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This program is captioned live.

League's latest disgrace - Nate

Myles suspended for defecating in a

hotel all way. He wondered when the

players will learn. A security

guard foils a hold up on a Sydney

Street. The world prepares to say

goodbye to Michael Jackson. Also, a

blow for low-paid a lawyer's blow for low-paid a lawyer's

missing out on a wage right. Swans

star Barry Hall on why he is

retiring. I cannot promise they

will not be another indiscretion.

We begin with rugby league's latest

disgrace. Rooster star Nate Myles

has apologised and said he was sick

when he was found naked and

defecating in a hotel corridor.

While he has been suspended for six

matches and his club fined for matches and his club fined for

$50,000, the case is far from one

off of. He is the latest in a

string of league bad boys but Nate

Myles has it that defined a new

logo. Nate Myles discuss of fellow

guests in this hotel, after a night

of drinking with his team-mates he

was found naked in a corridor. He

later defecated in the car will.

This is what his manager said. He

is extremely embarrassed and sorry.

The NRL and it Roosters have

punished him. The punishment, a 6-

match suspension means he will miss

out on a place in the Queensland

State of Origin team. It is

disappointing he made that decision.

It is not a part of the who we are.

Ma's excuse is that he had a

stomach bug and have blocked out of

his hotel room. He has paid for

cleaning. He is disappointed, he

ate only heard the news tonight.

You wonder when the players will

learn. Enough players have been

involved in Mr Mayne has to field involved in Mr Mayne has to field a

role. whole team - often alcohol played a

role. The Roosters sponsor Samsung

said it is disgusted. And in a

statement the clubs said.

After being fined $50,000 by the

NRL, it did not face up today and

refused interview request. An event

planned for tomorrow to celebrate

sport involving Samsung, the Roosters has been cancelled.

A security guard has be disarmed a

bank robber during a press and hold

up at a bank in organ. The ban did

escape but let behind a vital clue.

The result from its owner, this is

the short and bolt action of rubble

that the bank robber used to

terrify customers and staff. The

weapon discharge into the floor, as

the band it struggled with a

security guard. It was the cash he

was trying to deposit on behalf of

a local business that was the

gunman's target. He had a trouble

inside the bank and then chased the

banner outside the bank. He was

quite heroic. Wearing a barrack --

balaclava the robber escaped with

thousands of dollars. Women were

panicking, there was a lady on the

floor. They found a knife with the floor. They found a knife with the

getaway driver was waiting. They

just sort of run-up to see what has

happened, then I noticed they had

hit the car. We are looking for

witnesses who may have seen the

vehicle or offender. Play is

counting on the fact that they have

left behind some pieces of evidence.

This could be in the form of DNA or

fingerprints on the gun. The start

had been offered counselling and

the entire route was captured on

security camera. Residents were

forced to run for cover when a

gunfight erupted in Fairfield

overnight. A volley of bullets

struck a home in France as street.

They smashed a bedroom window and

hit her events. Police are

investigating whether shots were

fired back in retaliation after

bolts without much in a house

directly across the street. But

houses were occupied, but no-one

was injured. Police do not believe

it was gang related but a have

urged witnesses to come forward.

More than a million or minimum wage

earners have been dealt a blow, a

missing out on a pay rise. Unions

say out lowest-paid will lose money.

For age care worker at Tracy Bryant,

live on a minimum wage means living

at her parents' home. She believes

she deserved a pay rise. I would

like to see other people who earn a

lot more, tried for a little while.

For the first time the minimum wage

of a 13 -- $14.31 an hour has been

frozen. This decision has been

grumbling motivated by to kick low-

paid workers in work.

paid workers in work. There is a

balance to be struck here, we do

not believe that the Fair Pay

Commission has struck the right

balance. Employers have sought a

freeze, but argued there was no

obligation for high income earners

to follow suit. More than 1.3

million Australia's are facing real

wage cuts due to inflation. This

decision is appalling. It

disrespect the capacity of low-paid

people to make ends meet. The as

well be the final act of the Fair

Pay Commission, the replacement

their pay Australia takes over next

month. For low income earners,

there will be no additional tax

cuts or stimulus payments. A

Will be very hard. So some of the

world's biggest us will perform at

Michael Jackson's memorial. Brian

Carey and Stevie wonder are some of

the names. Just as 17 and a half

1,000 people are going to the memorial for Michael Jackson.

