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But when I...

..when I look into your eyes... What are you talking about? Are you... mother? Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

as Australia's medal hopes falter. Tonight, soul searching but let's use that as the incentive. They may well beat us this time,

as higher fuel costs bite. Virgin Blue's profit nose dives

will rise more than $250 million. Our fuel bill for this year And the career killer -

who take maternity leave proof that women pay a very high price. Good evening, I'm Ron Wilson and I'm Deborah Knight. Also the Reserve Bank borrowers will want to hear. finally delivers some news made entirely from wine. And the ultimate cocktail frocks a frustrating day in Beijing - But heading the news at 5:00 - to add to their medal tally. with the Australians unable from the Olympic city. Ten's Max Futcher joins us now on a dais anwhere today. Max, not an Aussie to be seen success for Australia so far. Yeah, I hate to say it, but no hurdling with Sally McLellan, There are still hopes tonight in the with Anna Meares. and also on the track cycling There are high hopes for her there. for the men's triathlon today, But we also had high hopes

they just couldn't emulate but when it came down to it by the girls yesterday. the golden effort and bronze in the triathalon, After our women made it gold

our men could do the same. there were high hopes By the time they hit the bikes, Brad Kahlefeldt and Courtney Atkinson Commonwealth Games champion were right in the medal hunt. proved too much for the Australians But the run as they began to drop off the pace.

in 11th spot. Atkinson eventually crossed the line and finished a disappointing 16th. Kahlefeldt injured his hip in the run

A personal best was just enough tonight's women's sprint medal races. for Anna Meares to scrape through for At the start of this year, Meares would never race again it was feared in Los Angeles after a crash during a world cup race which left the Australian paralysed. wheelchair before the Olympics began. The 24-year-old had barely left her

from a gold medal. Now she is two race wins away A 2-2 draw with China ended the Hockyroos gold medal dreams.

can finish now is fifth. The best the Aussies we gave it our best today. I'm really proud of them and I know The best team won on the day. for the 100 metres hurdles final. Sally McLellan has qualified she'd just missed out. At the finish line the Aussie feared

"It can't be happening." I don't know why I was like, this is what I wanted, This was my goal, and it wasn't. and it can't be taken away from me to the Olympic finals for McLellan. It's been a tough road

Over the years, to help her train on the Gold Coast. her mother had to work two jobs Australian to reach the Olympic final The 21-year-old is the first since Glynis Nunn in 1984. And an Australian innovation

Ruqaya al-Gassra of Bahrain has helped Muslim sprinter in her 200 metres heat. qualify fastest This is something, isn't it? really making a statement. The woman from Bahrain Her running suit has been made women's dress standards. to comply with common Islamic by Australian designer Aheda Zanetti It was created in Sydney through the Austrade scheme. Australian Muslim girls Aheda hopes it will encourage to get out on the training track. and get on the field. Let's get out of the closet Jame Boyce, Ten News. of us on that medal tally board, Great Britain is moving further ahead Max, that's gotta hurt.

has now revised down Yeah, in fact, AOC boss John Coates for these Games. Australia's projected medal t You might remember, between 42 and 48 medals for Beijing, before the Games they were saying

of course in Athens we got 49 - somewhere between 40 and 42. but they are now saying because of the dominance of China, That is largely but also a resurgent Great Britain. battle it out While giants China and US for first place in the medal tally, Great Britain has become personal. the race between Australia and They are serving it up to me. That little former coxswain

Olympic Association, Colin Moynihan, who's the head of the British

he's, "Coatsy, we're coming at you!"

in the London Games, Preparing for a strong showing the Brits have become a real f the Brits have become a real force.

Just ask Australia's cyclists, but here, not even a bronze. who enjoyed a gold rush in Athens, as anyone, but we're not We have worked hard and as hard as anyone, but we're not happy.

