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This program is captioned live. Tonight - of swine flu on a cruise ship passengers trapped by fears berthed in Sydney Harbour as the north coast floods Thousands stranded near Coffs Harbour. kill a man pleads guilty A Royal Australian Navy officer to mid-air misbehaviour. that's seen a Wests Tigers fan And the ref tackle

banned for life. with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. are in lockdown tonight, More than 1,000 passengers in Sydney Harbour stuck on a cruise liner because of a swine flu scare. berthed around lunchtime The 'Dawn Princess' but passengers weren't allowed off.

of health inspectors They thought it was a lack its because but the cruise operators say were onboard. some former swine flu sufferers

We had to passengers who had the flu

but fully recovered 10 days ago and

as part of our standard procedure we

reported that a NSW health and we

understand that the health reported that a NSW health and we

department are being very cautious

in ensuring that passengers are in

good health before they disembark. Passengers are furious. others just want to get home Many have missed travel connections, against their will. and complain they're being held

Wouldn't have a clue what's going

on. There are rumours of five deaths

and a crime scene and others say

some have the flu. Tell us what's

going on audits and chairs for us to going on audits and chairs for us to

sit down. We have nowhere to sit

down and it is raining. Nobody tells

us anything. down and it is raining. Nobody tells PM Kevin Rudd spoke of today It's the type of inconvenience when he warned from 'delay' to 'contain' raising Australia's alert level would be disruptive. a responsibility However, we also have for the public health of the nation whatever actions are necessary and therefore, we will take the public health of the nation - to underpin

in certain locations. even if that involves inconvenience confirmed swine flu cases Australia now has at least 14 across four States. have claimed a life The north coast floods near Coffs Harbour. an elderly man drowned to be isolated for days, Thousands of residents are expected bracing for rising waters. while many more are tonight is just north of Kempsey, Seven's Sarah Cumming

Sarah what's under direct threat? are being warned to brace Kempsey residents with the Macleay River for major flooding at 7.2m around midnight. expected to peak could be two metres underwater The central business area than the 2001 floods. as bad, if not worse these floods were unpredictable. The SES warned Today, they turned deadly. was found dead in floodwaters 70-year-old Bob Finlayson south of Coffs Harbour this morning. near his abandoned Toyota Hilux - He was discovered not far from his Raleigh home. to his family. Of course, our condolences go out Smithtown was swallowed. Further south, under the deluge. Streets disappeared for these children. It became an inland sea before. They haven't seen floods like this were told to evacuate - 2,000 people around Kempsey but they were prepared. many didn't, late this afternoon The Macleay breached its levees and is still rising.

is at serious risk. Almost every business in town here You're a bit unsure. if you're over the top You don't know or if you haven't done enough. Just have to wait and see. outside Kempsey and around Bellingen Hundreds of properties

will be cut off for days. a few extra supplies. So we're getting overnight. Grafton was mostly spared disaster

at only 7.3m. The Clarence River peaked A relief - chose not to evacuate. given the majority of residents and it came up so quickly. You watch it rise

That was what amazed us this time. its natural disaster declaration. The State Government has extended stranded residents wait helplessly. Across the region, 21,000

any futher. Let's just hope it doesn't come up This region has just been pounded gusty winds and damaging surf. by wild weather, heavy rain, floods, and the Queensland coast are closed All beaches between Sydney whips up huge seas. as the fierce weather system and big seas, And with a rising tide along the coast are being warned residents in low lying areas over the next several hours. to brace for further inundation Chris. is under threat South-East Queensland's coastline from a massive storm surge, to evacuate low-lying areas. with people being told Parts of Brisbane are on alert, too is on the Gold and Sunshine coasts. but the greatest risk of flooding The sun was out at Maroochydore of the area's caravan parks but residents at four were ordered to evacuate. Everything is looking alright now is a king tide coming up but what they're worried about blowing the water in further. and 110km/h or120km/h winds

wedged between the Maroochy River The Cotton Tree Caravan Park is and the surf.

Police told those reluctant to move their own lives to come back rescue teams may not risk if the park was flooded. than sorry. and it's better to be sure are banking on thin sandbag defences Maroochydore residents to hold back the tide. a couple of times. I've seen it come over the banks intend to ride the storm out - Van owners on the Gold Coast sites they booked years in advance. unwilling to give up beachfront debris and rocks buried for years The waves are exposing construction high-rises. in front of Surfers Paradise into the dunes. Every wave gouges deeper are up to five metres high. Sand cliffs in front of the Towers could add another 2 metres of water It's predicted the storm surge to the height of tonight's high tide. Disaster planners fear Some boats in the Broadwater have already snapped their moorings. Rescue teams say it's too dangerous to attempt any sort of salvage operations

and have warned owners to stay away.

