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(generated from captions) have left here with $200,000. Yeah. Just for your shot at $500, Mands... ..what do you think is in 7? $100,000. I want to pop the locks on 21. Come on. Come on, Mands. AUDIENCE: Oh! Let's do... (SHRIEKS) YAY! Magnificent work! (SCREAMS) Incredible stuff! You've done better than the best! Oh, my God! Leanne Benbow shoots, fires - bullseye. Let's see the money! I tell you what! For a stay-at-home mum, that happened all week. this has gotta be the best thing Congratulations, girls! Magnificent. of Australia in the Deal-a-Drome! You've made history for the women Glad you were part of it. See you next time, peeps. This program is captioned live. Sydney police officer avoids jail Tonight - a sacked about a paedophile. for leaking details was try to warn the other parents. What I did hundreds of detainees Israel starts releasing its deep concern. as Australia expresses Paparazzi snap back as a 'Twilight' star leaves Sydney. over heavy security

And Sarah Ferguson accused of an unconvincing interview cash for access scandal. on the royal with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. has been spared jail time A former policeman to the media for leaking information on children in a Sydney park. about a paedophile preying Adam Purcell was instead fined the public. after arguing he was protecting he jeopardised an investigation. But the Police Commissioner insists over talking to the media. He lost his career police superintendent did it again. Today the former

I don't regret the sentence. I don't regret being charged, and I regret on a daily basis - What I do regret - to be a police officer anymore. is not being able of Hurstville Police in 2006 Adam Purcell was in charge attacked two young girls. when a sex predator at the moment, The families are very stressed in this investigation. as are the police that are involved That was all he was supposed to say. Robert Ovadia But he told Channel Seven Reporter was on the loose. police feared a serial paedophile I was the commander of Hurstville, I lived in the area, who was 9 at the time - I had a 9-year-old daughter the same age as the victims - to try and warn other parents. and what I did was

wanted it kept quiet But senior officers gagged him. and Purcell's former boss did this order come from? How high up former deputy commissioner of police The order came to me from the who's now the Commisisoner. In a statement released today,

confirmed he did give that order Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione but not for political reasons. and still believes now He says he believed then that leaking details the investigation. could have seriously jeopardised and got a criminal record. Purcell was fined $2,000 to the Police Integrity Commission, For a separate charge of lying community service. he will serve 200 hours has told Parliament Prime Minister Kevin Rudd with Israel's leader, he's done some "plain talking" at the Gaza convoy killings. telling him Australia is shocked 5 Australians were arrested. 680 people including Israel has now agreed to release and deport all of them. Arab-Israeli fury to Australian streets. reaching all the way (CROWD CHANTS ANGRILY) demonstrated yesterday. Thousands across the country A PR disaster for Israel, a golden opportunity for its enemies. Down, down, Israeli! on this civilian aid ship The bungled high-seas raid left nine dead, dozens injured... (SCREAMING AND SHOUTING OVER RADIO) angrily blaming the other. ..and both sides

This woman and her toddler were terrified as bullets hit the ceiling. as the troops moved in. This man wounded

and bullets all over the place. I can hear screaming And from one Arab politician aboard, were left to die. accusations two protesters after 10 to 15 minutes. These two persons died Yes. You saw them die? it acted in self-defence. Israel insists he opened fire after being stabbed. This special forces soldier says They began deporting all 680 detainees today. No word on the five Australians - his wife Jerry Campbell, wounded Ahmad Luqman,

and Kate Geraghty journalists Paul McGeough and protester Miriam Lockman.

Prime Minister Netanyahu last night I requested of

that he personally engage the wellbeing of these Australians. on the matter concerning for an independent inquiry. Israel's already rejected calls another flashpoint looms. As activists launch more aid ships, Kevin Rudd has been caught out falsely claiming the mining industry to campaign against his new tax. is spending $100 million the Government's advertising blitz The figure has been used to justify it's wrong. but Seven News can reveal They've said it here. that's a lot of advertising. A campaign up to $100 million, They've said it there. of over $100 million. We are facing a war chest chief justification It's become the Government's for breaking it's election promise of taxpayers' money and spending $38 million on its own campaign.

