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(generated from captions) currently has 2,421 cars VOICEOVER: Mercedes-Benz in the next 60 days. that need to be cleared buy them outright or finance them. You can lease them, It's all up to you. Mercedes-Benz dealer today. Talk to your authorised it's still a sweltering 39 degrees, Here at Penrith,

a cool change is only hours away. which makes it hard to believe are strengthening the change. Northerly winds through the city Gusting up to 50km/h right now in a row of 40+ heat, Sydney's west has had four days which is a record. On the charts - in Northern Queensland a monsoonal trough

over the region. continues to dump flooding rain for the record-breaking heatwave While the trough responsible slowly moves north. across the south-east behind that system Cooler southerly winds by up to 20 degrees. are dropping temperatures the southern half of NSW tomorrow Those winds will extend through

to the coast. bringing isolated showers of the winds through Sydney Here we can see the direction shown by the yellow arrows, from the northeast. from the north-east. which today have been coming in the next hour or so They'll swing to the south

moves up the coast. as that fresh and gusty change after about 7pm this evening, So we can expect a gusty change to south-easterly tomorrow winds tending south up to 23 knots. and much cooler. Cloudy with some isolated showers

and coast, A top of 24 degrees for the city below average. which is a few degrees on Tuesday, Those showers will increase 23 in the city. 27 in the west. for the rest of the week. Staying cool and showery

We will fill that change in the West

after about 9pm this evening, we are after about 9pm this evening, we are

And that's Seven News to now looking forward to it.

were confirmed dead on a day 65 people in the Victorian bushfire tragedy. 'Sunday Night' Stay with us our new program is next, with Mike Munro and Chris Bath thanks for your company. I'm Ian Ross, Goodnight. by Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions This program is captioned live. in Victorian history. The worst weekend

And it was largely man made. Sunday Night begins right now.

Kinglake just basically exploded,

minutes, the whole of Kinglake was

afflame. They are burnt, they have

gone. This is probably the worst

thing we have Ex personsed in our

time. I have never been in a war

zone but that's what it looks like.

I just said to my wife, let's get in

the car and go.. the car and go.

I have got nothing. It's all gone.. I have got nothing. It's all gone.

Live across Australia, Krys Bath and

reporting from Whittlesea, Mike deeply scarred tonight. Hi and welcome to a place from Melbourne We're about an hour's drive around here who seem to be in a daze and we're finding so many people understanding what's hit them. and are having real problems This began as a battle to save homes a battle to save lives. but quickly turned into toll is 65. As we go to air the official death But sadly, that's likely to rise. people caught in the middle Tonight, personal stories from who risked everything to help. and we'll meet the heroes Also coming up - the real story behind the disappearance

Britt Lapthorne. of Australian backpacker Munro.

You wake up of a morning and you

think, owe ----, it's real.

It's snot one person, it's several

people who know what has happened.

Five, might have been 7, I can't

like the remember how many there were Felt

like the whole time it was

organised. I just felt like I had to

get out of there. Oh, my

are aware of this? get out of there. Oh, my God. You

police. We will make sure that gets to the

That investigation will change

everything but before that, Victoria

continues to burn tonight. There is

a rim of devastation right around

Melbourne and beyond. Some of the

fire fronts stretch hundreds of

kilometres. The cost in lives is the

most cip ling. 235 people died

around Kinglake. Four around Kinglake. Four in

around Kinglake.

around Kinglake - 25 people. 3 in Humevale and

Humevale and haze will wood. We also

know of deaths in Bendigo, Arthurs

Creek, Jeeralang and Upper

Callignee. Unbriefly the entire

towns of Kinglake and Marysville Callignee. Unbriefly the entire

have almost burnt to the ground.

And Sunday tonight reporter Monique

writ has just flown over Marysville.

What did you see? To describe it in

a word, horrific. You can't over

State it. There is nothing left of

this town. There are still fires

right around it so very thick smoke

and every street that you look at.

Every house is gone in the town

itself, every building is gone. The

pub was still alight when we flew

over just a short time ago, most of

literally no where to go the people have left because there's

literally no where to go there.

About 50 kilometres away, here in

Coldstream, is where we started our About 50 kilometres away, here in

day and as we drove down the road to

my left, we met the family, ger ta

and her son, a beautiful family and her son, a beautiful family this

and her son, a beautiful family how

their day started I was down the

back trying to fight the fire

back trying to fight the fire front,

just with a little tanker. He cut

the fences and took off

the fences and took off again and

basically just left us. We headed up

back home again, all of a sudden the

wind change, it just came so fast

you couldn't drive to get away from

it. Are you neighbours, relative.

