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(generated from captions) Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan, belonging to alleged ringleaders seized four mobile phones Indonesian police During their raids on 17 April the heroin-smuggling operation. behind clues to the identities of those Investigators believe the phones hold personal identification numbers. they are refusing to hand over their At the moment the alleged Bali Nine ringleaders. to access the mobile phone of will be called in Australian code breakers with Chris Bath. This is Seven's Morning News he's racist after a radio jibe. The AFL's Jason Akermanis denies of the Gallipoli pilgrims. The PM dismisses criticism Rubbish! code breakers. as police are forced to call in Health fears for the Bali Nine This morning, This program is LIVE captioned.

on the health of the nine, are keeping a very, very close eye the Australian consular officials and certainly So, I think lawyers and police Another has hepatitis. and sore throats. from fevers and joint pain and some of the others are suffering has bronchitis Andrew Chan, we're told now, The others not doing so well. depression, now she's on medication. but she's certainly been treated for wasn't so great and the physical damage the top of a can of coke, to do it She used the ring pull, more an attempt at self-harm. attempt to actually commit suicide, I don't know that was such a serious herself after her arrest last week. saying that she tried to kill from Renae Lawrence's lawyer, Last night we heard a real concern. is starting to become the health of the nine here in Bali Yeah, first of all, Thanks, Chris. a short time ago. Mara Pritchard in Denpasar I spoke with Seven News reporter other members of the drug ring. for help in tracking down ask the Australian Federal Police as Indonesian investigators a variety of health problems The Bali Nine are suffering and Stephens tomorrow. Police will continue questioning her Lawrence be placed on suicide watch. A psychiatrist has advised death threats against their families. They didn't pull out because of back to Sydney. until the day of their flight and didn't know about the heroin, they were just going on holiday, they thought have told police The two accused mules organised the smuggling plot. both Chan and Sukumaran they've confirmed and Martin Stephens says A lawyer for Renae Lawrence so-called mules heading for Sydney. with a special number for the also had mobile phones Most of the other Bali Nine members to reveal their security codes. and both suspects have refused but the phones were switched off

the young pilgrims behaved. and he's proud of the way after any big event John Howard says a clean-up is needed Anzac Day services at Gallipoli. who left rubbish behind after the Australians The Prime Minister has defended smuggle 4kg of marijuana into Bali. denying charges of attempting to statement to court tomorrow, Corby will present her defence which proved negative. took a pregnancy test yesterday, the Gold Coast woman To stop the rumours, with another inmate. she may have been in a relationship Bali newspapers say drug-smuggler is pregnant. continue to deny the accused and family Meantime, Schapelle Corby's lawyers Back to you. who were arrested at the airport. on the four young Australians but how they came to be they're actually from Jakarta - we understand where the drugs came from - and who was really in charge, about the bungled drugs operation a bit more detail So, we're hoping to get tickets and get them to the airport. to get the mobile phones and plane who were carrying the drugs that organised for the four that organised for the four It was the two of them Myuran Sukumaran appears to be No.2. but now it's emerging that as the No.1 Andrew Chan is still being accused charge of the operation. and who they believe was actually in on who they've spoken to and we're hoping he will update us running the investigation He's officially here in Denpasar. from the head of the narcotics squad supposed to be getting a briefing Later on this afternoon, we're Later on this afternoon, we're the health is breaking down. The interrogations are continuing, the rest of the drug ring. to tracking down in those phones can be vital They believe information contained the other end of the drug syndicate. so they can get more detail about to try and hack into those phones, code breakers if you like, from the Australian Federal Police, Investigators are asking for help for their mobile phones. they are refusing to hand over Their PIN numbers we are being told, are uncooperative The five caught at the hotel room, begins. the four caught the the airport - of the so-called drug mules - as the interrogations from some of the lawyers, was actually run of how this operation more of the detail Now, we're starting to hear they start to break down. as physically and mentally