memorial for Michael Jackson. I

never saw a Michael Jackson concert

live, I have always honoured him

though. He was a gift to the

planets. I feel like this was a

great honour. I have never won

anything in my life and I have won

the tickets, it is a real. The

sisters were not lucky enough to

win tickets in the draw but did

manage to buy someone eBay. The

price $480 for two tickets. Once

and a lifetime experience. To us

watching him on stage, he gave us

hope. He did break down a lot of

racial barriers. The line-up

includes a string of stars. Writes

Carey, Stevie once a -- wonder, and

Jennifer had some. One person who

will not be here is Debbie Rowe,

his ex-wife and mother of his

children. She says she does not

want to be a distraction. Are you

ready to bite your children are you

ready to get your butt kicked?

Jackson's mother Catherine has lost

control of the estate, after an LA

judge ruled that the will should be

followed until another reading next

month. A provider of -- private

funeral is expected be held for the

King of Pop before the memorial.

This one's most controversial

player calls it quits? Barry Hall

has decided to quit the club

immediately before he is remembered

for all the wrong reasons. Leanne

it was quite an emotional day?

Barry Hall City mates way he today

and given a round of applause as he

entered the room. Barry Hall spoke

very frankly about the anger

management issues he has had in the

latter part of his career. He spoke

about his fears that they could

affect his life after 40 if he did

not sort them out. He said it was a

tough decision to quit but one that

he was comfortable with. I have

done a lot at this football club

and I'm very proud of it. I think

if I play on and I cannot promise

that there will not be another

indiscretion. I cannot explain the

last one, so I cannot promise that.

I think it is a risk for me and

before all club if I do go on,

things could turn really ugly. Then

I will not be allowed to walk away

with my head held high. A what does

the future hold for Barry Hall? He

has not ruled out there playing

footie. He said it would be

footie. He said it would be

difficult to play it against the

Swans. He is thinking about a

boxing career and there was one

other option he did discuss today.

We are in the process of sending an

application to sit on the AFL

tribunal committee. So there's a

few things to bring about. The

Swans will hold a special tribute

to Barry Hall when they host

Essendon here. They are calling it

Barry Hall day. And the Blues lose

a player on day one of Origin camp

with Manly's Jenny Lyon it out on

Bank with an ankle injury.

Heavy charges laid today against the three separate spear tackles.

The bleak weather in Cardiff has

forced the Aussies in day for

training. Brett Lee has been at

rolled out for the first Ashes Test

and possibly the second. We also

have the fact that there is the

arrival of the Wags in town.

arrival of the Wags in town. The

Sydney rail tunnel making drivers

sick also, in a three-way emergency,

a car burst into flames are

bringing traffic to a standstill.

And plans to

Is it your own recipe? Um, kind of. My grandmother handed it down to my mother. Then my mother passed it on to me. So it's very special to me.

Nice one, Heinz.

This program is captioned live.

The mother of 7-month-old twins

found dead in a Perth home was being treated for post-natal

depression. The bodies of the boy

and girl were found by their father

late yesterday, lying beside their

unconscious mother in the lounge

room. She's in a critical condition

in hospital, police believe it

could be an attempted murder-

suicide. It appears at this time

she may have taken an overdose of

prescription drugs. It's been really upsetting for everybody.

We've all got young kids, they all

play together. Police hope to speak

to the twin's mother tomorrow. Their distraught father remains under sedation.

under sedation.

Optometrists and lighting experts

have been called in to investigate

another embarrassing fault on

Sydney's newest rail line. Train

drivers are getting sick from

strobing lights in the Epping to

Chatswood link, raising fears about passenger safety.

10,000 passengers a day are

boarding Sydney's latest piece of

rail infrastructure. At no extra

cost, they get quite a light show

as well. It's like something out of

'Star Wars'. At 80km/h that strobing effect's going fairly

quickly past you. And it's 12km

quickly past you. And it's 12km

long. Train drivers say it's giving them headaches, nausea, even

dizziness. One was hospitalised. A

dizziness. One was hospitalised. A

driver did collapse and was taken

to hospital and he believed it was

because of this. Railcorp

immediately changed the rosters so

drivers weren't exposed to the

lights as often. Many now keep

their cabin blinds down to reduce

the glare. Not good enough

according to the union, when a

driver can be in charge of keeping

up to 2,000 passengers safe.

There's a potential safety issue,

I'm not underestimating or denying

that drivers have raised concerns.

Railcorp has called in optometrists

and lighting experts to investigate

if the lights are to blame.

