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(generated from captions) I can't. I can't do it. I can't live with myself. I can't. I'm sorry you got caught up in it. I'm sorry you got involved in this. if I can, but I didn't... I promise you I will help you I should've just said no. I didn't want to do this. responsibility from the beginning. I should have stepped up and taken I should have just told the truth! Just stop... Stop talking this way, Taylor. THORNE: What the hell is going on? Taylor, are you OK? Thorne. You're not welcome here. The hell I'm not. Taylor, you're trembling. What is it? Taylor, what's wrong? the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - five times over the limit. The bizarre excuses this mother gave with her toddler in the car. for driving drunk Troublemakers warned to stay away

Sydney's controversial sheik. from a rally supporting for a softly-softly approach here. There is no place And the Government kills off plans for the spiralling cost of graffiti. to slug homeowners Ron Wilson and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Good evening. Also tonight - to stay away from Fiji Australians urged edges closer to a military coup. as the Pacific holiday ground one of the Wiggles off the road. And a mystery illness forces But first this evening - a Sydney mother ordered off the roads more than five times the legal limit after being caught driving at with her toddler in the car. postnatal depression Brenda Watson today blaming and the stress of home renovations the wheel so drunk. for her decision to get behind can't remember drink driving Brenda Watson in the back seat. with her 3-year-old daughter

your daughter's life at risk? Are you ashamed that you put Mr Watson? Have you got something to say Excuse me please.

in July When she was breath tested by police the 39-year-old blew .41, eight times over the legal limit. it had fallen to .26. Later at a police station A registered nurse admitting she drank that day. she has no idea just how much vodka

from Hornsby Local Court Mrs Watson walked free after the magistrate accepted and postnatal depression. she is now treating her alcoholism told the court Her lawyer Bernie Niven at the time the family home was being renovated to begin work in the garage... and the decision by a builder Just after 1:30pm was seen swirling over the road. Mrs Watson's white Corolla this round about She drove straight through ripping the bottom out of her car just 100m down the road. which came to an abrupt halt Her lawyer also told the court about taking her daughter out driving that Mrs Watson felt particularly bad as a mental breakdown. after what was described she is at low risk of re-offending But the magistrate is convinced good behaviour bond, $1,000 fine handing down a 12 month for three years. and disqualifying her licence Kevin Wilde, Ten News. keep away from the mass rally A warning to troublemakers -

Sheik al-Hilali. planned for controversial cleric is desperate to hose down fears Sydney's Muslim community the event could turn violent. They're a call to action - calling on Sydney's Muslim community thousands of text messages and emails to attend weekend rallies for the embattled Sheik al-Hilali. in a mass show of support used to drum up numbers It's the same system for last year's Cronulla riots, are determined but police and community leaders these rallies will be peaceful. trouble, or anti-social behaviour, If you're even thinking about don't come. The police will be there in numbers. organised by different groups - Two separate events have been one at Lakemba Mosque in nearby Parry Park. with a bigger event to be held The community is behind the Mufti will further lift his spirits and I believe that this just how much he's appreciated. and make him realise out of his hospital bed this morning Sheik al-Hilali was whisked and taken to a secret Sydney location from chest pains and other illness. to continue his recovery to leave the hospital Look, he is fit enough to recuperate but he still needs time and privacy because he's not 100% fit yet. the Sheik's ill health won't stop him But insiders believe the weekend rallies. attending and addressing will be here on Saturday, While grass roots supporters the support of Islamic leadership. Sheik Hilali's also regaining most senior clerics met last night, A group of the nation's endorsing Sheik Hilali signing a letter as the Mufti of Australia. Those clerics are determined even if Sheik Hilali did stand down. the title of Mufti be kept, Look, he's got a lot of supporters in support not of the person and they came out, but in support of the Mufti's title. James Boyce, Ten News. is crippling many Sydney councils The rising cost of cleaning graffiti on rate-payers. prompting some to consider a $15 levy is giving residents rewards, But one council if they help catch the culprits. Day in, day out and re-paints. Greg O'Shay cleans, scrubs I cleaned this building last week. Here we are again.