Now, it's just a question of striking a balance. The Turks are certainly embracing Aussie culture and who better than the PM to act as ambassador in introducing Foster's beer to the local market. Cheers! Cheers! Australian and Thai authorities have identified the body of a Queensland woman killed in the Boxing Day tsunami. 25-year-old Caroline Rosso was heading to Khao Lak for a diving trip when the waves hit. Arrangements are under way to return the body of the former Queensland Government ministerial adviser. Tobacco companies will have to pay for advertising to correct public perceptions of their products. Following a finding by Australia's competition watchdog, others would disagree. then people say that's too far, Once you go a certain distance the annual influx of visitors. to help cater for at Anzac Cove on controversial roadworks engineering and historical studies The pair agreed to carry out joint The pair agreed to carry out joint for lunch. Recep Erdogan hosted John Howard said against them as a group. and frankly I won't have a word to be their Prime Minister yesterday I felt very proud for lying on graves. some even criticised of mainly young Australians of the 17,000-strong crowd and he's defended the behaviour didn't offend John Howard either. but the pre-entertainment for next year's dawn service in planning is likely to be consulted He says the RSL a sense of proportion about this. I mean, let's have on New Year's Day? to what you'd see on Sydney Harbour Is that any different that's going too far. but our PM thinks blanketing Gallipoli is disgusting, The RSL says the piles of rubbish that has many fuming. but it's what was left behind was about the future of Anzac Cove with the Turkish Prime Minister John Howard's meeting the industry will ditch "light" and "mild" labels. According to the Age newspaper According to the Age newspaper it will also fund the TV campaign to eliminate the impression these varieties are safer these varieties are safer than regular brands. The industry will be able to use labels such as "fine", "smooth" and "fresh". Hundreds of Australian athletes may soon find themselves receiving a bill from the Tax Office. The High Court has ruled that former javelin thrower Joanna Stone is liable to pay tax on grants, sponsorship and prize money. The decision won't affect most athletes, but there will be exceptions. There will be another group that will be in that grey area where they won't really know whether they are or they're not and it's going to mean everyone will have to spend a lot more time thinking about it and worrying about their accounting. The Australian Olympic Committee now wants clarification on the extent of sponsorship on the extent of sponsorship that would be taxed. AOC lawyer Richard Gelski joins us now. Richard, what does this test case mean for athletes across the board? Richard can you hear me? Richard can you hear me? Evidently not. Hopefully we'll come back to Richard in a moment. We'll move on to another report while we get there. Another warning today about the dangers of highly-processed foods that can lead to heart disease, that can lead to heart disease, obesity and cancer. One expert is calling for details of food processing to be outlined. Shopping with Professor Alfred Poulous is an eye-opening experience, especially when you hit the cooking oil section. He says some varieties can have long-term impacts on your health because of how they are processed. That involves extracting it with solvents, treating it with solvents, treating it with acid, with caustic - deodorising it - all of these things. Only one type gets the thumbs up - cold-pressed oil. It is processed naturally. The professor also takes issue with an old favourite - potato chips. Research has shown some chip processing practices can create acrylamide, which may cause you harm when eaten in high doses over time. Acrylamide is a poison. It's also a carcinogen, it also affects the nervous system. The same goes for some biscuits, in particular, ginger nuts. of acrylamide. Relatively high levels of acrylamide. His findings have been outlined in his first book. Professor Poulos says the government needs to make food manufacturers far more accountable. For instance, packaging should provide information about exactly how the product was processed. What does it do? What does it produce? Are there any nasties in there? For now, he suggests eating more natural, less processed food. His book is available by phone order. Returning to our earlier story on the High Court decision and what impact it will have on the way our athletes pay tax. Joining us is the AOC's lawyer Richard. Thanks for bearing with us. What does this test case mean for athletes across the board? It means that if athletes are receiving what the High Court has described as High Court has described as non-trivial sponsorship, then it's a very simple jump to say they're carrying on business and that they'll pay tax on everything that they receive, which is related to their sport, whether it's a payment like a payment from a State Government for being selected for one of the teams or a medal incentives scheme grant from the Australian Olympic committee. The High Court has said High Court has said that athletes won't be taxed on trivial sponsorship. Does anyone know what that actually means? They haven't given us any guidance. What we have is $12, 420 is considered not to be trivial. We don't know if the commissioner will consider that a sum that large is required and what we've done is called on the commissioner to issue a public ruling as quickly as ruling as quickly as possible so that he can make it clear what his view is going to be and how he's going to act. Have you been given any guidance on where the money must come from or whether a person in Joanna's case gave her $5,000 after meeting her at a wedding and she'll be taxed on that amount of money? That's correct. The sponsors didn't ask her didn't ask her to do anything for the money and they did in fact meet her at a wedding and offered to