The Poms are on top of their game hard to beat in most events. and they're going to be $50 million from the state lottery Great Britain has spent nearly on its cycling program alone, and it shows, so far winning 11 medals. in each field, We get the best experts so we get the best physios, the best psychiatrists, the best physioloogists,

best mechanics, etc.

involved in one athlete's success. There are so many different people

a gear in the Beijing lead-up The traditional rivalry stepped up her British counterpart we'd win. when Sports Minister Kate Ellis bet A good-natured jibe, the funding shortfall is serious. but the AOC says Now the Government's signalled for future games. a restructure of athlete grants strong supporters of our athletes. Taxpayers of Australia have been about their needs into the future. We'll talk to the Olympic Committee there'll be no retreat. Until then, the Aussie team says

They may well beat us this time but let's use that as the incentive for our high performance to get the planning right and our attack on London in 2012. of Australia in the medal ta The last time Great Britain got ahead of Australia in the medal tally

was in 1988 at the Seoul Olympics. Speaking of London 2012, closing ceremony Great Britain will feature in the on Sunday night here in Beijing be here as the star of the show. and we understand David Beckham will tally: And just finally with the medal Thanks, Max. Max Futcher with our team in Beijing. Police have ordered a halt at a Hunter Valley shopping outlet to bin collections

for three young children as they search who had been sleeping in an industrial bin. The alarm was raised yesterday morning after staff at a store in Maitland found a mattress, blankets and pillows in the bin. The children are believed to be aged four, six and nine. To other news now -

and a cut to interest rates appears almost certain next month. The Reserve Bank is worried the Australian economy is slowing too fast. The Reserve Bank board is jittery about the world economy and Australia's place in it. The uncertain times are leading it to the view that restrictive conditions could soon be called for, otherwise the risk of a deeper and more persistent slowing in the economy would increase. A rate cut next month now inevitable and the Treasurer is warning the Opposition not to attack his inflation-targeting Budget surplus. This is dangerously irresponsible to blow a hole in the Budget surplus at a time of international uncertainty.

If we're fighting inflation, why is the Government adding $20 billion in tax increases? In his sights - the luxury car tax, changes to the Medicare levy and the alcopops tax -

nearly $4 billion off the surplus. Dr Nelson says Kevin Rudd didn't flag any of these tax hikes before the last election and, besides, he is unconvinced that the biggest tax grab - on alcopops - will discourage binge drinking. But the experts disagree -

one who was invited to the Opposition Leader's own alcohol forum. We support the tax. Tax is known as the most effective way to reduce consumption

and so far there's every sign the tax is working as intended. And one who wasn't invited. Had I been out there I would have been emphasising that a price signal is a key element to dealing with binge drinking. Nicola Roxon says Tax Office figures show a 23% drop in overall alcohol sales since the tax was applied. And the Drug Council says no wonder the liquor industry is screaming.

Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Virgin Blue's share price has taken a battering after a major profit slump. Soaring fuel costs have slashed earnings in half. Since launching in Australia eight years ago, Virgin Blue has gone from strength to strength. But now, it's yet another victim of the oil shock. Today it announced its healthy profit of $215 million last year

has more than halved to just over $97 million. The current fuel crisis, and that's just what it is, it is a fuel crisis as far as the industry is concerned

has swamped the industry to a magnitude greater than SARS and 9/11 combined. Passenger numbers have increased, but the company revealed every time the price of oil jumps just US$1 a barrel, it can wipe $5 million dollars off Virgin's profit.

The share market responded to the weak result - Virgin Blue shares dropped 20%. The airline says volatile fuel prices will restrict its growth and profits for the next two years. We will be looking at a loss situation in 2009. In what is a bad climate, the company is still trying to make the best of it. Today it begins advertising it's new V Australia service to Los Angeles

which is due to launch in December. Aviation experts say that's a sign the airline's doing much better than others, with up to a dozen carriers in America collapsing. They haven't made as much money as last year, to international carriers, but compared they're doing exceedingly well. Josh Murphy, Ten News. A look at sport now with Tim Webster. And a Sydney school honoured by the IOC.