Their $100 million war chest. that this central claim... And Seven News can reveal mining industry up to $100 million. An advertising campaign for the wrong. like $100 million on this campaign. We won't be spending anything as the Government's spending. In fact, not even as much like $38 million. We won't be spending anything come from? So where did the $100 million 'The Australian'. A very reputable newspaper, of page 6 last Wednesday. One line, unsourced, at the bottom is closer to $20 million - But I can reveal the real figure about a fifth of what the Government claims.

Kevin Rudd says this fight is all about credibility and his government has just lost $80 million worth.

The mining magnates aren't lilywhites either. They've been stretching the truth too. The bottom line is we've got a responsibility to rollback against the misinformation and there's a fair bit of misinformation out there. And now a little bit less. A Sydney Telstra worker had to duck for cover this afternoon when an out-of-control car came careering towards him

on Juno Parade at Greenacre. He was standing in a manhole with his head poking out but managed to duck just in the nick of time. The sedan went straight over the top and crashed into a fence. Paramedics were called.

Fortunately, the only injury was a massive fright. Parents are being told

the swine flu vaccine is safe for their children after the recall of another flu shot that caused kids to become ill.

Doctors also recommend mums and dads get immunised to stop the virus being passed on. For these new mums, protecting their babies from flu is top priority this Winter. Every year I get the shot done, but for Lucas, my son, we're not getting it done because of all the side-effects. The Government has recalled the seasonal flu shot for kids after it triggered convulsions in hundreds of under-5s across the country. Balancing up the risks to an otherwise healthy child of coming down with the flu versus the risks of convulsions associated with fever,

the decision was made that more harm than good might be caused. But it's left parents at a loss to know how best to protect their children. The Australian Medical Association recommends under-5s to be vaccinated against swine flu with the Panvax jab.

If fever starts, control it quickly with paracetomol. And early intervention. If a child doesn't respond, get to your doctor. Another way to protect your children is to protect yourself.

By getting a flu shot, you reduce the risk of passing infection to your kids. The education campaign has been very successful and I think there is a temporary shortage because of that. You've got to remember, that shortage is mainly in community pharmacies Doctors still do have supplies of Fluvax so people should still go to their GPs and discuss vaccinations with them. Sydney's paparazzi has snapped back at one of the stars of 'Twilight' after photographers came under attack at the airport. One was pushed to the ground and another suffered a black eye when private security guards became heavy-handed. The 'Twilight' stars' convoy was greeted at Sydney Airport

by half a dozen photographers and plenty of security. MAN: (SHOUTS) Guys, guys, guys! Over here, over here!

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner were in Australia on a promotional tour, here to generate publicity,

but they spent most of their time trying to avoid it. Out of the way. Keep on walking. As they left this morning,

their entourage created more mayhem than their fans. MAN 2: (SHOUTS) Alright! Move back now! Kristen tried to make a run for it. Settle down or you will be arrested. Paparazzi claim the guards were heavy-handed. One photographer suffered a black eye. Security men and Federal Police with giant golf umbrellas pushing people out the way. Kristen's been called a brat for giving photographers the bird.

Some say it may hurt her career.

If you're a Hollywood producer and you're paying a lot of money to fly a bunch of kids around the world to promote your movie and they're not promoting your movie, they're doing this and carrying on like pork chops, they're not going to keep doing it. But fans have jumped to the 'Twilight' star's defence, accusing the paparazzi of invading her privacy but critics say she's biting the hand that feeds her. With all the pushing and shoving and how important we are... You're not important. You're three snot-nosed 20-year-olds that haven't done very much. Sarah Ferguson has been called unconvincing in explaining why she tried to sell access to Prince Andrew for $1 million. She says her behaviour was a rebellion against pressure to act like Princess Diana. It was the first time the Duchess of York watched the secretly taped video. Oh, poor love. I feel sorry for her. Sarah Ferguson says she suspected it was a sting but went ahead with the meeting because she was drunk and broke. I was so out of control with desperation where the point I'd reached no return. She blames the pressure of trying to be perfect. The self-hatred has been huge. After Diana died I felt very alone with being out on the big stage. Fergie denies regularly trying to sell access to Prince Andrew. No. I don't think so. No! Of course not no. No. I... No. I'm flabbergasted, to be honest. The reality is Sarah Ferguson did this before with a real businessman. She sold out her husband. She sold out the Royal Family and the integrity of British trade.

