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You're watching The Circle this

Monday. Thanks for tuning in.

Our next guest wields considerable

political clout as the most

powerful woman in the Federal

Coalition. Please welcome to The Circle deputy Opposition Leader

Julie Bishop. Thank you. Thanks for

joining us on The Circle. We're

skilled we're going to see your

skills in the kitchen later on. So

I understand. I notice you're one

short today. I'm the fourth, the

'Sex and the City' fourth. Which

one are you, then? That's a very

good question. I'll be Charlotte,

OK? You wanted me to say Samantha,

didn't you? It's been a phenomenal

week in terms of Australian

political history. It has. Can we

start, of course, with the big

question - what do you think of

Julia Gillard? I don't know Julia

very well. I've been in politics

since 1998, as has she, but we

really haven't got to know each

other at all well. I dote do know

other women on the Labor side far

better. I have to say, it is a

milestone. I think it proves that

there is no position or high office

that Australian women can't hold.

Of course, the next challenge - the

next milestone - is going to be

whether we'll have a popularly

elected female prime minister. And

I have to say, in the next election,

the centrehood can only go so far.

I'll be working hard to make sure

Tony Abbott is the next prime

minister. But there's still a

milestone - that's whether or not

I'll be able to be Australia's

first foreign minister who's a

woman. There are still milestones

to be achieved. Do you see any

parallels between Julia Gillard's

career and yours, besides starting

at around the same time? It's

rather interesting. We're both from

Adelaide. We're both lawyers. And

we bill both came into politics in we bill both came into politics in

1998, and we've both been deputy

leaders of our party. I think it

indicates that politics is a career

for women. Looks pretty brutal. It

looks a pretty tough business. But

Julia's proven that you can be as

brutal and tough as the rest of

them. But the thing is, I find it

amazing that you can be voted in as

a prime minister and still be in

that job and someone can just go,

"Sorry. We don't want you to have

that anymore." It was extraordinary.

And the feedback I've had from

countries overseas has been one of

absolute bewilderment. I've had

phone calls from editors of

newspapers overseas, and they are

saying "How can he be a popularly

elected prime minister" - and let's

face it, if ever a prime minister

could say that they won an election,

it was Kevin '07. The Liberal Party

had John Howard, the Labor Party

had Kevin Rudd. No question, Kevin

Rudd won that 2007 erection. He's

tapped on the shoulder by the union

bosses, "The polls aren't good.

You're out." Let's not forget both

parties don't do that - Malcolm

Turnbull - That was in Opposition.

Kevin Rudd was the leader. He was

voted in. Oppositions will change

leaders a number of times to come

up with the leader they think will

best be able to go to the next

election. Surely you agree that any party heading towards a Federal

election is always going to have to

question a leadfer the partsy going

to go down. If this was something

that the Labor Party generally felt

was going to save their party...

But the polls weren't heading that

way. In fact, if you have a look at

the last poll that Kevin Rudd faced,

the Labor vote was going up. So I

really don't know why he was

executed politically speaking in

the way that he was. Because the

policies haven't changed. The

ministers haven't changed. The

polls haven't changed. I mean,

there's a change in terms of

preferred leader. But the issue is,

the policies. And your primary vote.

And that hasn't changed. You have

to, say what was it all about? I

guess only time will tell, with the

next election. That's right. We're

all quite looking forward to that

here on The Circle. What do you

think is the main thing that makes

a difference between your party and

the party in power? Well, the

Liberal Party's values are very

different from the Labor Party's.

policies And that manifests in the different

policies that we put forward. We

focus very much on the family at

the heart of society, at business,

at the heart of the economy. We

think that if there is a solution,

that private sector should do it

rather than the Government. The

Government should be the last

resort, not the first resort. We

support very much giving people the

initiative, the enterprise, to do

things themselves. I guess they're

kind of more esoteric, ideological

ideas. What is the policy that will

win you the next election? It would

have to be changing about the

refugees. What we won't do is

impose big taxes across knee sector

of society. Whereas Labor's

approach is to spend and tax, as is

not, as is to is a -- ours is not,

ours is to save and not tax.

Obviously in terms of boat-people -

I come from Western Australia, and

that is a real that is a real concern over there.

We will stop the boats coming.

We've done it before, we'll do it

again. It's not compassionate to

have people hopping on boats and

making that very risky journey

across the Indian Ocean to try and

get to Australia - that is cruel,

and we've got to stop the people- smuggling. What about carbon

emissions - the trading scheme, particularly Malcolm Turnbull was

pushing for that. What position are

you going to go in that you going to go in that regard? We

believe that there are many things

we can do to save our environment,

and Tony Abbott did announce a plan

earlier in the year which we will

continue to talk about to take

direction action to improve our

environment, rather than putting a

tax on everything, which really

doesn't change behaviour, it just

wrecks the economy. Our approach is

to do things that really make a

difference. Planting trees, doing

different things with agriculture.

