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Laying the ground work for a

new era. China and the US in new era. China and the US in

high-level talks. Gloria Arroyo

under pressure not to extend

her term in office. Britain

declares Phase 1 of its latest

Taliban offensive a success. An

Australian MP wanted cheated

foreign students compensated.

O'Connor with ABC News for Good morning. Beverley

Australia Network. Senior

Chinese and US politicians Chinese and US politicians are

holding top level talks in

Washington. The first formal

negotiations between the two countries since Barack Obama

was sworn in as President. The

two superpowers have been at

pains to stress their desire

for better relations, but the

balance has shifted with the US

now China's biggest debtor. It

did not however stop the US President raising several

cultural points of difference. The leaders believe they carry The leaders believe they carry

the weight of the world on

their shoulders. The

relationship between the United

States and China will shape the

21st century. Barack Obama

stressed the need for

cooperation, not confrontation.

His sentiments were ek Kobed by

China in more --

echoed by China in more ways

than one. Can we manage to do

that? My answer S. We must work hard to make it

hard to make it happen. And

yes, we can. That is borrowed from President Obama.

Yes, we can! The US says

both countries share a

responsibility for tackling

climate change. And controlling

nuclear arms in North Korea and

Iran. But first, the

economy. We must remain

committed to strong bilateral and and multilateral coordination.

And that is the example we have

set by acting aggressively to

restore growth, to prevent a

deeper recession, and to save

jobs for our people. The US

wants China to grow its

domestic market, instead of undercutting American

manufacturers with Chinese

exports. China's worried about

the dollar. The Chinese are

owed billions by the US and

they don't want their debt to

lose value. And they're lose value. And they're not

expected to reach an agreement

on climate change this week, or

on China's recent response to

riots between Uighers and

ethnic Chinese in Xingxiang

provincial. All people should

be free to speak their minds

and that includes ethnic and

religious minority in China as

surely as it includes minority

within the US. But both sides

stressed the ongoing nature of the talks. stressed the ongoing nature of

And as they attempt to broaden their relationship, the

two countries have agreed to

meet annually. Lisa Millar

looks at the significance of

the talks. Both these countries

have come to this meeting very

determined to project a unified

stance, on a whole lot of

different issues, some

observers have suggested that

there first there was the G20, then

there was the G8, now you have

the G2. This is the first meeting as you said, the first

of what's going to be annual

meetings . Just to give you an

significance that China idea of the importance and

certainly is putting on it,

they've sent their biggest

delegation ever to the US, 150

officials are here in town to

take part in these two-day

had to shut down talks. I can tell you they've

had to shut down streets around

downtown DC and around the

White House, causing a bit of

gridlock in the capital. But

certainly a lot of unified and

warm language being used

inside. As I said, on a whole

lot of subject, we're talking

about security, climate change,

even human rights came up.

Barack Obama gave China a gentle nudge over their

approach to human approach to human rights. Just

as we respect China's ancient

and remarkable culture, its

remarkable achievements, we

also strongly believe that the

religion and culture of all

peoples must be respected and

protected. The Philippines President Gloria Arroyo has hit

back at her critics, saying she

has never sought to extend her term in

term in office. But few believe

that last night's state of the

nation address will be her

last. Protesters were on the streets of the capital

yesterday demanding that she

make her intentions clear. They

came in their thousands,

students alongside farmers,

walking with teachers and many

others. They carried placards

declaring no cha-cha, a reference to the chartered change that

change that could allow Mrs

Arroyo to stay on in office.

Many say she shouldn't have

been President in the first

place, rising to power in 2001

only with the backing of the military, which they say

remains in her pocket. When the

heavy rain came, it did little

to deter the protesters. Nor

were they put off by the thousands of police on high alert in the thousands of police on high

area. TRANSLATION: I'm here to

protest the nine years of false

promise under Gloria Arroyo.

The State of the nation address

took place just a short

distance away but Mrs Arroyo

and these Filipinos are very

far apart on the issue of her future. Her statement that

enough. there will be elections is not

enough. We want a xat gorkal

declaration that she will step

down after 2010. -- categorical. Her congressional

supporters have been pushing

the changes that would allow

her to remain in office as a

Prime Minister. I have never

expressed a desire to extend

myself beyond my term. But

that's not washing with her

critics. This term, fine. I critics. This term, fine. I

mean, as President. But that

doesn't mean that it couldn't

be extended, it could be

prolonged, especially when

finally the constitutional

change process goes through.

This editor says Mrs Arroyo has

a history of changing her tune,

like contesting the 2004

election when she said she

President ever in wouldn't. She's most distrusted

President ever in this country.

