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Pakistan respond as taliban

militants launch new attack. Sri Lanka struggles

to cope with the war zone

refugees. Scores killed as

Iraq faces its bloodiest day

this year and sell basis as

Jacob Zuma looks set to claim

Beverley O'Connor with ABC victory.Good morning.

News for Australia Network -

Pakistan has mobilised

forces to the Swat Valley

after hardline militants ambush add con say of

security personnel killing

one police officer. The

attack came less than 24

hours after the US accused

Pakistan of abdicating the

the Taliban. Five tankers

carrying petrol for Nato

forces in Afghanistan were

also destroyed in the attack.

Police say dozens of

militant arm would guns and

petrol bombs attacked the

truck terminal near the city.

At least five tankers

carrying fuel were destroyed.


shooting, firing rockets. We

opened fire in reply but they

had heavy well quns and

general aides Fire crews

could do little to save any

of the tankers athick black

smoke billowed into the air.

militants had already made Police arrived after the

their escape. Nato and US

forces have been looking for

alternative routes to get supplies into Afghanistan as

the number of attacks on Nato

forces has increased along

the main supply route.

Meanwhile the Pakistan Prime

Minister says a controversial

law aproving Sharia law in

the swat Val you could be

renewed in case the peace is

not restored and the

Government decides otherwise

on the peace is not restored

certainly we have to review

our policy Under pressure

from Conservatives the

President approved the law.

In days militants forced

their way into a nearby

district and have refused to

lay down their arms. Critics

say the Taliban is now using

the northwest of the country

as a springboard to take over

another areas. As the

Taliban spread their

influence 97 kilometres from

Islamabad sus you Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says

there is increasing awareness

in Pakistan by the new threat

posted by the insurgency.

Hillary Clinton was speaking

before another congressional

committee seeking for money

from the US State Department

to put into countries like

Pakistan, began depn an Iraq. The US State Department

wants to boost its budget by

$7 billion of which half a

billion would go to support

for Pakistan W the Taliban

streets they have been present evidence in the

reports this the extremist

have entered another

neighbouring districts edging

closer the Islamabad. Hillary

Clinton told the congressional committee the Pakistan people are beginning

to realise what this encroachment means There is

an increasing awareness on

the part of not just the

Pakistan Government but

Pakistan people that this

insurgency coming closer and

closer the major cities does

pose such a threat. Mrs

Clinton says the Obama

administration has had

painful and specific

Pakistan Government about the conversations with the

need to act more decisively

about the extremists. But she

failed to convince at least

one of her Democrat colleague

thanks the strategy is

working. I have absolutely no

confidence in the ability of

the existing Pakistan

Government to do one blessed

thing! Mrs Clinton says

America is working with

communities at the local

level to help stabilise the

security situation through

job creation. Many in the

Taliban, the are not there

because of ideological

commitment but frankly

because they are paid better

than you can be paid in the

Afghan police force. The US

Secretary of State also

defend $the Obama

administration's diplomatic

efforts to engage with Iran.

The Sri Lankan military says

Tamil Tigers rebels are

putting up stiff resist tons as troops continue to

bombarded the last remaining

rebel-held territory. The

Government has reportedly

rejected an appeal from the

United Nations

Secretary-General the allow a

humanitarian team into the

conflict zone to help 50,000

civilians caught up in the

fighting. The Sri Lankan military continues its

advance towards the rebel

pocket and the Tom tram are

putting up a strong

resistance. Trap in the

middle are thousands of

civilians I would strongly

urge the Tamil Tigers to lay

down their arms and to do

whatever to protect the

civilian population. So many

lives have been sacrificed

there is no time to lose

Having gained so much ground

in recent months the Sri

Lankan military insists it

can see an end to the

decades-long civil war. It is

reportedly refusing Mr Moon's

appeal to help the civilians

but says the international

community can still help We

want to see to say veilance

who have fled are given the

maximum care and protection

and we want to improve the

conditions for the civilians

The United Nations's High

Commissioner for refugees

says it is not enough All

the attempts in order to have

a humanitarian pause and a humanitarian pause and

letting the people goes fades so these people are still

trapped. We hope military

operations will be conducted

with restraint the avoid a

bloodbath The Red Cross says

hundreds have been killed or

wounded in recent days. For

those civilians that have

escaped they now face

malnutrition and disease.

