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Tonight, the $237,000 credit binge.

How a Sydney Ferries boss went

overboard with this credit card.

House of horrors - a home where a

child was murdered becomes

impossible to sell. I'm sad for

that child, I'm sad for what it's

done to my family.

And tempers flare over the OzCar

scandal. You are a moron.

Good evening, I'm Bill Woods.

And I'm Deborah Knight. Also,

outrage over the treatment of an

Australian swine flu victim. And a

stomach flu scare for the Maroons

showdown. ahead of tonight's State of Origin

But first, the sacked boss of

Sydney Ferries has been grilled

over the way he splurged on

luxuries, costing taxpayers more

than $250,000. The disgraced former

admiral says he's selling his home

to pay off the debt.

Sacked from his $350,000 job as

head of Sydney Ferries, former

admiral Geoff Smith has revealed

crippling debts and medical bills

as the reasons behind charging

hundreds of thousands of dollars to

his Government credit card.

Between August 2006 and March this

year, Admiral Smith spent just over $237,000. year, Admiral Smith spent just over

$237,000. He's now repaid $135,000

but still owes more than $100,000.

It was used, as I understand it,

groceries, furnishings, alcohol, used to purchase things such as

club memberships, electrical goods, hardware, perfume, books, theatre

tickets and the like. There was

more lavish spending on restaurants

and holidays, plus the payment of

bills for doctors, lawyers and

private schools. ICAC says the

former admiral was funding his

private lifestyle from Sydney

Ferries' corporate credit card.

Smith told the inquiry he was in

financial difficulties, servicing

what he said was a crippling $1.4

million mortgage on his St Ives

home. His financial situation grew

worse when his wife Pamalyn became

ill and stopped working. ICAC is

examining how he ran up huge credit

card bills for private expenses in

contravention of Government policy.

The policy made it clear that

corporate credit cards could only

be used for official business

purposes. Despite huge debts, he

kept spending, racking up another

$80,000 in credit card debt in the

months before his sacking. The

couple's home is now for sale.

Smith says he always intended

paying the money back.

A Sydney couple has been burdened

with a unique and distressing

problem. They own the Hawks Nest

home where a little girl was home where a little girl was

starved to death, and are at a loss

about what to do with it.

It's a house of horrors that nobody

wants. Inside this Hawks Nest home

in November 2007 a 7-year-old

autistic girl starved to death.

Yesterday her mother was found

guilty of murder, her father,

manslaughter. Now the house owners

are living their own nightmare.

They can't rent or sell the

property because nobody wants it.

We cannot live in that house

anymore, period. No way, impossible.

I think the house has to be

demolished, and I would like to demolished, and I would like to see

a park put there in honour of that

child. These photos show the putrid

state the home was left in. This is state the home was left in. This is

the room in which the child died.

In another, piles of garbage.

Everything was as though they lived

in there yesterday, so I had to

remove everything. The Alexious

claim the Department of Housing

gave the family glowing references.

We put two and two together, it all

checked OK. They said it was a

family, and we thought, "How

perfect is that? Someone can look

after the house." The family's

previous home was also left in a

revolting state, covered in blood,

urine and faeces. This rental

application filed by the father

lists his reason for moving as

wanting a better life for his wife

and kids.

All the time, his daughter was

starving to death. The Alexiou

family have spent the past two family have spent the past two

years writing letters and emails to

the Government, asking for a

bailout. They've never heard back.

Finally today a response, but it

was not what they wanted to hear.

It's not appropriate that we

purchase the home or invest in

public housing in that particular

neighbourhood. Sad for the girl.

It's been a day of frayed tempers

and insults in Federal Parliament and insults in Federal Parliament

over the OzCar email scandal. As

the Government ramped up demands

for Malcolm Turnbull to quit, it

shut down attempts to censure the Treasurer. shut down attempts to censure the

The Auditor-General and the Federal Police are already investigating,

now the Opposition wants a royal

commission as well. A full judicial commission as well. A full judicial

inquiry - this is what we want.

You're the cowards. Their focus not

the fake email, but anything you

can think of the Government may

have. Text, SMS, MMS and Blackberry

messages, voicemail, voice to text

messages, any other written or

internal communications. The

Government shut down the move as a

stunt. The leader stands here in a

state of denial - it is a nightmare

and it won't go away. Tempers

frayed in the melee. You are a

moron. I could have sworn I was

witnessing the ghost of Mark Latham.