Now, that should be an answer,

should be the answer to her question whether she should be

believed at all or not. Mrs

Arroyo also took on those

who've accused her of

corruption, saying they've

never been able to prove it.

But while she remains in

office, she is immune from

prosecution, and that's another

reason the protesters say she

will try to stay on.

Up to 100 people have been

killed in attacks by Islamic

militants in northern Nigeria.

They've been engaged with

fierce gun battles with police

for two days now. Hundreds of

people have fled their homes in

the State of Borno. The

Islamist fighters are thought

to belong do a group known as

Boko Harim, meaning western education is a

education is a sin. It wants

western education banned and to

establish sharia law across

nigh jeer ya. The first stage

of Britain's biggest offensive against the Taliban in

Afghanistan has been completed. The Ministry of Defence says

the five-week assault in the Helmand province has been a

success. But UK forces have

paid a high price, losing 10

soldiers. They say they've won

in battle, but how to win the war? British war? British troops have

declared Phase 1 of Operation

Panther's Claw a success, but

stage 2 and 3 involve holding

hard-won territory so people

can vote in elections with security. We've actually made the land secure for about

100,000 people. We've pushed

back the Taliban and we've also

started to break that chain of terror that links the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan

of Afghanistan and Pakistan to

the streets of Britain. Here in

the British patrolled southern

Helmand, the danger from the

Taliban is far from over. The

past month the deadliest of the

conflict. It's been the same

for all NATO forces. The

British Foreign Secretary David

Miliband was at NATO

headquarters in Brussels, warning Afghanistan would not

be secured by force of arms

alone. We will not force the Taliban to Taliban to surrender just

through the force of arms and

overwhelming might. Nor will we

convert them to to our point of

view through force of argument and ideological conviction. Past new strategy

will be to attempt to cone

Vince more moderate Taliban

fighters to switch sides, to

try and reduce the pool of

combatants. A hearts and minds

exercise ahead of Afghan

elections. As for the timing of

any withdrawal - we're told that's up to that's up to the Afghan

government. In the meantime,

the British public is growing

weary of seeing its young soldiers returning home in

coffins. You're watching ABC News for

Australia Network. Coming up -

a surprise concession from

North Korea. Now open to new

dialogue with the United

States. And it's taken weeks,

but the first baby elephant to

be born in Australia now has a

be born in Australia now has a name! A senior Australian

politician wants the government

to consider compensating

overseas students exploited by

dodgy education providers. The ABC's 'Four Corners' program

last night exposed a number of scams targeting foreign

students especially those from

India. Each year, India. Each year, tens of

thousands of overseas students

come to Australia to study.

It's a $15 billion industry.

The country's third biggest

export earner. But Australia's

reputation as an education

provider is being tainted.

First by a series of violent

attacks on Indian students, and

now by claims of fraud and

corruption. It is a fraud. We were shown were shown so many rosy

pictures about the school.

Actually it is not what it is

really, what it really is.

This mother claims her family

is broke after spending more

than $40,000 on a course at a

Sydney flying school. Her son

returned home without a pilot's

licence. We have provided

everything that those students

need to get through the course.

The students need to provide The students need to provide

the diligence, the dedication

and the commitment. There were

not enough planes, not enough instructors. A Sydney cooking

college also failed to deliver,

with former students claiming

they never even saw a kitchen.

There's also concern about just

how easy it is for overseas

students to get fake documents.

An ABC current affairs reporter

went undercover to investigate. She says she was

She says she was able to buy a

work certificate and pay to

pass an English language test

without having the skills. In

the open market, he says it

costs about $20,000. One

Sydney migration agent says he

has been aware of a black

market in fake documents for

years, and has been trying to

raise the issue, but no-one

wants to listen. I mean, for

years I've been writing about dodgy education providers dodgy education providers in

Sydney and nobody cares. I've

even sent my newsletters about

them to the Commonwealth

Government and don't even get a response. The Australian

Government says it's cracking

down on migration agencies, and

won't tolerate any abuse on

international students.

