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I think you guys wear the same size. That's weird. We're both tall. Uh...Hope is expecting me. Oliver, don't go. Please.

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This program is captioned live.

Tonight - Facebook under fire. The

social networking sensation accused

of failing to report paedophiles.

conscience. They need to show more social


No more leniency - motorists to be

hit with fines from mobile speed cameras.

There is a profit motive.

Afghanistan. Two fallen heroes arrive home from

And - an astonishing survival story.

First pictures of Chile's miners

trapped underground. Good

Good evening, I'm Bill Woods. Also Good evening, I'm Bill Woods. Also

tonight - Paul Hogan negotiates

with the tax office.

And - rebels with a cause, the ups

and downs of a sport taking Sydney

by storm.

These young people will get hurt. These young people will get hurt.

Facebook has been accused of

putting children at risk of sexual

abuse, by failing to report

paedophile activity on it's website.

paedophile activity on it's website.

Police have taken a swipe at the

social networking giant, after

busting open an online paedophile


They're the Australian link, police

allege, in a global predator chain,

using Facebook to trade vile photos

and videos of child sex abuse. The

online swap-ring, busted by police

in four countries, was effectively

covered up by the social networking site.


Their lack of co-operation and

their lack of proactive assistance

to law enforcement could lead to a

child being sexually assaulted, and,

in a worst case scenario, somebody being seriously injured.

Two men, aged 18 and 32, from

Victoria, and a 27-year-old from

Wollongong, are among 11 charged

across Australia, the US, Canada

and the UK, where the group was run

by registered sex offender Ian

Green. This morning, he was jailed

for four years.

for four years.

This man was extremely dangerous.

He created a range of profiles and

identities that allowed him to vet those people that he would ultimately share with.

Thousands of images were involved. Thousands of images were involved.

The AFP says, Facebook knew the

ring was operating and even shut

down some user profiles. But they down some user profiles. But they

never called in the police,

allowing the men to simply set up

new accounts.

their user We had some people - four times

their user profile was shut down

and they just re-instigated it

under another name. Way up there on

the 31st floor is Facebook's

Australian office. No signage.

They're not in the phonebook.

There's only a handful of staff,

who sell advertising.. But if the

police have an question, well,

overseas. their inquiries are diverted

Facebook denies it's left law enforcement in the dark.

We think that the way we handled this case is really a

this case is really a model of the

type of work that should be done.

A difference of opinion perhaps but

police say Facebook needs to get

better at picking up the phone.

This story has ruffled some

the feathers. What is going on behind

the scenes? There is Norway the Australian Federal Police would

have picked this fight or unless

they believed to bat their they believed to bat their

relationship with Facebook was in

trouble. It sings it comes to Ruth

Facebook picking up the form. There

has been a lengthy and heated

discussions between the two parties.

As a result of those discussions,

faced court has agreed to

faced court has agreed to send

their liaison person to Australia.

The purpose of the Facebook liaison

officer coming is so that the

Australian Federal Police will have

someone to deal with. Facebook are

putting on a very brave face. A man

labelled the worst child sex abuser

in Australian history is facing

sentencing in court. He's been

convicted of a staggering 120

offences. Ten's Brett

offences. Ten's Brett Mason was in

court today. Young victims and

their families have left the

district court in tears after

hearing about the horrific crimes

hearing about the horrific crimes

of one of Australia's worst

offenders, which was read on to

their record. David Whitby, a

convicted former disc jockey, has been

convicted of a hundred and 20

different child sex offences. Aged

between 40 Munton 15 years, his

victims. He wore bizarre outfits,

including launch rate, masks and

wigs. If reform the hours of

horrific sex acts in his Camden

house. He was described as a sneaky

and wicked and twisted old man, who

and wicked and twisted old man, who

does not deceived us -- deserve to

see the light of day. His

sentencers would send a shiver of

the lower spine of most decent

people. He is facing a maximum

sentence of life imprisonment. He

will be sentenced on the October.

Motorists snapped by new mobile

speed cameras are about to feel the

full force of the law. The first

some areas fines will be issued tomorrow, with

some areas hit harder than others.

They're the white Ford territory

vans checking speed at the State's

worst crash sites. Do you see what

I see. An advertising campaign with

a grace period that ends tonight.