Much cleaner, greener buildings. Renewable energies, alternative

energies, rather than putting a tax

on it. We're against big taxes. One

of the things that would really

help would be if Tony doesn't wear those budgie-smugglers. (LAUGHTER)

Can you advise him on that for us,

please? Have you seen him in them

recently? Although I have to say, I

think Speedos - apparently their

product sales have gone through the

roof! But at least he's a fit image,

and I think that's really, really

good. Yeah. Absolutely. In the

boardies. He does make the point

that the Speedos are the uniform of

his surf club. So, you know, you've his surf club. So, you know, you've

got to forgive him for that. But

the fact that he's a great role

model - particularly for men over

50 - it's not a bad thing to have

him out running marathons and

setting an example. Has he had his

prostate done? (LAUGHTER)

You're supposed to, over 40 now.

That's a very good question. I'll

(LAUGHTER) go with him if he's scared.

That might scare him. Denise, he

was the health minister. I have to

say, Tony is obviously very focused

on fitness and health and he was

health minister. One of the major

milestones that he achieved when he

was health minister was to do so

much for women's cancers. And he

introduced Herceptin, the breast-

cancer treatment, onto the PBS.

Gardasil, the cervical-cancer

vaccine, made free for girls aged

12-26. He focused on a national

about how soon bowel-cancer

screening program. Tony's time as

Health Minister was very important

for women's health. As much as we

do love Tony Abbott and his Speedos,

we hope that one day we have our

female PM - and maybe the leader of

the Opposition could be female as

well, Julie Bishop. My plan is to

be the first female foreign

minister, that's what I'm seek to

be. You'll make a policy statement

in the kitchen very soon with a

knockabout dish. In the meantime,

here's Pat for the first time this morning.

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time. Money-back guarantee, yeah?

Thank you, Pat. It is Monday

morning. In a bit of a change from

the Parliament House canteen menu,

Julie Bishop is going to show us

how to prepare her favourite dish.

This is your stand-by, isn't it?

This is a family favourite. It's

been in the family recipe book for

about 30 years, so I can guarantee

it won't go wrong. So please don't

let me mess it up today. That would

just be disastrous. It's called

petit pollo a la panne. Which is -

Chicken and cream. We're going to

serve it with a rice pilaf. What

are we meant to do with the are we meant to do with the

chicken? The chicken breasts have

to be skinned. Very healthy. Plain

flour - just dip them in plain

flour like this. Yep... Bit of

flour there. Bit of salt in the

flour too, maybe? Yeah, that's a

good idea. We can put some salt in

there like that. And a bit of

pepper. You don't cook much, do


Is it so obvious already? It's

'cause chef whose do this all the

time are so quick. Chuck it into a

bag. That helps. Thuv more quickly,

Julie. Everybody's getting hungry...

Then we stick it in here... Bit of

this. No notice the way I've covered absolutely everything in

flour? It's meant to be much more

organised. Now we get give it a

belt. You take the hammer and I'll

take this. Flatten it out.

Take out all the pent-up

frustrations. "The kids weren't on

time for school today." "How dare you!! ('PSYCHO' THEME PLAYS)

Now it's a bit flatter. Bit flatter.

Mine's significantly flatter than

yours. You are one tough woman. Oh

my goodness. You've mangled it. (LAUGHTER)

Look at that! The idea is not to

beat it to death. Just so it's a

little bruised, not broken. OK.

Over here... A buttered dish - oven

dish. We don't cut it up, we just

pop it in? I'm really sorry,

chicken. You've had a tough life.

Put it in a lightly buttered dish.

We'll put yours back together again

snooft (LAUGHTER)

See that little bit you ripped off

there? We'll tuck that in there.

Now, a little bit more - what

A bit more seizing on there. The

tricky part is you need a bowl of

chopped fresh herbs. We've got

thyme -. Oregano... That's rosemary.

Oregano, thyme and dill. Yum. So,

fresh - or if you want to, you can

have the mixed-dry herbs from the

pantry: OK. Yep. Sprink that that

over. Yum, easy. You can use the

dried ones but I'm sure the fresh

ones are yummier. If you pop in

announced to Julie Bishop's how,

this is the one dish you'll get.

This is the only dish you'll get.

My friends know that. If my friends

say "I'm coming over for dinner,"

they don't complain. This is light

cream. We're looking for a healthy

daefrpbgts - You pour that on.

You've got to cover the herbs just

in case they burn. Don't want them

burning. Cover it, cover it, cover

it... Got it.

With dried herbs, it would work as

well. This is the special bit. We

then get parmesan cheese and we

just go like that with the parmesan.

We put it in the oven, and the

parmesan melts in with the cream.

Yeah... And it poaches the chicken.

And so it's just beautiful. It's

really moist and - Rrr...? Moist

and tender. It's fabulous. Yum!

