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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. It's Monday 12 March. It's Monday 12 March.

If you are flying in or out of

Brisbane, expect delays. There's

strike action between a contractor and unions. The latest shortly.

Days away from the Olympic swimming

trials. Our swimmers are snubbing

the new fast suits. Which swimmers

will wear the old models and why?

And the tributes continue for Ian

Turpey. This morning Turpey. This morning the

recollections of Jonnie Young and

Baby John Virgis.

I'm watching two possible cyclones

in Northern Australia.

Did you have a good weekend?

My son became a man on the weekend.

What do you mean? He bought his first lawn mower.

first lawn mower. I let him pick

and in true Aussie fashion he

picked a Victa. Oh no, I'm into r

my lawn mowers and you can't go

past a Honda. You know, I love a

lady into her lawn mowers. I love

the shed. I'm into my whipper

petrol? snicker, blower vac. Electric or

petrol? You love a garden. I have

people who do all of that for me. I

can't believe that neither of you

mentioned the best mowers in the

world. Archie went Masport or

Victa... You wouldn't know it from

brain week. the level of conversation but it's

Internationally it is brain week. It is also here in

It is also here in Australia, how

do you pronounce it? Moomba in

Melbourne. Adelaide cup day.

Canberra day. Not sure where. A lot

of public holidays. It's

holidaytastic! Settle in, you have

some time.

Eight hour day, eight hour work,

eight hour recreation. Eight

eight hour recreation. Eight hour

sleep. Did they expect people to

Rest I suppose. get that? Most people get more.

We can discuss the whole eight hour idea.

The US military is in damage

control after one of its soldiers

went on a deadly shooting spree.

in The rogue soldier killed 16 people

in their homes. President Obama called the attack tragic and

shocking. It's likely to widen a

growing divide between Washington

and Kabul. US forces are providing

the highest level of care for those

injured. We are still attempting to

ascertain the facts. The incident

is under investigation and the

United States service member has

been detained. Emergency crews are been detained. Emergency crews are

at the front line of a fierce

bushfire threatening homes just

south of Perth. The raging blaidz -

- blaze broke out as the city

sizzled through a heat wave. The

team fought the fire from the air

and at ground level. Locals are

told to stay vigilant with

the high 30s. temperatures forecast to return to

Double check your plans if you are

flying in or out of Brisbane.

Unions say a Qantas contractor at

the airport locked out the

workforce as a pay row takes a new

twist. The electrical trades union

claims its members earn 25% less

than colleagues in Victoria and it

is holding a meeting to discuss

strike action. Airport check-in is

expected to be hit and passengers

should expect some delays.

AFL news now, and North Melbourne

downed the Western Bulldogs in

their Round 3 clash at Ballarat.

Ryan Priffin had 14 first touch s

and two goals. Tributes are pouring

in for Australian TV legend and

former game show host Ian Turpey.

He fronted popular quiz shows such

as 'supermarket Sweep'. He is

survived by his wife of more than

40 years and their three children

and three grandchildren. and three

Good morning the Greek debt deal

dominated investors' minds in the

last couple of days and in the

wash-up you would be hard-pressed

to find anyone who doesn't think

this latest obstacle is simply that,

a milestone on a long road to



The US Government figures show that

something like 227,000 new jobs are

added to the economy, keeping the

unemployment rate steady at 8.3%.

That pushed the Dow up 14%.

Friday. Our market did really well on

Perth is experiencing a record

breaking eighth heat wave since the

beginning of December which is

extraordinary. It's 2 March which

extraordinary. It's 2 March which

has only happened once before.

We're seeing warm and dry

conditions and I'm watching two

tropical lows up north that may

turn to tropical cyclones this week.

Let's look at what will happen

today. You can see that this trough

in the west is moving inland so

it's allowing a cooler change to

push through. Day 4 of the heat

wave, but it will cool later in the

day. The big area of high pressure

keeping things dry through the

south but it is bringing in onshore

winds for the Queensland coast. As

I mentioned, two tropical lows that

may turn to tropical cyclones this

week. Now let's look. We have this

one off the NT coastline. It may

intensify to a cyclone by tomorrow,

making lapbldfall around the middle

of the week. We have another one

off the Pilborough coast. It could

make landfall many the week. These

communities across the tp northern

Tri and North West Western

Australia should be on -- Northern

Territory and North West Western

Australia should be on alert.

Guys, come on... I caught you out.

We were listening. You weren't.

Darwin. What was she saying? Storms in

Cairns hitting 30. There

Cairns hitting 30. There are plenty

more up dates throughout the show.

Never a trueer word.

Now, here is a word for you, or is

it two, "Jelly fish".

One word. I think it is one word. "jellyfish".

Like them or not, they can be

jellyfish, evidenced dangerous. One sting from a box

Smith Movie'. jellyfish, evidenced in 'The Will

Great movie. No-one remembers it.

What are those other... The

Portuguese Man of War. The purple

ones. Blue bottles.

The point is you can now have a new

that. craze of jellyfish as pets. Look at

You see that one has a mark on it?

That's because it consumed

something and it's gradually

injesting it, not through its

stomach because it's a fish. It has

no stomach or no brain, no eyes. It

has no spine. There is no point to

A waste of time. jellyfish at all. The most stupid...

A waste of time. People are on

board, they love it.

$500. It's a kid thing. I reckon

parents would like it, you don't

have to clean up after it. A lot of

people get married and look at

their partner and think, "I've

already got a jellyfish".

