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Tonight, Victoria's sex slave

scandal. A man accused of fathering

four children with a daughter he

held captive. 2Day FM's Kyle

Sandilands strikes a deal to save

his job. And top diplomatic jobs

for two former political foes. Good

evening, I'm Deborah Knight, and

I'm Bill Woods, also, the row over

paedophile Dennis Ferguson comes to

a head, and sacked south Sydney a head, and sacked south Sydney

his name. coach Jason Taylor vows to clear

But first, the sex slave scandal.

Soul searching has begun over how a

Victorian man was able to imprison

his daughter for three decades,

raping her nearly every day. Police

allegations against the man have

just become public. He's accused of

fathering four children with his

daughter during a brutal reign of

terror. The alleged crimes that

took place within these walls are

almost unimaginable. The family who

moved in here four years ago had no

idea of the horror that police

charges outlined. I don't know what

to say but I am shocked. A man in

his 60s held his daughter of a

virtual prisoner in the home. She

claims she was raped almost daily

from the age of 11. Any crime of

this type is one that is shocking.

And it is personally repulsive.

Both to me and other Victorians.

DNA tests confirmed the accused

fathered format children with his

daughter. All of them born with

serious health problems. Three boys

survived, one little girl died. The

children have been living with that

secret and the trauma. Everyone in

that family is a dictum. Shocked

welfare workers say the allegations welfare workers say the allegations

are chillingly similar to Austria's

Josef Fritzl, who imprisoned his

daughter as a sex life. And also

the story of chasing lead to guard,

held captive by a paedophile for 18

Dugard. years. -- JC do guard. -- Jaycee

They hardly come here at all. They

used to play in the backroom. The

accused man's daughter and children

are now in hiding. It is believed

they are now in a safe house being

cared for by authorities and will

remain there until after court

proceedings. The man is due to face

county court in November. Dramatic

twists and turns in the past hour

over the future of convicted

paedophile Dennis Ferguson. First,

his mentor announced he was staying

on in Sydney's north-west. Now it's

emerged he's struck a deal to leave.

TEN reporter Evan Batten is outside

his unit in Ryde, Evan - what's

going on? You are 100% correct,

there will we relief for local

residents as he has ordered left

this house behind me. It has come

after three weeks of him being here

and tensions at residents. There

was some confusion because a few

hours ago we were told by his main

supporter that in fact a deal had

been reached and he would be

staying but that is not correct. He

has been moved to a secret

temporary location of the

government has enough time on its

hands to work out what to do with

him longer term. If he is moved to

another location this whole problem

could unfold again if he is

discovered. A public meeting is

planned in Ryde tonight - will it

still go ahead? It will still go

ahead. Residents are still angry

and want answers. They want to know

why he was put here in the first

place. It is a decision that makes

no sense. They also want to see no sense. They also want to see

changes in place. They have to be

legal changes say things like this

don't happen again. Radio host Kyle

Sandilands won't lose his lucrative

gig at 2Day FM, despite the uproar

over his latest on-air scandal. TEN

reporter Daniel Sutton joins us.

Dan, Kyle hasn't escaped punishment

altogether. He has been ordered

into counselling by Today FM and

has been suspended for four weeks

without pay, a decision that will

cost to $150,000 in lost earnings.

Money that the station says it will

donate to charity. We saw him

leaving his home today to have a

meeting at a Sydney hotel with

posterior bosses, he expressed

displeasure at his on a remark that

the actors could lose weight at a the actors could lose weight at a

concentration camp. -- Austereo

bosses. Prime McFadden, the fiancee

of culture good and will be his

replacement on air. -- Brian

McFadden.. But some other big names

won't be returning to breakfast

radio. The bosses at next one Essex

0.5 have decided that their

breakfast team of Sonia Kruger and

Todd McKenney will not return from

the break. A decision on their

replacement will be made in the

next week or so. Secret phone tapes

have been played in the court case

against the man accused of the

death of Dianne Brimble. One of the

men convicted of covering up

details of the cruise ship death of

Dianne Brimble has testified

against his former friend Mark

Wilhelm. Wilhelm is accused of Ms Brimble's manslaughter. TEN court

reporter Gabrielle Boyle has been

following the story. The men came

to court to give evidence against

his former friend. They did not

make eye contact and kept their distance throughout the afternoon.

Dianne Brimble died of an overdose Dianne Brimble died of an overdose

in 2002 on board the ship. Today

the man told the court that he

boarded the ship of seven France.

