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(generated from captions) Never. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. an hour of unspeakable terror - Tonight - shocking allegations against the man

Waterloo home invasion. charged over the deadly Sydney's cheap fuel frenzy. We're going to keep fighting on. regular cut-price petrol. The rebel independents promise all the time. Petrol should be this price And, walking free - eager to get back in the saddle. jockey Chris Munce out of jail, I will return to the top I've no doubt that and continue to ride many winners. Good evening, I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight.

on pubs and clubs Also - the Premier cracks down alcohol-fuelled violence. in a bid to cut And Barack Obama's prime-time pitch - and votes of Americans. spending millions to win the hearts In six days we can choose an economy and fuels prosperity. that rewards work and creates jobs

But heading the news at 5:00 - arrived in Sydney today the mother of a young Chinese student as more shocking details emerged endured by her daughter about the hour of terror

from a balcony in Waterloo. before she fell to her death is behind bars tonight. The man charged with her murder

A Sydney court was told the teenager and her boyfriend. he repeatedly raped

After flying in from China, was taken to the apartment block the young student's mother

met her violent end. where her daughter With the help of an interpreter,

the exact spot Homicide Squad detectives pointed out where the 18-year-old landed. It's now strewn with flowers. the teenager and her boyfriend fell, Three floors up, the balcony where desperately trying, it's alleged, a knife-wielding rapist. to get away from

for a mother already hit The death a traumatic shock in China's Szechuan province. by this year's deadly earthquake She lost her home, she lost her business, now she lost her only child. Brendan David Dennison, A 26-year-old man, faced Central Local Court today charged over the attack. he raped the student three times, Court papers allege

raped her boyfriend twice,

His lawyer didn't apply for bail. I can tell the family The only good news is the suspect is now in custody. college-mates. Cold comfort for the young woman's and terrified. Today they remained in mourning, Scared and afraid.

we feel sorry. We feel so sorry,

are still being made, Funeral arrangements

made so many friends. where the young student with her ashes. Her mother will fly home of formally identifying the body But first, the grim task of her one and only child. might happen every month. Sydney's cheap fuel frenzy for some independent service stations That's the plan

for less than $1 a litre again today which had unleaded to smash unfair competition. as part of their campaign around $5,000 each, It was a protest that cost retailers in their droves. but attracted motorists Petrol for under a dollar a litre, by 11 independent service stations. sold off at a loss for an hour 99 cents, yeah! the power of big oil companies They were protesting about

Woolworths and Coles. and supermarket giants It costs me $120 to fill up my tank to save a bit of money, and today I just can't wait know what I mean? don't supply independents Caltex and Shell because Labor and the Coalition industry competition laws in 2006. agreed to exempt them from oil get their fuel That means Woolies and Coles than the independents can buy it for. for 8 cents a litre less I'd say we're being ripped off by somebody,

I don't know who. to big savings on a full tank. Today's fuel frenzy leading $34, usually over $60. Fantastic. How did that feel? We're still here. We're going to keep fighting on are what make discounting work, because independents and that's the way it's gonna be. The independent service stations say for under $1 a litre. they'll continue selling fuel a better deal from the oil companies, They say unless they get

they'll go out of business.

The protest had an immediate impact, by 2 cents a litre across the board. pushing prices down

are threatened When the petrol companies

with trade practices reforms, the prices come down overnight. We need laws these independent operators deserve that will give the protection that motorists will get a better deal. because once we have that, to repeat their cheap petrol protest Independent operators plan

once a month.

John Hill, Ten News.

in drinking in New South Wales, The Premier has declared a new era 24-hour pub licences, banning any more during late night trade. and introducing lock-downs by police and health experts, The move has been welcomed of recent drunken behaviour. who have borne the brunt Last year, alcohol-related violence across NSW, there were 21,000 incidents of

three really, really, bad glassings, Even last Saturday night we had so many years ago. something that we just didn't see experience. That was just one hospital's But the problem is State-wide. to go out just to get drunk. People find is socially acceptable People find it socially acceptable So after much campaigning, a new era in drinking, the Premier's finally declared

considered the worst offenders. starting with a crack-down on 50 pubs a 2am lockout for those venues. We are going to implement on plastic cups after midnight We're going to insist for those venues, you can buy. restrictions on the number of drinks all future 24-hour licences. There's also a freeze on supports that move, The Hotels Association the drinking culture. but says it won't fix of initiatives, It's released its own set at the top of the list. putting personal responsibilty