Houseboat operators have beached their vessels close to islands for protection. This boat didn't make it - taking on water before reaching the shallows. An Australian Navy officer has pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct on a Qantas flight to London. 57-year-old Lieutenant Commander Terrance George was travelling to the UK last week for a recruitment drive. He began annoying a female passenger then punched two stewards who intervened. REPORTER: Is there anyone you'd like to apologise to? George, who's based in Canberra, had to be restrained for the rest of the flight. He told police he'd only had three drinks

but was taking arthritis medication. He'll be sentenced next month. A Sydney family has become the first in the country to benefit

from Kevin Rudd's $6.5 billion housing stimulus package. Their new home is purpose-built for their disabled son and they move in next week. This is the house that Kevin built with a little help from his friends. That's a terrific result. Well done. The Federal and State Governments built the 4-bedroom house at Yennora in Sydney's west. It's the first of 20,000 new homes to be built nationwide using money from the first economic stimulus package. 851 of them will be in New South Wales. This is doing exactly what Kevin Rudd and the State Government intended it to do - creating jobs, creating employment in the suburbs. It is absolutely fantastic work to get this house done so quickly. It's for the Sada family. They've been on the public housing waiting list for 15 years. A dream come true, yes. They need the home for their three children

including disabled son, Jonathan. He's 13. This house has been purpose built with a special bathroom, wider hallways for his wheelchair and his own room. Jonathan, this is your room. The Sadas move in next week. I would like to say thank you for everyone and god bless Australia. The embattled Cronulla Sharks are in the first half of a key match against St George Illawarra tonight one they hope will shift the focus from their off-field problems. Seven's Sean Berry is at Toyota Stadium. Sean, the Sharks had been hoping for a big turn-out, They certainly did Chris. Of course it's the local derby against St George,

but there's a lot more blue and black, than red and white. Now it's up to the players,

but even on the field the NRL can't avoid trouble. After a week of ugly off-field dramas the NRL was hoping for some attractive on-field action. COMMENTATOR: Oh Mori is hit. But the biggest hit was on the code's reputation, when a Wests Tigers fan invaded the pitch at Campbelltown and tackled referee Jared Maxwell. It is not a good incident. I had my back turned to him the whole time, it was just half a second too late. He made a bee-line for me and the next minute, on the ground. It happened after full time, the 25-year-old Lumeah man appeared angry. Maxwell had sent local hero Benji Marshall to the sin-bin with 15 minutes to go against Brisbane, the Tigers lost. (CROWD BOOS)

The fan was arrested and charged and banned from Wests for life. Meanwhile the Sharks held an emergency board meeting today and announced new elections at the club. It's given people the opportunity to stand for the board, females, everyone who'd like to stand. The board's been blamed for a lot of the Shark's woes. They say the board responsible for a player the other day on drugs, the board responsible for something seven years ago - we've worked very hard. Thousands of bargain hunters have trawled the halls of one of Sydney's oldest mansions. The contents of the abbey are up for auction and not even its ghosts could keep the crowds away. Annandale's mysterious abbey. Built in 1881 and home to the Davis family.

It's wonderful to see my father's life generated this must interest. This weekend, it's Sydney's most exclusive garage sale. About $100 to go. Retro's in, tomorrow's antiques.

But maybe today's bargains for thousands of collectors who wandered the abbey's halls. I'm just looking for some early edition books. I don't think I've got enough room to take all of the furniture here. Or enough money. These tiles could fetch $6,000.

$2,000 for the shells. And $10,000 for a piano said to have been played by Queen Victoria. All of The abbey's contents are up for auction - except the kitchen sink. The collectors know what they're looking for. They're here for the books, records, the furniture. And a piece of Sydney's history. These lights are originally from the Harbour Bridge. The house itself will go up for auction

at the end of the year with an asking price of $10 million. But the future owners may be getting more than they bargained for - the abbey is supposedly haunted. There are quite a few rooms you tend to avoid at night. There was a lot of a talk of a grey lady who was haunting this house because he built it for her. Still to come - Mexico City rocked by a powerful earthquake. Also, the jaws-of-life needed to free victims of a bad crash in Sydney's west. And Heath Ledger's last incomplete movie role has its Cannes film festival debut. That's next. It's Franklins' birthday. Celebrate with our Catalogue Carnival. Come in to save big on catalogue items, like farm fresh, bulk lamb loin chops: 2x Concentrate powder varieties: Plus you could win big! Every three catalogue items purchased to share in $150,000 in vouchers. Catalogue Carnival. Franklins' birthday Catalogue Carnival. Pop in to save and win. Join Franklins' Loyalty Club today! Earn points on all your purchases and with exclusive bonus point offers, you can earn even more. Plus, you can redeem them on the spot. Your points can pay for this. Great! Join our Loyalty Club today! Firefighters had to use hydraulic cutting tools to free two men from a mangled car in the city's west last night. Their Ford Falcon was T-boned by a white van at an intersection on Woodville Road, Merrylands. The P-plate driver and his passenger were taken to hospital with broken bones and possible spinal injuries. Heath Ledger's final performance has screened for the first time at the Cannes Film Festival. The Oscar-winning actor

