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(generated from captions) sons. In the green zone - Julia

Gillard's new deal. And Gillard's new deal. And Obama

declares war in Iraq +.Details next. In Sports Tonight - In Sports Tonight - Libby Tricket

reveals why she's coming out of retirement. The AFL Event Office

and your Sydney Swans are on fire.





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This program is captioned live. This program is captioned live.

Good evening, I'm Sandra Sully.

Welcome to Ten's Late News.

Wow, man. Tonight - Qantas jet explosion.

shatters mid air. Passengers terrified as an engine

Done deal - Bob Brown gives Labor

the green light, as the

independents are put on notice.

But if we're not careful, we're all

gonna wait for each other

andnothing will ever happen.

Jailed for 27 years, the mother who

murdered her little boys - the court's scathing judgement.

Plus - seven years, $1 trillion and

over 100,000 lives lost since shock

and awe - America pulls its combat troops out of Iraq.

Operation Iraqi Freedom is over.

Hi. I'm Brad McEwan. In Sports

Tonight - Olympic swimming champion

Libby Trickett is coming out of

retirement. Trickett wants to swim

for Australia at the 2012 Olympic

Games in London.

Very excited to return to the pool

again. and at least start swimming fast

Commonwealth Games champion John

Delhi. Steffensen threatens to boycott

Hopefully we can come

And the Hawks demand changes to the AFL's illicit drugs policy.

Heading this bulletin - new

pictures tonight showing the sole

survivor of a plane crash

Australians Lives of Has claimed

Guinea. Papua

A Qantas jet engine has exploded

mid-flight, with terrified

passengers left watching a shower

of sparks. While the airline is

once again under investigation, the

handled the emergency. captain is being praised for how he

45 minutes in, the 747's windows

lit up in an orange blaze. Wow, man!

Passengers heard a bang and stared

out at the streaming sparks from an

engine that had just exploded.

The popping and then the whoosh,

and then you looked out and there

was just...

It dropped and it dipped to one

side, and we all looked at each

turbulence. other and everyone knew it wasn't

I felt a rumble, looked out the

window, saw a bright light and

engine four was just on fire.

As newlywed Justin Roberts filmed,

he and 211 other passengers didn't

know this - shrapnel had cut a

gaping hole in the plane's exterior.

A calm pilot informed the cabin

he'd shut down the crippled engine,

was dumping fuel and turning around.

Qantas is now left to explain another serious incident,

blemishing what was once a perfect

safety record. In 2008, a faulty

oxygen tank tore a hole in another

747 - the same year a Perth-bound

Airbus plummeted. Qantas says this

engine was overhauled in Australia, last year.

We don't think there is any

systemic problem. It just happens

particular engine. to be a problem with this

Tonight, most passengers are Australia-bound, including another

honeymoon story. set of newlyweds with one fiery

Kept the sparks - definitely!

bedroom! Started off firing, just not in the

In the United States, Emma

Dallimore, Ten News. New pictures

tonight showing the sole survivor

of a plane crash which has claimed

the lives of three Australians in

Papua New Guinea. The New Zealander

arrived in Townsville a short time

ago, as Australian investigators

headed to the crash scene.

Les Wright owned the Trans Air

twin-engine Cessna. Yesterday he

down. was at the controls when it went

Very highly thought of - probably

PNG. the best pilot in the country, in

He'd moved to Port Moresby after

Queensland's Lockhart River air

disaster - one of his planes

crashed, killing 15 people on board.

It also forced his Australian

airline business to fold. The

finger was pointed then and is

being pointed again now.

CASA had previously tried to stop

Australia. Trans Air from flying into


Because we weren't satisfied with

the safety of the operation.

Sydney father of three Chris Hart

also was killed yesterday. He was a

marine pilot for Australian Reef Pilots.

We have lost a respected friend and

colleague. We will always remember

Chris's quirky sense of humour, his

passion for cooking and his love of country and western music.

