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The Cult Of The Suicide Bomber -

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(generated from captions) This program is not subtitled Good evening. with an ABC News update. Virginia Haussegger of the reasons New details have emerged anti-terror raids. for last week's major the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor Court documents released today say for the eight Sydney suspects. was a likely target

The men have also been accused for explosives, of stockpiling ingredients in New South Wales far west. and attending jihad training camps The Chief Minister says ACT public servants a decision to allow to attend tomorrow's demonstrations to take paid leave against workplace reforms concern about the changes. reflects the ACT Government's A would-be suicide bomber terrorist attack in Jordan, involved in last week's targeted a wedding reception has told how she and her husband at a hotel in Amman. but hers failed to explode. His bomb went off, Kerry Stokes Channel Seven boss with two of the parties involved has agreed to mediation Federal Court case. in his massive $1 billion after criticism from the judge The move came being consumed by the case. about the amount of time and money And Canberra's weather - Possible showers late tomorrow, of 10 - 22. with a temperature range Sydney - 26, Melbourne - 20, More news in at 9:25pm. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight.

This program is not subtitled

This program is not subtitled

MAN: My name is Robert Baer. I worked as an undercover agent For more than 20 years, the CIA - for the Central Intelligence Agency -

most dangerous countries. in some of the Middle East's

London was the first European city On 7 July 2005, to face a new form of terror - the home-grown suicide bomber. bombers, all British citizens, In a series of attacks four suicide killed 52 people. the bombers came from nowhere. For the British, SIREN WAILS

But suicide bombing is not new. in the Middle East 25 years ago, I was stationed killed 380 Westerners. when suicide bombers terrorist attacks until 9/11. The Beirut bombings were the worst in those explosions, I lost several colleagues and although I've now left the CIA,

to make it my life's mission at the time I vowed to find out who did it and why of suicide bombing started. and where the cult EXPLOSION, CONFUSED HUBBUB EXOTIC MUSIC

home to 70 million Muslims. Tehran, the capital of Iran, more than 25 years ago, When I was last here

greatest allies in the region. Iran was one of the United States's of our greatest enemies. Now it is one P.A. ECHOES INDISTINCTLY what is going on in Iran, If you want to understand noon prayers at Tehran University. the best place to start is worshippers gather Every Friday, more than 10,000

to hear the regime's latest thinking. (Man speaks in foreign language) there were reports The day before I arrived, Bay had desecrated the Koran. that an American guard at Guantanamo

for an American, It was not a good time

to be in Iran. and especially a former CIA agent, EXOTIC MUSIC, MEN SHOUT has accused Iran The American government of being a state sponsor of terrorism nuclear weapons. and of trying to develop (All shout)

of the suicide bomber. Iran is also the birthplace for Iran and Islam? How many here? How many of you are ready to die the issue of Koran, You know, when it comes to dying for that. we are not joking about (Man speaks in foreign language) of all blood, he will defend Koran. He says until the last drop

of all blood, he will defend Koran. He says until the last drop SOMBRE MUSIC In modern Iran, by a revolutionary faith. politics has always been dominated (All shout) (Crowd chants) against the Western-backed Shah In 1979, a popular uprising a religious revolution was transformed into

Ayatollah Khomeini. by one man - (All chant) (Man shouts)

Iran was thrown into more chaos A year later, by its neighbour, Iraq. when it was invaded

and promised a place in paradise Khomeini called for a holy war

defending the revolution. to anyone who was martyred CHANTING in Qom, one of Iran's holiest cities. Khomeini's power base was here with someone who knew Khomeini well - I have been granted an audience the Grand Ayatollah Saanei. (Speaks in foreign language)

Khomeini and the war with Iraq, TRANSLATION: During the time of Imam

welcomed the idea of martyrdom the Iranian people was very wise and thoughtful. because the Imam's leadership doing these things on a whim. The people realised he wasn't and for the country. He was doing it for Islam

and martyrdom was greatly welcomed. So his decision was accepted SOMBRE MUSIC In calling for martyrs, that went back nearly 1,400 years. Khomeini was drawing on tradition Islam had split into two sects - Shortly after its birth,

and the minority Shia. the majority Sunni

fought for dominance ever since. They have continually the prophet Mohammed, Imam Hussein, In 680 AD, the grandson of led his outnumbered army at the Battle of Karbala. against the caliph, Yazid, this battle in a bloody passion play. Every year, Shia Muslims re-enact

