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to relieve exhausted workers More SES volunteers arrive in flood-ravaged Mackay. a new country - And the world welcomes Kosovo declaring independence. And a swimmer from Perth in the water. becomes the world's fastest man Ten News with Natarsha Belling.

have arrived in Mackay First today, SES reinforcements the massive clean-up. to help struggling locals continue $1 billion, The damage bill could now top but while the heavy rain is easing

still expect powerful winds. the weather bureau says the area can With the muddy floodwaters gone,

is a drenched city all that is left now determined to rebuild. from Cairns and Brisbane Fresh teams of SES workers are now on the ground, to the next-door neighbour Going from here up to get the stink out. because pulling carpets The rain still comes and goes, of survival and great personal loss. but emerging now are the stories fridges floating around the kitchen People are talking about

and beds floating, her car was floating in the garage. and one of the other girls here, Some have lost more than others. is to look forward. Their only way of coping Lost everything. Just start again, eh? What do you do now?

are still without power. Hundreds of homes to get around on foot - Many locals are also left most cars are ready for the wreckers. of reopening soon. And the local schools have no chance

of the classroom. It's nearly to the ceiling too damaged to live in The few residents whose houses remain the evacuation centre home - are still calling a place to think, a dry bed, food and shelter, is arranged. while government aid and insurance Farmers here are suffering too. Sugar-cane fields are flooded, then these crops will be lost. and if the sun doesn't shine soon,

our biggest problem, Just the flood debris is gonna be too will be a major problem. but uprooting of a lot of the crops Jesse Grayson, Ten News. are preparing for the worst Residents in WA's north threatens coastal towns. as Tropical Cyclone Nicholas is in the tourist centre of Exmouth, Ten reporter Kelly Williams by a Category 5 storm which was devastated Kelly, what's the latest? almost exactly nine years ago.

is picking up here in Exmouth. Yes, as you can see, the wind

it's only going to get worse The weather bureau says as the day progresses. it's only going to get worse as the day progresses. for communities in and around Exmouth Destructive winds are forecast down off the Pilbara coast. as Cyclone Nicholas makes its way It's a Category 3 cyclone, in a south-westerly direction travelling

at a speed of about 12km/h. Experts were predicting or early tomorrow, it would cross the coast late tonight if it will cross at all, but now they're not so sure downgraded to a Category 2 and are saying it may actually be late tomorrow. proving to be rather unpredictable But, like many cyclones, Nicholas is anything out. and authorities aren't ruling for people in this area. There's a yellow alert current has been evacuated, The town's caravan park with no tourists or vans in sight.

from around their homes. People have removed loose items to be moving away from land, And while Nicholas appears for the worst. locals here are preparing

In Exmouth, it's back to you. have launched an inquiry Air crash investigators between a light plane and helicopter into a midair collision in New Zealand. of three people. The crash claimed the lives

Investigators will examine the wreckage

the final minutes before the crash. hoping to piece together the appropriate radio calls Both pilots had made of each other's position. and were aware

on a helicopter training flight It's believed two men clipped the wing of a light plane, the local airport near Wellington. around 200 metres from into a hardware store, The chopper then slammed killing the pair instantly. We heard this massive...

sort of like a car crash, but louder, and there's, like, a plane

falling from the sky. and bits of the plane I didn't see anything, working away, I was just in my workshop and a backfire noise. and I heard a loud bang

of a nearby house, The plane hurtled into the roof before coming to rest in the street.

but we heard the horrible bang, We didn't see anything, and it's come down on our drive.

pulling him from the wreckage, Residents rushed to the pilot's aid, but they were unable to save him. basically the bottom half of a body There was a body - hanging out of it. in hospital. He died a short time later Ellesa Throwden, Ten News. serious assault on his integrity Kevin Rudd is facing the first

since winning office. is again raising questions An email exchange with Brian Burke the Prime Minister has been about how honest the disgraced former WA premier. about his dealings with Kevin Rudd under a cloud for the first time as Prime Minister. disgraced former premier Brian Burke News of three meetings with back in 2005 in Parliament last year. had Kevin Rudd in the firing line

