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(generated from captions) No deal. Let's get out of here. No deal! we're not doing it. We're not doing it, just to make this thing interesting, However, however,

if you'd decided to do it... Yeah? would you have picked? ..which one of those cases number 1. Oh, I'd take the ace again - Show us those cases. Alright, girls, come on. Double or Nothing? Let's lower those lids. ladies and gentlemen. Oh! There was the double right there, Could have been a $30,000 deal. to risk, however. A hell of a lot of money a great haul for an afternoon. And still leaving with 15 grand - Let's see the money.

of hearts, Miss Jen Gubarek, And here, of course, comes the queen with your cheque, old boy. Good on you! Who needs the Caribbean? Who needs South Africa? All you need is this. Who needs the Tour de France?

of love from your old man. And a little bit

See you next time on the Deal! Did well, boys. This program is captioned live. Tonight - in a fiery truck crash on the F3. a road worker killed

Sydney's protesting Indians warned into their own hands. not to take the law Deep in snow - through a freezing cold snap. New South Wales shivers over support for her son And a mother's tears at a Sydney school. with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. has slammed into an RTA road crew A B-double truck on the F3, and injuring four others. killing one worker were stopped The men and their vehicle at the side of the freeway on the Central Coast, just north of Wyong and over the embankment. when the truck crashed into them what is now a scene of chaos. The men were trying to clean up

on the side of the F3. Five RTA workers were cutting grass the side rail, when a B-double smashed through into the bush flinging the crew's truck down the embankment. and carving a trail The victim didn't stand a chance. 30 and 40 tonne vehicles Of course, when you're talking about

travelling at high speed, very high impacts. The B-double was loaded with beer. Kegs spilled out across the road with the truck. and down the embankment about 1.5 football fields in size. Wreckage is strewn over The victim was about 50. are in Gosford Hospital - The four other road workers all stable. and treated for shock. The truck driver was arrested and drugs, He'll be screened for alcohol how this happened. as police try to work out in two months It's the second time off the F3 with deadly consequences. a B-double truck has crashed

That time, the driver died. later tonight. This recovery operation will start All southbound lanes will be closed by the morning peak. but should re-open We would ask that all motorists, working on the side of the road, when they see road crews that little bit of extra caution they just add because you know to their families as well. these people have to get home Some breaking news now, making fun and last week's Chaser comedy sketch first scalp. of dying children has claimed its Amanda Duthie has been dumped The ABC's head of comedy as an error of judgement. for what's been described arts and entertainment programs. She'll continue to oversee other the Indian government The Prime Minister has joined of student protests. after a second night on the streets of western Sydney in calling for calm

on the streets of western Sydney in calling for calm of student protests. after a second night

Paul Kadak is at Harris Park. is more violence expected tonight? And Paul, certainly hope not. Ian, police and Indian leaders here

They have been more meetings in the

last few hours but Indian students

have shown how upset they are over

what they say is police inaction. had. lled for calm. Police and community leaders

this was the response. Last night in Harris Park (YELLS) Move back! Move back! Move back! Move back! swelled As numbers of Indian students there were pleas from locals. Don't make a mess in our street! Don't blame us for this s---! to contain the angry crowd... Police sealed off the area battling What are you running for? Get back!

by racially motivated attacks. ..claiming, they're being targeted

we are students! We are not criminals, We are innocent! of turning a blind eye. Accusing police

ALL: Useless! Useless! This man said it happened again. He get beaten by three guys. to other streets The protesters spread started to arm themselves and when people police drew the line. Put the stick down! Stick down! Put your hands behind your back! Two were arrested, one charged. in Harris Park Today, police were high profile and leaders are worried. I fully support hard-line measures towards any student anywhere, in response to any act of violence The protesters say wasn't about causing trouble, their show of strength last night but protecting fellow students, and that it won't be the last. I'm not a fan of vigilante groups, in their own hands - I'm not fan of people taking action that's our job. also spreading that message. Indian community leaders

Extra police patrols are making

their presence felt. The local area

commander says they are prepared to

tonight. deal with whatever happens here

executive Tony Zappia The future of embattled Sharks chief by tomorrow's promised deadline might not be known a new investigation. after the club launched Chris Reason joins us now.

And Chris, why the delay? have launched Ian, the Cronulla Sharks into the Jenny Hall claims their own internal investigation until 5pm tomorrow. and they say that won't be complete hand his defence in until 5pm Tony Zappia also doesn't have to so there's no guarantees the board will have a decision on his future

by tomorrow night. There are also delays because board members haven't yet heard the secret tape recordings. They blame Channel Seven but Channel Seven denies that, and says, it stands by its offer to let them come in and listen to the tapes at any time, Ian. The first cold snap of the season has kept Sydney shivering through its chilliest day in 10 months.

