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Good evening, I'm Sandra Sully.

Welcome to Ten's Late News. Climate

change controversy. It's making the

big cheat. Australian Government look like a

As Kevin Rudd flies out to

Copenhagen, new concerns about a

working deal. That's almost Mission

Impossible, I think.

King hit. Exclusive video - the footy star attacked as

footy star attacked as claims grow

violence. players are being targeted for

Do you know this man? Indecent

hours apart. assaults on two little boys only

Stepping into medical history. From

the brink of death - claims of a

cure for M-S. And, it's all black

and white - fans flock to

Australia's newest zoo stars.

Australia's newest zoo stars.

Yes and I didn't want to do that

coz then I'd look like them and I

didn't want to have panda eyes.

Hi I'm Adam Hawse, in Sports

Tonight one of our golden girls of

the pool hangs up the goggles.

Libby Trickett retires from

swimming after a stunning career. If I do

If I do not do something with my

whole heart I don't want to do it.

An Aussie call up for Brett Geeves.

And Aussie PGA Champ Robert Allenby

vows to return to defend his title.

But first, chaos tonight at the

climate change talks in Copenhagen.

A legion of poor countries, 130 in

the summit. fact, have walked out en masse from

the summit. The G-77 represents the the summit. The G-77 represents the

developing world. They're fearful

the existing Kyoto protocol will be

abandoned. Australia's Climate Change

Change Minister Penny Wong

confirmed that organisers were

them back. trying to fix the problem and coax

The news comes with Kevin Rudd The news comes with Kevin Rudd

leaving Australia for Copenhagen

just moments ago. And he's

Summit. expecting a cold reception at the

The perfect send off song for the

Prime Minister before he heads into

the toughest talks of his career at

Copenhagen. (SINGING) What do we do

at the co-operative school? We co-

operate. The youngsters presented

the PM with a book about climate

change, even offering him some tips

to cut his own carbon footprint. We

could do this by walking to and

from work and school, and I could

do this because I live so close to

Parliament House - that's what it

says here. I heard that you and

other world leaders were going to a

meeting at Copenhagen, I hope you

listen. The PM pulling no punches listen. The PM pulling no punches

for his young audience. Sometimes

people agree, and sometimes they

have a fight. The latter is more

likely particularly in wake of this.

One of Kevin Rudd's own climate

change negotiators let the cat out

of the bag. The Rudd staffer told

colleagues at Copenhagen, Australia

could make deeper cuts by changing

the way we farm. The Coalition

couldn't agree more, saying that

planting more trees and tilling

less land will go a long way to

saving the planet. Technology will

be much better than taxes.

be much better than taxes. The PM

dubbing it policy on the run. The

most expensive, the least effective,

and the most bureaucratic and with and the most bureaucratic and with

no compensation for families, I

don't get it. I think Mr Rudd is

haunted by the fear of failure.

The koala was named tonight among

the top ten species to be

threatened with extinction by

global warming. The list presented global warming. The list presented

to the climate summit in Copenhagen

said the koala will starve to death

as its diet of gum leaves loses its

nutrition because of more carbon

dioxide in the air.

Now to exclusive pictures of the

moment an AFL star was king-hit

after a night out. The shocking

images have led to claims that high

profile footballers are being

targeted for violence.

Captured on a mobile phone, a man

is seen running up to Scott

Pendlebury from behind who then

plummets to the ground. That thud

is the sound of the Collingwood

young gun's head hitting the cement.

The star mid-fielder was returning

from the Central Hotel at Lakes

Entrance, four hours from Melbourne,

with his brother Kris and friends.

The video begins with the group deciding to follow Pendlebury

deciding to follow Pendlebury at

1:30am. Lets make headlines, Jaz.

As a woman tries to intervene,

threats are made. Don't you f**k

with my missus. C**t. The alleged

king hit renders Pendlebury

unconscious, smashing his teeth and

cutting his face. A 20-year-old man

has been bailed to appear in court

intentionally causing serious next year - the most serious charge,

injury. Cleared of head trauma but

bearing scars, Pendlebury returned

to training. Hey Scott, how are you

feeling today? Later posting an

update on the club's website saying

it was good to get back to training,

putting the incident behind him.

