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Tonight, the wintery chill: An icy

blast hits New South Wales. Oh,

it's damn cold, isn't it?

Two Indian men arrested during an anti-violence protest in Western

Sydney. And a deadly truck crash

brings the F3 to a standstill. brings the F3 to a standstill.

Good evening, I'm Sandra Sully. And

I'm Bill Woods. I'm Bill Woods.

Also, a helicopter crashes at

Dreamworld on the Gold Coast, and a

politician pelted with eggs as a

demonstration turns ugly.

But first, winter has well and

truly arrived. With snow falling and heaters cranked-up as temperatures plummet across the

state. Tim Bailey joins us. Tim,

just how cold did it get?

The very, is the technical Barnes.

-- technical answer. Sydney had its

called as a day this year. 14

degrees. Many places across the

average. state dipping in nine degrees below

Just like a well aimed snowball, it

was a cold, hard hit and it caught

many of us off guard. That just got

straight in my face. Even in the

snowfields, the locals weren't sure

what to make of it. But the early

cold snap soon had them jumping for

joy in Thredbo and Perisher - where

more than half a metre dumped down.

What nature laid out, man was happy

to build on, with perfect snow

making conditions forecast for the

week ahead. It's in stark contrast

to last season's slow start to last season's slow start - with

Australia's ski fields ready to

open most runs this weekend. The

cold snap wasn't as much fun for

city folk. The sun was shining but

the temperature refused to budge

above 10 degrees until after 9:00am. above 10 degrees until after 9:00am.

It's damn cold, isn't it? It's

ridiculously cold. And a brutal

wind chill factor is making it feel

a lot colder than it really is. We were meant to be were meant to be enjoying 14

degrees today but winds from

Antarctica made it feel more like 6.

While the surge of cold wind is

heading out to sea, a high pressure

system is moving in which will lead

to clear skies and light winds,

that's the perfect recipe for very

cold night time temperatures and

widespread frosts across NSW and Victoria.

Even west of the Blue Mountains has

been transformed into snowfields.

This is my first. It's beautiful,

it's unexpected. Leaving many

frozen in their tracks. They're

week. bracing for -5 degrees later in the

What is the forecast?

There is a dry, westerly winds will

be used. These guys will remain

clear and will go from 14 to six

then it tomorrow. The worry is

going to be the overnight

temperatures. Our minimum

temperature on Friday looks like

will be zero degrees as a minimum

on Friday morning. I will see you again later.

again later.

As a helicopter has crashed at

dream world won the Gold Coast. It

has come down on a car park.

Five people were on board the

helicopter when it crashed into the

car park just before four o'clock

this afternoon. We now know that

two people on board had suffered two people on board had suffered

spinal injury, the others have

escaped relatively unheard.

Conditions had been atrocious all

day. We notice a lot of turbulence

in the air. Firefighters had

covered the helicopter with a fine,

preventing it from catching fire.

Authorities pulled the victims from

the wreckage. The area has been

cordoned off, preserving the crash

site for investigators. Conditions

down here absolutely atrocious

offline. Investigators will be

looking to see what role that

played in this accident or whether

there was something else. They will

looking for pick through the wreckage tomorrow

looking for signs as to what caused

this crash. The five people on

board taken to Gold Coast hospital

for further trigger an. Two people

suffering spinal injuries. The park

remains open. All the rides still

operating. It is not clear if

people inside it are aware of what

is going on.

is going on.

Police have been accused of

ignoring growing community tensions

in Sydney's Harris Park. Frustrated

Indians have rallied on the streets

for a second night, claiming that

safety fears. police have brushed aside their

Finding strength in numbers, young

Indians made their frustrations

known. (Chanting) We want justice!

Around 200 youths converged on

Harris Park for a second night demanding greater police protection.