That night the group went to a That night the group went to a

disco on board the ship. He went to

bed around 3am and work when Mark

and the woman arrived in the cavern.

Mark offered her at a drug called

Fantasy, saying it would make her

10 times more horny. He heard them

kissing Ms them later left the room. kissing Ms them later left the room.

Then he heard Mark running down the

corridor of naked except for a life

jacket. Not long after this Dianne

Brimble was dead. In the taped

phone conversations, Mark said that

Dianne Brimble had been no angel

and her death had been -- had drawn

his life. He felt like killing himself and wanted to apologise himself and wanted to apologise

what happened, calling her get a

tragic accident. He repeatedly

raised his concerns about the media

attention the story is receiving in

the lead-up to the 2006 inquest.

Media attention continues, with the

trial expected to last up to eight

weeks. Two men who wanted Kevin weeks. Two men who wanted Kevin

Rudd's job have been sent overseas

as ambassadors. Former Labor Leader

Kim Beazley is heading to

Washington, and former Liberal

Leader, Brendan Nelson is off to

Brussels. Kevin Rudd enjoys the odd

surprise. When he can fight by at

two for more opposition leaders, he

knew he hit the jackpot. Both have

been defence ministers in the

Cabinet and both have led their

parties. Kim Beazley heads to

Washington as ambassador, no real

surprise there, he already has

high-level contacts in the capital

and knows America at intimate lives.

I can't think of anything that I

would rather do at this point. He

will represent Australia at NATO

and at the World Health

Organisation, Brendan Nelson. I

accept this with a great sense of

honour. I am surprised, but no more honour. I am surprised, but no more

surprised than he was. While

praising both appointments, Malcolm

Turnbull notes that his -- global

warming rival will find challenges.

Brendan Fraser will be like a fish

out of water in Copenhagen. The

Greens unveiled at their weight Greens unveiled at their weight

cabinet for the Sidi seats. They cabinet for the Sidi seats. They

said Kim Beazley should give up his

Parliamentary pension. There is

Liberal and Labor politicians use

their connections to jump the queue

ahead of a professional diplomat.

Kevin Rudd says he serious in

wanting to use all available talent

to serve the nation and he still to serve the nation and he still

has a job on offer for Peter

Costello. He was coy on what job

that might be. A cup of tea and a

quick lie-down. Brad with sport

headlines and major news at the

South Sydney Rabbitohs. Yes the

club has sacked coach Jason Taylor

over an end of season stoush. The

Rabbitohs finally announced the

outcome of their investigation into

the incident late this afternoon.

Veteran John Lang will coach South

Sydney next year. Taylor is set to

take legal action against the club,

saying he's been unfairly treated.

Plus Formula One rocked by a race

fixing scandal, as Renault admits

to deliberately crashing a car so a

team-mate could win in Singapore.

The high-profile boss has quit.

Jason Taylor is about to walk out

if his house and make a statement

of the media. Still to come,

funding slashed from a hospital

that's already struggling. Plus,

the Sydneysiders who claim they're

suddenly being hammered by airport

noise. They annoy you all the time.

And the police technology that instantly identifies unregistered cars. With all you have to think about, a free financial health check for your business can make sure your hard work leads to success.

This program is captioned live.

Staff at Hornsby Hospital have

threatened to walk off the job,

after being told the already

struggling facility is facing a

budget cut of $9 million. For more

we're joined by State political

reporter Josh Murphy. There are new

pictures from inside the hospital

but show just how bad things are.

That's right. They are not very

flattering. Nathan Rees has

described the health system as one

of the best in the world. He are

the pictures. There are stains

around events. There is a picture

of a notice board that says it is

closed because of a faulty power

board. And those conditions to

claims from bureaucrats to cut the

budget by $9 million and you have

many disenchanted doctors.

The minister needs to go it and

really listen. Come clean on the

problems at their at that hospital.

N mid these budget cuts, 23 staff.

Come on to that has admitted that

the hospital will struggle to fill

its obligations. Doctors are

demanding that this hospital be

rebuilt within six weeks. Not the

hospital, but a commitment.

Canberra admits it's concerned by

the rapidly rising number of asylum

seeker vessels off northern

Australia. Four new boats carrying

more than 250 people have arrived

in the last six days.

Today is National Citizenship Day,

the Immigration Minister himself

presiding over the oath for 15 new

Australians. How're going?

Well done. The draw of a life in

Australia remains as strong as ever.