Anyone who deals with Mr Brian Burke compromised. is morally and politically The release of emails between the two on the back foot. has the Prime Minister before the election He said one thing to make it clear that his relationship with Mr Burke was at an end

it was not. and clearly it's now been revealed

Kevin Rudd must have known was persona non grata. that Brian Burke

Mr Rudd was sliming around Australia,

wherever he could. trying to shore up numbers

to undermine Kim Beazley He needed someone in WA at the time. to release Mr Rudd was yesterday forced

nine emails between the pair. the offer They show he initially accepted and Labor Party powerbrokers to meet with prominent journalists in Perth,

but later postponed a fourth function, blaming an overseas trip. He now says that was just an excuse to get out of the function. The bottom line is I didn't go to this fourth function, and the reason is I became uncomfortable about it. Uncomfortable, he says, because the dinner organised in his honour appeared to be too much. But the Opposition says the Prime Minister must come clean

about his relationship with Brian Burke and is vowing to pursue the matter in question time today. Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News. Brian Burke's dealings with Mr Rudd are set to dominate question time in Federal Parliament this afternoon. We cross live to Ten's political editor Paul Bongiorno in Canberra. Paul, the Brian Burke affair was very embarrassing for Mr Rudd last year. How damaging do you think these emails will be for the Prime Minister?

I think a bit of perspective on

this - last year when he was

opposition leader and needed to win

over another of the electorate to

become Prime Esther, it was potentially extremely potentially extremely damaging.

What we saw last year was Kevin

Rudd for approval rating went up,

because soon after that attack from

Peter Costello, a liberal minister had to quit

had to quit because he had had some

dealings with Brian Burke.

dealings with Brian Burke. Clearly

the opposition wants to knock some

shine off Kevin Rudd and bring him

back to worse. There is no doubt

that last year as Kevin Rudd spoke

about this meeting that did not go

ahead, he made out he was not too

keen on these and cancelled it.

What the e-mails is show that he was originally going

was originally going to go and then

thought better of it. The

perspective here is that everybody

knew Kevin Rudd was a potential

Labor leader, and something about

crime Birt is that he can pick a

winner. It was he who was making

the overtures to Kevin Rudd. That

is clear. These e-mails do not

support the claims made in a

newspaper yesterday about Kevin

Rudd seeking out Brian Burke.

Rudd seeking out Brian Burke. While the Prime Minister is riding high

after last week's emotional apology,

this week he will meet with Brendan

Nelson to press ahead with his war

Cabinet on tackling Aboriginal

disadvantage. Kevin Rudd has been

keen to meet again with Brendan

Nelson face to face. He tried to do

it last week and ran out of time.

His offer says he will do it this

time to build on momentum and

time to build on momentum and the

goodwill that we shall and last

week after the apology. The Rudd

Government is also building on that

goodwill to renounce it will ratify

the United Nations Declaration on

the rights of indigenous peoples,

something that the John Howard

Government refused to do, one of

only four nations in the United

Nations that refused. The new Foreign Minister Stephen Smith on

Meet the Press gave us the news.

Meet the Press gave us the news.

Absolutely, and we are currently

giving consideration to that. We

are going through concentrations -

- consultations. Events of the week

I thought were just terrific for

Australia both domestically and Australia both domestically and internationally. What we saw with

the apology in the parliament was I

think an uplifting of the nation's spirit.

spirit. Certainly the feedback and

commentary from overseas is this

has been very well received

internationally. The opposition

have been pressing for the former

Aboriginal Affairs Minister to be

part of the bipartisan commission

on Aboriginal matters, especially

housing. Yesterday, a very senior

Aboriginal leader, who

Aboriginal leader, who is Aboriginal leader, who is the social justice commissioner for

Aborigines and horror straight

islanders, and the acting human

rights commissioner, launched a

pretty big attack on Mal Brough and

questioned his integrity over a

business deal. As Minister, Mal

Brough, to get them to sign up to a

99 year lease, provided them with a significant amount

significant amount of funding. As

Aboriginal people they will feel

there is a reciprocal obligation. I

think the question that I'm

surprised has not been asked is

whether that is a legitimate way to

go forward. Mal Brough says this attack

attack is disgusting and ill-

informed. If Mal Brough was a Labor informed. If Mal Brough was a Labor

minister and a Kevin Rudd code minister and a Kevin Rudd code of conduct,

conduct, he would not be able to go

one with that business Federal Police have applied to the Federal Magistrates' Court to have David Hicks's control order made permanent. Ten's Esther Lindstrom joins us now, live from Adelaide where the hearing is being held. Esther, has Hicks appeared in court?