Whatever the problem is, we will

get to the bottom of it and we will

fix it. It's the latest in a plague fix it. It's the latest in a plague

of problems. The new line was late,

over-budget, there are already over-budget, there are already

large cracks in the tunnel and an

issue with noise pollution. We know

that driver safety and passenger

safety is being compromised, and

again the State Government is slow to

to act. Engineers will determine

how the strobing can be reduced

long term, but whether taxpayers

have to fund the bill is unclear.

have to fund the bill is unclear.

It was a wild Monday night of rugby

league with three separate spear

tackle charges emerging in Manly's

19-12 win over the Bulldogs.

If you witness a breaking story and

would like to see your pictures on

Ten news, email them to: We're

interested in both photos and video.

Sydney's old Tempe Tip might be

turned into Australia's first city wind farm.

wind farm. Besides making power out

of thin air, the new technology can

offset thousands of tonnes of greenhouse gases.

Just a decade ago, these grassy

playing fields were piles of

garbage, now the transformation of

the old Tempe Tip is about to

become even greener. 20 of these state-of-the-art micro wind

turbines could soon be installed on turbines could soon be installed on

18m power poles, generating clean

energy, and helping offset

thousands of tonnes of greenhouse

gases. It's a really good site

gases. It's a really good site

because, as you can see, the wind -

it's there. And so is the space.

The turbine's creator believes

hundreds of vacant industrial and

commercial sites - even bridges and commercial sites - even bridges and

buildings - would make perfect city

wind farms. Near roads and shopping

centres and places where it there

are not many renewable energy

generators at the moment. But

getting the balance right can be a

challenge for town planners. In

2007, council was forced to abandon

its plans for a full-scale, inner-

city wind farm due to high

construction costs and residents'

objections. So far, the new mini objections. So far, the new mini

turbines have proved much quieter

and much more popular with

neighbours. The impact will not be

negative, it will actually be a

positive. The Mayor has promised

full community consultation before

the turbines start spinning.

Now for a look ahead to weather

with Tim Bailey. You were not heard

yesterday? We've would like to

thank everyone who rang up

yesterday. Thank you very much.

Also the police, they did a

wonderful job. That was not very hot today.

hot today. Bath test - minus three

degrees. Goulburn, minus three

degrees. The coldest July morning

in three years. Speaking of cold,

you have to be brave to get up and

be part of the Weather competition.

That is a fabulous photographs of

white paddocks with ice over them.

Be part of the best weather presentation on television.

A giant step forward for Russia-US

relations. Up next, Barack Obama's

historic visit to Moscow.

Also, chaos on the streets - deadly

clashes spiral out of control in China.

And why a regular caffeine hit

could help you avoid Alzheimer's.

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This program is captioned live. This program is captioned live.

Time to check out the traffic.

Problem at Mars field? A lot of

traffic. You can see how popular it

is, the trot traffic is crawling

and coming to a complete stop

heading towards Epping. An earlier

issue in Lacombe has made issue in Lacombe has made the

traffic has been building up.

Shower activity in the Northern

Beaches and now the showers have

been heading to the Inner West.

Malcolm Turnbull has tried to turn

the tables on the Prime Minister in the way of the

the way of the Utegate scandal. The

Oppostion has set up a Labor it

dipped billboard and they are

towing it with a ute. Not to be at

done, Malcolm Turnbull has acquired

a ute, as he tries to turn his

political fortunes around. The debt

truck was a stunt first wheeled out

by the Coalition in 1996, when it

was last in opposition.

was last in opposition. The aim is

to remind voters of the Rudd

government spending. That debt will

be a heavy hand brake on the

recovery. While the Oppostion was

in Perth, Labor was doing laps

around Mr Turnbull's Office in

Sydney. We are happy to respond to

Mr Turnbull on his home turf. The Prime

Prime Minister has arrived in

Berlin in his last trip. He will be

speaking to the leaders about

global recession, causing him to

spend billions of dollars on

economics bit stimulus. This is

what force the coalition's attack,

but who owns the ute? I'm not aware, but

but reported on commercial terms.

He can acknowledge that his debt

trap is a con and it is there to

hoodwink the Australian at people.

Just as the false email was

hoodwinking the Australian people. The i

The i Ng director finance report.

No surprises from the Reserve Bank?.

The official rate was kept on hold

for the third month. It looks like

we have reached the last of the

borrowing cycle. The average

mortgage is now cheaper to mortgage is now cheaper to mortgage

before the RBA began slashing rates

in September. Though they seem more

optimistic about the world economy,

the resets the Germans were kept The red.

