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(generated from captions) Come on, game show gods! $2 in 10. Show me $2! (Audience cheers and applauds) (Audience cheers and applauds) Ye-eh-eh-eh-es!

I knew my theory would work! I knew my theory would work! Thank you. Well, well. It's a $9,000 theory. Cameron's law finally comes good. Let's see the money. three of the most beautiful women And here come in the Deal-a-Drome today, Emma Gurney, the lovely Josie and lovely Mel with Josie's cheque. worked in the end. So I think the theory

I'm not entirely sure. you got from 97c to $9,000, But one way or another, so congratulations. Bailed him out of a tight one there. Well done, Josie. Great news.

ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for being with us, Arrivederci! This program is captioned live.

found after 30 hours lost at sea. The amazing survival of a fisherman Tonight -

I've got determination like no other person.

that took on machete-armed bandits The biker gang during a Sydney club hold-up. their medical mis-treatment Victims speak out about by the so-called 'butcher' of Bega. And so long to a Sydney summer reaching for the record books. that has experts with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. They're still searching of finding alive but there is little hope off the north coast early yesterday. the skipper of a trawler that sank

Two crewmen have survived - the other after 30 hours adrift. one after a marathon swim, Reporter Paul Kadak is in Ballina. Paul, how are the survivors? what they've been through, Ian, considering

their condition is remarkably good. 15km to raise the alarm is fine, The 39-year-old deckhand who swam though he has been sedated. this morning And the man who was rescued is here in Ballina in hospital his amazing survival. but talking about in the open sea - After surviving 30 hours John Jarrett is safely back on land. is clearly exhausted, The man they call 'J.J.' and painfully cold. how his chest feels. The paramedic asks from immersion in saltwater. Thirsty, too, barely able to stand, but - The father-of-three Free. Free by a miracle. just after 7am. The chopper found J.J.

by waving actually. He drew our attention He was floating on an esky. to Ballina Hospital. J.J. was rushed were not far behind. Family and friends like no other person. I got determination

like this. The boat was an 18m trawler J.J. told how it snagged a reef early Wednesday, about 15km off Brunswick Heads flipped over and quickly sank. There were three aboard. decided to swim for help. Deckhand Michael Williams on New Brighton Beach. He washed up 12 hours later Michael's in Mullumbimby Hospital. His mum says he's OK. He's asleep at the moment. He's faring pretty well. a widespread search. Michael's survival prompted Dozens of boats and aircraft. The trawler sank here. Michael washed up here. J.J. was found here. Pickton continues further south The search for the skipper Charlie but with little hope. and try and keep him alive John chose to stay with the skipper last night. which he did until about 9:00

of Charlie Picton's family today. And I spoke briefly with a member they're quite upset. As you can imagine, to discuss how their search is going Water Police will meet tonight it should be called off. and decide whether Ian.

are behind bars Sydney's unluckiest robbers after picking the wrong night to hold up a club in the western suburbs.

they stormed in As security video shows, having a meeting only to find a group of bikers and ready to take them on. police love - They're the type of crooks stupid ones Regents Park Bowling Club last night walking into with machetes tattoo-covered bikers right past the 50 leather-clad, drinking in another room. Crazy night! What happened? (Laughs) and jumped the bar, One crook belted a customer the other kept lookout - not well, though - to tell all his mates a biker escaped Southern Cross Cruiser Club. from the as the men ran towards them The crooks ran for their lives like stampeding cattle. I would have loved to see his face. He had his balaclava on, on his face. so I couldn't see the look Customers and staff loved it as one bandit injured himself and over a balcony jumping through a sliding glass door under a hail of chairs.

many Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. Obviously, they've been watching too hiding naked Police allegedly found him caught the other - while Jester and his mates a 16-year-old. They hog-tied him. Basically, I said to him tonight - "You're going home in a paddy wagon and you might not go home at all." "you come back again For staff here, last night was about as satisfying as it gets.

humiliated and arrested - The bandits were hurt, so satisfying, because in the past two years, about 10 times. this club has been held up Harry's been a victim. pushed it into my forehead. So he raised the gun... Rebecca, too. It's sickening. you couldn't put it into words. You cannot describe it,

A happy ending this time, though, so drinks...