This is mum. We lost all the

tractors. Sorry, We lost all the

tractors, machinery, to run this

dary farm. We are left with nothing.

Nothing. We have got no internal

fencing on the whole farm any more.

How can we run the farm like that

that. There is nothing left,

absolutely nothing. It's just

devastating. I don't know how you

can go. Where do you go from here?

You have got no house left, no

machines left, no farm. No nothing.

How can you do it? All the cars blue

up. Everything is just a whole life,

a whole life to get this all

together. Where were you, gerta?

Bill and me were trying to save the

house and all of a sudden, I just my

son rang me up and he said it's

coming your way. It's very bad. Is

dad there. I said yes. Owe, I said dad there. I said yes. Owe, I said " "alright, " "alright, "" "alright, ""so I

"alright, ""so I quickly got a few

things, I was going to get two

suitcases but I couldn't get, I

found the heat overwhelming over the

house and here. All of a sudden I

house and here. All of a sudden I felt this wind coming from there, it

was just high up and the intense

heat. Unbelievable. He saved our

lives of lives, John, he is in the

car here. If John hadn't been here,

We battled until late into

We battled until late

We battled until late in the night

trying to battle the fire. When re

ran out of water in the end. Why did

you help? Well, I work here with

them and they are good friends. They

have been very good to me and just

part of nature, I guess you just go and part of nature, I guess you just go

and help people. We are very good,

more than friends, this John is just

a more a saviour because I can't

thank him enough what he has done.

There is nor words. I could never

put it into words what he has done,

honestly John. I just - I could

never put it into words but you did

here yesterday. Unbelievable.

Unbelievable. We are looking now at

what is left of your house. Yes,

that's left of my house. That's all

that is left. Everything, a whole

life of everything that I got is all

in there. The car, look at the brand

new cars burnt. That's brand new

cars. And here was my mail, even my

favourite dog. He was just laying

here. He had a bed in here, even the

bucket has melted down to nothing

and we had big hatch here and it was

- it was cool in the summer. They

had the best fun on the farm and I

looked after them like I you

wouldn't know. Why do they have to

die like that because some idiot

lights a fire somewhere. I don't

know. There should be something done

with blokes that do that because the

devastation, what they create is

unbelievable. They just completely

ruin somebody's life for a little

thrill, they get 5 seconds of thrill out of.

I mean, a human life can take so

much but not this. You just can't

take it. take it..

Well, like so many others, Gerta's

life has really been pushed to the

limit. You can see her house and

just what is left. A satellite dish

that remains but this was a

beautiful 100-year-old house. When

we we are flying over, we visited

some people in Buxton, a couple who

had lost not only their home but

also their business and they all

have kept looking at me and saying " have kept looking at me and saying "what now?

"what now?"

"what now?" The other thing that has been repeated over and over, is that

all of the people I spoke to today,

feel lucky because they are actually

here and that is something that last

night they really didn't know was

certain. Mike.

certain. Mike..

Authorities here, thank you,

Monique. Authorities here are

telling us that many of these fires

were deliberately lit. So why on

earth would someone do it? We are

joined by forensic psychologist,

professor Jim Ogloff. You study

these people. What makes them do it

Well, it's hard for people to

understand so the easiest way to

think about it is it's a come

pollution likes other come pulings,

if people are familiar had things

like smoking, drinking gambling for

people who light fires, it gets much

worse overtime and essentially what

happens is they think about it, it

becomes their past time, they will

watch programs like this. They will

read the morning paper. Is it a

competition among them almost? It

think it's a competition within

themselves, they want to have a

bigger sense of control. It assists

them when they are down, they get

up. It helps them move forward. They

will monitor things like a bigger

fire. Better fire. Might there be

people over the last 24 hours,

firebugs in their homes around the

country, getting off on the

country, getting off on the flames they have been watching on

television? That's exactly right.

What they do, like again, any come

pulings, is they will think about

it, it begins to eat at them until

they start prepare to set the fire.

they start prepare to set the fire. Once they set the fire, they feel a

sense of power. They feel happy,

sense of power. They feel happy, as soon as that ends, right down again.