DRUMS BEAT one by one Hussein's soldiers are slaughtered until finally it's his turn to die. and his body is mutilated. Surrounded, he is killed SOMBRE MUSIC is viewed by the Shia Hussein's martyrdom

against tyranny and slavery, as a symbol of their struggle a path to salvation.

an assured place in paradise. Any who follow it are promised CHANTING this ancient battle in modern times Khomeini's trick was to re-set so he became the heroic Hussein, became the evil Yazid, his enemy, the Iraqi leader, were Hussein's faithful soldiers and the Iranian people as 'shaheed' - martyrs. who followed him to a glorious death Khomeini convinced his people that by fighting to the death against the Iraqis, they were re-enacting a religious battle at the heart of the their faith.

I arranged to meet one of Khomeini's volunteer soldiers. When he joined up, Masud A'Tar was only 12 years old. (Speaks in foreign language) TRANSLATION: Everybody wanted to go to the front. We were all eager to go because we wanted to experience the real thing.

Getting blown up had no meaning for us. The thought that we might die didn't enter our heads. We were going in order to get killed. We had no intention of going there and coming back. GUNFIRE AND EXPLOSIONS

SHOUTING We used to call out "God is great" before going into battle and we used to shout it out all together and at the top of our voices. The Iraqis had all the best weapons, but when they heard us shouting "God is great", it scared the hell out of them and they panicked and didn't know what to do. So they were defeated. As we used to say amongst ourselves, "God will take care of us all." (Men shout) GRIM MUSIC

How many friends did you lose during the war? (Speaks in foreign language) TRANSLATION: Many. 10...15... More than 30, 40 of my friends. 10 to 15 were my close friends. That's a lot.

SHOUTING Martyrdom was a powerful rallying cry, but as a weapon of war it was a futile instrument. In eight years of fighting, Iran lost almost 500,000 dead. But there was one martyr who stood above all the rest.

He would become the prototype for suicide bombers everywhere. GRIM MUSIC Just outside Tehran is one of the largest cemeteries in the world, Behest-e-Zahra. Spread over more than 1,000 acres, it contains the graves of hundreds of thousands of martyrs. It is a city of the dead. EERIE CHANTING ECHOES Every week, thousands of Iranians come to commune with their dead relatives.

This was your son? TRANSLATION: Saeed Mustafa. How old was he when he was martyred? 15 years old. He had just started high school. We told him to do his exams first, but he said it would be too late. Isn't he...wasn't he too young to be martyred? He really wanted to go. He was a child.

Yes, only a child. He came from school one day asking me to sign an approval letter for him to go to the front, and I did. He went for God. It was a good path for him to take, so why would we stop him? He became a martyr for God. CHANTING ECHOES

What does he think about martyrdom now that he lost his brother? TRANSLATION: The martyrs are more alive than we are. If he were asked today to become a martyr, what would his answer be? Yes, absolutely. So, if there was another war, he would volunteer and go? Without any doubts.

Martyrdom is a path to salvation that not everybody can reach.

SOMBRE MUSIC At the heart of the cemetery is the grave of the world's first suicide bomber, the tomb of Iran's youngest and most celebrated martyr.

In 1980, the Iranian army was defending a key town in the south. CONFUSED HUBBUB At a critical moment in the battle when the Iraqis were about to break through, 13-year-old Hossein Fahmideh strapped explosives to his body,

charged an enemy tank and blew himself up, destroying the tank and halting the Iraqi advance. Fahmideh became an instant hero, another martyr lost in the defence of his country. But for me, he was different than all the others.

He had deliberately killed himself.

HORN TOOTS The Fahmideh family live in a city just outside Tehran in a house provided for them by the state. (Speaks in foreign language) I am the first Westerner that they have ever met. (Speaks in foreign language)

The family have a room where they keep a small shrine to their son. Ayatollah Khomeini here is talking about that he was a 13-year-old boy. He was just a little boy, but yet he gave himself to the military and to martyrdom.