Brainless and useless. That thees

harsh. We will cross live to the US.

Welcome back. Shocking stories come

out of Afghanistan overnight. There

are reports a US soldier

are reports a US soldier killed

Afghani civilians. The reasons why,

people are unsure. Dan, Sutton will

tell us. Do you have further

details on why this occurred? It's

not clear xalabgtly caused this

staff sergeant to go off base at 3

am local time. He went to three

local houses. He went inside and

dead, that opened fire. Six teen Afghanis are

dead, that includes nine women and

three children. Another five have

been wounded. They are offered top

care by US authorities at the

moment. The US President Barack

Obama released a statement calling

this tragic and shocking. The staff

sergeant has been detained and he

is being invesgailted at the moment.

They promised to bring anyone who

is involved in this attack to

justice. It's clear, though, at the

moment it seems it was just one person involved.

person involved. This has happened

in Kandahar Province, a Taliban

strong hold in Afghanistan.

Tensions have grown since the

images came out about burning

Korans. Do they think that could be

the cause and what are they saying

about the relations? Could this

harm any US removal of troops from

the place? Well, there's a fear for

the safety of US troops following

this. After those Koran burning

pictures were made public, there

was a series of protests and

several US soldiers were killed.

Several of them were shot point

blank in the back of the head. The

US President has been in talks with

Hamid K -- Karzai. There is

Hamid K -- Karzai. There is

obviously a lot of anger at US

troops and this will make things

worse. And now, Oprah Winfrey

secured an interview with Whitney

Houston's family including Bobby

Christina. It hasn't aired but do

we know what they said? It's airing

tonight. Oprah is not releasing

clips. Bobbie Christina is 19. She went into

went into complete meltdown when

her mother was found dead. She told

friends the reason she chose Oprah

is because she trusts her. She is a

family friend, was invited to the

funeral and she believes she never

made her mother look bad. Perhaps

there is a reason here she doesn't

want to be asked difficult

questions. There have been images

of her involved in drug use. She

apparently went missing and was

involved in more drug use shortly

after her mother's funeral. Perhaps

there are touch which subjects she

doesn't want to be asked about. No

word on whether she is being paid

for this. Doubtful she will need

the money. She will be the sole

beneficiary of her mother's will,

some $20 million she will inherit

as she grows up. Her aunt Patricia

also spoke to the program. Did you

think that drugs would end up

taking her? Did you think that? The

handwriting was on the wall. I

would be kidding myself to say

otherwise. This is a big get for Oprah's network which has been

struingnlg the ratings. She is

obviously using her personal

relationship with the Whitney

Houston family to get this interview.

And two men sentenced over taking

their dead friend to a strip club we heard

we heard about? This is a bizarre

story. Two friends partied with

their mates. He died from a

combination of drug use and alcohol.

Instead of calling to the police,

put his body in a car and drove

around filled up with pet treel.

They went to a couple of bars a

strip club. They used their buddy's

credit card to pay for

credit card to pay for those things.

Once they left the strip club they

called police, realised they did

the wrong thing. They have been

sentenced to just probation, one

for two years, one for one. They

told police on one hand, one of

them didn't want to believe his

friend passed away, the other one

says she thought his friend was too

intoxicateed to talk to them. A bizarre story. Exceptionally

bizarre. Thank you.

bizarre. Thank you.

Barack Obama described the rogue US

soldier's Afghan shooting spree as tragic and shocking.

Passengers at Brisbane Airport are

being warned of delays because of

industrial action. Residents south

of Perth are being warned to stay

vigilant as soaring temperatures increase the bushfire threat.

As we've been speaking about,

Australian showbusiness lost an

icon over the weekend. The

irrepressible as he's been

described today, Ian Turpie, best

known for his role as 'The Price is

Right' in the 80s. 60 years in show

business. He dated Olivia Newton

John. That's cool. Our reporter

spoke to Baby John, one of his

great mates. We lost a true blue

Aussie a good bloke. A guy that

enjoyed life. He lived it to the

full. I don't think he missed too

many things. He liked a good yarn,

a drink with his mates and also you

know, a good family man as well.

Just an all-roupbld good fellow. He

was ruling the air waves in radio

and stepped into TV and made his

mark on the quiz shows. That's

where you ran into him? Yes,

probably because he was the first

host of 'The Price is Right'. I

would like to say that he probably

set the benchmark for a lot of

people who followed like myself and

you know, Larry and Rob and Glenn

Ridge, and Tony Barber. Turps, "Come

"Come on down', it was a riotous

show. He's good makes with John

Deakes and if the three of us got

together it was a funny afternoon.

His career stretched onwards. He's

done a lot of work in charity over

the years as well as oon stage? Yes,

he's a good fellow. He would do

anything for anyone. I mean right up until...

Jonnie Young... "Right up until...".

It was a pause. Jonnie Young will

be coming up and chatting to us

later about his time. He performed

with Ian Turpie back in March at a

get-together show. 60 years...

First girlfriend Olivia Newton --

John. I know a guy who went out

with Kiri Tikwanoa. They used to go

in the back of a Bedford van and

eat fish and chips and do God knows

what else. I think she's bigger

than Olivia. In certain

circumstances. The world circles?

Yes. I think she would be.

She was asked the perform at the

Royal wedding.

Has she been on Glee?

We were talking about Opraht

comapbl is doing very badly, an

embarrassment. So she needs this?