People who light bigger fires,

overtime you can see that that

becomes a very big process. So they

get a lot of satisfaction out of

watching CFA volunteers,

firefighters, par head ix, just

feeds Moose into that sense of

power. Any re

power. Any remorse? 65 people are

dead. I mean, is there any re dead. I mean, is there any remorse

from them? The vast majority of

people who light fires don't want to

hurt people. They

hurt people. They are indifferent to

the damage, and for a small number,

they will actually use that as

they will actually use that as part

of the count for the degree of

damage they have done. Most of them

are men? Most are men, yes. There are women with are women

are women but certainly most are men

and the men do typically larger

fires and more damage do you council

many firebugs? Well, the service I

work for in Victoria, we do have a

specialist program to treat people

who set fires. Again, the majority

of people we deal with are setting

small fires, burning down buildings,

abandoned buildings, but you

certainly do see on days like this,

people setting large fires and owe

kogs lay as we have seen, people who

volunteer, occasionally you will get

a volunteer who is a fire lighter.

So we are hefrd. Thank you very much

for joining us on Sunday Night. We

appreciate it. Thank you very much.

Straight ahead tonight, our

investigation into Britt Lapthorne

but led let's head to the break with

a reminder of Mother Nature's wild mood swings.

mood swings..

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Right now, some answers. For Dale

and Elke Lapthorne, answers have

been the one thing missing since the

mysterious death of their daughter

Britt in Croatia last year. We can

now reveal, it wasn't suicide and it

now reveal, it wasn't suicide and it wasn't an accident. Worse still, it

wasn't the first time a young

Australian has fallen victim to

Dubrovnik's darker side. In part one

of our investigation, Ross traction

Britt's final hours. Tell me about

Britt, tell me about your daughter? Britt, tell me about your daughter?.

Like any mum, I loved Britt to

death. She was - she wasn't perfect

but she was close enough. She was

bright, she was smart, she had

aspirations. She had a life to live.

We wake up, we can't wait to go to

bed of a night. It's escapism. And

we dream about Britt. You wake up of

a morning and you think, owe sht,

it's real. It has happened and you

ask yourself, why, why, why. Just

why? Why, to Britt, why do

why? Why, to Britt, why do to anyone

I believe it's murder. It's not one

person, it's several people who know

what has happened.

This is her life here, her friends

there, just little Nick knacks that

she has collected along the way, Was

this where she planed her trip?

Here, and in the other room on the computer as well.

computer as well.? Was she excite

Bulldog the journey? She couldn't

wait. She She was off for a big

adventure. I was excited for her.

She is a

She is a smart girl so I absolutely

didn't have a concern in the world. didn't have a concern in the world..

Britt Lapthorne's injure knee began

when she flew to Germany last June

to stay with her brother Darren, an

Australian road cycling champion. A

month later, they month later, they

month later, they were joined by

their parents to celebrate, Britt

brt's 21 is it birthday.

The last time I was with Britt was

very close because we shared a bed

in Germany together

in Germany together for two or three

nights. It was head and toe business

and we sort of giggled a bit about

the situation and I said to Britt, "

the situation and I said to Britt,

"this might sound correspond any to

you, Britt but this is really

you, Britt but this is really special to feel your body next to

mine because it may not happen again. mine because it may not happen again." mine because it may not happen again.".

When was the last communication?

Remember is so vividly. It was on When was the last communication?

15th September, the day after Dale's

birthday because which she rang, she

goes, call me back so we rang her

back, I told her off because she was

a day late for her father's

birthday. She said "

a day late for her father's birthday. She said "owe mum, I have

been travelling. It was just a

little tease" but 15 little

September was the last time we heard

her voice. Do you remember that

conversation? Very much. We conversation? Very much. We have

still got the text message on Dale's

phone. I always have a brief

conversation with Britt because I

know that mum wants to talk to her

but there's those words and always

happy, Britt's voice, just always a

bubble. happy, Britt's voice, just always a bubble..

I was walking up to the hospital

tell, as soon as I walked through

the door, she was there with two

other people. Was she a friendly

girl sthoo Very friendly, when I

first arrived, we had quite a big

laugh. The next day, 17 September

after touring Dubrovnik, Britt heads

to a local shop to buy food and

drink for her fellow backpackers. It's 6.

It's 6.30pm. These are some of the

last pictures of her alive. We bought some

bought some food

bought some food for dinner. We had

been recommended a club, by somebody

we met in passing, they said you

need to go to the club. What was the

name of club? It's called the Club

Fuego. But it's always referred to

as the Latino club because that's

what is written above the door.

what is written above the door..

We all bought drinks, had a bit

after dance. That's when people

started to split up. Some people

headed upstairs, some people Stade

downstairs. Did you see Britt in the downstairs. Did you see Britt in downstairs. Did you see Britt in the

company of any locals? I did, I saw

a cross across the other side of the

room. She was with a group of

people. I

people. I - I didn't see. people. I - I didn't see. Obviously

it was in the ha dark then. Do you

remember what time of night it was

that she came over and asked you where the

where the Crow Croatias was? It was

about two o'clock, I think. Did you

see her again that night? No, that

was the last time. I did see her

around but that was the last time I

spoke to her.