These flowers represent that he's gone to heaven. All the schools in Iran were distributing this backpack for children. There's Fahmideh. You have the words of Ayatollah Khomeini here... (Speaks in foreign language) Yeah, "He's our guide for victory." Here you see a grenade and the tank, and it says on the headband...

(Speaks in foreign language) Yeah, he's going to Karbala, or go to heaven in Karbala. When his parents gave Fahmideh their blessing to join up, they never thought he would be sent to the front. (All converse in foreign language) TRANSLATION: The radio news was on and my husband was listening. Suddenly, it was interrupted and they announced that

a 13-year-old boy had thrown himself under an enemy tank and that he had "drunk the elixir of martyrdom"

and blown the tank up. We were having dinner and I said that, "This boy must be my Hossein. "This act of bravery and faith was Hossein's.

"It must be Hossein." Nobody ate anything after that. TRANSLATION: No, not at all. Yes. He did have a very strong belief. He was a martyr. It's impossible to describe him as anything else - a martyr through and through.'s interesting. They...she and the wife and the brother absolutely reject the word 'suicide' even though there was an 100% chance that he would die.

It does not come into their vocabulary. He is simply a martyr, even though it was 100% certain that he would die when he threw himself under the tank.

TRANSLATION: The word 'martyrdom' means he understood what he was doing. EXOTIC MUSIC 'Suicide' implies that he did this out of desperation. Someone is desperate and they commit suicide. It was his duty.

It was not for personal gain.

It was for the greater good, for the people of Iran, not for himself. PERCUSSIVE MUSIC Just outside Tehran is another tomb, a place of pilgrimage for all Iranians - the shrine of Ayatollah Khomeini. (Man speaks in foreign language) Every year there is a special military rally here to give thanks for victory in the war against Iraq. (Shouts in foreign language) At the climax of the rally,

all the senior commanders of the Iranian armed forces arrived. Khomeini said that the tree of Islam can only grow if it is constantly fed with the blood of martyrs. With the example of Fahmideh and others, he turned martyrdom into a state religion. LOW-LEVEL CONVERSATION As the rally broke up, I cornered the head of the Iranian armed forces, General Firouzabadi. He has never spoken to Western reporters before. What is the importance of martyrdom for the Iranian armed forces today? (Speaks in foreign language) TRANSLATION: The Americans have realised up till now that they have to listen carefully and they know that no army can stand in the way of martyrdom.

So the Americans should know that if they try to interfere with Iran, they will dig their own graves. GRIM MUSIC Modern suicide bombing began here in Iran. Khomeini's revival of the 1,400-year tradition provided the ideology of martyrdom, but Fahmideh's heroism was still a spontaneous and isolated act. It wasn't until the cult was exported abroad that the suicide bomber became a deadly, effective weapon of war. HAUNTING MUSIC

Beirut, Lebanon's capital, a city that has always done its best to hide its past. I've been coming here for over 20 years, but it still mystifies me. It was here, in the 1980s, that the next stage of the suicide bomber evolved. EXPLOSION

Back then, Lebanon was struggling to come to terms with a civil war that had never really ended. GUNFIRE AND EXPLOSIONS In June 1982 the Israelis invaded, followed by a multinational peacekeeping force led by the US Marines.

The Americans were soon drawn into the conflict and seen as Israel's ally. But nothing prepared us for what happened next. EXPLOSION CONFUSED HUBBUB On 18 April 1983, just after 1pm,

Beirut was rocked by a massive explosion. I was lucky. I was out of town that day. Michael Hariq remembers the blast. He was a 17-year-old American student in Beirut. And there was no security here

in the sense of security like you have today.

Did you know what it was? We had no idea what it was. The first thought was immediately

sonic blasts, sonic booms, like, from aircraft. And then we got word that the... ..that it was the American Embassy that was bombed. GRIM MUSIC When we got here, there was pandemonium. Basically, the whole front of the building was collapsed, you know, almost like a deck of cards.

Smoke, fire, people hanging out of the buildings, dead. A torso, an arm.

What sticks in your mind my mind was just the image of total destruction.

Get back, get back. OK, OK. 63 people were killed, including most of the CIA's Beirut staff.