Another Australian man, from

regional WA, has not yet been

identified. The trio was among five

others on the charter plane as it

flew from Port Moresby to Misima

Island, where it skidded off the

runway in bad weather and exploded.

The site has been secured and the

black box recovered from the plane.

Zealand. The fourth man to die was from New

Australian Transport Safety Bureau

officers are on their way to help

with the investigations.

We regrettably have a lot of

experience with plane crashes in PNG.

The tragedy comes just after the

first anniversary of the Kokoda

plane crash, in which nine Australians died.

Leonie Mellor, Ten News.

A Melbourne mother who murdered her

two young sons has been jailed for

27 years. Donna Fitchett claimed it

was her greatest act of love, when

she drugged and suffocated 11-year-

old Matthew and 9-year-old Thomas

before a failed suicide attempt

five years ago. Her ex-husband had

been hoping for two life sentences.

My boys, I love them, I miss them.

It was her second trial. Fitchett

will serve at least 18 years.

There's a new warning tonight from

one of the key independents who'll

decide the future of Federal

Parliament. It comes as the Greens

sign a deal to support Labor.

A desperate quest for power, or a

move to form stable and effective government?

Congratulations! Thank you.

The Greens have signed a deal to

support Labor - in exchange for 15

demands, including a climate change committee.

We're looking at a committee that's

going to positively move towards a

carbon price. It's been a very

positive move already, and there'll

be more if we go into the

arrangement with government.

The PM certain the unpopular

Citizens' Assembly won't be dumped.

Am I going to get hung up on a

mechanism? No, I'm not. Am I hung

up on an outcome? Yes, I am.

An unhappy Tony Abbott claims the

Greens are at the driver's seat of

what he calls a new coalition.

This is a Labor Party which

deserves to lose, and yet this is a

Labor Party which Bob Brown has

through a lifeline to. There will

be a carbon tax, there will be a

higher mining tax.

The deal is a boost for Labor,

giving it an extra seat in the

lower house, putting it neck and

neck with the Coalition on 73. But

it still needs to get the four key

independents over the line. Some of

them spent the day locked in talks

with Treasury. The independent

going it alone says he has formal

offers from both parties, but

Andrew Wilkie claims his delay in

making a decision isn't about maximising kingmaker status.

If we're not careful, we're all

going to wait for each other and

nothing will ever happen. Someone

has to make a decision and get behind a party.

Draft formal agreements are bouncing around everywhere.

The Government showing off its

economic figures to try to seduce

them - the economy expanding 3.3%

over the past financial year.

Prime ministers elsewhere would

kill for a set of outcomes such as this.

Amanda Hart, Ten News.

And the block of independents have

just come out of meeting with

Treasury officials, where they were

briefed on both parties election

costings and budget impacts. Rob

Oakeshott, Tony Windsor and Bob

Katter say a number of issues have

been raised, and will be pursued

further with ministers and shadow ministers tomorrow.

A porn and gambling scandal has

forced the resignation of yet

another NSW Labor Minister - and

it's not the first time he's been

caught out.

Paul McLeay - the latest NSW

minister to face a walk of shame to

explain inappropriate behaviour

that has driven another nail into

the coffin of the State Labor Government.

I spoke to my wife first, then the Premier, then my mother.

Mr McLeay was forced to resign from

Cabinet after it was discovered

he'd accessed pornographic and

gambling websites on more than one occasion via his parliamentary computer.

I accept I made a mistake, I accept

that it was wrong. That's why I

offered my resignation and that's why it was accepted.

With her scandal-plagued government

facing wipe-out at the March state

election, Premier Kristina Keneally

just last week called on her

colleagues to show more discipline.

But Mr McLeay becomes the fifth

minister to stand down or be sacked this year.

I'm sorry this situation has

occurred. I will not condone it and

I will continue to make clear I

expect the highest integrity from ministers.

It is almost identical scandals -

write the same story, file the same footage.