Fines will be issued from tomorrow.

If you're speeding, you will be

caught and there will be

consequences. A State-wide trial

has caught more than 1,300 drivers speeding.

speeding. The majority, more than

700, caught in Sydney - followed by

more than 380 in the Hunter, and

close to 150 in the State's south.

But the motives of the private

operators, Redflex, are already

being questioned, with fears as

many infringements will be issued

as possible, so the company's more

renewed. likely to have it's contract

After 12 months, Redflex will go to

the NSW Government and try to show

that they have performed

exceptionally well.

The State Government claims there's

no incentive for the company to

issue more infringements. But the

issue more infringements. But the

RTA won't say at what point over

the speed limit the cameras will issue fines.

We don't believe it's in the public

interest to reveal what the

tolerance is on the speed cameras. tolerance is on the speed cameras.

But the Opposition is calling for

the contract to be removed from the

private operators, so there's no

doubt the cameras are for safety.

Instead, it wants highway patrol

Instead, it wants highway patrol to

run them. There really does need to

be an acknowledgement in government

that they've got it wrong by

handing these things over to the

highway patrol. Use of the

technology will be reviewed within

12 months. Paul Hogan's lawyer has

started negotiations with the tax

office for a deal that would allow office for a deal that would allow

the actor to return to the US. The 'Crocodile Dundee' star

'Crocodile Dundee' star has been

banned from leaving Australia until

he resolves a multi-million tax

bill. The 70-year-old continues to

deny any wrong-doing and wants to

fly home to be with his wife and

young son while the matter is

resolved. Lawyer Andrew Robinson

argues Hogan is not a flight risk

and regularly returns to Australia

for business and family. Tony

Abbott has finally agreed to

Abbott has finally agreed to

demands from three key independents

and will allow Treasury to cost his

promises. This comes as he was

losing ground in the running to be Prime Minister.

Tony Abbott claims it as a win,

Julia Gillard has agreed to ditch

the process legislated by the

Howard government in the Charter of Budget Honesty.

Mr Abbott has generally agreed that

the Independents should be able to

get the material that they seek.

get the material that they seek.

He did this after Ms Gillard waived

the requirement that Treasury make

its findings available to the Prime Minister. Briefings of the Independents by

Treasury can now go ahead without

risk of political interference.

And it was just in the nick of time. Independent Rob Oakeshott

Independent Rob Oakeshott says,

though he naturally leans towards

the Liberals, Tony Abbott was playing games.

There is a sense two people are

wanting to be PM but only one's having a go.

But Julia Gillard says Tony Abbott

shouldn't keep the costings secret.

Every Australian has access to the

Government's costings. Every

Australian should have access to Mr

Abbott's costings.

Labor's Arch Bevis has called the

shredder in as his LNP opponent

Teresa Gambaro firms as the winner

in the seat of Brisbane.

in the seat of Brisbane. The likely

out come 72- all dead heat with six

on cross bench, including the WA

Nationals, Tony Crook. Tasmanian Independent, Andrew Wilkie seriously considering giving his support to neither side.

If my vote isn't needed, it gives

me the option of staying truly Independent.

The Governor General has received

high powered legal advice that

high powered legal advice that

there is no impediment to her

playing an active role in breaking

any impasse between the Opposition

and government, even though her

son- in-law is a Labor MP. Labor in

South Australia is preparing to

challenge the result in the seat of

Boothby, it's claiming vote

tampering in the count which is

heavily favouring the Liberals.

heavily favouring the Liberals. The

bodies of the soldiers' Grand Kirby

and his colleague had been returned

to the Amberly air force base. It

has become a familiar and

heartbreaking events at Amberley.

It is the ramp ceremony.

It is the ramp ceremony. Private

Grant Kirby and Private Thomas Dale

were killed as they stood beside

their Bushmaster armoured vehicle

last Friday in Afghanistan. Today,

their families grieved as varied

loved ones were carried on

regimental colleagues shoulders,

and their casts trade in the

Australian flag, still a repatriation Samani.

repatriation Samani. Despite the

grave, they can be proud of the

institution. The sense of service

from young Australians has really

high. The death of Gerard McKinney

on Tuesday, making a 21 Australians

dying in Afghanistan. Today, as

there was acknowledgments that the

death may encourage the based on

the Australian role in Afghanistan. Equally, it

Equally, it has agreed Australians

achieving results. They believe

they are there to have the people

of Afghanistan to lead their lives

they choose. They are there because

it is their duty and their calling

to be there. At times, family

members wept openly. There are

still at and some regimental

ceremonies to come. Next week, Jared my

Jared my Guineas body returns.

