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Tonight - tributes for a murdered

maths teacher who may have known

her killer. She treated everyone

equally. If anyone needed help, you

could always know and trust her.

Bank kk bloodshed - Australians

warned to stay away from the city's

worst violence in 14 years. (GUNFIRE)

Julia Gillard laughs off claims

she's about to challenge the PM.

There's more chance of me becoming

the full-forward for the Dogs than

Party. there is of any change in the Labor

And the cabbie who turned down a

blind woman and her canine

companion. I will pay a fare just

as well as anybody else, and he

left me standing there.

Good evening. I'm Bill Woods. And

I'm Deborah Knight. Also - a major

study fails to rule out a link

between mobile phones and cancer.

And round-the-world sailor Jessica

Watson settles back to life on land.

The whole world's spinning again.

things! I've been walking into a few

But first - a Central Coast teacher

murdered in her bedroom might have

known her killer. Hundreds of

people have paid personal tribute

to Mandy Carter, remembered as a

caring, pioneering woman who made

others smile.

She had three children of her own,

but Mandy Carter was a mother

figure to so many more. At Wyong

High today, they paid tribute to a

maths teacher who was both loved

and respected by her students. She

was just a lovely lady, and she's

helped so many people in our year

get through problems. She treated

everyone equally, and if anyone

needed help, you could always know

and trust her. The 46-year-old was

found dead by her daughter in her

home yesterday morning. Police

won't reveal how she died, but say

it was violent. Neighbours heard a

thud late on Sunday night, but

there were no signs of a robbery.

We're certainly looking at that

vaev of inquiry, that she may have

known her attacker. On Facebook,

hundreds are paying tribute. "You

were a wonderful person who always

seemed to make the people around

you smile." Friends say Ms Carter

was engaged, but the relationship

ended a month ago. She was also a

passionate soccer player, coached

her school's team, and was a

pioneer for female referees. She

was well-respected, had put in a

lot of her own personal time into

refereeing, into football, into

playing and coaching. Police want

to speak to anyone who saw or

filmed her final game. Piecing

together Amanda's last movements on

Saturday, the afternoon and evening of

Saturday, right through until

Sunday morning. Arrangements are

already under way for players who

take to the field here this coming

weekend to wear black armbands and

hold a minute's sisilence for Mandy

Carter - a referee described as

tough but fair. It's a tribute that tough but fair. It's a tribute that

Coast. will be repeated across the Central

Australians are being urged to flee

Thailand as the violence there

spirals out of control. Australia

has shut its embassy, with at least

35 people killed in clashes between

redshirts. the military and anti-government

The tourist Mecca of Thailand has

disintegrated into a war zone. It's

become so dangerous, the Australian

Embassy in Bangkok has closed, and

the Department of Foreign Affairs

is warning Australians to get out

of the capital if it's safe to do

so. This is a matter that we have

become increasingly concerned about.

I've been in regular contact with

our ambassador to Thailand. The Red

Cross will also start evacuating

terrified tourists and residents as

the unrest spirals out of control.

TRANSLATION: I heard the news

reports that the government might

announce the curfew, and they might

cut the electricity and water. I

was worried. Guests at this luxury

hotel in the heart of Bangkok were

rushed to the basement for safety,

as gunfire and explosions erupted

outside. So we urge all Australians

to carefully check our travel

advice, to reconsider their need to

travel to Thailand. It's been two

months since anti-government

protesters took to the streets,

Minister resign. demanding the country's Prime


The redshirt protesters want to

hold UN-led mediation with the

government, but the mill tear has refused.

TRANSLATION: The government is

calling for the groups that choose

weaponry and force to threaten and

confront the authorities to stop

their actions immediately. But the

violence is expected to escalate,

after news that the redshirts'

high-profile military strategist,

Major-General, has died. He was

shot in the head last week while

addressing the media. The redshirts

are warning the only likely outcome

now is civil war.

Julia Gillard says there's more Julia Gillard says there's more

chance of her playing AFL than

replacing Kevin Rudd before the

election, despite a new poll

showing she is closing in fast on

the Prime Minister. Ten's political

editor Paul Bongiorno joins us now

from Canberra. I'm not sure what

her AFL skills are like, but how

real is the prospect of Julia

Gillard replace Kevin Rudd as Prime

Minister? Deb, I've got to say

about as real as Malcolm Turnbull

replacing Tony Abbott. There was a

poll on Friday - a Morgan Poll -

that showed that Malcolm Turnbull

was ahead of Tony Abbott as

preferred Liberal leader. But the

fact of the fatter is, both Kevin

Rudd and Tony Abbott have the very

firm and strong support of their

party rooms, despite the fact that

their personal approval has slid.