The scandal won't stop her planned visit to Australia later this year. It's incredible. Through this whole thing, we have been inundated with people wanting to be involved. The aim is that she will be here before the end of the year, absolutely. And we have a huge program of events planned for her. The Duchess says she has the support of the people who matter most - her daughters and Prince Andrew. He knows this is really very extraordinary. Have you spoken to him? So many times. I wouldn't be sitting in the chair without his blessing. Still to come - the cash to make more movie blockbusters in Sydney. Also, a sleeping driver blamed for this truck crash in western Sydney. And the Aussie tourists chasing close encounters in America's tornado alley. That's next. This month it's Deal Season at Landmark, with great end of financial year deals. Now you can earn Rewards points on Waratah tie-easy long-life fence wire, GalStar Extreme steel posts, long-life Iowa barbed wire and Stocklock long-life. And pick up this 6.5 horsepower petrol Hyundai air compressor with a 100-litre tank for just $1,150. You'll find these great deals and more in our Deal Season catalogue. We're making a big deal of the end of financial year. Landmark. Look to us. A truck driver is believed to have fallen asleep at the wheel when his rig crossed to the wrong side of the M7 this morning. It veered across two lanes of oncoming traffic before side-swiping two other trucks. The crash closed one southbound lane of the motorway near the Horsley Drive for a couple of hours. Police are going through the driver's logbooks. No-one was seriously hurt. Movie makers have welcomed a $25 million commitment to lure more big budget productions to Sydney. The Premier's announcement gave her a photo opportunity on a film set but she wouldn't say if there'll be money to fix the Opera House in next Tuesday's Budget. This one's for the glory. Actually it's for 'Mad Max 4'. At Fox Studios, the stuntmen are rehearsing fight scenes. Yaaaaaah! Complete with killer dialogue. Adios, compadre. Argh! The media can credibly claim this is a stunt. This is a stunt, yes. An announcement, anyway, of a Government fund to get more movies made in New South Wales. The global financial crisis and a strong Australian dollar meant that financially we were not attractive. The New Zealanders are doing it and for some reason we can't. There'll be $20 million to lure overseas projects, $5 million to support local ones. It's very, very important - not only for our culture but also our economy. The State Government isn't just spending big on the big screen, but also the big sails - with talk of a $130 million budget boost for the Opera House after claims of safety risks from ageing stage machinery and a looming financial crisis. We are going to continue to support the Opera House. There is no risk of the Opera House closing. For years there's been lobbying for a major overhaul - lowering the theatre floor, making the orchestra pit bigger. Oh, the Budget is going to have many, many things. A storm chaser in the United States has recorded extraordinary pictures of a tornado sweeping through Colorado. Andy Gabrielson came within 50m of this twister as it passed in front of his vehicle.