Sara Groen is outside braving the conditions. Sara, just how cold did it get? Ian, it didn't get past 14 degrees in the city today, but it was the wind that cut to the bone, making it feel more like three degrees.

In the Blue Mountains, the wind chill got down to minus 11. Snowy mountains, but not down south. This is Oberon, west of Sydney. Forests, fields, backyards - 10cm deep in snow.

In Sydney, sunny skies couldn't hide the fact that getting out of a warm bed was hard. Even harder for those without a bed. Overcoats, scarves and gloves almost essential. A day to play the blues, but hard on the lips. It's quite warm now. At Bondi, it was warmer in the water, but they didn't think so.

It's, like, zero degrees!

Not joking. At Thredbo, the word was 'snow'. Woo-hoo! All ski resorts are gearing up for a weekend rush. Most have had over 50cm of snow since the weekend, half of it in the past 24 hours. Apart from skiers and snowboarders

others revelling in these conditions are Taronga Zoo's leopard seals.

Back home, they live on the pack ice of the Antarctic which happens to be the source of today's wintry weather. A low in the Tasman is sending freezing air north. The cold air's driving up from the deep south - the polar regions - these very cold winds blowing across the Alps and down into Sydney. And there's more to come. A high that could see even lower minimum temperatures and widespread frosts across New South Wales.

And I'll tell just how low those temperatures could go a little later in the bulletin - Ian. Australia is becoming a world centre for swine flu Five people have been injured in a helicopter crash at a Gold Coast theme park. The helicopter lost power as it was coming in to land at Dreamworld this afternoon. It crashed into an empty section of the car park, toppling onto its side as it hit the ground.

The pilot and four passengers suffered only minor injuries. Australia is becoming a world centre for swine flu with our soaring number of cases,

to determine if the disease becomes a pandemic. The US has more than 13,000 cases - Mexico over 5,000. The UK has 675 infections. Australia has almost double that.

in Australia at the moment - more than 1,000 cases - really taking off. Health officials met today and are considering whether to raise our swine flu alert level. A Sydney mother has wept while describing how her 5-year old son with special needs struggles to keep up with class mates at his public school.

His case, and many others, have prompted action in the Human Rights Commission for more education funding for disabled children. Julia Gillard came to Eastwood Public School to deliver 3 million stimulus dollars. Hi, I'm Julia! The next round of Federal infrastructure funding was rolled out today, including to wealthy private schools. But children with learning disabilities aren't so lucky.

Their parents are taking the State Government to the Human Rights Commission after 800 principals said it's letting those students down.

78% of principals across the State actually ranked the funding as poor or very poor. 5-year-old John McKee has a rare neurological disorder. Ah, dah, t-t-teh. Painful viewing for his mother.

I can't watch it. (cries) John gets funding for just 18 minutes of teacher support a day. Next year, it runs out. Four private schools turned him away. And we are letting them down, the department is letting them down - struggling every day in a classroom. He's such a good boy and he deserves more - a bit of a hand. What are they condemning his life to? They're condemning him to a life of being on the disability pension. The Education Minister says if children like John are slipping through the cracks she wants to know about it. But disability funding represents one-eighth of the schools budget.

It's record amounts of funding, over $1 billion a year. Come and look at John, because John doesn't fit into one of her boxes where the funding goes. Frank Sartor's leadership ambitions The Premier has tried to quash

by claiming he ignores the former Planning Minister. Mr Rees was irritated today when asked if his potential rival was planning a challenge.

I don't pay any attention to him. I concentrate on the job at hand. The Rockdale MP has angered the Premier by saying voters don't know what Labor stands for. The public criticism has fuelled speculation Mr Sartor is pushing for the top job. Still to come - Also, a great-grandmother's shocking treatment after pushing a police officer.

And big secrets revealed by a former child star. That's next.

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Australians have shrugged off the global recession blues with the biggest jump in consumer sentiment in 22 years. While the Prime Minister welcomed the news he warned it's too early to celebrate with more tough times ahead. The Government is selling confidence. The fastest growth, the lowest deficit, the lowest debt. And consumers are buying. You open up the newspaper and you see there's no official recession and people automatically get a sense of optimism and head to the shops.

That burst of retail therapy sent Westpac's consumer confidence survey through the roof. Very, very good news. It was up 12.7%. The biggest rise in 22 years. But, like the sales, signs of that confidence might soon disappear. I think it's only short-lived, however, because I do expect that we will see a couple of negative quarters in the June and September quarters. The Treasurer said it proved the stimulus spending was working, but urged caution. We can't be complacent. There's a rocky road ahead.

And analysts say we're about to hit the first pothole in that rocky road,

tipping the unemployment rate to rise tomorrow to a 5-year high.