Yes, it's a huge honour for Westfields Sports High School at Fairfield West, the International Olympic Committee awarding it with the prestigious Sport and Youth trophy. The school has produced no fewer than six Olympians

representing Australia in athletics, cycling and football in Beijing. I believe we're the only sporting organisation, body or school within Oceania to achieve the award, so it's just fantastic news. The school also has bragging rights

for producing the likes of Harry Kewell and Michael Clarke. And shortly in sport - just take a look at this - some of the world's biggest waves. an Aussie surfer succeeds in finding That left him with the next almighty task of trying to tame them. Also - if you reckon Rugby League games are taking longer and longer.

We'll show you just how much time is being taken for some video ref decisions - getting frustrated with it. and it's not only the fans

The Reserve Bank has some news every borrower will want to hear - Plus - jail for the spouse-busting private eye who posed as a police officer. And a survey proves that motherhood is a career killer.

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This program is captioned live. A private eye who pretended to be a Federal Police officer has been sentenced to nine months jail.

Brett Sutcliffe appeared on national television investigation company promoting his private that spies on cheating spouses. But a 77-year-old viewer recognised him as a man she had confronted in her street who claimed to be a police officer, even sending her threatening mail with a Federal Police letterhead. Sutcliffe was found guilty a Commonwealth public official, of impersonating and was also ordered to pay $5,000 in fines.

He has appealed the sentence. If you witness a breaking story and would like to see your pictures on Ten News, email them to Or MMS on 0405 10 10 10. We're interested in both photos and video. Working mothers are paying a high price for having children.

A new study has found most women who returned from maternity leave missed out on promotions - even years down the track. Having children opened up a whole new life to Charmaine Horrex,

but it was a career killer. I was in a management role and I demoted myself to a casual position because I was having a baby and there was no maternity leave. And she's not alone. Staggering findings by an Australian Public Service Commission study

show working mothers are missing out. Six years since its workers returned from maternity leave 65% were never promoted.

Whereas only 42% of their female colleagues without children stalled on the career ladder. Governments have a responsibility to do more, as do businesses to make sure we aren't discriminating against women who choose to take maternity leave.

But some of the blame may also rest with Australian women who have been found to be among the most timid in the work place, in a new American study released today. They put themselves last because they feel they have to meet everybody else's needs first. When it comes to the maternity leave tally board, Australia is coming last -

failing to even qualify in the top 20 nations. And gold goes to Sweden at 16 months.

Well done Sweden. Well done Sweden. We want Australia to go for gold and to do at least six, but ideally 12 months paid maternity leave because that is what the babies need. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. The Premier has warned that Labor infighting is a one-way ticket to a Liberal win at the next State election.

His blunt warning comes as another poll shows the Government is in deep trouble. All smiles for the camera, but Morris Iemma woke up this morning to his third poor opinion poll result in a row. His government still trails the Liberal/National Parties 52-48. The Premier believes Labor Party infighting over power privatisation has cost plenty of votes.

It's a one way ticket to an O'Farrell victory in the 2011 election. it's more than that. But the man who would be Premier says Memo to Morris Iemma - you've just hit a political road bump. Wake up at the wheel and get on and do the job you're expected to. Labor has also been hurt by Iguanagate.

John Della Bosca has revealed he's expecting to return as Education Minister as early as the end of the week. If as he expects, prosecutors clear him.

The gate should be closed, Della Bosca should be locked out of ministerial politics in NSW. Morris Iemma disagrees and says Morris Iemma disagrees and s Mr Della Bosca would return to cabinet if there are no charges. The Government has revealed how it will cope if prison officers follow through on their promise to strike, in response to Government plans to privatise two jails

and end the overtime rorts. Our managers will stay on line and police will come into the outer perimeter of the jails and do anything that has to protect the community like escorts. Unions will speak with members later this week before working out if and when the strike will occur. Kevin Wilde, Ten News.