He says Mr Turnbull reminded him of

the volatile former Labor leader.

The Opposition attempted a censure

on the Treasurer, it was rejected.

There was certainly more heat than

light today - as the Opposition

Leader struggled to regain any

momentum, the Prime Minister

accused him of losing his

credibility and authority over his

own party. He cannot unite his

party on a single vote. Yesterday

it was the revolt over alcopops,

today over the treatment of asylum seekers. Liberal Petrou Georgiou

breaking ranks with his party's

hard line. No advanced society

should allow on its statutes a law

which so degrades and humiliates

fellow human beings. Even as

another boatload of 49 asylum

seekers is intercepted off our

shores, Mr Georgiou argued inhumane

laws had failed to deter desperate people.

A Victorian woman has become

Australia's third swine flu victim.

She was a cancer patient admitted

to hospital with flu-like symptoms.

Melbourne's Peter MacCallum Cancer

Centre treats some of our most

vulnerable - Victoria's Health

Minister delivering a shock

revelation. To inform you of a

second death at 3:00am this morning.

The swine flu death comes as

authorities deal with the fall-out

of another fatal case, that of

Anthony Splatt. I'd like him

remembered as a gentle, kind man,

not as the first swine flu victim.

The family's distress made worse by

the release of information about

his death. We'd like an apology

from Dr Lester that put us through

all this hell. I offer an

unreserved apology to the family,

if I've caused any further distress.

The obese, diabetic man was rushed

to his local hospital in Victoria's

west. When he deteriorated, the

search began for an intensive-care

bed. Several major hospitals had to

be bypassed before he was finally transferred to Maroondah Hospital

in Melbourne's outer east. Mr

Splatt's family is also angry about

inaccuracies. A Department of Human

Services media release says he

presented to Colac Hospital last

Friday, but the family says it was

Thursday. Department claims he was

moved to Melbourne the same day he

was admitted here also disputed,

the Splatt family claiming it was

the following day. A West

Australian man was the first to die

with the virus last week. Anthony

Splatt's funeral will be held tomorrow.

An NRL star has lost his P-plates

for 13 months after a shocking drink-drive reading. Roosters

hooker Jake Friend was sentenced

today, three months after recording

0.162 on his way home from a club

function. The legal limit for a P-

plater is zero. The 19-year-old

will also have to pay $850 in court

costs. It comes on top of a $10,000 fine by his club.

A look ahead at sport now with Rob

Canning, and Rob, Queensland's

preparations have been disrupted

for tonights Origin 2?

Also coming up - a mixed day for

our Aussies at Wimbledon. Jelena

Dokic's campaign is already over.

But there was still plenty to cheer

about, as Samantha Stosur and

Lleyton Hewitt progressed to the

second round. All the highlights


Plus, Brett Lee gets a chance to Plus, Brett Lee gets a chance to regain his Test spot for the Ashes,

as there's a dose of Ricky rage at

training ahead of a vital warm-up match.

Also ahead - Leisel Jones reveals Also ahead - Leisel Jones reveals her big fears. her big fears. Still to come, a woman suffers

horrific injuries after a stranger invades her home.

Plus, one man's relentless crusade

against Sydney's graffiti vandals.

99% of them have no artistic ability whatsoever.

And wild seas eat away at Sydney's

coastline. (ALL CHATTER) (GASPING) (ALL SCREAM IN FEAR) (PANTS) Aargh! Aaargh! It's not just always making you smile. SONG: # I couldn't live without your love... # Love them back with My Dog varieties - combined to create the ultimate in taste. (ALL SCREAM IN FEAR) Aargh! Aargh! (SNORES) Ahh! (SNORES)

This program is captioned live.

A Sydney mother, who survived a

stabbing attack by a man claiming

he needed help, has urged others

not to allow strangers into their

homes. Police warn it reinforces

their basic safety message that you

can never predict a stranger's motives.

Out of hospital and recovering well,

Anna still found it hard to return

to her home where she was attacked

last month. All I seen is a knife

coming through at me. It slashed me

here, and I seen blood and I said,

"What the hell is going on?" The

38-year-old was stabbed several

times in her neck and slashed

across her face as she stood in the

kitchen after agreeing to give a

stranger a glass of water. The

attack only stopped when her

boyfriend arrived home and called

for help. One of the vertebrae in

her neck was broken. Her doctors

said if the blade of the knife had

gone any closer to her spine she

could have been paralysed. I didn't

expect it, it really traumatises me,

I just can't go in there. The

mother of one has moved out of the

area and is now living with family.

