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(generated from captions) how many adults WOMAN: You'd be surprised or read a website, Phone this number.

This program is captioned live. Eight years locked in a basement - of hiding to tell her horrific story. the kidnapped teenager comes out on the death of Steve Irwin. Heartless thieves try to cash in And Sydney's big wet -

with more wild weather to come. residents told to batten down

Ten News with Jacinta Hocking. Good morning. for eight years A teenager held captive in a basement has spoken publicly about her ordeal.

a battery hen in her small cell The Austrian girl says she felt like

and constantly dreamt of escape. For the first time describes the horrific basement 18-year-old Natascha Kampusch became her world. that for eight years watched by millions across Austria, In a television interview she says,

in that small room." "It felt very claustrophobia

against the walls "I threw water bottles

so that maybe someone could hear me." "or banged against them with my fists during a routine walk to school. Her life took a tragic turn saying, She describes the moment of terror, "He grabbed me." but no sound came out." "I tried to scream after so many years in the dark, Her eyes still sensitive to light if she escaped. she says she feared what would happen

a killing spree if she ever got away. Her captor telling her he'd go on But in late August, re-emerged a young woman. the girl that many had forgotten I could no longer live this way." "In recent months I said certainly attempt to escape." "I told him I would committed suicide Her abductor, Wolfgang Priklopil, a short time after she got away.

The courageous teenager and imagination of a nation. capturing the hearts She's a personality. She's fruitful. She's a strong young lady. but she's full of energy. She is - funny is the wrong word - saying She's now dreaming of the future

on a cruise ship with her family she wants to see the world after she finishes high school.

Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News.

Disturbing reports this morning from charity groups thieves are trying to profit Steve Irwin. set up to honour Crocodile Hunter is outside Australia Zoo Ten's Max Futcher on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. Max, what is happening? way as they enter the gear. For a it zone. Higher rates could be on the

is hard to believe. The zoo

management tell us that up to

management tell us that up to three

bogeys websites have been set up. bogeys websites have been set up. Two

of them in the United States. They're

trying to collect money in the name

of the zoo's conservation effort.

They say you shouldn't go near these

websites. The only website you can

donate money with conference business

website. You can go to any branch of

website. You can go to any branch of

Steve the ANZ Bank. Just three days after

Steve death up to $500,000 has

already been raised from Business

right down to children raiding their

piggy banks. But Australia's do the

outpouring of condolences and grief

shows no signs of easing up. People

are still coming down giving flowers

and also standing

and also standing to reflect for up

to 20-30 minutes. People had been

reading messages on cards. People are

wondering when the funeral will be

held for Steve. There is no word on

any days that has been announced just

yet. We will be expecting to hear

later today. Some are saying he may later today. Some are saying he

be buried here at

be buried here at the Israeli his be buried here at the Israeli his

ear. We have spoken to the local

council in this area and space-age is council in this area and space-age

is possible that Steve can be buried

at the so. They just need special

at the so. They just need special

permission. At this stage there has

been no application at this. After voting themselves a pay rise, are now after more superannuation. Federal politicians The Prime Minister says far behind the private sector. MPs' benefits are still lagging

elected since 2004 Federal politicians super contribution get the 9% employer most Australian workers receive. But to some, that's mere peanuts. you get monkeys? REPORTER: You pay peanuts, more peanuts, you get gorillas. Well, you can argue if you pay are on a more generous super scheme Politicians elected before 2004 and get a pension.

Proposed changes with senior public servants would bring new politicians into line who get a 15% super contribution. it's a pretty unfair situation Well, certainly I think that you have two levels of pay. remuneration as public servants. They're entitled to the same the new claim might seem a bit rich. For many Australian workers, a special breed? REPORTER: Why are politicians Politicians argue to match the demands of their job their pay and conditions need

to attract the best candidates. and a good salary package is likely What concerns me

and more unattractive for people is you are making this place more who may want to come and visit. and conditions on their own I don't believe that pay that attracts people to politics. are the dominant factor

But it sure helps

a much more attractive career option and a term in office is now a pay rise. after politicians voted themselves in the business community If you look at the salaries and in the professions, politicians are not overpaid. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. a chilling threat to Aussie troops. East Timor's rebel leader has issued

he'll shoot-to-kill Prison escapee Alfredo Reinado says

if they try to recapture him. are injured in Dili. It comes as two police officers East Timor's most wanted man at a secret location. captured on video It's been over a week broke out of a Dili jail, since Alfredo Reinado still on the run. the rebel leader among 57 prisoners Reinado says Speaking from his hide-out,

to fight for his freedom. he will continue I never give myself up. to do the justice side of it. Fortunately for them because I am not a criminal. I know myself so far is this warning to Aussie troops. But of most concern, I will stop them. When they still after me I will shoot them back If they shoot me to protect myself in my country. because I have a right

the rebel leader's threat, The Prime Minister brushing off

describing it as propaganda. Well, I think the Australian soldiers can handle that situation. I have every confidence in Brigadier Slater. Australia's military leader agrees with the PM. Brigadier Mick Slater says his forces are in contact with Reinado and he hopes the fugitive will surrender.