The first video of 33 men trapped

in Chilean mine has been brought to

the surface. They've been

underground for three weeks, and

their rescue is still a long way off.

It's been a long and anxious wait

but finally some comfort for those keeping vigil above ground.

I'd like to say hello to my

grandchildren and all my

The same pipe provides the 33

trapped miners with food, water and medicine.

It takes courage to not leave us

abandoned. We know everything

you've been doing outside.

The men have been living 700m

underground since their mine collapsed three

collapsed three weeks ago. It's the

first time anyone has seen the 50-

square-metre chamber they now call home.

He's happy, animated and singing.

He sends greetings to his parents, his family, his children.

It could take up to four months to

free the men. A rescue shaft is

being drilled but they'll have to

lose weight before they can be pulled out. The

pulled out. The shaft is only about

60cm wide. NASA and the US navy are

being consulted on how to survive

in confined spaces.

Providing that perspective to Chile,

so it they can develop a program to sustain these miners.

The family of one of the men is

suing the mine owners and government inspectors for safety

breaches. The men remain in high

spirits, ending their video with a

rendition of the Chilean national anthem.

Still to come, the Sydney postal

worker embroiled in people-


Plus, truck crash gridlock on the busy M2.

And - thanks for the memories but

is it time for the Sydney

Entertainment Centre to go?

We want to revitalise and open up

this part of the city.

This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live.

The State Government's being urged to bulldoze the Sydney Entertainment Centre. Business

groups say, the city's convention facilities aren't coping with

demand and the site should be re-


The Entertainment Centre has been The Entertainment Centre has been

an icon since it opened in 1983 and

it's hosted some of the biggest

acts in the world. Over the years,

millions have enjoyed a night out

at a concert or sporting event. But

there's a new push to knock down

there's a new push to knock down

the Entertainment centre and the

adjacent car park and replace them

both with a single, larger and more flexible venue.

A multifunction facility, one where

entertainment is integral but one

where we have big conventions, big

banquets, big events and, as part

of that, indeed you'd want to see a hotel.

That's causing concern among the

resurgent Sydney Kings.

It's iconic in Sydney, just like we

hope the Sydney Kings brand-will

hope the Sydney Kings brand-will is

with us. Returning, we couldn't

think of a better place to play

than here, so we hope it's here for

a very long time.

But the Centre is likely to be re- But the Centre is likely to be re-

developed following a review of the

Darling Harbour precinct by the

State Government.

Looking at the availability of

hotel space, convention space, of

other tourist facilities, that work

is coming to a conclusion and is

due to be released shortly.

Business groups warn Sydney

Business groups warn Sydney is

being left behind.

Sydney is missing out on some of

the biggest and best conventions

because we simply don't have the

space to compete, and we don't

compete with city's like Singapore

and Melbourne because they've addressed this issue.

The Government's expected to make a

decision on the Entertainment

Centre by the end of the year. A

jury has found an Australia Post worker guilty

worker guilty of creating a false passport. 35-year-old Lara Triglia

was convicted in the District Court

of signing off on the documents at

Fairfield Post Office in 2009.

Police alleged the false passport

was later used by a people-

smuggling ring to fly illegal

immigrants to Australia. Triglia

will be sentenced later this year. Victoria's Corrections Commissioner

has been forced to defend his

department. It follows the

department. It follows the leaking

of an autopsy report into Carl

Williams' murder in prison. George

Williams wasn't open to

conversation about his son's murder.

What do you think? I told you, no

comment. Does it give you closure?

Do you want closure George? But now

the grizzly details of Carls death

have been revealed. Despite the

ordeal being caught on camera,

Corrections Victoria won't respond

until four investigations are completed.

completed. And then we'll all get a

clearer picture about what occurred.