David Hicks is not here, but that

is not to say he will not be at some stage today.

some stage today. The court has

just adjourned for Racial time to

allow the lawyers for David Hicks

to call him and asking if he wants

to come and explain why this

control order is having such a

negative effect on his life. The magistrate

magistrate felt it was unfair to

continue today's hearing without allowing

allowing David Hicks to come and

explain just what impact the

Control Order is having. I understand

understand Federal Police have

understand Federal Police have

launched this application? That is

right. Today the magistrate must

decide if he will make this interim

order a permanent one. The Federal

Police are prepared to have a

relaxing of the order. They do not mind

mind if the curfew kicks in

slightly later, at 1 am, as opposed

to the 12 o'clock curfew at the

moment. They also do not mind if he travels Interstate

travels Interstate from South

Australia. He is now allowed to

report to federal Police and

territory police, as well as South

Australian police. Any specific

details on what David Hicks wants?

His big issue with his control

order is the number of times he

must report to police balls. He has

to report three times a week to South Australian police, and he

feels that is too much to allow him

feels that is too much to allow him

to get on with his life. He is

continuing to ask to have the

number of times he has to report

relax. It remains to be seen if

today he will come to court and

explain why three times a week is

too much for him and Major have that relaxed. Two young boys remain in hospital in Sydney after a drunk teenager allegedly ran them down outside a fast food restaurant.

The accident happened on a pedestrian crossing, the boys' mother thrown onto the bonnet of the car, her two sons dragged 15 metres. The boys, aged five and nine, but are in a stable condition. It's alleged the 16-year-old driver had a blood alcohol reading of 0.09. Relatives of a NSW family who were killed in a road collapse have arrived for the start of the inquest into their deaths.

Roslyn Bragg and Andrew Holt were driving along the old Pacific Highway at Somersby

with their two daughters and nephew when the road fell away. Everyone died when the car plunged 12 metres into a flooded creek. Gosford Council has been accused of ignoring advice to repair the highway. It's claimed councillors were told the road was unstable in 2004, and would cost $250,000 to fix.

The brother of Azaria Chamberlain has been chauffered from his wedding in the car that formed the centrepiece in her murder case. Aidan Chamberlain was six when his sister disappeared in 1980. The family car, a Torano hatchback, was tested for Azaria's blood and used to convict his mother, Lindy, of the murder. But that forensic evidence was eventually discredited

and she was exonerated years later. Lindy Chamberlain has always claimed a dingo took the girl from the tent. The world has a new country - Kosovo ends the long and bloody breakup of Yugoslavia by declaring independence. We'll take a look at how locals are celebrating when the morning news returns. And they breed them tough in Arizona - the pint-sized cowboys competing for a junior rodeo crown.

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This program is captioned live. Kosovo has become the world's newest nation,

declaring its independence from Serbia. The historic move has sparked wild celebrations and riots. Tonight in Kosovo, ethnic Albanians are celebrating a declaration of independence that marks the end of the tortuous, 17-year collapse

of the former Yugoslavia. The new flag of Kosovo is now flying over Pristina.

But a few hundred miles to the north, in Belgrade, Serb ultra-nationalists launched an attack on the US embassy. They see only further humiliation in their country's loss of Kosovo. Many Serbs, and not just hardliners,

view Kosovo as their religious heartland, and the Government in Belgrade has vowed

never to recognise Kosovo's independence. That bitterness was to be expected, and did nothing to spoil the mood in Pristina. Thank you, Europe! Thank you, America! Thank you, Great Britain! How long have you been waiting for this moment? Centuries. Centuries. The declaration itself was made in Parliament.

It was left to Hashim Thaci, the Prime Minister and former guerilla leader, to promise to the world he would now protect the rights of the Serbs he once fought. Kosovo is committed in the region. Our independence will bring to an end long and bloody process of the disintegration of Yugoslavia. The response to those words from this moderate and passionately pro-Western country

was overwhelming. The greatest party in the Balkans is now under way in Pristina. Because of a Russian veto at the Security Council, the UN will not yet recognise Kosovo, but make no mistake about it, at 3:30 this afternoon, Europe's and the world's newest nation was born.

but make no mistake about it, at 3:50 this afternoon, Europe's and the world's newest nation was born.

Kosovo has been under international supervision for a decade, under Serbian rule for a century - little wonder tonight they are celebrating. Some Australians travelled to Kosovo for the historic declaration. Australian flags were waving on the streets of the capital, Pristina, as Kosovo's ethnic Albanians celebrated their independence from Serbia. All the way from Australia, we are Albanians, Kosovo Albanians, from Australia.