The Prime Minister visited a job training scheme today, to see how the unemployed can rebuild a neighbourhood park

and their own pride. It's not just the fact that I'm working, it's the fact that I'm helping the community as well.

I never want to go back to the way I was - sleeping in, on the dole - it's not worth it. And there's a sudden surge in confidence here, too. I'm confident to get into an apprenticeship after this, yeah. Yeah, I'm very confident, very, very confident. No Australians have reportedly been killed or injured in a hotel bombing

in the northern Pakistan city of Peshawar. 16 people died and 57 were wounded

when a truck loaded with explosives blew up

outside the 5-star Pearl Continental. Witnesses say there was automatic gunfire before the massive blast. the possibility,

Whilst I can't rule out it is unlikely that Australians are involved on the basis of information we have. The Taliban is suspected of carrying out the attack. A child television star from the popular family series 'Little House on the Prairie' has revealed some of the show's biggest secrets. Melissa Gilbert says behind the scenes, life was more about drugs, alcohol and failed romances.

She played one of the most-loved characters in the history of television. 'LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE': We can see the stars. But Melissa Gilbert has now revealed she couldn't have been less like Laura Ingalls Wilder.

I was a sneaky, lying, cheating, drunk. Now 45, Gilbert's written a book revealing all was not as it seemed on set with Michael Landon. He was drinking vodka all day

and he had this signal that he would give the prop man

and it was this, so that meant how much to pour in the tumbler. At 17, she began a 6-year romance with Rob Lowe, which ended badly. It was a very dark and difficult time for me. You were pregnant. Yes, I was, and Rob broke up with me when I told him. She miscarried, then turned to alcohol.

Her early attempts at rehab failed. I went to my first really big public meeting, someone ran up to me and said "Oh my God, I loved you on 'Little House on the Prairie'. And then they said "Oh, wait. I'm sorry." She blames 'Little House' co-star Shannen Doherty

for stealing her first husband.

Melissa's married again and has four grown sons. I have a really peaceful happy life, I've got these great confident kids, I'm married to a man I'm absolutely crazy about,

who really cherishes me - it's a real gift. A 72-year-old great grandmother has been tasered after disobeying a Texas highway patrolman.

So he does. Put your hands behind your back. The Police Department says the officer acted appropriately. One of TV's 'Desperate Housewives' has traded the troubles of Wisteria Lane for an appearance on the red carpet in Sydney.

Reporter Sarah Cumming is at the George Street cinemas. Sarah, what's brought Teri Hatcher here? Ian, fans know her as Susan Mayer, but the desperate housewife is here for the Sydney premiere of her new animated film 'Coraline'.

We do not see you in the film, but

we do hear your voice. What is the movie about?

movie about? It is about a family

who have lost each other. Busy

parents and the child is not

parents and the child is not

satisfied and she has Allward off to

another world. It is exactly the

same, but not. She is trapped there

and has to find her way back. A

little bit like desperate housewives?

little bit like desperate

housewives? The character is a great

hero and a great role model for

young girls. It is a beautiful,

beautiful movie. An artistic

masterpiece. I've heard is a little

bit scary for young children? Is a

bit scary. I think nowadays Ewing of

media is a personal family decision.

media is a personal family decision.

I think you have to gauge that in

terms of your own family, but it is

scary, but it is the kind of matter

are you can talk about to your

children read. Is all very family

value issues and a beautiful

roller-coaster ride of a movie. I roller-coaster ride of a movie. I can't believe

can't believe that was the life

part, it was such a panic getting here. Time for sport with Alex Cullen. And it's still serious business for the Socceroos tonight. Ian, the clash with Bahrain will be a World Cup audition for several players. We'll cross to ANZ Stadium shortly. Plus, the Eels looking good for next season. We'll tell you their big new signing next. And the world's best big wave surfers feel the pain

in an epic Teahupoo session.

Indescribable. (SIGHS) It was over too quickly.

Yeah. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. I couldn't wait for the next time. I always thought I'd take it slow. You know, savour the moment. Cool.

I've had so many, I don't remember. (LAUGHS) Luckily, there was plenty more where that came from.

The entire Broncos football department remains shut down,

and Friday night's clash with the Bulldogs is still in doubt over swine flu fears.

Fullback Karmichael Hunt is waiting for results on his flu test, leaving all of his team-mates in quarantine. Broncos headquarters was deserted this morning with all players and football staff ordered into isolation. An ill Karmichael Hunt

had been a little too close to team-mates on Monday. You might catch it. Their five other Origin players have been cleared and want training to resume tomorrow as frustration grows. It's going on two weeks now

the Broncos haven't trained as a full squad due to Origin commitments and now this saga. The Eels only had cosmetic issues at their team photo, with yellow-haired Fuifui Moimoi playing stylist. It's terrible, isn't it? What about your hair? Mine's great. Nothing wrong with my hair. They're looking good for next year, after signing City rep Shane Shackleton from the Roosters and Blues prop Justin Poore from the Dragons, each on 3-year deals.

