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(generated from captions) for Marcus Einfeld - Tonight, another blow the former Federal Court judge. a friend testifies against

A tough day in court as a defendant Marcus Einfeld. for former Federal Court judge to get out of a $77 speeding fine. and key witness - Vivian Shenker His friend - confirming Einfeld was in Sydney a speed camera near her Mosman home, the day his Lexus was snapped by they'd been having lunch together telling the court on the northern beaches. claims he was in Forster Originally, she backed Einfeld's

but later changed her story, for immunity from prosecution. agreeing to give evidence in exchange was shaky on the stand But his friend of 15 years if she was in the Lexus and couldn't be sure or his mother's Corolla at the time.

its car parking spot. that the vehicle never left about childhoods spent on the beach Schenke did remember she reminisced as she and Einfeld walked through parkland at Harbord

on a hot, sunny day. for such a high profile case, Strangely, in one of the court's smallest rooms it was heard 10 people were standing up so at one stage, including Marcus Einfled.

His lawyer registering disgust Einfeld's "systematic criminality". that prosecutors described Einfeld is charged with 14 offences. is due to wrap up tomorrow. The committal hearing Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Commuter fury across the city for emergency repairs. with 300 buses taken off the road The danger was discovered days ago till this morning. but passengers didn't find out And the problem is far from fixed. This is the small part of the State Transit bus fleet that brought a good portion to a standstill. on 300 gas-powered Mercedes buses It helps control steering and wasn't a problem at the Ryde depot last Thursday. until one was being moved Anzac Parade and Victoria Road - For commuters - particularly along

a nightmare. Had an appointment 8:00 in the hospital.

And still I am here. a quarter past 8. Almost an hour ago - ten minutes late for work now. I'm already So it's been a bit of nightmare. And the buses that do come - from the previous stops unfortunately, they were all full blow right by us. so we got three 400s no chance to get on. And even when one stopped - won't be as bad as this morning, While promising the delays for the next nine days State Transit says they will continue begins in full. until the holiday period beyond the metropolitan area And it may extend from other major centres. as buses are brought in can't be seen by the naked eye - The fault using a special magnetic ink. becoming evident only after 37 had the part replaced - 63 buses were immediately cleared - as for the remaining 200... will back on the road None of the 200 buses the actual faulty component. until we have changed

those components to enter Australia. it could take several weeks for there's no way of knowing State Transit says when the component could fail - it just can't take the risk. to the travelling public Inconvenience is something that's regretted. for safety reasons. This is being done

The State Emergency Service the scale of the damage admits it's underestimated from Sunday's freak hail storm. A natural disaster has been declared, residents are still waiting for help. but two days on, some desperate Weighed down by storm water, on Tania Portelli and her husband the ceiling came crashing in as they slept last night.

And because this has collapsed, straight into our bedroom now. the rain is coming

smashed through their roof tiles Two days after the hail storm cell has been provided, and still no emergency cover to the State Emergency Service. despite six phone calls for help It's getting a bit nerve-wracking part of their electricity supply, They've had to switch off

children until the roof is repaired. living in darkness with their four understands the SES is busy, The Portelli family for basic cover. but they're relying on it get tarps. Everyone's got the same idea - securing damaged roofs today, 300 SES volunteers were out 12-hour shifts. continuing to work has surged. The calls for assistance tally almost 3,000 jobs. We're in three council areas, That's a very intense hail storm. Now, if the weather holds out jobs finished by the end of the week. the SES hopes to have most of these It freely admits both the size of the storm that it initially underestimated and the amount of damage it would cause. What it's all about getting the operation under control. is the SES getting in, we were a little slow to start. And I'll say, yes, Also off to a slow start, disaster zone late this afternoon, Premier Iemma finally toured the

more than 48 hours after the storm first struck.