Turmoil in Afghanistan, Iraq, Burma

and Sri Lanka is triggering a new

onrush. On Saturday a boat with 87 onrush. On Saturday a boat with 87 on board arrived near Ashmore

island. The same day 68 more people

were spotted nearby. Tuesday, 62 on

a boat north of Broome. Today, 52

on a vessel west of Darwin - four

boats in six days. Clearly, they're

of concern.

The Immigration Minister says

across the world record numbers of

asylum seekers are now on the move.

We're dealing with very nimble

people smugglers with a lot of

resources and we're constantly

trying to adapt to their changing tactics.

It is, says the Government, one of

the huge issues of the 21st Century.

We will take a tough approach

because border security is a

fundamental interest of the

Australian people. But the

Opposition blames the Rudd

Government. We're now looking at 32

boats coming on down since Labor

softened border protection back in

August last year and that's over 1600 people.

Eight years after Tampa, this

remains politically a bitter field.

The Howard Government had the worst

record in 40 years. For Immigrants

who make it to the citizenship test,

some changes. Gone are the Howard

era questions on Don Bradman and

the name of Captain Cook's ship.

The new test features more complex

questions of freedom of speech and

constitutional powers. It can only

be taken in English - the pass mark,

70%. Thousands of unregistered and

stolen cars are expected to be

caught by new police technology.

Number plate recognition cameras

are being fitted to highway patrol

cars which can scan up to six

licence plates at the same time,

and identify law breakers. This is

a significant contribution to

continuing road safety in this state.

Seven cars will trial the devices

before the gear is rolled out further.

Aircraft noise has increased 10

fold over a section of Sydney's

south. Residents are furious, and

say it breaches flight path rules.

But authorities say there's little they can do.

There were once no aircraft

overhead, but now residents

complain there are too many planes

flying over Sydney's southern

suburbs - tracking down a narrow

flight path at about 7,000 feet on

approach to Kingsford Smith airport,

at the rate of one every couple of

minutes. We seem to get a burst on

Sunday mornings right on 6:00, and

some of the planes do come before

6:00 - like 5:50, 5:45.

They annoy you all the time, they

are over the same part, Just this

place here. Air services Australia

admits there have been more aircraft movements over the

southern suburbs since last October

when work began extending the east-

west runaway. The controversial

flight path tracks through Sydney's

north, into the Sutherland Shire

and out to sea before turning to

land over Botany Bay. Instead of

sharing the noise, all flights now

keep to an identical path - over

the same streets and homes. It's

the actual avionics on the aircraft

which are seeing them fly their

flight paths much tighter and much

more consistently. The net effect

of that is the narrowing of the

flight path. These planes should be

flying over water and they should

be following the long-term

operating plan for Sydney Airport,

which tries to share the noise.

Instead, what we have is planes

barrelling down a 200m wide

corridor. Air services Australia

says there's unlikely to be any

change to the flight paths over

Sydney until work on the east-west

runaway is completed next April.

It has been a hot and sticky day.

It will be a warm night. Are we

really in spring? That was a warm

one. 32 degrees in Sydney. It was

12 above average. It started, a

foggy old day. Visibility was

seriously reduced. A little bit of

rainfall, but only in the south.

Tonight - maybe some drizzle. Tonight - maybe some drizzle.

Tomorrow, a call a day on the way.

Did someone mention that forget!

Sydney is in there somewhere, trust


The last snow report of the season. The last snow report of the season.

These skiing in the last 48 hours

has been fantastic. I'll tell you

all about in about 15 minutes. Next

- the backpacker who was lost in

the Blue Mountains donates to the

SES. Also, learning his lesson -

R&B star Chris Brown starts doing

some hard labour. And the world's some hard labour. And the world's

tallest man goes looking for love. (GENTLE GUITAR MUSIC) There's a change in the air at McCafe. Now we're freshly baking a new range of delicious pastries in store throughout the day. Caramel swirls, apricot Danish, choc croissants and all your favourites. So come and try a new freshly baked pastry at McCafe today. SONG: # A moment just for you. # SONG: # Sarah's connected to a Qantas flight # She's off to L.A. on Monday night. # Are you a BigPond member? With BigPond Home Broadband, everyone can be online at the same time

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This program is captioned live.

Dave Wright checking the traffic in

the Traffic Helicopter. I have the

best seat in the House, but about

looking Thursday. The Sydney

Harbour Bridge is not doing too bad.

Little heavy on the Expressway. For

those crossing in either direction

you will have a pretty good run.