She filled it. That's almost 24/7

with lesbians. It was like a whole

lesbian programs. Not sure that was

the point of the network. Neither

were the viewers. Oprah is bigger

than Dame Kiri and Olivia. We will

have the latest when we come back

from Brisbane airport. Delays Po pen tl shri.

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Uz There's a possibility of a brief

show ner the city with a high of 28. More in a few minutes.

All kinds of problems at Brisbane

Airport. If you are taking a trip

there, you probably know there are

delays. People are not taking a trip through there today. Industrial action, long wait.

We will talk about that shortly. We

will take a trip around Australia.

Mel in Sydney. If you are stuck in

Brisbane Airport I have the story

for you to help you pass your time.

It's a great tale making the rounds

in Sydney. A battling Australian

company making it big in the Big

Apple. It's about a struggling

publishing house called 'The

Writer's Coffee Shop' which took a

punt on a book it saw online called

'50 Shades of Grey' and that paid

off. It's now the Number 1 on the

New York Times Best

New York Times Best Seller ebook

list. It's going to be coming out

in a more traditional form now as

it's making waves overseas. You can

grab knit paperback shortly.

Guys, some sad news to start the

day in SA. A man drowned while

driving on a beach. It's early days

for this, but police say he drove

into the mouth of the River Murray.

There's not many details as to what

caused the drowning, but the police

said that there was a very strong

current in the river which no doubt

would have complicated things. On a

lighter note, it's a public holiday

down here. We are expecting tens of

thousands to descend on the Morphetville Race Track for the

running of the Adelaide Cup. One

man will be amongst the crowd,

Peter Moody, who trains a little

horse called Black Caviar. He

hasn't announced where the horse

will make her 20th straight win

attempt, but he said he won't be

anoupbtsing -- announcing it today.

We will try to get it out of him.

Good morning. We come to you from

Brisbane Domestic Terminal. Here

contractors will be walking off the

job. They're upset and it boils

down to the fact they say their

counterparts in Victoria are paid

25% more than them. They want

equity. They are planning a stop-

work meeting. We will have the

latest and a few experts throughout

the show. With big news building

here in Queensland, we have the

victims of last year's floods.

They're waiting on a report to be

tabled later in the week. On the

table is a massive class action.

Lawyers want to be going through

that report to find out if Wivenhoe

Dam was mis-managed. It's a

billion-dollar class action. The

Government doesn't have the money

so we will have to find some from

the people to go back to the people.

Good morning from Melbourne. We're

at the third and final day of the

Moomba festival. It kicks off with

the Grand Parade. It's pro- there

will be music all day, including

Darryl Braithwaite. There will be

water skiing. How creepy is the

carnival at 6.20 in the morning

when there's no-one here? A happy

Labour Day for Victorians. But we're celebrating the introduction

of the eight-hour working day by

being at work.

I know Paul you are a big fan of

the English language and

linguistics. I will explain what

Moomba means.

We all speak English. There was a

suggestion it was a bit spooky. You

remember when it was closed, they

had nighttime tours.Dy you ever go

on one? I didn't kpwet there at

night but they reopened it.

Carnival parks are creepy. Imagine

being there on your own, you could

run wild. You could sit on horses

that weren't moving. Now for some

more news. Parts of Darlind --

Darlington Point have been

evacuated. The SES warns that

several properties to the north are under water.

People living in the border of NSW

are safpbd bags. They are one of --

sandbagging. They are one of the

next in line for the floods. 100

palettes of sandbags have been sent

to the town with the flods expected

to peak in a few days.

In Southern NSW the slow and costly

clean-up is underway. Thousands of evacuees from Wagga Wagga and

Forbes are now returning home. For

many their worst fears have been

confirmed with houses badly damaged.

Not everyone is being allowed to

stay. Some North Wagga locals could

only survey the wreckage before

having to leave before darkness

fell last night.

Victoria is catching up with other

states and issuing taser guns to

its police officers. They will be

phaseed in from July, following a

successful year-long trial. Senior

officers say the tasers will be the

last tactic before they pull their

real guns. It takes them into luen

with other police forces such as Queensland, WA, and NSW.

We will hear more about possible

new changes to drink-drive laws in

NSW. The State Sentencing Council

is publishing a report suggesting

drive drivers who give a low to

medium reading would be put on a

good behaviour bond. They wob

convicted of drink-driving but

could continue to drive. If caught

again they would be banned for

twice as long. The changes are

considered by the state government.

Prince Harry is showing off his

polo skills in Brazil's largest

city, Sao Paulo. It follows his

trip to a slum in Rio where he

played cricket with cheering

youngsters. Hundreds packed into

the streets to see him T playboy

prince is visiting Latin America

and the Caribbean to celebrate the

Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Canberra

will be full of hot air but just

this once it won't be because of

the pollies. A hot air balloon

festival is one of many events to

celebrate Canberra Day. The public

holiday marks the capital's

official founding on March 1, 1913.

The city was named by Lady Denmant

wife of the then Governor-General.

So it's happy 99th birthday.

Happy birthday Canberra. Good

morning. The Greek debt swap deal

has dominated global markets in the

last couple of days. But now it's

warring reactions to it that

threaten to spook global investors.

The French President has gone so

far as to say that this debt swap

deal has solved Greek's debt crisis,

but his German counterparts

strongly disagrees. Out of the US

we saw a third consecutive month of encouraging jobs starter.

227,000 new jobs were added in

February and that has kept the

unemployment rate steady at 8.3%.