Anna says she never felt safe here.

Twice before the incident took

place, she asked the Department of

Housing to move her, but they

refused. The department has told

Anna it could take up to a year to

relocate her. In the meantime, she

regrets not heeding the most

essential safety advice from police.

Never let anyone in because you

don't know what sort of person

you're going to come across. 36-

year-old Raymond Griffiths has been

charged with her attempted murder and

and will appear in court next month.

A teenage boy has been rescued

after spending a cold and

uncomfortable night in a metal

dingy. 16-year-old Asher Ashford

was supposed to pick up two sisters

last night but the propeller became

tangled in fishing lines. Thick fog

then set in. As soon as I realised

I couldn't untangle the line from

the prop, I thought I need to keep

warm and wait till day and see if

someone can spot me. Police did at

6:30 this morning, about 200m from

where he set off. The teenager used

life-vests and some jackets to keep warm.

A man angry about graffiti is

fighting back. He's launched a

crusade to clean up his suburb and

track down the vandals.

Like most Sydneysiders, Nigel

Withers has a real problem with

graffiti vandals - only he's

prepared to do something about it.

99% of them have absolutely no artistic ability whatsoever. If

this is the best you can do, I

think you should find another hobby.

And it's Nigel's hobby that's

threatening theirs. Armed with a

digital camera and his Not Somebody

Else's Problem website, he's become

Sydney's first graffiti tag tracker.

First, Nigel photographs a vandal's

distinctive markings. He then uses

virtual mapping technology to plot

their paint trail. When I saw our

local police station get vandalised

and the police did nothing about it,

that really got up my nose. Nigel's photographs are also emailed

directly to local council clean-up

crews, who scrub off the offending

paintwork within 24 hours. Usually

after about half a dozen clean-ups,

people stop graffitiing and it

remains clean for a very long

period. You can wear them down.

Cleaning up graffiti like this

costs Canada Bay Council $200,000 a year

year and the mayor thinks Nigel's

campaign is a winner. To become

involved and to take a bit of civic

pride and to not just walk past

something and to report something

like that, is wonderful. Nigel's

website has become so popular,

other ratepayers are joining in.

The sands of Manly beach are

disappearing. Recent big seas have

washed away tonnes of sand on the

popular tourist strip, exposing

boulders. The southern end is said

to be in its worst condition in a

decade. Further north at Collaroy

and Narrabeen, major restoration

works are underway. The local

council has spent almost $20,000

buying sand from Kurnell to shift

onto the depleted areas. And a

walkway on the northern end of Palm

Beach has been barricaded because of dangerous erosion.

At Byron Bay, locals are battling

to save their beachhouses from

erosion. But as well as fighting

the king tides, they're fighting

the local council - it's telling them to move.

The danger is real. Every wave is

washing away more sand, this week's

king tides are making it worse.

Million-dollar homes are teetering

close to the edge. It's just ugly,

rocks, no beach. John Vaughan has

lost 800 square metres since storms

hit a month ago. He's now forced

the council to allow him to sandbag

and save his home. We may end up

being an island, but we hope to

avoid that. The Byron Bay Council

has a policy not to stop the

erosion, it says the home owners

have to retreat - to literally pick

up stumps and move their houses

back from the sea. 10 years ago, Mr

Vaughan did just that - but this

time it's worse - 32 properties are

under threat. I think the council

needs to allow home owners in this

area to have the right to defend

their properties. The heavy

machinery has been going non stop -

at $2,000 an hour. Residents are

paying. We've been here for a

couple of days, a couple more days

of this, it's just a temporary fix.

While home owners work furiously to

save their land, nothing is being

done to protect this government-

owned property. Locals fear the ocean could eventually break

through and join the estuary on the

other side. It could cut off

Sunrise, it could go through the

industrial estate, cut off roads it

could even come in and flood the

town. A scary prospect that's

getting closer with every high tide.

Tim Bailey has all the weather

details after the break. Another

glorious day? Do not expect it to

be fine tomorrow. A dry day and

mostly cloudy. And a shower on

Friday. The chance of a shot on a

Saturday. I will tell you more

about it that at 5:55pm. A little

bit of a fog reducing visibility to

200 metres. Some rain for Western

NSW tomorrow morning. This is the NSW tomorrow morning. This is the

weather photographs when out for

today. We thank Harvey Norman for

their support of this competition.

