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Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan MP Interview -

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(generated from captions) don't want to come on the programs

Steve, don't come on the program.

He wants to be here.

Overnight, the mining tax was

passed. This morning the Prime

Minister was glowing. I put up with

months and months of scoffing about

the minerals resources rink tax. It

went through last night. Yes, kids,

it may have killed Kevin Rudd and

been watered down. But Julia

Gillard has managed to get mining

tax past Parliament and she let the

media know all about T I think I'm

entitled to go scoreboard. At the

moment it's running more in my

favour than yours. It will kick in

in July and introduce 30% tax.

Raising $11 billion in three years.

In turn, it will help businesses

superannuation fund. bank roll an increase in

All of this makes Tony Abbott angry.

Tax cuts paid for by tax increases

are not cuts, they are cons. So

will we all finally get a slice of

the mining boom or is Tony right

and we are all being coned?.

Dogy dog with his mind on the

country's money. We welcome Wayne

Swan back to the project. You may

have lost a Prime Minister in the

process but you got the mine tax

through. It's a big reform for

Australia and will mean a lot for

Australian workers and small

businesses. Now, Tony Abbott in a

refreshing take, he called it a,

"Big new tax." He said it will

repeel it. Does that hurt your

feelings? This is meant to be your

day of celebration. I reckon it

will make Clive Palmer happy. I

don't think it will be well

received by 2.7 million small

businesses. Treasurer, are you

challenge? The west Australian worried of a potential High Court

Government is talking about it. D

they have a case? There's vested

interests around the place that

want to get rid of the tax.

Possibly they will go to the High

Court. We are confident dint in our

constitutional position. Your boss

has been fiery with the media,

what's going on there? She want

into bat for workers and small

business and won. And Tony Abbott

went into bat for Clive Palmer and

lost. You were fiery today. You got

kicked out of question time because

you called somebody curly from the

three stooges, is that right? Yes,

that's right. Sadly, for Andrew.

You apologised on Twitter. Didn't

you? I did, yeah. I've been a

naughty boy. Who did you apologise

to on Twitter? The three stooges. (LAUGHTER)

Back on the bill itself. Obviously,

you have a situation where you

promised tax cuts to big business.

Greens say we'll only give cuts to

a certain level of business. Will

that get in the way? We will fight

for the tax cut across the board.

We take the superprofits of mining

companies, tax them, use the

revenue to give a tax cut to other

businesses not in the fast lane of

the mining boom. Those businesses

are small, medium and large. Around

the world tonight, are our

competitors in mining clapping

their hands? Not at all. The fact s

investment in mining has been

growing rapidly over the last few

years and will continue to grow.

There is a pipeline of 455 billion

dollars. I need something else

cleared up. A rich man in this

country was asked a question about

you last night in the OBC. Check

this out. Wayne Swan called you a

whinger. That's just a Wayne Swan

throw away line. I don't think he

thinks I'm a whinger. Do you think

he's a whinger? Just every

Christmas. (LAUGHTER)

Well, Wayne Swan, thanks very much

for joining us tonight. Thank you.

We still have a way to go to get

this bill through. Good luck over

the next three years if you want a

pay rise. That's going to come off

the bottom line, people won't get

wage increases. No piece of

legislation is perfect. Whether

this came from a Liberal or Labor

Government, isn't it good that the

benefit is foo 50 years from now?

I'm not sure voters do either. Tony

Abbott will throw it out. It's only

an irrelevant argument anyway.

Maybe that's why Julia Gillard was

to unhappy at the press conference

today. She wasn't happy with the

amount of press that turned up.

Check her out. Good morning to the

hard work ing men and women of the

Canberra press gallery. Good to see

their numbers to national

productivity. The ones who turned

up, she tore them a new... I can't

finish that sentence. She really....

What's going on there? I'm not sure

what her problem is. She should be

elated that the legislation went

through. She is fiery. We'll take a