Some brandished weapons as rumours

spread Middle Eastern men had

attacked protesters. This man

claims he was bashed by 10 Lebanese

wielding baseball bats. They were

in the cars and they were fully

armed with baseball bats and things

like that and this thing happens in

accused front of police. Police have been

accused of doing nothing to stop

the violence. Give us statements,

give us evidence, so we can make

arrests. It's a general perception

of a lack of police action that

makes many in the community here

feel so unsafe. Those that we've

spoken to say that when a crime is

reported that happens right here in

broad daylight, it takes police too

meny hours to respond. It took

police 8 hours to help Ganesh Loke

after he was punched in the face

here yesterday and his glasses were

smashed. I want the police smashed. I want the police to be

more vigilant and more proactive

because if they don't take these

matters seriously it will keep

happening again and again. Today it

was the wiser community heads who

tried to bridge the ethnic divide.

Better we can sit together and

solve this issue sooner, as soon as

possible. Frank, a 40-year veteran

of Harris Park, has seen the

growing tensions as more Indians

move in to a predominantly Lebanese move in to a predominantly Lebanese

suburb. You gotta give 'em time to suburb. You gotta give 'em time to

blend in. News of the protests has reached Indian television, making families of local students

concerned. They are calling us just

wanting to know if we are safe or

not. The Prime Minister says the

growing tensions don't make

Australia a racist place. All

cities from time to time are going

to have acts of violence. Let's put

this into perspective. A sister and

brother have been a child over

killing a neighbour for a barking

grandfather. dog. He was about to become a

A Life last simply over a barking

dog. A 47-year-old was returning

home with a friend after a day of

celebrations on Australia Day. As

they walked they told their

neighbour's dog to shut up. The

owners of the dogs have grown

outside and a series of divided

brought to place. The man was not

to the ground and fatally stabbed

through the back. The brother

pleaded guilty while the sister

pleaded not guilty but was

convicted but it -- by the jury. In

sentencing, the judge said it was

unclear which sibling had picked up

the knife and inflicted the final

blow. He therefore sentenced the

brother to for use non baroque and

his sister to 10 years. Both

sentences grossly inadequate sentences grossly inadequate

according to the victim's family.

He could not see his grandson who

had just been born. The due to time

already served, the man will be

eligible for parole in September 2011.

The confident of Australian

consumers has soared with the rise

not seen in 22 years. Economic

optimists now outnumber the

pessimists. That could be tested tomorrow.

There is nothing like a raft of

good numbers to boost a government

selling campaign. The Housing Minister proudly inspecting

accommodation founded by the

government. New homeloans hit a 14-

month high. The treasurer quick to

claim a credit. That these figures

provide some evidence of the

benefits of economic stimulants and

its impact on consumer confidence.

The Westpac index has found

consumer sentiment has surged.

Bursting out of the recessionary

gloom in a way not seen for two

decades. The reason why decades. The reason why we had such

a large jump is that consumers feel

the risk of a recession is now

behind us. There are still dark

clouds, Access Economics is

forecasting retells south to Islam

as the stimulus of receipts and

unemployment rises. Bashkash Retail

has lumps. Economists are expecting

to see rates heading back. Berrowra

Remus Kevin Rudd will call an

election Ali. He does not want to

bring down another budgets. He will

try to get to the polls as soon as

the can. Pigs might fly. Mr Wright

is impressed by another stimulus

program, funding urban renewal and

creating jobs. We are here to do a

job, it is called helping Australia

to get out of that global recession.

Dick Brisbane Broncos are

considering cancelling Friday

night's game because of swine flu.

It all hinges on Karmichael Hunt's test results? test results?

The Broncos are still waiting on

the test results. We had been told

there would happen by four o'clock

but we're still waiting. Last night,

we saw 50 players and staff who

have been in contact with

Karmichael Hunt warranting. Some of

those had been tested and have been

given Tamiflu as a precaution. If

he's found to have swine flu, we

are likely to see Friday night's

games against the Bulldogs cancel.

Thank you. These Socceroos Ra

headline act, but will they draw a Sydney crowd at?

We will have to wait and see it.

There are concerns about how many

fans will turn up tonight. With

only 40,000 tickets sold, the crowd

might be on the small side?

I do not think these chilly

conditions are again to be helping

them very much. It is a stark

contrast to four years ago when

this place was packed to the

rafters. That time, it was all to

play for because Australia still

had not booked eight place in the

World Cup for Germany. Now they are

already going to South Africa.