OK... I've served this for 2, 6, 10,

and my brother's 21st birthday, we

got the local women to cater and we

did this for 100. So you can do 100

chicken breasts, and it worked. I

love it. Can I ask you a quick

question? Uh-oh. I've left

something out? What does your

fridge look like? A bottle of

champagne? Two. Some old beers,

like maybe a couple miss from a 6-

pack? That's harsh. That's really

harsh. (LAUGHTER)

There's an old lettuce, and a

carrot, and some butter. There's

muesli. And yoghurt. Yep. Cheese.

Mmm. That's about it. We're gonna revisit Julie Bishop's scrumptious

dish in a little while. Back to you,

'Ding Dong'. Thank you, Yum. Coming

up next - multiLogie-winning

actress Lisa McCune. (APPLAUSE)

now up to $10,000 each,

This program is captioned live.

It all started with an appearance

in a Coles comurls and now her

mantelpiece is growing, with so

many awards. Please welcome the

darling of Australian entertainment, Lisa Lisa McCune. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

Thank you so much for joining us

today. It's very nice to be here.

Thanks for having me on. Lisa is Thanks for having me on. Lisa is in

a theatre production of 'Dead Man's

Cell Phone', which is starting soon

in Melbourne. This is the first

role they said you've ever done

where you're not singing or dancing

around. I did a play when I first

graduated, but musicals always

seemed to be a natural fit for me.

Interestingly - even though we

don't break into song, it is a very

musical, lyrical piece. It's really

magical and interesting. It's by

New York playwright Sarah Rule.

It's fascinating that you take that

notion of finding someone onstage -

a dead man's cell phone - and she

goes on this journey about his life.

It's quite magical. It's set in a

restaurant or something? It starts

in a cafe. And this unassuming New

in a cafe. And this unassuming New

York girl picks up a ringing phone.

Because the man hasn't answered it.

Yeah, she thinks he's so rude.

"Can't you turn it off?" And he

doesn't respond. It's a lovely cast.

Because he's dead. Because he's

dead. Who plays the dead person?

John Adam. He's fantastic. He's he

plays a really good dead bloke.

When he's quiet in rehearsal, I ask

"Are you rehearsing?" he comes back

to life in the piece. There's

rollerblading in the show. It's

very quirky. Of all the areas you

work in - you've done a lot of

musical theatre and a lot of telly.

Do you have a favourite? I really

like it all, actually. I don't have

a favourite. I really enjoy working

in TV drama, and I've been doing a

show for Channel Nine, 'Sea Patrol',

for the last couple of years, and I

enjoy that because it's really

technical and I love working with

cameras. But the feeling of a live

audience - as you guys have here -

it's lovely to have a response.

There's a language that starts to

happen with an audience. Can I ask

you a question? Mm. Are you like

every other performer that when you

get a new job you get excited?

Excited and nervous and "Why am I

doing this?" And "Is it going to be

OK?" You go through all that

thought process - Every single time.

Regardless of how wonderful you

are? It's like anybody starting a

new job. It really is that same

thing every single time. You know

there's so many people behind you

who could do it just as well. I'm

often joked about as being a

control freak on this show. I'm

allegedly meant to be keeping

everyone in control and I like to

be across everything. Sometimes I

have to pull myself back. I've read

that you're the same. You like to

the seating ban plan - why is that?

It's a business. The more you

educate yourself and the more

knowledge you have, I think that

you become better an what you do.

That's only happened in the last 10

years. I have a real interest in it.

I think it's quite a fascinating

industry. It's a way of empowering

yourself too, isn'titant? Yeah. You

can have a say. And comoing and

understanding what people's tastes

might be at the minute. If, for

example, 'Twilight' is so huge at

the moment - how those influences,

if you put them inane piece, people

all of a sudden associate with

things. 'Dead Man's Cell Phone'

with fangs? I was joking. Daniel

Freden rn rkricson, in the play,

looks very much like Edward in the

play. He's very handsome all the

girls on Saturday night, you could

feel them in the front row. He's

gorgeous. Can I ask how your boys

are? They are fantastic. I have

Archer, Oliver, and a girl, Remy.

They're fantastic. I've been

working, rehearsing the play, and

my husband is doing a film. We've

never both gone out that same time.

This 1 the first time in the last

five weeks. The first time you've

five weeks. The first time you've

both worked that same time? Yes.

There's my husband Tim. We've been

juggling. There's high organisation

and highlighted names of who takes

over what and what meal needs to

happen. Phenomenon. It's --

Phenomenal. It's good fun. Thank

you so much. Good luck with the

play. (APPLAUSE)

You're Waugh watching The Circle

this Monday mornth. Shopping now

with Nikki. Thanks, girls. We all

want to look younger. Today, lurel

is here to explain a new, effective

way to treat wrinkles and improve

skin tone without the use of

needles or harsh, abrasive

treatments. Welcome, lurel. Hello.