the nation is in a woman's hands. For the first time is minding the shop Acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard admitting she's excited, while Kevin Rudd is away, but saying it's business as usual. Kevin Rudd departed the country and a wet Brisbane morning for Bali. is leading the Australian delegation The Prime Minister climate conference at the international for the next three days and that leaves his deputy in charge. in bright Canberra sunshine Julia Gillard began the day doing an early morning TV interview at Parliament House. from the PM's courtyard but it's also business as usual. It's kind of an exciting day it's never happened before. In the 106 years of federation

Edmund Barton, Our first prime minister,

seen here at the right of picture, started the long male dominance filling in during his absences. with his deputy, Alfred Deakin, her break with tradition Ms Gillard is hoping for others. will be an inspiring role model who'll watch the TV today that maybe there's a young girl I'd like to think

do that when I grow up." and think to herself, "Maybe I could

can strike trouble. Acting prime ministers while Jim Cairns was standing in Cyclone Tracy hit Darwin And John Anderson was shop-minding when Australia's second airline, Ansett, collapsed back in 2001.

Julia Gillard spent her first day acting in the top job in wall-to-wall meetings but she did enjoy Labor's new-found power, instructing her department to prepare statistics on Australian Workplace Agreements showing what conditions many workers have had to trade off. But maybe the sweetest thing of all is knowing that it took a flaming red-headed woman to bust Labor's blokey culture. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. And we'll go one-on-one with the acting prime minister Julia Gillard

a little later this news hour.

killing a man and leaving another injured. on the Old Pacific Highway Dominic Mason was one of 19 riders when he was clipped by the truck's trailer. was treated by ambulance officers but died a short time later. Another cyclist has also been hurt. Police are appealing for witnesses. Australia's unluckiest lotto winner is in court battling to collect his $2 million first prize. The pensioner blaming State Lotteries and a newsagent

for cancelling his winning ticket. When Werner Reinhold's numbers came up he thought he was on a winner, expecting to collect $2 million as first prize in Oz Lotto. But when he presented his winning ticket, back in September 2005, there was bad news - instead of a windfall he would receive nothing.

Lawyers for newsagent Graeme Baker, State Lotteries and the 63-year-old pensioner

are now locked in battle in the Supreme Court. They all agree Mr Reinhold's winning ticket was inadvertently cancelled after he left in Campbelltown. But there's a bitter dispute over who was at fault. The bungle began when this ticket printed out with lotto numbers on it but omitting details including the ticket serial number. Newsagency shop assistant Stevie McDonald gave evidence

that she ran off a second ticket while her colleague tried to cancel the first ticket over the phone. She told the court, with the second ticket and was unaware it had been cancelled by mistake until his numbers came up. While State Lotteries is blaming the newsagency for the bungle,

the newsagent, it's in turn, is blaming Lotteries. It will be up to the judge to decide whether Mr Reinhold's owned a valid ticket and, if so, who should pay out on the prize. John Hill, Ten News. Ahead in sport with Tim Webster, the new Wallabies coach is on his way to Australia. Yes, Kiwi Robbie Deans, who many believe is already over the line, is due to touchdown in Brisbane shortly for the job interview. We'll hear from him shortly.

Also behind the scenes as the make-up artists move in with mud to help to two League greats recreate their iconic Grand Final embrace. And up and over on an eventful undercard at Anthony Mundine's fight night. Plus more on the Mundine/Green rematch. Also with ear muffs at the ready Robert Allenby thinks there are more loud golf yahoos in Sydney than Melbourne.

Protests against a Queensland judge's gang rape decision - that's coming up after the break. Plus, how billions from the State power sell-off And it's been a long time! Led Zeppelin back on stage.

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More horrifying evidence on why the legal system freed nine pack-rapists who attacked a 10-year-old girl.

The prosecutor telling the sentencing judge the rapists were naughty, and the rape was childish experimentation. At Cairns courthouse a lone protester calls for his kind of justice. This decision is so...obscene. Judge Sarah Bradley can't be sacked over the controversial Aurukun pack-rape case,

but the Crown Prosecutor, Steve Carter, is next in the firing line.