rogue operators, We're not here to defend the majority but we're not here to penalise basis doing the right thing. who are out here on a day-to-day This pub was not on the list

but could still be affected if 24-hour licences are ultimately revoked. of responsible service, including the use of plastic cups for years. The health experts and police left to deal with the drunken outcomes

say the change simply has to start somewhere. that's brilliant. I'd love to be out of work. Amber Muir, Ten News. New South Wales has plunged further into the red, with new figures showing the State's Budget is in deficit to the tune of $656 million. Treasurer Eric Roozendaal has told Parliament the deteriorating finances underline the need for tough decisions

in next month's mini-Budget. At this rate, NSW could face a shortfall of $1.5 billion by June. Fighting climate change could cost households almost $400 a year when the scheme is introduced in two years. But the Federal Government is under attack over claims Australia can battle global warming without wrecking the economy. The Treasurer says

his experts have done the most comprehensive job forecasting what reducing greenhouse gases will do to the Australian economy over the next 40 years. A hard-head assessment of the challenges and opportunities posed by climate change. Cuts of 5% to 25% were modelled. economic growth will slow only marginally, to 1.2% or 1.3% per annum

If the Treasurer himself believes the world changed recently with the global financial crisis, how is that into the Treasury model? that has not been factored What we're on about here is the long-term health, wealth, prosperity. If carbon is priced between $23 to $32 a tonne,

electricity will cost up to $5 a week more,

gas $2 a week. Food hasn't been modelled. But the Treasurer says

lower-income households will be compensated. While some industries will decline, others producing renewable energy will grow, providing new jobs. It shows that there's a huge competitive advantage to Australia in going early. The miners are sceptical. The assumptions, we believe, to the Australian economy. underestimate the cost

While the Treasury analysis says Australians are all going to be wealthier by 2020, the Reserve Bank Deputy Governor today said we are all going to be and to feel poorer over the next couple of years. Ric Battelino says it will be harder to avoid recession this time, but the Reserve is working on it - a hint of another interest rate cut next week. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

Disgraced jockey Chris Munce is eager to get back in the saddle, after spending 20 months behind bars over a Hong Kong betting scandal. The Melbourne Cup winner was released from Silverwater jail this morning, vowing to return to the top of his game. Chris Munce is finally a free man, the jockey quick to put prison life behind him after nearly two years of incarceration.

This morning, I can't really begin to explain the relief and happiness it was to know that I'm finally going home to my family. But his first port of call was Randwick racecourse where he aims to get his life back on track. Reading from a prepared statement, Munce declared he's determined to resume his career as a jockey, and spend as much time as possible with his three children and wife Kathy. She's been a tower of strength, not just for me

but also for our three children during this horrible period.. The Melbourne Cup winner was convicted in Hong Kong last year over a betting scandal. Officials found $40,000 in his jeans pocket - pay-off for inside tips he gave on horses he was riding. And while Munce has served his time behind bars, his racing future still lies in the hands of the Hong Kong Jockey Club. He'll face a steward's inquiry into the tips-for-bets scam

via video link on Monday, but as far as Racing NSW is concerned, jail time is punishment enough. It certainly wouldn't happen in Australia. If you broke the rules in that regard, you'd be suspended from riding, you wouldn't be in jail. It's a very harsh penalty, and we hope the Hong Kong Jockey Club takes that into account. If he gets the all-clear, Munce could be back in the saddle within weeks. I'm certain that after what I've had to endure over the last 20 months,

I'll be mentally and physically prepared to take on anything. I've no doubt that I'll return to the top Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. Brad McEwan with a look at sport, and plenty of drama in the cricket. Yes, match officials will be hoping for an end to the mid-pitch confrontations. Indian batsman Gautam Gambhir has now been charged for elbowing Shane Watson.

Gambhir claimed it was accidental. At one stage, umpire Billy Bowden stepped in between Gambhir and Simon Katich to calm tempers. And another Melbourne Cup contender is in doubt for the big race. Caulfield Cup winner All the Good has pulled up lame. Also ahead in sport - an incredible game in the England Premier League, with eight goals scored.

