even Australian celebrities are getting involved and facing arrest. Logie-winning actress Isobel Lucas is wanted by Japanese police over an anti-whaling protest last month. The star joined US performers and surfers in the heated demonstration at a Japanese coastal village. Green groups warn the hunt will also threaten Australia's lucrative whale-watching industry. Emily Rice, Ten News.

Its feared more than 10,000 people might have died in a cyclone that's devastated Bangladesh. Emergency supplies are finally reaching survivors in the most isolated villages, but the Red Cross believes are suffering more than one million families in the wake of last week's savage storm. A tidal surge of more than 3m has washed away thousands of homes in coastal areas.

Australia has promised $3 million to support the relief effort. Floodwaters have swamped holiday resorts in Turkey, heavy rain turning carparks into car-pools at hotels in the beachside town of Bodrum. Across the border in Greece, swollen rivers have washed away roads. But locals are battling on - the fire brigade called in to rescue a couple and their dog who got stuck in their car when they tried to drive through a flooded tunnel. Private detectives searching for missing British girl Madeleine McCann Investigators say a reliable witness spotted Madeleine in a car two days after she disappeared from her parents' holiday villa in Portugal. The claims emerged as a family friend released a video of the McCanns talking about their fears of a predator. sick to the core to think that somebody was watching us and our daughter and had targeted her. More than six months after Madeleine went missing, Portuguese police still consider her parents as suspects. Funny man Jerry Seinfeld arrives in Sydney - we'll talk to him about his new project shortly. Also, going, going, gone - one of the world's most lavish resorts bites the dust. And happy anniversary - the Queen celebrates an amazing milestone.

there'll be wall to wall Labor governments. to debts of more than $80 billion. So now there'll be wall to wall Labor debt and you will pay for it. Did you really vote 23 times for John Howard's extreme workplace laws? Yep, you voted for them. Cutting penalty rates, threatening maternity leave and wage increases?

Yep, you voted for them. And now you expect us to vote for you? For more information, go to: This program is captioned live. Tonight's major stories - an 11-year-old boy from Tweed Heads among the suspects in a brutal crime. He's one of six people charged with bashing and robbing an off-duty police officer and his girlfriend on the Gold Coast, the mob attack caught on security video. Chaotic scenes as Nicole Kidman appeared in a Sydney court today, the star witness giving evidence at the defamation hearing involving photographer Jamie Fawcett. She claims Fawcett left her terrified when he followed her car two years ago. four key staff rorted millions while awarding dodgy contracts. One of them, Renea Hughes, admitted pocketing more than $500,000, she put it all through the pokies. but she told the corruption watchdog With less than a week to go, the battle for PM has come down to a few seats, and in Queensland it could be more about Mark Latham than Kevin Rudd.

Down by the Bay - in Queensland's most marginal Liberal seat there's one word doing the rounds. I think there is going to be a change. I just reckon there will be a change. With just 0.5% swing, Bonner sits second place in the nations most marginal list, from blue-ribbon homes - to battlers.

It's a classic litmus test for Government. haven't made their mind up yet. This is how big the fight is for Labor. The map shows how much of Queensland is held by the Coalition. Out of 29 seats, Labor hold just six. Labor needs to get into double digits if it has any hope of winning Queensland. That's a goal of at least four seats, with Bonner, not surprisingly, at the top of the list. Analysts are banking on change. Labor could be unlucky and win two seats,

or it could be wildly lucky and win up to 10. But Kevin Rudd won't get a hometown advantage. In fact, Doctor Reynolds suspects, a lingering Latham hangover could cost him. It'll be interesting to see if the anti-Latham vote of 2004 is soft and can be detached by Labor or whether it's kind of rusted itself onto the Liberals in the last three years.

