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(generated from captions) Very simple from here on in. One of the cases has nothing. One of the cases has double.

I think case number II. Which case has double, Fari? Let's pop those locks. The lovely Melissa.

And see what you've got. double! Nicely done! Oh, Fari! you got somewhere. In the final analysis, $20 for you, my good man. Raph, there's $20 for you, my friend. Thank you. Thank you very much. Oh, gosh! of our teeth, ladies and gentlemen. Avoided catastrophe by the fleece Great having you with us, Fari. a little more than that. I'm sorry we couldn't rustle up But best of luck with the rest of the studies, fellas. Thank you very much. a little more tomorrow. Let's hope we can bump this up our goose tonight. 'Bye! Looks like we cooked This program is captioned live. Tonight - emergency Sydney's collapsing building ended by a demolition squad. turns the first sod Bernie Banton's grandson named in his honour. for a research centre the Liberal leadership contest Tony Abbott abandons throws a farewell barbeque. after John Howard to see David Beckham. And hundreds in a Sydney crush with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. a Sydney restaurant to rubble A demolition crew has reduced started cracking and falling apart. after the terrace building is at the site in Surry Hills. Reporter Sean Berry Sean, what went wrong? restaurant here in Crown Street Ian, the Indian Chilli is now in ruins is devastated. and its uninsured owner overnight The building started collapsing

being pointed with the finger tonight next door. at the council construction site

just after midnight. The cracks started opening up The whole building was cracking. Oh, it was very frightening.

The restaurant had closed were terrified. but staff still inside They fled and called for help. By dawn, the historic terrace was falling apart, bit by bit. of multiple fatalities. Certainly there was a danger here a giant excavator finished the job. Before gravity brought it down, Ruined my life. All my money, everything there. My everything is there.

Centre, under construction, Next door, the Surry Hills Community Clover Moore's pride and joy. was supposed to be Sydney Lord Mayor But WorkCover is now investigating the destruction and the Council is on the defensive. quite a long time ago The excavation finished very well. and the site has been operating On one side, is now on hold. Council's state-of-the-art building On the other, during their busiest period. a row of businesses are shut down And in the middle, the rubble of a building and a small family business.

What are you going to do now then? I don't know. Only God knows. it's too early to lay blame The Council says the damage of more than $1 million. and too early to work out who'll pay damage to the terrace next along, There's no word yet on the extent of are also in the dark and neighbours and shop owners about when they can re-open. asbestos campaigner Bernie Banton A day after his death,

centre named after him. has had a world-first research she's overwhelmed by all the fuss, His widow Karen says would have loved it. but believes Bernie of his family today. Bernie Banton would have been proud he always called "my darling" - Particularly the woman now a widow for a second time. Karen Banton says at this ceremony Bernie would have wanted them that both forgive James Hardie. and for everyone to know You can despise the actions that forgiveness in your heart but you need to have

your own soul in jeopardy. otherwise you're putting Good one, mate. Don't throw it at the media! His 7-year-old grandson Jack did the honours for the new research centre turning the first sod at the site named in Bernie's honour.

why Bernie decided to die at home Later, Karen told me in hospital. rather than last a few more days It was a release in the end

for him. No quality of life - What was the point of being here? And she has been overwhelmed. have been just phenomenal. Oh, the tributes And just the outpouring of love. of all the fuss today? REPORTER: What would he have made (Laughs) He would have revelled in it. from his first marriage say Bernie's children he was simply 'the tops'. Just the best dad you could have asked for. A fighter for justice, a beautiful, beautiful man. at will be at Acer Arena Bernie Banton's State funeral next Wednesday morning. It can hold 21,000 - they'll probably need the space. South-west Sydney has been confirmed for mortgage stress. as Australia's toughest area for late payment. It has 6 of the 10 worst suburbs Number one is Guildford. at some bad mortgage numbers, For Sydney families already staring here's one more - 2161.