That went some way to pushing the

Dow Jones up 14 points by the

closing bell. Our market did really

well on Friday.

Two main weather storys with warm

and dry conditions across the

southern half o the country. A

record breaking heat wave in Perth.

Up north double trouble with a

couple of lows potentially turning

into tropical cyclones.

Basically we will see this high

pressure system dominating the

southern half which means clear dry

skies. It means a bit of a cold

start but don't worry it will be a

beautiful sunny afternoon, pretty

much for everyone across the entire

southern half of the country. That

high pressure system is bringing

round some onshore winds to the

Queensland coast. We will seeing

showers. As I mentioned we have two

lows, one in near the Northern

Territory and another off the NW of

Western Australia, Po potentially

turning into cyclones.

Queenslanders, you can those

onshore winds along the coastlines.

Look at that thing by your head.

It's twisting around by your head.

Remember this is the other one that

was to the south-west of Bali. I

have a graphic to show you. Bet you

wish you didn't ask. Absolutely. We

have to watch these two over the

next couple of days. We'll watch

them then. Thank you.

You should do a special mention of

Canberra. It's Canberra Day. Nice

day. 24 degrees, cloudy, light

winds. Perfect for balloons. This

is the 99th birthday since they

just invented it. It was just dust.

Someone said, "Oh, that will do".

We will call it Canberra. So we're

in the middle of the seven ten-day

festival. Is Canberra worth a 17

day festival? I think many in

Canberra would suggest it is. Have

you been there? Yes. Several times.

It's a great place, easy to get

around. It's easy to get around

because you're the only person

there when you go. They are the

Lights Camera Action Festival. The

hot air balloons will be rising

above Lake Burleigh Griffin.

It's a little bit like a Communist

state. It's like they're waiting

for a horse-drawn procession. If

you have an emergency horse-drawn

possession, Canberra is ready.

There's AFL games and on sport,

Andrew is with someone special now.

I was asking Wendall if he could

fix the photo -- photocopier. He's

good at sport ts. --

Welcome back to Breakfast. Please

give us a call on the Henry Hotline.

Let us know about anything that's

on your mind but maybe what you

think about Canberra? Paul has

views that were interesting. Don't

get me wrong, I like it but it's

just weird. It's weirdly empty.

It's waiting for something to

happen all the time. I liveed there

for a while, I enjoyed it. There were some interesting moments.

Something else you might have an

opinion on is Thorpie. Will he get

to that London Olympics? Which day

is the trial? Friday, 200 m

freestyle. Let's go to two guys who

know more about sport than any of

us combined. Mark Howard in

Melbourne and Wendal Sailor. To you

Howie sh do you think Buddy

Franklin will change the AFL, are

you sticking by this claim? I think

he will. I can't bleel a man that

comes from a country like

Wellington is -- that has

Wellington is taking a crack at

Cran bra. I went to watch a man --

I watched him at Etihad. He plays

for har thorn. He kicked it next to

a bloke having a hotdog. He let one

go from 65 metres for a supergoal.

He is a superstar but he's one of

those fellows you watch regardless

of which team. He's worth the $30.

He's a superstar. I reckon he could

take it to the next level. He may

lead the Hawthorn club to a

Premiership. For the ladies, he

split with his longterm girlfriend.

He's got the full package. We can

rely on you for dating tips. And

the big sport over the weekend, Del,

Daly Cherry Evans, Sea Eagles, he

owned it. Yes, I interviewed him

before. He's so composed, confident

and he's respectable of what has

gone before him. If you are in

Manly, this is a future captain.

The way he plays when the game is

on the line. He is going to be a

great ambassador for the game. And

I want you to weigh in on this one.

On the weekend before he played, he

turned down an offer from Manly and

supposedly there is an AFL scout

manager sniffing around Po

potentially wanting to shop him

around AFL clubs? I know a lot of

league clubs, Chris Sa in, dau, he

got ridiculous money thrbgs kid, we

talked to Darren Lockyer retired

from Origin, this young bloke t

world his oyster. Do you think he

will maybe go to AFLHowie? He'd be

handy at the game, but I think the

AFL went down that path before and

they said the boys have been a

great investment into AFl but they

don't think they will attract a

young man like. That I don't think

David Gallup wouldn't let any more

of these guys go. You can't afford

them to play AFL, it's detrimental

to the NRL games. If you guys keep

poking us, what can we do. Stick to

your own code? Cramichael is going

well and Israel. It must be a tough

choice, they can play in front of

20,000 and get $3,000, or play in

front of 6,000 and get $80,000.

It's not the money, it's the love.

Ian Thorpe. He's trying to qualify

on Friday. His best chance

obviously the 200 metres. What do

you reckon his chances are? I would

have thought pretty good? He's a

superstar. He's the best swimmer

Australia has had in many ways.

He's up against it. The 200, as you

talk about, he's currently going in

with the 18th quickest time. You

need the top 16 to get to the semi-

finals and the top eight to make

the finals. The big Thorpie needs

to be in the top six to go to the

Olympics. He came out on the

weekend and said it would be a big

ask. You speak to the swimming

people and they say, his times are

not there, but it's Ian Thorpe. No-

one is willing to write him off. He

swims Friday morning. We are

showing that live on the The Circle.