Mr McLeay will stay in parliament

and plans to stand for his seat of

Heathcote, south of Sydney, at next year's state election.

Tim Potter, Ten News.

Police have ended a dramatic stand-

off with asylum seekers after a

mass break-out from the Darwin detention centre. 92 Afghan detainees stormed through electric

fences after having their visa applications rejected.

80 protesters were taken into

police custody. It follows rooftop

riots at the centre on Sunday.

After the break, Matthew Newton's

ex takes out an AVO.

She has fears for her safety.

America quits the Iraq war.

Al-Qaeda in Iraq is beaten.

And the end of one of the world's longest-running police dramas.

This program is captioned live.

Mathew Newton's ex-fiancee, Rachael

Taylor, has formally applied for an

apprehended violence order.

Taylor's lawyer has lodged the

papers in Sydney. It's alleged

Newton bashed the 'Transformers'

star twice while they were

holidaying in Rome last month.

Why did she feel it was necessary to do this?

Because she's coming back to

Australia, so she has fears for her

safety, so she wanted to make sure

she took out an order that

prevented him approaching her in any way.

The matter will be heard later this month.

Barack Obama has declared America's

war in Iraq is over. But seven

years after George W. Bush said it

was mission accomplished, his

successor is refusing to claim victory.

A sovereign Iraq is now in sight.

Operation Iraqi Freedom is now over

and the Iraqi people now have lead

responsibility for the security of their county.

In a rare, televised address from

the Oval Office, President Barack

Obama declared an end to America's

combat mission in Iraq - a conflict

which has cost America almost $1

trillion and 4,400 lives.

The United States has paid a huge

price to put the future of Iraq in

the hands of its people. The announcement fulfils President

Obama's 2008 election promise to

end the war, but his administration

has stopped short of declaring

victory. Just last week, more than

50 Iraqis were killed in violent attacks.

Sectarian tensions remain a fact of

life. Al-Qaeda in Iraq is beaten, but not gone.

The current stage is a sensitive

and most difficult one in Iraq's

history. Therefore, we expect to

face great challenges over next days.

50,000 US soldiers will stay on

until early next year, to train the

country's security forces. But some

residents fear Iraqi troops aren't up to the task.

The Iraqi security forces are not

qualified enough to control the

security situation in Iraq.

Australia withdrew its combat

forces from Iraq in 2009.

Melinda Nucifora, Ten News.

Investors welcomed today's better-

than-expected national account

numbers. Last month our market lost

4%. So far this month, the first

day of spring, it has rebounded 2%.

It buoyed the market. We saw broad-

based gains as a result. A very

strong day on the market for a change?

Terrific day. The market opened

well on Chinese mack --

manufacturing data. When GDP

numbers came out, the market took

off and climbed 91 points. 1.2%

growth for the quarter, but it was

the aim Brett of growth that was

impressive, particularly in

consumer spending. Quarter-on-

quarter her sales for new cars rose

11%. Very impressive. It was a

broad-based rally, particular

strength in bank and resource

stocks. About 50% of the market to

gain was there. We also saw

strength in Walworth and Telstra. A

good start to demand.

What about the rest of the week?

With reporting season over, the

market's attention will turn

towards economics. We have data

coming out tonight that is a key

lead indicator. Unemployment is a

lagging indicator. 50 is a -- is

the number to the look of. Anything

in excess of 50 will signify Grose,

less than 50 will signify a

contraction. It is expected to be

less than previous months, but

still happily on the north side of

50. Later, US data will come out

and trade figures for June in

Australia. We should expect to see

that strength in commodity prices

has offset important, so it let us

hope we can keep the strength going

for the rest of the week.

After almost three decades, the

final episode of 'The Bill' has

gone to air. Britain's longest-

running police drama has been axed

after copping it in the ratings.

For 27 years, the feet on the beat

have marched across televisions the world over.

