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(generated from captions) really think this through? Did you really, have to make a sacrifice Sometimes don't we all for the person that we love? your loyalty and your support? Doesn't he deserve I mean, he loves you. peculiar way, you love him. And I know, in your own

It would be such a tragedy. So please, don't let this happen. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

This program is captioned live.

Tonight: Getting tough on asylum

seekers. The government suspends

visa applications to stop the flood

of boat people. Another Salvos

store goes up in flames, destroying

goods for the needy. We just seem

to go from one disaster to another

I've seen this thing before but

it's never hit me like this before.

Obesity overtakes smoking as

Australia's number one killer. And

tears and jeers, as Tiger makes a

stunning return to the course. Good

evening, I'm Deborah Knight. Also,

Kristina Keneally backs Victoria's

calls for more federal health

shedding funding. And, the fossil find

shedding new light on human

evolution. Something we did not

think was there. But we begin with

breaking news - rescue efforts are breaking news - rescue efforts are

underway to free passengers stuck

on a rollercoaster at the Royal

Easter Show. Ten reporter Matt

Doran joins us from Sydney Olympic

Park. Matt, what's gone wrong? At

this stage it is not clear but this

right was meant to be the

centrepiece of the carnival. It was

a roller-coaster brought in from

Italy at a cost of several million

dollars. Three passengers have been

trapped almost upside down for

nearly one hour. nearly one hour. Best kicker is

hoping Cauldhame including the fire

brigade and police rescue. A young

family is trapped, a mother with

her young son and daughter. No-one

is injured. They are around the

start 10 metres from the ground but

the mother has been visibly

distressed throughout the ordeal,

making a series of phone calls and

calling out for help. It calling out for help. It appears

they are moments away from freeing

the family. Actually one of the

daughters has just been lowered on

to a crane. I spoke to one of the

staff members working on this ride

and they told me off camera that this roller-coaster has had

problems. This is the third time it

has mysteriously malfunctioned.

Other it punters said they were

trapped on this same road earlier

today. It just got stuck and they

would not release the Highness and

we were trapped in there. For about

15 minutes. -- the harness. The

lady in the middle trapped up there

is petrified because it must be her

son on the edge. He must be scared.

It appears no-one will be injured

but they should be free. Sure that

within a matter of minutes. The

problem has turned into quite a

spectacle here at the show which

has so far run without a hitch. The

area is cordoned off and everyone

is watching to see how the rescue

unfolds. Hopefully a happy ending.

We will update you on that as it

continues. The door has been shut

Rudd Government suspending refugee on some asylum seekers, with the

claims from Sri Lanka and

Afghanistan. The Prime Minister

says it sends a strong message to

just a smugglers, but critics claim it's

just a vote winning exercise. This

ship averted a human tragedy when

it came to the rescue of asylum

seekers lost in international

waters as they tried defined

Christmas Island. The vessel began

sinking while under escort. Some

survivors were plucked from the sea

in pitch-black conditions. The fact

that the rescue took place in that the rescue took place in the

dark is a credit to those involved.

It is the 38 boat this year and the

government has had enough. Boat

people from Sri Lanka and

Afghanistan and now face an

immediate ban on their claims thing

process. If someone's claim for

asylum is not legitimate they will

be sent home. Afghans face a 6-

month delay and Sri Lankans three

months. They will be held in

detention and almost certainly send

home. The Immigration Minister

denies that this amounts to the

same treatment as the Howard

government. We think the situation

in this country is improving. Extra

police and right here are on their

Island. Beefed way to the overstretched Christmas

Island. Beefed up Criminal

Intelligence and new laws will

target people smugglers and those

to finance them. Those found to

provide material support to people

smuggling will be subject to 10

years' imprisonment. This is Kevin

Rudd's rednecks solution. The

government admits measures will not

immediately stop the boat. People

smuggling is being said

smuggling is being said to be out

of control and political heat is

building in an election year. This

is no solution, just an election

fix. This government is looking to

fix. This government is looking to

stop a headline, not the boats. A

man has been charged over a fire

which has gutted a Salvation Army

store, destroying $100,000 in goods

destined for the needy. It's the

4th Salvos fire since December. It

is a store that provides a helping

hand but this morning it went up in

a blaze of smoke and flames. You

could few explosions happening over

there. Inside, furniture and

clothing worth more than $100,000

was all destroyed. The 4th arson

attack on a Salvador in as many attack on a Salvador in as many

months. Staff are struggling for

answers. It is not the first time

it has happened. We seem to go from

one disaster to another. No-one was

hurt but it took 90 minutes for

firefighters to put out firefighters to put out a fire and protect neighbouring properties.