He is a superstar. You never write

those blokes off. I'm backing him

to get there. But the thing is, if

he didn't quite get there, would

you be encouraging the selectors to

choose him anyway? Should you have

a bit of discretion around a

superstar? That's all nice and well,

but what about the 16-year-old from

Albury that qualified for the first

Olympics, and they say sorry, your

spot is taken by Thorpie. I think

that oo's the best thing about

swimming. Some of the other sports

can decide on performance later.

You've got to do the time, if

you're not, you're not on the way

to blon don. And it will be a

cracker on -- London, and lit be a

cracker on Ten. He brings attention

to the sport, Wendall? Yes, there's

some great swimmers in Australia.

The product is great, but Ian

Thorpe people want to see if he

will make it. He came out and said

he's probably left himself 6 months

short. Out of the pool for five

years. I'm not a great swim sper. -

- swimmer, but... Really? Very

funny. He's great for Australian

it. sport. I would like to see him make

Now let's talk Sally Pearson,

outstanding on the weekend. Her

second world title in the 60m

hurdle. I was interested to hear

that she was really nervous ahead

of the race but pulled off this

cracker? I think all great athletes

and people at this sport, I think

she is probably nor nervous than

anything else, that fear of failure.

The expectation is there to win.

Not since Cathy Freeman have we

been excited. I saw her run a month

ago and it's worth watching her

race. Not only is she racing so

well and getting great scores and

times, she's inspiring the other

athletes.Ion said that they

wouldn't have done so well if it

wasn't for her. I heard a -- heerdz

that, and this happens with sports,

you watch someone and it lifts you.

Congratulations. She's a wonderful ambassador for Australia but for

young women. This is a girl you

want to look up to. For my young

daughter, I want her to look at

Sally and shy's a breath of fresh

air. Do you think she could go down

as one of our greatest all-time

athletes? If she wins the gold

medal at the London Olympics, it

luz be a Cathy Freeman style moment.

She had that amazinging

disqualification and backed it up

later. She's so full of excitement

and energy and emotion. She crosss

the line and she doesn't just say,

"I did it for my team", she goes

bananas, which is wonderful. I

think that is why people enjoy her.

If she wins in London alongside

James Magnussen in 100 Free, I

think they will be the superstars.

I think you have to back it up at

two Olympics, but one Olympic gold

would be a supereffort. I have a

hard time running without anything

in front of me. She has the hurless. -- hurdles. Delivision.

There you go, delivision. P Time

for another news hit.

Top stories today on Breakfast. An

explosion in Victoria's south-east

left a man with critical burns.

Hamid Karzai says the murders of 16

unforgiveable. civilians by a rogue US soldier is

Barack Obama is sand -- Bahma in Victoria is sandbagging.

Thank you Wendall. No worries. He

did a groovey move. Either that or

Delevision. the floor was slipping. It is

If you were travelling through

Brisbane Airport you have to be

patient, you have to be any day,

strike activity. but today especially. There's

We are joins by Gary now. The

workers are locked out.

The last message I received from

Auckland is the General Executive

of the company are in a meeting to

negotiate and thrash out a new

offer which will be sent to myself

in Australia to deliver the work,

hopefully in the next 25 minutes.

Who is your argument with? It's not

Qantas, is it? Not directly. DS --

DCS Group a contractor to Qantas to

provide maintenance to the airports.

Qantas has had a hand in this.

However, BCS is the main target.

action? Was this your first choice of

It seems extreme. Passengers are

being affected right now at

Brisbane Airport. Was there no

other way around this? We've been in negotiations since July last

year. As a part of that we had a

lot of talks, a lot of talks which

have gone on. This action, there's

a flow-on when the company locked

out workers over the New Year break.

It brought us back to the

negotiating table. Some things were

given up by the unions. The

negotiations had been going in good

nait. However, -- faith. However,

the decision was made to bring it

to a head quickly. What's the point

of Fair Work Australia if they

can't sort out disputes without it

having to affect passengers? Fair

Work Australia maybe where this

ends up. I would like this sorted

out in 24 hours. I say if it can't

be in the next 24 hours, we will go

down the To Fair Work Australia.

For the sake of time, why don't you

go to Fair Work Australia. Why do

you have to have strike action

before they become involved? Fair

work Australia has a role. We

couldn't have gone at this stage?

Line with the registration. We

researched every possibility before

we ended in a try buen yapal --

tribunal. We may end up in Fair

Work Australia. If you don't get

the desired outcome in the next 25

minutes, you're suggesting you're

waiting to hear from your

counterparts in New Zealand, what

will it mean for travellers in and

out of Brisbane ar port? --

airport? I would like to think it

will have minimal impact on Qantas

travellers. Worst case scenarios is

where con vary systems will break

down. People will be able to catch

planes. But luggage could be

delayed. For people catching

international flights, it could

mean a delay of up to 24 hours

before their luggage arrives.

That's highly unacceptable for

travellers going without their

clothes. You can only wear your T-

shirt and your shorts for so long.

I agree. That's the reason why I

would like to bring this to a head

today. You don't mind in essence

you are holding travellers to

ransom with this, that's okay? It's

not the unions holding travellers

to ransom, but the company chose to

lock workers out. As I say, I want

an outcome and I want it from the

company. We want to negotiate and

have a fair outcome for all parties.