Three years ago, Kevin Rudd was telling people that Mark Latham should be Prime Minister. So what does that tell you about Kevin Rudd's judgement? I've got no precedent to test this with because it just been so one-sided for so long. to convince that half a percent. Out in the marginals - time yet, but I don't know. Well it's heading to Labor isn't, Emma Dallimore, Ten News. after a boost from Wall Street. The Australian stock market is up tonight, And the price of petrol in Sydney of $1.30 a litre. unleaded selling for an average $1.24 at Parramatta and Rydalmere. We found it a little cheaper, has gone up in smoke. A prime piece of real estate The Sheraton Hotel on Miami beach opened in 1956, including Frank Sinatra attracting glamorous guests and President John F Kennedy. the implosion Not everyone was happy to witness it was a health hazard some locals protested in the building. because asbestos was found will be built on the site. A new resort The Queen and Prince Philip anniversary. are celebrating their 60th wedding of the royal family Buckingham Palace has released photos at a black-tie dinner party at Prince Charles's London home. There's also an official photo of the couple to mark the diamond anniversary, which looks very similar to one taken on their honeymoon in 1947. The royal wedding was in Westminster Abbey

on the 20th of November, a special thanksgiving service and the couple will attend on the eve of their anniversary. when the Prince was in the navy. where they lived as newlyweds

Is a good-looking afternoon that he

and it's going to be reflected

again tomorrow. Early cloud will be

burned off with temperatures of 25

to 31 degrees. Wynnstay maybe a bit

late thunderstorm. Next weekend is

looking beautiful fine and son

sunny Saturday and Sunday. At Liz Moore

Moore we received 27 degrees. They

did five at Dubbo. 24 in Sydney. 43

per stays high at I've been hired per stays high at I've been hired

and six are low at Thredbo top and six are low at Thredbo

station. Always having fun on the

weather Wednesday night and Romania

will be life. Thursday we say

goodbye to John Laws and Dale the

star of the John Moores show on the

microphone himself. telly with the king of the got a

Sport now with Tim Webster, how our Olympians can stay healthy and medical experts working on in Beijing. Yes, and one expert warns our Olympians Also, fresh from netball World Championship glory, Liz Ellis calls it quits. why he's still the master. And Roger Federer proves VOICEOVER: What? We're coming back! and the unions. Don't go back to Labor Tell them to (BLEEP) off. is a valuable thing, VOICEOVER: Your vote so, on election day, by voting correctly. it's important you make it count

You'll receive two ballot papers - the House of Representatives, a green one for for the Senate. and a large white one For the green ballot paper, candidate who is your first choice, you put a '1' in the box beside the your second choice, '2' in the box beside numbered every box. and so on till you've For the white ballot paper, above the line you can just mark '1' of your choice. for the party or group every square below the line Or you can choose to fill in in the order of your preference.

just ask for another ballot paper. If you get it wrong, don't worry - Make it count. Your vote is a valuable thing. For example, free installation -

fantastic. It's a f-f-free-for-all, FOXTEL's festive freebie fever. And find out about aren't forever. because FOXTEL's freebies

have risen to over 10% interest rates to interest rates Imagine what will happen with union fanatics, when it said she was the one. You listened to your heart And no matter what they did, they were good kids. you knew in your heart Now it's more important than ever to listen to your heart. heart attack warning signs If you have chest pain or any other or last for 10 minutes, that are severe call 000. when it comes to chest pain, Don't wait, because every minute counts. This program is captioned live. is stifling Australia's bid Sri Lanka's top order in Hobart. for a clean sweep of the Test series Star batsman Kumar Sangakkara leading the way as they go after what would be a record fourth innings chase. Intentions clear from the first ball of the day. COMMENTATOR: And runs straightaway. Australia on the march, Murali on the receiving end. down the wicket again. Oh, there he goes Ponting launching him into a crowd, bussed in for the day boosted by hundreds of school kids that's been poorly attended. to resurrect a Test then throw it away. They saw Phil Jaques get to 68, That is, oh, a good catch. from Fernando. The skipper survived a shout He stayed and continued to torment Murali.

the boundary rope. Going past 50, Hussey went past

He's cleared it all the way too. with Australia 506 in front. The declaration came before lunch. The tourists lost Michael Vandort

After effecting a run-out yesterday, second XI player Rhett Lockyear, today a catch for Tasmanian

fielding for the injured Andrew Symonds. He spent the next session chasing leather. Oh, that's well played. Sangakkara and Atapattu piling on 116 runs through the middle session, both bruised as they resisted Lee's bouncer barrage. On 80, Atapattu gave in to temptation.