So who killed Britt? Just before she

is seen for the last time in Club

Fuego. Britt asks her friends where

are the Croatias which supposes a chilling are the Croatias which supposes a chilling question. In the early

hours of that morning, did she find

them? We don't know what has

happened after that point. happened after that point..

I remember saying to some

girlfriends of mine at work, I

haven't heard from my daughter for a

while. I am really concerned. I

while. I am really concerned. I wrote Britt love and miss you so

much, we are doing everything we can

to find you. to find you..

The family of a missing Melbourne

woman has offered a $

woman has offered a $176,000 reward.

So the Lapthorne family launch a

public campaign to find their

daughter. The family has criticised

the slow response from local police.

But the Australian federal police

warn the Lapthornes that upsetting

the corrosions is poll the corrosions is poll it sensitive

They started talking about political

relations between Australia and

Croatia. And to Back off. Ease off

on our now aggressiveness. It is a

sensitive thing. It

sensitive thing. It is a sensitive

thing but at the end of the day, it

was our daughter and I don't damn

and nobody is going to stand in the

way of us finding our daughter, nobody. way of us finding our daughter, nobody..

I received a call from Dale during

the middle of the night saying a

body has been found and I said to

Dale, it has to be Britt. It's too

much of a coincidence for it not to

be Britt. I knew it was Britt and

then Dale rang back the following

morning and said, no, no, the police

have said it can't be Britt because

of of the decomposition and the

State of the body and so, we

thought, oh, well, maybe it isn't

Britt. We were living on that hope.

We were living on that hope and all

of a sudden, you know the adrenalin

starts pumping again, and we think,

starts pumping again, and we think, Britt is still alive out there and

she will be found. she will be found..

Is it possible that Britt took her

own life? No I have asked the AFP because I don't

because I don't want to be seen as a

parent, I said we don't think it

could be possible because Britt loves life.

She had plans for the future. She is

secure. She is doing well at

university, she has just got a huge

friends base. She just loved life.

Even one of her Last Post cards to

us, I am not ready to come home yet,

I am having so much fun. I asked the

AFP, I said, on the suicide case,

and he just said, forget about it. It's and he just said, forget about it.

It's just not possible. Is it

possible she went skinny dipping?

Not Britt. A little bit prudish Even

if she did go skining dipping, where

are her clothes. You are convinced

it's foul play Where are her clothes, where

clothes, where are her personal

clothes, where are her personal belongss, never been found.

We need an explanation. It just

can't happen. How can you be alive

and happy and enjoying the moment

one minute, and then dead the next.

And, virtually not of your own

accard, at the whim of somebody

else, it's just - incomprehendible.

Why should these people get away

with it. How dare they? with it. How dare they?.

The one thing that I really admire

about both of you, is you have been

absolutely dogged in getting to the

truth of what happened to your

daughter. Mm. It's what is keeping

you going. It's our job. It's our

job for life if it has to be. It's

our job for life until we are no

longer on this earth that we will

fight until we find out what

happened to Britt. happened to Britt..

So what did happen? Britt's parents

are with us tonight. Like you, they

are about to hear the shocking truth

in part 2 of our investigation. in part 2 of our investigation..

I have never run so fast or screamed

so loud in my

so loud in my life. I felt like the

whole time it was organised. We all

felt like it was very organised. I

just jumped out of the car while it

was still moving. How

was still moving. How many

abductions do you know about?

abductions do you know about?. Oh, my God.

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Welcome back to Sunday Night. If

you've just joined us, we are

shedding new light on the death of

Australian backpacker Britt

Lapthorne. We have tracked her final

hours including the delayed response

to investigating her disappearance.

Let's bring in our vet I have

Let's bring in our vet I have reporter Ross Ross, you've been to Croatia - are you convinced Britt was murdered? I think that's the most probable explanation.

There is no evidence to suggest either suicide or an accident. But what's more, we've uncovered a pattern of criminal activity in Dubrovnik. Britt Lapthorne wasn't the first foreigner targeted. Coulthart.

Jennifer blan charred is re living

the terror, putting a face to the

man who tried to abduct her, just

metres from where Britt Lapthorne was

was last seen He had moles like

protruded. It happened ten days

after Britt disappeared. It's

strikingly similar to him. Yes, it's

strikingly similar. In London, Kate,

who was abducted in Dubrovnik a year

before Britt vanished confrontss the

face of her kidnapper. Oh, my God.