I would like to see that happen

today. Gary, will you get to the

point where Brisbane workers are

paid a less amount than Victorian

counter parts. How did you get that

to point? The Brisbane workers are

under an old industrial scheme,

hangyofrb from Work Choices,

individual contracts. In those

contracts they are paid far less

than the minimum award standard of

Australia. When we got a copy of

the agreement from Victoria, which

was done last year by the unions

down there, we grabbed the wage

rates from the contracts and put it

up against that agreement and it

worked out to be tween 20 or 25%

below Victorian rates for the same

company. How confident are you you

will reach a pay equality and where

co-you draw the line if you don't

get them to match your Victorian

counterparts? It comes down to the

rank and file members today. That's

the reason why the talks over the

next 25 minutes are so integral to

this dispute. If the talks over the

nexft half an hour, are fruitful,

done with integrity, our rank and

file will accept an offer. If the

offer is below the Victorian amount,

they will more than like accept it

and live again to fight another day.

So we can have some more strike

action another day. So quickly,

Gary, in 25 minutes, if there isn't

a resolve, how long are you locked

out? How long before things get

back to normal? The lock-out notice

on the workers and unions are until

Saturday night. Saturday night? Yes. Thanks Gary.

Gary Rodgers Electrical Trades

Union Organiser. If you realise

that someone of your equal is being

paid 25% more, there is a right for

you to go out and argue a case for

why... I disagree with them having

a right to do it. How did it get to

a point where there's such a divide,

that between now and Saturday

people will potentially be without

luggage. It's quite extreme. If you

have a collective contract,

collective bargaining v individual

contracts, I kund stand how it can

get to that financially, but why

are they locked out? Why are they

on strike/locked out. It's no way

to behave. It's a bad look for the

rest of the world if foreigners are

travelling through our cities,

we're forever being plagued with

cot case. airport industrial action. It's a

Stupid, stupid organisation. Isn't

it? If they can't get involved

before a strike, it's just a

complete waste of space. Something

else the taxpayer has to work for -

- pay for, Fair Work Australia. Coming up:

President Obama said he's deeply

saddened by rogue US soldier's

deadly shooting spree in

Afghanistan. The soldier walked off

the base and began shooting at

Afghan civilians while they slept

in their homes. As many as 16

people, including nine children and

three women were killed. He's been

arrested but the shooting is likely

to ramp up tensions between

Washington and Kabul. An explosion

in Victoria's south-east has left a

man badly burned. The man was

airlifted to Melbourne's Alfred

Hospital from his home which caught

fire after the blast. He suffered

burns to around 720% of his body

and remains -- 70% of his body.

He remains in a critical condition.

Perth is sizzling through a record-

breaking heatwave. Temperatures hit

41 as firefighters battled a raging

blaze in the city's south. A 100-

strong team fought the wall of

flames from the air of Piara Waters.

The bushfire has been contained.

The threat to homes is minimised

but locals are warned to stay

today. vigilant with temps set to hit 37

We've been hearing some more

tributes for Australian TV legend

and former game show host Ian

Turpie. The 68-year-old lost his

long battle with cancer yesterday.

With a TV career spanning five

decades he became a household name

in the 80s, fronting quiz shows

like 'The Price is Right'.

Fellow host and industry veteran

Ron Burgess remembers him as a dam

good bloke. I would like to say

that he probably set the benchmark

for a lot of people who followed

like myself. Brisbane Roar has

missed the chance to reclaim top

spot on the A-League ladder after

being held to a 1-1 draw by

Adelaide United. Perth capitalised

on an embarrassing error from young

Central Coast Goalkeeper Matthew

Rye wran to score.

The English Premier League and

Wayne Rooney put Manchester United

on top after scoring both goals in

their 2-0 win over West Brom.

Is there no escape from 'Angry

Birds'? It's being played in space.

A scientist on board the

International Space Station has

sent the little red birds flying

down the corridors in zero gravity.

It was part physics lesson and part

game coming out soon. promotion for a new version of the

Hot and dry days through the

southern half thanks to this high

pressure system which is keeping

skies clear. The winds move in an

anti-closwise direction. They are

onshore for the Queensland

coastline, which means we are

seeing showers. By the time they

make their way through the inland,

they are picking up the hot air

through Central Australia and

delivering it to the south-west of

Western Australia, which is why we

are seeing such record-breaking

heat. The eighth heatwave since the

beginning of December. We've never

seen that many since records began

over 100 hin years ago.

There's a couple of lows up north.

This one has a chance of turning

into a tropical cyclone. The one

off the Pilborough has a high

chance for Tuesday or Wednesday.

There's the chance of a coastal

crossing for both of these.

Let's look at your capital cities.

To Brisbane, we're looking at a

mostly dry day with a brief shower, a high of 28. Thank you.

I'm trying to play 'Angry Birds'.

How are they using the International Space Station for the

world. promotion? They are taking over the

for Breakfast? Could we use them as a promotion

What would it cost us?

It's meant to be free.

I'm over 'Angry Birds'. You don't

like it? Another time wasting thing

you can do with an iPad.

We will talk politics on Breakfast.

Federal Labor Member for Tiffany

joins us and the Federal Labor

Member for Kooyong. You wrote an-an

article about Bob Carr and how you

think his views are at odds with

Julia Gillard? Yes, he never

expected to be Foreign Minister. He

wrote a blog a couple of years ago

and opened up his real thoughts. On

Iran he talked about them gelting a

couple of crude devices being

better than conflict with Iran. On

Afghanistan he said our involvement resolved nothing. The Prime

Minister is right to say we're

making a real difference. He is

taking the things off his blog. But

the point is here, as Foreign

Minister, he knead to own

Australian foreign policy, and to

implement it consistent with his

convictions. If his views about the

rise of China and America's

relationship with China, if his

views at about the Dalai Llama...