But now 'The Bill' has taken its

final bow. It's not as if the

writers ran out of material,

although Sun Hill station has been

blown up three times. The truth is,

a slide in the ratings nicked them

in the end.

Do you base all of your police work

on how someone looks when you arrest them?

From Hugh Laurie of 'House' fame,

to 'Little Britain's David Walliams,

it seems everyone who's anyone

popped up on the show.

You look on anyone's CV, you go to

the theatre and look at any actor's

CV, and it says 'The Bill'. You

worry slightly if you don't see

'The Bill' on an actor's CV.

And while actual policemen did at

times complain that the lack of

paperwork on 'The Bill' made it a

little unrealistic, many officers

count themselves among the show's

biggest fans. Just ask the stars.

You were treated by real police

officers as a bit of an honorary

policeman. That happened a bit and

still does, actually. You still get

"Allo, Sarge".

And that may be the case for some

time yet - with more than 2,400

episodes in the can, there are

plenty of repeats to go around.

Cut. Good? Ladies and gentlemen,

that is 26 years of making 'The

Bill'. That is a wrap. Bill'. That is a wrap.

In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News.

Headlining Sports Tonight, Brad,

great news for our swimmers, with a

golden girl announcing plans to

plunge back into the pool.

Libby Trickett had a go at

retirement, but it's not for her -

not yet, anyway. So Libby's dusting

off the goggles and togs in a bid

to swim for Australia at the London

Olympics. We'll chat to Libby next.

Also tonight - a smashing day for Nathan Hindmarsh.

There's trouble in the waters of Tahiti.

And an overdue apology in Germany. subs, you get lots of choices. All that for $7?

This program is captioned live.

Good evening and welcome to Sports Tonight.

Tonight. Libby Trickett is coming

out of retirement after just after

one year out of the pool she is

returning to training with that

goal of swimming in London at the

Olympic Games. She joins us now. Olympic Games. She joins us now. Congratulations, what has prompted Congratulations, what has prompted

this return? Thanks Brad, I guess

it was just a progression over this

year when I made the decision to

retire last year in December. I was

really sure of it over the course

of the year and I have seen swimming

swimming from a different angle. I

realised how much I missed it and

how much I wanted to give it a try

again and see how far I could take

it. I want to see how fast I can go.

When did you make that decision? I

officially made the decision on Saturday.

Saturday. It is something that I

have been thinking about probably have been thinking about probably

since the trials this year, and I

was toying with the idea and

thinking about how much I missed it

and the things I missed about it

and I think that has sort of

reinvigorated me and has inspired

the passion that I feel for

swimming. You talk about passion.

You're 25 do you still think you

have the fire in your belly? I do.

I think that's the reason that I

want to return to the pool. I just

want to see how fast I can get and

how far I can push my body. It is

weird because I feel like I am

ready to take on all those things

that started to get monotonous that

was at the end of the career last

year and I want to smell like

chlorine again. When are you

looking forward to those really

early starts again, when will it

happen? I have already technically

started. I have done two sessions, one one last night and one this morning

and I will be in the pool again

tomorrow. It is starting very

swiftly. I made the decision and I

am back in the water. It is really

exciting news and thank you for

joining us on Sports Tonight and

will wish to the very best for your

comeback. My pleasure, thanks Brad.

Hawthorn has confirmed it had been

in talks with Travis Tuck about his

future at the club in the week

before his third drug strike. But

the Hawks now say they'll stick by

the troubled 22-year-old, despite

Tuck's landmark 12 week suspension.

The self-described family club is

under siege and unable to rally

about this man in trouble. The club

believes that it is there that we

have the right to know about the

welfare and this serious issue.

Clubs are in form after a player

fails three Tests. Jeff Kennett

wants to know after the first. He

wants to know after the 3rd May be wants to know after the 3rd May be

too late. If we had of said it took

the players that the oddly way we

could have this policy is it we

tell the President had no coach

there would be no policy. That is

the hardline stance from the AFL.