Next, the latest Aussie bank to record a multibillion-dollar profit. Also tonight, the family told they'll have to wait another five months for justice. Our lives revolve around court and coming to the cemetery now. And the stirring new Bond movie that's shaken British royalty.


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This program is captioned live.

There's been a shocking car crash in the Blue Mountains with a man trapped alive in a burning car. The vehicles collided head-on at Kurrajong just before 1:30 this afternoon. One car caught alight on impact while the driver was still trapped inside. Emergency crews were unable to save him.

His two female passengers escaped with minor injuries. An off-duty nurse tried to revive the young driver of the other car but he died at the scene. The cause of the crash is being investigated. A self-confessed dangerous driver, banned from the road after a fatal crash, has been caught back behind the wheel. The victim's family is furious

that the L-plater has walked away unpunished. It's been 15 months since 17-year-old Kim O'Brien was killed. Every day, her family return to her grave

to remember a bright and loving young lady.

It's hard to come here every day. We've got no answers for Kim, we've got no answers for ourselves.

The only thing we can do for her is get justice. Kim died when the driver of a car she was passenger in lost control and slammed into a tree. 20-year-old Tony Biggart was behind the wheel. The L-plate driver, who was unsupervised at the time, was charged with two counts of dangerous driving. He doesn't show any remorse for our daughter's death. To see the smirks on his face - is very frustrating. But it seems this dangerous driver hasn't learnt his lesson. He was back in court today after Kim's father spotted him driving while suspended, again carrying young passengers. Are you a danger to people on the road?

Biggart has pleaded guilty to both crimes, but long delays in court mean his sentencing dates are still months away.

The way the courts are just allowing him adjournment after adjournment - it's like he's got free run - 'do what you please'. For Kim's family, the nightmare of her death is made worse by fears Tony Biggart could, while on bail, get behind the wheel of yet another car

and kill somebody else. He's gonna do it to somebody else if he's not stopped. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. Another of the big banks has announced a huge profit boost - Westpac raking in almost $4 billion. And while the bank's boss isn't optimistic about next year, she's confident we'll avoid a recession. Gail Kelly has been in her job for just nine months. You'd think this wouldn't be the best time to take on the role as boss of a big bank, but with results like today's, things couldn't be better. We think it is a robust performance delivered in challenging times. Robust indeed - strong deposit and loan growth pushed profits past 3.8 billion pushed profits past $3.8 billion for the year. And there are signs the Government's stimulus package has encouraged a rush of new loan inquiries. Even so, Gail Kelly expects that will slow next year. We do think 2009 will be a difficult year for customers, as the effects of the financial crisis flows into the real economy. But she's optimistic too, that Australia will avoid a recession. But if borrowers are expecting a major reprieve on interest rates they may be disappointed. While the Reserve Bank is widely tipped to cut interest rates by 0.5% next week, the Bank's Deputy Governor today warned high inflation would limit the scope for more aggressive cuts in coming months. A far cry from the US, where the Federal Reserve has slashed rates another 0.5%, bringing them down to 1%. It's another way of putting money into consumers' pockets and the consumer's strapped right now. desperate measures to drag the economy from the financial doldrums. We've seen consumer confidence drop to record lows the economy has weakened to recession levels

and one good reason for the Fed to move. Confirmation of whether the US has already slipped into recession will come tomorrow with the release of the latest growth economic figures. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Presidential hopeful Barack Obama has blitzed the airwaves in the US with a self-funded advertisement to win votes. His rival John McCain has labelled the expensive 30-minute pitch as nothing more than an infomercial. Cashed-up and confident, Barack Obama made a home-stretch appeal to voters with stories of struggle and how he plans to restore the American dream. The company I worked for went broke. I should have gotten about $1,500 a month from retirement. I only ended with $379 a month. You earned your pension - you earned it. It wasn't a gift. The 30-minute spot was broadcast simultaneously across three national networks and several cable channels at a cost of about $150,000 a minute. No candidate has done anything like it for 16 years and never this late in a campaign. The ad spot ended with a live address from the hotly contested state of Florida. In six days we can choose an economy that rewards work and creates jobs and fuels prosperity.

John McCain is continuing to argue he is the right choice and he also took the battle to the airwaves, attacking Obama's TV splurge with a 30-second ad of his own. Barack Obama lacks the experience America needs. The polls have tightened, but Barack Obama remains in front in most, including in key battleground states. And he's pushing to stay that way with the help of Bill Clinton,

who joined Obama on the campaign trail for the first time...

Barack Obama represents America's future and you've gotta to be there for him next Tuesday. ..Obama's trump card on a day he dominated and McCain played catch-up. In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News.

Faith faith Time to check on the Faith faith Time to check on the weather.

Here we look at of western NSW for

an idea of what will happen in it

Sydney tomorrow. It was 39 degrees

out there - 14 above-average and

the warmest it been in around 19

years. That heat comes to us

tomorrow courtesy of Mother

Nature's hairdryer. The temperature

tomorrow will be 36 coastal, 36 in

the greater West. You will not be

able to escape. It will be warm and

quite uncomfortable with a late

change. Up next, a sickening arson attack

strands students in the nation's capital. We woke up to find that there was a completely gutted bus.

And the drug cheat who insists she could have won gold even without steroids.

This program is captioned live.

Let's check on the traffic. A

couple of incidents around the town

tonight - one up at courage on height.

height. A terrible accident on the

Bells Line of Road as we heard

earlier. We are advising to go via

the Great Western Highway duty

severity of the delays. Secondly severity of the delays. Secondly -

this drama in Granville. All three

traffic light - - lanes barely

moving. Lots of traffic heading moving. Lots of traffic heading for

late night shopping into Parramatta. Best advice is

Best advice is to take Parramatta Road. A blind flamingo believed to be one of the oldest in the world is in critical condition, after being attacked at the Adelaide Zoo. The 75-year-old bird was bashed with a mobile phone so brutally part of its head caved in. He was on the ground, bleeding from the nose, bleeding from the eyes and beak, thrashing its head around.

Its legs were up in the air, its wings were flapping - it was in complete distress. Vets removed blood clots from the flamingo's airway and will monitor it overnight. Two men and two teenage boys have been charged over the attack. Students on an excursion have been devastated after vandals torched two coaches, destroying their souvenirs and stranding them far from home. But community generosity has ended up saving the day. A callous act of vandalism sabotaged a Year 7 school excursion.

We woke up to find that there was a completely gutted bus with no transport home. While students from Adelaide's Trinity College were sleeping at a local hostel, their hired buses were deliberately set on fire

in the centre of Canberra around 3am. The buses have both been vandalised as well - all the fan belts were cut off the buses. The 90 primary school students were in Canberra for five days. and other belongings were destroyed. Souvenirs, presents The look of shock on their face and horror when they saw the bus -

yes, absolutely awful.

The damage bill's expected to top $300,000. Despite what happened,

everyone involved says there is a positive to come from this. They've all been reminded of the generosity of others. The children were inundated with gifts from local residents and tourist attractions, I cannot believe how warm-hearted and how kind you have been to our children. The students are heading back to Adelaide tonight, travelling on a borrowed bus.

Meg Palmer, Ten News.

To the finance report, and a bumper day on the Australian share market. The All Ordinaries finished up 151 points - that's nearly 4%. Resources led the surge. but apart from those independent stations

selling below a dollar this morning, the lowest we've seen is $1.28 in Fairfield. burying their loved ones killed in the latest earthquake to hit Pakistan. At least 215 people are now feared dead and 15,000 more are homeless north-west of Quetta. Pakistan's military is using helicopters to move rescue crews and supplies to the affected areas. But many survivors still spent the night in the open air under blankets they'd scavenged from the remains of their homes, with temperatures hovering at near freezing. Disgraced athlete Marion Jones says she would have won gold at the 2000 Sydney Olympics even if she hadn't been taking performance-enhancing drugs. The mother of two made the admission to talkshow host Oprah Winfrey in her first interview since she was released from prison.

I'll ask myself, "Well, if you hadn't been given The Clear, "do you think you would've won? you would've ran fast? "Do you think you would have beat everybody?" And I usually answer, "Yes." Jones spent six months in jail for lying to federal agents

about taking a designer steroid called The Clear. She still maintains she thought it was flaxseed oil. And another sports star performing badly- golfer John Daly was taken into custody by North Carolina police after being found drunk and unconscious outside a restaurant. He was detained for 24 hours. Up next, why the global slowdown won't hurt the Melbourne Cup.

Also, the new Rolls Royce arrives - yours for a cool million bucks. And the royal seal of approval for Bond's latest adventure. He had a lot to live up to, but he certainly did.

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This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - shocking details have emerged about the hour of terror endured by four Asian students in a unit at Waterloo. A court has been told their accused knife-wielding attacker allegedly raped them, before one teenager fell to her death off the balcony. Her grieving mother flew in today from China, to identify the body of her only child. Motorists have been told they haven't seen the last of cheap fuel across the country. 11 independent service stations today slashed prices to below a dollar a litre in a protest against the supermarket giants.

They say they'll do it every month, until they get a better deal from the oil companies. And jockey Chris Munce has vowed to rebuild his racing career

now that he's out of jail. The 39-year-old was released from Silverwater prison this morning, after serving 20 months for his role in a money-for-bets scam. But he's not completely in the clear, he still has to face a stewards inquiry on Monday. Melbourne Cup organisers are confident

the economic crisis won't put a dent in crowd numbers at this year's carnival. While marquee numbers are down, there's no shortage of interest in the fashion. Key race day looks - floral, floaty, geometric and ultra-feminine are still coveted by the well-heeled. Lots of florals, sophisticated glamour, so boob tube dresses - very Sarah Jessica Parker, I suppose.

Fillies dominated the new Fashion on the Fields enclosure - not surprising, since most of the 400,000 racegoers who turned out for last year's carnival were female. Despite gloomy economic times, the VRC says business is good. The general admission sales, the corporates and members they're going to support the event have certainly indicated as much as they have in previous years. A number of companies have dumped their expensive marquees

and there's sure to be less millionaires on Millionaires' Row. But Myer has doubled the size of its carousel-inspired enclosure. the most important thing in business is you have to keep entertaining.

You have to keep out there in the marketplace, looking after customers. We really wanted to create something that was fun and fresh and full of summer, so the idea of a carousel is a theme that everybody loves. Flemington's famous roses have bloomed on cue, touted the best in eight years.

The crystal is polished, the menus sorted. Hat-wearing fashionistas are hoping today's weather won't be repeated. Designers say men should aim for a well-cut suit, bold tie, and be brave about wearing hats. As for the women, here's some sage advice... It's either skin up here or skin down there, and not both, if you're showing your legs so, yeah, make sure you're covered up here, or if you're showing a little bit here, make sure your dress is a little longer. Martine Griffiths, Ten News. And if you have a big win at the races, here's something you could spend your money on. The brand-new Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe will set you back $1.1 million,

and despite the tough economic times business is booming. Our volume this year is just over 40% increase on last year and in the Asia-Pacific region we're just under 40% for the year,

so it looks like we're gonna have a good year. The car features a V12 engine, a boot that converts to a picnic table, and a built-in night sky, in case it's too cold to actually drop the roof. We have run flat tyres on the car, so in the event that we do get a flat tyre, we don't have to get out and change it, we can keep driving for about 100km at about 80km/h.

And if someone tries to pinch your flying lady hood ornament,

they'll be out of luck.

Time to check on the weather. If there is something I have worked

out during his pregnancy, it is 35

degrees and a pregnant women do not

sit comfortably. You can tell the bloke

bloke sitting next to you that he

had better slip slops lab tomorrow,

because it is going to be a 36 sq

degrees tomorrow. A hot one no

matter where you live. It is going

to be hot north-westerly winds

blowing in, maybe a southerly change in the evening.

36 degrees - hot tomorrow. Between battling bad guys and wooing Bond girls, 007 still has time to party. Hundreds of fans, including Princes William and Harry, braved the bitter cold

for the much-anticipated royal world premiere of 'Quantum of Solace' in London. ANNOUNCER: 007, Agent James Bond of the British Secret Service! After 46 years and 22 films, James Bond is still the world's most famous not-so-secret spy. London's Leicester Square went into lockdown, with unprecedented security for the premiere party of the year.

The real secret agents weren't there the 'Quantum of Solace' stars, to protect or the hundreds of fans who lined the carpet, but the two guests of honour - Princes William and Harry. In the sequel to blockbuster 'Casino Royale', Daniel Craig makes his second appearance as the blond Bond, seeking revenge for the death of his love and battling to stop bad guys bound for Bolivia.

A huge amount of bravery and a huge amount of visual flair

which is what we wanted from the movie, and we had a huge... ..a lot to compete with, with 'Casino Royale', so he had a lot to live up to, but he certainly did. The star, who was injured twice during filming, says the latest instalment has more action, but less love scenes. I think he's absolutely tremendous, he's terrific. He's made it his own part and he's a wonderful actor. He's so real and fresh and edgy and tough and sexy.

But on premiere night,

it isn't black-tie Bond who's the hero -

it's all the fashionable female guests. It's below five degrees in London, with sleet predicted, braving the cold carpet without coats, posing for pictures to warm up. 'Quantum of Solace' opens in Australia on November 19.

In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Brad's back with sport, and things get a little too heated at the cricket.

But already it's a game that's not been short on confrontation COMMENTATOR: Bit of argy-bargy between the...(LAUGHS) And will there be another Cup scratching as a contender pulls up lame?

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This program is captioned live. Australian bowler Shane Watson and Indian batsman Gautam Gambhir have been charged for their on-field clash in the third Test in New Delhi. he's still at the crease with VVS Laxman.

India now an ominous 3/393 at lunch on day two.

The verbal sparring between Watson and Gambhir became physical, the collision was an accident. COMMENTATOR: Little argy-bargy between the - dear, oh dear, words exchanged. I think it wasn't deliberate - it just happened. It wasn't deliberate. We need to get rid of this argument with Shane Watson. But the tensions involving Gambhir didn't end there, umpire Billy Bowden later forced to intervene with Simon Katich. There's been a little bit of niggle throughout the day. The incident with Kato - it's important for all the players to just make sure we get on with our game. Gambhir still the man in middle of it all, posting his 150 early on day two. One of the finest innings you'll see, perfectly constructed. Laxman continued to show poise,

and despite some sharp bowling from Brett Lee... That's lucky - frustration for the Australian bowlers. ..India took the match further and further from the Australians' reach. appeared to delight Gambhir. The sight of Cameron White Brilliant from Gautam Gambhir. 23rd boundary. White missing a chance to claim the last laugh. Oh! A half-chance - would you call that a half-chance? Replays confirming the ball did in fact carry. Matt Hayden unable to grab a tough one. It left Laxman to bring up his ton just before lunch. For the first time in Delhi, a hero of Hyderabad has a Test match hundred. A wicketless session for Australia, India in total control. Alan Blow, Ten News.

Robbie Deans has made five changes to the Wallabies team for Saturday's Bledisloe Cup game in Hong Kong. Injuries the main factor, with winger Drew Mitchell and Richard Brown coming in for Lote Tuqiri and Wycliff Palu.

Dean Mumm and Mark Chisholm also get a chance against the All Blacks in place of Hugh McMeniman and James Horwill. It's never a good experience to pick up an injury, it's great for them. but the blokes that are here, It's a great opportunity for them.

They are genuinely excited. Halfback Luke Burgess comes back from injury, Sam Cordingley dropping to the reserves. The Kangaroos are still waiting for Johnathan Thurston to link up with them on field for a more physical contact session. Thurston has been nursing his shoulder injury in a bid to line up in Sunday's World Cup match against England. A devastating Melbourne Cup setback for the world's biggest horseracing operation, Godolphin.

Caulfield Cup winner All The Good has pulled up lame and is now an unlikely starter. The sun came up, but that was the end of the good news for the most powerful racing stable on the globe. Godolphin staff realised last night something was amiss, and by this morning, it was crisis time. After trackwork yesterday, All The Good was no good. The equal-third favourite for Tuesday's Melbourne Cup

was stiff. A vet's check revealed he was lame. Well, it happens sometimes, you know, and it happened also for us, for her, in Australia. I mean nothing new, this animal, you know. This animal, very healthy. Next time you see them, they are sound. The surprise Caulfield Cup winner loomed as Godolphin's best hope

of winning the one big international race they crave the global powerhouse. that has so far eluded After when he won at Newbury, and he won a big handicap there - he won it easy, then we thought, "OK, this is the horse, send him to Australia". The horse, he had the class and the speed. D-day will come in the morning. If no signs of improvement are made, All The Good is set to be a Cup scratching.

