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(generated from captions) meeting concerned with their

access to $500 million of

taxpayers' funds. Mument

speaking yesterday. Anthony Albanese is the Federal

infrastructure Minister as well

as being the leader of the oust

and he joins us now from

Canberra. Good morning and

thank you for joining us. Good

morning. First of all, is it so

considering that the Government is

considering or will move a

motion earlier today to force the Leader of the Opposition,

Malcolm Turnbull, to produce

that much discussed email? Well

certainly it's the case, that

Malcolm Turnbull has an

obligation, to produce this

email. He has been running

around this building for weeks

now, not just briefing

to journalists, that he has access

to this, promoting the

so-called smoking gun of this

email whichallily went from

Andrew Charlton to Mr Godwin

Grech asking for special

treatment, allegedly and the

fact is that when put on the

spot, after calling for the

Treasurer, what Redsination of the PM and the

Treasurer, what we know now is

that that it was all fake. As

fake as Malcolm Turnbull's mock

outrage over this issue . This

has gone on for some time.

Malcolm Turnbull's been

prepared to intimidate and

threaten the future career of

Andrew Charlton at the press

gallery ball. He's been prepared to background

journalist, he's been prepared journalist, he's been prepared

to madge outrageous allegations

that are completely

unsubstantialated on the basis

of this fake email against the

PM and the Treasurer and

frankly, if he can't produce

the email, and can't indicate

to the parliament, to the poem

of Australia really, through

the parliament, exactly what the involvement of the

Coalition was in the Coalition was in the distribution, promotion, of

this fake email, then he simply

has got to resign. All right.

So I take it from that then

there will still be in not an

actual motion to get that email

produced, there will be heavy

pressure on him. You've dealt

with that quite substantially,

I want to deal with the

substance and the very serious consequences arising consequences arising from the

testimony of Godwin Grech. Do

you regard Mr Godwin Grech was

a credible and as a truthful

man? Well, Godwin Grech's

problem of course is that he

didn't say anything conclusive. Just a straight

question there. Do you regard

him as a credible and a

truthful man? He said

contradictory things in his

Godwin testimony. This isn't about

Godwin Grech. This is about

Malcolm Turnbull. Part of our discussion is about Godwin

Grech and his testimony. I'm

asking you whether you believe

him as credible and when he

said that he was instructed by

the Treasurer's office to do

all that he could for John

Grant and to record this case

as special, do you believe

Virginia. And him,... He didn't say that

Virginia. And that's what's

important is that people look

at what he said, not what

journalists have said that he

said. What he said was - he

spoke about general

impressions, that he had, he

also said that this email, he

might have seen it or it might

be wrong. His recognise licks

might be false. It was quite a

And certainly cop tra dictory performance.

And certainly in terms of the

jobs of public servants in

general, I've watched estimates

and various committee meetings

for some time, it usually

public servants don't give

their impressions, they stick

to the facts. Joe Hockey saying

this morning on ABC radio that

he says that be able to show

there was only one case, one

matter in relation

matter in relation to the Ozcar

issue, a fax that was directly

sent to the home of the tredz

of Wayne Swan and that that

makes a very clear point in

their view. What's your

response to that? What's the

boint, Virginia? What's the

point? The fact is that the

email from Wayne Swan's office,

from his DLO, to Mr Grech, from his DLO, to Mr Grech, was

pointed out that these emails,

because Mr Grech was CCing in

all sorts of people, into the

email process, which is a

practice that Mr Grech has, a

particular idiosyncracy that Mr

Grech has, that he was sending

by it to the Treasurer's home fax

by doing that. It was pointed

out in the email, that was the

point of the email from Wayne

Swan's office to Mr Grech when

this was opponented out - this

is going to the Treasurer's

home fax. It wasn't to

encourage that, it was to

discourage that. You don't

think the impression that's

been created here is that there

has been - if not undue

pressure then an overreaches by pressure then an overreaches by members of the Government, if

not the PM and the Treasurer,

to try and create some special

pleading for one particular car

dealer for John Grant. You

don't believe that's the

impression that's been created

by Mr Grech's testimony? Not

at all. This sul just imagination by the media is

it? No, look at the facts

Virginia. The fact is that Mr

Grant got zip, zero, assistance Grant got zip, zero, assistance

from the Government, for a

scheme that does not yet exist.

From a scheme that has not yet

passed the parliament. So it's

pretty ordinary special

treatment Virginia, when

someone gets absolutely

nothing, not one cent, as a

result of this. And that's the

bottom line. A special

treatment implies some

advantage. Mr Grant got advantage. Mr Grant got

nothing. Got nothing. And quite

clearly, what occurred here as

occurred all the time is that

through a local member in this

case Bernie Rippal, the local

member with Mr Grant's business

is located, forwards on to the

appropriate Minister the

Minister forwards it on to the

department. That is the way

democracy that our representative

democracy works. In terms of my

portfolio, I would forward on

literally hupdz of inquiries

from local members of whatever

persuasion, to the department,

for a response, that is what

occurs. And here we had a

situation whereby the context

of this, was that a number of

car dealerships were concerned of this, was that a number of

that they would go under. And the implications of that of

course in terms of arising from

the lack of credit, the

implications there for jobs and

for damage to the economy and a

flewon effect indeed to

manufacturer s in terms of the

car sthri was severe but if you

look at the motor traders association, have association, have been out

there saying themselves, that

there has been no special

treatment here for Mr Grant and

that is quite clearly the case. Anthony Albanese thank you for joining us this