Cheers, mate. ..are on the house. head injuries in a rock attack A woman who suffered severe as her attacker apologised. has cried in court the Wollongong District Court Peter Hodgkins told he caused Nicole Miller. he wished he could undo the pain Hodgkins threw at a car Her skull was fractured by a rock last July. on the Princes Highway at Kiama Is there anything you'd like to say to Nicole and her family for what's happened? He'll be sentenced next week. Women mistreated by a rogue doctor on the south coast say have never been the same. their lives

Hundreds of female patients have complained and today, a few faced the cameras in the hope they'll see justice soon. They didn't want to do this. it's fine, it's fine. It's fine, it's fine, But forced themselves to stop the man they call 'the Butcher of Bega'. So many people are so badly damaged. Not just a little damage, not just a little thing - it's a monumental damage. Dr Graeme Reeves is accused of mutilating and sexually abusing patients at Bega and Pambula hospitals,

despite being banned from working as an obstetrician. It has affected my sexual relationship with my partner. I have been on antidepressants, I have had counselling. A police strike force is investigating the now de-registered doctor. More than 800 women have made complaints. He needs to be removed from the society that he's been functioning in so at least everybody else is safe. I knew what he had done to me was rape, molestation -

it was terrible. These women want answers from a government they say has failed them. After saying sorry,

Health Minister Reba Meagher has set up a counselling hotline for victims. Most of us will never imagine what it's like to have to speak about such things publically, so we commend their courage and again, we say sorry. I don't think an apology, at this stage, is good enough. The Premier has moved to end the crisis over developer donations, announcing a series of reforms in Parliament this afternoon. Morris Iemma says political donations will have to be declared on every development application. Personal fundraising will also be banned. MPs from each side will not be permitted to organise or hold their own campaign accounts. Planning Minister Frank Sartor has again denied any wrongdoing

over building approvals for Labor Party donors. A Wollongong councillor has testified that he paid $120,000 to men posing as corrupt ICAC officials. Val Zanotto says he was warned if he told anyone about their dealings, a fatality would occur. When Councillor Val Zanotto was raided by ICAC, he believed he'd done nothing wrong. He says his friend, developer Frank Vellar, offered to help, introducing him to Ray Younan

who posed as a corrupt ICAC officer. They met outside a Wollongong service station. Zanotto said he felt uncomfortable, then afraid when a call was made to another man who issued a threat. Mr Zanotto says they demanded $120,000, suggesting they could make the ICAC go away. Although at the time Mr Zanotto says he considered $120,000 - way too much. He eventually paid the money, hoping he could live a normal life. But after months paying, Mr Zanotto had had enough. In a phone tap he refers to Frank Vellar, saying the only thing he'd ever done wrong was be his friend. Summer ends for Sydney tomorrow but if you blinked, you may have missed it with more storms and less sunshine. Weather presenter Sara Groen is at Observatory Hill. And Sara, how will this season end? Ian, it's been a particularly stormy summer, but the threat of another one tonight has eased. Southerly winds should pick up, ensuring a wet and cool end to summer. The Harbour was treated to a spectacular natural light show last night. Sydney is used to summer storms, just not this often. 15 have rolled in since December 1. We haven't had a stormier summer since 1962. We've had over 400mm of rain in Sydney and our average is just under 300mm of rain. A Newcastle car park was flooded when the latest thunderstorm hit this morning. It's rained on 14 days this month, normally we get 9 wet days. Every second day, down came the rain and out came the umbrellas. Today's downpour meant delays for flights at Sydney Airport. It's been a summer without much sunshine too - only 6.7 hours a day on average. It's been averaging about 25 degrees over summer in Sydney and that's the coldest summer we've had for 6 years. No surprise then, our choice of holiday destination has been anywhere with sun. Cook Islands we're seeing a 350% increase, Fiji 160%, and Bali around 130%. Sydney's dams were at an all-time low - just 33.9%. Today they're double that at 66.4% capacity. We're expecting above average rainfall