And already, it's tagged all over. is now so costly, Cleaning up after vandals residents a $15 graffiti levy. many councils want to charge all the council can expand its services The levy is a way

the problem more thoroughly. in a way in which we can address Predictably, ratepayers disagree. If I did it, I could understand why. to pay for other's mistakes. I don't think people should have we are already paying. It should come out of the rates

also unconvinced. The State Government

prices, high interest rates, When you're looking at high petrol of everything else is a bit extreme. a $10 or $15 levy on top adopted a different plan of attack. But Sutherland Shire Council's its residents a levy, Instead of charging for those who dob in vandals. it's offering cash reward to the police assistance line People are asked to report graffiti to council property, and if there's any damage upon conviction. there's a reward of up to $5,000 came into effect today, And new fair trading laws requiring sellers of spray paint to keep it locked up or on a raised shelf and ask for ID. That sounds like a good idea to Greg O'Shay. Later on when that walls dry I'll put a coat of wax on that. That's if I can get the wax on before someone graffitis it again.

Here's hoping. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. The navy is preparing to rescue up to 7,000 Australians in Fiji. The Pacific nation is tonight on the brink of a military coup.

All quiet around army barracks in Suva, but expectations remain that Fiji is about to experience its fourth coup in 20 years. We obviously very much hope that a coup doesn't go ahead. The trigger came when the Government of Prime Minister Qarase tried to sack Fiji's defence chief, Frank Bainimarama, who's in the Middle East. They wanted a lieutenant colonel to replace him, but he refused

and spent today casually playing cricket at the barracks. If anything has come out of what happened yesterday it has just proven to the whole of Fiji that we are a unified force. Ominously, today the army seized seven tonnes of ammunition from a Suva wharf. Total rejection by the region of any attempt at military action to overturn the duly elected government of that country. A travel warning has been updated for Fiji and HMAS 'Kanimbla' is ready to leave Townsville to be on hand to bring home up to 7,000 Australians if violence erupts. To go and do whatever is necessary to look after the safety of Australians in Fiji. The looming trouble in Fiji adds to the picture of instability in our immediate neighbourhood. What's happened in the Solomons is not related to Fiji, which is not related to East Timor. It's a coincidence that those three

have all blown up at the same time. Adding to that series of unfortunate neighbourhood coincidences, Papua New Guinea has now threatened to refuse aid from Australia

and to withdraw its high commissioner from Canberra over the Julian Moti affair, in which we've banned PNG ministers from visiting Australia. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. A mystery illness has forced one of our favourite entertainers off the road. Greg Page, aka the yellow Wiggle, has been undergoing tests since June,

when he began having fainting spells while touring America,

but doctors still can't tell him what's causing the illness. Greg doesn't have cancer and, as you know with medical things, it's a process of elimination, so there are a lot of things it's not. The important thing is finding out what's causing these faiting spells and tiredness.

The remaining Wiggles are back in the US,

performing with Greg's understudy, Sam Moran. Doctors are hopeful they'll know more in the next couple of weeks, fans hoping Greg might be well enough for the Wiggles' Australian tour at Christmas. Under heavy fire in Federal Parliament over climate change,

the Howard Government today announced a $60 million pilot project for clean coal technology, but critics claim it's a long way short of a solution to global warming. It's a mobile carbon-catcher, and John Howard says it's a practical measure to combat dangerous hot air - 1 of 42 projects at a cost of $60 million under the banner of the Asia Pacific Partnership - a grouping of the world's three biggest polluters, along with Australia, Japan and Korea, dedicated to cleaner air without signing up to Kyoto's timetable or targets. So when will it be commercially available? I'm not going to put a time on it. The important thing is, this is a practical effort to do what everybody agrees ought to be done. Labor says it's worthy, as far as it goes. We need to have those discussions with business as we work through the consequences of all of this. But John Howard insists he will not sign up to any targets while competitors in China or India don't.

If we all take that attitude, there will be no progress at all and we will all just sleepwalk to oblivion. He's not speaking for his Prime Minister on this issue. No, he's not, Mr Speaker. In March, Tony Blair accepted the big polluters needed to be in any real solution, but he then, as now, sees Kyoto as a start. I think it is possible to build out of the initiatives that are happening today.

In the wake of the dire predictions of the Stern Report, the Government is keen to push its green credentials but there was a hiccup today

when the CSIRO revealed it was spending $1 million, or 5% less, on renewable energy research. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A look ahead to sport, now, with Tim Webster, and the Great Britain rugby league team is not so happy to be here. Deb, there's been a bit of good old-fashioned pommy whinging going on, and you won't believe what they're complaining about - that's coming up. Also - what moved Australian batsman Matthew Hayden to tears? This was supposed to have been a simple cookbook launch. Plus - a preview of the Champions Trophy semi. And Frank Lampard's miracle strike keeps Chelsea's hopes alive in the Champions League. COMMENTATOR: Oh and curled over! What a goal by Frank Lampard! Can you believe he has found the angle and the opening?