Josh has a point? Yes and no, I

want to say I think Channel Ten can

market instead of 'Angry Birds' us

to as "angry butts".

Look, people are entitled to have

their private views. All of us have

views where we work with people or

organisations. It is about trying

to advance the interests of the

organisation, in this case of the

country. Bob said those were

private views and he would take the

time once he is sworn in to get

across issues and to determine

where policies are headed. You know

what is great about him is he's big

enough to say, look, where I've had

a difference and he's seen what's

being done, he's been wrong and is

willing to change his mind. He's on

the first mission as fon minister

but has not been sworn in. Does

that have ramifications for his

expenses? I couldn't say. I would

have to talk to someone. He comes

back to Julia with the cheque, but

he isn't the Foreign Minister.

Receipts. Julia, I have the cheque!

There is a law that says, it hasn't

been used apart from one time in

the last century, which says you

can be a minister without having

been sworn in. When I go back to

New Zealand am I on a ministerial

either? trip? I haven't been sworn in

Does that mean travel?

One quick one. Stephen Smith, you

know, there was talk of him,

potential leadership prospect, and

yet now he is the embattled Stephen

Smith. Where do you stand on his

current career position? He's badly

bufrpbt by this episode. He clearly

overreacted in initial response. He

seems to have lost the confidence

of the people in uniform, the men

and women. This is serious. You

think he over reacted? He did, he

didn't have the full facts and

passed a judgement on Comm odor

Kafer straight away. I think a lot

of people would have agreed with

him when there was an alleged

assault? I tend to agree with --

I tend to agree with him, I would

agree with that and that he's

sticking by it. The point is now he

must apologise. He created great

hurt. He's not going to. Think

think is creating an untenable

situation. A number of senior

commentators in the media called

for his resignation. The Australian

Defence Association. It's been

unprus dented in their criticism.

His... It is a blow to his career

path? I have known Stephen for best

part of ten years. The guy, the way

he approaches things, he thinks

about them, he thinks through where

he is headed. He doesn't let

emotion govern his decision-making

processes. I am going to make a

call and that is if he's reacted in

the way he has, he sees or has

information that has led him to

that point. The other thupbg is,

too, when Channel Ten broke this

story, the bigger deal was, she had

gone through all this pain, and

then being subjected to another

disciplinary matter, which people

thought was on the periphery. So

I'm going to back Stephen on this.

I reckon he has reason to act the

way he does. The bloke doesn't

normally act that way. I take on

board people, there's been people

making claims. I think there is a

little bit more to go. It doesn't

seem like it will go away. We won't

let it go away. Can I say it's not

a good look when you have Foreign

Minister at odds with your Prime

Minister, the defence Minister, and

the Prime Minister who goes

overseas and says they're not

interested in foreign affairs. So I

think at the time when we have

forces in Afghanistan and we have

some serious issues in our own

neighbourhood, in Papua New Guinea

and tensions in the Middle East,

you know, this is an important time

for Australia. It is Canberra Day

today. I mean, I talked to you, Ed

about my views on Canberra, it

being basically weird. These are private views.

It will be interesting to get your

views, because neither of you chose

to live in Canberra, but you spend

a lot of your time there. What do

you make of the place? In terms of

Canberra itself, it takes some time

to "just, but from our perspective,

what we -- we are stuck in Pairlt

House for the bulk of the week,

along with I think it's 3,000

others. You don't get to see much

outside at any rate. 3,000 exciting

people. Absolutely.

I don't think there's a lot going

on that you are missing out on.

Do you like it Josh, or is it

better being home? I love being

home obviously. I come from

Melbourne, which is a great city,

but Canberra is very liveable.

There's lots of open spaces T

weather is crisp. There's not as

much rain. Crisp? It's cold. If you

look around the world, look at

Washington, South Africa, you have

Pretoria, Canada, you have Otowwa,

there are compromises. In

Australia's case it was Sydney and

Melbourne. They couldn't agree. So

you don't get the best, most

exciting city. That's not good for the diplomats.

You have the cold citys to calm the

hotheads down. You have not sold it

to us. Happy Canberra Day to everyone.

99th birthday. It's a fun thi thing.

We won't choose Sydney because a

lot of people have chose to live

there, or Melbourne, I know, no-one

lives there, let's choose that one.

When we come back, we will go to

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A man's been air lifted to hospital

with serious burns after an

explosion in Victoria. We have our

capital city reporters. We will

head first to Brisbane. John will

tell tus latest on the potential industrial action continuing throughout the day.

Good day. We're minutes from

finding out what will happen with

protests. We can show you this.

This is one of the flyers which has

been made up. If workers don't get

their way, we can expect these to

be spread around the airport

throughout the morning. The delays will continue throughout the week.

We're a few minutes from finding

out. We will keep the viewers

updated. The other big news here in

Brisbane and in Queensland

throughout the week is that there's

a long anticipated flood report for

Friday. It would always happen that

the lawyer also get involved. They

will trawl through to see what if anyone was responsible,

specifically Wivenhoe Dam. If it

was mismanaged we will expect a

billion dollar class action. The

people in the public will pay for

those affected. Taxpayers will be

hurt most. A A story in NSW will

sure -- sewerly divide opinions.