We are very happy to be on this day here. We have travelled all the way from Australia to be on this big day in Kosovo. Minority Serbs are now concerned about their future in Kosovo. Final preparations are under way for the election in Pakistan, which killed as many 46 people. in spite of the weekend bombing which killed as many as 46 people.

Tensions are high and security is tight

as the polling booths are put into place across the country.

The election was postponed last month following the assassination of opposition leader Benazir Bhutto. The people killed in a suicide bomb attack on a campaign rally on Saturday were mostly Bhutto supporters. A man who killed his son by jumping with him from a hotel balcony in Crete could soon be released. He's been held in psychiatric care after being found not guilty of murder.

It was just last month that a Greek court cleared John Hogan, saying he was incapable of murdering his son because of his mental state. He was sent to a psychiatric unit for a minimum of three years, yet just three weeks later they are planning on releasing him.

It's another controversial twist in the tragic sequence of events that began with a family holiday in Crete in August 2006. Following a row with his then wife Natasha, John threw their 6-year-old son, Liam, from the hotel balcony and then jumped himself, carrying their 2-year-old daughter, Mia. John and Mia survived but the 50ft drop killed Liam.

During his 18-month trial, Hogan tried to commit suicide five times. The court heard he suffered from severe depression and last month cleared him of murder.

Natasha's response was read out on the court steps. "I accept that an act in a moment of complete madness "was uncharacteristic of John, "but to have done this to our children is unforgivable."

On hearing that he may now be released from psychiatric care so soon, Natasha is said to be: Control instead lies with the Greek court that would need to approve Hogan's release, which could be as soon as six months away. Rodeo riding is a dangerous business, but some tiny cowboys and cowgirls have been showing off their skills

in Arizona. There are no bucking broncos in the Mutton Bustin' contest. The young riders cling to the back of a sheep as long as they can, and there are plenty of rodeo clowns ready to help them out when they come off. Some of the Mutton Busters are only four years old, and all the juniors have to weigh less than 25kg, so they don't hurt the sheep. Property investors warned to brace for a bumpy ride -

Kathryn Robinson will have more in our finance report, next. And how to marry money - speed dating for millionaires.

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This program is captioned live. SES reinforcements have arrived in Mackay to help struggling locals continue the massive clean-up. The damage bill could top $1 billion. Meantime, across the country, residents of Exmouth in WA are preparing for the worst as Tropical Cyclone Nicholas bears down on the region. Kosovo has become the world's newest nation, declaring its independence from Serbia.

The historic move has sparked wild celebrations and riots. Australia can now boast the fastest man in the water.

Perth's Eamon Sullivan stunned onlookers by slicing 0.08 seconds from the 50m freestyle world record, previously held by Russian Alexandre Popov.

To finance now with Kath Robinson, and a busy week for company results? Yes, it certainly is, Tarsh, with reporting season stepping up a gear this week with a number of heavyweights handing down results. This morning, Bendigo Bank revealed a 34.1% lift in first half earnings. 20% of companies have already reported, with more disappointing investors than not. Gaming, media and transport stocks will take centre stage this week.

To the week ahead now, and under the spotlight will be the Reserve Bank and wages growth. A speech from the Assistant Governor at 9:30 tomorrow

will be followed by the February Board minutes at 11:30. On the data front, look out for the Westpac Leading Index for December on Wednesday, as well as skilled vacancies. Average weekly earnings and new car sales are out on Thursday, but the one to watch is the wage cost index for the December quarter. That should give a clearer picture on inflation. In the US, traders will be keeping a keen eye

on inflation and housing starts. On the local housing sector, investors are being warned to expect a bumpy ride ahead, with the threat of rising interest rates keeping many at bay from Sydney's auctions on the weekend. Just 52% of homes going under the hammer cleared.

Staying with the housing sector, and home loans lender RAMS will be rebuilding from scratch after being hit hard by the American sub-prime mortgage crisis. The company is believed to be looking to hold its standard mortgage rate

at a slightly lower level than the big banks in a bid to remain competitive.

