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(generated from captions) ever in the UK. Ands that that

was the British home secretary

Alan Johnson. The Opposition is

continuing to attack the Federal Government's stimulus spending. The Opposition has

labelled stimulus measures

wasteful and is Europing kau

Saddam Hussein - and is urging

caution during the next few mos. Christopher Pyne good

morning I'm sure you've taken a

look at the 'Financial Review'

this morning. It's got an amall soifrs the community infrastructure program showing

that it's heavily in favour of

ALP seats in some states and

marginal seats, has this

process been fair? Well, the

community infrastructure grants

story showing 550 million

largely favouring ALP seats and

particularly marginal seats

comes on top of the science and language laboratory story of

earlier this week which showed

that ALP marginal seats were

being advantaged up to over a

million dollars over Coalition

marginal seats. It's a cynical,

political ploy by a Government

trying to buy the next Federal

election.Ern knows the stimulus

spending is 40% slated to begin

on July 1 next year. The

Government could now that the

economy has reoccurred remove

that stimulus spending and keep

us out of debt and deficit but

they won't. Because they won't

to buy the next election

because they're addicted to

spending and spending largely

in their own electorates in

order to win. Al ba thesy

defence here is that when you

another an another $250 million

program when when it's

considered Labor seats received proportionally less

funning. Labor is also spending

$215 on electoral advertisements which the Electoral Commissioner says for

the purposes of the schools

stimulus debacle are outside

the law.Al ba thesy can say

what he wants. The barbecue

test is $550 million, move it

to ALP seat, the science and

language laboratories going to

ALP seats, 215 million ob Government advertising, when

they were in Opposition, they

said they weren't going to have

any Government advertising, now

they've been addicted to it,

all designed to destroy the Opposition and I think the

public will see it for what it is. But you're just as guilty

of this too aren't you. The

region al partner ships program

delivered one third of its

funding to just ten Coalition

electorates. Well, the regional

partnerships funding, one, it's

in the past and this Government

was apparently going to

practice new politics, not old

politics, but putting that to

one side, the fact that it's

regional partnerships should

give us the hint. Most of the

seats in regional and rural

Australia are held by the

Coalition so naturally the

Coalition was going to get a

larger proportion of the funding because we have most of

the seats in country Australia. We'll just move on

to this push for a Senate

inquiry into the stimulus

spending and getting Ken Henry

before the Senate to explain

that. Will you support that

move by the Greens in the

Senate today? Well, we have

always been open to

accountability and

transparency, clearly we want

the Government to answer

questions about their stimulus

spend, particularly the schools

stimulus debackalle, the

sqularg memorial school halls

program, the decision about

that will be made this morning,

or today when the vote is taken

in the Senate. And somebody

will announce that at the

appropriate person, probably

Nick Minchin will announce that

at the appropriate time You're

not in a position now to say whether the Opposition will

support that call in the Senate

today? Well we've successed it.

Obviously we're open it to but

it's not up to me to make that

announcement. It's up to

Malcolm Turnbull or the Senate

leader Nick Minchin that

they'll do that at the

appropriate time, that's all I

can say about that at this

stage The other issue that's

coming up in Canberra today is this Auditor-General's report

into electoral allowances. The

Government is apparently

planning to slash $100,000 a

year from the printing allowance, do you concede there

needs to be a major overhaul of

that and that the printing

allowance needs to be cut? Well

the printing allowance is I

think only $100,000 a year. If

it was slashed by that it would

mean we had zer yes printing

allowance which would make it

difficult for MPs to

communicate with their

constituents. I think that's

highly unlie. Whatever the

rules are going to be, we'll

all abide be. I've been in

parliament for 16.5 years. The

remoneyation tribunal and successive Governments are

always changing the way we deal

with our entitlements and our

printing allowances and our postage to community aticate

with our electorates. Twhaefr

rule, we have to comply with

them. You'd like to see that printing allowance main Tony

Abbotted at $100,000? It has to

be at some level. Whatever the

level is a matter for the

Government but it can't be at

zero otherwise how would we

communicate with our

electorates unless Labor plans

on using their trade union

money to campaign themselves

which I wouldn't put it past

them but certainlily up

Democraty and we shouldn't have

a one party State. I don't

think there's any chance of

that. I think there's a fair

chance of it if the Labor party

get theirs way. Christopher

Pyne thank you for talking to

us this morning. You can send

email to us at