An autopsy report confirms that at

one pm he was struck from behind

while reading the paper inside the

maximum security Acacia Unit.

Slumped on the floor, he was then

struck a further seven times to the

head. He was then dragged into his

cell and nearly half an hour later,

his bloody body was found.

Ambulances were called and, at 4pm,

Ambulances were called and, at 4pm,

a forensic pathologist arrived. The

autopsy only adds to mounting

pressure on authorities to reveal

exactly how such a deadly attack

could have onfolded on a man who

was 'supposed' to be under constant

surveillance for his own protection.

Why was it that Carl Williams body

was only found after nearly half an

hour in what's supposed to be the

maximum security section of the

most maximum security jail in this State?

State? A fellow inmate has been

charged with his murder and

Victoria police has refused to

comment. A truck crash triggered

traffic turmoil for Western Sydney

Commuters this morning. There were

major delays on the M2, after the vehicle jack-knifed and spilled

onto it's side just before 7pm.

onto it's side just before 7pm.

Authorities closed one lane of the

city-bound freeway for almost three

hours while they moved the truck.

There were no other vehicles

involved in the accident and the

driver is being treated in hospital.

Brad with a look at sport now and

the seasons for several clubs could

be decided tonight. Bill, the

Broncos-Warriors clash could create

finals fallout for other teams plus

it's do or die for Parramatta and

Souths. One former Rabbitohs' hard

man is urging the Bunnies to toughen up.

toughen up. Some are soft. At the

end of the day, look and the mayor.

Plus - off the long run and onto

the catwalk. Top gun pace bowler

Mitchell Johnson reveals all about

his modelling debut, the barmy army

and the upcoming Ashes series. Also

ahead, a league greats battle after

a health scare. And - what our

Commonwealth Games athletes will be

wearing in Delhi.

wearing in Delhi. It will be green and gold.

Next - Victoria's plan to avoid a

repeat of the disastrous bushfires.

Where other front doorstep of

Saturday and Sunday. The weather is

looking so good. A blues guy across

both of their days off. Today, we

warmed up for it. It

warmed up for it. It was one above

average today. The 21 degrees at

the airport. Ramis, it all fell

west of the Rangers. In the high

country, the official snore there

is 1.92 metres. That is the deepest

is has been far for six years. Go

to the mountain's this began. It

to the mountain's this began. It is

time to give away a camera for the

best weather for the graph. Visit the week's best.

It is a waterproof camera. It is fantastic.

We give one away every week.

For the weekend, a tan your what

the weather is a fighter sex.

Also - a new treatment for people

with serious eyesight problems. The

results are very encouraging. And - the multimillion-dollar meal

the multimillion-dollar meal - a

charity ham sells for a staggering figure.

(YELLS) I hate you!

This program is captioned live.

Unfortunately, there has been a

loss of life on the Camden Valley

wave. There was a triage -- drug

and car accidents. Where I am, it

is a road and the south-west where

it be traffic has been diverted

onto the Hume Highway. There is no access into

access into the Camden Bali wave.

These are the gridlock of the

people know are being diverted onto

the whom I wave. If you are trying

to get to live in 10, you will need

to go via St Andrews. I avoid

Camden and Bali way. More details

in the car at City chopper.

The Victorian Government has agreed

to all but one of the 67 recommendations from the Bushfires

Royal Commission arising from Black

Saturday. 612 new career

firefighters will be hired, an

additional 200 put on just for summer.

summer. The total package will cost $867 million.

We need to do these things to make

sure that we will never again see a

repeat of the events of February 7.

repeat of the events of February 7. Fuel reduction measures will triple

over the next 6 years. Retailer

Harvey Norman fell short of market

expectations, turning in 8% rise in

full year net profit to $231

million of sales of %6 billion.

We have given back

We have given back some of

yesterday's strong gains. Harvey

Norman fell short of market

expectations. The final dividend

has increased 1c to 7c. Chairman

Gerry Harvey believes consumer

sentiment is set to pick up, when

the election outcome is clear.

the election outcome is clear.

Analysts, believe the big banks are

waiting for a clear election result

to start lifting their

Rates. Shares in the the big banks

closed firmer today. The All Ords

ended up a third of a percent.

Harvey Norman lost ground, as did

BHP Billiton. Telstra finished flat.