Worldwide protests at

military campaign has spilled

into the Tamil community in

India. This man set himself

on fire in protest and later died in hospital. But those who regard the Tamil Tigers

as terrorist are welcoming

the prospect of their defeat.


Lankan Government has with

power shown how to fight

terrorism. We have the face

the challenge t example they

have set India says lit send

two special envoys the Sri

Lanka to express its

concerned. Iraq has had its

bloodiest day this year as

two suicide bombings killed

more than 70 miles. Militant

Sunnis are being blamed. At

least 45 were killed at a

restaurant near Baquba and

another 28 in Baghdad. The

bomber detonated a vets

stuffed with explosives among

a group of police while they were handing out relief

supplies to Iraqis driven if

their homes by sectarian violence. Five children were

among the victims. South

Africa as ruling A NC has

claimed a strong lead in the

election. Several million

ballots have been count $and

the ANC holds 66% of the

vote. Thousands of supporters

have taken to the streets in early celebration hoping

Jacob Zuma will become the

country's next president.

The celebration haves already

begun. They are cheering

South Africa's Ruling Party

the ANC and its leader Jacob

Zuma. That is him smiling

down at them. In person he

has not declared victory yet

but it is only a matter of

time People have come out in

big numbers which indicates

that the population has taken

these elections very

seriously I think we have to give Jacob Zuma a chance to

see what he can do and I hope

he does not disappoints us

all The votes are still

being counted but it is clear

South Africa's Opposition parties have failed to make the break through they

believe is so badly needed

here We are going to win

where we can and put good Government into place where

we can and we will

demonstrate the South Africa

what good, clean Government

can achieve and unlike the

ANC which is corrupt and very

corrupt at its top level. So

who us Jacob Zuma? He is

famous for his singing, down

to earth style and diplomatic

skills. A proud Zulu and

polygamist born into poverty,

self educated, a liberation

issue. He is popular with the

for and he has promised to

focus high unelement are

employment and fighting the

crime wave. Critics both in

to his local legal battles

but he was acquitted of rape

and corruption charges have

been dropped. His party

remains dogged by corruption.

Some fear he will move South

Africa the one-party state. You're watching ABC News for Australia Network

coming up Russia tries to

bring North Korea back to the

negotiating table. And a

winning image. The spirit of Gallipoli lives on through

the eyes of artists.

The Indian Prime Minister

Manmohan Singh has cast his

vote during the second phase

of the country's general

election. The Indian leader

arrived at the voting booths

in Assam state's capital amid

tight security. He and his

wife waited in line with other voters and the Prime

Minister was in a confident

mood. He told roarers

Congress would be victorious in Assam and the Government

would be run by the Congress

Party. As India's election

rolls on royal trump cards

are being played. A former

Princess is challenging the

seat of Jodhpur. The imposing

fort is a symbol of centuries

of royal his dry. More than

60 years since the

introduction of Democratic

elections royalty is still

very important here prompting

the ruling Indian National

Congress party to run an election candidate with a

royal pedigree. Congress is

a very development-oriented

and poor people's party so

when they have royalty who

has been looking after the

interest of the people plus

they have the Congress with

it that makes an added

support to the party. On the

outskirts of Jodhpur these

people brave temperatures in

excess of 40 degrees to hear

from the Congress Party

candidate. She is well-known

here as the

here as the sister of the

leader of Jodhpur. Recent

change the electoral

boundaries have increased the

number of voters traditionally loyal to the Royal Family A factor the

Congress candidate hopes will

help her win. But the

sitting MP to the main

Opposition Party the BJP is

confident he can retain his seat seat despite the Royal challenge.

transanswer the those people

who support the Congress will

remain with the Congress.

Those loyal to the BJP will

remain with the BJP. No cast

goes just in one direction

While cast and royal connections will play a

crucial role in this election

many of the people living in

villages on the arid outskirts of this city will

be voting in the hope of be voting in the hope of getting better living

conditions. People in this

village want the new India

government to do more to

improve basic

infrastructure. TRANSLATION:

There is a great problem

here, problem of water

supply. Whatter does not come

here regularly. Even when

water is there the pressure

is very low. While the king

the continue the live in one of

the most famous private

residences in Jodhpur there

political candidate royal or is no gurn tee either

not will be able to do

anything to improve

conditions for those most in

need. Fleesha's presidential

elections look likely to be a

contest between the incumbent

and his deputy after the sis

would Vice President declared he

would run. The Golkar Party decision to back Justin Ash

will spice up a contest the

President looked to win easy.