And why a Wallabies assistant coach will be feeling mixed emotions in Wales. The NRL player, nicknamed Trouble, punished for a drunken assault - that's next. Also tonight -

the suspected peeping Tom who doesn't like to be watched. And taking a walk on the wildside -

the impressive artworks you'll see at this year's Sculptures by the Sea. I say bring on the future. When I got FOXTEL iQ, I was like, "Whoa - we can do this already?" You can pause live TV AND rewind it. It's extraordinary! I hate being told what to do, Call 131 787 for FOXTEL iQ and make it yours. As a doctor I've seen lots of mums. Now I'm one myself. Mothers' group taught me things only a mum could know. But when it came to relieving their babies' pain and fever, many mums were in the dark. So I told them about Children's Panadol. Nothing works faster or is more effective, and it can be taken from when they're just one month old. I'm not quite used to being a mum yet... Whoo! But it's growing on me. Let's get it. every part of you can say... Call 131 787 for FOXTEL and make it yours from only $36.95 a month. This program is captioned live. A man is on the run after a gun battle with police in Sydney's south-west. The man burst into the Caltex at Prestons demanding cash early this morning. When police turned up he allegedly shot at their car. The officers fired back as the suspect fled. PolAir, the Dog Squad and State Protection Group have so far been unable to find the gunman. No-one was injured. NRL star Matt Hilder has escaped with a fine after a drunken assault.

Known to his team-mates as 'trouble', he threw a chair leg at a man's head during a binge-drinking session. As a Cronulla forward he's clocked up 19 tries, but it seems no-one was keeping count of how much alcohol Matt Hilder drank

during a boozy post-season party at this Caringbah apartment block. At 10:00 in the morning the manager of a nearby shop climbed onto his roof and asked them to "tone it down". According to court papers, Hilder abused and hurled a plastic chair leg at the man. who suffered a minor head injury. Hilder pleaded guilty to a charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, his lawyer telling Sutherland court today - Hilder was supported in court by his girlfriend and baby daughter, and Sharks boss Greg Pierce, who offered a character reference. The court was told Hilder does have a violent past. Six years ago he was charged with exactly the same offence over a fight with an uninvited party guest. He was also charged with resisting arrest. Magistrate Paul Lyon told Hilder: He punished him with a $1,000 fine - not enough, according to the victim's partner. Community service, I think. Something to give back because the $1,000 fine - he'd be earning more than that a week. Hilder is keen to put the matter behind him.

He's living on the Gold Coast where he'll play for the Titans in 2007. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. The wife of disgraced AFL footballer Brendan Fevola has defended the player after he was banished from the International Rules team over a bar brawl in Ireland.

The star full forward was sent packing

after becoming embroiled in a fight at the Imperial Hotel in Galway. Alex Fevola says her husband regrets the incident. I just think it's been made a big deal out of. I don't think he thought at the time it was going to end like this. The barman involved says

he wants the police to pursue charges. Mrs Fevola says she's not sure when the 25-year-old will be returning home. An alleged accused peeping Tom has turned vicious outside court. The suspect is accused of repeatedly spying on a teenage girl in her bedroom, with her family forced to take drastic action. This is Alan Ash in full flight,

he seems to have a problem with cameras these days. It's alleged he uses the cover the darkness to spy on others but today he came out fighting. F--- off c---. Get out of me f-----g face. He reacted violently to being on the receiving end of unwanted attention.

You're f-----g history, c--,

I haven't even been found guilty yet. F--- off! Ash did not enjoy his starring role. Nah, you f--- off and back off, c---.

47-year-old Ash was arrested after he was allegedly videotaped repeatedly spying on a Brisbane teenager. The peeping Tom's efforts were so sustained, Rick Vivian was forced to install a security camera in his daughter's bedroom window. It caught the pervert three times in only a fortnight. Today Alan Ash appeared in the Beenleigh Magistrates Court charged with stalking. And he didn't want to hang around afterwards.