Tomorrow we will have the latest

consumer centre Matt reading, ahead

of the employment figures due on Tuesday.

More trouble has broken out in

More trouble has broken out in

China after 156 people were killed

in the bloodiest massacres since

the Tiananmen Square. People rioted

in the province of Xinjiang or

after tensions rose at a rally.

Police have now arrested almost

1,500 people. The US and 1,500 people. The US and Russian

have agreed to reduce their nuclear

weapons stockpile by a third.

During President Obama as for first

Russian visit, he and President

Medvedev had agreed to cut their

missals. Unless we're showing

ourselves or willing to deal with

our own nuclear stockpiles in a

more rational way.

more rational way. The man who

became known as the architect of

the Vietnam War, Robert S McNamara,

has died. He served as President

John F Kennedy's Defence Secretary

and continued under Lyndon Johnson.

He resigned in 1968 after refusing

to send more troops to Vietnam. He then a dedicated

then a dedicated himself to helping

the world's poor, and served as

President of the World Bank for 13

years. Robert McNamara was a 93.

Kaupthing could be a miracle cure for Alzheimer's disease.

Researchers claimed it not only

prevent the disease but it can

reduce the effects. They pick me up

to get you through the day, or to get you through the day, or the treatment for Alzheimer's

Scientists had been looking for.

Mice with the rodent equivalent of

Mice with the rodent equivalent of

the disease had their water spiked

with caffeine and developed better

memories and quicker thinking. The

sentence of Alzheimer's occur when

sticky clumps of proteins build up

in the brain. It is this example of

what copy drinking shows there is what copy drinking shows there is a

15% reduction of this protein.

Consuming 500 milligrams of

caffeine a bad day it is safe for

humans but not ideal. It is more

than the recommended daily dose of

caffeine. It is caffeine it caffeine. It is caffeine it is self,

rather than coffee, so what is

likely to come in a supplement. We

do not suggest people drink lots of

coffee. We need to look at it in

detail but we are hopeful.

Researchers are planning human

trials in caffeine, there are nearly half-a-million that

sufferers in the UK who are relying

on a result. The

on a result. The mystery of a 700

you all skull found washed up on a

Sydney beach. Our worst car hoons,

how tough laws are failing to stop

them. And Harry Potter's heart ache.

It casts a shadow on at

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This program is captioned live. A

security guard has his arm a bank

robber during a hold-up at an

auburn Bank. The auburn Bank. The banded escaped,

but the gun he left behind could

help police track him down. The

world is preparing to say goodbye

to Michael Jackson. There are

reports his coffin will take centre

stage at the event. Disgraced

Roosters player, Nate Myles, has

apologised for his hotel bender,

defecating in a public corridor. He defecating in a public corridor. He

has been suspended for six matches

and the club has been fined $60,000.

A woman who has cried in court

describing how Greg Bird assaulted

her at a bit nightclub. Victoria

Shannon told the court how Bird

through a drink and a glass at her

before punching her in the Test. It

has a lead to have has a lead to have happened after

they bumps sold does. The 21-year-

old at broke down in the stand and

I left the court at one stage to

compose herself. Bird has pleaded

not guilty. AP plater is the first

Victoria and it to lose a two cars

in the States who are no laws.

Police are worried Police are worried he will not stop

until he kills someone. Driving it

like this, is why Peter Black has

become the first person to have

cars have forfeited twice under

Victoria's hoon smalls. Police

track down the vision of after are

the images were on Facebook. It has

cost the teenager to vehicles, his cost the teenager to vehicles, his

licence and 125 hours of community

service. The BBDO was recorded last September.

Five months later more of hoon

charges, his Ford ute waiting to be

auctioned off. You cannot seem to

get through to him that it is not just his

just his life he is dealing with it

is other people's. It has also not

getting through to this man be there.

Authorities reportedly knocked back

a recent application for the

personal us lies numberplate.

personal us lies numberplate. While

Castle mane may pride itself of

being extreme right of Australia.

Placed a liar that Pretoria has a

hoon problem. No message is getting

through to people involved, unless

the car has been seized.

The skull and washed up on a Sydney beach

beach is no longer part of a murder

mystery. Tests have revealed its at

least 700 years old. It was found

in Mona Vale last September.

Anthropologists believe it belong

to a child between four and six,

but it is not Aboriginal. Police

believe it come from it a museum or

private collection.