One of the best, if not the best, emerging front rowers in the game. Huge boost for our club for next year. It's put their off-contract forwards on notice. It's gonna worry them a bit, yeah.

Paid big money for two quality players, you're expecting them to start in first grade. At Souths, Craig Wing has dismissed a report linking him with a return to the Roosters. First I've heard of it.

Been at home in lockdown, so haven't seen of heard any of it. The Bunnies' membership drive has reached a new record. The first Sydney club to have 15,000 paid members. Despite the wintry chill, the Socceroos are hoping for a warm reception tonight at Olympic Park for their World Cup qualifier against Bahrain. Jim Wilson is there. Jim, we've sealed our spot for South Africa but there's plenty at stake.

Tell you what, Alex - I reckon I'll have to thaw out after this tonight. It is very brisk here at ANZ Stadium. The word from inside the Socceroos camp, though, is that Pim Verbeek has really turned up the heat on the group despite the fact that they qualified for the World Cup finals in Qatar last weekend. The team went for a light stroll near their hotel in Parramatta today and Verbeek, their coach, has scoffed at claims this is a dead rubber or a World Cup friendly. They mean business against Bahrain tonight

and also against Japan next week in Melbourne. I thank people for supporting us along the way and hopefully we can put on a good performance, win the match and have a celebration after the match as well. Now, it's an 8 o'clock kick-off. 40,000 fans are expected, which would be a pretty good result considering the Socceroos have sealed their spot for the World Cup finals in South Africa and also the fact, Alex, that it is, as I said, a real wintry night here at ANZ.

For now, it's back to you. The Wallabies will be on the lookout for a fearsome Italian forward pack when they clash in Canberra on Saturday. The Wallabies forwards are keen to reverse the touch up they received in Australia's 30-20 win over Italy in Padova last year. This current crop we've got there now, very mobile and they showed last week they can get around the park

and be aggressive as well. The Italian team will be announced tomorrow. The world's best big wave surfers have put on a spectacular exhibition at Teahupoo.

Some showing how not to take on one of the world's most feared waves

with some bone-crunching wipe-outs. But North Coast charger Laurie Towner

showed how it's supposed to be done,

adding this barrel to his growing list of conquests. Big-wave legend Laird Hamilton even mastered the monster tubes in Hawaiian paddle surfing. with a lesson

We should not have given up out

surfing Koreas. --

surfing Koreas. -- Korea's. Checking finance now. at its highest level for the year. And the share market has closed Sara's back after the break. we'd let you in from the cold. And we thought to thaw out Ian, it's going to take a while with very low temperatures tonight. Sydney's cold forecast is next.

a beautiful winter's day. Sydney woke to what looked like It was anything but. it felt close to 3 degrees at times, Thanks mainly to the bitter winds, already 3 below the norm. with a top of 14 at the airport, Wind chills got down to minus 1

gusted to 60 km/h. as icy south-westerlies were several degrees below average, Tops of 14 or 15 and Terrey Hills. even chillier at Campbelltown is now moving out to sea, The coldest air for some days yet, but we're going to feel its effects first thing in the morning especially as this high ridges in.

widespread severe frosts That'll cause

south-east, with isolated showers over the falling as snow above 7,800 metres.

metres. falling as snow above 700-800 No let-up from the winds in Sydney, with a gale warning from Seal Rocks to Ulladulla. for coastal areas

It's not all bad news, though. to look forward to, We have plenty of sunshine in the west. after some early frost patches as the day goes on, The winds should ease The winds should ea

chilly tops of 15 or 16. which will take the edge off tonight will be even colder - But I'm afraid and Campbelltown, down to 0 at Richmond

-1 in the mountains. Expect similar overnight temperatures on Friday and Saturday. But increasing cloud on the weekend should push tops a few degrees higher,

17 or 18 by Sunday.

And that's Seven News to now. I'm Ian Ross. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Traffic court -

in the land. it's the busiest courtroom James Packer's biggest blunder. How he blew $1 billion in Las Vegas. Our $300 million Botox habit. men and women The youngest and the oldest addicts,

and now 'Botox' the book. and why Botox is now good for you. Clearing up all the myths First tonight - serial traffic offenders. counting the cost of Australia's of more than $2 billion owing There's an unpaid bill to the nation and it keeps ticking over

walk away from our courts. as more and more fine dodgers on the people who do the crime, Laura Sparkes reports

but won't pay the fine. out there, I gather. There's a lot of stupid people

with a bit of attitude. Quite a few people to get a fine, you just pay it. If you're lucky enough like myself, well then, you know, If you're a repeat offender really. you kind of deserve to get done,