He'll reappear in court later this month. F--- off and back off! Daniel Barty, Ten News. The State Government is finally moving to set up a $200million digital train radio system. The decision, five years after it was originally recommended by the Glenbrook and Waterfall inquiries, involves buying out the abandoned One-Tel mobile network. Drivers, signallers and track workers will be able to communicate with each other directly for the first time. So this is about reliability and improved safety on our rail network. The new system will take three years to set up. Irish supergroup U2 have arrived in Australia for their much-anticipated tour. Bono and the boys have settled into the Gold Coast's luxury Palazzo Versace Hotel before the tour kicks off in Brisbane on Tuesday. The frontman pleased to be back. Oh, it's the best feeling ever. Waited a long time for this.

The band was due here earlier this year, but had to reschedule due to family illness.

I went to the weather bureau manual

to find an official description

today and I think it qualifies as a

ripper. Indeed, a sparkly, shiny

one - I didn't know you could read.

Brilliant conditions, another good

one tomorrow, about 27-32 degrees.

Some shiny stuff coming at you.

Your weather photographs are

amazing us - we are liking them.

Have a look at this one - This is

what - capturing the spur-of-the-

moment. Yesterday hailstorms have

moved across Newcastle and are we

know it is there on the screen. He

captured a moment for us. 40 calls

to emergency services yesterday as

extreme thunderstorms moved across.

You're in the running for the

digital camera - beautiful work.

Ron got it right - it was a ripper

in his beak. It is currently about

24 degrees - glorious. I'll see you later. Investigations into why a light plane crashed killing three people in Queensland. That's next. And saving NASA's eye in the sky. A billion-dollar mission to rescue the Hubble telescope. VOICEOVER: From the rich chocolate in our choc chip cookies to our tender chicken that's ready to roast, or the crisp golden corn in our cornflakes, # Just one bite # That's all it took. # Hey, did you know the Telstra 3 share offer's closing soon? Applications for shares must be received by Thursday, 9 November. To get a prospectus, visit: Call 1800 18 18 18 for more information. The Telstra 3 share offer. Share in the future. This is Andrew Corporation, where we develop global wireless technology. Got a mobile phone? We can pinpoint you anywhere on the planet. It's perfect for emergency services, and it's used by three out of the four major US wireless carriers. Wollongong is a recognised centre of excellence in telecommunications. It's all here in NSW. To see how many doors we can open for you, visit:

Time for a check of the traffic and

Vic Lorusso is still sick - Jo Abi

in the chopper - what is going on

a? We up at the M4 at Homebush and

traffic is struggling. It gets

better past the tolls are but a

bitter but crawled past Homebush

Bay dried. I will be back later. Three men have died in a light plane crash in central Queensland. They were just 50km from their destination when they came down in bad weather. The twin-engine Piper Navajo, carrying three men, was flying from Emerald to Gladstone when it appears to have had a major mechanical failure. The engine noise stopped and then there was a loud explosion. It was raining heavily as the plane flew over Raglan, just south of Rockhampton, in central Queensland. Witnesses saw smoke coming from one side of the plane before it slammed into a hillside. There were no survivors.

The aircraft is very fragmented and spread over quite a distance - 50 metres. Scientific investigators arrived this morning. The grim scene, strewn with wreckage and personal belongings. Police have confirmed the three victims were local men, aged 22, 35 and 47. We're not releasing any names at present

but the families have been contacted last night and are prepared. The Air Transport Safety Bureau says there were no emergency distress calls from the pilot before impact. The investigating team could be on site for up to three days. Max Futcher, Ten News. Police are refusing to say what's behind a contamination scare

which forced a supermarket to shut. Staff say no-one's been harmed but customers are still worried. A steady stream of anxious customers returned to the Safeway store after it was forced to shut down following an urgent recall last night. My kids ate some of the vegies. There'll be nothing wrong with them? No, whatever's been consumed, you won't be harmed. Staff worked overtime to reassure shoppers, but many left, still fearful, kept in the dark about the exact nature of the sabotage. A little bit worried. All of a sudden, I was lying in bed thinking "What did we eat?" I bought things yesterday