RAMS' main operations were acquired by Westpac for $140 million, and the company hopes its new parent's balance sheet will allow it to keep loans around five basis points below the current rate. Despite investors losing millions of dollars in the spectacular collapse of companies such as Westpoint, ACR and Fincorp, new laws governing the sector. the corporate regulator will not seek ASIC says nothing yet has emerged

and unrated investment market from its inquiry into the unlisted further legislative intervention. to suggest the watchdog will take legal action And while it is unlikely that against Fincorp and ACR directors, in compensation it is pursuing $245 million from five Westpoint directors. strict new guidelines The Treasurer has outlined

into the local market. for allowing foreign investors six principles Wayne Swan has announced on foreign entities, to guide his decisions including a requirement at arm's length to its government. that the investor must be controlled the $15 billion grab for shares The move follows in miner Rio Tinto and its US partner, Alcoa. by China's state-owned Chinalco The British Government

troubled bank Northern Rock will nationalise in the global credit crisis. six months after its was caught up A consortium led by Virgin Group had been the frontrunner to take it over. Boss Richard Branson says He's run out of time and he's run out of options, from the chancellor this Sunday - so a nasty surprise there will be no private buyer for Northern Rock,

it's going to be nationalised. we do not believe In the current market conditions, sufficient value for money that the two proposals deliver for the taxpayer,

so the Government has decided to bring forward legislation

to bring Northern Rock of public ownership. into a temporary period Nationalising Northern Rock the Government wanted. was the last thing and could be a huge headache. Owning it is a huge embarrassment

about job cuts Frontline staff will be nervous and shareholders are likely All this in the north-east of England, a Labour stronghold. The Opposition were quick to go for the Government's throat.

Shares will be suspended tomorrow and a new bill announced that will put Northern Rock into the Government's hands. It's likely to be a heavy burden. Shares in the embattled shopping centre owner Centro

have resumed trading today, jumping 9% on the open after Friday's trading halt. Investors have welcomed the news

a 2-month reprieve from its lenders that the company has won on nearly $3.5 billion in debt. Late on Friday the group revealed than previously thought, its financial situation was far worse about $1.5 billion higher with liabilities than stated in its accounts.

Before the open today, almost 90% since December shares in the company had fallen in the sub-prime crisis. after being caught To the markets now, this morning - and Australian stocks are lower the decline, the banking sector leading regarding losses in the US. after comments from the ANZ announcing its results Allco Finance Group has also delayed

for a second time.

Now for a look at the national weather:

Why marrying a millionaire isn't just for the rich and famous anymore - our feature story is next.

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This program is captioned live. Marrying for money has long been seen as a pursuit of a gold-digging woman,

the number of available millionaires, but with a recent explosion in on the act. both sexes are now getting in

who try to marry money. You may have heard about people is what the courtship looks like. This, in one case, On to your next date. Rotate, everyone! and it shouldn't surprise you. It's speed-dating for the very rich than ever, There are more millionaires

who want to share their success. and no shortage of people On to your next date, please. This event in Manhattan last week on its head. We are hosting a speed date exclusively available to ultra-wealthy women and hot young men. Gail Garrison, fashion designer, 44. My name is Vivian Cha. I'm 47 years old and I'm a physician.

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End of story. has a point. Event organiser Jeremy Abelson I was a little girl, All my life, ever since to marry a zillionaire. I've always had the same dream - 'How to Marry a Millionaire' Long before the 1953 movie was, for many, a top priority. the pursuit of wealth your contact with the non-rich. A good rule of thumb is minimise Charlotte Hays is the author

Women and the Men they Married'. of 'The Fortune Hunters, Dazzling I think the absolute model for a fortune hunter is Madame de Pompadour. Now, she wasn't actually the wife of Louis XV, she was his declared mistress, which is just as good. Just how important is money? Well, for these women, it's everything. the courtship of a former first lady. Jacqueline Kennedy was engaged to a very WASP-y guy

with wonderful credentials before she married Kennedy. But it wasn't real money. But Kennedy came along and it was real money, and so she went for that. Are these women happy, though? Well, I think they are happy. a lot of women happy. It's not a role that would make the golden rule, This job, you have to obey he who has the gold makes the rules. and the golden rule is

or gander, is getting easier, And finding the golden goose, or at least more direct. There are a number of Internet sites to meet the rich. that allow subscribers This one,, for the millionaire-seekers, is actually free

according to founder Brandon Wade. as long as they're good-looking, the website clearly states In seekingmillionaire, I think that it's not only wealth that you need to have, but, you know, you probably should also have beauty. And are the guys beautiful? Ah, if they're wealthy, then they don't necessarily need to be beautiful. I think it's one or the other. seven years ago. WOMAN: Millionaires Club started