Perhaps the fans will turn out to

help the team celebrate. Let us

hope they do because they deserve it.

The Eels make good on the threat to

rebuild their team with big

signings. One of the game's most

sought-after forwards from the drop

-- break-ins and also a Bristow

goes from east to west. Also, a 7-

year-old girl who has proved to be

a lucky charm for a sporting team.

Thank you.

The Sydney school that claims they

have missed out on stimulus cash.

A semi-trailer hurtles into RTA

workers next to the air for three.

Gold Coast detectives make eight

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This program is captioned live.

A truck crash on the F3 has left

one man dead and another five

people injured. Police say the

semi-trailer ploughed into an RTA

truck on the side of the road. Both

vehicles caught fire. vehicles caught fire.

The mangled wreck of a B-double

truck spread out over several

hundred metres. Nearby residents

say the crash sounded like an

explosion. The semi was carrying a

full load of beer kegs when it

slammed into an RTA vehicle parked

on the side of the road. It's

understood a ground crew was

clearing grass from the verge just

before the impact. We are unsure of

what has occurred but we do know

that we have at least one deceased

person. An RTA worker in his 50s

died at the scene. Another four

were injured and have been taken to

Gosford Hospital. The semi driver

survived the impact and is being

treated for shock. He's been

arrested and will undergo drug and

alcohol testing. The force of the

crash sent both trucks down an

embankment, causing them to roll

before bursting into flames. We are

very lucky that more people were

not injured by flying debris. Traffic heading south towards

Sydney was banked up for several Sydney was banked up for several

kilometres with both southbound

lanes closed. Police say it will be

several hours before the wreckage

is cleared and are warning of long delays.

A man has been extradited to Sydney

to face a murder charge dating back

14 years. Cold case detectives

arrested Darren Smith on Sunday in

the Queensland town of Bowen. They

allege the 43-year-old killed

Russell Lyons in a car park brawl

in Fairfield in 1995. The 20-year-

old died of head injuries. A

special strike force was set up

last year to investigate the crime.

A Sydney bikie has been extradited

to Adelaide, accused of torturing a

man with a cattle prod. Franchesco

Condo, a senior member of the Finks,

was arrested after DNA evidence allegedly

allegedly linked him to the

abduction of an Adelaide man in

2000. The 39-year-old is also

charged with assaulting another man

in May this year, also in Adelaide.

He's been remanded in custody until next week.

And former crime fighter Mark

Standen has been committed to stand

trial, accused of plotting to

import at least 300kg of

pseudoephedrine into Australia.

Phone calls, faxes and statements

obtained by Federal Police officers

allegedly link the 51-year-old to

the scheme. Standen was a senior

Crime Commission officer when he

was arrested in June last year after a 2-year investigation spanning three continents.

Frustrated parents are planning to

drag the State Government to the

Human Rights Commission over the

treatment of special needs children

in schools. They say there's a

clear case of discrimination.

Not many people have been singing

the Premier's praises lately. But

that changed when he joined his

colleague Julia Gillard on what you

could call a stimulus symphony.

(SINGING) No, I've never seen

anything like it. They certainly

haven't - $2.3 billion in the

second round of funding for

building new classrooms. Now,

that's a huge amount of money.

Money classrooms like this are in

desperate need of. Parents of

children with special needs claim

the State Government's been

derelict in providing adequate care

for their children. The children

can't actually stand beside their

able bodied peers and function

effectively. Almost 80% of principals rank special needs

funding as poor or very poor, and

point to the case of 5-year-old

John Quinn. He receives 18 minutes

per day funding. They label it's discrimination and are planning

legal action in the Human Rights

Commission to shame the Government

into action. There are roughly

10,000 special needs students in

New South Wales. And parents say

they could be properly looked after

with just an extra $350 million in

funding. A claim countered by what

the Education Minister says is a

more than adequate spend. It's a

record amount, so over a billion

dollars a year. Dollars which have

helped the likes of Blake Mason,

but his carer and grandmother Bev

fear for his future. If he doesn't

get the education now, how's he

going to cope when he's 15, 18?

Next, a deadly suicide attack in Pakistan.

Also, protestors take on a

politician. He's an MP who really

does have egg on his face.