and I was concerned, concerned they weren't saying what it was. Police closed the supermarket late yesterday after numerous dangerous objects, possibly syringes, were found scattered in the fruit and vegetable section at lunchtime. Several uniformed officers scoured shelves, seizing evidence as staff removed contaminated stock. Any of the items that have been found are of a substantial size that would be obvious to people and it would be unlikely anything would have been ingested. Fresh produce was put back on the shop floor this morning, amid reassurances the food is now safe. We're conducting thorough checks, we have extra staff, we have extra security cameras in place now and the police are present in the store. Police are confident the tampering is isolated to this single Safeway store, but they won't reveal the source of the contamination for fear of copycat attacks. Investigators have begun examining security footage, but say so far, they have few leads. No-one has reported injury or illness as a result of the sabotage scare. Gerard Scholten, Ten News. South Africa's apartheid-era president, P.W. Botha, has died aged 90. He suffered a stroke at his home in the small town of Wilderness, east of Cape Town. Afrikaners nicknamed him the Great Crocodile for his unrepentant stance against black rule. He refused to free Nelson Mandela from prison and his security forces killed thousands of people during his 19 years in office. In 1989 he was ousted by his cabinet colleague, F. W. De Klerk, who negotiated an end to apartheid. The African National Congress, which was outlawed under Botha,

was among the first to send condolences to his family. Charles and Camilla have caused confusion during their tour of Pakistan. When security concerns forced the royals to change their itinerary and visit an all-women's university, some students told reporters they thought the Prince's wife was still Lady Di. Charles had been expecting to make a speech at a male Islamic school. Believe it or not I think I was probably conceived in the months following independence for the subcontinent. The royal couple went on to visit an archaeological site. NASA has announced plans to rescue the ailing Hubble Space Telescope. Launched in 1990, the Hubble has captured some awe-inspiring images of the galaxy. Plans to conduct vital repairs were scrapped after the 'Columbia' shuttle disaster in 2003. Now NASA has found a safe way to extend the life of the Hubble by seven years. We are going to add a shuttle servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope to the shuttle's manifest to be flown before it retires. The billion-dollar rescue mission will take place in 2008. We already knew chimps and dolphins were smart, now there's scientific proof elephants are pretty bright, too. Researchers at the Bronx Zoo have discovered the animals can recognise their own reflection in a mirror. One elephant, called Happy, was able to touch a mark on her head, a test used on other species to see if they know they're looking at themselves. Elephants, great apes and dolphins all are highly complex. They show very similar organisation, in terms of their social dynamics. They are also highly cognitive. Many animals respond to mirrors but dogs, for example, try to find the other dog. The scientific breakthrough that could explain sudden infant death syndrome - that's next. Also - the decorations are up but Sydneysiders are facing a bleaker Christmas than other Aussies - the reasons next. And going under the hammer - the rare number plate auction raising millions for road safety. JOHN WOOD: One in 10 working Australians is now a member of AustralianSuper. Are you the one? The one with low fees. The one with one of Australia's top-rated funds. AustralianSuper. This program is captioned live. Top stories this newshour - the Navy is preparing to rescue up to 7,000 Australians in Fiji with the Pacific nation on the brink of a military coup. Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase says he won't resign in the face of the threats to oust him. A warning to troublemakers to keep away from the mass rally planned for controversial cleric Sheik al-Hilali. Sydney's Muslim community desperate to hose down fears the event could turn violent. And a Sydney mother has been ordered off the roads

after being caught driving at more than five times the legal limit with her toddler in the car. Brenda Watson today blamed postnatal depression and the stress of home renovations for her decision to get behind the wheel so drunk. The RTA is about to cash in on lovers of unusual number plates. It's the first time in 15 years

limited release plates have been auctioned. The RTA hopes the event will raise about $1 million for road safety with some of the more sought after numbers expected to fetch up to $80,000 a set. It's always been a trend, in the past 20 years, 30 years, to be a bit individual and have something a bit different and these plates reflect that for the individual. The auction's at Darling Harbour on Saturday. 500 bidders have already registered.

Another record high at the end of the day for the Australian stock market. A major breakthrough tonight into the possible causes of sudden infant death syndrome. A new study has found

it may be linked to a brain abnormality, giving hope to one day finding a cure. It's every new parent's worst nightmare - the sudden unexplained death of their newborn baby.

