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to get staff, If you're finding it hard services to help you. there are plenty of free and we do the rest. Just get in touch with us VOICEOVER: Need staff? Call the Employer Hotline on: Or visit

Good morning. A remarkable rescue in Victoria. plunged down a cliff into the ocean. A man has survived after his car major road closures in parts of NSW Heavy snow has forced

and strong winds. with the east coast lashed by rain killer Christopher Wayne Hudson, Still no sign of alleged Hells Angels who's been on the run since Monday. for South Australia And a $6 billion windfall

a Spanish-designed warship contract. with the approval of

I can help. If you're looking for staff, Mike's a typical case.

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Looking for staff? work force out there Remember, there's a wide-ranging to help you tap into it. and a lot of free services VOICEOVER: If you need staff, call the Employer Hotline on:

Or visit

Coming up next - across regional NSW incredible snow falls

and strong winds. as the East Coast is lashed by rain Also, a remarkable rescue in Victoria into the ocean. after a car plunges down a cliff Angels bikie Christopher Wayne Hudson The manhunt continues for Hells to give himself up. as his parents plea with him for South Australia And a $6 billion windfall Spanish-designed warship contract. with the approval of a

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G'day. I'm Tim Fischer.

So don't beat about the bush.

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This program is captioned live. spared a direct hit New South Wales

as wild weather continues up the coast towards Queensland.

its military capability Australia boosts for Spanish-designed warships. with a $10 billion contract to cultural riches. And a story of rags

The cleaner with a talent for music. Ten News with Natarsha Belling. But first this morning -

and parts of New South Wales weather experts put Sydney already devastated by storms on high alert last night a mini cyclone. for what they thought would be

the threat may have eased. But this morning it appears To check in with the latest is at Sydney Harbour. Ten reporter Eddy Meyer

this morning? Eddy, what's it like out there