Kevin Rudd's, of course, fell off a

cliff two weeks ago. But there is a

belief, and a hope, in Labor, that

Mr Rudd can rebuild his stocks.

Julia Gillard increasingly is the

name on nearly everyone's lips.

Julia. That's right!

The galaxy poll has Ms Gillard 11

points behind Kevin Rudd as best to

lead the Labor Party.

But the Newspoll has her just five

points behind - a 20-point

tightening in three months.

There's more chance of me becoming

the full-forward for the Dogs than

Party. there is of any change in the Labor

Her colleagues agree. They get on

so well. They're a great team. And,

pot! ah... You should stop stirring the


Grinding away at the Government -

Tony Abbott. His personal ratings

sliding, but the Coalition is neck

and neck in the polls. It's not the

leader, it's Labor that's the

problem. The Budget reaction,

though, gives some encouragement to

Labor - more people believe it's

good for the economy in both Galaxy good for the economy in both Galaxy

and Newspoll. The Government for

the second day running seized on

Tony Abbott's claims that the

mining super-profits tax would

destroy the industry. Ministers say

one of his own senior colleagues

simply doesn't believe it.

Peter Dutton says he bought BHP

shares recently as a long-term

investment. A check of his becunery

interest shows the Shadow Minister interest shows the Shadow Minister

is a keen share trader, buying and

selling them regularly. Labor

thinks he's a good judge of an

investment, despite his leader's

campaign. It wasn't going to

destroy the industry. And he went

out and bought shares to back that

judgement. I am not everyone's

personal investment advisor. I'm

not even my colleagues' personal

investment advisor. Your wife would investment advisor. Your wife would

say you're not even your own!

A major international study has

been unable to prove mobile phones

cause brain cancer. But, after

studying more than 5,000 brain

tumours, researchers won't say there's no risk.

Chatting away on his mobile,

Professor Bruce Armstrong clearly

isn't concerned about the findings

of his latest study. Researchers in

13 countries, including Australia,

spent four years examining the link

between mobile phones and brain

cancer. They've found no clear

connection. But we are not able to

say with certainty that that is a

causal link, because there are

various biases and other problems

in the research that just make that

uncertain. Look, if there was a

major concern, a big study like

this would have shown it. But the

mobile-phone cancer myth has not

been entirely busted. People who

spend 30 minutes or more a day on

their phone over 10 years may still

be in danger. I think when you do

use it and it's stuck to your ear,

it does feel quite hot if you use

it for a long time. So I just

figure it's better not to use it.

It's worth noting that there were some significant questions that

this study did not consider,

including the effects of mobile

phones on children, and people

already living with cancer. All

phones in all markets are tested to

standards. Standards are set

globally. They're very, very conservative. Good you're still

concerned, experts suggest:

And of course, there's always the

trusty landline.

Authorities are looking for a Authorities are looking for a taxidriver who refused a

blindwoman's fare unless she made

her guide dog ride in the boot. The

woman has told Ten News of her woman has told Ten News of her

shaking anger, and the need to

better educate cabbies.

Sarah Eady and her guide dog Ally

have a legal right to sit in the have a legal right to sit in the

front seat of a taxi. Last week,

they were left stranded by a driver

who demanded the dog get in the

back seat, or be put in the boot. I

felt, obviously, annoyed. I felt

humiliated. Sarah says the angry

driver almost ran over dog Ally as

he started pulling away. Well, I

was actually physically shaking.

Guide dogs are trained to get into

the front seat... Hop up! Good girl.

And curl up on the floor. This is

an isolated case? No, unfortunately,

it's not. It's a common occurrence.

A survey found 1 in 3 guide-dog

users have been refused a fare in the last year.

It happened here at Central Station.

Sarah was waiting in this bay for

close to 10 minutes while an empty

taxi waited one bay down, refusing

to approach. I will pay a fare just

as well as anybody else. And he

left me standing there. It's

totally unacceptable. We need to

find out who these individuals are,

and get them out of our industry.

Only weeks ago, another driver was

fined for refusing entry to

disability discrimination minister

Graham ins, who's also blind. It

sparked an immigration campaign and

free for drivers. We need to make

sure it doesn't happen

stkpwhrenstkpwhefpblt The driver is

being tracked down.