The new Harry The new Harry Potter movie

premieres in London tomorrow night,

but stars will walk the car but with heavy hearts.

This place has known magic. It is

the next instalment of the world's

biggest pile of French tries. It has

has made stars of its child actors.

Tomorrow at the Premier they will

be wearing white ribbons on their

wrists to remember Rod knocks. He

was stabbed just days after they

finished filming. His killer is now

in prison. He plays boy wizard

markets Bill be in the film. It was

not a major role but he made an not a major role but he made an

impact on other cast members. It

was a dreadful thing. He was good,

I made one scene with him. You

could tell he was very good. It is

a tragedy on many levels. Rock's

mother will be here for the mother will be here for the

premiere tomorrow night. The family

have all seen the film have all seen the film and will be

on the bread car but with a mixture

of pride and sadness. I am proud of

him. He should be here to see it.

During the film I was concentrating

to see if I could see him. When I

saw the credits, and saw his name I

got very upset and emotional.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood

Prince will inevitably worked its

magic in the Box Office, but for

one family watching tomorrow is a

tale of lost potential.

No magic cure for Brett Lee? He was

just finding at top form, but he is just finding at top form, but he is

out of the Ashes team with a side

strain. Plus, it became the game of

the year, with some spite to match.

It has come to this - a Barry Hall quits the Swans.

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This program is captioned live.

The Blues aren't wasting any time

waiting on injured players. Centre

Jamie Lyon ruled out already and

replaced by Josh Morris. All up,

NSW has made eight changes in a bid

to salvage a win from what's been

another disastrous series. Its new- look Maroons look Maroons too forced only by

injury and the suspension imposed

on Nate Myles after he disgraced

himself at a Central Coast hotel.

Facing a series whitewash, this

team is desperate not to be framed

in history for the wrong reasons. team is desperate not to be framed in history for the wrong reasons.

There would be nothing worse than

losing 3-0, it would be

embarrassing. At 33, Brett

Kimmorley will partner 31-year-old

Trent Barrett in the middle, making

it the oldest halves combination in Origin

Origin history. It's just good to

be back in the team - who would

have thought after all these years

I would be back playing for New

South Wales? Kimmorley's Bulldogs

team-mate Michael Ennis replaces

Robbie Farah, but the hooker is

playing down talk of adding any

mongrel. Not sure - I think that's

just media speculation. We'll see

in 10 day's time. People see what

he does in defence and he pushes

people. Anthony Watmough is one of five changes to five changes to the new-looking

pack. He wants aggressions. I think

some fire went out of the pack.

Josh Morris comes into the starting

13 for centre Jamie Lyon who's out

with an ankle injury While the

Queensland Origin side has also

been forced to make a host of

changes as they chase their first

series sweep in 15 years.

series sweep in 15 years. Can

Morley is playing well. They have a

lot of experience. I can see their

reasons for why they are there poor

reasons for why they are there poor stock

It was a wild Monday night of rugby

league with three separate spear

tackle charges emerging in Manly's

19-12 win over the Bulldogs. Greg

Eastwood and Bryson Goodwin are

each facing 3-match bans for the

Bulldogs after being handed grade

two infringements. Back-up Manly

hooker Heath L'Estrange could be

out for as many as four weeks.

Despite originally being dropped by

State selectors, Josh Morris scored a

a double, but it was Josh Perry

celebrating his game 3 call-up,

match-winning try for the Sea Eagles.

The Wallabies are adamant the

ongoing mystery over Lote Tuqiri's

sacking won't effect their Tri-

nations preparation. After a week

off, both the Australian captain

and coach still won't shed any

light on why the winger's contract

was torn up. All the guys was torn up. All the guys have been

in contact with him, we do not know

what has happened. We cannot

comment. It is not our issue, it is

an age are you issue. The Wallabies

face the All Blacks in Auckland on July 18.

Barry Hall has quit the Sydney

Swans and possibly AFL, fearing

another on-field incident would be another on-field incident would be

catastrophic. The fiery forward is

yet to decide if he wants to play for another club.