Has Lee done it? Lee has done it! The pace spearhead inspired, he made it two in a row. Oh, he's bowled him, clean bowled him! but he'll need a lot more. Sangakkara on his way to 100, Paul Cochrane, Ten News. Darren Lehmann has retired Former Australian batsman with cricket great Rod Marsh. after a falling-out SA's high-performance director, He's been feuding with Marsh, who is over how to manage a cricket team. as he thanked his family. The 37-year-old also got emotional To my wife, Andrea, Jake, Tory, Amy and Ethan... and my children, Sorry, guys. a record 13,468 domestic runs. Lehmann played 27 Tests and scored will be his last match. This week's Pura Cup game against WA against Queensland Simon Katich's innings of 306 earlier this season has seen his name join some of the greats of the game on an honour board at the SCG. in an afternoon of cricket. Katich's score is the highest at the SCG since Sir Donald Bradman's 452 not out, also against Queensland. Its the fifth time Katich's name has been added to the board. Australian Netball great Liz Ellis, has bowed out on the ultimate high. The 34-year-old today retired in the wake of Saturday's stunning win at the world championships. and champagne of a championship, Amid the tears and cheers for reflection, and then retirement. Liz Ellis today found time The final whistle of that game of my career. was also the final whistle I wish to formally announce today, I've ever been involved in, in front of the greatest team at all levels. my retirement from netball This is really hard work! APPLAUSE there wasn't a dry eye in the house. And with that, Liz's 122nd national appearance, At 34, Saturday provided and her third world crown. one of her best, Fittingly, she rated the game an ultimate farewell. a fairytale that presented To play your last game pressure-cooker situation, hard for the win all the way, to have a great team that fought

to win it in dramatic circumstances, you couldn't ask for anything more. I couldn't have asked for a better script. Her immediate retirement is a major blow to the new Trans-Tasman competition. But the goal defender's legacy to the game she's adored will live on. Not only the team, but the sport as a whole. She's been an amazing ambassador, both on and off the court, and we'll miss her hugely. You know, Liz Ellis is a true champion. She leads by example on court. When you really need her, she comes through.

I don't think any one person has contributed as much to the sport as she has. She is no doubt the best goal-keeper the world of netball has ever seen. Tim Hodges, Ten News. Australia's Olympic athletes will be advised to delay their arrival at the Beijing Games for as long as possible to improve their medal hopes. But the expert behind that advice says it's the hot weather, not the smog, that poses the greatest threat. The Australian Olympic team will take more medical experts than ever to the Beijing Games, and, after a health forum today, this is the message they'll be passing on to their athletes. I certainly would believe that spending a long time in Beijing before the Games is not the ideal preparation. Beijing's notorious pollution an ongoing concern, Despite repeated requests from the IOC, Chinese authorities have yet to answer a host of questions on air quality. This is a big thing for their country and they're not going to fall down on this level. I'm confident, but we must keep the pressure on them, and we will. But apart from cyclist Cadel Evans, there have been few complaints from Australian athletes about Beijing's dirty air, those who've returned from test events in China and humidity. more concerned about the heat We believe that the elite, fit athlete can cope with much higher levels of pollution than the average, ordinary person can. Leanne West, Ten News. Roger Federer has cruised to his fourth Masters Cup title in Shanghai

with a straight-sets win over Spain's David Ferrer. It was a masterful performance from the Swiss in wrapping up the season-ending event, running his opponent all over the court. CHEERING The final score 6-2, 6-3, 6-2, putting Federer just one Masters Series win behind the record jointly held by Ivan Lendl and Pete Sampras. Golf, and world number one Lorena Ochoa has won the ADT Championship with a brilliant approach for a birdie at the last. COMMENTATOR 1: That is a heck of a shot - and getting better all of the time. COMMENTATOR 2: Come on! COMMENTATOR 1: Lorena Ochoa! Probably my best shot in my career. It's been five years - that was the best one, and all of you saw it. COMMENTATOR 1: Lorena Ochoa is the champion. She went on to record a 2-stroke victory from the fast-finishing Natalie Gulbis, her eighth title of the year, to win more than $4 million in a single US Tour season. Aussie Karrie Webb was a disappointing eighth. That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight, Ben Cousins suspended from the AFL for 12 months - all the reaction to that news from Melbourne.

We're over we were sells. There are

delays early lead into the M4. For

traffic preceding out of Wentworthville to Parramatta there

is a minor accident that has now

been cleaned and we are hoping to

see traffic heading to the North

Shore with snow. Did you really vote 23 times for John Howard's

extreme workplace laws? Yep, you voted for them. Cutting penalty rates, threatening maternity leave and wage increases?