Whale rescue teams are on standby tonight, fearing the worst for an abandoned humpback calf

which has now returned to the Northern Beaches. It was lured out to sea yesterday, trailing a yacht it thought might be its mother. There were hopes the calf might be adopted by a passing pod of whales.

The young humpback was first spotted at Pittwater at the weekend, nuzzling the hull of a yacht in an attempt to find milk. Experts are now considering how else to help the whale,

but say taking it into captivity is not an option.

I know I said it last week but we

have beaten at-five degrees and -

at be cold as a night in three years in Canberra.

years in Canberra. Beautiful

cricket Blue Days will follow.

Tomorrow week is the up to 20 degrees. Tomorrow week is the up to 20

degrees. It does not feel like we

have got to that high for a while.

It is science of's night of nights.

We have been the prizes for that tonight.

Next - service station rage - a minor dispute escalates out of control.

And a very sluggish tortoise gets a new set of wheels.

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This program is captioned live.

The congested and his over head -

the helicopters are flying over the

Harbour Bridge. We are trying to

get out of their way.

get out of their way. The traffic

heading out of town has been very slow

slow this evening. Traffic heading

inbound - we are saying a lot of

traffic as there has been a

breakdown. There is lots of sun

glare activity as well. We will

double check the rest of Sydney.

Tempers have boiled over at a suburban petrol station. A father of six has been denied bail after allegedly kinghitting a complete stranger.

A single punch leaves one man in a coma, the other in jail. 37-year-old father of six Wilson Daniel Lee handed himself in after footage of the incident was aired last night. Police said the victim had jumped the bowser queue

and after a confrontation was king-hit. At court this morning there was no talk of fuel rage. There were words between Lee and 27-year-old Israeli-born Tal Naor. Lawyers say Naor went inside the station and continued a verbal attack with Lee's daughter-in-law. She relayed the conversation and when Naor left Lee attacked. He says he was protecting his family. Lee's defence lawyer argued the altercation was out of character for his client,

saying he's not a man with a history of looking for trouble. In fact, he doesn't have a criminal history at all. Not enough to convince a magistrate to grant bail. Jim Gordon said once is enough: The question at the moment is whether he should be on bail and someone will be considering that. And I'm quite sure there will be a Supreme Court bail application.

Naor remains in an induced coma in hospital. Emma Dallimore, Ten News.

To the Bankwest finance report - and a dismal day on the Australian stock market.

Australian men are among hundreds of suspects identified as part of a worldwide child porn ring. Police say the group used the Internet to share millions of depraved images. They call him 'the librarian'. by paedophiles around the world Philip Thompson was trusted to safeguard their images of child sexual abuse.

When police raided his North England home they found almost 250,000 pictures and videos of the worst possible kind. Imagine the youngest and most vulnerable of your family or friends and imagine the most horrific type of sexual attack on them, being captured on film and then being shared across this deviant community. Thompson thought he had police fooled -

his network operated via a legal online forum showing pictures of children in underwear and swimmers. But when members joined and were vetted they were taken to secret pages. There they traded the illegal images. Police went undercover and raided Thompson's hard drive. 360 suspects were identified worldwide - the AFP has already arrested six men in Australia.

And 15 children deemed at risk have been rescued. These children have been protected from paedophiles who use and exploit them for their own sexual gratification. The accused Australian members of this online ring have already begun to face courts in Victoria, WA and South Australia. If they're convicted, they could face jail time of up to 10 years.

Overnight the smiling Thompson was handed an indefinite jail term. Police say more arrests are on the horizon. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. in the war on terror, The West has lost a key ally with the resignation of Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf. The former general stepped down, to avoid being impeached,

asking the Pakistani people to forgive his mistakes.