Judge Bradley interjects: Carter agrees - legally, she can't consent, but says she was never forced. That child rapist, who gave his young victim an STD,

received a probation - no conviction recorded. In all the transcripts there's very little talk of the 10-year-old victim, and no talk of the impact on her. When it came to sentencing a 16-year-old for raping her, the Crown prosecutor asked for probation, but for a seperate crime, when the same 16-year-old kicked his young brother in the head for going into his bedroom,

the prosecutor asked he be sent to jail,

saying that's a serious assault on a small child. Mr Carter later tells Judge Bradley Aboriginal children deserve the same protection as any other child but that: Because you've got to draw a line where you have to protect children,

sometimes from themselves.

Also under fire - the Department of Child Safety,

who knew about the rape but didn't tell police. Emma Dallimore, Ten News. A bold new plan to tackle the nation's obesity problem. Canberra is considering a new reprot card for kids, rating them on fat and exercise. It's a big, fat question - how to solve Australia's childhood obesity crisis?

The latest idea is to include a child's fat measurements and time spent exercising on school report cards. I think it's a parent's responsibility, not the school's responsibility. I have a bit of an issue with that with girls 'cause I just think it might not help them as they grow older. Promoting the plan - national health expert Dr Paul Gross. I would be worried about not having something on a report card that might save that child's life later on. The idea was put forward at today's national obesity conference, new Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon determined her government will play an active role in shrinking the nation's waistline. We are, of course, interested in looking at anything that will help parents and children deal with this issue.

The Government has also re-affirmed its commitment to rolling out a nationwide health check for all 4-year-old children. it is a massive problem, businesses, parents and individuals, and it requires government,

as well as many others, to be involved in finding the solutions. The conference also heard banning junk food advertising during children's television viewing hours is a waste of time, because food companies will simply find other ways of appealing to children. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. Kevin Rudd is in Bali for his first international trip as Prime Minister. But he's flown into a storm - The Australian Government has been accused of trying to water down a draft declaration at the Bali climate change conference. Strong words from Penny Wong

on her arrive for the World Climate Conference. Clearly climate change is the global challenge of our generation. But it wasn't long

before she was defending the Government's refusal to commit to a 2020 emissions target at Bali. Instead waiting for the release of an economic report next year. an interim target at this stage Australia is not going to set until we have done our work. Green groups say Australian delegates are now trying to negotiate taking interim cuts of 25% to 40% out of the draft Bali climate agreement.

We have reliable reports from other delegations the Australian delegation hasn't been as forceful and progressive as it could be in making sure we've got a road map that has science-based targets. And the big names continue to roll in for the UN conference on climate change here in Bali. Former US vice-president Al Gore expected to make his debut tomorrow. The politician turned climate change campaigner and Academy Award winner will fly in from Norway As the American poet Robert Frost wrote, "Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. "Either, he notes, would suffice." But neither need be our fate. It is time to make peace with the planet. He called on the US and China to take drastic action now

on the 10th anniversary of the Kyoto treaty. In Bali, Emily Rice, Ten News.

Great Here's the weather with Tim


5th month month it didn't rain

today but it was very grave. It today but it was very grave. It was

an hour coldest December day so far an hour coldest December day so far

this month. There will be more

showery conditions tomorrow and the

call breezes continue. The top will be be 21 degrees. be 21 degrees. Your weather

photographs always brighter my day.

Let us have a look and this one.

That's a sunset and the

photographer is in the running for

a Sony Handicam which we'll give

away on Friday, thanks to Harvey

Norman. Send us your

Norman. Send us your pictures. 21

degrees to around 22 degrees with

showers. It's greater day with

southerly winds. Hallows summer!

Can you hear me? We'll see you A billionaire's reversal of fortune - Conrad Black sentenced to a lengthy jail term.

Details next. And first ever pictures of one of the earth's most endangered creatures.