People were evacuated to safe areas

and traffic was disrupted. Police

arrested a 29-year-old man at a car

dealership next door. He will face

court tomorrow on arson charges.

Everything in this tour was

destined for the neediest members

of the community. With all that

destroyed the Salvation Army say

they need the public's help now

more than ever, especially in the

lead-up to the winter. The more you

help us the more we help with the

community. It is still unclear if

roof insulation is to blame for a

house fire that killed a toddler

Australian and and his grandfather. Both the

Australian and Aboriginal flags

have flown at half-mast in this

town as locals try to deal with the

double tragedy of yesterday.

Despite the best efforts of

forensic officers we are still none

forensic officers we are still none

the wiser as to what sparked the

inferno. The popular and well

respected family gathered in

tribute to two lives lost. Her

great grandfather and two lovely

boys. The grandfather died as he

tried to rescue his 2-year-old

grandson. The 5-year-old brother

was the only one to survive. They

tenure of relatives suffered cuts

and speccie inhalation trying to and speccie inhalation trying to

rescue his trapped relatives. The

grandfather had been caring for the

boys on behalf of his son. It was

thought recently installed roof

insulation may have sparked the

blaze but the fire broke out on the

lounge room for before taking hold

of the roof. In this small town the

extended family make up one-third

of the population. The man of the population. The man was an

elder and one of the last original

speaking Aboriginals. We have lost

our heritage through him. It is

heritage the family will try to

showcase during a traditional

funeral next week. Former champion

boxer Grant Brown has broken down and cried after suffering and cried after suffering a loss in

court today. He allegedly punched

an elderly man, fracturing his

skull. A magistrate refused to

throw out his charge. He was hoping

to have the charge dismissed

because of mental illness but the

Tasmanian allegedly punched a man

in the head aboard a ferry in Manly

last November, fracturing his skull

and bruising his brain. His lawyer

asked that he be diverted to a

treatment program, suffering from

depression and an obsessive

compulsive disorder. He had not

taking his medication and felt

agitated when he argued with his

girlfriend on the phone during the

ferry trip, yelling and punching

the walls. The victim asked him to

stop swearing in front of women and he attacked he attacked him and knocked him to

the deck. The attack was an act of

rage with -- which left the victim

deaf in one ear. A punch from a

boxer is powerful. More than an

untrained person. The magistrate

ruled that this was an extremely

serious attack and as a

professional boxer Brown had a professional boxer Brown had a responsibility not to assault innocent members of the public. innocent members of the public.

Brown wept as the decision was

given and will face court on

criminal charges in June. Obesity

has overtaken smoking as our

has overtaken smoking as our

biggest killer. And doctors warn

Australia is woefully unprepared

for the looming health crisis.

Experts say there is now no

argument that Australians are

eating themselves to death.

eating themselves to death. It is

taking people's lives and ruining taking people's lives and ruining

the quality of life. New data from

WA shows obesity is more deadly

than smoking and drug abuse.

We are winning the war on tobacco but that

but that has taken 50 years. We

cannot wait that long for obesity

because children's lives are at

stake. Comparable studies have not

been studied -- undertaken in other

states just yet. There is no reason

to think it will not translate to

the rest of the state. Government

officials insist they are doing all

they can to highlight the dangers. they can to highlight the dangers.

We are investing $872 million into

prevention. Only 2% of our National

Health spent goes to prevention. We

can to better. Public health groups

want to say junk food advertising

go the way of cigarette commercials

and better food labelling laws

introduced before it is too late.