It's the second time this year a

Magpie's been targeted in an

assault - Travis Cloke was set upon

by a group during New Year's

celebrations. Club President Eddie

Maguire says AFL players are soft

targets for drunken troublemakers

convinced. but the Players Association isn't

convinced. These kinds of acts make

you feel sick in the stomach but

AFL players are not the only ones

who are victims of this scourge of

alcohol-fuelled violence we have

seen on our streets.

A Home and Away star is facing

drugs charges after allegedly being

caught with cocaine in a nightclub.

Todd Lasance was one of hundreds

arrested during a national police

blitz at the weekend.

A Silver Logie winner, Todd Lasance

was caught out while celebrating at was caught out while celebrating at

a popular Kings Cross nightclub. He

and other cast members were letting and other cast members were letting

their hair down at the show's

Christmas party on the same weekend

police launched their biggest blitz

in years. Operation Unite saw

unprecedented numbers of officers

and sniffer dogs patrolling streets

and clubs across the country. The

24 year-old who's on the cover of

this week's TV Week was allegedly

detected with a bag of cocaine.

It's certainly never a good career

move to be involved in any scandal.

You just need to look at someone

like Tiger Woods who's lost his

sponsorship to realise it can have

a big impact, not only on you but

also the show and its ratings. On

the show, his character was

the show, his character was

staunchly anti-drugs. There's kids

here, look. Only last week the 24-

year old revealed he was leaving

Home and Away to try his luck in

Hollywood but with a possible

conviction hanging over his head,

his US ambitions may now be

finished. He's not the only Home

and Away star who's been caught up

in a drugs scandal. Earlier this

year Jodi Gordon was found cowering

in a Sydney apartment, telling

police she'd used cocaine. Lasance

will face a Sydney court in January.

Police have released video of a man

who went into a Macdonalds

restaurant and assaulted a child.

This is the offender detectives are

looking for. He approached a boy as

the child's mother stepped a few

metres away to order dessert. Has

approached the young 4-year-old boy.

Held him by the face and given him

a prolonged kiss. After this he's

handed the boy a lollipop and

immediately left the store. The immediately left the store. The lollipop is being forensically lollipop is being forensically

examined to see if it can help

identify the man. While the

incident occurred on Saturday night

at Sydney's Drummoyne outlet, it's

also feared the man may have

assaulted a second boy just hours

later. The man was seen leaving the

scene in a white Hyundai Getz

hatch-back. Anyone who

hatch-back. Anyone who thinks they

might know the man is being asked to call Crime-Stoppers.

A young man has been brought back

to them -- from the brink of death.

He has multiple sclerosis are

pleased to have been cured. These

simple steps are something Ben

Leahy was unable to take twelve

months ago. Walking was getting

harder, wondering whether my feet

were going and getting on the

ground. His sight was also effected

as a result of multiple sclerosis -

a disease of the central nervous

system. There's no cure and around

Melbourne Cup last year Ben

suffered what his family call the

big one - a brain stem lesion which

landed him in intensive care. It

was frightening, every day I'd go

in and something else wouldn't be

working, his legs or his arm

wouldn't work, he couldn't lift it

and it go to the point where all he

could do was say one word, and that

was hot or pain. On a respirator

and fed through a tube, the

prognosis wasn't good. I expected

to bury my son last December.

Ben's last chance came from a risky

procedure where his own stem cells were harvested before chemotherapy

which destroys the immune system.

It probably resets the immune

system plus it has this very

intense immuno suppression, now the

details after that are not really

understood. And in Ben, it appears

to have reversed the disease. It's

estimated the treatment's only been estimated the treatment's only been

used in around 400 cases around the

world but Ben's success has given

doctor's hope it may be an option doctor's hope it may be an option

for severe sufferers of multiple

sclerosis. Ben, I don't think,

sclerosis. Ben, I don't think,

would have survived without it -

it's changed his life, yes. Go back

to school, do my year 12 and go to


Doctors who spend extra time with

patients will be paid more under a

revamp of Medicare fees. Health

Minister Nicola Roxon says the new

system will cut red tape and

encourage GPs to take more time

with their patients. But the AMA

says the overhaul needs to go

further, and it hopes this is just

the first step in an ongoing reform process.