Other people than the doctor need-

to-know after the second one so

that they can be helped. No-one

knew he had issues. Now it may be

the end of his career. The Club Med

with his manager and confirmed it

was in discussions with the player

just last week telling him his

picture was uncertain but after

admitting to a battle with drugs

and depression he has been given

the green light to train over the green light to train over

summer with the view to a spot next

year. We are not abandoning him. He

can have a shot at playing football. He can have a shot at playing football.

He needs to serve his suspension.

He is use of those drugs has not

been recreational or social and

certainly not performance enhancing.

Given the circumstances he does not

have to pay the fine and can return

after eight weeks to the AFL.

Collingwood has received a boost ahead of Saturday night's

qualifying final against the injury stricken Bulldogs. qualifying final against the injury

stricken Bulldogs. Jeremy Arnold is

in Melbourne. Jeremy, some injured

Magpies trained well today. Good

Evening Brad. Darren Jolly and Alan

Didak cleared up any talk they

could miss this week's big clash

against the Dogs through injury.

Both trained - Jolly with his

busted nose avoided the contact

drills, while Didak put his

shoulder to the test. The only man

that was missing - Simon

Prestigiacomo, who's been labelled

a 50-50 chance to return to take on

Barry Hall.

Presti won't come outside, he'll

stay inside. The Bulldogs trained across town, Shaun Higgins is

almost certain to return against

the Magpies. They will say that he

trained outside and we expect him

to play. The Bulldogs were trading

across town. Shaun Higgins will

return. A cloud of doubt is hanging

over Brad Johnson and Ryan Griffen.

The skipper barely raised a sweat

while Griffen was a notable

absentee - but the club says he'll

be given every chance to get up.

We're still hopeful. He will play.

We will make that decision before

the game. St Kilda have two handy -

be it pint sized inclusions -

Stephen Milne set to return against

Geelong. So too, Steven Baker, who's last game was famously who's last game was famously

against the Cats nine weeks ago. We

earned the right, we finished top

four. We get a double chance and we

are as good a chance as anyone. The

Gold Coast has unveiled its two

worst kept secrets. Adelaide's

Nathan Bock and Port Adelaide's

Nathan Krakouer rolled out by the

Suns after signing three year deals.

Krakouer only notified the Power of

his move this morning. The Crows

dropped Bock after he told the club

earlier this month. Obviously

there's always going to be... Mixed

reactions but we are comfortable

with this decision and looking

forward to the future at a pit on

the Gold Coast. And Brad, with the

season drawing to a close, expect plenty more announcements in

regards to more Suns signings.

Sydney Swan, Daniel Hannebery, has

capped off a stellar year by

winning the AFL's Rising Star award.

The 19-year-old from Victoria was

the unanimous choice of the judges,

receiving the maximum 45 votes, 10

votes clear of Melbourne's Tom Scully.

It's a huge honour. The company I

am in when I win they are on a lot

of great players that have won and

really good quality players

nominated. Hannebery is the second

Swan to take home the award after

two-time Brownlow Medalist Adam

Goodes in 1999.

NSW police have been called in to

investigate a betting plunge prior

to the Bulldogs round-24 win

against North Queensland. Victoria

Murphy is covering the story. Tory,

why has the NRL taken this action?

Brad, after a week of investigation,

the NRL decided this afternoon it

was in the games best interests to

hand it over. Dogs forward Ryan

Tandy is at the centre of the

scandal. It's been speculated he

deliberately gave away a penalty

early in the match to favour a huge

amount of bets. He's strenuously

denied any involvement in a scandal.

Ugly looking tackle right in front

of the post.

Suspicion was first raised by

betting agencies after 95% of money

for the game was placed on the

Cowboys kicking a penalty goal to

open the scoring but they went for

the try after the penalty.

And it's a try to the Cowboys in

the opening 90 seconds.

In other news Brad, Greg Inglis

will play his last game for the

storm on Sunday against the Knights.