Why some babies never wake up has long puzzled doctors, but now US researchers believe it may be linked to an abnormal brain stem. It regulates blood pressue and the heart rate. It may have an impact on how babies are able to wake up when they're in a dangerous situation. In Australia, about 200 babies die from sudden infant death syndrome,

or SIDS, every year. Doctors say this latest discovery could explain why babies lying face down are more likely to die. The study found SIDS babies had abnormalities in nerve cells that make and use the chemical serotonin. It's responsible for sending messages to the brain as well as triggering reflexes if a baby's having trouble breathing. We may be able to train the baby - re-train the part of the brain that has a problem - so that there's no longer a loss of function. Scientists are now hoping they'll be able to find a way of detecting the defect in living children and possibly one day finding a cure. So if even just one little life is saved today then every effort that all these people have done is so worthwhile. Richard Davies, Ten News. An early start to the festive season for many Sydney retailers. The putting in a big effort to attract business fearing family budgets are about to suffer from another interest rate rise. Christmas shopping is already serious business and it's only November. Across the country, consumers are set to spend $30 billion over the festive season. While department stores have been busy decking their halls with lots of holly, council workers are set to do the same for the CBD. I think the city will look like one big Christmas tree, one big decoration, one big carol. No matter what you're looking for, you'll probably find it here. While in the past the City of Sydney Council has been labelled a 'grinch' accused of a scrooge-like approach, that's not the case this year.

No bah-humbug. We can't wait. We're excited. Ready to go Christmas. While there won't be a shortage of Christmas decorations around the city this year, it may not be enough to persuade shoppers to spend as much as they normally do during the festive season. Retailers are worried how next week's predicted interest rate rise will affect the economy. There's no doubt that for retailers any interest rate increase will have a dampener. But by how much remains the question. With many Sydneysiders tackling jumbo mortgages spare cash will be scarce. There will be people in the community who will have to make some tough decisions about spending and inevitably, there will be a few less presents under the tree. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. 'Video Hits' host Axle Whitehead has quit the Ten Network after controversy at the Arias. Whitehead, on the right, is seen here just before indecently exposing himself while presenting an award before a huge crowd. The incident was not broadcast.

A check of the weather now you have

turned on a sparkler - a full point

to you are. Thank you very much - I to you are. Thank you very much - I

appreciate that some of thing a

shiny, happy day, blue sky

everywhere. Tomorrow will not be

very different but some high cloud

swell sneaky and over the top a bit.

The temperature will be 28-32

degrees. 48 kilometres an hour up

onshore breeze today and that was about it.

There is some respite from the weather man.

It sparkled every way you looked,

folks - Canberra included. It sparkled every way you looked, folks - Canberra included. I will

throw you back to the desk because

there are three rascals who will

keep talking because they are

professional and they can do it

under water with a mouth full of

cement. I'm just writing a list of

people I would like you to say

hello to. That was almost a complement their act. Sport is next and Tim, it's the old cricket grudge match tonight. Yes, and at stake a place in the Champions Trophy final. Ahead - who's likely to open the bowling. Also, what moved tough Aussie opener Matthew Hayden to tears at a simple cook book launch. And can you believe it? Despite our sunny skies, one Great Britain player has bagged Australia, including Bondi saying he'd rather be back at home in Blackpool. Hey, did you know the Telstra 3 share offer's closing soon? You've got to get your application in by 9 November. Have you done anything about... You can still be a part of the Telstra 3 share offer. Applications for shares must be received by Thursday, 9 November. To get a prospectus, visit: Or any Commonwealth Bank branch today. The Telstra 3 share offer. Share in the future. (Knocks at door) G'day, mate.

I need you to sign here for delivery of a bed, home entertainment system, washing machine, a couch, stereo,

a microwave, computer, plasma TV... VOICEOVER: Want to fill your home up? Buy $5 worth of any Instant Scratchies and you'll get a free chance to win one of 20 prizes of $15,000 each to spend however you like at Harvey Norman in the Spending Spree promotion. So where do you want it? Here... Um, oh... Do you reckon you could...? SONG: # Scratch me happy! # (Both grunt) This program is captioned live. Nathan Bracken looks set to open the bowling ahead of Glenn McGrath in tonight's Champions Trophy semifinal against New Zealand.

A loss would put the Aussies in danger of losing their world number one ranking for the first time. Like any trans-Tasman clash, the Kiwis will have no trouble pumping themselves up. I think the excitement of playing them is due, now, to the feeling that we feel we can compete a lot better uthan perhaps 5, maybe 10 years ago. The Australians have beaten the Black Caps in 15 of their last 17 matches, but memories of their last meeting should ward off any complacency. The Kiwis smashrf a world record run chase. Their big hitting lower order doing most of the damage. We have to have a look at their hitting zones and where they're strong and where they're a little bit deficient and make sure our bowlers really hone in on those areas and if we come up with the right strategy and right plans and right field placements, hopefully we can restrict those guys towards the end. Nathan Bracken expected to open the bowling. The left-armer has a strong record against Kiwi opener Stephen Fleming who's the highest run-scorer at the tournament. Glenn McGrath facing a likely relegation to first change but his captain confident he's on track for the Ashes. I've got no reason to doubt Glenn whatsover. He knows his game very well, knows his body very well

and knows what he has to do. Leanne West, Ten News. He can plunder the best bowlers in the world

but launching a cookbook nearly proved beyond an emotional Matthew Hayden today. The Australian test opener brought to tears when thanking his family.