provide that money because they heard how much it costs to compete at the level she was competing at. Given the amount of book-keeping athletes would be now required to undertake and what impact it will have on their Nick, could this act as a deterrent to future elite MIKE ATHERTON: Let's? Certainly the view out there is it could well act as a deterrent to the upcoming athletes and may deter them for accepting sponsorship early in their career. It could make it hard for the athletes to get there. Thanks for your time. Next in Seven's Morning News, business and finance, of Japan's train disaster. and the battle to free survivors Rescuers in Japan are still trying to free passengers trapped in a train wreck more than two days after it crashed. Yesterday, they pulled out three more survivors, but they fear as many as 20 are still in the rubble. The death toll from the disaster near Osaka has now risen to 89. Investigators who have raided rail offices for clues, say the train was speeding just before it jumped the tracks and smashed into an apartment building. The 23-year-old driver had received several prior warnings. Authorities believe he's under the debris. After nearly three months of deadlock politicians in Iraq are still trying to form a new government. In the build up to the handover of power, face the challenging task American security forces of recruiting, training and deploying elite Iraqi forces to tackle insurgents in the country. It's just before midnight, rolling out from a base near Baghdad, a joint US and Iraqi Special Forces assault team is driving without lights, east towards the bad lands of the insurgency near the airport. Target tonight - two key members of the insurgency, thought to be involved in the financing and commissioning of roadside bomb attacks. The targets - Abu Allah and Hassan Jarar, two alleged insurgents from Fallujah, living near Baghdad. Aerial surveillance pinpointed the men's houses across the road from each other. There will be a difference beating the time set by American Robert Peary in 1909. The team, including one woman, made the treacherous journey in just 37 days taking the record by 4 hours and 49 minutes. The team used huskies and replica wooden sledges like Peary used on his historic trip. In America, a surrogate mother has given birth to five boys. Teresa Anderson delivered the babies in five minutes by casearian section. One of the boys was born with a heart defect. The others are healthy. in tonight's mission. For the first time, the US Special Forces will stand back, the assault will be carried out the assault will be carried out almost solely by the Iraqi Special Forces. Tonight, it's their show. Abu Allah was found on the first floor. There was no resistance. Across the street, US Special Forces picked up Hassan Jarar. He claimed no links with the insurgency. (Speaks Arabic) This was a text book operation, a convoy arriving back at base without incident. One day these missions will be mounted solely by Iraqi units and for the US Special Forces in Iraq that time can't come soon enough. British-led explorers have cracked a world record previously thought unbeatable. A five-member team has reached the North Pole, trekking 765km from Northern Canada,

Teresa became pregnant for a couple who couldn't conceive to take their money, but she's refused to take their money, acknowledging that raising the boys will be costly enough. England's soccer captain David Beckham and his wife, Victoria, are suing their former nanny. The international pin-up boy and his wife were outraged when Abbie Gibson made allegations about their marriage to a British tabloid newspaper. The couple is launching legal action against her for breach of confidence. The Beckham marriage has been in the spotlight since a number of women went public, claiming they'd had affairs with the Real Madrid star. Australian singer Delta Goodrem has reportedly sacked her mother. The singer is apparently heartbroken at having to tell mum Lea she can no longer manage her music career. It is alleged the singer's US record label, Sony BMG, forced the showdown, saying her mother was creating havoc. To business and finance news now and joining us is Westpac's Bill Evans. Good morning, Bill. The CPI's out shortly, what are you expecting? We're expecting the number to be 0.8. That compares with 0.9 in the equivalent quarter last year. We're not really expecting to see inflation actually increasing. If it comes around about that 0.8 level, there'll be no reach for the Reserve Bank to raise interest rates next week. Given that the whole sail price index that came out yesterday, the growth was 0 and the market was looking for 1%. Things are looking encouraging that we won't see a rate hike next week. What's the latest from the rest of the market and US market? The US market was down 90 points and ours is only down 17 points. Whilst the critical shares that generally react to weakness in the US like BHP are down today, the banks are up. The ANZ released their profit numbers today and they were up by 6%. That's a relatively to previous years, that's a slow growth increase and never theless