The Vice President

Vice-President Kalla rates poorly in polls but many regard him as the engine of

the Government. But his party

is Indonesia's second

biggest. Golkar Party has

accused the president of

being patronising. There has

been no response from the President who had President who had been in

meeting with the new Malaysian Prime Minister

Najib Razak Russia has

launched a diplomatic mission to try to bring North Korea

back into international

disarmament talks. The

Russian Foreign Minister

Sergey Lavrov has arrived in

Pyonyang for a 2-day visit

and a meeting with his North

Korea counterpart. The

Russian media says the

nuclear stand-off is expected

to dominate during the trip

and he may neat the North

the Foreign Minister warned Korea leader Kim Jong-il but

he does not expect an

immediate breakthrough. Last

week North Korea expelled all

monitors and vowed to stop

its program. That happened

after the council condemned

Pyonyang's recent rocket

launch. In the south the Government warns that any

attempt by North Korea to

restart nuclear activities

would only increase the need

for extra sanctions TRANSLATION: That

would be squarely against all

the denuclearisation talk the

and it will reinforce the

need to rigorously reinforce the United Nations Security

Council resolution 1718 But

a small group of supporters

insole sole has staged a

protests. They want South

Korea to a Bandon plans to

sign up the the proliferation

security initiative.

Transanswer the we civic

group members say the PSI

should be abolished because

it destroys economic

North Koreas cooperation. So far the

Iran is preparing new

proposals aimed at ending the

stand-off with the witht over

is disputed program. The Iranian Foreign Minister is

in Brussels for talk was the

EU. Before heading the the EU

headquarters he told the

reporters the package could

be a good base for a mutual cooperation at international

level. While he did not

elaborate on the contents of

the package he did say Iran

would not halt its uranium

enrichment activities China

has warned the Japanese Prime

Minister that bilateral ties

between the two nations could

be damaged. Beijing is concerned about Taro Aso's

decision the make an offer to

a controversial wear shrine. Finally some wet wear

apologies dash that was not

the correct item. Hopefully

we will bring it to you. We

will try to bring that to you

in the next little while. A

state of emergency in

Thailand's capital will be

lifted today. Emergency rule was imposed two weeks ago in

a bid to end violent street protests. Meanwhile

Thailand's army commander has

confirmed some of the bullets

used during an assassination

attempt on the leader of the

Yellow Shirt protest movement

came from an army training

facility. An investigation

has been ordered the establish how the three M-16

bullet casings casings came

to be at the scene of the

attack on Sondhi. The

military has confirmed the

reports the bullets were

intended for use by training

of the army. Speculation army

personnel may have been

involved in the assassination

attempt was denied A US

marine has been freed from

jail in the Philippines after

his rape conviction was

overturned by the country's

appeals court. Lance Corporal

Daniel submitted was release

from the US Embassy in Ma

nilla after serving 2 and a

half years of his life

sentence. The appeals court found there was insufficient

evidence to prove he rape add

Filipino woman at a US Navy

base in 2005. The decision

has angered Andy American

activists who say it is proof

of the Government's sub

servance to the US. Australia's Defence

Department has just released

Navy pictures of last week's

fatal boat explosion of

Ashmore Reef. The series of

still photographs shows the

boat's interception and

subsequent destruction.

Meanwhile two accused people-smugglers have arrived

in Perth overnight from

Christmas Island. The

Indonesian men are due the

Magistrates Court later. appear in the city's

Today You're watching ABC

News for Australia Network

Pakistan has mobilised forces

to the Swat Valley after

hardline militants ambush add

convoy of security personnel

killing one police officer.

In recent days the

International Monetary Fund

has made it clear the global

economic crisis is far from

of the International Monetary over. Now the chief economist

Fund says fast-tracking

infrastructure projects is

now the best policy as the

world grapples with severe

recession. Mr Blanchard

reveals it is the ideal

strategy along with cash

rebates, he says tax bonus

payments and tax cuts will

not necessarily sometime that

it the economy because people

are more likely to save the

money. Disgruntled landowners have brought Papua New

Guinea's biggest resource

project tots a grinding halt.