all across the eastern coast of Australia and Sydney as well, for the next few months, until the end of Autumn. The reason for that is the El Nino weather pattern in the Pacific Basin. And later in the bulletin, seven day forecast for you, Ian. I'll have Sydney's at the State's art gallery The painting packers for the Archibald Prize. have selected their winner After sorting through 700 entries, 40 finalists. the gallery has selected Staff ranked this portrait as their favourite. of Crowded House front-man Neil Finn

of artists portraits I've been doing a series to contact people I didn't know so I thought it would be good when I was at art school. but I was connected to Split Enz will be announced tomorrow-week. The official Archibald Prize winner Still to come - against a first-grade footballer. criminal charges searching for dance party drugs. Also, police smash into Sydney homes are hooked up to lie detectors. where contestants And the TV show

you should be married to? Do you believe I am the man (Screams) He's going to be busy today. 75 babies to deliver. (Puffs) He's got to guide these guys safely to an airstrip He's got to dry-clean 25 suits, fix an electric fence in the north-west and trim Mrs McLachlan's hedge. But to guarantee all that happens, in this, and fix it. he's got to get up there, Rob works for Country Energy. Country Energy. We live here too. Police are cracking down on drugs the gay and lesbian mardi gras. just two days ahead of Police, search warrant! (Bangs on door) Go, go, go!

apartments this morning, They raided two Surry Hills busting a drug distribution ring. Three people were arrested. were seized, Ecstasy, cocaine and cannabis

along with $40,000 cash. has been charged A Sydney Roosters footballer with serious assault offences. of causing grievous bodily harm Setaimata Sa is accused fast food restaurant during a fight at a Wollongong in the early hours of last Saturday. Police say the argument was over whether money had been stolen Shaun Kenny-Dowall's wallet. from team-mate on charges of affray. Sa will also face court

has lost $200,000 A woman on an American game show and perhaps her marriage. to tell relationship secrets She agreed in exchange for cash but lost it all something personal about herself. when she couldn't correctly answer moment of truth. TV SHOW: This is $100,000 - would you ruin your marriage for? How much money 'Moment of Truth', On America's new reality TV show

from her ex-boyfriend Lauri Cleri faced a tough question in front of her husband. you should be married to? Do you believe I'm the man to a lie detector. Contestants had been hooked up I'm going to be honest and say yes.

It was hard for her husband to hear. this ex-boyfriend at all? Have you guys talked about Early on in our marriage he was still an issue. but I didn't know was even harder. But the next question have you ever had sexual relations Since you have been married other than your husband? with someone CROWD GASPS I'm going to have to say yes. The truth, though, can be tricky.

you are a good person? Do you think I'm a good person. I honestly think VOICE OVER: False.

in the end - Perhaps Lauri got what she deserved nothing! But it has raised more questions has gone too far. about whether reality TV to repair their relationship. The Cleris are still trying I wouldn't do the show again, no. that need to be discussed There's a lot of issues and I think we will figure it out

for the both of us. and it will be the better its biggest earthquake in 25 years. Britain has been shaken by The worst of the damage falling from buildings. was chimneys and masonry when hit by debris as he slept. A teenager had a lucky escape from the chimney stack A big piece of masonry and landed on him. come through the ceiling

The 5.2 magnitude quake for Lincolnshire was a rude awakening in north-east England. tens of millions of dollars. Repairs will cost has been breached Britain's tight terror security for the second time this week. Five climate change protesters

made it onto the roof of Parliament at Westminster.

they only unleashed a banner. Fortunately, On Monday, security at Heathrow Airport Greenpeace demonstrators beached and climbed onto a plane. The Spice Girls have called it quits for a second time, with a group hug. going into retirement