Australia's foreign minister says the country must solve its internal problems, while remaining vigilant against extremism. Australia stands ready, willing and able to render assistance in that very big challenge for Pakistan. It's unclear if Musharraf will remain in Pakistan or go into exile. A depressed tortoise has been given a new lease on life,

thanks to a set of wheels. 10-year-old Arava arrived at the Jerusalem Zoo a few months ago without the use of her back legs. Down in the dumps because she couldn't get around, keepers attached some wheels. Now Arava has come out of her shell, and her carers are hoping on the cards, there could be some tortoise romance

once the technical glitches have been ironed out. Yet another cruel blow for victims of a building company collapse.

Details next. Also - all strung out - a pilot and his passenger left hanging after their plane hits power lines.

And fermented fashions -

we'll check out the cocktail dresses made entirely out of wine.


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do women still need Pap tests?

Yes. Pap tests can be uncomfortable but put it in perspective. Regular Pap tests save more than 1,000 women a year from cervical cancer, There's uncomfortable and there's uncomfortable. If you haven't had a Pap test in the last two years, stop putting it off.

This program is captioned live. Tonight's major stories - whale rescue teams fear the worst for an abandoned humpback calf which has now returned to Pittwater. Experts say taking the whale into captivity is not an option because it still needs to be breast fed, and there's nowhere big enough to hold it.

Shares in Virgin Blue fall nearly 30% after a major profit slump. Fuel prices are taking their toll, slashing earnings by 55% to $98 million. However, analysts believe the airline is dealing with difficult business conditions better than most.

And soul searching as medal hopes falter. Another blow for the families caught up in the Beechwood Homes collapse.

They've been told they may need to pay extra to finish their homes, which may not be ready until next year. For the first time, victims of the Beechwood collapse met with the building company's new owner, Vic Cavasinni from Resibuildco

and they didn't hold back venting their anger. You're still missing the point, you still can only complete... No use getting the sh--s, alright? because a lot of us are p----- off too. Are we still gonna get a Beechwood home, what we expected and paid a deposit for, or are we gonna get something else now? went under in May owing $20 million. The building giant It left 360 homes partly built and a further 580 families in limbo after they'd paid deposits and bought plans.

Administrators put the collapse down to the company's involvement in a horse-breeding syndicate. It sold Beechwood to Resibuildco last month for an undisclosed sum. I can make a promise here, for the record - there's no chance on this earth are you gonna get a substandard home. Assurances aside, the new Beechwood owners admit they're already behind schedule, while at the same time they claiming they'll complete around 25 homes a month.

Customers say they're still left in the lurch as to when they'll finally be able to move into their new home. For those where work has not even started, they will end up paying more because of the increased building costs. Three more meetings will be held next week around the State. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News Flight delays are always annoying - no-one likes hanging around.

But as a German couple found out, it's much worse waiting when you're upside down.

After an afternoon joyflight, their light plane got tangled in live power lines. Covered in aviation fuel, they dangled by one wheel, while emergency crews tried to figure out how to get them down. They eventually brought in a cherry picker to pluck them to safety. After their 2-hour upside down adventure, both were dizzy, but otherwise unhurt.

Let us take another look at the

weather now. It is colder but are

there are clear blue skies. Those

blue skies are worth been negative

temperatures. The crystal clear

last weeks of winter. Where war have 20 tomorrow.

last weeks of winter. Where war have 20 tomorrow.

have 20 tomorrow. Let us have a

look at the map of NSW.

The Australian Museum eureka prize

at 555.