An industrial crisis is confronting

hundreds of thousands of passengers

planning to fly with British

Airways this Christmas. Within

hours, cabin crew will decide if

they'll strike if their fight against job loses

against job loses and change to

work practices. United States President Barack

Obama has given himself a good

solid B+ grade for his first year

in office. He has upgraded himself

while talking to Oprah Winfrey as part of by

part of by a Christmas special.

Merry Christmas, Mr President. How

you? Good to see you. The President

has spoken about the agony of

sending troops into battle. Was it

agonising for you? If a President

makes a decision about war and

peace and is not agonising over it, peace and is not agonising over it,

then he's not thinking it through

because the wages of a war are very

high. Even in a just war and a

right war. During the special,

opera, up with the First Lady. I

think about how your life has

changed, you went from managing a

changed, you went from managing a

home to managing... Look get you!

Mrs Obama also showed off her favourite tree.

After the break, what a shocker!

Trio to pause an slammed as

incestuous and degrading. Political

attack - Italy's PM left Reading. And no wedding ring. in a dirty sink, can't see what's built up inside. MAN: Sweet onion chicken teriyaki Sweet chilli sauce.

This program is captioned live.

Tiger Woods has lost another major

sponsor just days after he decided

to take a break from golf. There is

new another major sponsor has

dumped the billionaire. Management

consultancy, Accenture has torn-up

Woods's contract after 6-years,

saying he's no longer the right

representative for their brand.

This latest blow comes as a child

welfare department confirmed that

it visited the golfer's Florida

mansion following a complaint and

his wife, Elin, was seen in public

without her wedding ring.

Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi remains in hospital

after being struck in the face with

an object thrown by a mentally-ill

attacker. The hit left the PM dazed

and covered with blood in the

middle of a crowd of supporters.

The face of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, bloodied and

broken. He'd been greeting

supporters after a political rally

when a man lunged forward. It took

a moment for bodyguards to realise

what had happened amid the chaotic

crowd. Even in slow motion it's not

clear. But later it became apparent

that his attacker threw a glass statuette in the shape

statuette in the shape of Milan's

famous cathedral. A stunned

Berlusconi was initially bundled

into his car, but in an act of

defiance, the 73 year-old emerged

again to show his supporters he was

all right. The 42-year-old accused

attacker has a history of mental

health issues. He was charged with

aggravated assault. A doctor

confirmed Berlusconi had two teeth

knocked out, a fractured nose and

dozens of cuts to his face. The

flamboyant leader has come under

increasing pressure in recent

months over his private life and

business affairs. He'll take a

couple of weeks to recover from

this hit, but it may buy him some

much-needed public sympathy.

Toyota has been forced to withdraw

an on-line ad after it was slammed

as sexist with incestuous overtones.

The ad which won first prize in a

competition, shows a father and his daughter's boyfriend having an innuendo-laden conversation about a

date. Do you have any protection? I

have a Yaris with two airbags up

front. The competition's Face-book

page has been inundated with complaints, prompting Toyota to

take down its first experiment in social media.

Despite some positive

Despite some positive numbers out

of the US, our market was

surprisingly weak and then lifted

sharply towards the close. What

turned it around?

We should have had a better day in

this morning's trade. The US retail

sales were positive and consumer

sentiment reflected with better

employment numbers. There is

absolutely no doubt

absolutely no doubt that a broad

brush economic recovery is on the

way in the US and we should have

followed. But we started on very

low volume and towards the end of

Trade, we were down 27 points. An

announcement came over the wires

that the -- Dubai it was to be

supported. Do by a world was

supporting a debt to pay back of

3.5 billion US dollars. We saw the

market Rawling in the last 35 minutes.

At busy week ahead?

We have on a Tuesday the Reserve

Bank board meetings will be

released so we will get some ideas

about what it is thinking about. We

also have the GDP numbers on

Wednesday. With forecasts to be

discovered. The Australia economy

is well and truly on the recovery

mode. The banks are having their

general meetings for shareholders.

We should get clearer ideas about

that. Capital-raising by Woodside.

Plenty to keep us focus.

Giant pandas Wang Wang and Funi

have finally gone on show to the

public. 4,000 panda fanatics

streamed into Adelaide Zoo. While

Wang Wang was more concerned about

his stomach, Funi was up and about.

For the first in line, emotions

were just too much to bare. I

wouldn't mind a heart pill at the

moment, just got get it all into

perspective. Are you crying?

perspective. Are you crying? Yes

and I didn't want to do that 'cause

then I'd look like them and I

didn't want to have panda eyes.