I love you all so much. I was going to say that. and you, If it wasn't for you, you, you this could never happen. So thank you. (All) Thank you! Sporty, Posh, Baby, Scary and Ginger insist this farewell concert is the end of the Spice Girls

but not their friendship. has earned his stripes, A top dog with a familiar name today graduating from Kirkconnel Prison as a fully fledged assistance dog. training Roscoe Inmates spent 16 months to help people with disabilities switching on lights by opening doors, and barking when there's danger. (Dog barks) with a great personality. His trainers say he's a clever dog are just too hard to break. But some habits Time for sport with Matthew White and Matt Hayden is under fire. The sledging issue is getting nasty plenty of friends - but Hayden still has

details shortly. Also tonight - party on with the fans. the top guns of the A-League

And watch this man fly - he can win Olympic gold. Patrick Johnson says

is tipped to pull the pin Olympic gold medallist Jodie Henry on her Beijing campaign tomorrow. in the morning - Henry will hold a press conference to make Olympic trials she's struggling next month from severe abdominal pain. after suffering the Henry camp say, Sources inside "It doesn't look good" to the defence of Matt Hayden Adam Gilchrist has come he's one of the most hated players following claims in international cricket. with a reprimand last night Hayden escaped an "obnoxious little weed." for calling Harbhajan Singh

I maintain my innocence - my intentions were never to denigrate cricket or anyone. But Singh retaliated, suggesting Hayden is disliked around the world. I've not ever cared to think what other teams think of Matthew Hayden. He's on of the most well respected people in our team. Australia play Sri Lanka tomorrow in a dead rubber at the MCG. Wallabies captain Stirling Mortlock to keep playing for Australia. has ignored a big offer from Japan

Mortlock has revealed the appointment of Robbie Deans as national coach convinced him to stay on with the Wallabies until 2010. When the Super 14s are finished and when Wallabies commitments are on, everyone is going to be very excited by this new generation. Australia's first Test this season is against Ireland on June 14. Australia's fastest men will begin battling for Beijing places tonight when the athletics selection trials begin in Brisbane. Veteran Patrick Johnson isn't just confident of winning back his national 100m title, he thinks he can win Olympic gold this year. It's a sport where athletes telling us how good they are is as common as them proving it. Patrick Johnson prefers modesty so when he speaks, he really means it. Of course, I'm there to win the gold medal because why would I train my guts out, so to speak, for 6 hours a day to not believe I can get a gold medal. At 35, the only Australian to ever break 10 seconds over 100m is reaching his prime. I've really proven I can run fast. I was number one in the world in 2003. So I can do that again but it's about preparation and doing it right. His results haven't been so impressive since then but Johnson says it's a deliberate plan, he's been finetuning for this Olympic Games. It will be his last chance. You have all your passion and your drive and every moment in a dream or reality, it all comes into one opportunity but you've got to make the Olympic final to get the gold medal. Making the Australian team will be hard enough, even without reigning national champ Josh Ross at the selection trials. You have to finish in the top three to make it. Sydney's Adam Miller is one contender. Well, the strength in sprinting in Australia is just ridiculous at the moment. The news just hasn't spread to the rest of the world yet America's world champion Tyson Gay doesn't seem worried by the Aussies. Oh what's his name in the 200? I can't think of his name right now. Patrick Johnson expects to be introducing himself. Well, don't tell anybody, but this is my opportunity, yeah. Anthony Mundine has retained his Super Middleweight title for a third time and is calling for more challengers after beating his good mate Nader Hamdan overnight. Ben Cousins was supposed to be on the undercard but was just a spectator as Hamdan took The Man to 12 rounds. Mundine claimed a unanimous points victory. I'm ready for anybody - I'm ready for anybody out there who say they're the best. The Knights have long been the kings of Newcastle for the Jets but they might have to make room

after thousands of fans turned out to party with the A-League Champions today. Three real Jets did a fly-by, followed by a whole lot of singing. ole, ole. # Let's all jump for Newcastle,

ole, ole. # They'll have to stop partying eventually. Newcastle's next challenge is the Asian Champion's League.