It comes as two Australian police officers are injured in Dili. Troops forced to use tear gas to quell an outbreak of violence. This week, the Federal Government pledged to raise our deployment to 650 - that's double the current number. Kate Donnison, Ten News. It's supposed to be spring but you wouldn't know it in parts of NSW. A severe thunderstorm hit Sydney and surrounding regions overnight

and there's still more wild weather to come. Sydney's big wet. The city receiving its heaviest rain fall in months. The downpour causing flash-flooding but so far, there are few reports of damage. Drama on a major motorway in the city's west. A truck overturning with 90,000 live chickens on board.

The giant storm blamed for causing the rig to hit a concrete barrier. The driver taken to hospital with serious injuries while the RSPCA kept an eye on the birds. Some suburbs have exceeded the monthly average in just one night. Not much sleep for a household in the city's north. Localised flooding right on their doorstep. Their garage under a foot of water. In all, 90mm of rain fell on Sydney

between 9:00 last night and 5:00 this morning topping up the city's major catchment.

But the rain didn't stop die-hard fans of rock group 'The Foo Fighters' who camped outside the Opera House for concert tickets which went on sale today. 16 hours. It's freezing. I can't even feel my feet. As the city awoke, commuters battled wild winds. A sign of things to come. The SES warning coastal residents to batten down

with the bureau predicting more gale-force winds later today. Emily Groves, Ten News. And just as the snow season begins to wind down, parts of the Blue Mountains have been turned into a white wonderland. The cold front bringing a light blanket of snow to front yards and parks near Katoomba overnight. After a relatively mild winter the white stuff came as a welcome surprise.

Roads in the area have been reopened after being closed due to the snow. And the wild weather has caused big falls on our snow fields,

we'll cross to Thredbo for the latest later in Ten's morning news. And taking candy from babies, all in the name of art.

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This program is captioned live. US President George W. Bush has admitted for the first time to keeping terror suspects in secret prisons across the world. The prisoners - who have now been moved to Guantanamo Bay - include the alleged masterminds of 9/11 and the Bali bombings. Just days before the fifth anniversary of September 11,

George W. Bush has admitted 14 suspected al-Qa'ida bosses have been held and interrogated at secret CIA-run prisons. The security of our nation and the lives of our citizens depend on our ability to learn what these terrorists know. He defended his right to detain the men saying information from the captives helped foil an anthrax attack and a plot involving more passenger jets

being flown into American buildings. He stressed the suspects were never tortured. These are dangerous men with unparalleled knowledge about terrorist networks and their plans of new attacks. The suspects including Hambali - the alleged mastermind of the Bali attacks and Khalid Sheik Mohammed who chose the 9/11 targets and hijackers - have now been transferred to Guantanamo Bay where Australian David Hicks is also being held.

President Bush is fighting to have a new law passed so they can all be tried by special military tribunals which a Supreme Court ruled unlawful two months ago. It all comes as the US military releases new guidelines on how prisoners can be interrogated. It outlaws practices seen in the Abu Graib scandal including the use of military dogs to intimidate them and making prisoners think they are drowning. In the United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News.

An American photographer has been accused of child abuse because she snatched lollipops off children to capture their reactions. The controversial images of crying toddlers

have been sold for thousands of dollars.

CAMERA CLICKS Smile. Photo sessions with Jill Greenberg aren't always this much fun.

It was here in her Beverly Hills studio that she deliberately made children cry in the name of art.

She would give her subjects a lollipop, then snatch it away. to capture their reaction. This was the result. 28 portraits of toddlers in distress. Greenberg says she was trying to portray her own unhappiness.

about the state of the planet. That's how I feel. I mean, when you really want to think about it, you really just want to cry I think. Greenberg defends her methods saying the youngsters were paid and their parents approved. But childrens' charities are horrified, saying this is not art, it is child abuse.

You have 16 over there sweetie? Is that 16? At this care centre, they look after troubled youngsters and they say making children cry can never be justified. To put them through that experience can be life-damaging for a child psychologically so I don't think that that's at all appropriate or ethical. Greenberg claims the children look more distressed in the photographs than they were in reality

thanks to post-production techniques. Her critics, though, are furious that she's now selling the pictures for thousands of dollars each. She says there's been an over-reaction. This discussion is really minimising real child abuse. These children having a lollipop taken away for 5 minutes and calling that child abuse, is absurd. The photographer insists her young models won't be permanently scarred.

To prove it, she made her own daughter cry for this picture. An attack on an television news reporter has been caught on tape in California. The journalist suffered cracked ribs, cuts and bite wounds. Rosa Baraza launched the attack her husband would finish. Stop the (bleep) camera right now! Oh yes, I will!

Baraza was furious with Fox News reporter John Mattes over a series of stories he'd done on her husband, accused real estate scammer Sam Sulieman.

Why do you have to? That's not appropriate, I don't give a (bleep). After giving the reporter what for, Rosa turned her attention on the cameraman. Stop it! I'm going to break the (bleep) camera. John Mattes knew he was in trouble when Rosa's husband turned up.