Jessica Watson says boreddom has

already kicked in, just two days

after her epic journey. And she's

now dreaming of her next challenge.

She's spoken exclusively to Ten

News about the little problems

she's having adapting to life back on land.

A freshly cooked brekkie with the

lot, and then an overdue pampering

after seven months of ought enemy

at sea. And finally, a decent

coffee. Real coffee. No salt water. coffee. Real coffee. No salt water.

Yessica Watson's day began with an

interview, alongside fellow sailor

Jesse Martin, to air tonight on

Ten's 'The 7pm Project'. But not

even international fame is enough

to distract her from plotting a new

adventure. Interesting, actually -

I've been completely going stir

crazy. Didn't expect that the day

after I got back. But I've been - a

I need a new challenge. I'm bored

already! After 210 days at sea, already! After 210 days at sea,

life on the land's not yet easy.

I'm quite woozy. I thought I was

getting better, but this morning

the whole world's spinning again.

I've been walking into a few things.

A hole in my jeans. Fell over. And

a few stumbles. The legs held up a few stumbles. The legs held up

just fine for a brief walk along

the foreshore... Among her admirers

- a couple from Wales who'd been in

the country just three hours. This

is my first day in Australia! And

I'm meeting one of your most famous

young people! I am ecstatic! PraBy Midafternoon, separation anxiety

prompted a return to the tiny boat

that withstood all the might of the

world's high seas. (ALL): Hip-hihip,

hooray! She retrieved a handful of

maps and personal items. But really,

it was about visiting an old friend.

It's been so my home and so, so

much more for so long, I feel a bit displaced. Circumnavigation

complete, this is the new challenge

that awaits the young sailor -

adapting to a life less private.

And it won't be easy - a national

tour is pending, a documentary is

in production, and a book is on the

way. And sometime soon, another

epic adventure.

Just a reminder - Jessica will make

that special appearance on 'The 7pm

Project' with Jesse Martin tonight.

Next on Ten News - jurors revisit

the scene where a man is accused of

murdering his wife.

Also tonight - the new private

transport alternative for fed-up Sydney commuters.

Most people have said it kick can

take them up to an hour to do that

same trip to the area that we take

people to.

And king of Monaco - Mark Webber's

historic F1 victory. Absolutely

incredible. For sure the greatest

day of my life today. MAN: Dinner's ready. Save over $13 with McDonald's great value Family Value Dinner Box. It's packed with Big Macs and cheeseburgers, McNuggets and fries to share, plus drinks all round for just $19.95. You might remember me. No, darling. You said I should open this everyday account because it had no monthly account fees. No need to thank me. I'm not. Look at all these. Oh, yeah. "no monthly account fees" You see, when I said that was 'know' with a silent 'K'

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You're watching Ten News.

Jurors in the trial of alleged wife

killer Des Campbell have made a

third visit to the royal national

park. 10 of the jurors have treked

to the remote cliff where Janet

Fisicaro fell to her death while

two more have flown in by helicopter.

They told the judge they needed the

visit to break a verdict impas. 52-

year-old Campbell described as a

gold-digger, is charged with

murdering his wife of six months

during a clifftop camping trip in 2005.

The distraught family of a

Newcastle man missing since

December believes he has been December believes he has been

murdered. Police spent the day

searching bushland for evidence in

the disappearance of twev-year-old

Jay Riley. He was last seen by his

flatmate heading to the local shops

at Cardiff, west of Newcastle. We

just want him back. Where he

belongs, we ask. If anybody knows

anything, please help us. Mr Riley

hasn't touched his bank accounts or

used his phone since he disappeared.

Police believe his missing car may

hold some clues.

Controversial Sydney Sheikh Mansour

Leghaei is to be forcibly deported

from Australia. The Sheikh has been

refused a permanent visa after ASIO

raised national security fears.

There Sheikh denies being a threat,

saying he's lived peacefully here

for 16 years. I'm very much

disappointed with the decision, and

I hope God forgives him. Because he

doesn't know any better. Religious

leaders fear his deportation to

Iran could spark volatility in the

Islamic community.

Construction of Sydney's

multimillion-dollar light-rail

extension is likely to start at the

end of the year. But small business

is already filling the gap with its

own transport skhruegzs.

He's the private businessman whose

water taxi-turned-ferry is plugging

a public-transport black hole.

