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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. special edition of Ten News. Good evening. Welcome to this I'm Tracey Spicer. to mark the birth of a son Celebrations across two nations to Australian-born Princess Mary Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. and her husband, given a traditional welcome here The newborn prince and in his homeland. fit for a future king. It was a welcome to the world echoed through the Danish capital A traditional 21-gun salute an heir to the throne had been born. letting the people know

Crown Prince Frederik, The proud dad,

was by Mary's side during the birth, emerging eight hours later. with two Aussies in the family now? REPORTER: How will you cope but they are Danish, as you know. I'd say they get good credit already how he was overcome with emotion Frederik told when he cut the umbilical cord. coming up from deep within. It's tremendous joy - feel a warmth eager to see her new grandson. Queen Margrethe Beautiful baby. for the people of Australia? Is there a small message I think we are all very touched what's going on that people are following so closely and they're very proud. where the fairytale began, At the Slip Inn, the free drinks were flowing. Congratulations, Mary, we love you! Yay to having a boy! to wet the baby's head. There were plenty of Danes on hand Cheers to the prince! Congratulations! who now call Australia home Ex-Royal Danish Guards enjoyed a feast in their honour. to the half-Australian prince Raising their glasses who one day will rule Denmark. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. for four adults and a child A desperate search is under way lost at sea in the Torres Strait. an Immigration Department boat The five were aboard for almost two days. which has been missing

It's a notorious stretch of ocean of the Torres Strait. dividing the islands the 6m aluminium vessel went missing, And, as the hours pass since for the five on board. fears are increasing It's a brand-new vessel, it's in immaculate condition. It was only brought in to service several months ago. It's been confirmed

were attempting two Immigration officials a dangerous night-time crossing,

to Badu Island, from Saibai Island south a distance of about 100km. her infant daughter, On board with them - a local woman, hitching a ride back to Badu. and another woman Contact was made via satellite phone was off course in thick fog. and it was confirmed the vessel that the boat had lost its engine They received word but soon after contact was lost. was subsequently dispatched A helicopter position indicating radio beacon and they located the emergency without the vessel. floating in the water alone for Immigration vessels to be used Locals say it's common practice

as water taxis between the islands. will continue through the night. An extensive air and sea search Brett La Frantz, Ten News. for Australia's spies A major boost tonight ahead of tough new anti-terror laws. own back bench are getting nervous But even some on John Howard's the changes will have. about what effect in the war on terror, On the front line ASIO will see its numbers double. Over the next five years to the agency's ranks. almost 900 officers will be added by the Government It represents a determination with all of the resources they need. to arm our security services claims it's too little, too late. The Opposition, though, are unhappy. Even intelligence insiders Former agent Warren Reed says politicising intelligence it's time the Government stopped get on with the job. and let the experts of more money, After today's announcement after this sort of window dressing, know that this government the terrorists in our midst or the capacity to get real. hasn't got the guts the Government's approach to terror, The Law Council is also worried about particularly its anti-terror laws. We think the people will understand, these laws misused and abused as soon as they start to see and intelligence authorities. by our police on Mr Howard's own back bench. It's a sentiment shared by some the changes are being rushed through They are reportedly concerned and go too far. them with further information There are issues in which I provided that will satisfy them. and I expect that Fenn Kemp, Ten News. to workplace laws The campaign against changes has spread to Australia's retirees,

if the reforms are passed. with a warning pensions will be cut so will benefits. Labor says, as average wages fall, of pensioners are concerned, I think that's why a lot financial wellbeing into the future not just for their immediate but also for the sort of system and their grandchildren. that will be left for their children This is just a further example that they are raking over. of the sort of scaremongering

tied to the new Fair Pay Commission. The Government says pensions won't be A fiery emergency in America - after a collision between two trains entire neighbourhoods evacuated sparked a potentially deadly blaze. fireballs visible in several areas. Just moments after impact, there were to threatened neighbourhoods Police dispatched

going door-to-door, to get out. urging thousands of locals from the crash scene. At first light, smoke still billows and an explosion shook the bed We were in bed sleeping off the wall. and knocked some pictures coming in from Chicago, A Union Pacific freight train, in the rail yard, collided with another train sparking a freakish chain reaction. Two carriages were derailed liquid propane gas storage tank crashing into a nearby setting off a chain of explosions, on surrounding bushland. the fire feeding Air quality soon became a major issue vinyl acetate, went up in flames. as one train car, carrying had begun to spread Fumes from the toxic chemical fire treatment for breathing problems. and several people needed hospital as the blaze moved closer to homes, Buildings were destroyed to bring the blaze under control. fire crews taking several hours The initial crash has been put down line-switching error. to an operator's Frank Coletta, Ten News. Champion racehorse Mummify has been put down after suffering a serious leg injury in the running of the Caulfield Cup. Owners and his trainer Lee Freedman say they did everything they could to save him. Trainer Lee Freedman still coming to terms

with the devastating loss of his prized champion Mummify. The horse that, two years ago, brought him back to racing's front line. We were going into the race expecting he'd field the race but never expected this to happen.