CAMERAMAN: Call the police. He wasn't wrong. Sam Sulieman began belting the reporter, continuing his vicious beating even after one of the alleged victims of the real estate scam

tried to intervene. As John fought for his life, Rosa kept mouthing off. You guys are trying to do to my life, you are invading my life. She told them she was going to get a gun, but returned armed only with a rock.

A bystander stepped in before she could use it. The first gun on the scene belonged to police officers. Get on the ground. Get on the ground. Get on the ground. John Mattes was treated for broken ribs, bite wounds and gashes to his face. He still can't believe the savagery of the attack. We're not talking about someone going a few rounds,

we're talking about someone ripping, gouging, scratching and biting. Sam Sulieman and Rosa Baraza have been charged with assault

and now face time in prison. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. Ahead, Carlton opts to keep coach Denis Pagan. Also, the fallout from the Socceroos's shock loss to a team of Kuwaiti part-timers.

I knew you'd be here. How can you say that when you know she knew I knew? Well, who does know?

including the domestic one-dayers and Aussie tours.


New Eclipse Ice gum. Freshness that stays with you. This program is captioned live. In finance news -

the Australian share market is down on a negative US lead. The Socceroos have been criticised for their lacklustre performance

in their upset Asian Cup loss to Kuwait. Despite being bolstered by European-based players, the Aussies struggled in the heatwave conditions. Their first loss to Asian opposition in over five years. The Socceroos unable to put away a team of part-timers ranked 95 in the world. Debutant Ryan Griffiths' miss summed up a disappointing showing

against Kuwait. COMMENTATOR: Oh! How did he miss from there? Ryan Griffiths - an absolute sitter! Australia unable to grab their chances and admitting the scorching night temperatures of around 40 degrees affected them. Some players losing up to 3.5 kilograms during the match. The hosts' sharp with two slick second-half goals.

They looked a lot sharper, fresher than us. The heat conditions didn't help us at all tonight.

It was very hot and humid out there. Coach Graham Arnold says his teams' limited preparation hurt them, The mental let down from the World Cup another negative. They're still carrying a bit of a hang over from the World Cup because the excitement level at the World Cup was so massive and with motivation, it can be a problem. But one former Socceroo felt there should be no excuses. Kuwait did really, really well. We did very poorly. We created very little structurally, we didn't look like we were on the same tactical plan of the whole team um, you know, in a lot of ways it was back to the bad, old ways. Despite having already qualified for the Asian Cup finals, Australia needs to beat Bahrain in Sydney next month to finish at the top of their group. Trent Higgs, Ten News. On the eve of the AFL finals series, still much of the attention is on matters off the field. After two consecutive days of boardroom meetings, Carlton has confirmed its coach Denis Pagan is safe at the helm of the Blues. After a 48 hour soap opera the Blues finally decided against swinging the axe and instead stuck by their man. The board has resolved to confirm Denis Pagan as senior coach

ongoing for the next two years. In another day filled with drama at Carlton headquarters, the Blue boss turned up for work unsure if his job would be still his. In the afternoon, Pagan's assistant Barry Mitchell made a pitch for the senior coaching position. But in the end - the 58-year-old was ticked off for '07. Denis is aware of this decision and the board,

all of whom are standing here with us today totally support this review and we're really pleased to have finally been able to confirm this to you. Pagan released a statement saying: There remains much behind the scenes too-ing and fro-ing to come though. The future of Pagan's football department remains a mystery and whether he even will be able to make those decisions

on who he hires and fires, is unclear. I just don't see how it's tenable to be able to work being told who you are going to work alongside, it just seems ludicrous to me. Tim Hodges, Ten News. In rugby league -

An enormous boost for Lleyton Hewitt's US Open final hopes when world number two, Raphael Nadal, crashed out of the tournament with a 4-set quarterfinal loss.

Unseeded Russian Mikhail Youzhny stunned the crowd following up a tense third set tie-break with a dominant decisive fourth set. COMMENTATOR: Shot! It's wide! It's the upset of the tournament. Youzhny is a less formidable semifinal opponent as long as Hewitt can muscle past American Andy Roddick in today's quarterfinal.

No upsets on the other side of the draw with world number one Roger Federer cruising past Frenchman Marc Gicquel in straight sets.

Next in Ten News - a look at the weather around the nation.

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This program is captioned live. Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day - Now for the latest from the snowfields we cross to Madeleine Hubbard in Thredbo. And Madeleine, there's been a dump of snow overnight.

We're very happy campers here in the mountains today. Over 25cm of fresh snow fell over yesterday and last night. Still going on the mountain now, we finally got some wintery weather but it's spring. It's a good thing the snow arrived because after the weekend's wet weather the number of open runs have been reduced. Snow-making has sustained the limited cover over the last few days but now it's soft and fresh.

Looking at the weather ahead, this snow isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The flakes are expected to fall on and off until Sunday, which is great news. Fantastic. Thanks for that. Madeleine Hubbarb in Thredbo. That brings you up to date with all the news. I'm Jacinta Hocking. Good morning. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions

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