He's the tough guy who's made the

tough call - the former Swans

captain looked in the Hall of

Mirrors and admitted he's lost

control. It is a real risk for me

if I do go on, things will turn

really ugly. Hall says he can't

explain why he explodes but doesn't

want to put those close to want to put those close to him or

his opponents through more pain. We

are lies in the effect I have on

other people, family and friends

also. He will seek help. It could

happen in a nightclub, it could

happen in road rage. I have to sort this

this stuff out. A grateful Roos

says Hall took the tough decision

out of his hands, but whatever happens he'll always be welcome

back at Sydney. Despite all the

baggage, there is one inescapable

fact. We wouldn't have won the

premiership without him. He says he

doesn't know what he'll do next -

both boxing and a move to another

AFL club are in the mix. AFL club are in the mix. It would

be really hard for the players.

It'd be hard for Craig Bolton or

Lewis Roberts-Thompson. I'm just

really going to miss the guy. He's

a great friend of mine. Australia's preparation for the

Ashes has been dealt a major blow.

In-form paceman Brett Lee today

ruled out of the series opener with a a side strain.

It's not just rain dampening the

spirits of the Aussie cricket team.

They've lost Brett Lee - one of

their most experienced players. I've

I've sustained a small muscle tear

which has ruled me out of the first

Test match. Yes, I'm disappointed

but it's not the end of the world.

The loss of the returning paceman

is a huge setback. But the team's

putting on a brave face. It doesn't

matter what players you've got - if

you're at the top of your game, we certainly

certainly feel we can beat any team

in any conditions. Australia might

have to do without Lee for at least

the first two Tests. Thankfully,

it's not on the severe side.

England says Lee's absence won't weaken Australia.

He's a superstar performer -

whatever side Australia puts out,

it's going to be a very good it's going to be a very good side.

The sides are evenly matched. With

Brett Lee out of the mix, selectors

now have the difficult decision of

deciding how to replace the veteran

fast bowler. He says he's confident

the squad will be just fine without


him. I her confidence the guys can

do the job out there. And while the

team was busy preparing, their

families were arriving to cheer

them on - the wives and girlfriends

adding a touch of glamour to training. The Australian team's expected to be announced the

morning of the first Test.

Australia's Cadel Evans has dropped

to eighth in the Tour de France

after a spectacular day of racing, which saw which saw 7-time winner Lance

Armstrong among the leaders. Heavy

cross winds made the third stage of

the tour a highly strategic one.

Armstrong part of a breakaway group

that left the remainder of the peleton in their wake.

Over 80,000 Real Madrid fans have

welcomed Christiano Ramallo.

Vic Lorusso in the traffic helicopter.

helicopter. A breakdown heading

towards one's. Take a look at how

bad the traffic is. It goes all the

way back to seven hills.

Tim Bailey's next with all the

weather details.

To counter the effects

of global recession, the NSW Government

is investing $62 billion over the next four years. We'll be building better hospitals and schools, and safer roads. It's part of our plan to stimulate the economy

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Tomorrow night on Ten News -

Sydney's fast food capital. We show

you where the big chains are

cashing in - and why local councils

are powerless to act. In countries like the US

like the US and Austraia, where we

have a big gap between the haves

and the have nots, we see this

concentration of unhealthy

environments in the poorer

neighbourhoods. Has your suburb

been super-sized? Find out tomorrow

night at 5:00. Here is Tim Bailey.

Wet and cold? That is correct.

Wet and cold? That is correct. The

south-easterly winds, they are

moving across the Sydney basin.

Temperatures that are not moving

off 16 or 17 degrees. It will

improve in the weekend. Showers all

week. We will not see a clear sunny

day until Tuesday. Do not blame it on me.

on me. Good news, across Alpine

areas. After those storms, Friday,

Saturday-Sunday, 17 centimetres of

fresh snow. Plenty of snow-making,

on cue for the school holidays. We

will bring you some pictures

tomorrow and Thursday and Friday.

Cloud through the east is causing

coastal showers over NSW and storms

over self- East Queensland. Cloud

is generating a isolated showers

and itself Australia. Tomorrow -

wind on the east coast will to an

onshore and calls the jails to

become more widespread. Thundery

become more widespread. Thundery

showers over inland Queensland. A

high over some of the street you.

Isolated showers on the NSW coast

and Rangers. It really is a grey

and drizzly person that has Sydney

by the scruff of the neck for the

next few days. Let us go interstate.

A week trough will bring a pulse of

showers through Sydney this evening.

Try to ignore the outlook.

Try to ignore the outlook. See you tomorrow.

That's Ten News for now, I'm

Deborah Woods, I'm Bill Woods,

thanks for your company. We'll have

updates throughout the evening

before the Late news with Sports Tonight at 10:30. Goodnight.

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