the house is toughest of all. The postcode where paying off the national average It's running close to four times in terms of mortgage stress. In Guildford at least one payment. almost 6% of mortgages have missed Interest rates five times up and people still on the same wages. they can't afford it - I know a lot of people, they sold out. Local agent Paulette Ghaleb says a week she's had one or two bank sell-offs what they paid. and owners aren't getting have come back up to a $100,000. We have seen properties that Six of the nation's 10 most stressed postcodes aren't far away. After Guildford

almost %5 in arrears - it's Granville - Greenacre and Punchbowl. then Wetherill Park, Belmore, to get worse, say the experts, And those figures are only going as we come into that time of year credit card is squeezed the most, when the household budget and with some tough choices ahead. leaving some families Mortgage or present for the kids? The State Government today announcing new laws to force mortgage brokers to check clients can afford their loans. Credit counsellors urge those in trouble to get advice. The earlier you take action, the greater possibility you have of saving the day. Consumer groups are calling on Qantas to come clean on whether it's conspired with other airlines to charge passengers higher ticket prices.

Its once perfect reputation has hit turbulence after being fined $70 million for colluding on cargo fees.

On a day when Qantas should have been celebrating the 60th anniversary of the first flights to London, it was, instead, entering the history books - with a criminal record. It's embarrassing to them, obviously. This is not the sort of thing that an airline likes to have against its name. The airline has confessed its role in a global conspiracy to fix air freight prices.

And US courts fined it $70 million. From Qantas: Six Qantas staff face further investigation - possibly management. There is quite a strong possibility they could go to jail, or certainly face financial fines. The scandal involves up to 30 airlines and some were found guilty of colluding on passenger tickets.

Qantas denies that, but consumer groups want proof. We would like Qantas just to come out and come really clean on this. The ACCC is also investigating. And in Melbourne, a class action is chasing $200 million more to compensate Australian victims. Our objective is to make sure that the money is returned to those businesses because they're the real victims of the price-fixing that goes on. The guilty plea from Qantas now means the company is also open to civil lawsuits in the United States. And that could end up costing the carrier tens of millions more in damages. Qantas will post over $1 billion in profit this year - it may need it. The field's narrowed in the Liberal leadership race

with Tony Abbott pulling out because of a lack of support from colleagues. The Coalition's new team will be announced tomorrow, along with Kevin Rudd's ministry on what's being called "super Thursday". Flying Air Force VIP class, Kevin Rudd and his deputy returned to Canberra ready to rule. The other woman in his life - his wife - flew commercial

to manage the family's move to the Lodge. It's a change. It's a big change. So, excited, but also coping with change. The Prime Minister-elect spent the day deciding who'll get the plum jobs in his ministry. The country has placed trust in me and therefore, I believe part of that trust is for me to select the best team available. He won't let Labor's factions decide. They met today to discuss the ministry anyway. Politicians love meeting. John Howard was at the Lodge perhaps for the last time, to host a lunch for ministers and staff. REPORTER: No recriminations today? Most of John Howard's ministers turned up to the lunch but there were two notable absentees - the outgoing prime minister's most senior lieutenants,

Alexander Downer and Peter Costello. Tony Abbott has pulled out of the Liberal leadership race.

Just at the moment this time does not suit me. Who knows what future times might hold? A warning to Brendan Nelson and frontrunner Malcolm Turnbull, feeling confident enough today to pose for pictures at the Lodge. OK, I'll see you later, guys. Thanks a lot. The soldier killed in Afghanistan last week

has begun his final journey home.

26-year-old Private Luke Worsley was farewelled by his mates with a solemn ramp ceremony at their Australian base.