We've been really surprised by the

amount of public support. And as it

returned from its maiden peak-hour

voyages taking iner-west residents

to Circular Quay, all eyes were on

the Rosell rocket. There are opportunities for entrepreneurs to

provide public transport. We'll

watch with interest the outcome of

their initiative. Despite offering

cheaper online tickets, walk-up

passengers were willing to pay more

for the faster service. We tried to

make it expensive - $10 one-way, so

people would use the internet. I

don't know if it's because their

ferry and they can, but they

certainly walk down and don't mind

paying $10, even. It's hard to

believe residents this close to had

city could have public-transport

woes. But by land in peak hour, it

takes close to one hour to get to

Circular Quay. On the water, it's

just 20 minutes.

The Premier, instead, hopped

onboard with those heading in the

opposite direction - releasing a

draft study on the light rail

expansion. It's absolutely

wonderful news for the residents of

the inner west. We've been waiting

a long time. And we're gonna love

it. The public has three weeks to

comment on up to 10 new stations

along the extended 10km route to

Dulwich Hill. The Government

anticipates... That we would see

construction start later this year,

this calendar year. Revitalising a

do de-used rail line within 18 months.

Brad joins us now with a look at

sport. Origin time - time for the

mind games to start. Queensland are

in town thinking that they could

outdo us in the upcoming Origin?

Yeah, Deb. His name is Johnathan

Thurston, and he says the Maroons

are ready to win their fifth series

in a row. We'll hear from our

likely Origin contenders ahead in sport.

Also ahead - Mark Webber's stunning

victory on the streets of Monaco.

The Australian started from poll

and led every lap of the toughest

Grand Prix of the year. It's the

fourth win of his career, his

second this season. He's now in the

lead of the world drivers

championship. To win here is a very,

very special day. And, you know,

started yesterday with qualifying

that went well. But this place is

such a test for two hours. It is a

wonderful story. We'll have all the

race highlights later in sport.

But not all Aussie news is good

today - with England winning the

final of the Twenty20 World Cup in

the West Indies.

However, when it comes to the

women's form of the game, we are

the champs. We'll have the

highlights of both finals shortly.

Also ahead - Adam Scott's nerve-

racking wait to claim victory in the US.

En and an air swing - would you

believe - when it mattered most

from Roger Federer. Makes us all

feel terrific. Don't see that very

often. I can identify with that. Easily.

Tim Bailey joins us now for the

weather. Strange kind of day, Tim?

Very interesting weather day. Good

evening, folks. We were tracking

some isolated thunderstorms along the

the coastal fringe of Sydney this

afternoon, and there were water

spouts 5km off the coastline. Throw

in some unusual temperatures - last

night 11 degrees at Bankstown,

three above average - then today,

16 at Penrith, five below average.

Then we started talking rainfall -

call roy, the col-- Collaroy, the

northern beaches, 12-14mm of rain.

Hardly a drop falling west of

Lidcombe. Late this afternoon,

severe thunderstorms regathered

across that coastal fringe, and

only just recently downgraded. The

severe thunderstorm warning has

been dismissed by the bureau. As

you can probably see, heavy rain

falling across Sydney Harbour at the moment.

Coolangatta Mountain in the

background. Just brilliant. Take a bow, Howard Mitchell.

We give away a camera every Friday.

A wet week on the way. See you at 5:55.

Up next on Ten - trusting strangers

- a warning on the dangers of Facebook.

Also - how a young boy escaped this

deadly wall of water.

And Europe's busiest airport forced

shut by a new volcanic ash cloud.

This program is captioned live.

Vic Lorusso in the traffic

helicopter - a breakdown on Pennant

Hills Road? helicopter - a breakdown on Pennant Hills Road?

An awful drive out to the north- An awful drive out to the north-

west tonight. It's starting to rain,

as you can see from the pictures as you can see from the pictures

from the helicopter. I'll zoom in from the helicopter. I'll zoom in

on a very wet Pennant Hills road.

This is where the breakdown's This is where the breakdown's

occurred at the West Pennant Hills

Road junction near Castle Hill Road.

The breakdown and conditions are

forcing delays back into forcing delays back into

Normanhurst, having a big impact

for traffic heading through to

north Parramatta on the F3. Expect

a busy dry, with the rain falling

in very wet conditions out of the

sit City, with a lot of traffic on

Victoria Road, the Anzac Bridge and Military Road. Victoria Road, the Anzac Bridge and Military Road.

Victims' families are demanding

tougher action against cyber

perverts with another murder being

linked to the internet. They want a national schools program to help children protect themselves.