Brad McEwan joins us with a look at

Sport. Five months after a sex

scandal took him off the golf

scandal took him off the golf

course - Tiger Woods has staged an

astonishing comeback at the US

Masters. But not everyone was ready

to let him forget his very public

indiscretions, which almost cost

him his marriage and career. Fans

erupted the second he arrived and

when he stepped up to the tee he

gave them what he wanted. His first when he stepped up to the tee he gave them what he wanted. His first

competitive shot in 144 days was a

critical step towards redemption. critical step towards redemption.

It was unbelievable. I have not It was unbelievable. I have not

heard people cheered this loud in

all my years here. It certainly

helped keep my spirits up. But

someone would not let him someone would not let him forget

his sordid past, circling in front

of the first shot. This was a of the first shot. This was a

reference to his religion of

Buddhism and another ridiculed his

rumoured sex addiction. He said he

did not see them but was not did not see them but was not

surprised. It would not be the

first time. He was out to prove to

first time. He was out to prove to

his fans that he still has it. He

was different, for the first time

he left his own and recognized fans

and smiled most of the day. The

last time anyone watch Tiger Woods

play was at the Australian Masters

last year and today even in the

rain the crowds and the

anticipation grew as they waited

and hoped he still have that edge. anticipation grew as they waited and hoped he still have that edge. Fantastic and straight down the

metal as if he never left. He still

remains on guard after today. More

amazing golf from Tiger in sport.

Plus a Bulldog great and his mum

get ready for an emotional tribute

at from his old club. And just to

update a recent story the AFL has

cleared Brendan Fevola over that

nude Lara Bingle photo. Coming up

we have more on a breaking story,

the roller-coaster trip down at the

Royal Easter Show. Also a baby

survives being run over by a car in his own home.

Cough for the pharmacist, honey. I think it's every time (ALL SNIFF)

This program is captioned live.

We have more now on tonight's

breaking news - the rescue of

passengers stuck on a rollercoaster

at the Royal Easter Show. at the Royal Easter Show.

All three people have now been

brought down safely after being

stuck for more than an hour. A

cheery picture was used to bring

people down. Incident comes after tears will operators were directed

to carry out safety tips following

him as head on his side showed ride

in northern state my career in

which three girls were injured. It

fears will car broke free and

plunged eight meals at a Blues Festival in

Ten reporter Matt Doran is there.

We'll cross live to him shortly.

A baby has miraculously survived

being run over by a car in his own

living room.

A P-Plate driver skidded on a wet

road, careering over a garden bed,

hitting a house, before smashing

into a family day care centre in

Adelaide's south.

The Commodore ran over the 12-

month-old boy, but amazingly didn't injure him. injure him.

He looked fine, apart from he's got

grease all over him, obviously he's shook up. The car narrowly The car narrowly missed three other

children, a 2-year-old girl was

taken to hospital, and sisters,

aged seven and five, suffered minor


The 17-year-old driver is being The 17-year-old driver is being interviewed by police.

The Prime Minister might have to

take his heath reforms to a

referendum, because of the

Victorian Premier.

John Brumby is refusing to back

down, accusing Kevin Rudd of tricky accounting. Kevin Rudd's health Kevin Rudd's health reforms took a

long time to conceive but the

Premiers are making it a painful labour.

There's just 10 days before the There's just 10 days before the vote at COAG.

That should be a fun meeting.

Looks like it's shaping up for a

very interesting exchange.

The Victorian Premier won't sign up

to the plan which takes away a

third of the states GST.

I object strenuously to the fact that

that these funds are being taken

from our State and from other

states and then being recycled back

as "New Commonwealth money".

The Prime Minister promised at the

last election that he would end the

blame game, the blame game is alive

and probably as fierce as it's ever been.

Mr Brumby wants a 50:50 funding

split, a fighting fund paid for by higher tobacco taxes.

We do think Mr Brumby's proposal is unrealistic.

The PM is more conciliatory.

Takes more than a day, we'll take a second day.

We need to see new money coming

into the system now, not in four into the system now, not in four year's time.

Doctors are split on the Rudd and Brumby plans.