All we knew was that someone had seen a car driving into the embassy seconds before the explosion. GRIM MUSIC HORN BLARES 22 years later the site is being redeveloped, covered up. You know, you were there afterwards. You ever figure out who did it or come to a conclusion, or...? Um...I don't know who did it. I mean... But there's nobody in jail or anything. It's just like the American Embassy's there one day, gone the next. I don't know, man. They... Part of this embassy thing was the CIA thing too, right? Yeah, some guys got killed. Plenty of them, right? Station chiefs. Yeah. So, you know, you start to think. The people orchestrating these massive blasts, I don't think,

are the sporadic, running-around, average run-of-the-mill terrorists. I mean, they have a definite agenda. Well, plus, they're good. The bombs go off, don't they? This is the problem. It works. SOMBRE MUSIC This was the first modern suicide attack against Western interests, and it caught us in the CIA by complete surprise. A few hours afterwards an unknown group claimed responsibility, saying it was "part of "the Iranian revolution's campaign against the imperialist presence". Ever since, I've been trying to find out who they really were. EXOTIC MUSIC To understand what was happening in Lebanon

you had to get out of Beirut,

but travelling outside the city was extremely dangerous. The countryside was controlled by a myriad of different factions - Phalangist, Maronite, Sunni, Shia, and Druze militias, as well as the Syrians, the Israelis, and a group of Iranians. I have come to see an old friend from the Lebanese Army who remembers the chaos of the 1980s. All these neighbours, they have a lot of interests coming to Lebanon and to deal...each country likes to deal with some part of the people. Mm-hm. The Israelis, they have a lot of interests coming to Lebanon. The Syrians...

..were ready to come to Lebanon also, and at this time the Iranians having their interests also in Lebanon because you have a part of Lebanon that are Shia. SOMBRE MUSIC Lebanon has a large population of Shia Muslims, and in the struggle against the Israeli invaders

they looked for support from Khomeini and Iran. GENERAL KALLAS: It was easy for the Iranians to start coming to the Baalbeck/Hermel area. You have no inhabitants in this area and you have a lot of valleys and mountains. They felt safe and they can move and train their supporters. You can use your weapons and nobody can hear.

I knew the Iranians were using a back road into Lebanon over the mountains from Syria. At the time, my bosses in the CIA refused to let me investigate it. They said it was too dangerous. This whole valley, the '70s and '80s, all the major terrorist groups had camps up here -

Japanese Red Army, Abu Nidal. I mean, there was even Armenians up here. And, you know, at one point there was suspicion that European terrorist groups were operating out of here. Today, the road is still a smugglers' route, unguarded. The Syrians were looking for allies at the time in 1982, and the group that stood up, the country that stood up was... ..was Iran. And the Syrians understood that they had to set up a popular resistance, an Islamic resistance, and that's why they let the Iranians in. SOMBRE MUSIC So, in July 1982, a special unit of volunteers from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards arrived in the historic city of Baalbeck. The Iranians commandeered Lebanese army barracks. There's the Sheikh Abdullah barracks. VOICEOVER: With them they brought weapons, explosives and, from the battlefields of the Iran/Iraq war, this new idea that 'shahadah' - martyrdom - could be an incredibly potent weapon in the defence of Lebanon.

The cult of the suicide bomber had arrived. MAN DECLAIMS IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE The Iranians helped set up one of the most feared Islamic groups anywhere in the world - Hizbollah, the Party of God.

The Beqaa Valley is still controlled by Hizbollah. You can only operate here with their permission.

CHANTING Just outside Baalbeck, Hizbollah have erected a massive shrine to one of its founding fathers, Abbas Musawi, assassinated by the Israelis. It is a site of pilgrimage for all the Hizbollah faithful.

(Speaks in foreign language) TRANSLATION: This is not a mosque. This is a shrine. The most important person here is Abbas Musawi. All the rest is a display of martyrs. SOMBRE MUSIC The shrine has become a museum to all of Hizbollah's martyrs.

Case after case is filled with the personal effects of those killed in the war against the Israelis. Out of all the martyrs, there was one name that stood out. TRANSLATION: Of course. The date on which Ahmad Qassir carried out his operation is called Hizbollah's Day of Martyrs. It's interesting, because he's... I asked about Ahmad Qassir, and he said, "That is the real day of martyrdom."