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Here's the weather

Tim Bailey unfortunately it's bad

on this with the traffic on Church on this with the traffic on Church

Street tailed back. There are the

ambulance crews blocking lanes 1

and 2. As a result of this very bad

accident we've got traffic trying

to head to ride and over the

Parramatta River unfortunate really as

as far back as Homebush. It's going

to be a very long trip. We'll come The battle lines are being drawn over plans to sell off the State's electricity supply. The Government is promising a new train service from the proceeds, but the unions are stepping up the fight, claiming thousands of jobs will be lost. The Premier began his hard-sell on electricity privatisation at an Energy Australia apprentice training facility at Meadowbank. The jobs of these apprentices are guaranteed under the sell-off, while other workers are being offered bonus payments of up to $40,000 to join the private sector. Also promoted, from the $15 billion proceeds of the sale - a European-style metro rail line, under Anzac Parade and Victoria Road. With the package that I've released it's no longer if Sydney gets a metro -

it's when. They know better than to trust this Labor Government. The unions too have their reservations. I learnt something a long time ago, and it was - don't spend the money before you've earned it. The unions are vowing to fight the Government's plan to sell the State-owned electricity retail companies

and lease its power generators to private companies. The unions claim 3,000 call centre jobs will be lost overseas. That's a claim denied by the Government. When you've got a power outage you'll be talking to someone in Bangalore or the Philippines.

The unions say this fight is far from over. Paul Mullins, Ten News. for former media mogul Conrad Black, A spectacular fall from grace

today ordered to spend more than six years behind bars. The one-time director of Fairfax newspapers was found guilty of defrauding shareholders of tens of millions of dollars. Conrad Black's high life He'll now have to get used to life as inmate at a US prison earning $17 a month. It's the final fall from grace for the former the chief

of the world's third largest newspaper empire - Australia's Fairfax Newspapers once among the titles. A US judge sentenced the 63-year-old to 6.5 years jail although Black denies any wrongdoing. I invite your viewers and you to think what it is like to be falsely accused and wrongly convicted of anything. It is not very pleasant. The prosecution demanded a 20-year sentence for a crime it says cheated US-based Hollinger shareholders out of over $6.1 million. Described as a ruthless businessman the Canadian-born Black was a director of John Fairfax Holdings with a 25% stake in the Australian newspaper group until the mid-90s. A position not without controversy. The media tycoon once hitting back at accusations he was anti-Semitic from former prime minister Bob Hawke. For me to be represented in this way by Mr Hawke is absolutely scandalous and reprehensible. Also known for being flamboyant, he renounced his Canadian citizenship for a peerage in the British House of Lords. He came to see himself as a master of the universe. That the ordinary rules rules that applied to ordinary people, did not apply to him.

Pending the outcome of his appeal the rules of a prisoner will apply to Black when he reports to jail in March. In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. British police have launched a global appeal for information on the back-from-the-dead canoeist. Investigators released a picture of "John Jones" - the fictitious identity John Darwin allegedly assumed to acquire a passport after faking his own death. His wife has also been charged with fraud.

Police believe the couple's sons were not in on the scam. I feel really, really sorry for them because if they are victims they have believed for the last five years their father's dead. Now they find out that, not only is he alive, but he's been arrested. Detectives are appealing for witnesses to help piece together where Darwin's been for the past 5.5 years. A deadly ice storm has swept across the United States, leaving at least 14 people dead

and close to half a million without power. A state of emergency has been declared in Oklahoma, which bore the brunt of the storm - the icy blast bringing down trees and powerlines and causing havoc on the roads. 13 people have been killed in traffic accidents, while another has died from exposure. And there's no relief in sight - more bad weather is on the way. New claims Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Al-Fayed were planning their engagement just weeks before they died in a Paris car crash.

A jeweller has told an inquest that Dodi telephoned him about getting an engagement ring resized. He claims the couple had chosen the ring together and their engagement was to be made public that September. It's the size of a mouse, but looks more like a miniature kangaroo. This is a Jerboa, and it's the first time this extraordinary creature has ever been captured on film. A team of scientists took these pictures of the tiny endangered rodent, in Mongolia. which lives in the Gobi desert They're now trying to save it from extinction. We'll check out how Julia Gillard feels running the country - the live interview is next. Also, the spooky Sydney home that could be your castle - complete with its own dungeon! And Led Zeppelin share a whole lotta love!