Papua New Guinea's national

court has extend add

restraining order preventing

negotiations over the royalties expected to flow

from an $11 billion liquified

natural gas project. The

project cut not proceed

without a benefit-sharing

agreement That does not mean the projects will be stopped

completely. We are working at

a resolution and at the end

of the day we will have an

agreement that should be

acceptable for all the

important stake holders The

matter returns to court for

further discussions on

Monday. Let's check the

financial market in the US overnight -

the spirit of Gallipoli is

living on. The New

Zealand-born artist the Ewen

McLeod has won the $25,00 art

prize. His painting was

chosen from more than 100

including Alex Campbell which

is Australia's longest

surviving soldier.

The New Zealand-born

artist adds the Gallopoli art

prize to a string of other

wins including a Archie bald

and the Blake You sense an

aspect of a physical presence

of people having been there,

almost a memorial. There is a

sense of war, battle or

something pretty vile has

happened there The art prize

is in its fourth year

commemorating the soldiers

from all sides who fought at

Gallipoli. The Turkish Australian was inspired the

paint her work after visiting the battlefield where her

great, great uncle perished

so long ago I actually

wanted to show the presence

of the soldiers that they are

still there every time we

remember there so even though

all the men there look really

important but the actual men

that matter are still there

and they never leave. Angela

Claridge also went on a

mission. In 2003 a year after

the death of her famous

great, great grandfather Alex

Campbell Australia's last

survivor of the campaign. She

was 16 the same age he was

when he fought there and she

has paid tribute to him on

canvass. It was just extraordinary turning 16 at

Gallipoli and understanding

for the first time how young

he was when he went there and

how it must have affected him

as such a young machine and

still after that experience

he lived such a rich life

More than 100 artists entered

the competition, each with a

very different take on the

battle that is so much a part

of Australasian and Turkish

history. Another Australian

has died while walking on the gruelling Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea. It is the

second fatality in less than

a week. As Liam Fox reports

from Port Moresby. Department of Foreign Affairs

says a 26-year-old man from

NSW died on the track

yesterday. A spokesman says consular officials in Port

Moresby and Canberra are

providing assistance to the

man's family who have asked

for their privacy to be

respected. Last Friday

36-year-old Samantha Killen

collapsed and died a day

after setting off. Around

1000 people mostly

Australians are expected the

tackle 96 kilometre mountain

trek in the lead-up to Anzac

Day. The deaths are sure the

case at shadow over commemorations along the

track. China's men's

volleyball squad has a new

recruit. As the first black

athlete to play for the

national team he has given

the group unprecedented media

coverage. China's media are

clamouring for a look at the

country's volleyball team and

in particular their latest

addition Ding Hui. For

Chinese sportsman to the

sight of a person of mixed

race playing for one of their

national teams is unheard of.

The media have nicknamed him

'Little Black'. Ding Hui says

it is better than his other

nickname "The volleyball

Obama"! Transanswer the I'm

happy. I feel fine if you

call me that. Local meeta say

Ding Hui's father returned to

South Africa before he was

born and he was raised by his

mother's family. Although shy

at first once he started to

go to a sports school Ding

Hui showed promise as an at

lead. Now he is happy with his chosen

career TRANSLATION: We are

given big tasks for the

coming years. The players and

coaches shoulder big pressure

especially for the coach. We

must qualify for the 2012

Olympics. This is the biggest

aim for just Ding Hui is a

player who specialised in gee

fence. His instinct for the

game and good physical

condition caught the

attention of the national

team's head coach. TRANSLATION: His

basic skills are solid and

his dig and pass are soft. He

is very talented and I would

say he is a gifted libero

They always wear a different

coloured outfit but in

China's case there is

unlikely to be any confusion

about identify in their key

player. In the Indian

Premier League Shane Warne's

Rajasthan's Royals stormed to victory against the night

rioters with a super over.

With scores even on 150 runs

cricket's version of a

penalty shootout was needed

to decide the winner. Man of

the Match Yusuf slammed 18

runs off 4 balls the snatch

victory The Royals are now in

fourth place in the IPL

standings. Let's check out

the weather forecast for the

rest of the week -finally

some wet weather on its way

to south-east Australia. It

could be cooler as well as a

series of cold fronts move through. Windy and wet in

Melbourne, rain developing in

both Canberra and Hobart.

Showers for Adelaide, a

clearing shower in Perth.

Further north finance and

settled. A low edges closer

the New Zealand, for

Auckland, fine and sunny in Wellington. Clearing in


Fresh wind will bring a

drizzle to Hong Kong.

Thunderstorms firing up.