That's the real day of martyrdom, when Ahmad Qassir committed suicide, and he said it had a huge effect on the Beqaa and other operations. (Speaks in foreign language)

And it affected all of Lebanon. On 11 November 1982, 18-year-old Ahmad Qassir drove a car into the Israeli military headquarters in Tyre and blew himself up. The building was completely destroyed and 74 Israelis died in the blast.

Hizbollah had transformed the Iranian concept of martyrdom into a deadly, effective weapon. Ahmad Qassir was the world's first suicide car bomber. GRIM MUSIC This deadly attack took place five months before the US Embassy was bombed in Beirut, but none of us in the CIA spotted this obvious warning. Ahmad Qassir came from a small village just outside Tyre in southern Lebanon. This is very interesting. It says in Arabic "the prince of martyrs, Ahmad Qassir",

and here you have the symbol of Hizbollah. It says, "We are the conquerors, the Islamic revolution in Lebanon." It's clear that Hizbollah has adopted this operation because he is really a symbol, a mythical symbol of suicide bombers.

Ahmad Qassir's family still lives in the village. I went to meet his sister and mother. (Speaks in foreign language) TRANSLATION: That's the martyr, Ahmad. Yes, he was the first. TRANSLATION: No, it first happened in Iran, but he WAS the first in Lebanon. When he was working in Saudi Arabia, he used to tell us that no-one would shake Israel more than him. We would ask him what he was going to do. He said, "Wait and see."

He was planning this from an early age. I feel glory and pride for him because he was the first martyr and there were so many others who followed him. GRIM MUSIC It was a murderous contest between two unequal armies - Israel's conventional force, with every form of modern weaponry at its disposal, and Hizbollah's guerilla army, with stealth and blind faith on its side.

For his family in Hizbollah, Ahmad and all those that followed him were not terrorists. They were seen as ordinary soldiers. HAUNTING MUSIC

If he had dropped a bomb from a plane on the Israeli military headquarters, would we think of him any differently? The success of Ahmad Qassir's suicide attack was also a powerful recruiting tool. Thousands of young Lebanese now joined the resistance, ready to sacrifice themselves to defeat the occupying Israelis.

Most of the attacks took place along Israel's border with Lebanon. It was to become a killing ground for the conscripts in the Israeli army. SILENCE Today, southern Lebanon is still a dangerous place

as the war has never officially ended. It was here that Hizbollah waged a prolonged campaign of suicide bomb attacks. They provided me with a guided tour of where the attacks took place. The sign says that 42 soldiers were killed and injured, maybe 15 killed,

and the martyr Abdullah Atweh was approximately 24 years old. (Speaks in foreign language) (Answers in foreign language) He was from Markaba. Markaba. SOMBRE MUSIC Fighting regularly breaks out along this border. As we walked, we were under constant surveillance by the Israelis.

TRANSLATION: This is the gate. After the liberation, the Israelis blocked it off with a wall and a fence. This is where convoy was coming across.

There were hundreds of Israeli soldiers gathered in this part... ..the day of the suicide operation. And he... (Speaks foreign language) (Answers in foreign language) He came down here in a pick-up truck full of explosives

and he blew himself up right in this spot. GRIM MUSIC EXPLOSION


(Speaks in foreign language) TRANSLATION: He was a member of the Islamic resistance. He blew himself up with the Israeli enemy on 19 August 1989. He was about 20, 21.

He was an engineer. The martyr was an engineer. No. He was single. There was a convoy of lorries, and in this convoy there were about 30 Israeli soldiers. There was... (Speaks in foreign language)

Then, at the crossing point from Israel, the martyr blew himself up. GRIM MUSIC

These were no random acts committed by religious madmen, but part of a well-planned campaign. As a tactic of war it was highly efficient. One resistance fighter could kill scores of Israeli soldiers.

Hizbollah had invented the ultimate smart bomb. TRANSLATION: No, it's not a personal decision. There are freedom fighters who want to carry out acts of martyrdom,

but the actual decision is taken by specific counsel in Hizbollah. But we know that given half the chance Israel will invade us, so the members of Hizbollah and other freedom fighters are ready. They're always ready, 24 hours a day. MAN SINGS IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE The propaganda value of these attacks was enormous...