There's no hurry, the pandas are in

Australia for 10-years.

We have breaking news on the

Copenhagen summit. The broken --

the talks have broken down. I

the talks have broken down. I know

you have a busy night ahead with

sport but I wanted to say we have a

big story. The big story in sport

is Libby Trickett.

She has left the dock and slightly

ajar for a comeback possibly in the future. Also, and

Also, and a wrist or banished from

the club and a sore head butt

plenty to smile about for Mick Fanning.

This program is captioned live.

Good evening and welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight.

Libby Trickett has had no second

thoughts about her retirement,

despite her mum's claim she could

have become an even better swimmer. have become an even better swimmer.

The 24 year-old says she's already

achieved more than she'd ever

dreamed of.

She could have just extended her

break from swimming, or trained break from swimming, or trained

part-time, but Libby Trickett's an

all or nothing kind of girl.

If I don't do something with my

whole heart then I don't

necessarily want to do it.

That's why she made the toughest

call. Quitting with arguably her

best in front of her. With the best in front of her. With the swimsuit debacle finally resolved

many believe Trickett would have

carved up swimming's new level playing field.

I think she could get better if she

wanted to keep swimming, but at the

same time I'm really happy that

she's found another path.

Three Olympic gold medals, eight

world championships and multiple

world records have left Trickett

more than satisfied. One of the few

goals she failed to achieve,

crystallising her decision. Am I OK

with not winning an Olympic gold

medal in the 100m freestyle?

The answer was I'm OK with that,

and that means your're ready to move on.

Her favourite moments, her first

Olympic gold medal in the 100m

freestyle relay in Athens and last

year's individual gold in the 100m

butterfly in Beijing. This is now

the deep end for Libby Trickett.

Next month she starts her new Next month she starts her new television career with Network Ten

and ONE HD. Among next year's

assignments, the Commonwealth Games

in New Delhi.

I'm looking forward to being a part

of it, getting as much experience

as I can and see what direction it takes me.

There's plans too for a brood of

water babies with husband Luke, but

she won't be taking that plunge for

some years yet.

It has been an emotional day, you

must be worn out?

Yes, is definitely getting that way.

I have been going since 10am this

morning. It has been such a great morning. It has been such a great

day in so many ways. Yes, I am

looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel.

What was the moment you thought it was time to retire?

Thoroughly the final night of the

World Championships this year. --

probably. I spoke to my husband

afterwards, I realised in that afterwards, I realised in that

conversation that I was ready to

let go of swimming and to hang up the swimmers.

You have done it for so long, what You have done it for so long, what

will you miss about swimming?

There are so many things I will

miss. For one, I will miss the

routine. As crazy as that sounds.

It gives me structure to my day. I

will also miss all the amazing

people that I get to work with and

trained with. Most of all, I'll

miss racing. That is why I started

swimming in the first place.

Is the door firmly shut, is there a

chance you could come back?

It would be silly of me to burn any

bridges. I still love swimming, I

still want to be involved with the

sport. It has given me so much and

so many amazing opportunities. At

this point I am very excited about

my future outside of Simi. You know,

who knows how I will feel in five

years' time.

The next direction is television,

what will your role be?

I am so honoured to be have given

an opportunity by Channel Ten. I

will be working on the Commonwealth

Games broadcasts in 2010. Other

than that, I'm looking forward to

learning as much as I can. I am

looking forward to finishing my

university degree, I thank you

learn so much when you are there

and have a hands-on role.

Looking forward to a good night's

sleep I am sure. Thank you.

Tasmanian paceman Brett Geeves has

flown to Perth as Peter Siddle

battles a hamstring injury ahead of

the Third Test. Cricket Australia

says it's only a precaution, and

believes Siddle will be fit for the

start of play on Wednesday.

It's a quandary. Peter Siddle is

carrying a suspect hamstring but

looked good at training today. He

looked equally adept with both nerf

and cricket balls and bowled

without inconvenience. But a Test

match is a grind. The big question

is, can he last five days? The

short answer is they don't know.

There is still a bit of doubt

around Peter. He bowled it today,

he has pulled up pretty well. It is

not the first bell, it is how you

pull up the next day. He will have

to be reassessed tomorrow. To cover

all bases Tasmania's Brett Geeves

is flying to Perth as back up to

the back up. I think he will be OK,

if something happens, I'll be there

to run the drinks. I will be mixing

with the big boys.