Hi, Nikki. I'm here to tell you

about Skin Physics, a device that's

simple and easy to use, and it

treats a variety of skin problems

at once. That's really good news.

There are so many products on offer,

but it's really hard to know what

to use. That's right. On one hand,

there are creams, which are great

for moisturising the skin, but

don't treat the cause of the ageing.

On the other hand, there are

clinical procedure like botox or

Restylane injections, and laser,

which all have drawbacks. OK. A lot

of people have had botox or laser.

What's wrong with a little touch-

up? There's nothing really wrong.

But they're both quick fixes that

involve expense, pain and down time.

For example, laser causes

sensitivity, and redness and

swelling, because it uses heat to

burn the skin. Yes. And botox can

sometimes give people that very

fake, waxy, Barbie-like look. We're

not much of a fan of that, are we?

You have to accept that there are

some drawbacks for really

impressive results: No. Not anymore.

OK. There's now an easier solution.

Because an Australian research

company has developed skin physics

- a photo-rejuvenation system which

helps to reactivate skin cells

easily and painlessly using red-LED

light. It's a form of light therapy.

If you look at this diagram, you

can see that red light is part of

the visible light can see that red light is part of the visible light spectrum. LEDs

allow us to exclude harmful wave

lengths such as UVs. So it doesn't

burn or damage the skin? That's burn or damage the skin? That's

right. So can you explain what an

LED is? It's a science lesson! It

is! LEDs are short for light-

emitting diode. The technology was

first developed by NASA as a means

of growing plants in space.

Fantastic! Yeah. The interesting

thing for us, it was also found to

boost cellular energy in the human

skin. This was a real anti-ageing

breakthrough. Since then, it's been

widely recognised and used by dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons,

and high-end beauty salons to treat

a very of skin problems. How

exactly does it work? When you're

young, your skin cells are vibrant

and produce lots of collagen and

elastic. As you age, this slows

down. Causing wrinkles and crow's

feet and sagging. We know about

that one! The secret is pullsing

red light deep into the skin to

stimulate the cells and increase

their cellular energy. Inefficient

cells can start acting like young

cells again, creating dramatically

smoother, younger-looking skin. Wow.

With such impressive results. That

must be expensive. Salon treatments

cost up to $200 a session and

usually take 6-8 sessions. It adds

up quickly. Since the Skin Physics

Photon uses LEDs with the same-

energy output as big machines, you

can get the same results at home

for a fraction of the price. Even

surgeons recommend it. If you want

clinical results at home, I highly

recommend the Skin Fit physics

Photon. Is it same to do it without

a doctor? Totally safe. How can we

get our own Skin Physics Photon,

lurel? It's easy. Today, we are

offering the first 120 callers a

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experience the future of anti-

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That's not all. We'll also include

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system. A trial-size cleanser,

photo-stimulating gel and night

cream, three cosmaceuticals,

formulated to increase the

treatment. If you return it, just

pay the cost of the postic. Thank

you foring and in. See you next

time. Yes, we're back. I must toll

you, girls, I was at the airport

the other day, and the lady said to

me "Is that a real dog that you

have on the set?" I went, "Yes, it

is. It's my dog." Just because he's

floppy - come on, do a trick. Do

something. Come on, Ol. Perform!

(CROWD): Awwww. something. Come on, Ol. Perform!

(CROWD): Awwww. There he is. Little

baby! You're watching The Circle

this morning. There was a story in

today's paper about a French exotic

dancer by the name of Alyzie Sarah,

twooz 25, dancing on top of Uluru.

I think most people in Australia

know not to climb Uluru, let alone

take off your clothes once you get up

up there.

Danielle said she did Danielle said she did something

equally insensitive. "A couple of

girlfriends and I went to Japan and

went to an onsen, a public bath. We

were being quite disrespectful by

doing shallow dives from the side,

splashing and making really loud

noises. The Japanese women left in

disgust. We thought we were

hilarious." 'Cause their attitude

to eating, sleeping and bathing in

Japan is quite amazing. That

would... Assault their senses,

wouldn't it? Yeah. It's a very

restful place, where you go to have

a bath. How typical of Aussie

larrikins, how unusual. Carrying on.

Yes. Don't expect that with the Yes. Don't expect that with the ATP

crews. Yes. Maybe you could do some

bombs oft side topless, Denise.

Imagine. Up the Ryan... (LAUGHTER)

If you want to come and -- -- Up

the Rhine... To join us, email or call call us.

Coming up - fashion guru Emily

Power with fashion tips on buying

clothes to fit your body.

unique formula is thick,

This program is captioned live. (APPLAUSE)

A size 6 in Country Road but a 12

elsewhere? Clothing sizes vary puff

so much between stores, you need to

rely on your shape and rather than

the number on the tag. So which

body shape do you have? Fashion

expert Emily Power is here to talk

us through the most common shapes

and to give us her tips on how to

find the right clothes for you.