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This program is captioned live. Tonight's major stories -

a nightmare for thousands of bus commuters across Sydney, during this evening's peak. with major delays expected Hundreds of the city's buses are off the road because of a suspected steering fault. The shortage is making travel as buses packed to the rafters by-pass their stops. And a pensioner goes into battle to claim his $2 million lotto prize. Werner Reinhold was delighted when his numbers came up, but was horrified to find out that his ticket has been accidently cancelled.

The matter will now be decided by the Supreme Court. And she's the boss -

Julia Gillard enjoying day one in the nation's top job. female acting prime minister, She's become our first filling in for Kevin Rudd while he's in Bali for the climate change conference. And the woman of the moment, Julia Gillard joins us now. Congratulations - it really is quite an achievement. Not only the country's first female deputy leader,

but also the first woman to act as Prime Minister. It's an exciting day for you.

It's been an exciting day but I'd

hope there would be some gold out

there tonight watching the news -

and if one of them thinks they

would like to do that when they

grow up, I'd count the

The Labor party is renowned for its blokey culture. You talk of wanting to be an inspiration to other women, but does that culture need to change to ensure you're not just the exception?

We've a record number of women in

the Labour Party ministry. I think the Labour Party ministry. I think

a lot has changed. Me acting as Prime Minister

Prime Minister today is one symbol

of that. This is the real face for You have a much greater workload in terms of your portfolio responsibilities

than most of your male colleagues. Do women have to work twice as hard to make it in positions of power?

I volunteered for a big workload

because it's good work. I know because it's good work. I know the

things that time dealing will make

a difference out there in the big

world. But making sure people have

got a proper shot to No 2 to study

trades are making sure our

universities system is the best in

the world. It's all good work and

I'm enjoying it. I'm concentrating I'm enjoying it. I'm concentrating

on not creating any new issues Acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard, thanks for your time. Disgraced Aboriginal leader Geoff Clark has lost an appeal against a civil rape case. The former ATSIC boss's accuser, Carol Anne Stingel, claimed he led two pack-rapes against her in Victoria in 1971. She was relieved when the court of appeal dismissed his challenge

to a ruling made against him in January. I'll see if it's over first

but I feel that I'm finally being believed, the truth was there on my side all along.

Mr Clark, who wasn't in court, must pay $20,000 damages plus Ms Stingel's legal costs. A strong lead on Wall Street helped our market close in positive territory.

of unleaded petrol $1.35 is the average price around Sydney tonight. We found it for $1.27 a litre at Mount Pritchard. The medieval castle complete with a moat and dungeon

expected to fetch more than $1.5 million. If a man's home is really his castle, then this is the hottest property on the market. Excalibur - Sydney's only live-in medieval mansion -

boasts all the not-so-mod-cons. Like the drawbridge over the moat that leads to the tower. This is the feature of the property -

this is the tower keep complete with its own escape hatch so if the Vikings invade you can disappear down to the ground level. After 40 years turning their humble brick home into a castle, its owners are moving on. But they're happy to leave behind many of their collectables. Included in the sale is over 800 bottles of wine in the cellar is the solid granite floor stones, and another feature

originally ballast on the early sailing ships. The neighbours hoping its new owners are just as flamboyant. I don't know about a feast, but I've been there for dinner parties - it's good. So just who does buy somebody else's castle? Well, the interest in this property has been overwhelming - more than 500 different parties have come through, and among the most interested - professional party organisers.