The US has again urged Iran

to address questions about its

nuclear program by nuclear program by September.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates

says America is expecting a

response by the time the United

Nations General Assembly next

meets. He made the comments

while in Israel in an attempt

to reassure the country that it

was worth attempting to

persuade to give up its nuclear

ambitions. E's met with the

Israeli Defence Minister who

has warned that Israel would

stop all means to stop Iran stop all means to stop Iran making nuclear weapons. South

Korea has again urged its

northern neighbour to return to

the six-party talks aimed at

ending Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions. Seoul's Foreign

Minister made the comments

after North Korea invited the

United States to a one-on-one

meeting. Observers say the

North Korean government may

feel it's raised the stakes

enough, with in year's nuclear

test and its barrage of missile launches, to launches, to put a strong case

for bilateral talks with

Washington. The United States

hasn't dismissed the rare offer

out of hand, but it's flatly

rejected suggestions that the

flexing of Pyongyang's military

muscle has been enough to put

such talks on a level playing

field. South Korea's not buying

that argument either. But its

Foreign Minister has hinted

that bilateral negotiations

would be acceptable, if other

avenues are

avenues are exhausted. TRANSLATION: Our

position is to welcome US/North Korea talks if they're held in

the context of what Secretary

of State Hillary Clinton said

here earlier this year. The

talks with North Korea would be

held in cooperation with us.

North Korea's offer of talks

was couched in threats of

all-out war if it comes under attack. TRANSLATION: A touch

and go situation is now

prevailing on peninsula due to the reckless sanctions and

military provocations of the

US. The South Korean bellicose

forces and the Japanese reactionaries against the

DPRK. While the US has

indicated it would be willing

to hold direct talks with

Pyongyang, Washington said they

could only go ahead within the six-party process and at the

moment that's not on the table

from Pyongyang.

A special Indian court has A special Indian court has

found three people guilty of involvement in a double bomb

blast in Mumbai six years ago. The verdict has been described

as a blow to the Pakistan-based

militant group Lashkar-e-Toiba.

The three accused have been

convicted of planning the

attacks that killed more than

50 people and injured many

more. The judge ruled that the

trio were all members of the

Pakistan hitch based militant group Lashkar-e-Toiba, which was blamed

was blamed for the bombings at

the time. These accused planted

two bombs and in the third bomb

explosion, in all 52 persons

died and 244 peoples were

seriously injured. Two taxis carrying explosives carrying explosives blew up

within minutes of each other on

August 25, 2003 at a popular

waterfront tourist attraction

and a busy shaping bazaar. All

three bombers were arrested

shortly after the attacks.

They've been found guilty of

charges of murder, conspiracy

to kill and damaging public property. They will be sentenced next week and the

prosecution is demanding the

death penalty. And since death penalty. And since the

accused are involved in serious

offences we are going to ask

the major punishment in the

case. Prosecution says the

verdict is highly damaging to Lashkar-e-Toiba, which is also

blamed for the terrorist

attacks on Mumbai last

November, when 10 gunmen killed

166 people.

The bombing of a reporters'

home in Karachi has raised

concern Pakistan is fast

becoming one of the most dangerous places in the world dangerous places in the world

for journalists. While Taliban

militants are being blamed, journalists believe government

operatives aiming to influence

media coverage are also

responsible. They came in the

dozens, masked gunmen suspected

to be Taliban militants stormed

the home of this television

reporter, throwing his family

out of the house, before

bombing it. He was fortunate

not to have been home at the not to have been home at the

time. After that incident, some

people go to my wallet, and

they meet my sister and show my

picture to my sister and

threatened to my sister,

where's your brother? We want

to meet him. Because he don't

silence his mouth. He was

allege lid targeted for

producing negative reports of

the Taliban on radio. The

attack in Karachi was one of attack in Karachi was one of

several aimed at the media. In

February this year, Swat based television reporter was shot

dead while covering a story on

attempts to bring peace to the

region. He is one of five

journalists killed over the past year in Pakistan. Journalists are

facing threats from all sides, the militants groups and the security agencies. It's

security agencies. It's a

serious situation now. More

serious than 10 years back. While the Taliban have been

blamed for most of the attacks,

journalists have also accused government operatives of trying

to influence media coverage.

And it seems the threats are

proving effective. Up to date I

have some threats from

everywhere. Also I think nowhere is safe for

nowhere is safe for me. With

Pakistani forces launching a

major offensive in the troubled

north-western region, further

attacks on the media appear


And you're watching ABC News

for Australia Network. Our top

story - senior Chinese and US

politicians are holding their

first top-level talks in

Washington, the global economy

front and centre.

Let's look at financial

markets. In the US overnight,

the Dow and Nasdaq inched

higher, boosted by hopes of an early recovery in the housing market.

The Fijian military's tight

censorship of journalists is

high on the agenda of a meeting

of Pacific media organisations

in Vanuatu. The Pacific Islands

News Association opens its

biennial conference in Port

Vila over the weekend. Two

years the regional media body

the Pacific the Pacific Islands News Association meets to discuss

issues confronting the issue and challenging journalists in

the region. The 2009 conference

was launched by the Prime

Minister of Vanuatu. I

acknowledge that a strong, free

and responsible media enhances

mechanisms which are essential

for growth and development.