I'm a third-generation matchmaker. For those who want a more hands-on approach to meeting money, meet Patti Stanger, star of the cable TV series 'Millionaire Matchmaker'. What kind of women do you like? wrangle wealthy men. Every week, Patti helps her clients Millionaires Club. to get into. This club is the most exclusive club all over the world. We have a waiting list

out of the process. This is really taking the love OK, let me ask you this question. than men, right? We live 10-15 more years longer our financial security. So we have to think about This is the millionaires club. This is not a club for paupers. still make only 77 cents And in a world where women for every dollar a man earns, is a must. Stanger says fortune-hunting

where we're headed We have to think about in the nursing home when, God forbid, we're gonna be and maybe there's no family. over the age of 35, A lot of us have never been married, and we don't have kids. Who's taking care of us? in the home for 100 years We don't live in Asia, where we live the wisers. and we're revered as the elders,

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found romance, either. But none of the women we spoke with It's hardly surprising. The word 'love' can be hard to hear talks loudest of all. in a society where money sometimes

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This program is captioned live. Eamon Sullivan is the toast of Australian swimming. He broke the world record for the 50m freestyle, clocking 21.56s at the NSW championships last night. And Ten News's Leanne West is with the man of the moment. and quite a swim it was last night -

the 7-year-old record set by Russian great Alex Popov, gone - and with me is the man who did it. Eamon Sullivan, congratulations. Did it come as a surprise to you? Thank you. Yeah, I think it was. At the same time, the work I've been doing in the pool, I've been very happy with, I guess I feel like it's well deserved. The question everyone is asking now is, how much faster can you go?

That's a good question, I guess, that you can't give an answer to. It's obviously taken me a long time to get down to where I am now, and I think I've got a lot of hard work to do in between now and trials, If I can do some better quality sets and get some confidence out of this

and taper down and swim faster at trials I'll be very happy. Well, you announced yourself on the world stage with a third in the 100m at the world championships. Now you have world record beside your name, do you feel like you're going to be a marked man in Beijing this year? Yeah, I think it comes with the territory and it's something I'm not used to. I'm usually used to being the person behind and chasing people, and having something up my sleeve and surprising people. It's different having people behind you. Thank you very much, Eamon, for joining us on Ten's Morning News. Now for the rest of the day's sporting news,

Mark Aiston joins us. And, Mark, an injury scare for Adam Gilchrist. Natarsha, the Adam Gilchrist farewell tour could be over a fortnight ahead of schedule after he suffered a suspected broken thumb in last night's win over India. The tourists appeared on track for victory before the Aussie bowlers engineered a memorable comeback. This could be the moment that ends the amazing career of Adam Gilchrist. COMMENTATOR: I've never seen him do this. I've never seen him react to a finger knock with so much anguish as this one. Hit on the left thumb while keeping over the stumps to Stuart Clark, he knew straight away it wasn't good. he knew straightaway it wasn't good. he said it was broken. He looked to me as though His day didn't start much better, bowled for 15. Ponting failed again too. Oh, he's got him. Wickets continued to fall,

Australia's top-order woes in need of repair. Michael Clarke's 79 got them past 200. Oh, good shot - beautifully played. An early breakthrough from Bracken, removing Tendulkar. James Hopes got two wickets in three balls. He's gone too. India rebuilt, to be back to his best, but when he holed out to Stuart Clark in the deep... Got him. running for Dhoni,

It was left to that man Gilchrist to seal the deal. Oh, what a good catch by Gilchrist. and a farewell to the Adelaide faithful. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. The Newcastle Jets have advanced to the A-League Grand Final with a nailbiting 3-2 win over the Queensland Roar. Newcastle secured their win with two goals in extra time, including this sensational strike from Tarek Elrich.

What a strike! COMMENTATOR: Tarek Elrich! The Jets are on their way to the Grand Final. The Jets now take on the Central Coast Mariners for the A-League title next Sunday at the Sydney Football Stadium. Another step today in the AFL's plans to establish new teams on the Gold Coast and the western suburbs of Sydney. The league commission is meeting in Melbourne to consider an 18-team competition,

following the decision of the Kangaroos to remain in Melbourne. The AFL's heavy hitters descended on the league headquarters this morning, as movement to expand the competition to 18 clubs gathers momentum.

The commissioners have disgusted

over the most of last year, and so

we have to get an update today.