Be involved, enter the competition.

Great weather tonight for rugby

league. We will hear a more about

that. They are calling this the

Blues's most important Origin game

ever? What is the feeling out

there? Or the critics have been

writing of the Blues, the fans do

not care. They are turning up in

their thousands. They can smell a

blues revival here. Queensland have

only one to offer of 14 games here

at ANZ Stadium. They are so focused,

the Blues are catching a bus or

from their hotel which is 40 metres

away. It is all about conserving

energy. How bad is the stomach bug

that has hit Queensland. Darren

Lockyer, they look a bit sick.

Maybe they're just a nervous, maybe

they are scared of Bellamy's blues.

The situation is we have a number

of players who have had upset

stomachs, basically, they're just

not well enough at the moment. To

try and minimise it crowd problems,

the police have kicked off an

operation which has targeted

stations, hoping to minimise any

kind of trouble. Spare a thought to

Gold Coast fans, their plight have

been delayed by six hours. War from

ANZ Stadium in sport. Up next -

bizarre outburst by a former US

President. Or so - the little boy

who is more than a match brain out

of control calf. The freaky fish

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This program is captioned live.

Let's check Let's check on the traffic.

A traffic delay it is horrible. As

the excitement builds for origin,

so does the traffic. Some lightning

strikes coming in from the south as

well. This is centenary drive

leading on to Homebush they drive.

Take a look at how bad parties. If

you are blue supporter, it will be

worth the wait later on. But it

could be a very long trip in to

ride. We will have a look at the

Parramatta Road later.

We're being warned to watch what

fish we flush down our drains. What

start as tiddlers in a home

aquarium can grow into monsters in

the wild. The alligator gar can

reach 3 metres. These fish will not

only have an impact on our

environment but also on

recreational and commercial fishing.

Stiff fines apply to collectors who

break the rules.

Now to the ING Direct finance

report with Jacqueline Maddock, and

Jacqui, there's concern among

asbestos victims that James Hardie

is again on the move? There is,

with the building products giant

seeking to relocate its corporate

HQ from the Netherlands to Ireland

with the aim of receiving better

tax breaks. The price tag of such a

move would be $90 million. Asbestos

victim groups say that's money that

the company could better spend

honouring its commitment to the

asbestos diseases fund. It was a

choppy sort of a session today,

with the market dipping in and out

of the red before finishing fairly

flat. Suncorp shares were a stand- out.

And that's the day in finance. All

eyes are on

eyes are on tonight's US interest rate announcement.

A train driver's mobile phone

records will be checked to see if

she was distracted just before yesterday's Washington train crash

that's left nine dead. It's too

early to identify the cause of the

collision, but the signalling

system and brake maintenance are

still being examined. It's also

emerged the train company was warned the 30-year-old carriages

were too old to cope with the

impact of a major crash. This was

not supposed to happen. There are

safety mechanisms in place to

prevent this type of accident. The

collision was one of the worst

train accidents in US history.

Former US President Richard Nixon

believed abortion was justified if

the pregnancy involved a couple of

mixed race. The admission has

emerged in just released White

House phone tapes.

A controversial political figure

when he was alive, Richard Nixon is

still causing a stir in death. 150

hours of just released telephone

conversations of his time in the

White House in 1973 reveal a man

who could be blunt and colourful in

his conversations. A day before the

US Supreme Court made its historic

ruling on Roe vs Wade, which abolished most restrictions on

access to abortion, the President

told his legal advisor Chuck Colson

he believed there were

circumstances when a termination

was justified.

Following his second election win,

Nixon had other issues to deal with

- the Vietnam War and conflict in

the Middle East. Ahead of Israeli

Prime Minister Golda Maier's visit

to Washington in 1973, Israel shot

down a Libyan passenger plane - a situation that prompted a discussion between the President

anti-Semitism. and evangelist Billy Graham about

Nixon recorded all his telephone

conversations, a practice that

would eventually be his undoing

over the Watergate scandal.

18 months after these conversations

were recorded, Nixon was forced to

resign in disgrace.