The Victorian Medical Association

supported the Premier, but after an emergency hookup of State emergency hookup of State

presidents, the AMA says doctors

just want the Prime Minister and

Premiers to reach any deal.

If there's no agreement this month

the Government will immediately

move in Parliament for a referendum,

a move that may need the support of

the Opposition's iron man, or is that Clarke Kent?

I offered you my office to get

changed. No, I just find a

telephone booth and I get changed there, mate.

The Government still hopes health

reform will prove Tony Abbott's election kryptonite.

Police have raided another Sydney

drug lab - this one opposite a public school.

A 45-year-old man with bikie

connections has been charged with

manufacturing a prohibited drug and other offences.

Police raided the Arncliffe home

yesterday, and confiscated drug

making equipment, along with a fake police badge and ammunition. police badge and ammunition. He was denied bail.

It's the second major drug bust in

the city in less than a week.

Police have a new weapon in their arsenal.

High-spec purpose-built bikes will

appear across the State from this weekend.

The new design can navigate all

sorts of terrain, and is more

comfortable for officers, who can

ride up to 50 kilometres a shift. This new equipment represents the

next generation in mobile policing and rapid response.

Almost 130 bikes will be rolled out

to 24 police regions. Whether with

10 daily. He loves Friday's but he

did -- loads delivering good news.

Welcome to the front porch of the

weekend. I head pleasing news. Find

him sunny Saturday, 27 to 29

degrees. Sunday, a blue skies degrees. Sunday, a blue skies information.

information. 207029 degrees. What a BT! BT!

Up next - we check in with sailor

Jessica Watson, as she enters the home straight.

Also, America's landmark treaty

with its former Cold War enemy.

Nuclear weapons in the hands of a

terrorist is a danger everywhere.

And the death of the And the death of the self-

proclaimed mastermind of punk. proclaimed mastermind of punk.

SINGS: 'God save the Queen' 'The fascist regime.' of Australians

of an industry super fund, plenty to smile about. out there...

This program is captioned live.

Let us look at a traffic now. There

is drama in Pennant Hills. For

traffic heading down towards the

north Parramatta there are very

heavy delays after a breakdown. The

traffic is snaking down at a very

slow rate after the breakdown. All

three traffic lanes are struggling

heading across to be Croft Road. --

Beecroft. We will up to a year

later at 5:50pm. -- update due

later. The US and Russia have

signed a landmark treaty to cut the

threat of nuclear war. They've

agreed to slash weapon stockpiles

by a third - the lowest level since by a third - the lowest level since

the 1960s. Two president's striding

side by side towards a historic

agreement with signatures and

smiles. They cemented a new co-

operative relationship. The US and

Russia -- when we are not able to

work together on the issues it is

not good for our nations for the

world. The former Cold War foes are now in agreement. This

This is about 90% of the world's

nuclear arsenal and more than

enough to wipe out the planet. It

is progress. The superpowers have

come a long way in the 48 years

since the Cuban missile crisis. His

is not about the amount of warheads

but that they have come to an

agreement. A nuclear weapons in the

hands of a terrorist is a danger to

people everywhere from Moscow to

New York and South Asia. Talks soon

turned to take a run and its

nuclear ambitions. The United

States and Russia are part of a

coalition insisting that Iran face

consequences because they have

continually failed to meet their

obligations. In pursuit of his

vision of a nuclear free world

President Obama needs all the help

he can get.

Now time for the finance report.

Some worrying news for the housing

sector. A significant fall in home

building activity. Construction

falls flat in March. A worrying

trend and a fall in demand for new

homes when there is already a

housing shortage. Qantas has taken

an extraordinary step to write a

frequent travellers apologising for maintenance problems while

downplaying its safety record. They downplaying its safety record. They expressed regret for the

disruptions. We are always

disappointed if we fail to deliver

some respect. on their reliability that cost us

Schapelle Corby has reportedly

lodged a plea for clemency on

grounds of insanity. The convicted

drug smuggler has asked the

Indonesian President to reduce or

quash her 20-year sentence because

she's suffering psychosis and has

become mentally ill. The

application also claims mistakes

and legal errors in the

investigation and trial which lead

to Corby's jail term. Clemency

requests are highly unusual in

Indonesia - a decision could take years.