No-one was injured

but homes and cars were damaged as the tornado tore across the state for three hours. Fascination with the awesome power of nature has become a tourist attraction and Australians are lining up to ride with American storm chasers. Seven's Angela Cox went on the adrenalin-charged trip through tornado alley. Most people run for their lives... Whoo! Oh, my God! ..but these Aussie tourists have spent $3,000 to get as close as they can to destructive twisters. We're in position to intercept it so it'll be coming right at us. Sirens warn people to stay indoors... (TORNADO SIRENS WAIL) ..but guided by professional storm chasers, these tourists race to get right in front of a storm cell. If there's going to be a tornado it's going to be right in here. We joined them as they crisscrossed fields in Middle America's Tornado Alley hitting hailstorms... We want to protect the car a bit from the hail. ..and hunting funnels like this. Would you pay to stand here, in the path of a huge storm spawning potentially deadly tornadoes? It's just the thrill of the adrenalin rush and, you know, seeing something up close. Get amongst it, I suppose. Life's for living, isn't it, really? Oh, everyone back home thinks we're crazy. And this is the Holy Grail - a twister skirting past a lone farmhouse. (TORNADO NOISE) For the people living in its path, like Keith Wems, it's devastating.

I don't find anything amusing about it -

it's lives you're looking at, you know. People's lives are affected. But for these holiday-makers it's a rare chance to witness Mother Nature and all her fury. Sport now with Tony Squires. And the Socceroos have had a nice little confidence booster. Chris, in sport, there's no such thing as a friendly. We'll take the win against Denmark. All the World Cup latest next. Plus - putting the boot in. Karmichael shows Izzy how its done. And Ponting may have one more shot at the old urn in the old Dart. Get ready for winter with hot buys, like 50% off Mother's Choice Carrera convertible car seats, now $139, and women's knitwear from just $29. Excludes sleepwear. Hurry! Sale starts tomorrow.

new blood and a new skin. Men of Gold. Panthers centre Michael Jennings will lead Rugby League's fight back in the battle for the west by re-signing for up to five years. He's set to put pen to paper just a day after AFL poached Israel Folau for the Greater Western Sydney franchise. He swapped jumpers for women in League's launch but there'll be no code switching for Michael Jennings. I'm happy where I am. I'm happy in League. And in a boost for the code, he's about to be locked away

before AFL can make him the next Israel Folau. Yeah, it's been sorted. Just in the process of getting done up and getting pen to paper. Folau's $6 million switch is set to cost him his Origin jumper and the skipper can't argue.

You can't be critical for the decision he's made but I guess with that decision comes maybe a few consequences. Code-hopping pioneer Karmichael Hunt had his first kick with the Gold Coast and showed the radar still needs adjusting. Sorry, mate.

And he's been told to strip the weight. They made me put a few kilos on overseas because the boys are a lot bigger, the contact is a lot fiercer. But League fear a fierce bidding war But League don't fear a fierce bidding war for more talent. I don't expect they'll be throwing that sort of cash at players until they see perhaps how these ones go. If they wanna go, let 'em go. They all come back anyway. While the Dogs were for charity, the Eels expect wags in the crowd to give it to salary-cap cheats Melbourne on Friday night. I don't want to see the booing but I'm sure we're gonna get a lot of that. The Socceroos are about to finalise their squad of 23 players for the World Cup in South Africa. And another confidence boost for Australia overnight, beating Denmark 1-nil, with Josh Kennedy our goal scorer. Outside the ground, a sense of the building excitement in South Africa against a backdrop of the ever-present security. The first shot with any venom was met by a diving Mark Schwarzer showing his Premier League class. COMMENTATOR: His positioning was good, his hands were strong. The match winner came from Josh Kennedy after a positive build-up and a lucky bounce.

Kennedy might get there. It's in the back of the net. From there on, the Socceroos played with poise. It was a positive. I was just really pleased that we got it away, we were working hard and getting a lot out of the game. And being able to move on without any injuries. But it wasn't all smiles.

It is expected Shane Lowry, Tom Oar, Eugene Galekovic, James Holland

Will be cut from the 28 man squad. The Socceroos now have three days to prepare for Saturday's friendly against the US here in Johannesburg. It'll be there last hit-out before their opening World Cup Group match against Germany on June 13.

That game could see the return of one of the Socceroos' biggest stars.

