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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. entire life behind bars. A toddler released after spending her her first hours of freedom. How the 3-year-old spent at a black-tie awards ceremony. Shots fired during a brawl of precious water And thousands of litres of Sydney's CBD. wasted on the streets Ten News with Tracey Spicer. Good morning. for a 3-year-old girl, The very first day of freedom Centre in Sydney. released from the Villawood Detention She was born behind bars, and her mother, Virginia, but late last night, Naomi Leong bridging visas. were freed after being granted

her first few hours of freedom? Dan, how has Naomi spent to the family. Ten's Dan Nolan has spoken

Well Tracey, she's actually spent

the morning shopping, which I guess

her and her mother are quite keen

visa that will tide her over until the moment is a visa, temporary type of visa. The visa they have at paperwork and applying for a new Parramatta completing some Immigration Department here at media contingent. They're in the followed around by quite a large to do. Right now their rir being

longest-serving child detainee in Medicare. Nayomesy the access to Government benefits like can't apply for work and have moment, with that sort of visa, she her statsis sorted out. At the

Australia and today is the first

day of freedom. She's obviously

very excited to get out but she's

also only three years olds. This is

what mum Vurplg ginia said today.

Feel good, feel good. What are you

looking forward to doing most

today? I'm not sure. Today

today? I'm not sure. Today I visit looking forward to doing most

Villawood as a visitor! Naomi has

spent her entire life behind bars.

Will she suffer any long-term

effects from her confinement? She

is only three years old and she

spent all those years in what is

effectively a prison. That

condition and that state of being

behind razor wire and in there with

it's detainees who are very depressed,

to bring opchild. Psychiatrists it's a very traumatic environment detainees who are very depressed,

and depression problems and keeps say she does have a lot of anxiety who've seen her and analysed her

head against a wall just in despair. was seen in the centre banging her to herself a lot. At the worst, she

So they are concerned that there

will be long-term effects but

hopefully now that she is out, she

can start to begin a normal life.

Is Naomi likely to meet

herceive-year-old brother for the

first time now that she's out? We

believe it's unlikely that will

happen today - her brother is with

his natural father. But no doubt

they will be looking forward to

doing that in the next few days

It was really revolting. It was just quite foul, really. then at Baxter Detention Centre. first in a Queensland jail, at being locked behind bars, to tell of her torment Cornelia Rau fronted journalists in more than a year. Her first taste of freedom for damages. The Opposition is backing her case being prepared by Cornelia Rau. with a major compensation claim is under fire on another front today. The Federal Government Dan. when they get a chance. Thank you,

from a psychiatric hospital, Just released and confusing interview. Ms Rau gave a long, rambling She denies she was ever mentally ill. She is now seeking compensation. that I was wrongly detained and... I just wanted to say is nice to get out.

and the minor parties. Her call receiving support from Labor

where they're wrongfully detained Anybody who's placed in a situation and she does. deserves to be compensated, The Government needs to understand making such serious mistakes as this that there's a cost associated with in detention wrongfully. which end up with people has refused to comment, Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone

compensation is a matter issuing a statement saying

for Ms Rau and her legal advisers. the outcome of the Palmer Inquiry, The Government now awaiting due within a month. in relation to these matters, In weighing up any approach of the people involved you have to look at the conduct who's making the claims. and that includes the party Leonie Mellor, Ten News. music awards night in Adelaide. A shooting during a black-tie dance

followed a brawl during the ceremony. As Gerda Jezuchowski reports, it stadium at 6:30last night. The trouble started here at AMMI Australian Dance Music Awards. 600 people congreagated for the Suth

A fight broke out with some people

seated at one of the

seated at one of the tables. A fight broke out with some people

Witnesses said they ducked for

cover in a panic as tables and

chairs went flying. Then they heard

gunshots. At that point, officials

apparently told everybody to stay

where they were and the fight moved

outside, where people report

time police arrived, we understand hearing even more gunshots. By the

the gunman had left. They've

obviously interviewed hundreds of

witnesses. Thankfully no-one was

injured and, as injured and, as for what motivated witnesses. Thankfully no-one was

the attack, we understand it may

you. have been bikie-related. Back to

"Dr Death" inquiry in Queensland. A bombshell on day two of the delivers a major health announcement It comes as Premier Peter Beattie in State Parliament. is in Brisbane. Ten Reporter Danielle Isdale this morning? Danielle, what has the Premier said