And no wonder - there's even a dungeon, for all those houseguests who just don't know when it's time to go home. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. To borrow one of their most famous lines, it's been a long time... A special one-off reunion by rock and roll legends Led Zeppelin. It's almost 20 years since the three surviving rockers -

now in their sixties - have been together onstage. More than a million fans applied for the 20,000 tickets to see the group belt out hits like 'Stairway to Heaven' and 'Whole Lotta Love'. The gig was a one-off for charity, but there is speculation there could be a full-scale reunion tour.

Here's the weather with

. We've got some showers - maybe a

few tonight, tomorrow, Thursday and Friday.

Friday. Saturday looks as though

we'll be fine and sunny initially.

But then another suddenly brings

temperatures back down to 21

degrees and 22 degrees. Let us have

a look at the map of New South Wales.

Did I say Ron Wilson was ahead

banner! What a beauty!

Sport is next with Tim Webster and the bad boys of NRL and AFL add to the colour at Mundine's fight.

Also make-up artists and mud help two League greats recreate the game's most iconic moments. And the baby gorilla - Taronga Zoo's new star attraction.

This program is captioned live. Much sought-after Kiwi rugby coach, Robbie Deans, touches down in Brisbane shortly to chase up the Wallabies job. After being rejected for the All Blacks position, Deans flew out of Christchurch

for a meeting many think is a fait accompli. Yeah, I'll be catching up with them tonight upon arrival. I'm going over there, interested in the role, and we'll see what comes of it.

ARU officials have scheduled 1.5 hours for the job interview.

Two time Australian Open champ Robert Allenby expects a hot reception from the galleries after last month's run-in with spectators at the Masters. But at todays pro-am, he suggested the yahoos may come from south of the border. Heckled at Huntingdale, Robert Allenby questioned the wisdom of turning the 11th hole into a party venue. And he's expecting a loud welcome come thursday.

I already know, I've got my earplugs ready for eleven. That's not a problem. I know people are going to come out just for me. I bet my three buddies will fly up from melbourne just for the day He says noise is OK. . The problem arises when alcohol fuels swearing and poor ettiquete.

Mel won seems to bring out just the

odd Yaa whose, whereas Sydney isn't really renowned for that.

This golfer has conquered the noisiest hole in

noisiest hole in golf. A noise is a

minor obstacle for barley bomb

survivor fought - this man it took

three years to walk again and took

up golf just over one year

I thought I'd have to give this ago.

The verbal sparring's already begun over the long-proposed re-match between Anthony Mundine and Danny Green.

Mundine threw out another challenge after very easily defending his WBA super middleweight world title last night. The night the bad boys came out to play. COMMENTATORS: Ben Cousins. He wants to know where the after party is.

Former rugby league headline John Hopoate played hard in the ring, stopping his opponent in the fifth round then offering to take on a heckler in the crowd. It's getting a little volatile at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. The police are running in there quickly. A KO victory for another former league star. Oh, what a right! Solomon Haumono continuing his unbeaten heavyweight record. His Kiwi opponent heading home with a freshly arranged nose.

Denarpa Bigshotcamp Colourful Thai boxer ensured that most of the action happened on the undercard. Mundine's main event, the mismatch that many expected. And that's got him. Argentine plumber Jose Alberto Clavero finished off in the fourth round. And down goes Clavero!

Mundine's 30th victory followed by another challenge to long-time Perth rival Danny Green. get his arse whipped? Then come and see me bra, and know what I'm saying - come and see me. I'll knock you out in your own home town, boy. Not bothered at all about what he says. We all know what he says doesn't carry much weight. for Sunday's world title bout Green gearing up against towering Croatian

watching Mundine's fight. A preparation that didn't include I put my daughter to bed and relaxed and played Connect Four with my wife instead. Leanne West, Ten News. 'Wild Oats Eleven' has received a confidence-boost ahead of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race, winning today's Big Boat Challenge on Sydney Harbour. It's a great day for the crew to shake the bugs out.