It's the same man. And in Australia,

we meet Amber, five days before

Britt Lapthorne vanished, a group of

men tried to snatch Amber of a

Dubrovnik street.

Dubrovnik street.. I think about it

every day. every day..

3 women, three

3 women, three chillingly similar

stories. And a Mrs chief who wants

it all to go away. How many

abductions do you know about? abductions do you know about?.

Which nightclub were you at that

night, Club

night, Fuego Football club football

club. With groups of men inside

outside. Just like Britt Lapthorne,

Amber was at Club Fuego in the early

hours of the morning. At around 2 am

and she and her friends, Rob and

Catherine, left to go back to their

cruise boat at Dubrovnik port. Amber

was walking ahead of them on a

lonely street. I heard a Karak sell

rate with two men in the front seat

and a man hanging out of the side

sliding door coming - coming towards

me. He was trying to grab you? Yes,

he was going to grab me. he was going to grab me.? What

happened. I have never run so fast

or screamed so loud in my life. Is

there any doubt

there any doubt in your mind that those men were trying to take you?

Absolutely not.

Absolutely not.. What makes Amber so

scared is what happened next. The

men just started coming out of no

where. It might be five, 7, there

were a few men. They were yelling,

police, police and they wanted me to

go with them but when I looked up,

go with them but when I looked up, I knew that the main man that was yelling " yelling "police"

yelling "police", it was the same

man that was hanging out of the van and I knew

man that was hanging out of the van and I knew that we were in trouble.

Do you think they really want Todd

take you to the police station? Into

gut says no. Were

gut says no. Were they wearing

weapons? Yes. So they had guns on

them? What did you do? The men were

standing around us and I rolled my

eyes into the back of my head and

collapsed on the floor. And started

faking an asthma attack.

faking an asthma attack. Rob and cat were faking an asthma attack. Rob and cat

were yelling, she is going to die,

they all disappeared. They walked

away. They walked away. What went

through your mind when you heard

what had happened to Britt

Lapthorne? I felt sick.

Lapthorne? I felt sick.. Now that I

know what I know, I am - I am pretty

confident that they were the same

people. Jen, all of this took place

where? This was right outside of Fuego. where? This was right outside of Fuego..

Jennifer, a native New York er, was

outside Club Fuego drinking with an

Australian backpacker and a Serbian

girlfriend when two local men, one

tall, one short, try Todd chat her

up. One actually grabbed my hand,

and came in really close. When

Jennifer rejected their advances,

the men left but soon after, there

was a more sinister confrontation.

These guys came up, they said you

are under arrest. It made re

realise, these were the same

realise, these were the same two

guys, they showed me a badge, not

long enough but very quickly. This

guy was representing that he was a

police officer? Absolutely. We were

under arrest. Realising the police

badge was fake. Jennifer tried to

badge was fake. Jennifer tried to flee. The men began beating up her

friend to stop her. They just kicked

him so hard that he went diving into

the ground with his arms ended up

getting bruised Andrews they were

the blood, the skin had been broken. the blood, the skin had been

broken.. Nearby backpackers rushed

to help them. Her attackers, then

fled with several other men.

Speeding away from Club Fuego in a

waiting taxi. This couldn't have

been a cultural misunderstanding on

your part? No as a confirmation, the

girl who spoke the language had told

them, these guys should be ashamed

of yourself, they just

of yourself, they just called her a

whor. We all felt like it was very

organised. She remembers one of her

attackers, a shorter man, very

clearly. This reminds me more of how

he looked in my memory. It really

looks a lot like the guy and I think

that once you show this to the other

people, I think that they will agree

that this looked like the guy. that this looked like the guy..

It is actually. It's the same guy?

Um, yes, I think so. Even down to

the little frequent wills, They were

a especially distinctive part of the

face. Yeah, oh, my God.

This Australian backpacker, we will

call her Kate, has every reason to

be frightened. She is living in

Britain now but a year before, Britt

disappeared, Kate was holidaying in

Dubrovnik. You think what

Dubrovnik. You think what happened to you is relevant to the Britt

Lapthorne case? Absolutely. Why do

you say that sth Because where she

was last seen, sounds like exactly

the exactly the same nightclub that

I was at At the early hours of the

morning, two Croatian men,

approached her and a girlfriend.

They probably bought us about 3 or 4

drinks. Tried to get you drunk

perhaps? Yes. Later that evening,

the men offered Kate a ride she

admits she was foolish to accept. admits she was foolish to accept..