And the catch most people would

missile. throw back - a fisherman hooks a

Well, boys, that'll do me for today. Better luck tomorrow, eh? He's been saying that for 40 years. And he still hasn't caught a thing. WOMAN ON TV: Number 5 Lotto number is 1. and the final winning all of our Lotto winners... So congratulations to MAN: It can't be! (MAN 2 LAUGHS) Oh, look at that fish. Look at that fish. Yeah.

This program is captioned live.

Good sign that right now bought

Socceroos in numbers.

This stage a lot of traffic trying

to head into home Bush. Mrs

Parramatta Road and the M4. You can

see the flashing lights. No

accident or breakdown. Very heavy accident or breakdown. Very heavy

peak hour traffic. Tried to avoid

the motorway heading towards home

Borge. Heading to see hopefully the

Socceroos winning. There are about

five kilometres was of traffic for

the F three after that accident

mentioned earlier. Australia's last

remaining digger and oldest man has

victoria. been laid to rest in country

victoria. Jack Ross passed away

last week, aged 110. He was 18 when

he signed up for World War One, but

never fought overseas. He also

enlisted for the second war,

serving in Australia. The fact is

we don't make people like Jack Ross

any more but we should. A life long

teetotaler and non smoker, Jack's

only vice was chocolate.

The Finance Report: A massive

rebound for the stock market?

Plenty of reasons for investors to

feel more confident. The crude oil

heating a hive. The banks also

dominated trade, following positive

signs from the US the recession may

be nearing an end. JPMorgan Chase,

Goldman Sachs and American Express

all doing better. We are seeing

initial returns on a few of these

investors -- investments. The

Breamlea on the banks and miners

drove the All All Ords:

That is the day in finance.

A luxury hotel has been bombed,

leaving 16 people dead in Pakistan.

At least two gunmen shot their way

through a security barrier, then

rammed a truck into the five-star Pearl Continental hotel, detonating

half a tonne of explosives. No

Australians were hurt in the

bombing, but at least 57 people

were injured. It's the seventh

deadly attack since the government

launched a crackdown on Taliban militants last month.

The first detainee from Guantanamo

Bay to stand trial in the US has

pleaded not guilty to terror

charges. Ahmed Ghailani is accused

of helping build bombs that killed

hundreds of people at the US

embassies in Kenya and Tanzania 11-

years ago. He has spent the past 3-

years at the military prison in

Cuba and until now would have faced

a military tribunal. President

Barack Obama promised to bring

detainees to trial as part of his

plan to close Guantanamo. Airlines

around the world are replacing around the world are replacing

plane speed monitors like those

linked to the Air France disaster

off Brazil. So far 41 bodies have

been recovered from the Atlantic

crash site - with 187 still missing. crash site - with 187 still missing.

The Airbus jet tail fin is one of

the best clues to what happened to

fight for 47. It is almost intact,

suggesting it was ripped off by

strong aerodynamic forces as the

plane made its way across the

Atlantic to Paris. This was seen on

an American Airbus that crashed and

killed 225 people. Another clue, 24

alerts cent from the A three 30 to alerts cent from the A three 30 to

maintenance. Of particular Inst -

interest, indicating the end speed

probe may have been faulty. Air

France is replacing the senses on

its 8330 flayed but only with the

recovery of the black-box recorder

will investigators know for sure.

Black box recovery was not an issue

after US plane made an emergency

landing on the Hudson River. There

are still questions that need to be

answered. The captain believes his

40 years' flying experience helped

keep him calm as he ditched into

the river. I think it allowed me to

focus clearly on the highest

priorities. Without having to refer

to written guidance. Passengers

will be for ever thankful for that.