Sonya Ryan's daughter Carly was

murdered by an internet predator.

Three years have passed, but not

the pain. Absolutely devastated. My

heart fell, and... My biggest fear

came to reality. Ms 'Rhein's

emotions again raw with the murder

of a Sydney teenager, allegedly by

a stranger she met on Facebook. The a stranger she met on Facebook. The

community need to take a stand and

do something about cyber perverts.

But also, I feel that MySpace and

Facebook need to have some kind of

warning. Sonya Ryan wants a

federally funded internet safety

program at every Australian school

to prevent children falling victims

to paedophiles using fake internet

identities. Their capacity to be

able to create, um, an identity

that is going to be able to seduce,

if you like, a potential victim, is

quite clever. Forensic psychologist

Dr Jack White says offenders are

either tunistic or predatory - most are

are men over 30, each targeting up

to several hundred vulnerable teens.

US research shows 1 in 20 13-17-

year-olds are targeted by predators

on the net, with 1 in 7 invited to

meet face to face. Convert those to

Australian figures, you could see

that the numbers are very large.

Parents should help build

teenagers' self-esteem, while

limiting the information they

display on the internet.

If you are sharing photographs of

yourself, you may actually be

providing information to potential

stalkers. Never, ever arrange to

meet somebody alone.

Time for the ING Direct finance

report. Another disappointing start

to the week for investors? Bill,

$44 billion has been wiped from the

local market since Friday afternoon.

And the All Ords hasn't closed at

lows like these since September.

It was a sea of red on the ASX -

that's as the European debt crisis

continues to rock global markets.

Resource stocks especially took a

hammering, as commodity prices

tumbled at the weekend. Looking at the numbers in detail:

The All Ords shed 3%.

Just finally - get set for more big

falls at the Wall Street open -

futures markets have the Dow Jones down 120 points.

Thank you.

Europe's busiest airport, Heathrow,

has been forced shut by a new cloud

of volcanic ash that's drifting

over the UK and Europe. No-fly over the UK and Europe. No-fly

zones have been imposed across

parts of England, Ireland, Scotland

and the Netherlands, leaving tens

of thousands of passengers stranded. of thousands of passengers stranded.

Air space is expected to reopen

later tonight. The volcanic ash has

stkruplted thousands of flights

over the past month.

Are -- disrupted.

Police in the United States have

shot dead a 7-year-old girl during

a raid for a murder suspect. Ayana

Jones was asleep on the lounge when

police logged a flash grenade into

her home. They stormed inside, and her home. They stormed inside, and

an officer's gun went off while he

was struggling with the girl's

grandmother. They do a bomb thing grandmother. They do a bomb thing

through the window, she got caught

on fire, she got a bullet in her face... face...

An investigation has now begun.

Amateur video has captured the Amateur video has captured the

moment an American woman was swept

to her death by a freak wave in

Italy. The 49-year-old was standing

on a pier with her son and a friend

when the huge wave hit. She managed

to push her son to safety, but was

carried away by the current. He was

rescued by bystanders.

BP has finally begun siphoning oil

out of the Gulf of Mexico. The

company is pumping is back to the

surface using a tube that's

connected to the biggest leak. But

the damage underwater is worse than

anyone first thought, with research

crews finding dozens of toxic oil clouds.

It's quite likely that some of the

things living down there are going

to mistake it for food and eat it.

And it could be poisonous to them.

BP will not be able to measure just

how much oil it's capturing for

another few days yet.

Unions fight to have the minimum

wage increased. Details next.

Also - free of the bloodshed -

Australian tourists tell of their Thailand nightmare.

See fire... You see people running

everywhere... We hear bullets...

And another sporting superstar

makes underwear sales his goal. At Holden, we're doing all we can to help every Australian driver afford the keys to a brand-new car with the Holden Owner's Grant. Which means the Captiva 7 SX all-wheel drive

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This program is captioned live.

Tomorrow at 5:00 - a Ten News

exclusive - inside Sydney's most

crowded trains.

Look at us. You know, trapped in

Look at us. You know, trapped in

here like animals. Just how many

passengers are being squeezed in,

and how much worse it's going to

get. All the details, tomorrow on Ten.

This program is captioned live.

Headlines 10 news -- headlining Ten

News this hour - Jessica Watson is

settling back to life on land,

after her 7-month journey around

the world. She says boredom has the world. She says boredom has

already kicked in and she's already

started dreaming of her next challenge.