It's the big red that's turning heads. Wine has fermented into fashion - a seamless dress. it is a bit on the nose. And while it won't stain, Wine, that is. 10 litres of cheap shiraz and chardonnay, to be precise, fermented into a frock you can literally pour yourself into. is that you can go out at night One of the best things about this and if you happen to spill some wine over yourself

you don't get any stains. And it's seamless. The creation of agricultural scientist Gary Cass, the wine dress is made from the bacteria by-product of 'off wine'

which is similar in structure to cellulose. much like silk worms and spiders, The bacteria are spinning out, they spin out these micro fibres. For the fashion industry, this could be the future of fashion. It's environmentally friendly, breaking down in the ground or in the heat

which could prove a problem on hot days. And while the big red might turn heads, it will also get up your nose. It's kind of been described as smelling like the morning after the night before.

A stale kind of alcoholic vinegary smell. We're certainly getting attention, not sure if it's good attention, but, you know?

It could be a while before corked wine becomes haute couture - more research and development is needed.

Belinda Heggen, Ten News. Crown Princess Mary has been out doing a spot of shopping, but it was far from glamorous. The Tasmanian native ventured out alone to buy nappies for 2-year-old Prince Christian and 15-month-old Princess Isabella from the Hobart pharmacy where her sister works. Mary and the children are in Tassie for a holiday while Crown Prince Frederick is still in Beijing for the Olympics.

Sport now with Tim and a rare day in Beijing - no Aussie medals so far. No, there's a couple of our competitors who could be on the podium tonight - their chances shortly - are shed on the track. as Aussie tears And trying times -

just how long we're waiting for some video ref decisions.

You'll be staggered how much it's adding to the length of a game. Also - an Aussie surfer's global search for some for the biggest waves paid off,

but left an awesome challenge to master.

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As you may have seen earlier, at the Olympics. it's been a quieter day for Australia Ian Cohen joins us from Beijing, and Ian, things could get better on the track tonight?

Yes, let up us hope that they will

get better today. That there are

hot and windy conditions - to be

triathlon was very hard work. triathlon was very hard work.

Tonight all eyes will be on the

Bird's Nest Stadium has one of our Bird's Nest Stadium has one of Bird's Nest Stadium has one of our

hurdlers will race of the race of her life.

her life. She is the first

Australian in the 100 metres

hurdles final. I am so happy to be

in it right now. They got. She is

now a medal prospect.

now a medal prospect. As the

Swedish competitor showed -

anything can happen. Australia's

the best result in a 40 years in

the steeplechase. Long Jump Bar he

finished 4th in

finished 4th in Athens failed to

make the final. I do not know it by

will continue but I love athletics

and I love the sport. There

triathlon for men it did not turn out as

out as well. It is just amazing

that Anna Mears is actually there.

She has had a lot of adversity with

fractures in her murder brays.

Fractures in her back. All hopes

will be on

will be on Anna and she is up

against a very powerful Chinese

opponent. Mixed results for a

couple of owl final teams - the

hockey team who have been

eliminated and to be softball as it

will take on Canada

will take on Canada - they may win

bronze or even Gold. We did expect

as little bit more from Dennis

Weller. We have got beat mongrel in us

us at the moment. It is a great

feeling to have as a group. I think

most of us did not get a

most of us did not get a lot of sleep

sleep last night. As we close our

eyes and, way we play the game. We

have still got our game up against

Great Britain on Friday. It does

not get much tougher of four our

men's bust of game. It

men's bust of game. It is a cut

throat final against the US Dream

Team. They say that they have

nothing to lose and they will

certainly not be star-struck

against the American team. It would

be silly to say there we are going to

to stop one player as opposed to a another as they have

another as they have lots of

awesome players. We were just

attack their staff. Amazing news

for our steeplechase de bed above.

He is from Algeria but has been in

Australia for many years. He was

caught up in lots of

caught up in lots of violence in

Kenya and he said that he felt like

he had to run the for his life

escaping from that strife torn

country. It was very difficult for

me, you know when you see someone

who hasn't lost everything and only have a

have a small bed with them, it is

very hard to witness that as a

human being. After a quiet day, how

does that medal tally look?

Australia and Britain are battling

for third place. We have it

for third place. We have it so many

hopes for Anna Mears.