They started to drive her to the

outskirts of town. I said to them,

why are we going here? Neither of

them answered. They didn't even turn

around to look at me. We got on to

this Rocky road and there was a

disused railway tunnel in front of

me and very isolated and I just knew

I had to get out of there. Were you

scarred? I was petrified. So how did

you get out tlf? I just jumped

you get out tlf? I just jumped out of the car while it was still moving

and then I had to run down the

mountain. I fell back into the

bushes crying, just exhausted and

they pretty much as soon as they

fell back, they' peered in the car

and told me to get in. Did they say

to that nicely or it was a threat?

No, it was a threat zblchlt Kate

ran, screaming for help. She reached

a man road why a female security

guard came to her rescue. What did

you think they wanted to do with snu

I don't want to think what they were

going to do to me. I still don't

want to think what they were going

to do to me. I just think that I am

to do to me. I just think that I am lucky that nothing did happen to me.

Sir, is there any history of

abductions or attempted abductions

of young women in this town? This

man heads the investigation, his

claim is untrue. This medical report

proves Kate's abduction was reported

to Croatians authorities one year

before Britt vanished. We also know

that a report detailing the attempt

to abduct the other victim, Amber,

was sent to his office by the

Australian federal police. So, I ask

again. How many attempted

again. How many attempted abductions

do you know about? Two attempts. One

was a citizen of Australia which was

also confirmed by her friends. A

number of the women we have spoken

to say that when these men tried to

abduct them, they said that they

were police. Are you aware of this

sth remember, the man who attempted

to snatch Amber off a deserted

street, later returned claiming to

be a policeman. It was pretty good.

She says he was a tall man. A little

bit longer So can she identify him?

It's really close.

It's really close.. It's

frightening. It's really close.. It's

frightening.. Two prime suspects.

3 frightening confrontations and a

pattern of sinister coincidence es.

Britt Lapthorne was last seen

Britt Lapthorne was last seen in Club Fuego. Last heard asking where

are the Croatians, maybe she found

them, left with them, believed they

were police then later, resisted.

And perhaps that's why she was murdered. And perhaps that's why she was

murdered.. 200 metres from Club

Fuego, there is a left turn that

takes you to a lonely road. At the

end of that lonely road is this

deserted Headland. Now, you have to

understand, that Britt's body was

found in the very next bay close buy

and the prevailing current moves in

that direction. So, perhaps this is

where Britt was thrown into the

water. But how did she end up in

this bay? What happened between Club

Fuego and here? This is never before

seen CCTV video of the street

outside Fuego on the morning Britt

Lapthorne disappeared. It's 4.

Lapthorne disappeared. It's 4.46 am.

And a dark coloured van pulls up.

Someone appear toss get in then the

van drives off. On the off chance,

that it might be the same type of

van used by the men who

van used by the men who tried to

abduct Amber five days earlier, we

decided to show her this image. decided to show her this image..

Is that Is that the van? That's

exactly the style van. Is that the

right colour? It looks very similar. right colour? It looks very similar..

So that is the exact same style of

van that tried to abduct you? That

looks almost identical.

looks almost identical.. You are

absolutely sure? Yeah.

absolutely sure? Yeah.. I don't want

to look at it any more. to look at it any more..

OK, that's fine. Thank you.

OK, that's fine. Thank you.. It's

the same van.

the same van..

Britt's parents are with us.

Britt's parents are with us. Obvious

this is so raw for you both but what

is your reaction to what you've just

seen Total frustration with the

Dubrovnik police. I mean, that's

been our position from day one. From

September 24th, total frustration,

what you see, the girls'

frustrations, a total frustrations

with the Dubrovnik police. Are they

tears of relief for finally getting

some answers or tears of anger like

Dale? They are tragic tears for my

daughter. They are tears of

frustration with a police. The

Dubrovnik police have - the way they

treat us, they treat us with

contempt. They are dismiss I have of


They are tears of... They take

nothing serious that we have said.