The godfather of punk, Malcolm

McLaren, has died after a long

battle with cancer. The former

manager of 70s punk band the Sex

Pistols, McLaren gained notoriety

for his elaborate publicity stunts,

including releasing the band's

controversial hit 'God Save the

Queen', during the Queen's silver

Jubilee. He just naively knew how

to create a fury. Malcolm McLaren

died in a Swiss hospital. He was 64.

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall,

has broken her leg on a hill-walk

in Scotland. The 62 year old, who's

celebrating her 5th wedding

anniversary, will be in a cast for

is 6 weeks. Solo sailor Jessica Watson

is within sight of Australia! The

16-year-old sailed out of Sydney in

October, rounding the tips of South

America and Africa, and is now

heading towards the most south-

western part of Australia - Cape

Leeuwin (pronounced loo-en). She

spoke exclusively to Ten News today

about her homeward stretch. I'm

definitely getting excited. It's

great to be under Australia or

close to already. But who knows

when i'll be there, maybe early

next. -- next week. Depends on what

the weather gives me. It's a

further 2,500 nautical miles from

Cape Leeuwin to Sydney. Next week

cross live to the Royal Easter Show

where passengers were trapped on a

faulty roller-coaster. Also, the

discovery shedding new light on the

links between humans and apes. A

completely new and unexpected

species. And one of Australia's

most successful rock bands calls it

a day. This is it because then you

can have some finality about the

decision and go and plan

This program is captioned live.

More now on tonight's breaking

news.. The rescue of passengers

stuck on a rollercoaster at the

Royal Easter Show. Let's go to Ten

reporter Matt Doran. Matt, they are

finally down? Mepham rate has now

been rescued. The mother and

daughter were brought down after

five o'clock and the young boy

remained stuck up there for a

further 10 minutes. They are being

treated for shock by ambulance crew

but they are uninsured. They are in

good spirits. They were texting

friends and family while they were

right. stuck virtually horizontal on the

right. They were shaking when they

got to the ground that they have a

story to tell. What exactly went

wrong is yet to be established. The

owners of the carnival here

actually purchased the ride from

Italy for a few million dollars. I

spoke a little while ago to some

other girls who said they were

trapped in a similar position for

about 15 minutes. That has been

backed up to me from my staff

member affiliated with this ride.

She said it had a number of

malfunctions. My family have still

not spoken to the media. They are speaking to management to establish

exactly what has gone wrong. What's

been described as the missing link

between apes and humans, has been uncovered in South Africa.

Scientists claim the discovery

offers new insights into human

evolution. To hide your enjoying

when introducing a new species to

the world is hard. This is the

remains of two skeletons just under

at 2 million years sold. They

represent a completely new and

unexpected species of human

ancestors. It is something we did

not think was there. They are

remarkable in that they share

characteristics of both apes and

humans. This raises possibilities

that it is the missing link. It has

a small brain but it has a poll is

that is very similar to later

found in species of Homo erectus. They were

found in Johannesburg at a World

Heritage site. It is rare to find

such rare specimens. This professor

was walking in the area when his

young son made the discovery. I

turned a frock over like this and I

saw a bone. I did not know what it

was so I called my dad. -- turned

over a -- rock. They would have

known each other in life, the bones

of these people. They would have

looked into each other's eyes.

Scientists hope to soon give only

definitive few on how they fit into

the evolutionary Timeline. One of

Australia's greatest ever rock

groups, Powderfinger, is calling it

a day - but not before one final

tour. The band today announced it

will visit 21 cities as part of its

most extensive tour ever. After a

career that has lasted over 20

years, 7 studio albums, a live

album, 2 DVDs, 30-odd video clips,

around 1000 shows, 16 ARIA awards,

and hundreds of thousands of

kilometres travelled around the

globe on local, national and world

tours, we believe that the time has

come to call an end to what we

think has been an extremely

privileged and rewarding run. The

band says it's simply run out of

things to sing about. Brad's back

with Sport. The focus has been on

Tiger Woods but some other veterans

have performed well. They turned

back the clock on the opening day

at Augusta. Ahead the shots that

will only add to Tiger's legend at Augusta.