But in the country, right in

the heart of the the heart of the Pacific, Fiji,

the Mead kra is no longer free.

Government censors prohibit the

publication or broadcast of

anything the military regime

does not approve of. Being

censored can be both humbling,

humiliating, frustrating,

disturb an disempowering. You

appreciate the freedom you once

had, but you also appreciate

the power you once had. The problems facing journalists problems facing journalists in

the Pacific has led to the kree

yaes of of a new body to

campaign for media freedom, the

Pacific Freedom Forum. The

reason for a regional media

watchdog came up because really

no-one was saying, hey, we need

some help here. We need to pay

attention to issues of free

speech and wave the flag for

journos who get attacked just

for doing their jobs. Amongst

the issues to

the issues to be debated is

whether PINA's regional news

service Pacnews should be moved

from Fiji to another country.

In what could qualify as the

strangest sporting event of the

year, twofr rt world's leading

table tennis players have met

in an unlikely location. The

game was staged in Turkey to

launch a new competition

involving the top Asian and European stars. European stars. And it literally brought traffic to a

standstill. The bridge across

this strait connects Asia and

Europe. That's why it was

chosen as the venue for the

encounter between a Hong Kong

player, a former Olympic

medallist and an us a tree

dwran player, a former world

champion. He was once voted

China's most popular overseas

sportsman. The two were sportsman. The two were invite

to play in an exhibition to

promote the new All-Star series

are a the Turkish table tennis

federation persuaded officials

to partially close the famous

bridge. A very weird feeling

that one part, one set I was

playing for Europe and the

other set I was playing for

Asia. There was really something very

special. European table tennis

officials say it was a remarkable achievement by

Turkey that has helped to raise

the international profile of their

their sport. Unbelievable

effort of our Turkish friends.

We were working together in a

very close cooperation, close

friendship with them. And what

was happening today, we can

define it as an historical

moment for table tennis. The

five best Asian and European

players are due to take part in

the new All-Star series. The

first round will be played in Beijing, and the climax of Beijing, and the climax of the

tournament will be back in

Istanbul in November.

Now let's have a look at how

the weather is shaping up for

us for this Tuesday.

Finally, choosing a child's

name can be a daunting task, so

coming up with a name for the

new elephant born at Sydney's

Taronga Zoo was just too much

for the animal's keepers, so

they called on the nation for

help and after tens of

thousands of suggestions, the

first elephant born in Australia

Australia now has a name. Our

reporter went to the zoo to

find out what it was. What's in

a name? Perhaps just cute

would've been enough. It's

really cute. Really

cute. It's really cute. But

it's a description that

probably won't last. The name

that was chosen by our keepers

with the support of the Thai

Consul-General here in Sydney is Luk Chai. is Luk Chai. Luk Chai is Thai

for "my son" and was chosen

from more than 30,000

suggestions in a national

competition. In fact, Luk Chai

was made by 10 different

entrants. And while it may seem

a little plain, perhaps plain

is the way to go. Other popular

suggestions were Rainbow Boy

because there was a rainbow

seen every day for a week after

its birth and Michael Jackson,

because the calf had because the calf had a tendency

to walk backwards. Whatever the

name, the baby Asian elephant

is much loved by its mother and

favourite aunt. Oh! At the

first sign of trouble they're

there. Taronga Zoo says the

first elephant to be born in

Australia three weeks ago is

still breaking records by

putting on a healthy amount of weight. Normally they'd lose

10% at the very beginning, so

this has been a marvellous outcome. He outcome. He is gaining almost a

kilo a day and consuming

something like 12 litres of

milk per day. Luk Chai mastered walking pretty early but

there's still a lot to

achieve. ('Baby Elephant Walk'

tune plays) Some other time perhaps.

As you'd expect, Luk Chai is

gelth the only child treatment gelth the only child treatment

but he will have to the share

the limelight soon with two

more births expected in Sydney

and other two baby elephants on

the way in Melbourne over the

next two years.

What's not to love about that

young fellow you?'Ve been

watching ABC News for Australia

Network. Let's check again our

top stories. President Barack

Obama says the US/China relationship with shape the relationship with shape the

21st century as officials hold

talks in Washington.

Philippines President Gloria

Arroyo denies she will change

the constitution to extend her

ferm in office. And gun battles

between Islamic militants and

police in northern Nigeria

leave up to 100 people dead.

And that's the bulletin for

now. For more news and current

affairs, you can always go to

our web site . It's on your

screen now.

screen now. I'm Bev O'Connor.

Thanks for joining us. Hope to see you soon.

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