It also looks like it'll be his

last game of the year - he's booked

in for shoulder surgery later this

month which will rule him out of

the Four Nations Tournament.

Excitement, leading into the game.

Might a motions will be running

high at the waterworks will be on

after the full-time siren. At a

launch in Sydney - Inglis showed

off the boots he'll wear later this

month to race Usain Bolt. He also

spoke of his team's heartache at

missing finals footy. We're really

hurt. We are not in the finals and

we will defend a title and the

other boys are sad and unhappy.

It'll be a big goodbye too at

Parramatta Stadium on Saturday when

the Eels face the Warriors -

skipper Nathan Cayless playing his

last game after a remarkable 14 seasons at the club.

It's been great. It's been a dream

and a blessing I never thought I

would be where I am today 15 years

ago. It has been great. And Brad,

Panthers skipper Petro Civoneceva

has taken the early guilty plea on

his high tackle charge - he'll miss

the next two games.

As Pakistan's match fixing scandal

worsens by the day - Australia's

Brad Haddin and Shane Watson have

hit out at the International

Cricket Council for its lack of

action in stamping out corruption

in the game.

Mark Schwarzer will stay with his current club.

Everyone wants to play for their

country and I guess with this new

manager there is no better time to

play well and hopefully I will get

a run. Following the Saturday match

against Switzerland they will play

Poland next Tuesday. As Pakistan's

match-fixing scandal worsens Brad

Haddin and Shane Watson have hit

out at the International Cricket

Council for the lack of action.

With the extent of Pakistan's

corruption getting broader by the

day, their international peers have

left no doubt as to their feelings.

If they are found guilty they

should be out of the game and they

should be banned for life and not

be able to partake in any more

cricket. Does cricket need

Pakistan? Note. With seven

Pakistani players now implicated in the scandal and words like

'treason' and 'death penalty' are

being used in their homeland. The

extent of the corruption may still

not be fully realised. Let's hope

so. Let's hope the ICC can step in

and get to the bottom of this as

soon as possible. On the flipside

they may not want to get to the

bottom because it may run very deep.

In Pakistan angry cricket fans have

burnt an effigy of Salman Butt. The

team far away in Somerset preparing

for a match against the local

county side. But no sign of Butt,

18-year-old quick Mohammed Amir, or

opening bowler Mohammad Asif.

Normally they are here. Obviously

they would be under pressure. Asif

and Amir stand accused of deliberately bowling no balls during Pakistan's recent clash with

England at Lords. But it doesn't

stop there. The Sydney Test match.

If that match was borrowed by the

team it is the most serious

allegations and if they threw that

match they could be involved in

other match fixing. More than 80

international matches, including Pakistan's entire Australian tour

last summer - are now under

scrutiny from the ICC. Rising Australian tennis player

Jarmila Groth has let Russian super

star Maria Sharapova off the hook

at the US Open. She lost in three

to the former champ on a

disappointing day for our women. As

one of only six players who have

made the final 16 of the French

Open and Wimbledon this year,

Jarmila Groth had high hopes

against Maria Sharapova.

Groth closed out the first set in

style but unforced errors let Sharapova back into the match.

A double fault handed the Russian

the second and from there, Sharapova dominated.

Jarmila Groth remained upbeat

despite the loss.

I think it's better to laugh than

cry, right. This interview would

really suck if you have to do it

with me crying. Alicia Molik not

letting her emotions show despite a straight sets loss to qualifier

Mirjana Lucic. Rafael Nadal was

commanding in his match against

Taymuraz Gabashvili.

The world number one was ruthless

but he was forced to two tie-breaks

before closing out the first set, 6-3.

Novak Djokovic survived sweltering

35 degree to beat fellow Serb

Viktor Troicki in 3 hours 20 minutes.

How nice was it to get a little bit

of shade here in the fifth set, did

that help give you a little bit of

energy? I don't know. It was like a

sleeping with my girlfriend kind of feeling!