I did this in the first cookbook -

I thought it was great to have all

these emotions but whenever I talk

about my family - it is very hard to breathe. He recently suffered a broken finger and is also on the mend from a savage dog attack while visiting his parent's farm. But Matty hopes to return in Saturday's one-dayer between Queensland and Tasmania. There's been plenty of sledging during the rugby league Tri-Nations but surely nothing to match this. Great Britain winger Leon Pryce taking aim at Sydney's world-famous beaches saying they're over-rated and that he prefers the beaches in England. Bondi beach in spring - an iconic Australian setting. But Leon Pryce would rather be here, England's Blackpool Beach.

The big British winger slamming Bondi and all things Aussie in his tour diary on a UK website. He writes: guaranteeing him a warm reception from the Kangaroos on Saturday night. It's a bizarre thing to say yeah, well ah, I know where I'd rather be that's for sure and Blackpool beach, as far as that's concerned before Bondi? I don't think so. I've never even heard of Blackpool so there's not much to say about that beach really, is there. Pryce also wishing he was back home in the north of England and claims Australians don't respect, or like, British citizens. Another man not fussed on Australia, Nathan Fien, to learn tomorrow if he's cost New Zealand points by claiming he's a legitimate Kiwi. At the launch of an anti-violence towards women campaign, Fijian-born Kangaroo Petero Civoniceva saying future scandals can be avoided, by making players pledge their national allegiances at the start of their careers. Maybe when a young guys signs a contract he should be asked a question on where his ties lie. Adam Hawse, Ten News. The Wallabies fringe players will be pushing for Test selection tonight when Australia 'A' take on Welsh provincial side the Ospreys in Game 1 of the spring tour. The Test squad were put through their paces ahead of Saturday's clash with Wales at Millennium Stadium. It's the same ground where Wales upstaged the Aussies last year. Back then the Welsh were under the guidance of new Wallabies assistant coach Scott Johnson.

It feels like I haven't been away, actually. I end up here and I feel I'm actually living here

so I've just got to click myself out and realise who I'm actually coaching!

It's a little bit weird. Johnson believes his new-look back line has the firepower to outclass his old team. Barcelona's Champions League hopes hang in the balance after playing out a 2-2 draw with Chelsea. The reigning champions opened the account

with just 3 minutes on the clock before a masterstroke from Frank Lampard evened the ledger. COMMENTATOR: Lampard, curled over - what a goal from Frank Lampard! Can you believe he has found the angle? Eidur Gudjohnsen looked to have the game sown up, scoring his first goal against old club Chelsea, but Didier Drogba salvaged the draw deep in injury time. Meanwhile, Liverpool has cruised through to the final 16 following their 3-0l thrashing following their 3-0 thrashing of Bordeaux, and a lesson in how not to keep, this own goal by Nikolai Mihajlov opening the floodgates in Bremen's 3-0 win over Levski Sofia. Mark Webber has arrived in Tasmania to prepare for is toughest race of the year. After a nightmare season, the F1 driver is hosting a number of celebrities and international athletes

in a six-day adventure marathon starting on the weekend. Yeah, a long season so good to get back to Australia and relax a bit and get ready for the some trainnig and obviously get ready for the event down here which is looking really, really good.

And the Australian Grand Prix today announced a new naming rights sponsor.

From next March, the event will be sponsored by ING. A shadow of doubt has been cast over short-priced Victoria Derby favourite, Efficient. Connections have declared the gelding is no certainty to run in the $1.5 million classic, despite his impressive win in the AAMI Vase. Last Saturday's race, his fifth start in just eight weeks. We will be putting the horse's interest first. He has still got a couple of days to get through. If he shows us any signs that he is over the top and needs a break, he'll have a break. The news offering a glimmer of hope to rivals who have all but conceded the Derby to the favourite. Later in Sports Tonight - action from the trans-Tasman Champions Trophy clash.