Plus the a Bulldog great came back

of days. to Belmore for an emotional couple

This program is captioned live.

His morals may have gone missing

during the past five months but he hasn't lost that swing.

Tiger Woods shooting his lowest

opening round ever at the Masters.

50-year-old Fred Couples is six

under with 60-year-old Tom Watson

among those a shot back.

Tiger lurking at four under.

Here's Ten's Andrew Maher.

And a remarkable day Europe. The

Australians were solid. It was all

about Tiger Woods at in of day one.

On the tee, Tiger Woods.

Tiger, back at his favourite hunting ground.

A knot in his shoe, possibly his stomach.

fixed in silence. Generations starry-eyed, gazes

Applause - no doubt some relief.

Tiger's titleist deep down the Tiger's titleist deep down the

first fairway, beginning the best

opening round of his Masters career

- birdie at 3, then bogey at 7,

before more magic on the eighth.

A bounce and a roll leaving this

for eagle.

COMMENTATOR: Oh, held its line!

I thought it was going to turn a little bit more!

Next his shot of the day - avoiding

Beckham. the woods as he bent it like

Twinkle-toes Tiger finding the

green and honing in on the pin.

Oh, it's an incredible bow shot. Absolutely phenomenal. Oh, my goodness, that is unbelievable.

The galleries trained on Tiger,

Woods with eyes only for the cup.

This for birdie, oh my goodness.

Despite bogey at ten, the world

sight. number one soon another eagle in

Disappointment at 13 plain to see.

Tiger's sleeve. But a change of heart was almost on

Smiles, even pats on the back.

He deserved one himself after this

shot at eagle. approach to 15, earning another

shot at eagle.

The cheers continued for a first-

round 68.

REPORTER: Did you hear anything

Absolutely not. negative during the day?

It helps when you get the crowd

like that. I haven't heard them

cheer this loudly in all my time here.

At 4 under, Woods is 2 shots behind

clubhouse leader, Fred Couples.

His 50 years no barrier - 7 birdies

en route to 66.

You're always nervous, no matter

what age you are because you want

to do well.

The 1992 champion's not the only

fossil at the pointy end. fossil at the pointy end.

60-year-old Tom Watson leads a 5-

way tie for second.

At 3 under, Adam Scott is the best of the Aussies.

And our live coverage continues

from 5:45am tomorrow on One and TEN

with coverage continuing through

Sunday and Monday.

Canterbury has re-signed coach

Kevin Moore for a further two

seasons. Meanwhile. A former

favourite son they couldn't keep is

preparing for an emotional farewell.

His old team is in the dog house.

But that hasn't stopped the

Bulldogs from giving Steve Price a tribute match.

The injured Warrriors skipper in

Belmore today showing mum Margaret

his plaque on the Walk of Fame.

Price admits tomorrow night there could be tears. Could be, mate.

I've kept pretty strong through

most of it so far but, geez, I

think Saturday night might be a bit tough for me.

Do you think the floodgates might

open? For me or for him?

For both of us.

Yes, definitely. It will be full of pride, yep.

After 16 years of first grade Price

has one tip - take State of Origin to New Zealand.

I know a stadium like Eden Park

would be a great place to play a

State of Origin so.

We've been to Melbourne and to grow

the game, New zealand is very

passionate about State of Origin,

I've learned since I've been there.

Today the Bulldogs launched the RSPCA's Million Paws Walk.

They also resigned coach Kevin Moore.

Kev's been a Bulldog his whole life,

and to have another 2 years here is

great, and, hopefully, after that he can keep extending.

The Tigers flew to Townsville, not

ruling out a round 2 for Robbie

Farah and Anthony Watts.

Round 1 was pretty good to watch so, hopefully.

And tonight against the Dragons,

Darren Lockyer's out to prove he's

right to play another year of Origin.

In State of Origin you've got to

look for a weakness and if I was

Bellamy - not that I am - but if I

was - Craig Bellamy there'd be one

place I'd be attacking and it would

be at number 6 - all day long.