Tributes are flowing for a Central

Coast maths teacher who was murder

in her home. Mandy Carter may have

known her killer, police say. known her killer, police say.

Australians are being warned to

stay away from Bangkok's worst

violence in 14 years. At least 35

people have been killed in the

clash between it the Thai army and clash between it the Thai army and

the redshirt rebels who want

democratic elections.

Tourists arriving home from Bangkok

say they're relieved to be free of

the anarchy. They say they've seen

fires and snipers shooting at

protesters armed with firecrackers.

A mystery hotel booked through a

travel company landing this couple

travel company landing this couple

in the middle of a war zone. We had

to run across this front line of

people shooting across us, and I'm

like really freaking out, like

trying to duck and stuff. We ended

trying to duck and stuff. We ended

up getting in all right, then had

to get evacuated out of the hotel.

Australians are going on holiday

and coming home with experiences

they'd rather forget. We actually

physically saw a guy got shot from

a sniper that was in our building.

Not willing to take the risk as

tensions pay for in the Thai

capital, Michael cut his holiday

short by 10 days. We see fire... We

see people running everywhere. We

hear bullets. Australians living in

Bangkok say pro-democracy

demonstrators have crippled the

public-transport system, and making

a living in the city is

increasingly difficult. There's a

lot of expat teachers that I know

whose schools have closed down

indefinitely. So it's certainly

affecting the livelihood of a lot

of people who live and work in the

area. As redshirt protest leaders

demand the United Nations step in,

the Thai Government is calling for

an end to the anarchy. The easiest

way is to quit, for them. Because

the government have road map for

peace, settlement of some sort. But

they want it separate anyway.

Unions are demanding a $27-a-week

catch-up pay rise for Australia's

lowest-paid workers. The ACTU says

today's minimum-wage case hearing

has to make up for last year's pay

freeze caused by the global

financial crisis. We think the

claim is very reasonable, given the

state of the economy. And given the

wage freeze that took place last

year. Fairness in the workplace is

not just an issue for employees.

not just an issue for employees.

It's an issue for employers as well.

The decision on the minimum wage

for people working in industries

such as cleaning, hospitality and

childcare is expected in July.

The fitness industry has warned

that exercising will become more

expensive. After the copyright

tribunal has found that health

clubs must pay 1500% more in

royalties for the music used in

gyms. Under the current licence,

gyms pay just 96 cents a class.

Today, that jumps to either $15 a

class, or $1 per participant.

Fitness Australia says its members

decision. are considering appealing that

Socceroos captain Lucas Neill is

back home with just a couple of

days of R and R before he enters a

World Cup training camp on

Wednesday. But his schedule is far

from free - the football hero is

joining fellow captains Ricky

Ponting, John Eales and Grant

Hackett at a $1,000-a-plate dinner

to raise money for teenagers with to raise money for teenagers with

cancer. It's amazing, even for me, cancer. It's amazing, even for me,

to be able to stand shoulder to

shoulder with a lot of these people.

I'm really looking forward to it.

We're going to obviously share a

few war stories, and we're all here

for a very good cause. Organised by

the Sony Foundation, it will be the Sony Foundation, it will be

attended by the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader.

And fellow footballer Harry Kewell

was today autographing his own

range of underwear. While the

ladies were a bit keen on his promo

ladies were a bit keen on his promo

shots, most fans just wanted to

know how the recovery from groin

surgery was going. We're doing all

the right thing. Nothing's pulling

up short. So it's all great. Kewell

is hoping to play in Australia's

Germany. opening World Cup game against

Fresh from launching his own range

of clothing, Brad is back with

sport. A few rumours around the

Gold Coast Titans? Breaking news,

apparently? We do, Bill. It's all

to do with that dispute between the

Titans and a disgruntled builder.

Details on that coming up next.

Also - we'll hear from some of our Origin contenders.

Also ahead - the prang Mark Webber

Monaco. avoided to win on the streets of

He seemed to be holds his helmet

there, and Webber just got through.

And outdoing our men - our women

win their Twenty20 World Cup.

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This program is captioned live.

Good evening. Parramatta co-canton

Nathan Hindmarsh is set to be ruled

out of tonight's match against

Manly, with a neck injury. Bad news

also for Souths, with skipper Roy

Asotasi to miss four weeks with a

shoulder injury. Meanwhile, with

the naming of the NSW team for

Origin I only two hours away, one

of Queensland's best has revealed

why the Maroons are desperate to

win a record fifth series in a row.