was in the middle of filming 'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus' when he died from an overdose. Did you not read our sign? We are here to give, not take, my darling. More than a year after his death,

giving is what Heath Ledger is still doing. 'Parnassus' is not up for an award but on the red carpet Ledger's co-stars wore the smiles of winners. Can you put a price on your dreams? When Ledger died last year, the movie was half-finished and director Terry Gilliam was tempted to abandon the project. Instead, it became a tribute to the actor's life. It was really, I think, people's love for Heath that propelled this thing forward. We wouldn't have been able to get through it unless he had had the effect he had on us. Ledger stars as Tony, a man saved from death by a theatre troupe that can travel to fantasy worlds through a magic mirror. Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell stepped in to play various incarnations of Ledger during dream sequences. While some say 'The Dark Knight' is Ledger's finest, this movie remains his final bow, closing with the dedication "A film from Heath and friends'. I hope he will be pleased with it - I think he will be. Can I ask you a question? Do you dream? A strong earthquake has rocked Mexico City. The magnitude 5.7 quake shook skyscrapers and sent thousands of people rushing into the streets. The earthquake was centred about 140km south-east of the capital. There were no immediate reports of casualties or major damage. This probably isn't how you would want a joyflight to end. Three people, including a bystander, were slightly injured

when a light plane crashed into an American used-car dealership, coming to rest on top of several cars. Police say the pilot lost control, trying to land at a nearby airfield. And some little Aussies are exciting crowds in Rome. The two baby Wallabies have made their public debut at the city's Biopark Zoo.

They were born to different mothers in November and December last year, but have only just emerged from their pouches. Keepers are now waiting to work out their gender so they can give them names. Sport with Johanna Griggs - and John Hopoate's big bout was a big fizzer. Chris, it didn't end nicely for Hoppa. Next, the result of his fight with Oliver McCall. Also tonight, the ref was right. All the reaction from the dramatic draw between Parramatta and Souths. And Gilly hits a record 50 to help Deccan Charge into the IPL final. With its spacious and versatile interior, the new-look all-wheel drive Subaru Forester is a beautiful drive. If you knew, you'd be in a Subaru. Last night's League controversy wasn't confined to Campbelltown, where a fan ran onto the field and tackled referee Jared Maxwell. That happened after the Wests Tigers' loss to Brisbane. There was refereeing drama at ANZ Stadium, too where Parramatta and the Rabbitohs ended in a confusing draw.

At the end of extra time, locked 16-16, Souths thought they had one more play to beat the Eels. (WHISTLE SOUNDS) COMMENTATOR: Referee says it's all over.

If the ball goes in the scrum, there's a play. Everyone knows that. But referee Brett Suttor correctly called full-time on a technicality. The Eels players and coach knew the rule. I was watching. I was hoping one of their second-rowers would stick their head up 'cause that's the ruling. As soon as you break that packed-down shape he's to rule time on. The Bunnies didn't seem to know that. We felt like we were in the scrum. Don't know what happened after that. Parra were denied a play by the same rule at half-time in golden point.

The drama overshadowed one of the best performances of Jarryd Hayne's career. It didn't start well - throwing an intercept for Nathan Merritt. He recovered from that mishap with a dominant display. Plummets over the line. I think he's got it. Hayne set-up Eric Grothe in the second half. They're over. And his second powerful try helped the Eels take it to golden point. He was centimetres from winning the game with a field goal. Oh, it's hit the crossbar. Fingers crossed. Happy playing for Parra' but would love to play for the Blues again. At Campbelltown, Darren Lockyer lined up Benji Marshall, but the Kiwi skipper hit back to give the Tigers the lead. The Aussie captain replied with the match-winner for the Broncos. On for Lockyer. It's most unfortunate. Marshall's sin-binning for repeated team penalties followed, infuriating Tigers fans and the coach. The crowd booed him and so did I. So that'll tell you that. It's not my place to comment on referees. I might get fined. Ricky Stuart's tried to rally his embattled Sharks for tonight's clash with the Dragons,

but they trail trail 4-0 at half-time. it was the same old story for Cronulla inside the first 5 minutes.