That van, we That van, we wrote to

That van, we wrote to the Australian Federal Police. We told them about

that van. We couldn't tell the

Dubrovnik police. What has happened,

they have cut that segment out

that's we saw a person walk to that

van, we have determined there were

frames missing because you can see a

person down the street and all of a

sudden, that person jumped who do

you took the frames out? The

you took the frames out? The police

of course. They are the only ones

who have the CCTV footage. What

would you like to see happen now

sthoo I them to undertake a serious

investigation. I

investigation. I can not understand why it's the media that have to

mount the investigation. The police

of Dubrovnik are absolutely - it's

childish what they are doing. It's

absolutely childish has there been

any pressure from Australian

authorities to stay away still from

the corrosion an police? No, after

about week 3, or on about

about week 3, or on about week 3, the Australian authorities the Australian authorities were

outstanding. Absolutely outstanding

from a slow start, they were you

know, beyond criticism. Maybe, the

only thing we could criticise that's

they were being too good to us, too

helpful. Their communication process

and such has been really relatively

good. It has been quite. We were told the Australian federal police

were going back on 5 January. We

know that didn't happen. But

generally, we have been reasonably

happy. I am disappointed that the

information we have passed on to

information we have passed on to the Australian Federal Police which they

have passed on to the Croatian police seems TB just police seems TB just put into the

rubbish bin So perhaps there has

been some interest from yot an joy.

I know it can't be easy. Thank you

for coming in night The Lapthornes

will be with us straight after the

show. They have also agreed to

answer your questions. You can

access that via 7HD or our live


But up next, locals rally here in

Victoria's fire zone. You are

watching a special edition of Sunday

Night. It was just so intense, and

so hot and so fast that it's just

unbelievable. It happened not in

minutes but in seconds. WOMAN: Oh, wow. MAN: Fantastic. We've got our house back. It's perfect. (KIDS SQUEAL) You see, kids? Just like it was before. BIRDS CHIRP OU IDE) RDS CHIRP OU IDE) Except for your room. Don't settle for less. Switch to GIO Home Insurance and get a safety net of up to 25% extra home cover if the cost to rebuild exceeds your sum insured. GIO - we don't just listen, we do.

Back now with Sunday Night, live from Victoria's fire zone. And the figures are almost hard to believe. 50 people now confirmed dead and at least 640 homes destroyed. In fact, we know of entire towns here that virtually no longer exist.

I have never been in a war zone but

that's what it looks like. It's just

defer station that you can't believe

Unfortunately we are going to find

more people deceased.

What are you thinking, this is not a good place to die.

As far as the eye can see, in every

direction there's fire and

emptiness. Yeah, I just saw someone

throw a cigarette butt and just a

big fire happening.

Your car, go and get your car, hurry up.

Just couldn't do anything. I just -

I just I wanted to grab the hose and

do something, put some water on the

house but I just said to my wife,

let's get in the car and go. let's get in the car and go..

I just feel helpless sometimes. I just feel helpless sometimes..

They come to me and they want to get

up there to find their family and we

have to turn them around.

have to turn them around.. That's hard.

How do you describe what is here

this morning? You can't. You can't.

We have got nothing, it's all gone. We have got nothing, it's all gone..

With us now is Adam

With us now is Adam Dent, Victoria's

manager for emergency services, we

have just heard that the teat toll

has risen to 66 in the last minute,

not 65. You have had very little

sleep in the last 24 hours, what

sort of stories are r Is are are you

hearing? It's tragedy after tragedy,

people arriving with only the

clothes they are wearing, people who watched houses plot with flames,

whole areas looking like it has been

absolutely terrible for everybody

involved. How do you council people

through this? The best you can do is

about there for people. We have got

volunteers in ever relieve centre

across the State, just being there,

a listening ear, an arm around the

shoulder, to help people cope with

this sort of grief. There is not

much you can say. What do you say to

them? It's really hard. Our

volunteers are trained to help

people just cope through it and talk

but there's not a lot you can say.

How can you tell somebody that

everything will be OK in times like this? everything will be OK in times like this?, everything will be OK in times like

This? This is the worst situation we

have seen in Victoria's history. You just have to be

just have to be there for people.

just have to be there for people. You have been inundated with people,

We have had well over 3,000

registration, people trying to

connect to people who have been

evacuated and trying to get back in

close with people's. That's why you

have had no sleep We have got a State have had no sleep We have got a

State inquiry centre running 24

hours a day.

hours a day.. OK. That number is on

our website. You will able to see

that. If any families need to re connect

that. If any families need to re

connect with their families down

here, that number will be on our

website. 1800 727077. There is also

a number that people can ring and

donate money to the fire appeal.