Not they same story heading back to

the west this afternoon. Rescued

British backpacker Jamie Neale has

sent a thank-you donation to the

State Emergency Service. Neale was

lost in the Blue Mountains for

nearly 2 weeks in July. The SES

today banked his cheque for $1500.

The Blue Mountains SES has received

a generous donation from Jamie

Neale. We're not at liberty to

comment on the actual amount, but

it's been well received. Neale was

reportedly paid $200,000 for a TV

interview about his ordeal.

The are n g director finance report

now, -- ING Direct Finance Report.

To market recovery is under way and

it seems lessons have been learned

from the credit crisis. Reserve

Bank figures show Australians are

shunning credit cards and turning

to debit cards in droves to avoid

interest. $19 billion was repaid

nationally in July, pushing the

average bounce down to $3,100.

Local shares took their cue from Wall Street. Local shares took their cue from Wall Street.

US housing figures are set for

least tonight and are likely to

show the market is on the mend. The

health debate in America has turned

ugly. Former President Jimmy Carter

says the growing anger towards

Barack Obama isn't about policy,

but the colour of his skin. The

protests are personal and the anger

of won't abate. To want to stop

Obama's nuts the health plan? --

Nazi health plan. The opponents are

becoming increasingly outspoken.

Former President and Obama Sir Paul

de Jimmy Carter says the real anger

simmering below has nothing to do

with health. I think an

overwhelming portion of the

intensely demonstrated animosity

towards President Barack Obama is

based on the fact that he is a

black man. That he is African-

American. The administration fierce

opening up the rest obeyed will do

more harm than good. I guess we

probably have folks putting on

white goods and white uniforms

again and it riding through the

countryside intimidating people.

Some are urging the President to

confront the topic, others suggest

it is just politics. The folks he

is talking about a people who did

not vote for Obama to begin with.

So far Obama himself is not talking,

leading the fight to his spokesman.

-- leading the fight. -- leaving

the fighting to his spokesmen. Mary

Travers, from the

Folk group Peter, Paul and Mary,

has died. The trio's unique sound

became synonymous with the civil

rights movement of the 1960s, and

brought the music of a young Bob

Dylan to a mainstream audience. #

How many seas must a white dove

sail before she sleeps in the sand?

#. Travers had been battling

leukaemia for several years. She

was 72. R & B singer Chris Brown

has started getting down and dirty,

performing - not on stage - but by

the side of the road. He's begun

community service - part of his punishment for assaulting ex- girlfriend Rhianna. Brown is

clearing debris and weeds, under

the watchful eye of police and

security guards. We do we have some

extra security and Chris will pay

for all of it. It's day one of 180

days of hard labour that Chris

Brown will have to complete. The

world has a new tallest man, and

watch out - he's looking for a

wife! Sultan Kosen from Turkey

stands 2.47 metres high - that's 8-

foot-one - which makes finding a

girlfriend something of a tall order.

His abnormal growth was caused by a

tumour on his pituitary gland,

which was only removed last year.

The 27 year-old tractor driver says

he wants to use his new found fame

to travel the world and find a

woman who's not scared of him.

Next, more on Victoria's sex slave

scandal. Also, a land title claim

derails the sale of an old police

station. And a quick thinking Dad

keeps his eye on the ball.

('EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING' BY THE BOYS AND GIRLS PLAYS) WOMAN: (SINGS) # And it feels like this is my favourite day # Because you're here with me in that sunny spot I saved # No, no, no-o-o-oh

# Oh, oh, no-o-o-oh... # ('JUST BE HAPPY' PLAYS) They look cute, but they're really nasty little things that cause plaque. (GRUNTS) This is what they're doing. Dentists recommend chewing Extra Sugarfree Gum after eating and drinking. Let's see how they like this. (ALL SHOUT IN FEAR) Pretty conclusive, really.

This program is captioned live.

Headlines here on TEN - 2Day Fm's

Kyle Sandilands has struck a deal

to save his job. He will undergo counselling, and remain suspended

for four weeks without pay. The

radio station will donate his

salary for that time to charity.

And a breakthrough in the stand-off over housing arrangements for convicted paedophile Dennis

Ferguson. He's been moved on from

his unit in Ryde, to a location

that hasn't been disclosed. Our

priority in the long-term is to

find a long-term solution for his

accommodation. We're concerned for

his safety of people in the

community, particularly the

children, that is fundamentally

important. And an investigation is

underway into how a Victorian man

allegedly imprisoned his own

daughter for three decades, and

raped her nearly every day. He's

accused of fathering four children

with the woman. For more on this

story we're joined by TEN reporter

Cameron Baud in Melbourne. Cameron,

have investigators revealed how

this went unreported for so long?