Sydney FC is going to make Robbie

Fowler an offer to join the club

next season. Football Federation Australia

admits it's desperate to keep him

in the A-League, no matter what colours he wears.

The FFA is trying to keep clubs

afloat, find a new national coach

and bid for the World Cup.

Now boss Ben Buckley is praying he

can keep the player once called God.

We would like to see Robbie Fowler

stay in Australia, ideally we would

like to see him stay in Townsville. That's a long shot.

North Queensland Fury is in financial strife.

Rival clubs circling for Fowler's signature.

Sydney eager to put pen to paper.

We will pay the right price for the right player.

Sydney FC will commence talks with

Fowler's management this week and

while they maintain the coach will

get the final say, the man known as

God's ability to fill seats maybe

to good an opportunity to pass up.

In the case of Robbie Fowler, it's

clearly a player who could put bums

on seats.

Gold Coast would love Fowler's crowd-pulling power.

They average just 5,392 fans per game.

Owner Clive Palmer reportedly

poised to pull out.

Buckley unable to guarantee Gold

Coast will field a team next season.

Well, we're certainly hopefully

they will be, and that's the position.

We will work collectively with the

Gold Coast to bring about that outcome.

The future for North Queensland

Fury also in doubt.

If both clubs fold Brisbane Roar

will be the State's only A-league outpost.

outpost. Richmond midfielder Ben Cousins has

overcome a knee soreness and will

play against Sydney at the SCG tomorrow night.

The Swans looked very relaxed in

the lead up to the clash but

ruckman Mark Seaby knows Cousins,

his old West Coast team mate is

capable of making his own splash.

He is a little bit older and his

hamstrings are giving him a bit of

grief but he definitely can be as dangerous.

You've really got to look out for

these great champions - they can

turn it on in the blink of an eye.

You can watch the game on both Ten

and ONE from 7:30pm. Kelly Slater

has won the Bell's Beach Classic.

But as the fourth time. He said

that despite X-rays reveal and he

has a broken foot. He advanced to

defile against the Australian

current champion Nick than him. A

near perfect ride allowed on to a

game bring sport most famous trophy.

And Aussie ace, Robbie Maddison,

has become the first free style

motorcross rider to jump the 85

metre deep gorge of Greece's

Corinth canal albeit with a hard

landing. In strong winds it took a

take off speed of 120 kilometres

per hour to clear the gorge.

Maddison rates it his riskiest jump

so far. A big day ate Randwick tomorrow.

Sports Tonight on one this evening.

It does on head eight D T. Problems

on the Hume Highway. Friday night

traffic not coping. Two lanes are

closed. They are now reopened. Look

at the traffic trying to keep

south-west. It has spent all the

way back to Liverpool. The traffic

may not be great but the weather

will be. On the weather forecast is mixed.

Like mack three people rescued

after one howler stuck on a roller-

coaster. 70 people are stuck on a

monorail in the city on the corner

of Pitt and Park Street. Warne is coming through on that situation.

Let us chicken with 10-day.

Hopefully no hitches what the

weather this week. 207029 degrees.

Saturday. As sensationally sunny

Sunday. 25 degrees and three above

every touch. All we head as blue

sky. But as they should lead the

weekend when I finish this forecast.

Clouds sweeping through the

interior bringing patchy rain and

storms. Call south-western the

brand will bring in hot shower. A

weakening a trough will bring

scattered showers and storms to

Queensland ends Carinthia Road.

Queensland ends Carinthia Road. Predicted precipitation across

rooftops and crops. Isolated

showers across northern state'.

Called Dusty showers for Victoria.

The win and then gets on the

television, end it gives you has a

fine pair has no guarantee that the

weekend was going to be shiny end

blue and that will do. Beautiful

temperatures, don't have a splash.

We get away a camera on Mundy.

We get away a camera on Mundy.

Stack on the mono rail or 70 people

stack on the monorail Arras say.

They're been brought to them ground.

That's Ten News for now, I'm That's Ten News for now, I'm

Deborah Knight, thanks for your company.

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