Welcome to the couch! (APPLAUSE)

You're right. I'm everything from

an 8 to a 14, from an extra small

to an extra large in stores. I'm

narrow, but I'm very long. I know

what it's like to go shopping and

be utterly confused. This segment

today is all about embracing things

that are wonderful about you,

looking at your features and

attributes that you should enhance

and highlight. I don't believe that

there's a woman who doesn't have

something fabulous about herself

that she should show off. This is

about saying "Stuff what's on the

tag," forgetting the number, and

looking at the cut and fit of the looking at the cut and fit of the

garments, and looking at your body

shape and enhancing what you've got.

We've identified five major body

types. You may fit into three or

four of the cat goirsz. You might

identify a little bit of something

about yourself. The whole idea is

to give you a few guidelines when

you go to the shop next to - when

you're looking at a garment and

you're in the change room is to to

not be critical of yourself and say

"I look terrible in this," but to

realise what's wrong with the

garment, not with you. Yay! We love

that message, Emily Power! Let's

start off with curvy body shape.

Try a flare or boot cut. It's about

creating the lovely wave. It's not

about fighting it, it's about

saying "I've got these curves so,

let's go the whole hog with it."

Sure. Another shape we have

identifyicide the pear shape, which

I fall into.

Not too long? If a jacket is too

long, it will follow the size of

your body and you'll get that

expansion. You want to avoid that.

Now, tall - which I think Gorgi,

you and I fall into. How tall are

you? I'm not that tall, really. I

just wear killer heels every now

and then. Well, I'm 5'11", so I

have to be careful that I don't get

the Steve Erkel pants look with I'm shopping.

It we get onto petites? That's what

I am. Or as I prefer to call it,

"In the nude, I look like a chubby

11-year-old boy." (CROWD GROANS)

I'm surprised you say that. This is

about looking at good things at you.

Well, he's really cute. I think so

too! Make friends with a staler, I

would suggest...

You want to be drawing the eye

downwards as well. As well, what

you are doing here - you can get

away with leggings and a lot of

tight ontrend pieces as well. And

you can wear miniskirts without

them looking indeesant. No, she

comes in in a miniskirt and she comes in in a miniskirt and she

looks VERY indecent. Rowr! You can

also wear the strong-shoulders look

that we're seeing around. It's hard

for a lot of other women to wear

that, but you certainly can. Julie

Bishop - she's a petite woman - her

jacket today looks absolutely

fantastic. That's an example there

of someone doing it right. What if

you're quite athletic and boyish?

Ignore the number on the tag!

Love it. Great advice. Thank you so

much. Please thank Emily Power.

Thank you. (APPLAUSE)

Now here's 'Ding Dong' with a

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Over the past few weeks, Marnie and

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And you'll feel like a million

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Thanks, Marnie. Thanks, kids.

"Thank you you... Denise..." Julie,

your chicken looked absolutely

beautiful. It smells quite good too.

There was a glitch in our

production. We had a super that

said "Julia Gillard". Which of

course you're not. No, I'm not. But

hey, this puts pressure on jueltia

to come up with my -- Julia to come

up with my chicken dish. Let's see

if she can make it. Love to see

what she's like in the kitchen. We

apologise for that. No problem.

Pressure's now on Julia! You are a

good sport. The PM has said he will

remain living in her modest brick

house in Melbourne, and stay in her

flat in Kingston in Canberra. She

won't move into the traditional

Canberra home of the leader, the

lodge, until she is - or if -

elected PM. We thought we'd compare

her home with some of the other

international leaders. This'll be

good. Let's look, first of all, of

course, where Obama lives. (LAUGHTER) course, where Obama lives. (LAUGHTER)

That's pretty nice, hey? Nice shack.

I've been there, on the visit

through the White House. Very

impressive. The blue room, the

green room... It's beautiful. Mm.

You'd be pretty happy if that was

your house. That's not bad. Let's

look at where - Not if you've got

to do the lawns. Number 10 Downing

Street. British PMment That looks

very modest, but I'm sure it's much

more grand behind the black stkoor.

And full of antique furniture. Even

if we look at The Lodge, that's a

pretty good pad. It's a very nice

home. That's lovely. Let's take a

glimpse at Julia's Altona home now. (LAUGHTER)

Very 'Kath and Kim'. How do we feel

about our PM living there? Well...

I'm not sure what point she's

trying to make, actually. She has

been sworn in by the Governor-

General. She moved into Kevin

Rudd's office in Parliament House

the saex very next day. And The

Lodge is more than a home. It's

where the Prime Minister greets

foreign dignitaries and the like.