Peter Beattie has just told

Parliament his initial thoughts on

cleaning up the mess that is the

Queensland Health system may be to

split the beleaguered department in

two. He may create a hospitals

department. It's not yet known if department and a primary care

there'll be a new minister. What is

clear is the frerm wants to clear

this mess up as things get more and

more out of hand within the inquiry.

inquiry so far What evidence has been heard of the

inquiry so far this morning? The What evidence has been heard of the

commissioner had a bombshell of his

own to drop - first thing, a letter

from the Premier he received last

night outlining new information.

It appears the department's initial

audit of all of pat's patients was

inaccurate, out by 40 patients - 20

of those have died. It seems the

numbers keep on blowing out. Dr

Patel may have been responsible for

the deaths of up to 90 patient. The

whistleblower nurse took the stand

yesterday and continued her

evidence today. She's told a litany

of horror - tale after tale of

horrendous suffering at the hands

of Dr Patel. She soak of a

60-year-old woman who had her colon

removed when she had ovarian cancer

and suffered during postoperative

care. She spoke of others who died

of surgical complications, although

Dr Patel labelled them as pneumonias

sufferers. We'll learn later about

more of his startling cover-ups.

Thank you. Queensland firefighters have finally beaten a blaze that's been roaring through a 70m cargo ship in Cairns this morning. The fire started in the engine room of the 'Java Sea' just before 6:00. An oil-line burst onto boilers and flames engulfed the engine room, spreading up into the crew quarters. Gaining entry into the engine room is extremely difficult given that bunker oil is burning and it's extremely hot, with up to 1,000 degrees Celcius in there. All 13 crew members were evacuated safely, but the Indonesian coastal freighter has been badly damaged.

Sydney's CBD was brought to a standstill after a water main burst beneath one of the city's busiest roads. Traffic snarls are expected to disrupt the area for most of the day. Faced with a crippling drought and desperately low water supplies, the NSW Government's been pleading with residents to go slow on the H20. But there was no going slow last night

as a massive water main burst in the CBD, wasting thousands of litres of precious water .

Happened quite a lot. I work for

the company, it happens quite a lot.

Water restrictions now - I can't

wash my car. Why does it take two

hours to turn it off? That's the thing. It's bizarre. It's the second burst water main in NSW in just the last few days, but Sydney Water's denying the systems are too old and not properly maintained. It says stand-by crews arrived at the scene within 45 minutes last night, turning off the main within an hour.

We're very aware of the drought at

the moment and the need to conserve

our water but we need do need to do

those things very carefully.

A main in this sort of situation -

there can be a number of things

that can cause de- the constant

thumping of traffic above it, a

change of pressure in the main or some ground movement. The street will be shut off for most of the day, causing hours of traffic chaos. Oscar winner Geoffrey Rush is claiming victory in a long-running battle to save his local railway station in Melbourne.

He's been campaigning for more than a year

against a planning proposal for the historic site. Just back from filming in the Caribbean, Geoffrey Rush stepped into another role - as an activist against excessive development in his backyard. It's a war, it's a planning war. It's all over Melbourne, it's not just Camberwell. The battleground - the Hollywood heavyweight's local train station

in the leafy Melbourne suburb of Camberwell. And at least the first round has been won. The council voted last night to defer a plan which would have allowed high-rise development on the site. Am I being a bad actor and not hiding my excitement? The vote was 8-2, which I think is quite extraordinary. It means the council will now seek talks with the Victorian Government to discuss low-rise options for the station. The enthusiasm for what this planning debate means to Melbourne

was palpable in the room. Rush and fellow star Barry Humphries have been the leading men in an 18-month fight to protect the station. Built in 1917, they feared developers would destroy the station's unique character with a multi-level shopping centre and apartments. If council can go to government now and have a really sensible dialogue with that kind of majority, I'm calling it a momentary victory. Nicole Strahan, Ten News. A school tragedy in Ireland - five students killed in an horrific bus crash. Details when Ten's Morning News returns. And Russell Crowe as you've never seem him before - what audiences can expect from 'Cinderella Man'.