..and many of them were secretly filmed. Hizbollah set up its own television station, and their programs were interrupted with news of the latest attack.

Today, from a secret location in south Beirut, Al-Manar Television repackages the same dramatic footage in specially produced videos that are circulated throughout the Middle East. For some in a new generation of Muslims,

the suicide bomber has become an immortal hero. SOMBRE MUSIC

Although suicide bombing first appeared among Lebanon's Shia Muslims, I heard of another Lebanese group for whom it was just a battlefield tactic. For the members of the Syrian Socialist National Party, religion played no part.

I met up with one of the party's leaders, Tawfiq Muhanna.

How many martyrs have you had in the party? We have 13. 13.

I mean, what goes through their heads? What I don't understand is... If you're a Muslim or a Christian who believes in the afterlife of heaven and you want to commit martyrdom, you're promising me a future which you believe in or you don't believe in. What do you promise these people for eternity? Ah. Er... I mean, this is very strange, you understand, for me to understand. The Muslim, for example, who goes through this kind of sacrifice, he is promised by paradise.

Our comrades are not promised by a paradise in heaven. That paradise is on the...on earth. Their country is their paradise. (Speaks in foreign language) For members of the SSNP, it was a purely political struggle.

Each bomber would record a video will explaining why they were about to sacrifice their lives against the Israeli invader. Being a secular party, there was no ban on the use of women. Half of the SSNP martyrs were female, including the world's first female suicide bomber, 17-year-old Sana'a Mehaidli. (Speaks in foreign language) TRANSLATION: I ask all my family and all those close to me to carry on along my path of sacrifice until the complete liberation of our land. I want you to rejoice for me because my soul is going home. I am giving myself for the honour of my people. So I hope that you are not sad, for this is my wedding day.

On 9 April 1985, Sana'a drove a car into an Israeli patrol and blew herself up, killing two soldiers. She became known as "the bride of the south". MIDDLE-EASTERN FOLK MUSIC PLAYS

The party arranged for me to meet a veteran commander. He's still nervous for talking as for years he was hunted by the Israelis. TRANSLATION: There's no-one listening in on us, is there... No. ..when we're talking?

Munir El Jumali personally organised the attack of another female suicide bomber, Norma Abi Hassan. TRANSLATION: One day she came to me and said, "Munir, I want to carry out an operation against Israel." I said, "It's wrong that you go and die. It's wrong!" She said, "It's what I want. My mother is no good. "My father drinks and smokes. He's no good." She had lived with the party for six months.

She had seen people dying, people going on acts of martyrdom, so she said that she now wanted to go on an operation herself. No-one pressurised her. GRIM MUSIC On 17 July 1986, Norma drove a car into an Israeli army base

and blew herself up, killing 10 Israeli soldiers. She was 26 years old. TRANSLATION: Norma was beautiful. She gave me this picture before she committed her act of martyrdom. On the back she wrote me a message that said, "I am going now."

She was a really good person, a real gem. GRIM MUSIC The Lebanese resistance waged an 18-year campaign

against the Israeli Army, with over 30 suicide bomb attacks in which more than 350 soldiers were killed. In the end, southern Lebanon had become Israel's Vietnam. In the year 2000 the Israelis finally withdrew. The Lebanese were left with a heroic story

that is forever commemorated in the hills of southern Lebanon.

In the grounds of the new American Embassy on a hill overlooking Beirut, there is a different memorial. This one is to the victims. 18 April, 1983 - 63 killed in the American Embassy. 20 September, 1984 - the embassy was bombed again, with 11 killed. But by far the biggest attack came on 23rd October, 1983, when a suicide bomber drove through the entrance of the US Marines barracks just outside Beirut. He detonated 12,000lb of explosives

in the biggest non-nuclear explosion since the Second World War. 241 US servicemen were killed. A Marine cameraman recorded these scenes, the worst terrorist attack against the United States until 9/11.

This is the first time his film has been shown. GRIM MUSIC

Today, the site is a carpark at Beirut Airport. 22 years later, the identities of the bombers are still unclear.

And the army, we have a department... One person who might know the truth is the officer in charge of the original investigation. ..military and civil around the military. The operation of the American Embassy, it was the first one in Lebanon. Very sophisticated and perfectly study,

and was high-level people operating. So, it was more than just a gang. Yes. For me it's a little bit strange, 'cause you already had the Israeli bombing in November 1982, and they named the boy who drove the truck into the Israeli headquarters.