The eyes of the nation were fixed on Mummify in yesterday's running of the Caulfield Cup, the 6-year-old storming home in third place. Few, including his owners, realising he'd sustained a serious injury. He was taken to a nearby animal hospital and drugged overnight but this morning it became clear he would never walk again.

He touched so many people - all the owners and stuff, unfortunately, the injury was far to severe and we didn't want to make him suffer the pain. Veterinarian John Walker describing the decision to put him down as the saddest of his career. When we made the decision, we made it based on the fact he had no feeling to his foot and no blood supply to his foot. Owners gathered to pay their final respects to Mummify, now resting on a hilltop alongside another of Freedman's Australian champions, Scillaci. JOHN O'NEIL: I don't know how we are going to replace him. We all race plenty of horses - we race a lot of horses here with Lee, as all the boys do but the frustrating thing is it's very hard to replace the Mummy. Keiva Matheson, Ten News. Stay with us, there's more news after the break. With WorkChoices, from the Office of Workplace Services. call 1800 025 239 for the WorkChoices booklet.

This program is captioned live. One of Australia's most intriguing murder mysteries will be examined this week when a Broome truck driver stands trial over the death of British backpacker Peter Falconio.

Ten's Amber Muir is in Darwin. It's the case that's captured the public's imagination -

an outback murder, a missing body and a central female figure who's unwilling to be caught up in the scrutiny. 47-year-old Bradley Murdoch stands accused of murdering Peter Falconio in the central Australian town of Barrow Creek four years ago. But prosecutors will rely heavily on circumstantial and forensic evidence to prove their case. They'll also call on up to 100 witnesses and tender 200 exhibits. Murdoch has previously expressed confidence he will be acquitted. Among the first to testify in the case will be the Falconio family Then Peter's former girlfriend Joanne Lees. The trial is expected to run for up to eight weeks. Back to you Tracey. Racial tension has erupted into violence in the US. Dozens of people have been dragged into police vans as a Neo-Nazi rally sparked rioting. Hundreds of young African-Americans vent their anger on under-prepared Toledo police. Crazed protesters even turned on health workers who were brought in to try and help. MAN: Oh no, not the ambulance y'all. Police underestimated the opposition to a planned Neo-Nazi rally. (All chant) Seig heil! Seig heil! Violence erupted when police arrested one of the black demonstrators

while initially letting the illegal Nazi rally go ahead. Out-of-control youths levelled their fury at anything in their path, looting and damaging cars and homes, setting fire to an empty bar, using fence palings to smash windows in a service station, injuring several police officers and firefighters caught up in the mayhem. The mayor declared a state of emergency, calling in SWAT teams with tear gas. Tonight, Toledo is under curfew. Authorities say the Neo-Nazis should be made to pay for the damage.

Exactly what happened is what they wanted to happen.

In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. Massive crowds have turned Phillip Island into a motoring bonanza. The Australian MotoGP bringing record numbers to the famous course for a trackside party. A sea of horsepower swept on to the island early as thousands of rev heads completed the annual pilgrimage to moto racing Mecca. MOTORS REV

Perfect weather providing a stunning backdrop for race day, as the stands filled and excitement joined the smell of burning rubber in the air. The atmosphere - it's fantastic. It gets the heart pumping. Turning 20 today, Aussie young gun Casey Stoner didn't get the birthday bash he'd wished for, crashing out of the 250ccs and the championship race. COMMENTATOR: Casey's down. Casey Stoner is gone. While his day ended early, others were just getting the party started. Got my slab for the day, hopefully it'll see us through. A very Australian GP crowd with one special exception. Go Valentino! I love Valentino Rossi. We all love Valentino Rossi.

And the world champion didn't disappoint. Unbelievable. Valentino Rossi's success continues at Phillip Island. Trackside, the 4-day festival was also coming to a climax. Those who'd pegged down for the weekend in no hurry to hit the road for home. It's chockers now, you're walking over tents to get anywhere. We've just partied on. Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News.

Looking around the nation now - and tomorrow, showers for Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra, The kindness of strangers has helped Adelaide newly-weds start a new life together. Bride Laura Cocks never thought she'd see her wedding day.

But after a double lung transplant she and sweetheart Steve have tied the knot. Their guests also living proof organ donation saves lives. Even their tiny attendants have had life-saving liver transplants. Without the organ donors there is no second chance. People like Laura don't get another chance. I can carry on now, with my best friend and partner, and have a long and happy life together. That brings you up to date with the latest news. The late bulletin tonight is at 11:00. Stay around for 'Sports Tonight' with Ryan Phelan. I'm Tracey Spicer, goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre