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(generated from captions) You're a very special woman, Donna. Eric is a lucky man. and it was not a coincidence. Eric wasn't sick

natural causes of a heart attack. Now the doctors are looking for What if Eric was poisoned?

This program is captioned live. the South Coast wharf tragedy - Tonight, drown in treacherous seas. a dad and his young sons a lot of people in town It's affected because they're so well known. NSW teachers will go on strike. A show of hands confirms of another childcare company And the collapse leaves parents fearing the worst. Everywhere's just chock-a-block - on every waiting list. there's hundreds of babies Good evening, I'm Ron Wilson,

and I'm Sandra Sully. on police taser guns. Also, the push for a freeze And Nicole Kidman explains how she acted out a love scene with her best friend's husband.

a young mother's unbearable grief - But heading the news at 5:00, It happened on the State's were fishing at Tathra last night The dad and his boys into choppy seas - when the youngsters fell from a wharf to try to save them. their father jumping in

Two brothers, inseparable in life - to the heartbreaking end. it would remain that way and his 15-month-old brother, Travis, 4-year-old Riley O'Neill

She la Shane so much, and she loves

those little ones. those little ones. She was talking

about getting married in March.It

happened at at Tathra won the South

Coast. The 4-year-old Riley O'Neill and 15-month-old Travis O'Neill

fell into the water. Being a dad,

he just jumped writing, but they he just jumped writing, but they

were wearing shoes in close and

they had no chance. It was dark, it

was very very windy, and the water

was chubby.They were bluebottles

and sharp rocks,

Another fisherman who try to save

them, also had to be fished out. them, also had to be fished out.

When they were pulled out of the

water they had no pulse and were

not breathing.We brought up the

ladder, we come and see p are on

them. They commenced CPR and son

were performing at 420 minutes

before the ambulance services took

over.Shame it was a a butcher in

the local butchery. He and his wife

were to marry in Denyer. He much

preferred to spend time with his

family fishing and diving. He was

it very much a family man. Police say

it was just a terrible accident.How

has the community responded to this

awful tragedy? This has hit a three

towns, it is very difficult. Here at Tathra where the accident

happened there are 1500 happened there are 1500 people.

Enid Kalaru a

Enid Kalaru a small community

buried close by, people are reeling.

In Bega as well, there has been a

lot of devastation in the community.

All communities are looking after

his fiancee Tracie - - Stacey. his fiancee Tracie - - Stacey.

People have been ringing around

food and comfort to the fiancee of.

There are questions about safety on

the wall. It is a fishing wharf and

that is what it is not fenced all

the way round.There were life rings here,

are here, but because of better there

are no rings State school teachers have voted at the start of next year to strike for two days disrupted schools and families Their walkout this morning across the State. was already in defiance Today's teachers' stop-work meeting order, of an Industrial Relations Commission but there's more to come. A show of hands supported the motion

to begin the 2009 school year. for a 48-hour strike of both the quantum and trade-offs A total rejection of Education and Training in NSW proposed by the Department for school and TAFE teachers. an 11.4% pay rise over three years, The Government is offering 4.8% in the first year. over three years, The Federation wants 15% the scrapping of the reformed teachers' transfer system.

their 22 days of teachers' sick leave and will not hear of having

10 days a year. reduced to the public sector standard can absolutely happen We believe a negotiated outcome and we believe we're offering a fair offer in this first instance. The savings that will accrue to this State Government

in the teaching service through the changing demographics

over the next few years are of the order of $150 million. only minimal supervision Most schools had

throughout the morning. almost, by teachers at the schools. The children are being raised, They don't get enough money.

But the federation is worried could soon disappear. support of its strike action in the ranks. And there's already dissention in next January's strike Some TAFE teachers won't take part

on their student enrolment days. as it falls The warring parties resumed negotiations this afternoon.

Tim Potter, Ten News.

There's more bad news for parents calling in administrators. with yet another childcare provider talks after CFK Childcare collapsed The Government is holding urgent

of the ABC Learning centres debacle. in the wake

It's not the way to start your day - tough news for parents three months ago. We've just moved here

because everywhere's chock-a-block. These guys were even helping us out There's hundreds of babies on every waiting list

so it's quite difficult. Pretty concerned actually, yeah, at the moment. because I've got two in there but I've got a little baby here One does go to school next year and I was thinking of going back to work next year.

CFK went into voluntary receivership after revealing its 35 NSW centres were losing $400,000 a month.

Its fate was sealed to ABC Learning when a deal to sell childcare centres collapsed when it went bust. The Childcare Union says a few weeks ago workers started worrying that things were not going well. In particular they started to noticed that it was becoming more difficult to do basic things,

like replace supplies. They're really concerned. is the care of those children Their major concern and they're really quite disturbed some of the hostilities and trying to manage at the moment. that are happening with the parents by frustration The hostility is prompted

for their children next year. and the fear they may not have places

I know friends of mine have had their babies on waiting lists for daycare centres

since they were about a week old, a guarantee for January. and they still don't have

With CFK caring for 4,000 children, the administrator says it's doing all it can to keep centres operating. While holding urgent talks,

the Government is also trying to ease growing parent anxiety. Childcare centres in this country can't close without giving 30 days notice. Parents with children at ABC centres will know within days whether any of those will close next year. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Police are fighting moves to ban their taser guns for the next two years. The Ombudsman says he's concerned could kill a suspect, trigger-happy officers

so he wants better training and controls. They are 50,000 volts that are not supposed to be lethal, but taser use by our police is ringing alarm bells. Let's not make the same mistakes in NSW that other jurisdictions have. The New South Wales Ombudsman says while use on a healthy adult is safe, there's evidence from the US that suggests the mentally ill, anyone affected by drugs or alcohol, or those with heart problems if shot with the stun gun. In one case, a man died of a heart attack 12 days after he was subdued, a link the Police Commissioner finds hard to believe. In the death certificate there was certainly no suggestion at all that the taser was in any way contributing. Just four weeks after the roll-out began, there's now a call for it to be stopped, pending an independent review, to improve, and that police report to the public every year. There's a fear they'll be misused. Police will start to use tasers for situations as a matter of convenience. The Government says it'll continue the use of tasers with caution, but the Minister responsible for them may have to be cautious too.

Police Minister Tony Kelly has been accused It's unacceptable to make threats against people. when you're the Police Minister. It's politically dumb to do so With the threat of a formal complaint hanging over his head, Tony Kelly insists he's cleared the matter up with Alex Sanchez. And with yet another front-line minister in hot water,

the Premier is trying to keep his cool,

and won't take any action. Josh Murphy, Ten News. The verdicts are in - the critics have finally had their say on Baz Luhrmann's epic movie 'Australia'. premiere in Sydney last night, But as the film had its glittering cast and crew just wanted to party. After five years, $150 million dollars and the country's longest-ever red carpet, it was time to let off a bit of steam... (SINGS) # I still call Australia # ..and as this sneaky video shows, at the after party, they were really celebrating. none of the cast and crew had seen this movie and their excitement was evident. I'm a little nervous. Deb said the neighbours came out and waved you goodbye! Yeah. Everyone was there and my parents are here and this very cinema is where I used to come with money I used to steal out of my dad's little yoghurt thing with all his change. You work, you work, you work - so many people gave so much, and then comes the moment when it is done and it's actually, now, between the film and the audience. Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban flew in from the US for just 22 hours. This is a long way to come for a movie. Have you heard it's a bit of alright? It's a bit of alright. That's a good way to put it. I've heard the leading lady is a bit of a sort.

She's quite nice! Who have you got in the audience tonight? Everyone. My nieces, my nephews, Keith's family - we've got a whole bunch of people... Good excuse for a party. dentist. What everyone wants to know is, what's it like?

Today the critics had their say.

It is not their classic that we

expected, it will is not the disaster that we expected.

One thing everyone agrees on is the outstanding performance of 13-year-old Brandon Walters, many tipping he'll score an Oscar nomination. This is my first movie. 'Australia' opens next Wednesday. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Sport now with Brad McEwan - and Ben Cousins may turn down the AFL's offer to play again. Cousins's manager is claiming the drug-testing rules set down by the AFL are so tough, he may just walk away from the game. When the AFL Commission granted Ben Cousins's wish to return to football, it did so with a very significant proviso - the toughest drug-testing regime ever applied to an athlete. Urine testing up to three times per week, hair tests up to four times per year, plus a host of other conditions, including attending drug rehabilitation programs.

If any of these conditions are breached, as I said earlier, then Ben Cousins will be suspended and stood down indefinitely,

pending the outcome of and investigation. Too tough, says Cousins's manager Ricky Nixon, and legend of the game Kevin Sheedy has some sympathy with Cousins.

They probably seem a bit over the top, maybe. But for Cousins to give the game away is excessive.

When I played, if they said I'd have a test every week - wouldn't worry me. Although he's admitted to drug addictions, Cousins is yet to test positive, the AFL revealing he's tested negative to urine tests recently, but appears to have come up short on the hair-testing procedure.

Testers could not find a single hair on Cousins's body the required 3cm in length.

Neil Cordy, Ten News. Shortly in sport - Andrew Symonds to play in the first Test against the Kiwis and we'll catch up with Socceroo Craig Moore who returned to A-League training today despite recent surgery for cancer. And in Bahrain, it was a case of Moore the merrier as everyone of Moore's Australian team-mates donned his Socceroos number-3 jersey as a special tribute to his courage.

Also ahead, the Irish club team that nearly defeated the All-Blacks.

And the American college basketball team dominated by Aussies. Still to come, petrol prices drop sharply in some Sydney suburbs. Plus, the foodmaker slashing sugar levels because of the obesity epidemic. And new fears that genetically modified crops are contaminating nearby farms.

This program is captioned live.

Motorists are enjoying some of the cheapest fuel Sydney has seen this year. Unleaded petrol dropped to $1.03 a litre on the city's Northern Beaches today - even less for those using shop-a-dockets. By Christmas, analysts predict we could be paying below $1 a litre. The slowing economy and tumbling oil refinery prices are responsible for the price drop.

Not since last month's rebel service station protests have drivers seen fuel so low. Australia is slipping closer to recession with further signs of a slowing economy. Another big cut in interest rates is expected next month as new car sales fall victim to the global economic crisis. New car sales have slumped for the fourth month running and are now down almost 11% on last year. Holden workers in Adelaide have already been forced to take seven days off this month, and now face another 25 days. Start looking for another job. Security - you've got to have security with young families. We've all got families, mortgages. Exactly. to keep up with developments. The Reserve Bank is struggling

Any forecasts in this environment are subject to a great deal of uncertainty, not least because the situation in world financial markets is still changing rapidly. Westpac's economic growth index has collapsed, of recession early next year increasing the likelihood that the Reserve Bank and the near certainty is going for another big interest rate cut next month to try and head it off. The US continues to set the tone with the three biggest car makers telling Congress

they need a $25 billion loan to keep them going. General Motors is warning of dire consequences. This is all about a lot more than just Detroit. It's about saving the US economy from a catastrophic collapse. The outgoing Bush Administration is not convinced some of its existing $700 billion rescue package should bail out car makers. I've said to you very clearly that I believe that the auto companies fall outside that purpose.

Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. The world's biggest food manufacturer, Nestle, is changing the way it makes and markets some of the our best known products. Sugar and fat will gradually be reduced, while fibre is increased. For generations, Nestle has been renowned for its chocolatey treats, including Australia's own Milo. AD: # What a difference Milo makes. Milo is best. # It might have been best once, but the company now admits less sugar and fat would be better. Only it's not an easy process, reducing the effect on our hips, but not the taste to our lips. We then look at the science and we look at what's possible and we look at what our consumers want, and we try to find that balance.

including pizzas, cereals and flavoured drinks. The ingredient changes over time are so subtle, consumers wil probably not be aware of it From 2006 to 2007, sugar levels dropped slightly but fibre increased, and they lifted again for 2008. It's all part of Nestle's new voluntary guidelines to meet World Health Organisation concerns over obesity.

including Nestle,

that have signed a pledge that we really do want to be part of the responsible marketing to children. If products don't meet nutrition standards, they'll no longer be advertised during children's television. The Parents' Jury, which campaigns for better social responsibility from food companies, welcomes the change, but says it remains wary of industry self-regulation. Amber Muir, Ten News.

Greenpeace is ringing alarm bells over food contamination, claiming it has proof controls on genetically modified crops are not working. With Australia's first GM canola harvest under way, activists say GM produce will end up in our foods, whether we want them to or not. Outside the fence of a genetically modified canola crop, Greenpeace campaigners discovered what they say is the first sign GM food crops could contaminate Australian soil, plants and food. I'm going to test it to see if it's genetically engineered canola. The Greenpeace test was positive, Fuelling fears that Australia's first GM canola crops will spread to non-GM crops, and covertly into Australian food. We need to know whether what we are eating in Australia is derived from genetically engineered food crops or not. Greenpeace also claims GM canola escaped the clean-up process during delivery to a silo in New South Wales and was scattered by the wind. Also, the trucks carry no signage. But agri-giant Monsanto, which develops much of the GM seed, has its own footage showing strict testing and segregation procedures. All the regulators in Australia have reviewed this technology, and they have concluded that it's a safe technology. Silo operator GrainCorp also defended procedures, claiming any seeds that may escape end up in surrounding gravel. Independent experts back Monsanto. The five sites taking GM canola don't take conventional grain, and one stray plant doesn't pose a contamination threat. In all crops we find plants outside the paddock, and for canola it's really no different.

Tasmania, South Australia and WA are now the only States without GM food crops. Emily Rice, Ten News.

They might be getting some good

rain on those crops. Heavy rain in

western NSW and on the move to the

east coast and we will see most of

that tonight. Coonabarabran has had some defied

It has been good soaking rain and

the best that we have had in 10

months. By midnight tonight they

should be some in the catchment.

There will be 20 mm into the

catchment tonight. Good soaking

rains on the way, that is the good

news. It will be quite sticky or

the rest of the week. Next, the world's first tailor-made organ transplant. Also, why it pays to hang onto your toolbox while going for a space walk. And the communities struggling to deal with wayward polar bears.

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This program is captioned live.

What is happening in Pennant Hills?

There are delays going up to

Beecroft. For anyone travelling north there is an accident at the

junction of B Croft Road. You can

see all three roads heading north a

long Pennant Hills Road is Cloke.

We will bring you a live update later in the Bolton. People may soon be able to grow their own replacement organs, after the success of the world's first tailor-made organ transplant. European doctors took stem cells from a woman's bone marrow and combined them with donor tissue to create a new trachea after a tuberculosis infection damaged her windpipe. It's a major achievement in the history of medicine. We've translated stem cell science and tissue engineering into real clinical reality. The breakthrough technique means the 30-year-old mother of two does not need powerful drugs to stop her body rejecting the transplant. She's back at work five months after the surgery. Now to the ING Direct finance report with Jacqueline Maddock.

And Jacqui, some very big numbers being bandied around today, as the local share market officially hit 50% of its record highs? It did, Ron, that's right. And taking into account another disappointing session today, in value terms, the local share market has now shed a staggering $800 billion in the past year. If we just take a look at this graph - the benchmark ASX 200 Index today sank to a fresh 4-year low today, to be down 50%,

since its record high in November 1, last year. Despite quite strong offshore leads,

local stocks couldn't shake off the mountain of economic data suggesting the worst of the downturn is yet to come. The All Ords did regain some ground in the afternoon, but ended 30 points weaker at the end of the day. BHP lost 4% as competition concerns over its Rio takeover were flagged by European regulators. Babcock & Brown shares slumped almost 20%, as the failed finance house announced a 60% cut of its workforce. And that's the day in finance. A NASA astronaut has thrown a spanner in the works by losing her tool bag on a spacewalk. She accidentally let go of the bag when a grease gun started leaking while she was lubricating joints on the International Space Station's solar panels. WOMAN (OVER RADIO): Oh great. We have a lost tool. MAN (OVER RADIO): OK, Heidi. Crew lock bag? Yeah. See it?

Yeah, we see it. The tool bag is one of the biggest items ever lost on a spacewalk. NASA is tracking it to make sure it doesn't hit the space station. As the Arctic ice disappears, into towns to scavenge for food. starving polar bears are being forced The rogue hunters end up in 'bear jails' before being air-lifted back to the wild. Amid the broken rubble of sea ice, a forlorn polar bear unable to hunt seals, unable to go where he wants - a refugee almost in its own land. Stranded because the sea ice on the Hudson Bay is forming weeks later than it used to. When it comes to the loss of sea ice, the major issue there is that you're cutting down the amount of time that the bears have to feed where they have access to seals. When problem bears wander into Churchill, this is where they end up - they call it 'bear jail'. This 4-year-old male weighing 720 pounds has been here for 30 days.

Now sedated, he is about to be airlifted back into the wild. 15 other bears are still back in jail as this male heads north of the open tundra. Some people say bears scavenging in towns shows how adaptable they are to escape the worst effect of warming by moving onto new food sources. But an adult bear like this one needs the fat from 45 seals a year to survive. Even as the pilot gently lowers him to the ground 20 miles from town, in months ahead they don't know whether he will be able to catch enough seals out on the sea ice. It is astonishing to be able to touch one of these magnificent, powerful beasts, but all the more sad to think that in 50 years or so, climate change means that they might not be here any more. Lawrence McGinty, Ten News. We'll check in with Tim Bailey again next on how this wet weather's looking. Also, the remains of HMAS 'Sydney's unknown sailor laid to rest with full military honours. And Nicole Kidman explains how she acted out a love scene

with her best friend's husband.

At ActewAGL, we proudly employ more than 80 graduates, trainees and apprentices. Because tomorrow it will be their big ideas that will help us all power ahead.

Do you sometimes feel as if your kids are from another planet?

can never quite grasp the meaning of peace and quiet and seem to have boundless energy. And now, with our range of healthier options, you can too. (MCDONALD'S THEME) This program is captioned live. Tonight's major stories - the childcare crisis deepens as another provider hits financial trouble. CFK Childcare Centres has been placed in voluntary administration. The future of the 43 centres run by the company remains unclear.

Teachers in NSWpublic schools vote to go on strike for the first two days of the next school year. They're concerned about pay rates and the transfer system. The Government intends to continue negotiations. And a man and his two sons have drowned near Bega on the south coast. The 28-year-old man was trying to save his boys after they fell from a wharf while he was fishing. The victims have been identified as Shane O'Neill and his boys - Riley, aged four, and Travis, who was just 15 months old. After almost seven decades, the unknown sailor from HMAS 'Sydney' has gone to his final resting place. The moving ceremony was held as part of commemorations around the country. For hundreds gathered in Geraldton a poignant link to our greatest maritime tragedy - the unknown HMAS 'Sydney' sailor whose body washed up on Christmas Island almost 67 years ago. maybe a husband and father. He was a son, a brother, (SONG) # ..but now I'm found... #

Among the relatives and dignitaries, a handful of former 'Sydney' sailors, farewelling a mate. (SONG) # For those in peril on the sea. # Tributes flowed for the 645 Australians lost in the battle with the German raider 'Kormoran', the coffin then carried to Geraldton's war cemetery. Governor-General Quentin Bryce

was followed by four ex-crewmen to the grave side. LAST POST SOUNDS I imagine - put myself in a place

that the body in the coffin was one of my closest friends. Meanwhile, aboard the latest HMAS 'Sydney' and HMAS 'Manoora', more than 600 family members and sailors said goodbye over the wreck site. In Canberra the Prime Minister told mourners the 'Sydney' story was a salute to national values. ..for Australia is a greater nation for them, and for their sacrifice. for their service Just can't describe it, really - it means everything. At Melbourne's service crosses carried the names of the dead, while at Rockingham, south of Perth, 645 doves were released.

Nick Way, Ten News.

Let us check the weather now. Sun

drenching rain forecast for the

next 24 hours. The rain is on the

move across Sydney Town. There will

be 11 mm in which meant. We are

looking up to 24 mm in the next 12


Bring on the rain. It will be in

six hours and it will be heavy and bid for. With her hometown premiere out of the way, Nicole Kidman is now selling 'Australia' to the world. Before she flew out, the leading lady sat down with Ten's entertainment reporter Angela Bishop

to get rather intimate with her best friend's husband. Nic, welcome home... Thank you. ..for the biggest homecoming movie of all time. Well, fingers crossed. pressure on this one? I have to ask, are you feeling You've devoted so much time to it.

I was talking to Baz - I called him when we stopped down in Hawaii on the way here. I called him and said, "I'm so excited," and I think that's what it's about at this stage. We've put all the work into it. It's going to be what it's going to be. One of the less difficult tasks that's involved in this film, now that I've seen it - it's spectacular - is the old love scene with Hugh Jackman. Now, not a tough day at the office, many of us are thinking, but how does it work? I mean, you once used to be a flatmate of Debs, his wife. How do you negotiate that? I think, as actors, you commit to your role. and I think you get lost in the character and I think that's necessary. Does Deb say anything to you when you've got that day on set? Actually, no. Deb's an actor, so she understands what's required

And I think there's a lot of

respect and love between all of us. respect and love between all of

us.This is something that I have

wanted to do, I have dreamed about

it all my life. I wanted to be in a

film that represented my country.

Although I have made some

Australian films, I have not made

anything which is really the big

Australian film.Their next handout

so, that it was a small film.

She is no lady, she deserves a

drink like any man. We'll have more of Angela's interview with Nicole tomorrow night, when she opens up about Sunday Rose and the new top secret property But sport is next with Brad, and Andrew Symonds gets the nod. Yes, his whirlwind recall continues, while another Aussie cricket veteran could be playing his last Test at the Gabba. And Craig Moore back training after cancer surgery, while in Bahrain, his Socceroos team-mates pay a special jersey tribute. And the Irish club side that gave the All Blacks two scares - once with the haka and then on the scoreboard. ('JUST BE HAPPY' PLAYS) VOICEOVER: From tomorrow at Target, get 20-30% off We've got the whole family covered.

This program is captioned live. Andrew Symonds has been rushed back into the Australian side for the first Test against New Zealand at the Gabba. The battle for the final spot between Jason Krejza and Shane Watson will be decided just before play tomorrow. It's been a long road back for Andrew Symonds. in Darwin

he's been banished from the team, fell out with best-friend Michael Clarke and he's even admitted to a drinking problem, but now all seems forgiven. an injury-type replacement. It almost becomes like He's been out for a couple of months but he's fit and ready to go now so he deserves his spot back in the side. While Symonds's career gets a revival his Queensland team-mate Matthew Hayden's might be winding down. Today he gave the strongest indication yet

that this could be his last Test at his beloved Gabba. When you get to my age I think you get to a point where is a long, long way away. the next 12 months

The skipper hopes the 37-year-old will play on. I've enjoyed every opportunity I've had to play with Matty for a long period of time, now. He's a really good mate of mine away from the field as well. Ponting has more immediate concerns - whether to choose all-rounder Shane Watson

or spinner Jason Krejza. The state of the pitch will decide that. I think the first session is going to be fairly lively but once again I think it'll probably depend on the atmospheric conditions Black Caps skipper Dan Vettori hasn't been worried about selections. He's too busy buttering the Aussies up. Australia play an aggressive brand of cricket and it'd be nice if we could replicate it in our game a little bit, and I think the thing they do well is that when their backs are against the wall they come out fighting. Bookies are taking plenty of bets on a draw with more storms forecast for Brisbane tomorrow. Jonathan Williams, Ten News. A 5-wicket haul by NSW quick Aaron Bird has the Blues well on top in their 1-day clash with Queensland at the SCG. His first spell and then Aussie 1-day all-rounder James Hopes. COMMENTATOR: Oh, straight through him. Number two for Aaron Bird. There was some brief resistance from Lee Carseldine, scoring 42 in the middle order. But then Bird homed in on the Bulls' tail was bowling for a hat-trick. and at one stage The Bulls all out for 177.

Socceroo Craig Moore has returned to A-League training little more than a week after surgery for testicular cancer. While Moore made the first tentative steps towards a comeback, he was being honoured by the Socceroos in Bahrain. Craig Moore was supposed to be on light duties on his first day back, but the former Socceroos skipper couldn't help but up the pace. His return to training is as much about his mental wellbeing, as his fitness. For me it's very important for things to stay as normal as possible. And, for me, like I say, I love being involved with the football side of things, playing games, as such. and even if that's not actually If not for his shock diagnosis with cancer, Moore would have been in Bahrain, preparing with the Socceroos. But he was there in spirit, national team-mates paying tribute with Moore's name and number on their shirts, ahead of their World Cup qualifier. coming through from them as well, I've had loads of messages wishing me all the best. And my reply was "thanks, very much. "Obviously, things are going well back here, "but 3 points over there would be nice as well". That's coach Pim Verbeek's plan, of the world qualifying campaign - chasing the Socceroos' third win he wants to make it six, just to be sure. Winning tomorrow will mean it's a big step, and if you don't win the game tomorrow, again, you have to... then anything's possible. So I don't count - 18 points is enough. Peter O'Dempey, Ten News. Kangaroos coach Ricky Stuart has named Brent Tate and Paul Gallen in an unchanged team for Saturday's World Cup Final against New Zealand in Brisbane. Both players have injury concerns. In rugby - the Wallabies have made three changes for their Test against France. Wycliff Palu comes in for the injured Richard Brown, Ben Alexander replaces Ben Robinson up front,

while Dean Mumm forces Mark Chisholm to the bench. Meantime, former All Black Doug Howlett led a haka face-off for Irish side Munster, to celebrate 30 years since the club's historic victory over New Zealand. And after a passionate reply, it looked like Munster would repeat the result. They took a 16-10 half-time lead before Joe Rokocoko struck with just four minutes to play. COMMENTATOR: Away it goes - here's Joe Rokocoko - It was clearly no exhibition as tempers frayed - the All Blacks winning 18-16. The American college system has produced some of sport's biggest names, and now it's a group of Aussies taking college basketball by storm. Boomers point guard Patrick Mills led the way with 27 points and 5 assists, to help St Mary's College to a 99-87 win over Fresno State. The Aussie connection didn't end there. St Mary's has four more in the squad. Ben Allen, Carlin Hughes, Clint Steindl and Lucas Walker all played a part in the victory.

We are looking at the box art that

will be fighting Sen he is 7 ft

How is the accident looking in

Beecroft? It is a very slow Beecroft? It is a very slow trip

home for drivers going north-west.

All three lanes are barely moving

and there are delays all the way

back. It it will be very slow towards Cannes and heels.


The invigorating power of Listerine starts in your mouth and keeps on going. It's the blast that lasts.

You are watching 5 o'clock News.

Tim says, do not put her umbrella

as a way now. Rain for the Bausch

and the big smoke. It is the

perfect scenario. Western NSW had

some of the best balls in 10 months. some of the best balls in 10

months.All districts of NSW have

had some really had some really refreshing rain

fall over the past 24 hours and

more to come in the next 12 more to come in the next 12 hours.

This rain than looks like it will

get to Sydney some time in the dark

hours of tonight. It will bring 20

mm and 50 mm to the Rangers. We are in

in for a wet night, but it will be

which the - - widespread. Tomorrow

will be a bank a paramedic day.

There will be three refreshments at 10 they the am at the Masonic Hall. 10 they the am at the Masonic

Hall.Contact the website below to Hall.Contact the website below to

find out details. Ain't you to

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It is going to be sticky with such

high humidity.

There are thick cloud masses of

building over Queensland and nor

the NSW triggering heavy showers

and scores of thunderstorms.They

deplore oh well go north - - South

East and they all been storms and high winds.

Rain and storms for eastern NSW. Tomorrow, Rain and storms for eastern NSW.

Tomorrow, the rain will ease. We

all have a squeak of blue sky in the

the afternoon. It should be about

27 Aug 29 degrees.

Unsettled NSW. There will be

thunderstorms across the state.

It will be a It will be a glorious afternoon.

That is it from me, he comes the Rain. That brings you up to date on the News at Five. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Sandra Sully. Thanks for your company tonight. I'll be back with updates throughout the evening before the Late News with Sports Tonight, along at 11:00. Goodnight.

Who from our final two will be your Australian Idol for 2008? Here's another chance to see them in action. (SINGS) # Here I am on the road again # There I am, up on the stage... #

(SINGS) # All that I'm hearing from you is white noise # White noise # White noise # (SINGS) # Why do we cry when we hear hallelujah? # It does something to ya # Each and every time...# (SINGS) You can have what I've got # 'cause I ain't got nothing worth having if I ain't got you #