But the selectors were at pains to

say they still expect Siddle to

play. If he doesn't his good mate

Clint Mackay will take his place.

What sort of wicket they get to

play on is another source of

conjecture. The betting is it will

be quicker than last year's road

where South Africa chased down a

huge score.

It was a bit slow last year, I

think it is quite difficult to

judge a wicked a few days out. It

looks a bit under-prepared at the

moment. The Windies have had a bit

to say about Nathan Hauritz and

their own chances in Perth. It

hasn't impressed the locals. I am

not a view in the West Indies any

different to how I view them before

the first Test in Brisbane.

Battling injury but wanting to go

on, 34 year-old Stuart Clark

concedes his Test days are over. I

am not sure where I stand in

international cricket, I do agree

that it is looking pretty unlikely.

Robert Allenby has declared he'll

be back next year to defend his

Australian PGA title, after

claiming a fourth crown at Coolum

yesterday. Allenby's four stroke

win capped off a memorable end to the year.

Less than 24 hours after securing

the Australian PGA Championship

Robert Allenby was back in

Melbourne driving his charity golf

day. The 38 year-old admitting

yesterday's four stroke win was

sweetest of his four PGA crowns.

I just felt like in such ease. From

the very first hole all the way to

the last hole. I haven't felt like

that probably ever.

It's a stark contrast to the state

he was in earlier this year.

Allenby revealing the loss of his

mother Sylvia to cancer had an

overwhelming affect on his game. I

had a bunch of tournaments this

year where I had chances to win but

fell off the lead after going into

the fourth round. My emotions were

just takeover. Now in a better

place Allenby hopes he can carry

his recent form, that includes last

week's triumph in South Africa,

into next year. He'll return to

defend his title and after a year's

absence hopes to contest the

Australian Open. But his burning

ambition for 2010 is to win his first major.

I see next year being a good year.

I think my putting is good enough

to probably win a major. To win

around Augusta is all about

chipping and putting.

Allenby also confident of a Tiger

financial stimulation. return, even if it is for his own

I hope to see him come back soon.

That is purely because the more he

plays, the more money I make.

The NRL's year of scandal has grown

worse with Sydney Roosters hooker

Jake Friend arrested and charged

for an alleged altercation with a

cabbie. The 19 year-old has been stood down indefinitely.

The Roosters training without

hooker Jake Friend today. There's a

good chance they never will again.

Jake Friend had three seperate

morninig. charges against him early Sunday

A police report says at 5:30am on

Sunday morning the 19 year-old was

found intoxicated and asleep in the

back of a taxi. When eventually

woken by police he allegedlly

became abusive towards the officers

and refused to pay his fare. He'll

face court in January, not for the

first time. Earlier this year

Friend was convicted of drink

driving and mid-season charged over

a nightclub brawl. It comes at a

time when the Roosters don't have a

major sponsor for next season and the club is livid.

I guess I really can't use language.

I'm really disappointed.

Also on the weekend, Cronulla

international Paul Gallen was fined

for urinating near a man's head in

public. The former captain will

face Sharks officials later this

week. Meanwhile, rugby league's most promising forward, England international Sam Burgess, was

today unveiled as a South Sydney

Rabbitoh and promises to be in the

headlines for all the right reasons.

You know, I'm over here to play

know. rugby not to be out partying, you

Australia's two surfing world

champions have spent the night

celebrating together in Hawaii.

Stephanie Gilmore joined fellow

Coolangatta native Mick Fanning to

years. toast his second title in three

Not even a world champion gets a

sleep in. There's media interviews,

photos with fans and very little

time to reflect after a night of

celebrating. I think I was in bed

before midnight. Why was a good boy.

Supposedly my wife has organised a party for me tonight.

The 28 year-old was handed his

second world title in two years

when the only other contender, his

best mate Joel Parkinson, crashed

out of the Pipeline Masters

yesterday. I am stoked that I won.

In the same sense, it is difficult

to have a friend devastated. Still,

they celebrated together. The

rivalry having no affect on their

friendship. That meant the world to

beach. me, to have him carry me up the

The Gold Coast can now claim to be

the home of both the men's and

women's World Surfing Crowns.