Yep, you voted for them. And now you expect us to vote for you? For more information, go to: Right now Fernwood Clubs are giving away free iPod Shuffles. Just join this Monday or Tuesday. Call 1300 FERNWOOD today. HORN BLARES Don't miss Oz Lotto's $8 million jackpot. If you asked someone to paint you a picture of a very special place to live, you would describe open parklands,

with space to entertain the kids amongst beautiful, natural surroundings. There would be a real sense of community, with a lively place nearby for great shopping and stylish cafes for you to visit with neighbours you'd call friends. This picture would be Bridgewater at Franklin - a place of your own. JOHN HOWARD: Working families in Australia have never been better off. has been a disaster for us. Really? WorkChoices you were going to do it. And you never said So what are you gonna do next? Sorry, mate. Not this time. See you after work, hon. is also chaotic. The Arterial inbound In a hurry, mate? How are ya? ENGINE STARTS Apia could save you up to 20% car insurance premium. and not working full-time, call: Apia. # SONG: # Wise move is brought to you by Apia. Tonight's weather It's not going to be over 50 and not working full-time but if you are we're your insurance specialist. Call 13 50 50.

It's been good where there. Than on

the bodies and the bikini is. Today

was a good day. Tomorrow will be a

carbon copy, that early cloud will

burn off tomorrow and the top will

be 25 to 31 degrees. On Wednesday be 25 to 31 degrees. On Wednesday

we are expecting a late storm. we are expecting a late storm. We

should expect a fine and sunny

weekend Saturday and Sunday.

Cloud from cyclone do that is being driven

driven across the far north Queensland.

Queensland. Patchy cloud in the trough could cause trough could cause potentially stormy

stormy weather and the a New South

wells Rangers. Stronger winds and

rain to Kate. Warm winds ahead of

the trough would trigger storms on the ranges. the ranges. Predicted the trough would trigger storms on the ranges. the trough would trigger storms on

the ranges. Predicted precipitation. the trough would trigger storms on

Isolated showers a look across the

New South Wales Rangers. Victoria

and Tasmania, showers on there

Queensland coast. Coughton Lee has

just turned three and we celebrate

bit today. And used his much a part

of you as it is telling

of you as it is telling stories

from all around the world. He

watches Ron Wilson every night and

still thinks he's Humphrey their

beer. Happy birthday Kelton. The

weather segments, of Romania on

Wednesday night. The Thursday night

goodbye we say goodbye to John Laws. We say

goodbye to the star of the John

Moores show. Dyer will be on the

television on Thursday night and we

look forward to say goodbye to him

on Thursday night.

To Myra in Brisbane we would get a

cloudy day. When diem Melbourne.

Sydney tomorrow a partly cloudy day.

25 degrees. Late founder Wynnstay

and showers do his days. highest profile comedians One of the world's in Sydney. has just stepped on the red carpet his latest venture, 'Bee Movie', Jerry Seinfeld is in town to promote is there. and reporter Catherine Kennedy Welcome back to Australia. Thanks. It's nice to be back. about coming down-under? What do you enjoy most Right there! The beautiful people. It is a beautiful-people place. I'm glad you think so. Aussie that I think is unreported. There's an attractiveness to the I'm glad you think so. I do, I do. Jerry, let's talk about 'Bee Movie'. Oh, yeah. in the world. Kids are the funniest things what they're doing. They don't even realise I have three kids - but you don't have a top for it. which is like having a blender about the movie? What did you own kids say taken their friends and they go. They've gone three times and they've know it's me in it. And I don't even think the friends movie is doing with kids. I'm excited about how well this Kids just seem to love it. movie, I kind of wanted it to be an adult but it seems to be working for both. the last episode of 'Seinfeld' It's been almost a decade since the sitcom. but so many people still enjoy favourite? What episode is your all-time Hold it! It's a ladybug. That must be for good luck. It's got to be That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. Goodnight. Thanks for your company. And I'm Deborah Knight. and we'll see you tomorrow at 5:00. Enjoy your evening Goodnight. by Red Bee Media Australia. Supertext Captions On Sunday night, sang for your votes one last time. the two remaining singers

Here are those vital numbers once again. # Stuck inside a long night # Till you broke through like daylight # Now I found my place to land # Now I found my place to land

# Here I am... # # Stuck inside a long night

like daylight # Till you broke through # Now I found my place to land

my place to land # Now I found