Surrounded by blue, in enemy

territory, Johnathan Thurston still

refused to follow the script. Go

the Maroons! (LAUGHS)

Launching a community fundraiser,

Thurston also rattled off reasons

for yet another Queensland triumph.

We've got a lot of emotion, as well

as much of the Blues have. It's

obviously Lachy's last hurrah. So

we want to send him out the way he

deserves to be sent out. The

Maroons name their team tomorrow,

but Thurston was already getting

inside the Blues' heads. Four

series wins in a row is not enough.

something special. To win five in a row would be

We're aiming to make it five.

We want to make it five series in a row.

Certainly it will help us win a

fifth series. That's what we want.

And this is the muRhone man

mountain set to be unleashed on the

Blues. It's something I've dreamt

about as a little boy, and growing

up in Queensland, I think that's

what every young footy player

dreams to. A call-up would mean a

lot. Bulldogs behemoth Jamaal E

driss skipped today's training

session sw a cork. He's a Blues

bolter. He's a big guy who could

make a big break or big play.

They've had Inglis do that for a

number of years where you think

you'll have them beaten and he'll

run 60m to score from nothing.

In brocking news - the NSW team for

Origin I has just been leaked to

Ten News. Jamaal E driss has made

the squad. The big Bulldogs centre

is on the bench. Matt Gidley is --

Kurt Gidley is fullback and captain.

Brett Kimmorley keeps the halfback

spot. Tom Leeroy-Glasz also earning

a bench spot. In more breaking news

- an independent umpire has ordered

the Gold Coast Titans to pay a

disgruntled builder more than $3

million. Plenty of celebrations in

the Gold Coast suburb of Rubiana,

with builder Alex Simpson saying he

can now pay dozens of

subcontractors. Simpson is claiming

a legal victory in a long-running

dispute with the Titans over

construction of the club's centre

of excellence. And a judicator says

Simpson is now eligible for $3

million. The Titans will tomorrow launch an appeal.

Mark Webber has become the first

Australian in over half a century

to win Formula One's most glamorous

Grand Prix, making him joint leader

of the World Drivers' Championship.

The stunning start-to hif finish

victory at Monaco matched the 1959

feat of Sir Jack Bradham. victory at Monaco matched the 1959 feat of Sir Jack Bradham.

Monaco was at its glamorous and

glitzy best as celebrities swarmed glitzy best as celebrities swarmed

the grid. Mark Webber a model of

concentration as he made the

perfect start. Makes a good start!

It's a 1-2 to the finish corner! It's a 1-2 to the finish corner!

First task for Webber - avoid the

carnage. Holkenberg out on the

first lap, and Rubens Barrichello

also involved in a high-speed crash.

The biggest challenge coming with

just four laps to go.

I thought "What the had elis going

to happen here?" They interlocked

wheels and went flying in the air

and I hoped for an option to go

inside. Once clear, it was Webber's

day to savour. In a way, for Mark

Webber, it was Barcelona one week,

Monaco the next. Absolutely

incredible. For sure the greatest

day of my life today. To win here

is a very, very special day. It's

the race every driver wants to win.

You know, to join the guys around

here, it's a real blue-ribbon event.

Webber's victory the first for an

Australian at the iconic circuit

since Jack Brabham in 1959. And since Jack Brabham in 1959. And

it's a good omen - Brabham went on

to win the first of three drivers'

championships that year. Poll

position, chequered flag,

championship lead. It doesn't get

much better for Mark Webber.

Perhaps it can - currently tied in

the lead for the drivers

championship with team-mate

Sebastian Vettel, Webber now wants

to become the first Aussie since

Alan Jones in 1980 to claim the title.

Australia has lost the Twenty20

World Cup final against England by seven wickets.

The Aussies made a horror start,

losing three wickets for just eight

runsish, but managed a total of 147

thanks to 59 from David Hussey. It

was never enough, though. Player of

the series Kevin Pietersen scored

47. And Craig Kieswetter smashed 63

from just 49 balls to help his team

to a commanding win.

One-handed all the way!

That will do nicely... Through

midwicket. England charge onto the

field. Paul Collingwood and his

team have won the world Twenty20 men's final.

England's first major win in a

limited-overs tournament gives

England bragging rights ahead of

the Ashes. But we'll get them there!

Better news for Australia's women.

They set New Zealand 107 for

victory in their World Cup final.