It's a great way to build our confidence and get back on track in that regard. As usual, the race tossed up plenty of close calls

To England now and it's the latest sport taking the UK by storm - Siamese racing, where two cars are welded together, The driver on top pilots the vehicle and the driver below is in charge of throttle, gears and brakes. And as 'banger' race rules apply, spectators were treated to an array of crashes, smashes and stacks. The team called "Dumb and dumber" won -

how appropriate, in these "double wreckers". A trip down memory lane for rugby league lovers at Leichhardt Oval today as Norm Provan and Arthur Summons recreated their famous Gladiators pose from the 1963 grand final. It was all part of the code's Centenary Year advertising campaign. toughest eras, Born from one of rugby league's Norm Provan and Arthur Summons have never been in a dressing-room quite like this before. God, you look terrible Arthur! Beauticians armed with fake mud taking on the two 70-somethings.

their illustrious embrace The task - to recreate from 44 years ago, on an SCG quagmire. And roll cameras. And action! Every last detail checked and double-checked to make sure this recreation is as close as possible. we both don't mind giving it back.

and this is one way of doing it. If you've got to get a bit of mud on you, or a bit of make-up, so what. One of sport's most celebrated cuddles wasn't sparked by friendship, according to both men. After all, Provan's St George side had just beaten Summons' Wests' team in three straight grand finals. It was just one of those things. I came up to say, "You bastard, I think you've touched us again." (laughs)

Whatever the reason for coming together - rugby league is glad they did. It epitomises the spirit and the friendship that are the great values of the game. But the grandfathers of league won't be joined by the grandmother of rock - Tina Turner. Her benchmark 'Simply the Best' from the 90s, won't be used in the ad. Officials are still searching for a centenary anthem.

And in Sports Tonight, we'll hear from Wallabies coaching candidate Robbie Deans about his interview, and Aussie surf legend Mark Occhilupo reflects on his marvelous.

Here's Vic Larusso with a traffic update .

Be delays for traffic heading from

ride. This traffic is to hold back

all the way past the hospital. He

can see that by then his of the

traffic are affected by this

traffic are affected by this

serious accident and it's going to

be a very slow trip home. Stay with us - Tim Bailey's back with the latest on the weather next.

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This program is captioned live.

Here's the weather with Tim Bailey.

We What have we got for the weather?

We know that it's grey, we know

what it's been showery but we've an

answer to this. If the blue sky

refuses to calm we'll go to the

world famous Christmas lights. Have

a look at this. This will get you

in the spirit of things. in the spirit of things. This is in

Lambeth street and look at that! A

world of neon and Santas.

Why not put your street on the

television. Sass send the details

to picks at 10

to picks at 10 .com dot a you. Otherwise there will be Otherwise there will be showers again tomorrow with south-easterly

winds. 22 degrees. Thursday and

Friday it looks like there will be

showers the game. Saturday there

will be blue sky at long last.

It'll be unsettled on Saturday

night and again on Sunday. On

Monday and Tuesday - back to showers.

On the satellite picture there's a

thick cloud over W A Green

widespread thunderstorms. There's patchy

patchy cloud over New South Wales

and Queensland. In the weather and Queensland. In the weather map

for tomorrow below pressure trough

will maintain showers. The trough

over WA will trigger thundery

showers across the western interior.

In the next 24 hours that low

pressure trough will trigger

showers and storms

showers and storms across W away, N

T and western New South Wales. A

high will keep the sun than inland

call and drive. The frustrating

thing about today was that it thing about today was that it

didn't really rain. Tomorrow it'll

be chilly and around 21 degrees. be chilly and around 21 degrees.

Let us have a look at the weather Interstate.

Christmas lights - send them to us.

See you tomorrow. Taronga Zoo's newest parents have proudly shown off their bouncing baby boy. The tiny newborn is the fourth successful gorilla birth at the zoo - part of a global breeding program aimed at boosting numbers of the endangered animals. While mum Frayla was happy to parade her young son in front of the cameras, impressed with all the attention. dad Kebarbu looked less than who's yet to be named, But the star attraction, blissfully unaware of all the fuss. was left I'm Ron Wilson. That's the news at 5:00.

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