This program is captioned live. An horrific crash in Ireland has left five teenage girls dead. Six others were also critically injured when their school bus overturned north of Dublin. Police say it's not clear what caused the crash on a bend in the Irish countryside north of Dublin. Firefighters spent more than an hour at the scene of the accident

freeing those who had been trapped in the wreckage. Three helicopters from the Irish Air Corps

airlifted the most seriously injured to hospital. Others were treated locally. 26 students taken from the bus, those most seriously injured have gone to hospital and there are 20 with lesser injuries who have gone to Navan Hospital. And we can also confirm at this stage that there are five fatalities, unfortunately. The five dead girls, aged between 13 and 16, all went to the same school - Loretto Convent. The bus had been taking up to 50 children home from schools in the town of Navan. In total, the hospital has received 26 patients. Six of these patients, regrettably, are in a serious condition. Some of those who survived used their mobile phones to phone home while they were to phone home while they were still trapped inside the bus.

This evening, the Irish President, Mary McAleese,

has spoken of her distress at a tragic loss of young life. Russell Crowe is returning to Hollywood's red carpet to premiere his latest movie, 'Cinderella Man'. In a performance many already predict may win him an Oscar, Crowe brings the life of legendary boxer James Braddock and his family to the big screen. The movie, starring Renee Zellweger, follows Braddock's rise to world champion and his fight to survive the Depression. What's worth it? What's worth it? I have to believe that I've got some kind of say over our lives, that if things are bad that we can change them, make things better for our family. Academy Award winning director Ron Howard has praised Crowe's performance. He says audiences will see a side of the star they've never seen before. The movie premieres in Los Angeles in a few hours. Billionaire Donald Trump has found a new way to make money and share his business knowledge. The tycoon has announced he'll open Trump University, offering students an online curriculum. offering students an online curriculum. It's going to be a tremendous venture. It's going to help a lot of people, which is what we really want to do. There's no word yet, though,

on how much it will cost to become a Trump graduate. And the French Open under way as Roger Federer slides into the 2nd round.

This program is captioned live. An auction of Foster's art collection saw several records tumble last night.

A bid to attract the biggest sale price for an Australian painting provided a nervous finish. Auctions don't often carry this much tension for so many people. I shall sell... Sold! Art lovers recognise the importance of Sir Arthur Streeton's piece from his 19th century Sydney sojourn.

The quite splendid work by Sir Arthur Streeton, 'Sunlight Sweet Coogee'. I'll shall open the bidding at $1 million. The auctioneer hoped it might top $2.3 million. Frederick McCubbin's 'Bush Idyll' a record for Australian art.

Do you wish to bid? The night's 75 paintings brought an overall $14.6 million record haul.

Classics from Conrad Martens and Alexander Schramm both bringing close to $1 million each. But 'Coogee' was the big fish. Any further bidding? At $1.5 million. Are you all done? MAN: Here. $1,550,000.


Thank you, sir. That's the spirit. That's what's called a fighting spirit. And then it went. All silent, all done. pAUSE Sold for $1.6 million. That's more than $2 million with GST and Sotheby's commission,

making it a top three all-time buy. Mild disappointment for all but the unidentified buyer,

who's celebrating a bargain. Paul Kennedy, Ten News. In finance news, the Australian share market is slightly higher. Carl Jensen at Commonwealth Securities - and the recovery continues for local shares.

That's right, Tracey. It's been

another positive start for local

shares, the All Ords lifting to

fresh 5-week highs. We have seen

some bargain-hunting emerge.