An extremist politician has been

violently ambushed at a news

conference with the chaos leaving 2

in hospital. British National Party

leader Nick Griffin was pelted with

eggs and screamed-at by around a

hundred protesters. His team tried

to leave but the demonstrators gave

chase. The MP, flanked by security

guards who shoved anyone who got in

their way was shouted down as Nazi

scum. Griffin, who has a criminal

conviction over racial hatred, is

one of two British extreme right-

European Parliament. wingers to be elected to the wingers to be elected to the

A commercial fisherman has reeled

in more than he bargained for in

the Gulf of Mexico. Rodney Salomon

netted what he thought was a large

fish, but actually turned out to be

a heavily corroded missile. Instead

of calling authorities the Florida

man continued his 10-day fishing

trip. It was only when he returned

to port that the bomb squad told

him the air-to-air missile was

at any moment. still live and could have exploded

He is one lucky man. Next, Tim

Bailey with more great pictures of

the winter chill. Also, young

models showcase designs that target

baby-boomers. And Britney Spears to

bring her circus to Sydney.

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This program is captioned live.

Top stories this newshour, five

people injured in a helicopter

crash at Dreamworld on the Gold

Coast. Witnesses say the aircraft

lost power while coming in to land

forcing the pilot to crash land in

the car park. The helicopter rolled

several times before coming to rest.

A Sydney woman will spend at least

10 years in jail for murdering a

neighbour who complained about her

barking dog. A jury found 26 year-

old Katrina Whitmore guilty. Her

brother will serve a maximum seven years for manslaughter.

And Sydneysiders have shivered

through a sudden cold snap. We had

a maximum today of just 14 degrees

across the state many areas had

temperatures nine below average.

And the cold snap has transformed

towns hit by the Black Saturday bushfires.

Their first report as saying there

is a cold fronts were the hardy

folks of the high country. We go to

Threadbo now. Hard to believe on a

Sunday there was not a flake on the

ground, it is now when stay up and

there is half a metre. It came

right on cue.

It snowed around midday on Sunday

and it did not stop for the next 72

hours. We had temperatures down and

currently here it is minus two and

a minus seven at the top. Pretty


Not a lift to be seen on Sunday, a

different story this weekend. What

is the weather again to do for the weekend?

It looks like we again to get a

couple of days of sunshine. Another

front coming through, we should

seek snowfalls late Saturday night

extending into Monday. Perishable

her already has a belly open. --

Perisher blue already has a belly open.

Tomorrow will be at bit warmer. We

will get to a maximum of around 16

degrees. You minimum temperature in

the Western Suburbs on Friday

morning, expected to be zero. All

those incredible details and more lovely pictures later.

The cold snap has transformed towns

hit by the Saturday bushfire. It's

four months since the Prime

Minister last set foot in Kinglake.

Today he left footprints in the snow.

But there is a nothing to protect

you from the weather. The more wind

comes through. The falls meant a

new delay to re-building projects

for residents still living in

temporary accommodation. But the

snow also brings tourists - just

what local businesses need.

An unusual fashion launch today in

Sydney. The clothes are aimed at

baby boomers, but the models were definitely generation Y.

40 is the new 20, which is possibly

why 20 year-olds went down the

runway in this new range of clothes

meant for 40 year-olds. The label's

called Trenery, and it's an older

sister for veteran Australian label

Country Road, set to open in

September. We were looking around

to see where our future growth was

coming. But they do not want to be

debut. There is a need for both men

and women to find something that is

taking into consideration age and

shape. The clothes should A

smattering of the style set in the

range's target market acknowledged

there is a need for fabulous

fashion for the over 40s. But

fashion pundits warn they can be a

tough crowd to please. The general

feet is easier than country road.

And there are plenty of options

that cover the arms. Men can also

choose a look for their mid-life

makeover. Once men get to a certain

age, we are not as old as our

fathers were. Do you wear socks? I

am kind of all school like that. If

this is a success, we can expect

other labels to follow suit. So why

the young models?

Britney Spears is on her way and

she's bringing the whole Circus to

town! Britney will play her first

ever Sydney concerts at Acer Arena

on November 19 and 20. Joining her

on stage will be 50 acrobats,

magicians, clowns and dancers.

MUSIC PLAYING. The star has copped

flak for lip-syncing much of the

show, but supporters say fans come

to see the whole Britney Spears'

spectacle. Tickets go on sale on

July 3 - the best seats costing $200.

Will the Bulldogs and the Broncos's match go ahead?

We are still waiting on Karmichael

Hunt's test results. Things did not

much good at the Broncos today.