A 4-year-old boy has miraculously

survived after being knocked down

by an out-of-control car. CCTV

footage shows the toddler - in the

far right corner of the screen -

seconds before the vehicle came

flying off the street, sending him

sprawling down a set of stairs. The

youngster then picked himself up

and, incredibly, walked away unhurt. The car driver reportedly swerved to avoid a puppy. Hollywood is

Hollywood is mourning the death of

one its greats, Ed McMahon. The

legendary television host passed

away at a Los Angeles hospital

after a battle with pneumonia. He

made his name as the sidekick to

king of late night TV Johnny Carson,

going on to spend 30 years on 'The

Tonight Show'. And now. Ladies and gentlemen, heeeeeeere's Johnny!

Later he became a TV host in his

own right, launching the careers of

stars like Britney Spears and

Justin Timberlake. McMahon was 86. Justin Timberlake. McMahon was Justin Timberlake. McMahon was 86.

Still to come - how to make money

out of the taxman this year.

Also, Prince Charles' lavish

lifestyle costs taxpayers dearly.

And the motorised surfboard that

flies through the waves.

How was it, Mum? can be uncomfortable, While mammograms before it spreads is vital. finding and treating breast cancer Call BreastScreen today:

This program is captioned live.

Top stories this newshour - tempers

flare in Federal Parliament over

the OzCar scandal. The Government

has been stepping up pressure on Opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull

over his links with the public

servant at the centre of the affair.

A perplexing problem for a Sydney

couple. They own the Hawks Nesst

home where a 7-year-old girl was

starved to death. They can't sell

it or rent it out, and the

Government has refused to help.

And a former chief of Sydney

Ferries has admitted chalking up a

fortune in personal expenses on his

work credit card. Geoffrey Smith

was sacked after spending $237,000

on the high life, including alcohol,

furnishings and club memberships.

It's that time of year again and

the tax man's hitlist just keeps

growing. But there are some simple

ways to bag extra cash when you

fill out your return.

Beating the tax man - it can be

done. We all have to pay tax but

don't pay too much. But there are

only six days left to get tax smart.

I guess the biggest thing most

people can do is in the

superannuation area. Lump sums if

you run your own business. If you

are self-employed, you can drop

$50,000 into superannuation and get

a big tax deduction this year. And

if you are over 50 years of age,

$100,000 tax deduction. Low income

earners can put in $1,000 and get

$1,500 more from the Government.

It's also not too late to income-

split. We are surprised how many

people we come across that don't do

it. You can make a lump sum tax

grab on investment loans. Look at

pre-paying interest this year. You

can also pre-pay membership or

union fees. Make a donation to

charity. Or sell shares that have

hit rock bottom. Use the loss to

offset a taxable gain. It is a very

good strategy. For the first time,

parents can claim up to $750 for

schooling costs like computers or

the internet - but not for fees or

uniforms. And there are plenty of

work claims to be had - as long as

you have receipts. Yes, people are

asking this time of the year, "What

can I do?" Go and see your fnancial

planner or accountant and put some

things in place. On the hitlist

this year are truck drivers, electricians, sales reps and

marketing managers. Executives and

company directors won't escape

scrutiny either in a seperate

crackdown on wealthy Australians.

Dodgy tax avoidance schemes and

refund fraud are also on the

taxman's radar. The Tax Help Centre

is on 13 2861.

The Federal Government has given

senior nurses and midwives the

green light to provide a range of

treatments without waiting for

doctor approval. Under new

legislation, they're being given

access to the medical benefits

schedule and the PBS for the first

time. That will enable nurse

practitioners and midwives to offer treatments under Medicare and

prescribe certain medicines. The

legislation is part of the

Government's maternity reform package.

A new expenses scandal is

developing in Britain, and this

time it involves Prince Charles.

It's been revealed UK taxpayers

forked out $6 million last year,

mainly for the Prince's overseas

travel. That's a jump of 23% on the

previous year. He chooses to use

private jets rather than scheduled.

It seems to be no expense is spared.

But Clarence House says Prince

Charles is no big spender and has

cut his costs by holidaying in Britain instead of overseas.

Spanish royalty has come to

Australia, the King and Queen

landing in Canberra for a 3-day

visit. King Juan Carlos and Queen

Sofia were welcomed by a small

crowd before heading to the War

Memorial to pay their respects.

It's the first visit to Australia

by the Spanish monarch in more than

two decades. The royal couple will

be guests of honour at a Parliament

House reception before heading to Sydney tomorrow.