the market was happy with that and ANZ has done well and other bank stocks have done well which has off set weak necessary associated with the US. We know you're waiting for the CPI figures due out today. Next in Seven's Morning News, a big night ahead at the AFL Tribunal and radio jibe lands Jason Akermanis in hot water again. MAN: If you're still not sure about the right broadband for you, allow us to make things clear. Right now, when you combine your broadband, home phone and mobile plan with Optus, you'll receive four months free broadband access every year. That's on any plan, starting from just $29.95 a month. The choice is clear. Call Optus now on: Or visit a participating Optus dealer. VOICEOVER: Eat good fats, don't eat bad fats, get a tan, stay out of the sun, smile more, frown less! McCain Healthy Choice is looking after yourself. Brisbane Lions midfielder Jason Akermanis is copping criticism from the city's indigenous radio station. The row with 98.9 FM erupted bosses "monkeys" during his AFL show. after Akermanis called the station's bosses "monkeys" during his AFL show. Jason Akermanis's mouth has landed him in trouble again. Bosses at Brisbane's indigenous radio station, 98.9 FM, are seething at being labelled "monkeys" by the Lions star. Well, I was basically saying to all listeners out there jump onto and, Macca, maybe we can get these monkeys upstairs to give us an extra half an hour which we had the year before. Akermanis made the comment during an AFL program which the 2001 Brownlow medallist hosted with former team-mate Craig McRae. The midfielder has apologised on the web site but insists he's not a racist. from that particular race, I've got many friends from that particular race, like, I'm not interested in where you're from but if you behave like that and we call you that, well, I don't care. It's not offensive, more a bit of fun, like the whole show's about. Station bosses have threatened action under anti-discrimination laws, but Aker accuses them of blackmail. that he's insulted It's not good enough that he's insulted but it was going to be okay if basically we paid him 20 grand me of something that's ridiculous so he's gone from not only accusing me of something that's ridiculous but he's then gone and tried to bribe us. It's set to be a busy night at the AFL Tribunal. Carlton's Brendan Fevola faces a serious charge of making unnecessary and unreasonable contact to the face of Fremantle's to the face of Fremantle's Antoni Grover. Sydney's Darren Jolly is charged with kneeing former Melbourne team-mate Simon Godfrey, while Essendon's James Hird while Essendon's James Hird and Mark Johnson both escaped suspension. Two of Rugby Union's best players will join the Super 12's 100-game club this weekend. New South Wales Waratahs half-back Chris Whitaker and Queensland Reds full-back Chris Latham will reach the milestone against the Highlanders and Cats respectively. Matt Burke is one of my good mates, is the only other person to do it, so obviously very proud. The Reds showed their respect for the Test full-back by donning Latham masks at the by donning Latham masks at the Queenslanders' annual Ballymore bbq. AC Milan has beaten Dutch giants AC Milan has beaten Dutch giants PSV Eindhoven 2-0 at Milan's San Siro Stadium. Andriy Shevchenko and Jon Dahl Tomasson scored for AC. Shevchenko opened the scoring in the 42nd minute of the match, finishing off a superb through ball, before Jon Dahl Tomasson sealed the before Jon Dahl Tomasson sealed the win in the final minute of the match. COMMENTATOR: Takes the shot in front and there's a second goal! CROWD ROARS Liverpool has received a boost ahead of its Champions League ahead of its Champions League semifinal against Chelsea tomorrow. Australian midfielder Harry Kewell has been included in the squad after a two-month injury layoff. Shane Warne is under fire for sledging while playing for Hampshire in the English County Cricket Championship. Sussex captain Chris Adams claims Warne abused England hopeful Matt Prior. The Aussie leg-spinner dismissed Prior in both innings. It's not the first time the Poms have been up in arms about Warney. Last year they claimed he make derogatory comments about the mother of former Test player Ronnie Irani. And the first day of the Targa Tasmania has proved expensive for one Ferrari owner. During the opening stage, this Ferrari 308 spun off the racecourse as the driver noticed his back seat was getting a little too hot. As the flames started to build, the driver and co-driver bailed out and extinguished the blaze. The damage bill - a little over $300,000. Weather is up next in Seven's Morning News, also, the reindeer that gave police the slip. Got a taste for something delicious? Then you'll love what McDonald's has in store for you. A Chicken Caesar Roll and fries. Thanks. Let's take a look at the weather. Isolated cloud and showers in Brisbane today. Fine and warp in Canberra and Hobart. A possible late shower for Perth. Cloudy in Darwin. Christmas may have come and gone four months ago, but it seems Santa left one of his helpers behind. Nicknamed Dasher, this deer remains loose on the streets of western Sydney. Police first spotted the deer in their headlights early this morning, near the Hume Highway, but so far they haven't been able to rein the suspect in. There are unconfirmed reports of an accomplice In the American State of Maryland, residents are more worried about buffalos. This herd escaped from a ranch for a spot of tennis, but the real game began when officers coaxed the nine beasts into a makeshift livestock pen. And that's Seven's Morning News this Wednesday. We'll have updates throughout the day and more bulletins at 4.30 and 6.00. I'm Chris Bath Thanks for your company. Have a great day. Captioned by Seven Network Email -