COMMENTATOR: Cooper, a magic pass away for Morris. Anthony Topou pulled off a big hit on Wendell Sailor. He was sharp in attack too, but Tupou's pass for Bronx Goodwin was called forward. Sailor provided a rarely highlight in defence, in a dour first half. The Chiefs are the first side into the Super 14 final, following last night's 14-10 win over the Hurricanes. The 'Canes' attempt at a late comeback wasn't helped by a thick fog in Hamilton that left most players out of view for the final five minutes. The Chiefs will play the winner of tonight's Bulls-Crusaders clash. Swans coach Paul Roos has challenged ruckman Darren Jolly to shut down the in-form Port Adelaide at the SCG tomorrow. In today's games Adelaide thumped Carlton and the Kangaroos beat Fremantle. Last night Geelong won a thriller over the Western Bulldogs. One of the AFL's most controversial characters, Jason Akermanis, wore a microphone in his 300th game. Hey don't miss it, don't miss it. Ball, ball. It was great stuff. Not so good was Dogs skipper Brad Johnson who missed this snap to win on the final siren of the game of the season. Aker was still honoured with the traditional chair from the ground. John Hopoate's attempt to win a major boxing title has ended in disaster with a second round knock-out to Oliver McCall. Hoppa was destroyed in just under five minutes handing McCall the vacant IBA Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship. (SINGS AMERICAN NATIONAL ANTHEM) Fight night in Las Vegas and John Hopoate stepped out hoping to become a world champion. Supported by more than 40 family members including his parents. He is a sore loser so we will do anything to win. It was a case of the inexperience but hard-hitting Hoppa against an ageing, Oliver McCall, who's had more than 90 fights. COMMENTATOR: Look at Hopoate, he is already backing up. the champion in the first round... The Australian appeared to hurt (CROWD CHEERS) Hoppa hit the canvas. ..but it in the second, That hurt. That hurt. While he was quick to jump up, into the round 1 minute 26 seconds

came the knockout blow.

with a good heart. He was a very strong and gutsy man,

is over before it really started. For John Hopoate his dream is a severe dent in his career. A lost in Vegas He was too good at the end. I thought I was going alright. I thought I won in the first round. from international cricket He's been long retired that he's lost none of his spark but Adam Gilchrist has shown hit the fastest 50 in IPL history. after the former Aussie vice-captain in his 85-run stand, Gilly was explosive over Delhi. leading Deccan to an upset victory on so many occasions Like he's done for Australia Adam Gilchrist unleashed. take a look at that folks. COMMENTATOR: Oh four in a row, certainly earnt their money The dancing girls as Gilly hit 10 fours...

He mooses one through mid-wicket.

..and 5 sixes. about setting a field for that, And don't worry you can't! off just 17 balls - After hitting the fastest IPL 50 three sixes in a row. Gilchrist hit this is unreal, surreal! This is magnificent, leaving Deccan in a sweet position. He finished with 85 of 35 balls - the victory with 24 off 15. Andrew Symonds helped hammer home the highly fancied Delhi Daredevils Deccan upset to make the final - of tonight's match they'll play the winner between Chennai and Bangalore. from the IPL Simon Katich has arrived home with Phil Hughes in the Ashes. and is itching to team up the innings with him I'm looking forward to opening

and getting over there off to a good start. and hopefully getting ourselves

Davis Cup news India has been fined. Fancy seeing a politician there. In

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around Sydney today We did see some sunshine mixed with the odd shower or two. across the suburbs - But overnight there were big falls 18mm in the city, in town today. Right now it's 18 degrees. for most suburbs today, 21 was the top and Terrey Hills with 19 a bit cooler at Parramatta

12 degrees in the mountains. fell across Sydney today Relatively light showers

69mm at Katoomba, but it poured overnight 33 at Richmond and 30 at Penrith. Around the country tomorrow. On Sydney's waters, to nor-easterly winds light to moderate east with a swell up to 3.5m. but dangerous surf conditions across the city tomorrow Mostly cloudy with a shower or two. except Richmond with 22, 21 degrees almost everywhere, 20 for Cronulla and Wollongong, and 14 at Katoomba. 19 at Terrey Hills And looking ahead - showers for the next four days or so but not as heavy as we've had towards the end of the week. they should clear

Just before we go an update on the

crew should scare. Passengers are

being allowed off the ship but are

being told the same Sydney until

their cheques come back. being told the same Sydney until

And that's Seven News to now. by Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions

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