Another blow for the Bulldogs with major sponsor Mitsubishi Electric announcing they won't renew their contract. with the Dogs The company was in serious talks when Sonny Bill Williams walked out on the club. most exciting players says Meanwhile - one of the NRL's

the game is suffering because of boring delays with the video referee. Michael Jennings enjoys his footy fast. He wants referees to operate the same way by backing their own judgement. If you're going to make a decision, make a final decision, and we're happy with it - just play on. It's just a waste of time to drag it along.

Last weekend's Penrith-Bulldogs game ran 16 minutes over time due to eight referrals to the video referee. It's pretty tough and it slows the game down. It's not a good game to play in. I like fast games. It's going too long and it's not just a fast-paced game any more.

There's too many stop and starts. And there are fears more games will get bogged down as referees play it safe during the business end of the season. We need to come up with ways to expedite those processes or get id of them. Last round, video referees dragged games about by 46 minutes. That's more than one half of football. The longest decision resulted in a no-try to Matt Utai.

You could have boiled noodles in the time it took video referee Russell Smith to make up his mind.

People don't come to the footy to see that stuff referred up there and considered for that length of time so we need to do something for our fans' sake. Referees boss Robert Finch admits the Dogs-Panthers game went too long, but denied it was why Gavin Badger was today dropped from first grade. Fellow ref Matt Cecchin also not popular

after the Tigers' loss to Parramatta last night.

Finch knows my attitude toward this bloke

and it hasn't changed. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Midfielder Amon Buchanan believes the Swans can't get too caught up

He is not sure if they are the

biggest waves ever but he they must

be pretty close. People

underestimate the power of this

water - solid items

water - solid items can be turned

to dust. He has been chasing ways

in Hawaii, and California.

Three cars and a motorbike they are

in a big accident. We still have

police on seen here. We were show

you how much the delays are slowing

down the road. That significant to

thought motorists leaving not made.

A very slow run out of the

A very slow run out of the city

after a breakdown on be motorway.

(KIDS CHATTER EXCITEDLY) MAN: Maxie. One for you. Harry. MAN: Through the Woolworths Fresh Food Kids Community Grants, we received $4,000 for new jumpers. We stick as a team, don't we? We play as a team. Go get 'em, boys! Come on!

(CHEERING) Yep, we're really looking good this season.

To help kids be active and healthy, Woolworths awards funding to local community groups across Australia.

Tim Bailey is at the Science Awards

tonight. I you sure that you are

not there as a specimen? All I know

is that 900 signed as well fill

this Rome at Randwick tonight. It

this Rome at Randwick tonight. It

is the Australian Museum you read a

prize. $200,000 of prizes will be

given away. He is the ambassador

for the Environment at Channel 10.

It is lovely that science has its's

It is lovely that science has its's

night that 90 of nights.

We have people involved in research, environment and extraordinary

students who are involved in signs

in the classroom. It is is a great

opportunity to recognise great ciders.

ciders.One of the youngest nominees

from Byron Bay - are you tell the

audience. Would you believe that he

has just turned five - he is such

an extraordinary student that he

has been poured in and the accelerated class.

accelerated class. He has produced

a fabulous piece away all the same

to 9-knocking ads volcanoes her. I

think $200,000 worth of prizes will think $200,000 worth of prizes will

be amazing. Have a look at their face face Bock

face Bock page. Bentick urbanely

live. Does a chilly mornings down

to zero enrichment. 1 degree in many suburbs.

It will be a bit of all winter a

blue sky

blue sky by about 10:00am. A

A cloud band stretching from

Western Australia to Tasmania.

Dry across nearly all of NSW

tomorrow. A fine day tomorrow and

then some cloud.

That is it from a Australian Museum - the night for scientists. That brings you up to date on the 5:00 news. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight, thanks for your company.

I'll have updates throughout the evening and be back with the Late News with Sports Tonight at 10:30. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight.

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