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(generated from captions) have a late term abortion

solely for the purpose of collecting paid parental leave,

I think most people found those

comes offencive. Steve

Fielding, why aren't your Fielding, why aren't your comments shocking and

offencive? First of all, I

would like to say I wasn't

first to raise this in the

Senate yesterday. But there is

a possibility the paid parental

leave scheme could be rorted.

Given that there is that

possibility, all I was trying

to do was to close that

loophole, and I think that's

more than fair and reasonable.

What we shouldn't do is get too What we shouldn't do is get too

far distracted with this issue.

I wasn't the only one to raise

this issue, but certainly it is

a loophole that should be

closed. Who else suggested

women would have abortions to

get access to the paid parental

leave scheme? There were questions about what would

happen, and do the laws mean

that someone would be paid

parental leave if they aborted their - after 20 their - after 20 weeks. That

issue was raised and questioned

by others before I even moved

by moment to close this

loophole. I don't want to get

too far distracted on this

issue, knowing that the paid

parental leave scheme does help

mums, and that's the key, but

not stay at home mums. I'm

happy to discuss the issue, but

we need to know the paid

parental leave doesn't treat all mums all mums equally and stay at

home mums are discriminated

against. That's a point of

view to make. We live in view to make. We live in the

real world, and some women do

and have got pregnant in the

past to take advantage of

government handout, but it's

entirely a different matter to

say those women would

deliberately abort their babies

to increase their claim to the taxpayer. taxpayer. It's horrific to

think about it, but it is a

possibility, therefore given it

is a possibility, it's worth

closing the loophole. These

questions are raised about the

baby bonus and all I was doing

was making sure the loophole

was closed. As I said, it

wasn't me that made a big

fanfare of it, it was others,

maybe because they were worried about causing a distraction on

the real issue, which is paid

parental leave treats parental leave treats stay at

home mums at second rate

citizens. They are not treated

as equals. If you are going to

give extra help to mums, you

should be making sure that stay

at home mums also get extra

help. The issue I raised

yesterday was that prisoners

get paid parental leave and

stay at home mums do not get

government prepared extra funding Why is the

government prepared to put

prisoners ahead of stay at home

mums? It's wrong. We have lots

of emails on this issue, and

it's fair to say most have been

critical of your views, one of

the critical ones has come from

Madeleine in Melbourne , who

says your comments are

disgusted and you should

As I apologise. Will you apologise?

As I said, others raised

concern about the paid parental

leave being rorted by, after 20

weeks, having an abortion. All

I was doing was making sure we

closed the loophole to make

sure it wasn't rorted It's who

aric to think someone may do

this, but it is a possibility.

As you pass legislation, you

should make sure any loopholes

are closed. That's what I was

parental doing. I must say, the paid

parental leave scheme does

discriminate against stay at

concern for the Rudd home mums and that is a real

Government. How did you feel

when other pro-life senators,

including Barnaby Joyce and Ron

boss well, laid into you for

your comments in the Senate? I

think they were trying to hide behind the distraction that

they were support, the scheme that discriminate against stay

at home mums. I at home mums. I think mums need

extra help and giving them for

financial help is important.

What about stay at home mums,

why aren't they treated equal?

They are doing hard work

raising kids and that's not

valued, but prisoners, that's

valued There's something wrong

when you have a scheme that

says prisoners get help when

stay at home mums don't get the stay at home mums don't get the

help. Why shouldn't your

comments be seen, as Barnaby

Joyce suggested, as nothing

more than a desperate attempt

to garner vote ahead of what

will be a difficult attempt for

re-election this year? Barnaby

Joyce may have been trying to

cause a distraction that his

party wasn't supporting stay at

home mums, and this is his way

of causing distraction. of causing distraction. This paid parental leave scheme

home mums and that is a discriminates against stay at

problem. I'm all for more help

for mums, being a parent is

very tough and more financial

is important, but stay at home

mums deserve extra help. Are

you expecting the Labor Party

to again deliver their prefers

to you? Those prefers helped

you get elected in 2004. Those

to the are sorted out as we get closer

to the election. At the end of

the day, at this election,

people are disillusiond with

Labour and Liberal and they

have a choice with family first