He died during battle against the Taliban. Private Worsley was a very well-liked soldier. His mates are devastated at news of his loss. Private Worsley's body will arrive home later this week. Two Australian sailors from HMAS 'Sydney' are being held in a US jail after being arrested over vicious assault. The pair allegedly punched and kicked a man during an argument over football. The two Australians have spent six nights in this San Diego jail. 24-year-old Kolis Barba and 26-year-old Phillip Ferres

are accused of savagely bashing a man in this street after a Thanksgiving party. I saw them beating him like that and kicked. Blood stains are still on the road where American Geoffrey Wilkinson suffered a fractured nose,

eye socket and skull. His face was absolutely beat up and bleeding. Like, half of his face was hard to recognise. They argued over whether Aussie Rules football was better than American gridiron. over a football team - And having a disagreement

in my opinion. I mean, that's absurd,

The sailors were from HMAS 'Sydney', in San Diego having a new weapons system fitted. Both could be charged with assault with a deadly weapon - their feet. who spoke to them that evening They did tell the police officers

that they believed that he had threatened them and that they were in danger and that's why they took the action that they took.

The young Australians' ship has already sailed. HMAS 'Sydney' left San Diego at the weekend and police here made sure the sailors couldn't be on board. The sailors will face court tomorrow. After thrilling 80,000 fans at Telstra Stadium last night, David Beckham was facing more big crowds today in his role as celebrity salesman. Two store appearances capped a 4-day marketing frenzy said to be worth $20 million. COMMENTATOR: Eyes clapped on this goal. It is a bender! It is a classic! It is a Beckham! After bending it like Beckham today was time to spend it like him, too. He launched a new mobile phone - strictly indoors. He's getting a photo taken with him, he has a grey suit on. ..and let us into the private life of Posh and Becks. Do you ever call your wife 'Posh'? Now and again. And does she call you 'Becks' or 'Golden Balls'? LAUGHTER

More 'Golden Balls' than 'Becks'. Next stop, Myer for his new perfume and to present signed jerseys. His autograph makes them worth at least $200 each. Incredible, really. I couldn't believe it.

Will you wash your hand ever again? No. Well, I reckon that was the best experience of my life. David Beckham's face sells everything from motor oil to Japanese chocolates. The total economic impact of his visit here to Sydney could be as high as $20 million.

He gets the big bucks. Gets the girls attention too. That's the best thing about David Beckham? His body! (laughs)

And he's gorgeous and sexy, and he's gorgeous! Next stop, Wellington, New Zealand. I've never been to this country before and I'll definitely be coming back with all the family because it's been incredible for me so, thank you. You're welcome, Becks. Ahead in Seven News - a father confronts the Sydney truckie who ran down his daughter. Also, the unveiling of the country's most secure cars.

And the world premiere of Nicole Kidman's new film. This Christmas, so you can save on 'Shrek The Third' DVD,

available now for just $27.99. 'Shrek' and 'Shrek 2'. Target, for all your Christmas wishes. The father of a little girl run over by a truck at Alexandria says he'll never forgive the driver. Rui De Andrade has told a Sydney court his wife goes to bed every night clutching a photo of their daughter. Jessica's parents keep her memory close at all times. Her father, Rui, says it gave him the strength to go to court and describe the impact her death has had on his family. We are lost and floating like a rudderless boat, such is the impact of the loss of our baby daughter. Mr De Andrade put Jessica's photo on the witness stand as he relived the horror of identifying her body. I didn't recognise her at first

until I saw her little fingers painted with her nail polish. It totally broke my heart.

The 3-year-old was in her mother's arms on a pedestrian crossing driven by Marinko Curkovic, arms on a pedestrian crossing when they were hit by a garbage truck

driven by Marinko Curkovic, who has pleaded guilty to negligent driving causing death. Mr De Andrade told the court the accident should never have happened and blamed reckless truck drivers for causing too many accidents on our roads. He says the consequences of failing to pay attention are dire. Somsri remains on crutches Now, five months on,

but her scars are more than physical.

Jessica's photograph, so beautifully framed, is wrapped in Somsri's arms and lies close to her chest each night. Accused of taking several months to offer an apology, Curkovic stayed silent. REPORTER: Is there anything you'd like to say? He'll be sentenced in January. Australian car makers are under fire after a bad showing in the latest list of most secure vehicles. In nine categories, only one car was built locally with the eight other winners from Europe and Japan. European cars are celebrated for their style. Now, Australian competitors are eating their dust in terms of security.