And I think the important point is,

the cost of running the lodge won't

go away. You'll still have the

staff and the gardeners and the security detail. And so that

security detail - the cost of that

- will have to be doubled up in

Altona and for her yeah Canberra

flat. I'm not quite sure - So K-

Rudd's out of The Lodge, is he? No,

she's done that so that he can stay

there because the kids are in

school and it will give them enough

time - when and if she's re-elected

- she will move. I think that's

pretty good. Julia - I'm just not

sure there really is a point to be

made about it. Perhaps moving the

Rudd family out is one issue. But

ass I said, she moved into his office in Parliament House

overnight. So... There must be some

conventions when you do move into

The Lodge, you have sort of have to

nish great - It's never happened

before in the sense that there's

never been a Prime Minister thrown

out of office by his own party

before he's faced the first before he's faced the first

election. This is the first term.

So it's unprecedented. What would

happen after an election is there

is normally a handing-over period.

You might recall after the 2007

election, John and Janette Howard

stoogd at the doors of The Lodge

and welcomed Kevin and Therese in

and they have a cup of tea and all

that. I don't know if that will

happen with Julia and Kevin. Maybe

they need an Aboriginal smoking they need an Aboriginal smoking ceremony.

News headlines with next with Tarsh.

You know where you walk through and

smoke it out? Not that sort of

smoking - grow up!

Still to come - Lehmo's sideways

look at sport.

And the man who believes that not

enough is being done to address

Australia's mental-eth issues. It's

Monday, and you're watching The Circle.

This program is captioned live.

Welcome back. You're watching The

Circle this Monday morning on our

100th show. Time for the latest

news headlines with Natarsha Belling.

Good morning, Gorgi. Good morning, ladies.

The first real test of Julia

Gillard's popularity has shown that Labor's leadership spill has

improved its chances of winning the

next Federal election. According to

the latest Newspoll, Labor holds

53% of voter support, and a 6-point

lead over the Coalition on a 2- party-preferred party-preferred basis.

Also making news this morning -

world leaders at the G20 summit

have promised to slash Government

deficits by 50% in two years.

Meanwhile, violent protests are

threatening to overshadow any

progression at the summit.

Families of the seven Australians

injured off a speedboat crash at

Thailand are flying out to be by

their bedsides. At least 13 people were injured

Congratulations, ladies, on 100

episode. Aww. Thank youvy very much,

Tarsh. See you again for an update

at 12:00. Will do. Bye.

Coming up - the mental-health

advocate who quit his post earlier

this month, Dr John Mendoza. Right

now, a super-cool range of science kits with Nikki.

Do you want to get your child away

from the computer and ridio games

and more interested in subjects

like science? Well, I'm joined this

morning by Caroline, jasmine and

Adriana, who can show us how. Good

morning, everyone. Hi, Nikki. How

are you? This is exciting. I have

I'm excited to hear that my

children and other people's

children can be entertained but

also learn about science. That's

exactly right. We are going to

teach girls to invent the best

custom cosmetics or skin care in

the universe. That's fantastic! OK.

So, um, with these particular

products, I love the idea of kids

getting to create their own

cosmetics and learn about science.

So what age group were these kits

designed for? The kits were

designed for 8-14-year-old girls

who really have an interest in

their skin and an interest in

science, and learning about what goes into premium cosmetic products.

All the products have premium

ingredients. You can be sured

you're making a product similar to

something you would buy in

department stores. Who's actually

designed and developed the secret

of cosmetics? It was developed by

one of the world's leading

entertainment scientists. He was

really keen to help girls to

understand about cosmetics and skin

care. Of course, we use them our

whole lives. Absolutely. So this is

a product that is safe and mum and

dads can feel really confident

about giving it to their children?

No doubt about that. All the kits

have global cosmetic and also toy

compliance. All right! OK. Fantastic.

Fantastic. The secret of cosmetic

science comes with the four unique

and collectible sets. Can you tell

us about those? Certainly can. I'd

love to. The girls are making up

the purifying pack, which is kit

one. The girls love it, because it

helps whether you have congestion

and pimples. Mm-hmm. To draw out

the impurities and create a product

that clears the skin. Yes. Also in

this kit, there is a hydrating mask

- great for mum. Yes, they can make

one for mum whir they're at it!

They can. Or they can put it on

before a party to brighten their

skin. Kit two is all about

cleansing. So cleansing the hair, cleansing. So cleansing the hair,

cleansing the skin. And really

balancing out the PH balance, which

is important for really caring for

the skin. Kit three, they create

their creams and also a wonderful

body mist, and hydrates or nourishs

the skin. Depending on what the

skin needs. And kit four is all

about shimmer, hair gel, shimmery

body lotion, gorgeous things for

the party-wise. So there's fun, but

there's also the practical things

of cleansing and doing those things

as well. It's great fun but very

practical. I love all the colourful

ingredients as well, making it more

enticing for the girls. They can

make it whatever colour they want

and have lots of fun. I bet they

get a lot more out of this than

just creating and learning about

science too. While it's science, we

want girls to feel good about who

they really are and not idolise

other people. The kits are

collectible. We've talked about

that. With different types. Great

fun. We can see that with the girls

doing their work here. There is

also products out there for other

ages and for for the boys as well.