BHP Billiton. Telstra finished flat.

Gold continues its climb higher.

That is finance news for now,

futures markets suggest Wall St is

set to reverse last night losses in

tonight's session. A New York cab

driver has been repeatedly stabbed,

in what prosecutors are labelling a Muslim hate crime. Police

Muslim hate crime. Police say

Achmed Sharif was slashed in the

face, arms and throat after a

passenger launched an anti-Islamic

tirade. This is checkpoint

M*********r I have to put you down.

(that's what he said?) yeah. You

have to bring Abdullah to this

checkpoint, I have to bring him

down too. A 21 year man has been charged over

charged over the attack. New York

is currently divided over plans to

build a mosque near Ground Zero and

leaders are calling for calm.

Scientists in Sweden and cannot

that have created artificial cornea

us. Aid has done by slipping in

collagen into the eye. Aid

encourages the ie to regenerate

itself and restore sight. But does

not appear to be any

not appear to be any downside.

Norris patients showed any sign of

rejection. After more trials, there

may be less human cornea

transplants. A pig has brought home

the bacon in the United States.

This blue ribbon ham sold for $1.8

million in a charity auction at the

Kentucky state fair. To bidders

Kentucky state fair. To bidders got

together to win the Champion ham.

It weighs 7.3 kg. Robbie Williams

has had a back to the recording

studio for an unlikely duet. He

teamed up with a former Take That

member, Gary Barlow. It is their

first collaboration since 1995. It

is called, shame. I

is called, shame. I wanted to film

a pain, he sings. They are

reconciled their differences to

record the song. Robbie Williams

confirmed he will join the other

Take That members for a tour next

year. On Ten News, coming up - the

new father of the Year. His amazing

qualities. Rebels with the calls it - be

- be of some downs of a sport that

is taking Australia by storms. Less

is more at the Sydney fashion festival.

MAN: Huh? for young singles. (SIREN WAILS)

VOICEOVER: Once you've you can have

with fries, Coke and a sundae.

This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live.

33 miners trapped underground in

Chile have sent a video message to

their families. They are 700 metres

below ground and might not be rescued until Christmas.

The bodies of two Australian

diggers have been returned to their

families. A roadside bomb killed the pair

the pair while they were on patrol

a week ago in Afghanistan.

Facebook has agreed to send a law

enforcement liaison officer to

Australia after uproar over

paedophile has operating on the

site. The Australian Federal Police

children at risk. have accused the company of putting

One of the country's greatest

conservationists --

conservationists has been named

Australian father of the year.

Australian father of the year. His

daughter is shared their father

with five elements -- elephants.

When it comes to family,

Australia's new Father of the Year,

Guy Cooper, is not sure which has

been harder - raising five

daughters, with 10 grandchildren,

or raising five elephants.

That is one of the best questions.

Can I take that one on notice?

The former patriarch of the Taronga Conservation Society today

celebrated with his extended family,

which includes two baby elephants.

which includes two baby elephants.

He is very caring and considerate

of everyone. It was his jumbo

juggling act that was today

trumpeted by the Australian

Father's Day Council. A family man

who fought to protect endangered

species and helped establish our

program. first successful elephant breeding

I used to go on school excursions

and say g'day to the Zoo and he would come down

and say g'day and I used to be very

proud. So thank you, Poppa. Thank

advice. you. He has a little fatherly

The words of the old Beatles song,

All You Need Is Love, and another

one, Cole Porter, Don't Fence Me In.

The first one takes devotion and

the second one takes a lot of courage.

Just ask father of three, Robert

Just ask father of three, Robert

Schneider. As well as running a

business, he opens his home free of

charge every week to handicapped

respite. adults, giving their families some

only gain. It is inspiring. There is no cost,

Little has been left to the

imagination at Sydney's

imagination at Sydney's Rosemount

Fashion Festival. The fashion

parade a showcased a swag of

impressive intimates, suitable for

all shapes and sizes. Erin McNaught,

Gian Rooney and Mitchell Johnson

were all in attendance. The Bondi

boys rescued the show from the

ladies. The festival wraps up tomorrow.

tomorrow. A new high-risk sporting discipline

is gaining momentum in Sydney.