The update involves receiving an independent report that will further outline the viability of establishing a team on the Gold Coast and in western Sydney by 2012. Chairman Mike Fitzpatrick is in no doubt about the importance of the league's decision. we have to get an update today. I

think it is a big decision, but I

think it is something we have On field, and a serious knee injury has all but ended Swan Nick Malceski's season, with scans expected to confirm a torn ACL in his right knee. think it is something we have to do.

It is disappointing for him and

emotional, because he has spent the whole pre-season training. He will

be out for a The injury further marred Sydney's 2-point loss to Hawthorn. Fremantle has concerns of its own, with midfielder Paul Haselby also

He will have it stand tomorrow. He will have it stand tomorrow. We

have our fingers crossed. Despite Haselby's absence,

the Dockers cruised to a 44-point win over West Coast. Luke Schneider, Ten News.

Casey Stoner's MotoGP season is off to a flyer, The Australian finished fastest around the Jerez Circuit ahead of former world champ Valentino Rossi. For his efforts,

he was handed the keys to a brand-new BMW.

A modest Stoner was quick to play down his performance. Things just keep getting better and better for me. You know, two years ago we were useless at qualifying and now we're actually half decent. on March 9. The first MotoGP race is in Qatar Belgian world number one Justine Henin has clinched

her first WTA title on home soil. The 7-times Grand Slam winner defeated Italian Karin Knapp

in straight sets in the final of the Diamond Games. The victory was her 10th successive win in a final. UMPIRE: Game, set and match Henin. Two sets to love - 6-3, 6-3. Elsewhere, British number one Andy Murray picked up his second ATP title of the year.

He beat Croatia's Mario Ancic in straight sets in the final of the Marseille Open. The 2008 Extreme Outdoor Winter Games has wrapped up in spectacular fashion And, Natarsha, I'm not sure if you've ever plunged into a valley The national weather details when the Morning News returns.

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for the ultimate even finish. New Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation from Max Factor. Whopper Stunner Deals are back at Hungry Jack's. You can get a Whopper Jr, regular fries, all for just $4.95. You'll want to get your hands on stunning value like this. The burgers are better at Hungry Jack's. It need never happen, thanks to Duracell. Here's something that'll get you going, NIB's Basic Saver, just: You get basic hospital and ambulance cover, plus general dental and more. For just $9.95 a week, it's worth it. Call: This program is captioned live. SES reinforcements have arrived in Mackay to help struggling locals continue the massive clean-up. The damage bill could top $1 billion. Meantime, across the country, residents of Exmouth in WA are preparing for the worst bears down on the region. as Tropical Cyclone Nicholas Kosovo has become the world's newest nation,

declaring its independence from Serbia. The historic move has sparked wild celebrations and riots. Australia can now boast the fastest man in the water. Perth's Eamon Sullivan stunned onlookers at the NSW State Championships by slicing 0.08 seconds from the 50m freestyle world record, previously held by Russian Alexander Popov. Now for a look at the national weather: 150,000 people right around the country

have enjoyed the 16th annual Tropfest. The world's largest short film festival drew big names to help with the judging.

16 years old and Tropfest still holds plenty of surprises - like a movie starring the one and only Bea Smith from 'Prisoner'. I think it's a good idea for people with a bit of experience and help youn directors to put their hand up and help young directors so I did, and he did so well he's got to the finals. Have you been in a Tropfest film? Er, no I haven't. Is everyone too nervous to approach you? Please don't write in now. Geoffrey Rush joined Naomi Watts as the star judges

casting an expert eye over the top 16 films.

The in-demand actress on her first visit home since becoming a mum. Among all the festivities,

as tribute was paid to the young actor Heath Ledger. Appropriate, because Tropfest was something he loved - Australian talent on show. as the final films rolled - Tears breaking into laughs 10 of them were comedies. Then - trophy time. Jayne Montague for 'Glass'. Women in Film award Naomi Watts presented the prestigious to former Channel Ten staffer Jayne for her film, 'Glass'. Best actress went to 10-year-old Jahla Bryant, every child star should give. who gave the thank you My mum, for driving me around. And the big winner... In 2008 it goes to 'Marry Me'. about a little girl trying to impress a little boy

who's more interested in his bike was almost too exciting for 8-months-pregnant director Michelle Lehman. My God, I hope I don't go into labour.

Angela Bishop, Ten News.

That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Natarsha Belling. Good morning. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.