Not as yet, because of the legal sensitivity around the case.

Discussion has been restricted to a

political blame game. Welfare

advocates are calling for greater

transparency. Many details of the

case will not be revealed until it

goes to court in November. There is

a lot of community and go over the

fact that the case was on reported

for so long. It caught the State

Government by surprise. Premier

John Brumby and his community

services minister only learned

about it when they read the

newspapers this morning. Obviously

any crime of this type is one that

is shocking and personally

repulsive. To me and other

Victorians. And any crime of this

type that did occur would be met

with the full force of the law. A

lot of people are talking about the

case at all levels of society, what

action will take place? It is only

talk at this stage. The chart

Safety Commission will investigate

and look into the role of police,

government and other agencies government and other agencies

involved in the case. The line from

the government is that in the next

couple of days they will unveil

changes to the child protection

network. There will focus on

shortages in staff in the system.

Detectives believe there could be

more victims of a cinema owner

who's appeared in court, accused of

sexually assaulting young boys over

three decades. Phil Boyle is

alleged to have molested five

children during the sixties,

seventies and eighties. The 66 year

old - locally well known as the

owner of iconic 'Mecca' cinemas at

Kogarah and Hustville - is yet to

enter a plea. We believe there's

further victims out there. That's

why our investigations are

continuing. And that's why we urge

any persons out there with any knowledge or information to come

forward. Boyle remains free on bail.

A last minute native title claim

might have saved a Sydney police station. The Government wants

Malabar station auctioned off, but

thousands of locals are hoping the

Aboriginal community can stop the

sale. It sits 200 metres from Long

Bay chela and across the road from

schools but the government is determined to sell the police

station. When it closed in July

this man got 7,000 signatures from

locals desperate to keep police in

their streets. This PlayStation was

the heart and soul of the community.

Now we have been robbed and it has

been taken away from us. The native

title claim has protected the site

for now. It is in the police

ministers electorate but there are

no plans to stop the sale for good.

The sale will be handed to the

property group and there will be no

change to the situation. Here at change to the situation. Here at

Lane Cove, the local council ball

the police station from the State

Government, hoping that one day a

new premier would agree to reopen

it. There are almost one dozen

police stations earmarked for sale.

The police commissioner says it is

about getting police from behind

the desk and into the streets. We

will be much more effective and

give better service to the

community if you free us up and get

us on the road. There is a warning

for the minister. We won't forget

this, if you take this away from us,

everything that happens, we will

hold you responsible. You don't

think about skiing or snowboarding

when it is 32 degrees here in the

city. We here someone was skiing in

a bikini? I knew I should have had

one more trip to the snow. I would

have liked to have seen it. This is

the last to a report for the same.

-- for the season. A few showers

across the Australian Alps. There

could be some thunderstorms. A

bluebird day is expected on

Saturday with plenty of snow up

high, and soft and low down low.

Big thanks to everyone for their help Big thanks to everyone for their

help for those images through the

week. What a way to get a ski 10. - - ski tan. week. What a way to get a ski 10. -

- ski tan. The ski season will go

through to the October long weekend.

All the details at five -- 5:55pm.

A dad and his 3 year old daughter

are winning hearts across the

United States, after a magic moment

at a baseball game. Great play Dad.

Hand shakes all around and a

souvenir for the little lady. See-

ya! No really, it's okay, little

Emily didn't realise you're allowed

to keep caught balls, and the crowd

didn't care. But Steve Monforto's

been to every Phillies game since been to every Phillies game since

he was three...and this was the

first ball he'd ever caught. I

didn't want her to think that she

had done something wrong, you know.

I give her a ball at home and she

throws it, and I throw it back. I

gave her a ball there, and she

threw it. The club gave Mister

Monforto a new ball - not the same

one - but it comes with a pretty

good story. He handled it well.

What a trouper. Brad's back with

Sport and Souths say they had no

choice but to sack their coach. Yes

ahead the Rabbitohs board state its

reason for axing. And Eels beware...

Their semi final rivals won't stop

even if their blue in the face, and

cheating in formula One...a driver

crashes deliberately so his world

champion team mate could catch up and win. Prove it yourself with the scalp tester... ..that Head & Shoulders removes... ..even the tiniest of flakes. Use Head & Shoulders shampoo and conditioner together for a 50% better dandruff solution.

This Program is captioned live.

South Sydney has sacked coach Jason

Taylor over an end-of-season pub

fight with departing foward David

Fa'longa, who has also been axed.