Parkour looks dangerous but more

their young children. and more parents are signing up

A 3m jump between narrow pylons.

This is the art of Parkour. Running,

obstacles at speed. jumping, climbing to negotiate

Parkour is about getting from A to

possible. B as fast and as efficiently as

And the French discipline is

as 7-years-old getting popular. Children as young

as 7-years-old are signing up.

I like it because they run on walls

and jump over lots of stuff.

What drew you to Parkour?

Being able to do, I guess, all

videos. those cool things you see in the

The Internet is where most

newcomers discover the discipline.

They are images which, according to emergency doctor Gordian Fulde,

encourage young people to test death.


If you fall from any height, you

scrambled brain. have got a chance of having a

These parents were happy to sign

the waiver, keen for their kids to

get fit and gain confidence.

We all hurt ourselves - skinned our

knees, broke our arms, all sorts of

things. No I think they should be

doing it.

Do you have any safety concerns?

Yes, but from what I have seen here,

fairly seriously. this group seems to take that


OK, Josh. Run me through the basics.

But they don't always pull it off.

It is NRL finals time.

The Warriors-Broncos clash

The Warriors-Broncos clash is

crucial. It is do or die for the Rabbitohs.

Plus, a league legend suffers a

fight back. major health scare, but vows to

We will have more on Mitchell

Johnson's modelling debut.

I've matured. Mmm. rice crackers.

This program is captioned live.

The Broncos will tackle the Warriors in Auckland in

Warriors in Auckland in a clash

which could decide the make-up of

the top eight. Parramatta are very

signing Eric growth.

A former hard man is convinced

there is only one way to keep the

Rabbitohs' finals hopes alive.

On the eve of one of their biggest

games of the years, the Bunnies

have been urged to toughen up.

have been urged to toughen up. Look

in the mirror. Soft tries let in

against Penrith last week only fuel

the fire for the Rabbitohs to come

out against the Eels. You can have

a great attack, but if you do not

have a good defence... The Dragons

have a stranglehold on the minor

Premiership. But coming off

Premiership. But coming off a loss

to the Raiders last weekend and --

weekend, they are desperate to find

consistency. We have got to get

back up for our own confidence.

Greg Bird -- Greg Bird returns to

Shark Park after being sacked by

preparing the club in 2008. Cronulla are

preparing to give Trent Barrett and

Luca Bell a fairy-tale finish for

their last home game. We have to

worry about our own backyard.

Cannot's Blake Ferguson has

exercised a get-out clause in his

contract to sign with Canberra for

the next two seasons. --

the next two seasons. -- Cronulla's.

Quade Cooper says he is focused

solely on union ahead of the clash

against the Springboks. The

Wallabies to the time to inspire

some local kids today. Rugby is

what I do. I have done it since I

was five years old. It is easy to

block out distractions once you are block out distractions once you are

out there. Quade Cooper has been

linked to the Parramatta Eels.

Heath Grundy has shown plenty of

confidence going into tomorrow

night's match against the Brisbane

Lions. He says he is disappointed

at the omission of Jonathan Brown

due to injury. It is a challenge. I

enjoy trying to beat them. The a

victory against the Lions would

guarantee a home final for the

Swans at ANZ Stadium.

Australia's Commonwealth Games

uniforms have been unveiled. The

Aussie competitors will wear the

Green and gold when competition

gets under way in early October.

Mitchell Johnson has called on

Australian fans to turn out in

numbers to combat the Barmy Army in

the summer's season.

Mitchell Johnson has played in

front of packed houses around the

world but nothing prepared him for

his journey down the catwalk.

Mitchell, how did that feel?

Extremely nerve racking. As I said

to Gian on the way back, that was

not too bad. But I was on the way

home when I said that.

With his fiance in the crowd the

left armer had support and some left armer had support and some

modelling experience to help him

He does not have to wear heals so

it should not be too bad.

Mitchell's nervous steps along the

catwalk will be a stark contrast to

later this summer when he charges

in against the English batsmen.

Johnson will warm up for the

Englishmen with a two Test series

on India's flat decks of Bangalore

and Mohali in October.

I think I like them better than the UK conditions. I think

UK conditions. I think it suits my

bowling a lot better.