Don't you think it's strange that in that atmosphere, they haven't named the person in the truck? Because it's very strange. Normally when you make operation, you have to declare who - the responsibility, who did it, etc, etc, and to celebrate the heroes of the operation. But during this period, it was... was like secret. Nobody declared... And it's still a secret. Nobody declare responsibility, nobody declare names, nobody... Why? I don't know. I believe the aim is not to let... ..know which country was behind. It's a question of countries. A country did it? It's not a question of people or groups or... It's a country did the Marine bombings in the...? I didn't say so. You are saying this. (Laughs) I mean, that's a good explanation. It was a country that did it and the country does not want to be named or indicted - very simple.

This is... It's logical. This is the normal logic, yes. Normal logic. But you won't tell me. I don't have the right. GRIM MUSIC HORNS TOOT Shortly before I resigned from the CIA, I discovered a damning piece of evidence as to who that country could be. 13 months before the first suicide bomb against the US Embassy,

a top-level CIA source had produced a detailed report saying that Iran was in touch with a network capable of destroying the US Embassy in Beirut. SHOUTING I am convinced that the Islamic Republic of Iran has been engaged in a secret war with the United States since 1979, and in Lebanon, one of its chief weapons was the suicide bomber.

The CIA had chosen to ignore all the warning signs. Next, like a pathological virus, the cult's spread would become unstoppable. SOMBRE MUSIC

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Good evening. The terror suspects arrested in raids last week were allegedly staking out Sydney's Lucas Heights nuclear reactor. Court documents released today say some of the men were stopped by police near the site and gave differing accounts of why they were there. They also suggest

the men were stockpiling ingredients for explosives and had attended training camps on outback properties.

Brisbane's public transport system is returning to normal after a series of bomb threats shut down bus and train services today. It was peak-hour chaos as buses were pulled over and evacuated and train stations closed. It's believed three calls were made. The first two this morning resulted in bus and rail services being stopped just after midday. The third call came this afternoon. Prompting the Government to halt services again. Workers have been warned against joining tomorrow's day of action

against the Government's workplace changes. Some employers say some workers could be fined if they walk off the job to join the protest. Unions are promising huge rallies around the country in what's looming as a show of strength. A Senate inquiry into the proposed laws got under way today. A Sydney man has pleaded guilty to faking his own death to try to get $3.5 million in life insurance.

56-year-old Harry Gordon was officially declared dead five years ago, after disappearing north of Newcastle.

He's also pleaded guilty to possessing a fake passport. Two Indonesian fisherman found on a remote island off Australia's northern coast will be sent home without charge. The men washed up on an island south-west of Darwin, after drifting for a week in the Timor Sea.

Customs says there's no evidence they were fishing in Australian waters and there's been no application for asylum. The daughter of former Australian rugby union player Phil Kearns

has been moved out of intensive care. 19-month-old Andie Kearns suffered abdominal injuries when she was run over in the driveway of her Sydney home last month. She's now in a surgical ward at the Sydney Children's Hospital. And the build-up's under way for Wednesday's soccer World Cup qualifier. The Socceroos and Uuruguay both flew into Sydney this morning and there was no shortage of support for the visitors. The Socceroos believe their chartered flight left them in better shape than the Uruguyans, who flew commercially

and are confident of turning around the 1-0 weekend loss in Montevideo. Both teams held light training sessions this afternoon. Now, tomorrow's national weather. Brisbane - showers and late thunderstorms. Sydney - afternoon showers. Canberra - a shower or two with a top of 32. Darwin - and late gusty storms. Melbourne - becoming fine. Hobart - mainly fine. More news just before 10:00pm. This program is not subtitled

This program is not subtitled

This program is not subtitled

This program is not subtitled THEME MUSIC BIRDSONG

This dirt here, you can put a six-inch nail in that, come out in the morning, you got a crowbar. That's what she grows like. Do a fair bit of shooting, like, that's why I like being here, like.

I get my permits each year to go out there shooting - roo, the wallaby, like. Years ago I used the go after the possum when the season was in. Used to give you a few extra dollars.