Sharapova scraping past the

unheralded Aussie Molik comfortably

beaten, while Nadal and Djokovic

are through to the second round.

Defending Commonwealth champion

John Steffensen has threatened to

boycott the Delhi Games due to a

disagreement with Athletics

Australia. Steffensen is unhappy he

was forced to compete at the games

selection trials in April, less

than three months after back surgery.

Racing that early in the season...

It was the worst thing I ever did.

Running after back surgery I should

never have done that or even to

make the team. He wants measures

put in place to better protect

athletes, and says he may forfeit

the games if there are no

guarantees. It was another drama

filled day at the Billabong Pro

Tahiti. World number one Jordy

Smith was knocked out, dream tour

careers were shattered and Kelly Slater produced a stunning comeback

Kelly Slater looked gone for all money.

The 9 time world champ was trailing Tahitian hero Heari Williams in

round three. But against the cheers

and with a few minutes left,

surfing's greatest went to work.

This 8.8 getting him home by under

a 10th of a point. Slater just

happy to see the back of another lethal local.

lethal local. Yeah, get rid of

those guys man, it makes the crowd

hate you. He was much happier with another local. Manoa Drollet

boosted Slaters world title hopes

by downing front runner Jordy Smith.

The South African dealt a Teahupoo

reality check. I was too greedy in

the barrel and got caught, so oh in

future, don't be too cocky in the

barrel. The mid year cut off added

even more spice to today's surfing

action. A number of Aussies failed

to make the top 32. Mick Cambell's

exit was shrouded in controversy.

The former world number 2 was in control against Adam Melling,

before the rookie picked off a late

set and was awarded a generous 8.27.

That ended Campbells career by

point zero 4 And the veteran took a

parting shot at the judges.

I've always looked up to Cambo but

it's dog eat dog in this situation.

Tom Whitaker the next Aussie to

miss the cut losing to compatriot

Dean Morrison. He was fighting back

tears as he contemplated re qualification.

There's a couple of six stars in

Hawaii, I love Hawaii try and win a

title over there but still a bit of

surfing in these legs.

Just hours later Morrison suffered Just hours later Morrison suffered

the same fate. Knocked off tour by

Tiago Pires. In Tahiti, Scott

Mackinnon, Ten News.

For the final time this year, it's

time to take a look at the best

goals and marks. Here are the

contenders for round-22. off the 'snooze' button. new Rosti Brekkie Wrap.

This program is captioned live. It

was windy and overcast today but

there were excellent conditions

across the NSW and Victoria. As the

mercury rose the snow softened. But

it felt quite cold with moderate

wind. In Thredbo, all the lift us what open.

Perisher had 47 lifts operating bus stop.

Wet and snow is forecast but let's

hope that temperatures stay low.

. Play of the Day time, and this

one proves football is a gentlemans

game. Last week sky sports Jessica

Kastrop made the show for her

accidental header during a

Bundesliga game in Stuttgart. Now,

the player who kicked it has put

his hand up and apologised. the player who kicked it has put his hand up and apologised.

He came over, he was really sorry.

He came over he had flowers and a

little Helmut for me and he said

release Surrey and he was really

sorry. For laughing it off and

wearing head gear, Jessica gets our

Play of the Day. That was a bit

like a Roger Federer moment and he

was a nice guy, he seems to be.

Let's check on the weather. A

possible shower in Cairns, Adelaide

and Darwin. Mostly sunny in

Brisbane, 26. Showers for Sydney

and Canberra. A clearing shower in

Melbourne, 15. A Late shower in

Hobart. Mostly cloudy in Perth.

Late thunder in the Alice. That's

the latest from Ten's Late News for

this first day of Spring, September

1st. We'll continue to have updates

on Twitter. Ten's Early News

tomorrow is at 6am. I'm Sandra

Sully, from the late news team, goodnight.

Live captions by Red Bee Media.