Taxpayers will have to cough up $60

million to fund asylum seeker's

legal fees. This enables asylum

seekers access to free Legal Aid to

appeal their refugee status. The Daily Telegraph Investigation

revealed that 80% of appeals are

now successful in the courts. With

more than 1, 200 asylum seekers in

the country in the first two months,

this is sure to remain a very hot topic.

Guys, sad news that we're waiting

to hear in SA. A man has drowned

while driving on the beach down

there. Now, police said he drove

into the mouth of the River Murray.

They're not sure what cause it it,

but they said there was a strong

current going through the river.

His body was recovered. That

investigation is go on today. We

will see what it was that caused

this man to lose his life.

A big public holiday down here. We

have the Adelaide Cup on. We are

expecting tens of thousands here in

the race track. But there is one

man in particular who will be here.

Peter Moody has a runner in the cup,

he's also the trainer of a little

horse called Black Caviar. He

hasened told us where the great

mare will make her crack at the

20th straight win, but he has told

us that he won't be telling us

today. A strange one there. He will

be around and we'll try to get it out of him.

This is not whacky, in sun

comfortable and embarrassing. Good

morning, it is the third and final

day of the Moomba festival. It

kicks off at 11 o'clock. Everyone

wants to know my interesting story

about the origins of the word

"Moomba". In the 60s the kouncy

decided to hold a big fizz vale.

They contacted local indigenous

elders. They wafpbted them to give

it a name. The indigenous members

were miffed because they planned

their celebrations. So they said,

hmm, let's call it Moomba, it is

"Let's get together and have some

fun". The word is in the Koori

dialect it meant, "Stick it up your

hmm...", so it was a finger for the

authorities. The story is debated

around Melbourne and there is no

definitive answer. But I like that

story, I hope that's the case. I

like that. So "moomba", means

"bottom". "ba" is "bottom" and

"moom" means "stick it up". There's

nothing auk ard about sitting on a

toy el -- awkward about sitting on

a toy elfapblt. I will give you a

tour. It's designed for four

children. I had to sit on a box.

Tried to sit on it and I almost

pulled a muscle. Four children or

one 6 foot 2 journalist/colourful reporter.

I don't know if you can continue to

call yourself a journalist when

you're sitting inside a fibre glass

elephant. No worries. You will have

to stay there for your entire


You know what gets up my goat a

little bit, is the ATM fees you pay

to get your money out. In the

yuepbltss if you are prepared to stand there, watch an advertisement

and they will forego the $2 fee to

get your money out. We're looking

at maybe doing that here. I would

be happy. I hate paying that fee. I

hate it. It's a waste of money. Why

not sit there for 30 seconds, look at an ad...

You're standing and there are 37

people standing behind you. There

are never that many people.

They will all see the same advert.

The ridiculous thing is they think

they need to charge us, $2 or 30

second -- seconds to get our own

money. Wouldn't you prefer them to

waive the fee? Not use it at all.

Would you watch an ad to forego

your $2ATM fee. The thing that it

proves is that banks are "arse".

You sound like a pirate. The banks

don't care about people at all. You

are an impediment. They do care

about people because they care

about their shareholders. They're

people. They care about making

money. They don't care how long the

line is, they want money from you

one way or another. They are

hideous individuals. We should club

together and -- they club together

and form corporate societies called

banks. Paul is likely to implode. I

would agree, but we will go to a

break. Maybe have a cup of water. Me again, with big news from Vodafone. For the last year, we've been rolling out a new network across Australia, and there's still more to come. We want you to be happy on our new network, so we're giving you a guarantee. Let me spell it out for you. Grab a new smartphone on any Vodafone plan

and if you're not happy within 30 days,

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Good morning Sydney. A gorgeous partly cloudy 25 degree day.

I will have the forecast soon.

Thank you. The Australian show

business lost a legend over the

weekend. Ian Turpie succumbed to

his battle with cancer which he'd

been fighting for around a year.

Best known for 'The Price is Right'

and 'Come on, down'. We're joined

by one of his great mates, Jonnie

Young. Thanks for joining us. He

would have been thrilled getting on

the front page of the paper. Hell

of a way to get there. He's a

legend. Yesterday was my birthday.

I got the news that he had passed.

It turned into a bit of a wake, so

excuse my baggy eyes. I have a sore

head. But he's the most remarkable

man. He was everything that you'd

want out of a show business legend.

He did it all. He started off as a

ten-year-old with Hector Crawford's

drama group doing radio plays. One

was called 'B24', some of the older

viewers may remember. He went on to

musical television, acting roles,

making movies. He was the all-round

legendary Australian entertainer.

On top of that he had the most

wicked sense of humour. He was just,

you know, we did a show together,

we were supposed to do one last

Friday night, because Turps was

sort of responsible for me coming

on to television nationally,

because he was hosting a show

called 'The Go Show', a teenage

program here on Network Ten. He was

leaving to go to a show called

'Time for Terry'. They were looking

for pa new host. Turps recommended

me. He saw me do television in

Perth. He recommended to the

producers that I should take his

place on the show. That was fifty

years ago. We were supposed to,

last Friday, do a reunion. A packed

out Palais Theatre in Melbourne, 2,

500 people. You'd been doing the

reunion shows with him. Yes

The last time was March? He was

having chemo because he had a bad

cancer. He was so brave. With his

illness he kept that wicked sense

of humour. I'm not that morbid

person, most people in show

business are, -- aren't, we're

celebrating a life and fantastic

life. And my love and all of

Australia's goes out to January and

the -- Jan and the kids and the