That's right. We have lots of

beautiful products. We have an eco

range which does ant farms and wunt

farms -- worm farms - beautiful

things. And great kits for younger

girls as well. Fantastic. Girl are

our Wild Science ambassadors, is

that right? They are. Look at those

prita faces on the boxes as well. We've talked about the four

different kits. Where can everyone

buy these? From all premium

retailers. Kmart, toyworld, Toys

'R' Us. Any more information or

information on these wonderful

instructional booklets are inside

the kits. Go to Extra

help for the mums if they need

extra help. All sorts of things.

Fantastic. Thanks for coming in,

everyone. Back to you, ladies.

Thank you. Thank you, girls.

Earlier this month, Professor John

Mendoza quit his post as the

Federal Government's top mental-

health advisor. It was a dramatic

protest against a system he says is

in crisis. He accuses the

Government of a lack of commitment

to mental health, a concern to

millions of Australians. We're

proud to welcome the Professor to

The Circle this morning. Nice to be here. here. (APPLAUSE)

Maybe to explain to our audience -

why did you specifically quit your

post? What was the moment when you said

said "I've had enough"? It wasn't a

single moment. It was really a

collection of experiences and

discussions with Government. I

guess the catalyst, really, that

brought it on was the decisions

through COAG - the Council of

Australian Governments - meeting in

April. And then the Federal Budget

in May. They really said something

about where mental health sits in

the health reform agenda for the

Government. It was pretty clear

that mental health did very badly

out of those reforms - $7.3 billion

in new funding, but only $115

million for mental health when the

Government's own report - the

health and hospital reform

commission had identified mental

health as a priority area for

invest. There's some horrifying

stats, but what in your opinion is

the main concern? Because it's not

just money, is it? It's the fact that these mental-health

patienterants are being turned away

from hospitals. What do you think

is the number-one cause for

concern? Well, it's pretty hard to

single out one cause. But certainly,

I think the community has woken up

to the fact that we've really not

invested in the services that we

should have built when we closed

the stand-alone psychiatric

institutions - what people used to

call asylums - and we started

closing them as early as the '60s.

We finished closing them in

Victoria in the early '90s under

Jeff Kennett's leadership. This

Government here in Victoria did

more than any other Government

around Australia in terms of building that community support

baits. But it's never been enough.

So we see too many people with

mental illness in homeless

situations, in our prisons, unable

to participate in normal social and

economic life of the community. I

think what we've really got to do

is inWesterwelle in those services

that prevent that continuing, but

also care for those who have become

so ill, such severe and persistent

mental illness that they are looked after. They've got proper housing,

proper care. Can I say what you've

said but in plainer English.

Plainer English They closed these

assim silms. People had to find

other ways of being cared for. Some

found homes, but others fell

through the cracks. Now we have to

find a solution. Is the solution,

you're suggesting, to restart

asylums? Definitely not. Asylums

not only didn't give protection for

vulnerable people in a sense - whu

you have a psychiatric disability,

you're pretty vulnerable - but they

didn't care in a human-rights way

for those folk. Nor did they

provide good care. We have good

evidence now that we can care for

people well most of the time, even people well most of the time, even

people with skits flenphrenia and

bipolar disorder, severe anxiety

disorders and the like. We can care

for those people in the community

almost all the time. They do need

support from hospital-based units

from time to time. And we don't

need asylums. That's for sure.

There's no evidence supporting that.

Where we really failed are those

two areas - building the sort of

community supports for ongoing care,

and building the services for young

people who develop mental illnesses.

'Cause most mental illnesses

develop before the age of 25. Yet

we've got no services there for

them. As a former teacher, I saw

kids with mental illness. Some

supplementary program to schools

funded by the Federal Government. I

know a lot of families personally

affected by depression in rural

communities. What would you like to

see in that situation? Well, very

simple investments, Gorgi, can be

made that immediately provide

services for those two groups

you're talking about. One thing we

know - young people search the

internet for information more than

any other previous generation. We

also now know that the internet can

provide really good E-therapy

programs. Not just information, but

therapeutic programs. But these are

not well-promoted in our community.

So no matter where you live in

Australia, what time of the day you

want to access the service, you can

actually begin to get an insight

into something that is going on

inside. It could be just emotional

stress and distress. But it could

be starting to develop into a

mental-health problem like

depression, like anxiety disorders,

or more serious disorders. Those

things can be done with very little

money and can be ramped up straight

away. The other thing we can do is

giving to the schools, as you were

saying. Many teachers see behavioural problems but not see

behind them. There's off an mental-

health problem emerging or a developmental-learning developmental-learning problem

that's emerging, and we don't give

enough support to schools to enable

them to keep those kids engaged in

education. I know that it's a education. I know that it's a

pretty obvious question, but given

the change of PM,, does that change

your stance at all? Will you be

approaching the Government again?