Not sure what it is about

Coolangatta and why its produced so

many champions. I have a feeling it

is because we are all pushing each

other on. One of the world's most

famous strips of sand has been the

scene of plenty of Aussie success

in recent weeks. First Gilmore made

it three in a row here at Sunset,

then Fanning got his hands on the

trophy down the road at Pipeline.

Who wouldn't want to hang here and

do well? I just love it here.

Gilmore returns home later this

week. Fanning won't be back until the new year.

Alicia Molik and Casey Dellacqua

are a step closer to a start in the

Australian Open. Both were winners

on day one of this week's wildcard

playoff at Melbourne Park.

After almost a year in the

wilderness Alicia Molik is back

home at Melbourne Park and carrying

plenty of expectation in her bid to

secure one of only eight wildcards

2010. on offer to the opening slam of

I think a lot of pressure comes

from myself. I expect to win this

week. That is something I'm

shooting for. It is a huge

opportunity. Everyone saw what

happened in the women's US Open.

Anything can happen.

The former world number eight in

devastating form, crushing

Victorian teenager Jade Hopper 6-1,

6-2. I think I served really well.

When that happens, not much else

matters in my game.

Casey Dellacqua stunned top seed

Olivia Rogowska in straight sets,

finally back on court after

shoulder surgery and a niggling

almost 12 months. foot injury sidelined her for

I just had heaps of competitive

juices going because I have not

played all year. I was pretty keen

to get the first set. In the men's

side, young gun Bernard Tomic

stormed past John-Patrick Smith as

he tries to turn junior success

into a senior career.

I know if I start moving great I

will become a great player. Until

that, I have got to work hard.

The playoffs are round robin until

the finals start on Friday.

Super maxi Etihad Stadium has been

rated virtually no chance of

starting in the Sydney to Hobart

after breaking her mast. That's

despite spending $500,000 on a new one.

7 Line Honours hopefuls battled it

out in a remote control race minus

Grant Wharington. He's racing

against time to get his big boat

ready for Boxing Day.

I think it's a hell of a gamble,

but I know what he's like, he won't

get's buried. say dead until he lies down and

Crichton sold a mast to the

crippled boat, which is expected to

arrive from France on Thursday.

That leaves Alfa Romeo without a

wrong. replacement should anything go

It's been quite sporting of you to

sell the mast to him.

I haven't told you what he's paying.

Alfa Romeo won the mini race and

will seriously challenge Wild Oats

11 in the big one. The four time

defending champions believe it's

the tightest race in years.

Going to be very difficult,

probably a 30% chance of taking it

out again.

But for Wild Oats, safety always

for the worst. comes first, so today they prepared

for the worst. Wearing full wet

weather gear the crew have to swim

to the life raft and pull

themselves to safety. And if you

think that looks difficult in a

pool, you can just imagine how

tough it is out at sea.

Imagine if there were waves on top

and even when it's dark. You get

one wave over your face and you're

debilitated straight away.

Sad news for racing tonight with

the death of veteran trainer Jack

Denham. Denham trained multiple

Group 1 winners including 1997

Caulfield and Melbourne cup winner

Might and Power over a career that

was 85. spanned more than 60 years. Denham spanned more than 60 years. Denham

Choose from classic mango,

This program is captioned live.

Play of the day time and some magic

from the NBA. The Cleveland

Cavaliers tonight clinched victory

against Oklahoma City. Mo Williams

with this long bomb to seal the win.

clock! Mo has to fire with a short shot

But if you're hungry for more -

check this out from LeBron James.

In his own version of drive through

LeBron showed there is room for

fast food in elite sport. And he

made a meal of the defence too,

with 44 points for the Cavs. For

this, LeBron gets our Play of the

Day. Libby has left the door opened

just slightly? I did not realise

she was only 24. She has achieved so much.

Just returning to our top story

tonight. The Copenhagen Climate

summit is in chaos. 130 poor

nations have walked out while

police have used teargas against

protestors. Rich countries want a

brand new climate treaty to replace

Kyoto, but poor countries want

Kyoto left alone. The walk-out has

left the summit in limbo as

ministers, including Australia's

Penny Wong, frantically try to fix

the problem.

the problem.

That will be a major story tomorrow.

And that's the latest from Ten News

for this Monday, December 14. The

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