A new extreme sport has hit

Australian shores. A surfboard with

the power of a small car is taking

the pain out of taming the waves -

but you can't ride it everywhere.

Surfing is all about the smell of

the sea, the sound of the waves,

and now the waft of petrol and the

purr of a two-stroke engine. The

first motorised surfboard, dubbed

the 'jetboard', is making waves in

Australia. It's taking surfing to

the extreme - what it is, is a

surfboard with a jet engine in it

that propels you to 70km/h.

Watersports fanatic Chris Kanyaro

has imported 10 machines from the

US and only a handful of

Australians have tried the sport.

But he's certain it will catch on,

because you're not relying on the

perfect wave. You can ride in flat

water, you can ride it at sea, you

can ride in the surf as well. So

those days surfers are wondering

what they are are going to do, we

are out there jetboarding. While

the world's first surfers honed

their craft on large, cumbersome

planks of wood, carving it up on

this board is said to be as easy as

riding a bike. Unlike a standard

surf, this ride doesn't come for

free. A tank of petrol will keep it

running for a couple of hours, and

the purchase price is $12,000. Even

if you can afford one, there are

restrictions on where you can ride

it. The jetboards face the same

exclusion zones as jet-skis. The

vessel has got to be registered,

riders should be licensed, and you

should be wearing a life jacket as

well. Because even the best

equipment can't stop wipe-outs.

Sport is next with Rob Canning, and

tummy bugs or not, the Maroons are

staring at Origin history tonight.

Yes, a fourth straight series loss

is something NSW can't stomach.

What they're doing to avoid it

shortly. Plus, we'll hear from the

Wolfman's dad ahead of his son's Origin debut.

And cranking up the green and gold.

It's a mini Australia Day at Wimbledon.

Plus, demanding Ashes perfection.

Ricky's rage ahead of a crucial Test warm-up.

This program is captioned live.

Welcome to sport. It's all or

nothing for NSW's Origin hopes

tonight. Adam Hawse has us covered

at ANZ Stadium, Adam, how do the

Blues stop Queensland? Physically,

I made a crack about Queenslanders

in the last cross. Adam, we seem to

have lost your audio.

New South Wales took the traditional pre-match team walk.

Their only worry, an impatient

motorist. Get them off, will you?

But over in the Queensland camp

there's bigger concerns. The

situation is that we've got a

number of players that have had

upset tummies, vomiting, diarrohea.

Captain Darren Lockyer one of four

players hit by the virus. Dragons

forward Neville Costigan brought in

as cover, Nate Myles the worst

effected, losing two kilos. He's up

and about, but up and about's

different to being able to play

Origin. That's the problem. The

Maroons pushing for a series win

for a record fourth-straight year.

But a family affair may just get in

the road. David Wolfman Williams to

make his interstate debut, as is

his dad, Mike, a trainer with the

NSW under-18s, who'll play in

tonight's curtain-raiser.

What about that beard? Does it make

him play better? Yes, it does. It

brings the most out and am. He can

be very scary.

Crossing codes - and France has

made wholesale changes for Saturday

night's one-off Test against the

Wallabies at ANZ Stadium. Fresh

from a drawn series against the All

Blacks in New Zealand, the Blacks in New Zealand, the

reshuffle includes a completely new

halves combination with Dimitri

Jakvili and Lionel Borksis. France

have got so much depth they can

afford to field a very strong side

and there's still a lot of familiar

names, especially in the forward

pack. The Wallabies have not lost

to the French on Australian soil

since 1990.

It was a positive start to

Wimbledon for Australia's singles

hopes overnight. Despite Jelena

Dokic crashing out in the opening

round, compatriots Sam Stosur and

Lleyton Hewitt both advanced.

On an outside court nicknamed 'the

graveyard', Hewitt's hopes of a

second Wimbledon title appeared

buried as he slipped down 3 games

to love in the opening set. But the

former world number one was just

warming up. The 28-year-old reeled

off 12 of the next 13 games to take

a 2-sets-to-love lead, and give his

American opponent a headache.

Hewitt showing little sympathy in

the third.