Pigs might fly, South boss gives

animated descriptions of swine flu fears.

The Socceroos still feeling the

heat from the coach.

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This program is captioned live.

Still no word on whether the NRL

will be forced to cancel Friday

night's Brisbane Bulldogs clash

because of swine flu. There are

fears Broncos fullback Karmichael

Hunt has contracted the virus. The

league is still waiting for his

test results. The Broncos took no

chances this morning, cancelling

training and telling their entire

squad to stay in isolation.

Elsewhere other Origin players were

allowed out of quarintine but there

was no sign of Michael Crocker at

Souths training - the club

confirming he stayed at home with

the flu. What happened was a big

pig came through the window last

night. Despite that he's only got a

cold. Richardson didn't stop there.

He says swine flu is the biggest

beat-up since the millennium bug.

The Parramatta Eels have declared

themselves a club on the rise after

today signing key forwards Justin

Poore and Shane Shackleton. The

Eels winning a long battle with the

Dragons and Cronulla for Poore's signature.

An upset win over Newcastle and the

recruitment of two quality forwards.

Suddenly the future's looking

bright at Parramatta. Yeah, very

exciting. Not since probably last

Christmas was I this excited. The Eels signing hard-hitting Roosters backrower Shane Shackleton for

three years. But the biggest prize

is Justin Poore. The Dragons and

Blues Origin prop also signing

until the end of 2012. He's a State

of Origin front rower and it is a

huge boost for our club. But there

is a downside. It means a clean out

of the current ranks is inevitable.

Yeah, there are players that are

off contract who won't be playing

for Parramatta next year. Off

contract Eels include backs Eric

Grothe and Taulima Tawtie and

forwards Joe Galuvao and Todd

Lowrie. Their next concern, though,

is adding to an impressive 8-match

winning streak against the Wests

Tigers when the two sides clash on

Monday night. And after that, who

knows where the Eels might end up?

We haven't shut up shop. We're not

sitting on the top of the table but

we're not giving in by any stretch.

There's a long way to go.

After already qualifying for the

World Cup finals, Socceroos coach

Pim Verbeek has warned his players against complacency in tonight's

match against Bahrain. Neil Cordy

is at a chilly ANZ stadium. Neil,

any word on who'll be skipper? Not

officially yet because Harry Kewell

is the man favoured to get the nod.

He is against Mark Schwarzer and

Finney. I don't expect there will

be too much trouble for him tonight.

He went for a walk with his team-

mates earlier this morning in a

sunny but chilly conditions. It is

a stark contrast to four days ago

when the temperatures were up to 40

degrees. It has been a very

different road through to the World

Cup this year, coming through Asia.

In a lot of ways it has been more

difficult. We have had a campaign

of 18 months were we have travelled

all over Asia. Vastly different

climates we have had to endure and

it has been a very good learning

curve for us. His defenders will be

hoping to keep another clean sheet.

They have yet to concede a goal in

this phase of qualifying. Let's

hope our forwards can knock in a

few goals as well. few goals as well.

The Wallabies might be expected to

win easily against Italy on

Saturday night in Canberra, but the

side is still bracing for a brutal

battle up front. The Aussie

forwards say they're excited to be

taking on the experienced and

physical Azzurri pack. The

Wallabies are also wary of former

NRL star Craig Gower, who's making

his international debut. He will

certainly be an important cog in

the team. The forwards are going to

be a big concern. The Wallabies

have won all 10 of their previous have won all 10 of their previous

encounters with Italy.

The Orlando Magic have beaten the

LA Lakers in game three of the NBA

Finals series. They now trail 2-1 Finals series. They now trail 2-1

in the best-of-seven series after

winning 108 to 104. Pre-game,

Orlando wheeled out its lucky charm

- a 7-year-old supporter who's

performed the national anthem at

Magic games six times this season. Magic games six times this season.

And on each occasion, they've won.


Her record is now seven and zip.

The Magic recording their first win

in a Finals series. Their shooting

percentage a record 63%. Their

superstar - known as Superman -

Dwight Howard finished with 21

points and 14 rebounds.

In Sports Tonight at 9:30 on ONE,

we meet a member of the basketball

team preparing to represent

Australia for the first time at the

World Dwarf games.