Look, they know where I am. I made

my decision in good faith at the

time. It was never meant to be a

public event. It became a public

event. It got caught up, then, in

the political dynamics of last week.

I know Julia Gillard on mental

health. She understands the issue

very well. When she was health

spokeswoman, Opposition health

spokeswoman, she made mental health

a priority. Now, she's got that in

her wardrobe, so to speak, or in

her draw, to draw -- drawer, to

draw on. I'm hopeful she will

listen to the sector. It's not just

what I or Patrick McGorry, the

Australian of the Year, are saying.

It's right across the sector. We've

got to get fair dinkum about reform

and provide equitable health

systems for those hundreds of

thousands of Australian whose don't

get any mental-health service at

the moment. Let's hope she listens

to you. Thank you so much,

Professor John Mendoza, for joining us. us. (APPLAUSE)

Anyone who may be experiencing

mental health problems themselves,

please visit beyondblue or call Lifeline.

We'll be in the kitchen next with deputy

Doctors will increasingly and remote expert face-to-face care so health advice and assistance

This program is captioned live. (APPLAUSE)

We're back with Deputy Opposition

Leader Julie Bishop, who's now

showing us how to cook one of her

favourite dishes - petit pollo a la

panne - with rice pilaf. We're now

up to the rice stage. This is

really easy. We start with a little

bit of oil in the saucepan, chop an

onion, and put the onion in there to onion, and put the onion in there

to soften. Don't burn it - not

brown - just soften it. It's all

nice and moist and mushy. Looks

good. Then rice. It doesn't matter

whether we just have the plain rice,

but you can do a mixture of

Canadian wild rice, brown rice -

whatever you like. We've gone for

the plain white rice. Is this

bubbling away? It's on. Do you want

it hotter? I think that's all right.

Now put the rice in like this. Stir,

stir, stir.... Bit of left-handed

stirring there. Put the rice in. A

cup of rice. OK. Now, I'm stirring

away, stirring away, just to make

it glisten, if you know what I mean.

Sort of like you were doing a

risotto. Sort of. This is really

funny for me to cook a rice dish.

My mother - not one of the greatest

cooks in Australia - she's not with

us anymore, but Mum was a shocking

cook, quite frankly. She can still

hear you! (LAUGHTER)

She can still hear me. Mum - her

cooking was not the best. She had

this favourite when we were little

kids growing up - rice Reeco.

Remember that? She'd chop up bits

of chicken and put canned pineapple

in it and say "It's Hawaiian

chicken!" I'm actually gagging. It

was gag material. Sorry darbgsd. My

older sister is a fabulous cook.

And I don't know where it came from.

Desperation and hunger! (LAUGHTER)

Yes, the family had to eat. If we

didn't have the Hawaiian chicken,

what else was there? So, Mary-Lou

is a great rice cooker. This is one

of her favourites. At some point,

we add stock? We add two cups of

chicken stock. Chicken cubes will

do. If you know how to make chicken

stock, fabulous. I'm a chicken-cube

girl. Sure. Put the chicken stock

in. Have a stir. You can hear it.

You can hear it rumbling away. The

recipe is on our website. It

contains pine nuts, currants - or contains pine nuts, currants - or

raisins? You can have raisins or

currants or susul Tanas. Whatever

you have in the pantry. It adds

sweetness to it. Bring this to the

boil. Put in the raisins, but not

the pine nuts. boil. Put in the raisins, but not

the pine nuts. Why aren't you

chopping the parsley? (LAUGHTER)

You have got anger issues, woman!

Look at the way you did my chicken

with the mallet. Chop carefully.

This woman's with a knife. Be

careful. Put in the raisins so they

all plump up. I yum! They won't go

too mushy? No, they'll be just fine.

Put that in. When this comes to the

boil, you pop it in the oven for

about 30 minutes. So while the

chicken's cooking, put this in as

well. If you've only to do two

things at once, put it in the

cooktop. Can I see how the

chicken's looking? Fingers crossed. Perfect!

I love it when it works. That's

exactly how it's meant to look.

Hello! Yum. It smells amazing. Ta-

da! Meanwhile, back at the rice... (LAUGHTER)

We wait for all of the liquid to

soak up. And then that's ready as

well. Once that's ready, you put in

the pine nuts and the chopped

parsley. If it's not colourful

enough, you could chop up a red or

green capsicum and put that on as

well. I am hearing you, sister.

Then you've got the chicken. And

the rice, and the green salad or

broccoli to give it a bit of colour,

otherwise it would look pale or

yellow. Yay! We'll be tasting that

as Julie Bishop describes it at the

end of the show. Still to come -

Sean Lynch visits the spectacularly

beautiful Daintree. And you'll find

out about your chance to win a trip

for there in our competition. out about your chance to win a trip for there in our competition.

Time for another shopping

opportunity with Nikki.

Struggling to lose thov love

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Embarrassed by your beer bellaryo

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