Johnson is hoping good form against

the number one Test nation India

will carry into the summer against

the English, and urges our fans to

counter the Barmy Army by turning out in big numbers.

When were out in the middle, we

hear your support. If you play a

good shot or get a wicket, it

really does give you a lift when

the Crowd gets behind us.

Back in black but keen to impress this summer in creams.

Three days after finalising his

divorce, Tiger Woods has played his

best round of the year. He was

striking the ball with confidence,

hitting seven birdies to share the

lead after the first day of the

Barclays Tournament. Australia's

Adam Smith is one shot back in

equal third. -- Adam Scott.

Fellow Aussies Jason Day and John

Sandon are two shots off the pack.

He played for Australia and was

part of the all-conquering St

George teams from the 1960s. But

now, Rugby League great Billy Smith

admits he is facing his toughest opponent.

He is a guy who puts a smile on

your face. But lately, it has been

Billy Smith who has needed a lift

after a trip to his favourite pub two months ago.

I ordered my first drink and I did

not even have a sip. I sat down and not even have a sip. I sat down and

the whole room started spinning.

Luckily they rang an ambulance and

they took me straight to hospital.

The Dragon of 234 games had

suffered a brain aneurysm. He has

been in hospital ever since.

This is my hardest game this one.

It does not matter how much you

train for this one. It does not

seem to improve much.

A visit from partner Leonie and the

Men of League Foundation sure helps.

They are indebted to those who called the ambulance.

They knew that he was bad. That is

probably what saved his life.

The 68-year-old's balance is gone,

but definitely not his trademark but definitely not his trademark humour.

Could have been worse. I could have

ended up looking like Chook.

Chook will save his comeback for

when his mate is back on his feet.

In 7 weeks' time he will probably

be down the gym working out. That

is the sort of man he is. He won't let anyone beat him.

To get Smith moving again, a

Dragons premiership would do nicely.

Come on boys! Win this one for me!

Bart Cummings will start five of

his Spring Carnival hopefuls in

tomorrow's star-studded Memsie

Stakes at Caulfield. Cox Plate

winner, So You Think, on the

outside, is Bart's and new jockey

Steven Arnold's pick, despite not

having raced for 10 months.

If he comes back 100%, which all

signs are pointing towards, he is in for exciting times.

Bart Cummings' Oaks winner, Faint

Perfume, will also start against

favourite, Shoot Out, and champion

mare, Typhoon Tracy.

Here are the tips for Rose Hill.

We will have all the latest sports

news in sports tonight.

There are a couple of nasty incidents on the roads tonight.

That is correct. Two major

accidents. We have live pictures of

the crash scene. A semi-trailers or

is involved with a car. Police are

there to absorb the oil that has

leaked as a result of that crash.

The second incident is on the

highway from Elizabeth Drive. Based

stretch back from the M5. Singer

the did cues from Bankstown. -- significant queues.

Whether you are inside or outside,

at work or at play, Tim Bailey

Here's another real I was on the escalator

This program is captioned live.

Tim Bailey is going to tell us all

about your weekend. This time of

the week feels so good. We have

some good news for you. A couple of

beautiful blue sky days. If Friday

night is any indication, this is

going to be a special weekend in

Sydney. 18 degrees, fine and sunny

Saturday. The same for Sunday.

Low cloud crosses the South East.

It is causing scattered showers and

snow. High cloud drifts over the

interior, not producing rain. A

little bit of patchy rain along the

west coast of WA. On Saturday, a

high zone will keep much of the

country dry. Southerly winds will

deliver a few showers to southern

Victoria and Tasmania. Warmer wind

will increase over WA. Showers over Queensland.

Only the odd light shower over the

western slopes of NSW. Isolated

showers over southern Victoria and

Tasmania. Mostly dry elsewhere

around the country. More than 50

centimetres of snow has fallen

across the Australian Alps. The

official death is 1.9 metres. That

is the best it has been since 2004.

It will be a great day to be out

there skiing. The water is 18 there skiing. The water is 18

degrees behind me. Fine and sunny

skies for the weekend with top

temperatures of 18 degrees.

That is officially the weekend.

Thank you for joining us. You can

join us on Facebook as well.

Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia D-OHH! ( SCREAMS ) I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS GAME, BART.