Despite a small lift in the price

while overnight, motorists continue

to pay less for petrol - they've

now fallen for the fifth straight

now fallen for the fifth straight week, the national average now at

104 .8 cents per litre. Retail

stocks in the spotlight this

morning. There's talk that

Woolworths and Metcash are joining

up. Speculation is that Woolworths

is trying to acquire all of the New

Zealand outlets of foodland. Looking

Zealand outlets of foodland. Looking at the shares, all are

currently in a trading halt pending

an announcement. Thank you.

The Queensland and NSW rugby league teams

have their final training sessions today on State of Origin eve. The Blues happy to take the underdogs tag into game one. The Blues have their first run on Suncorp Stadium this afternoon. Plenty of speculation over the Maroon's final line-up. Michael Crocker expected to start at lock

despite Chris Flannery being named in the position.

And it really doesn't bother me. It

really doesn't, because they're all

going to get a lot of time. The

better they the they play, the more

time they'll get. Queensland are favourites in front a sell-out home crowd, back in Brisbane after assembling on the Gold Coast. Casey McGuire ready for an Origin debut seven years after his first NRL match.

I got the phone call late Saturday

I got the phone call late Saturday night. I thought a few of the boys

were just geeing me up. When I

found out it was real I rang family

and we were all very excited. Manly will fight Shayne Dunley's grade five contrary conduct charge at the judiciary, accused of spitting at Parramatta's PJ Marsh on Friday night. He faces a 5-week suspension.

We were surprised, obviously. But

evidence shows that it looks as

though there is a spitting evidence shows that it looks as though there is a spitting incident.

But basically categorically the

player denies that he spat at anybody. Newcastle prop Josh Perry could get away with 5 matches by pleading guilty to a high tackle on Dragons front rower Michael Henderson. Tania Armstrong, Ten News. In AFL - two big names have decided to take their medicine and accept a week's suspension after the round nine games. Geelong hot head Cameron Mooney and the Kangaroos' Glenn Archer have both copped their bans. Cameron Mooney's back-handed swipe cost him a week on the sidelines, the second time this year he's been rubbed out and a continued source of frustration for Geelong. Glenn Archer's round arm wouldn't have pleased his coach either. The veteran shinboner has also accepted a week's suspension.

COMMENTATOR: He's just trying to knock the ball out of the road but didn't quite connect with the ball. Better news at Essendon, where Dean Solomon escaped a trip to the tribunal and captain James Hird is set to return this week from a hamstring injury. At Collingwood, things are on the up and up with captain Nathan Buckley resuming full training for the first time. He probably has to do that for two or three weeks and each day is gonna depend how he comes up the next day. If he doesn't get any soreness, I still think if he gets back within three or four, he's doing well. Richmond's Joel Bowden has undergone surgery

to repair a depressed fracture of his cheekbone. He'll miss just one match,

team-mate Chris Hyde's helmet protecting him from a more serious problem. Blokes have played after a week, blokes have played after two weeks. It's just a personal thing whether the swelling goes down and whether or not I feel up to playing footy again. And Brisbane coach Leigh Matthews wants to throw out the bounce. To me, there's no logic in bouncing the ball, absolutely none. So, to me, the ball should be thrown up in the centre and there's been no logic around the ground for years. That has been an absolute dinosaur. Rob Waters, Ten News. Russian Anastasia Myskina has become the first defending champion to be eliminated from the French Open in the first round. The fifth seed lost in 3 sets to Spanish veteran Maria Sanchez Lorenzo, who won every game in the closing set.

She played normal tennis.

I can't say she did something special to beat me today. (Inaudible) ..from my side. In the men's, Roger Federer progressed to the next round, as did joint favourite for the title Spaniard Raphael Nadarl. Both winning through in straight sets. Next in Ten News, a look at the weather around the nation.

This program is captioned live. Now for a look at the national weather.

A masked visitor has caused a stir at Federal Parliament this morning. Security staff mobilised when a large bear appeared at the front door. After a quick once over by the guard dog, Super Hero Bear was allowed to enter the main hall under the close watch of guards. Super Hero Bear is in Canberra to promote Red Nose Day, raising money for research into Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. That brings you up to date with all the news. I'm Tracey Spicer. Good afternoon. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.