Just recently an appeal has been

launched 1800, 811700 if you would

like to make a donation to that

appeal tlchlt have been a sizable

donations so Victorian bushfire

emergency fund. This is being

launched by the Red Cross. It is

being launched in partnership with

the State Government of the Have you

been directly counciling these

people? I haven't. Our volunteers

have been in the centres, providing

that personal support. Also

councillors and chaplains from

various other centres. I walked

through one recently and saw several

people people in tears. Personally

how do you go home at night? It's

really hard to switch off. But

really hard to switch off. But you've got to. You've got to go back

and get that rest so you can

continue helping the community. The

same for the 400 volunteers that we

same for the 400 volunteers that we have got across the State. Thank you

We have to take our break. Adam, thank We have to take our break. Adam,

thank you for joining us. We are

just now hearing that the

just now hearing that the respected Channel 9 news reader for many years

in Victoria, Brian Nay lor and his

wife are missing it's not official

but we are now hearing that they are

missing in the fires. We hope and

wish them the best. We will be

straight back after this break. Good evening. Victorian firefighters are continuing to battle several blazes on a day 65 people were confirmed dead. More than 700 homes have been destroyed. Hell and all its fury has visited the good people of Victoria in the last 24 hours and many good people now lie dead. Just north of Sydney firefighters are still working to contain a blaze at Peats Ridge. Residents have been warned to watch for a wind change this evening. That southerly change will drop temperatures by 15 degrees after western Sydney hit 43 this afternoon. Sydney's weather tomorrow - the chance of a shower and 24 degrees. WOMAN: I said to my Nissan dealer,

"I want to do one of those done deals on '08 plates "How about a Micra City Collection 5-door auto?" "For $15,990? drive away? Done." And he did me a Dualis crossover from $26,990, drive away. I said, "'Drive away'? Get away!" He said, "Done." VOICEOVER: Done deals done now at your Nissan dealer, with no repayments for 12 months. (CROWD GASPS) Drumstick. A summer classic since 1963. Well it was a weekend we won't soon forget.

It's starting to spring will down

here, if only this rain could have

come 24 hours, the stories might

have been very very different. Our

coverage of the bushfire will

continue during the all in call,

just a few minutes from now You will

also be able to speak-to-directly to

Dale and Elke You can access the 'All in Call' via 7HD or our live stream at And needless to say our promoted stories on Jelena Dokic and Coldplay had to make way tonight. We'll try bringing those to you next week.

But on Seven right now - 'Border Security'.

Lapthorne. A special edition of 7

news at 10.

news at 10.30 tonight. Right now,

news at 10.30 tonight. Right now, Border Security. Good night. Good night. Supertext captions by the Red Bee Media Australia GRANT BOWLER: Tonight on Border Security... ..she appears a sweet, innocent student, until Customs make an astonishing discovery. It would be very, very heavy. It would be very uncomfortable to wear. A man is betrayed by his wife. She has no idea why her husband is here. He's got some explaining to do. She does know? She does know.

And something's hidden deep inside this strange substance. Definitely it's something that doesn't belong in there. It's a busy morning at Sydney Airport and Customs are questioning a 25-year-old Frenchwoman who has arrived from Paris via Hong Kong. She says she's here to visit a friend, but several details have caught the attention of Customs.

MAN: We're just looking at this passenger. She's a student, so probably not a lot of money. And so we're just looking at why she's here, the connections with friends here, who's paying for the trip, just what money she has with her, whether she can support herself while she's here. So we're just looking along those lines. What is she studying? Commerce. Whereabouts in Paris do you live? Do you live in, like, towards the centre of Paris, or on the edge of the city? Do you live with your family?

Your friend? Yes. As the questioning continues, officers discover the young student is also a single mother.

How old is your baby? 16 months. Despite having a young child, this is actually her second trip to Australia in the past two months. Officers want to know how she manages to travel so frequently and why her previous stay lasted just five days. But why do you need to come and see your friend? Why so urgent that you see your friend? Why?

You've got a baby. Your baby was sick. You're spending so much money to come here. Officers are not convinced of her reasons for travelling here. A swab checking for traces of drugs is taken from her belongings to help determine if she is just on a holiday. Everyone who arrives in Australia must be Immigration-cleared at the Primary Line and Passport Control.

It's from here Immigration officers question passengers they suspect intend to breach their visa conditions. WOMAN: So we've got two Malaysian gentlemen that have come on a flight from Brunei this morning. They were spoken to behind the Primary Line, just to talk about their purpose of travel to Australia today. They were quite vague with their descriptions on what they're doing.

They gave us the name of a gentleman they're coming to visit but only one of them knows this person in Australia. Now, Mr Hie, can you tell me why you have come to Australia today? (MAN ON PHONE TRANSLATES) To see your friend? Yeah. And what was the reason for him asking you to come over to Australia? (MAN ON PHONE TRANSLATES)

Thanks for that. Now, how long were you intending to stay in Australia? Oh, OK. Now, your friend that you are travelling with... Now, how do you know him?