There's some improvement is necessary in our local manufacturing. The hardest cars to steal, in their categories, are the Volkswagen Polo, Multivan and Caddy Cargo Van, Citroen C2, Audi's A-8 and Q-7, BMW X3 - all European - and Japan's Subaru Liberty.

The Mitsubishi 380 was the only Australian winner. It's why police are buying them. The safety factor and the security that goes around the design is something that we've considered as part of the decision making. 65,000 cars are stolen every year at a cost of $500 million. A secure car doesn't arbitrarily mean an expensive one. While this Audi is $160,000,

these small European cars cost about $20,000. And even they are far more secure than luxury vehicles manufactured in Australia. Experts say fingerprint scanning technology, deadlocks, satellite locators and impact-resistant glass are not expensive. Uniquely coding cars with microdots costs only $30 - but local manufacturers won't do it. The first tank of petrol is going to cost $70 or $80 and last a week. Some of these security features will last the life of the car.

Nicole Kidman has attended the world premiere of her latest film. The red carpet was rolled out in London for 'The Golden Compass' in which she stars with Daniel Craig. It's been a big year for Nicole, making this $200 million movie plus Baz Luhrman's 'Australia'. When we finish up in Australia shooting with Baz, which will be in about three weeks, I'll be kicking back letting my sister make the Christmas dinner (Laughs). Nicole intends to spend time in Sydney with husband, Keith Urban. Time for sport with Matthew White, and David Beckham didn't let us down last night. It was a game that lived up to the hype.

Coming up - Becks shows Sydney he's still the best at "bending it". COMMENTATOR: It is a bender. It is a classic. It's a Beckham! And an Aussie's horror high-speed powerboat crash.

He delivered in more ways than one. David Beckham may be leaving Australia tomorrow

but he'll leave behind a code that's now buzzing again. It was a game of goals, injuries, fights and send-offs but it'll always be remembered for a single moment of Beckham brilliance.

A landmark night for Australian football. And while it wasn't a classy start, the match was a different story. COMMENTATOR: Here's the break, Juninho. Slips it through. Brosque, great chance, 1-0. It was 2-0 with Alex Brosque's second before 80,000 hearts skipped a beat. Brendon Santalab. It was slippery turf, really. He couldn't stop his challenge. I was worried at first because I felt as if I'd twisted my ankle again. Beckham played on - the Galaxy keeper shouldn't have bothered. What he's trying to do there is certainly beyond me. was much clearer. Kevin Harmes' objective

A slicing tackle on Juninho. Then, on the stroke of halftime the moment everyone was hoping for. It's a bender, it's a classic, it is a Beckham. Memories of that wonder free-kick against Greece. I was really pleased to score. He wasn't so pleased with Robbie Middleby in the second half and Beckham earned a yellow card for his revenge. Robbie Middleby, there's the square up. (Laughs) Sydney led 4-2 before that lunatic Harmes was finally sent off after stepping on Adam Biddle. He's a bit nutty sometimes. Some more hideous keeping gave Sydney another goal before it finished 5-3. Landon Donovan scores.

And while football was the winner, it was Juninho with the night's best souvenir.

New South Wales are chasing their first win of the one-day season, taking on Victoria at the MCG. The Blues batted first. Teenager Phillip Hughes top-scored.

The 18-year-old had some painful moments on debut, but he recovered to make 68.

Dominic Thornely made a late charge for the Blues, but fell to a freakish catch by David Hussey. An Australian powerboat racer has survived a frightening high-speed crash in Qatar. David Trask lost control of his boat on the last turn of the Formula One Grand Prix final. Trask had to be freed from his boat in an ambulance, and was taken away

but cleared of serious injury. Former V8 Supercar champion Russell Ingall has confirmed he's leaving Ford at the end of the season. Ingall will return to Holden next season but is yet to name his new team. This weekend's final round at Phillip Island will be an emotional one for veteran John Bowe, who is retiring after 22 years. It's a daunting prospect, I have to say. It's been my life. It's not an easy thing to face up to. The 2007 title has come down to the final three races.

