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(generated from captions) their game and has to show it's

responding by enforcing the

resignation by two Ministers.

Scott Burchill, thank you. The

Federal Government's new

education bill has to go though

the senate for the money to be

available next year. The

Coalition says it won't vote

for a bill forcing private

schools to publicly disclose

funding sources or create a

national curriculum. Joij us is

Opposition spokesman Christ --

joining us is Opposition

spokesman Christopher Pine.

What is your opposition? We

have two considerations, the

first is we don't believe the

private funding sources of non-government schools should

be published. We have though

problem with information being collected. It was collected in

the previous Government. Labor

want to publish it as part of a

hidden agenda to destroy the

SES funding model for

non-government schools which we

think objective. Secondly, we

support the National

curriculum. We believe that the

inflexible mandated national

curriculum required by this

legislation would destroy

Steiner schools, Montessori,

international baccheloreate,

schools that use other methods.

Jewish, Christian, we think we

should have a national

curriculum or an equivalent.

Labor have a mandated

curriculum. What do the private

schools have to hide, why are

they worried about funding

being disclosed. They have

nothing to hide in the same way

taxpayers don't have their tax

return published on the front

of the Australian, there's no

reason non-government schools

should have private sources of

funding published on the

Internet to be used by the

Australian education union, or

people opposing the SES funding

model. It's not that they have

anything to hide. Same way as

no other individual taxpayer

has anything to hide. There's a big difference between providing information for

Government and having it published for everyone to

see. Might it be embarrassing

for them if it was published. I

doubt it. We are talk about

every source of funding, not

just the school foundation or

old scholars foundation, we are

talking about school Fete,

money from the chocolate wheel,

raffle tickets bought for the

dunking machine, every source

needs to be disclosed. We think

it's over the top. Are you

prepared to go to the point of

denying funding to schools

until the beginning of next

year. As with everything, it

depends on the numbers, we will

insist on amendments, there's

no reason why it will have an

impact on funding for

non-government schools from

January 1st. The issue of

National curriculum can

discretely be removed from the

bill, debated in a different

bill, which we are happy to do.

The National curriculum is not

slated to begin next year,

there's plenty of time for the

debate to be had. If the Labor

Party wants to the Liberals

will pass the funding aspects

of this bill, we'll debate the

issue of National curriculum

and disclosing private soreses

of funding. How did you feel

about the outcome on education,

are you pleased more than a

billion will go to the poorest

schools in the country I'm

pleased when there's more money

for schools, they need great

resources of public revenue,

there's no doubt about that. We

need to look at the detail.

Most of the money announced

that was put on the table as

the Government said was not new

money, it included the money

for non-government schools,

which was han passed by the

House of Representatives, $--

which has already been passed

by the House of

Representatives, $28 million

has been past. There's not a

substantial amount of new

money, what new fun there is is

to cover the 66% blow out in

computers in school, $800

million speak speaking volumes