Veteran John Lang will coach the

Rabbittohs for the next two years.

Taylor is devastated by the club's

decision, and is set to take legal action.

His first appearance at it -- as

the South East Coast was not waddy

had in mind. If he walked into a

storm. I will tell you way he was

sacked. We reviewed all the

evidence. His conduct was not in

the best interest of South Sydney.

They say that he had to go, despite

he was not doubt. -- despite the

fact he was not doubt on silly

Sunday. The board was unable to

reach a view that it was the

conduct of the first degree coach.

I do not feel good about taking

over in these circumstances. A

previous alcohol-related breach did

not help tail off. The sponsors are

fed up with this type of publicity

and this type of reaction. Later

today, he released a statement

denying he breached his complaint - - contract.

It is a difficult process. Court

action is not a surprise to anybody.

And Jason Taylor has just walked

out the front door of his house and

spoken to the media.

I feel I have been treated unfairly

by the club. A did not breach my

contract. I will be taking the

matter further. I shall do

everything I can to clear my name.

Titans coach John Cartwright says

his team have been shown very

little respect ahead of tomorrow

night's sudden death semi final

against Parramatta. The Gold Coast

were boosted though by a rousing

send off from their fans.

It's not often a coach gets a cheer

as loud as John Cartwright did at

Coolangatta Airport today. Carty.

Carty. Carty. You can take it any

way you like, I suppose. For me

it's an enormous effort to come out

here on a Thursday morning and show support like that.

While the support was strong on

departure, the Titans are looking

to turn a hostile environment in

Sydney to their advantage. This

Friday we've been totally written

off by everyone. We don't have a

lot of supporters down there.

Fullback Mat Rogers also on board,

and set to play after recovering

from a heavy concussion. It's

pretty special but as a group we

don't feel like we've done anything

yet. There to welcome the Titans to

Sydney will be a red hot Parramatta

and the Blue and Gold army, with

the Eels the only Sydney team in

action in town. I think having been

locked out last week will make them

more keen to come this week. So

just get out there and come and

watch us play.

Christian Inu is hoping to prove

his recovery from a hamstring

strain. If he can't, there's still

the tantalising prospect of meeting

the Bulldogs in the Preliminary

final. It's hard not to think about

it mate, but we've got Cayless here

who keeps us very level.

The jury came together via

satellite. The next time will be at the fight arena.

He was trying to knock me out. My

job is to stop him doing that. I

anticipate, and am confident of

achieving that. It is expected to

be a sell-out. The Renault team

boss has dramatically quit the

Formula One team and mid

allegations of cheating in last

year's Singapore Grand Prix. It is

alleged he was ordered to crash to

help team-mate Fernando Alonso and wind.

It could be one of the Isham most

shocking cases of cheating yet. He

later said he had lost control on

purpose because he was ordered to

do so. Renault have said they will

not dispute the allegations of

race-fixing. Bosses have paid with

their jobs. It is alleged, Renault

wanted to get their to time

champion driver in a better

position. He was told to crashed on

lap 14 at a particular corner where

his car could not easily be removed.

The safety car came out for six

laps. The Spaniard who denied all

knowledge of the allegations went

on to win the race. The Brazilian

says by complying he would earn

himself a new contract. He was

trapped by Renault this summer.

Renault will be hoping that they

can avoid any Havel -- heavy

penalty with the sacking of two involved.

The opportunity has to be taken to

address this. Any to admit the

sport has serious questions over

the way it is operating. Socceroos

skipper Lucas Neill could be

linking up with Tim Cahill at

Everton. It is reportedly set to

agree to an offer of more than 75,000 a week.

In the blink of an eye, Arsenal are

in front!

Do not this Thursday Night Live on

Thursday, Andrew Symonds will be

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Oh I love it when you get technical

Bill. It has been 32 degrees today.

With these temperatures, pressure

on our dams. The latest figures are

out and they are not good reading.

We are down to 58.6 %. Little rain

in the catchment area. The forecast

is not looking good for

precipitation over the next seven

to 10 days. Temperatures will seem

more 30s over the weekend. They

call the change tonight.

The cloud crosses the South East

ahead of a front. The weather match

tomorrow, warm northerly winds for southern Queensland.

A few showers over Central

Australia and South West WA.

We say hello to a friend. A

volunteer, of down to Melbourne for

the grand final and to be a part of

the volunteer grand final parade.

That is Ten News for now. Thanks

for your company. The Late News

will be at 10:30pm.