They can play footy, I don't know about It Takes Two. Checking finance now and fears of an interest rate rise next week saw the share market close sharply lower. Banking stocks were hardest hit. Commonwealth Bank down 5%. The ASX 200 fell 116 points. The country's second biggest insurer lost 7%. That followed a 28% fall in first-half profit. Back to Sara at Observatory Hill for the weather and how much longer will these storms last? Well, thankfully the worst has cleared but we haven't seen the last of this rain, Ian. I'll have details after the break. He's going to be busy today. He's got to guide these guys safely to an airstrip He's got to dry-clean 25 suits, fix an electric fence in the north-west and trim Mrs McLachlan's hedge. Rob works for Country Energy. Country Energy. We live here too. Sydney's stormy summer is almost over but the rain just keeps on coming. Widespread falls of 5 to 15mm swept across the Sydney basin last night with heavier top ups of 10 to 20mm today. Those showers moved through with a gusty southerly change that made temperatures feel as low as 12 degrees at times along the coast. The city hit 21 degrees early this morning, but it stayed below 20 for much of the day. Right now it's 19. It was even cooler elsewhere reaching just 19 degrees in Terrey Hills, Richmond, Penrith and Campbelltown. Gosford and Manly 21. Katoomba 14. The good news is that most of the storm activity has contracted northwards, but gusty southerly winds are going to continue tomorrow as a high in the Bight moves eastwards. That will generate more showers mainly along the coast tending mild and partly cloudy west of the divide.

Around the country, showers are expected in Darwin and Cairns easing in Brisbane 24. Cool but dry across the southeast corner. Warming up in Adelaide and continuing hot in Perth 35. A strong wind warning remains for Sydney. South to sou-easterly winds of 15 to 25 knots will reach 28 knots offshore tomorrow. So waters will be choppy on a 2 to 3m swell. a few more showers tonight, There'll be

but tomorrow most of the wet weather will be along the coast. You might need an extra blanket this evening with lows down to 13 in the west. Daytime temperatures will struggle to crack 20 degrees Looking ahead - Saturday, isolated showers, 21 degrees. Easing on Sunday and becoming fine and warmer from Monday. Our catchments have dipped slightly but they're still at 66.4% after receiving 15mm this week.

They won't reach our catchments but

we certainly had a good run and I

think I need a hot cup of tea,

think I need a hot cup of tea, it's

very cold out here. It feels like

winter already. And that's Seven News to now but we'll have updates during the evening.

Tomorrow on 'Sunrise' - Australia's Olympic uniforms will be revealed. I'm Ian Ross. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. This story will never go to air. Yes. It will. In a few moments - how this man fleeced his uncle, one of our most famous artists, of everything he has. No men in our schools - why they're refusing to become teachers and what that means for our children. Surviving on the pension - Betty's campaign takes off

as this war veteran faces a decision no-one should ever face.

Good evening, Reg Campbell is a

master painter who has won major

prices for his work but even stead

of enjoying his success, the

84-year-old is working hard to get

back his fortune and his paints back his fortune and his paints goes

from his own relatives. He found

himself alone and broke. Bryan

Seymour Has the story of what

happened next. I'm interested in happened next. I'm interested in the

money. And the paintings you have

stolen You have $

stolen You have $144,000 of his

money They call me a master. You may as well

as well save your time because I've

already put an injunction on this,

it's going to go to court This is is

going to air. What do you say when

people say what does your dad do people say what does your dad do He

is a world renowned famous Australian artist.

Meet you might not know the name,

chances are you have seen his work.

From portraits of the Don, John Laws

to this work to this work winner of

to this work winner of the people's

choice award at the choice award at the arch bald prize

chltd over 60 years of

chltd over 60 years of painting, Reg

has immortal ice more than 100

Knights of the realm and

Knights of the realm and royals. He also served in

also served in the army, stationed

in knew Guinea. Re veered by his

peers as a master

peers as a master painter, now this

digger is caught up in the fight of his life. with this woman - his niece, Janice Wright and her husband, Bob Wright. $50,000 in one hit? That's right. 25, 20 - look at all the withdrawals here. He gave us ful permission to use his account. It's really hard to put into words what I make of it all. I would just be relieved to know that dad gets something back in the end, you know.

Who's this old lady? My grandmother. Your grandmother? Did you paint it? Yes, I did. Reg's sons Josh and Eden were raised in the family home in Bathurst,