It hurts sometimes when you hear the news, but, you know, we hope for tomorrow for better news. by vets tomorrow morning will also be inspected his hip continuing to improve.

The rest of the international raiders had a light session this morning, their final serious hit-out is to come before the Cup tomorrow. Tim Hodges, Ten News.

The Philadelphia Phillies have won baseball's World Series beating the Tampa Bay Rays 4-3 in game 5. After being left in limbo by a 2-day rainstorm, the Rays' Aussie pitcher Grant Balfour faced a wall of noise from rival fans who had been starved of a world title for 28 years. Balfour lasted 12 pitches as the Phillies went ahead in the seventh innings and pitcher Brad Lidge finished off the Rays.

COMMENTATOR: Phillies are world champions! (CHEERING) It was the perfect season for the Philadelphia pitcher, who won 48 from 48 appearances during the year. In the Premier League the perfect start against Arsenal, to set up a 4-2 lead but Arsenal hit back

heading into the dying stages. A brilliant solo effort from Jermaine Jenas gave Spurs hope, COMMENTATOR: Oh, that is a brilliant goal. And Aaron Lennon was on hand to tap in a rebound to secure a 4-4 draw, sparking wild scenes from the visiting fans. Elsewhere, Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice

to give Manchester United a 2-0 win over West Ham. Later in Sports Tonight - the best of the day's action from the NBA, and Aurelio Vidmar tells us whether his future lies with Adelaide United or elsewhere!


(ROCK MUSIC) (BIRDS SQUAWK) The invigorating power of Listerine starts in your mouth and keeps on going. It's the blast that lasts.

This program is captioned live. Time

Time for the weather details now.

Tomorrow - 36 degrees - can you

believe it? Coastal and western.

Get your head around that - what is it going to feel like? It is going

to feel like Ron Wilson in a hand

knitted tracksuit with the heater

on - hot and sticky. You will not

be able to get out of the hot north-westerly north-westerly wind until

north-westerly wind until we get a southerly

southerly change will stop we will

be ready for that change, folks. Tomorrow afternoon that it could

bring a thunderstorm as well. bring a thunderstorm as well. We

had temperatures of 39-40 degrees

in NSW today. That will come to

Sydney's backyard tomorrow. Good

news - we have got koalas, kids and cash to give away. It

cash to give away. It is time for

the Telstra Environment Award.

Mitchell Islands public school -

King of the callers. For a small

school making a big difference.

They grope eucalyptus trees from

seed and feed believes to feed sick

and injured koalas

Stop not only the weather, we give away

away cash as well. You could away cash as well. You could win

$2,000 a month and $5,000 at the end of the year.

Tomorrow - 36 degrees with a late

Tomorrow - 36 degrees with a late

thunderstorm. A little at unsettled

tonight, might get to Sydney's

southern suburbs. Although the storm cells might southern suburbs. Although the storm cells might dissipate before it get there.

Satellite - cloud over at NSW,

Victoria and Tasmania ahead of a

trough is generating a isolated

showers and storms do too hot dry

northerly winds. A trough will draw

heart, north-westerly winds like

they have been blowing out

they have been blowing out of a

hair drier over NSW. We will have

to wait until late in the day to

experience a change. Isolated

showers and storms in NSW, but

little precipitation. Showers spot

Tasmania and SA. Isolated showers

for the tropical east

Tasmania and SA. Isolated showers for the tropical east Queensland coast.

coast. Tonight, temperatures will

only go down to about 18 or 19

degrees. Tomorrow, the air conditioning will be your only

friend. No matter where you live it

will be 36 degrees. It is just

going to be one of those hot, uncomfortable

uncomfortable days.

Hot and sticky and 36 Hot and sticky and 36 with

apologies to the news reader. I

think I will be coping worse think I will be coping worse than Ron.

Rapper Snoop Dogg has surprised a group of children at the Redfern Community Centre. Rabbitohs winger Nathan Merritt

invited the star to join him on the visit - to share the story of his rise from humble beginnings to international celebrity. No matter what, you can always be someone special in life, if you put your mind to it.

I'm looking at everybody over there. (CHEERING) There was just time for the Dogg to get a Rabbitohs jersey before he had to head off - he plays a gig in Sydney tonight - the kids clearly sad to see him go. That brings you up to date on the news at 5:00.

I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight - thanks for your company. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.