I think I might just take a week

off and going some myself in

Blackpool. But do you know where

that is? Let's take a look at the

traffic with Jo Abi and a slow run

on the M two tonight? That's right,

it was due to rain accident earlier

and this is what the end up to it

looks like tonight, extra patients

needed heading out to the north-

west. Had the Leeds Vic Lorusso

will be back tomorrow. The weather's next with Tim Bailey. Then - the bold and the beautiful. We take a look at this year's Sculptures by the Sea. (People shout) Whoo-hoo! Whatever you want!

With Lotto's massive $21 million Saturday Super Draw. Time's running out, so get your entries in by Saturday November 4 and you could: Dad, why did they build the Great Wall of China? That...that was... ..during the time of Emperor Nasi Goreng and, er, it was to keep the rabbits out. There was too many China. Give your kids the right answers, with broadband access: For eligible customers. For details:

I didn't think it was possible to

make his job any easier by one of

our viewers has - he hasn't even

had to get off his you know what to

do his job tonight, tell us all

about to it. I love you, Ali from

new sub Castle. I said that we had

had lots of calls out to the

emergency services and Hale in

Newcastle but we have no crew there

- this is where you do so much for

the first at five News and you are

more than welcome to supply us with

all your vision. Enough of me

talking, have a look at this all your vision. Enough of me talking, have a look at this - this

is spur-of-the-moment, instant news

television. Ali, from Newcastle,

thank you very much. The hailstorm

hit, it was in your backyard and

you felt it for us. You put it on

video and then you quickly put it

on 0405101010 - Thanks, let there

be a lesson to you. Send us what is

newsworthy, we will run most of it

because that is what we are about,

they're here and there now. Ali

from Newcastle, brilliant work, boy

or girl, we are not sure. What have

we got for you weather wise? Have a

look at Sydney Harbour, sparkling

at you at the moment. Tomorrow the

do the same but with some high

cloud. 28-32 degrees. Right now I

will sleep into your back yard if

you don't mind. It is about 23

degrees at Gosford.

Cloud drifted over the interior in

a broad trough and generates

isolated thunderstorms over South

Australia, the Northern territory

and Queensland. Cloud fires of

Bowburn northern New South Wales

and the another trough. Triggering

thunderstorms. Patchy clothe overt

W eight. The weather map for tomorrow

Showers and storms on the New South

Wales and Victoria ranges. Call

westerly winds will clear the

storms from South Australia as a

here High it clears Western

Australia. The business of the

brolly, predicted precipitation,

drips and drops across rooftops -

widespread thundery rain across the

east, south and interior. Bring it

on - the more the better.

Significant falls expected on the

New South Wales and Victoria ranges

- there is some good news - and in

western Queensland - there is some

good news - showers for Tasmania, western Queensland - there is some good news - showers for Tasmania,

heaviest on the west coast. At a

good looking day tomorrow - 28-32

degrees. The odd shower on the

weekend but enough blue-sky it to

keep everyone happy. The where

there is irrelevant - it is about keep everyone happy. The where there is irrelevant - it is about

weddings this weekend.

Send us your videos could - we love

you for it. See you tomorrow night. One of Sydney's most anticipated outdoor shows, Sculptures by the Sea,

opens tomorrow. An amazing array of artworks has been set up for the 10th anniversary of this elaborate event.

The last-minute touches. The final turn of a screw, just one more little buff and polish. An incredible 108 works are now in place. I think Sydney's embraced this exhibition so much because it's free, it's by the beach and it's a great celebration. There is something for everyone - the young and the young at heart. Year by year, this event attracts more and more of the world's finest sculptors - eager to see their art displayed in a spectacular and unique environment. I think it's always given an opportunity to people who don't necessarily get to see art easily to have that opportunity. Large and small, the art is tucked along the entire walk from Bondi to Tamarama. And enjoying the best view - the Rolls Royce of outdoor dunnies, complete with soundtrack of an old man inside listening to the races. Getting up the inside, Cherries Jubilee. C'mon Cherry! C'mon, kick up there! Its artist says it's the humour and variety that draw hundreds of thousands of people to the exhibition each year. It's so inclusive, in that it has so many different works. It's so accessible to the public. In a way, it's very democratic that way. This is obviously a much anticipated event for the artists as well but they do have one lament - that Sydneysiders are not as interested in sculpture the rest of the year. Organisers hope governments and corporations embrace sculpture as much as the public does. It gives new life, or another dimension to, literally, a city's life. Sculpture by the Sea opens tomorrow and runs for three weeks. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. See you tomorrow night. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.