I'll be speaking Friday night from Phillip Island,

I'll be speaking to Mark Skaife celebrating I'll be speaking to Mark Skaife

celebrating his 200th start. Big celebrating his 200th start. Big weekend coming up. Checking finance now. The share market was dragged lower by falling oil and metal prices. That meant resource companies were weaker. The ASX200 closed down 63 points. Sara's next with the weather

and finally some sunshine after all that rain. Yes, Ian, but it's not the last of the rain. I'll have the details after the break. It is bumper-to-bumper on the Ring Road. See you after work, hon. The Arterial inbound is also chaotic. In a hurry, mate? How are ya?

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Now you can discover the cultural meanings of their spectacular paintings from our rarely seen collection of Papunya art

at the Papunya Painting: Out of the Desert exhibition at the National Museum of Australia, Canberra.

The showers cleared out early this morning leaving some patchy cloud, but increasing sunshine pushed temperatures a few degrees above average. We stayed close to that for most of the afternoon. The overnight rain was very hit and miss again, only a few millimetres for southern suburbs. 10mm to 20mm westwards and north of the Bridge. Tops averaged 27 degrees, Taking a look at the charts and it's been another stormy day across central Queensland and south-east New South Wales under this cloudband stretching along the east coast.

Sydney missed out today but this trough will move eastwards tomorrow generating a few showers, with more storms over inland. There are a few storm cells across the catchements right now, so I should have some good news tomorrow.

Looking ahead -

And don't forget if you have any weather questions, I'd love to hear from you. Just head to the Seven News website

I posted my first blog entry today, Roscoe, all about electrical storms. And that's Seven News to now. Today Tonight with Anna Coren is next. I'm Ian Ross. Thanks for your company. Goodnight.

A killing. A nationwide manhunt.

A mother's dramatic appeal for her fugitive son to give himself up before someone else is killed.

him again, I just want to see him and talk to

him again, tell him I love him. I

don't want nothing to happen to him. Hello. I'm Anna Coren. Being a mum in television.

Another face dumped by a network while on maternity leave. The most private Australian icon you'll ever meet. Only on Today Tonight - the man who founded Billabong. Beating cellulite - breakthrough treatments that work and what you need to do to make it happen.

Stanley Francis Maguire is on the run tonight for allegedly shooting dead his neighbour. 14 years ago he'd killed another man, having run over him outside a club and then shot him on the ground. In a moment, his mother with a direct appeal to give himself up before he's killed or kills someone else. First, Bryan Seymour on what's led to the shooting.

Coalminer, loving husband, father-of-four - murder victim. 41-year-old Stephen Holmes was shot in the chest

in the front yard of his home in Woolongong, south of Sydney. Very good father, very good father, my word he was, yes - four beautiful children. His alleged killer -

his neighbour, 59-year-old Stanley Francis Maguire who also uses the name John. It's now been revealed Maguire has mental health issues - sudden tempers his neighbours knew all too well. and quieten him down. I used to go over

Aware of Maguire's mental condition, his neighbours - as they rallied to help a bleeding, dying Stephen Holmes - feared a nightmare scenario.

We were all around him and next minute they said "Jesus, we'd better move "because the bastard's still got a gun" and we thought once he'd killed some bastard, he'd keep going. Instead, Maguire took off in his red Nissan Pulsar, found by police the next day dumped on the New South Wales Central Coast - Even more tragic, Maguire had killed before. He was jailed in 1994 for the manslaughter of John Vickers then shot him on the ground. after he ran over him,

Maguire was released in 2002. Today, he is on the run, a hunted man wanted - desperate, potentially dangerous and most certainly in danger himself.