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Interview With Opposition Leader Tony Abbott -

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(generated from captions) More on a 109's top story - the

election of a new Liberal leader.

You said today that this was the

last thing you would have expected

a week ago, why? One week ago I was

one of Malcolm Turnbull's

staunchest defender and had been

for many months. I wanted to change

our position on these deals but I

did not want to change the

leadership. Back in July, you

thought it would be best for the

party to lead the government's ETS

go through, after all it is their

Beal, so that you could move on?

The politics of this has changed

dramatically. What has happened is

the public want us to wake up to

this and giant new tax. They are

starting to wonder stunner theirs.

A majority of people said a do not

pass are these bills before

Copenhagen. When you think it is

going to add 30% to electricity

bills in a new start plows,

according to the government

regulator, on top of the interest-

rate hike we got today, I think

people are waking up to the fact

that Labor is hoodwinking them here.

If any cross the floor, will they

face party discipline? And many

people were eager to support the

leader, as they should be. Members

of political parties need to

support the leader, but the leader

has it changed. We had a secret

ballot in the party room today on

the new position. It was supported

by a fit in nine votes to 28. There

is now the authority of a secret

ballot behind our opposition to

this deal. But can people cross the

floor? I understand that our

Members of Parliament and our party

people, they owe their political

careers to the party and they will

not likely do that. Given the new

policy, Kenny bring a vote quickly?

I believe it is important that the

Senate follow its on pattern and a

rhythms. I am happy to leave this

to the hands of those are

appropriate. Would you go to the

election as leader? I am confident

we again to give the government a

contest. People expect the

opposition to oppose, they do not

want us to be an echo. Do you

expect a lift in the polls? I am

not making any predictions but I

think people will be pleased to see

an opposition which is taking on