Vic Lorusso in the traffic helicopter.

We will also have the latest on

Rafael Nadal's bid to be fit for Wimbledon.

The traffic now. A breakdown in

Rose Hill will not help?

Especially for this traffic heading

for this opera at Homebush. A

broken-down car Reinier The

racecourse. The traffic goes all

the way back towards Victoria Road

and further into wards North need.

Ecus tonight. A terrible smash on

the and three.

The news on the weather is next.

It's normal to be nervous before a job interview. BOY: Yep. Especially one that has real career potential. Yes, Mum. And a real future. Yes, Mum. (SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) There's a big difference between a job and a career, Wally. OK, here we go. It's really important to make a good first impression. Yes, Mum. MAN: Hi, I'm Chris. Would you like to come in? Good luck, Mum.

Just through here. Hey, look, it's kicking. It's kicking. Look! (BOTH SHRIEK) Did you see that? Do another one.

Before we go to weather, let's get

an update on the Dreamworld chopper

crash. Ten reporter Bianca Stone is there.

Details are sketchy but what we

have been told is the trouble was

coming into land. It was in its

final stages of landing when there

was some kind of Power failure. It

seems the pilot has done the heroic

think and moved the chopper and

crash-landed it into an empty part

of the car park. The chopper is

into pieces. The tale is 20 metres

from the main section. There is

wreckage spread over 40 metres.

There were four Asian tourists on

board. Firefighters say it was hard

to communicate with those tourists

because of the language barrier.

All of them are OK. They only had

minor injuries. The pilot has some

injuries to the lower part of his

back. It seems an amazing story of

survival and the pilot has done the

right thing. Thanks, Bianca Stone

at Dreamworld. Tim, we were jolted into winter today?

You could not get to Ugg boot some

quick enough. Sydney's coldest day

of the year. We think we will go

down to zero in most to Sydney's

western suburbs on Friday morning. western suburbs on Friday morning.

Half a metre of snow across the

Australian Alps. Not only their but

in unlikely places. A flake or two

across the Blue Mountains. We had

some at Oberon. The southern table

and Scott 11 centimetres. Nine

degrees below average. What are we

going to do with bad weather

forecast? Those south westerlies

will ease tomorrow. That will give

us some relief. The wind chill will

not be as bitter as it was today.

We will get up to 16 degrees

tomorrow and mainly fine and sunny

until the weekend. Your weather

photographs, please keep them

coming. They are fantastic. This is

another beauty. We go to Newcastle.

Your brother's on the beach. Thanks

to Harvey Norman and Panasonic.

This Friday night, it might have

your name on it. Endure backyard, I

need to wrap this up. It is cold. your name on it. Endure backyard, I need to wrap this up. It is cold.

11 degrees at Cosford.

Cloud is being driven across

Tasmania, Victoria, South these NSW

by a gusty winds, bringing light by a gusty winds, bringing light

showers and Highland snow falls. A

Tasman low will moved south east Tasman low will moved south east

causing cold south-westerly wind

stickies and show was to clear from

Victoria and Tasmania. A high will Victoria and Tasmania. A high will

cause widespread frosts. Isolated

showers on the NSW south coast,

showers clear from Victoria and

Tasmania. Showers stream over WA. showers clear from Victoria and Tasmania. Showers stream over WA.

Tomorrow, a warmer day. Up to 16

degrees. Expect a frost tomorrow

and Friday, particularly Friday

with temperatures set to hit zero.

Those cold fronts really giving

with temperatures set to hit zero. Those cold fronts really giving NSW

the chills this evening. Interstate,

Brisbane, sunny and 18. That cold

front right at the east coast.

NSW tomorrow thaws out.

That was a cold one. Let's see what

do we can do tomorrow. It is going

to be tropical at 16.

That's Ten News for now, I'm Bill

Woods. I'm Sandra Sully - thanks

for your company. Updates

throughout the evening before the

Late News with Sports Tonight at

10:30. Goodnight. Captions by Red Bee Media Australia, Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia D-OHH! ( SCREAMS ) ( GASPS ) "WET CEMENT."