The Australian wrapping up the

match in just over 90 minutes. You

know, for the rest of the

tournament and especially my next

match, with Del Potro, I'm really

going to have to serve very well

and put a lot of pressure on him

with that. Plenty of Aussie support

for Sam Stosur, and the world

number 18 didn't let her fans down,

after blowing two match points in

the second set. The French Open semi-finalist closed out her

opening match 6-2 in the third. I

think having the result I did at

the French Open, makes it all clear

to you that it all works. Things

weren't working for Jelena Dokic,

though. In her first Wimbledon

appearance in five years, the

Australian struggled with illness

before going down to German

qualifier Tatiana Malek. Coming

into Roland Garros I only played

four events, and I think that's

nowhere near enough. No such

problems for Venus Williams - the

5-time Wimbledon winner through in

straight sets as Murraymania

gripped centre court. Great

Britain's great hope through to the

second round.

Injury prone all-rounder Shane

Watson has been ruled out of

Australia's tour match against

Sussex because of a knee injury.

While Watson's absence is proving a further frustration, the warm-up

match has opened the door for Brett

Lee to prove his worth, up against

fellow quicks Stuart Clark, Peter

Siddle and Ben Hilfenhaus. The

quicks that we have and make an

Horrocks they want to make the most

of everything and every opportunity they get.

they get. Mitchell Johnson is being

rested ahead of the opening Test in

Cardiff on July 8.

Olympic breaststroke champion

Leisel Jones has weighed into the

debate surrounding the sport's

controversial new swimsuits. In

Portugal for an anti-whaling

conference, the double Beijing gold

medallist says results are now

determined by which swimmers have

the deepest pockets. I certainly

think that swimming is becoming

more about suits, it's not about

swimming any more and it's more

about how much money you can throw

into the suit for the better

performances. Jones will not

compete in this year's world

championships but has no plans to retire.

That's all for now - join me for

Sports Tonight, 9:30 on One. We'll

have the latest from ANZ Stadium. I

am not wearing Nerang, I am wearing

a red. Go it the Blues. Made the

best team win.

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' This program is captioned live.

Thick fog caused flight delays in

Brisbane this morning. It will a

spectacular sight for those

stranded above the clouds. They stranded above the clouds. They

caught a beautiful sun rise. Our

cameras caught one jet trying to

land. The pilot changed his mind

and circled for another attempt.

The weather bureau sees the wet

weather caused the thick cover. Let

us focus on a high ambush where

there is thick traffic. What can

you tell us about the weather in

that part of Sydney? There is a 30

to 40% chance of a shower in the

next hour out there. I think that

is highly unlikely. It looks very

clear out here. Temperatures will

be around 12 degrees. Cold enough

to put a goose bump bomb. That is

the weather forecast. Mostly dry but

but chilly out at high ambush. And

number of lightning strikes across

the city in the last half hour. The

main storm activity is Wollongong

based. It will move out to sea. based. It will move out to sea.

Just the odd strike or two. It

should be a dry night. Dry

conditions tomorrow, but an

increase in cloud. Tops of 18 to 19

degrees. The odd shower across a

Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Sun they

could be fine and sunny, 20 degrees.

The blue sky, forget about that, we

are looking at cloudy conditions

for the next 72 hours.

Widespread cloud is generating

patchy rain. A cloud band is

crossing knees-up Wells and eastern

Victoria. Cloud circulating over

West WA around a low it is causing

showers and they.. Tomorrow, a

trough will move over the interior.

The rain will reach Victoria and

western NSW of tomorrow. Clear

showers for the south of the State.

The next 24 hours - light rain over

Western NSW. Two millimetres over

the western slopes today. Showers

and Tasmania, patchy rain for SA.

Down to 11 degrees tonight for the

State of origin. Tomorrow, 18 or 19 State of origin. Tomorrow, 18 or 19

degrees. Try and overcast. Showers

across Friday and Saturday. Do we

really want to talk about

Queensland? Cloud increasing and a

terrible day tomorrow as they try

to get over it.

I am having a short break. Angela

Bishop will be taking over. See you

when I get back.

Finally tonight, don't despair if

your Lotto numbers didn't come up

last night, No-one's did! There

were no first division winners, and

as a result, the Oz Lotto draw has

jackpotted again. Next week the

prize almost doubles to a

staggering $90 million. That's Ten

News for now, I'm Bill Woods. I'm

Deborah Knight, thanks for your

company. We'll have updates

throughout the evening before the

Late News with Sports Tonight at 10:30 Goodnight.

Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia ( BELL RINGING ) ( WHISTLE BLOWS )