Harry will be on the field. People in Australia will be happy. Ricky Ponting has given the strongest indication yet he'll play on and chase an elusive Ashes series win on English soil. Ponting joined several of his team-mates in welcoming new sponsor Vodafone at the SCG today. Looking beyond this summer, he's desperate to win the prize urn in England as skipper. If I keep myself nice and fresh, see how we go for 2013. The Australians leave next week for a One-Day Series and two Test matches against Pakistan to be played in England. Roger Federer has missed out on a grand-slam semifinal for the first time in six years after losing his quarter-final at the French Open to Swede Robin Soderling.

Federer bit the dust in four sets while Francesca Schiavone kissed the dirt after becoming the first Italian woman into a slam semi since the '60s. Success never tasted so sweet, Chris. If a little gritty. Sam Stosur plays Serena Williams tonight.

Can you tell Pim Verbeek that the women of Sydney are happy that Harry

Kewell is plain. -- playing. Checking finance now. And the share market followed Wall Street and slipped for a third day. IAG slumped more than 6% after slashing its full-year insurance margin forecast. The ASX 200 closed 32 points lower.

Virgin Blue shares continue to fall following last week's profit warning. Sara's next with the weather. And the sunshine seems to be making a comeback. Chris, don't get your hopes up A new car is a nice problem for anyone to have. That's why Apia created new Car Advantage comprehensive insurance. It's the only insurance that replaces your stolen car up to 10 years old with a brand-new one... ..which might take a bit of getting used to. So if you're over 50, working less and living more, it's just another way new Apia's rewarding your experience.

Blue skies gave temperatures a nice boost this afternoon with most suburbs settling a few degrees above the average. A few light showers lingered over the coast this morning, with tops there reaching 19 or 20 degrees. Richmond and Campbelltown got off to a chilly start, but 11 at Gosford was 4 above average. On the charts - more heavy showers are developing near a trough in the north-east of the State, with a flood watch current for the north and mid-north coast. Tomorrow that trough will deepen into a low, causing rain and winds to increase right along the New South Wales coastline. Heavy falls are expected north of about the Hunter, possibly extending as far south as Sydney. A wet day ahead for Brisbane, but mostly fine and sunny for the rest of the country, a top of 17 in Melbourne. Sydney can expect moderate south to south-easterly winds, becoming fresh and gusty during the afternoon, tending more east to south-easterly, which should drive more showers in. On Sydney's waters: A mild night on the way, 13 in the city. Rain increasing tomorrow, heavy at times, possibly bringing falls of 15mm to 30mm. It'll be cooler under all the cloud, 18 the expected top for most areas,

including the city. The rain will continue into Friday, hopefully easing later in the day, but still a few showers forecast for the weekend, 18 or 19 degrees. Those weekend showers should become more isolated over the western suburbs. 18 degrees Saturday and Sunday. But certainly a wet one tomorrow and into Friday. And that's Seven News for this Wednesday. I'm Chris Bath. Thanks for your company. See you tomorrow. Goodnight. Have a look at the state of our supermarkets. Cutting corners, cutting back cleaners. We shop in this. Unhygienic and unsafe. The bully boys of private parking.

Hundreds of thousands slapped with outrageous fines. The class action to shut them down. Heartfelt or heartless? Fergie's full public apology on 'Oprah'. And the sales war erupts as Megan Gale reveals exclusively the best David Jones bargains of all time. Good evening. And thanks for joining us on Today Tonight. You'd never think a simple trip to the supermarket could be dangerous. But when you see the shocking state that some are in, you'll think again. Because shopping wasn't meant to be like this. They're not clean and they're not safe. Tonight, Josh Fajzullin uncovers our worst supermarkets. It's the most nastiest thing. I even sometimes wished I was dead.

Where would you find it? Well, it should be in the bin.

Flyers and hospital trips. Who would have thought getting bread and milk could be so dangerous. There's just a lot of things that I can't do and even though I smile on the outside I'm just hurting on the inside. Our supermarket aisles. They're supposed to be clean, pristine serveries for our weekly grocery shop. But cut-price cleaning regimes aimed at saving money are fast making them health and safety minefields. I thought they were meant to be clean, friendly places?