Ellyse Perry instrumental, taking

3/18 to leave the Kiwis needing six

runs off the final ball. Ellyse

Perry - absolutely outstanding.

She's put her boot out and stopped

it. Soccer skills. Perry an easy

pick for player of the match. The

defeated men's team were in the

stands to see the women capture the

silverware by just three runs.

Well, the drought is finally over

for Adam Scott. The Australian

claiming his first US PGA tour win

in almost two years. claiming his first US PGA tour win in almost two years. Scott opened

up a 3-shot lead by the 12th hole

during the final round of the Texas

Open. Hello, flag stick. Hello... (APPLAUSE)

I think he's gonna like that putt,

too. He did. But a string of pars too. He did. But a string of pars

and bogey at the 18th triggered a

nervous wait in the clubhouse,

holding a one-shot lead. Swede

Fredrik Jacobson had a chance to

force a play-off, but he missed.

Aaron Baddeley was third after a final-round 68.

Rafael Nadal has become the first

player to win three consecutive

Masters series titles after a

straight-sets win over Roger Federer.

The second set went to a tie break,

where Federer lost, with a rare air

swing. Nadal's record 18th Masters

title lifts him to number 2 in the

world and extends his unbeaten run

on clay this season to a Woods- esque 15-0.

At 7:00, Diane Van Deren. At 7:00, Diane Van Deren.

Socceroos captain Lucas Neill jill

Will join us on a show.

You had a loss recently. The grand

final. Sorry, didn't mean to bring

it up again. Never mind. The

weather, shall we? Looks like we're

in for a wet week. Tim Bailey's forecast is next. Avon introduces Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick. Our light-reflecting technology intensifies colour for richer reds, pinker pinks. New Mega Impact Lipstick. Only Avon's got it. To find out more, call 1800 646 000. (GROOVY MUSIC) Why does KFC taste so good? Because they use our fresh Steggles chicken every day. That's why it's loved by

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Just me and the ocean. That's my Sydnicity.

This program is captioned live.

You are watching the news at 5:00.

Tim Bailey is armed with the weapon

of choice all week, I think. The of choice all week, I think. The

brolly will be out and being well-

used this week. I think it's stuck

in the left hand for a little while.

Hello, Deb. Good evening, everybody,

and a grey old Sydney on Monday and

Monday evening. Rain falling quite Monday evening. Rain falling quite

widely right across the Sydney

basin at the moment. We've had

thunderstorm warnings just

cancelled in the last hour. A weird

old day, weatherwise. It even saw

coastal thunderstorms between

11:00-1:00pm today, and some sea

spouts, which - the water spouts

just ripping up into some grey old

cloud. What have we got for the

rest of the week? It looks pretty

dodgy on it. It looks like the

calling card - the first one of calling card - the first one of

winterer - might be in the air. winterer - might be in the air.

South-south-east winds. A shower or

two forecast through just about

every day, through to the weekend.

Temps ranging from 19-21 degrees.

I'll get into that little dodgy

backyard of yours if you don't mind!

Widespread cloud streams across

northern WA, the NT and Queensland

as moisture is drawn into a trough,

generating some rain. Tomorrow -

unstable onshore winds will cause a

few showers and storms on the

eastern seaboard. Mainly NSW, and a

high will bring a foggy morning and

mostly dry day to the south-east of the country.

Drips and drops across rooftops and

crop - something to report -

showers and a few storms across

eastern NSW. Some will be heavy

near the coast, and north of Sydney

with totals up to 35mm. A lot of

that will be welcome. The odd

shower in central-western NSW -

once again, a smile on their face

out that way. Showers for the

Queensland coast, Tassie, rain for

WA, and heavy rain in the tropics.

I would not be a colleague of Mr

Bill Woods without being able to

say to him on it television,

congratulations, Billy - fabulous

job on Saturday to do what you did

to do what you did and welcome

Jessica in the style that we love

doing here at Network Ten. Great job, mate.

Interesting week on the weather.

John Morrison and all that jazz on

the telly tomorrow. The Sydney the telly tomorrow. The Sydney

Swans as well, and a trip to

Stewart House. See you tomorrow

night. You are playing my tune, Mr

Bailey, in more ways than one, and

thank you very much for those

comments. That's Ten News for now.

I'm Bill Woods. And I'm I Deborah

Knight. Updates throughout the

evening. Late news at 11:00. First

bulletin tomorrow at 6:00am.

Goodnight. Goodnight.

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