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This program is captioned live. Tonight - going out in style - after her stunning 3-Cup win. Makybe Diva retires from racing

that will go down in history. Wild celebrations for the ride And spending up big - on a record betting splurge. Sydney punters and Sandra Sully. Ten News with Ron Wilson a cafe sprayed with gunfire. Good evening. In other news tonight - Fairfield's deadly shooting. A special police squad investigating And banned from the roads - for drink-driving. Sonny Bill punished the champion becomes a legend. But first, Makybe Diva thundering home, to win three Melbourne Cups. becoming the first horse ever millions of punters are celebrating Her owners, trainer and few moments in the historic race. after witnessing that breathtaking to enjoy a well-earned rest. As for the great mare, she's about will be her last. Today's race at Flemington RACE CALLER: Here's Makybe Diva.

A nation roars for a hero! 300m left to go now, She's starting to wind up,

Envoy is trying to go with her. Makybe Diva is racing up, and Lachlan River. They've got to Portland Singa and Xcellent, Here comes Leica Falcon

with 100m to go. but Makybe Diva clear

Xcellent runs to second. On a Jeune runs on, but a champion becomes a legend! we'd never see another Phar Lap. They said They were wrong. the greatest-ever mare Today Australia saw and she got him. chase 'Big Red's ghost at Flemington,

of all time. It is the greatest Melbourne Cup win on this course, Go and find the smallest child of the only person here because they would be the example to see something like that again. that will live long enough that will live long enough

I'm struggling for words right now. She is just unbelievable. What a great mare. so much confidence. She just gives you I'm sorry for crying. I will take to my grave. This is a moment were among runners, as usual, Anxiety and anticipation great expectation weighed in. but this year this year a sunshine princess. Last year the rain queen, the Depression, willed on one horse. Australia, for the first time since Makybe Diva jumped away well. Racing in the Cup. The great mare to hold her back 58 kilograms were not enough rode another perfect race. because jockey Glen Boss CHEERING AND APPLAUSE (All chant) Diva! Diva! This is for you, the people. today she is retired as of today. We all decided after this great race Phar Lap has a peer - or does he? 75 years since he won the Cup, I don't want to run Phar Lap down three Melbourne Cups. but I never saw Phar Lap win Let's party! The 'Mighty Mare's triple crown popular Cup wins ever. was one of the most which may never be repeated. The entire nation witnessing a feat Diva emerged for a date with destiny. Twitching with nervous energy, the After the long journey to Flemington, slipped unnoticed into the course. the undisputed star of racing were struck down with Diva fever. Once in the stalls, the fans Go Makybe! to see the Diva. I left at 5:00 this morning in the Makybe camp, The tension was mounting expectation sky-high.

the prospect of what might happen Anyone who isn't excited about in their veins. probably hasn't got blood to do what no horse had done before. And then she was away, with 100m to go. RACE CALLER: Makybe Diva clear Xcellent runs to second. On a Jeune runs on, but a champion becomes a legend! Makybe Diva has won it! It was the Diva's day. the entire country was cheering It seemed as if claimed a famous triple crown. as the mighty mare The nation left in awe perhaps the greatest mare ever. of the achievements of Las Vegas') # Diva's the greatest! # (All sing to tune of 'Viva Gerard Scholten, Ten News. set a scorching pace on track, While the Diva to dress for a sunny Cup Day. the heat was on race fans security presence And the highly visible did nothing to cramp their style. came decked out for a warm day. The early starters on the lawn not the only potential hazard Searing sunshine for these shaggy would-be sexpots. after about race six Trying to get to the men's toilet is a very scary experience. You must go with a friend.

out in force and full of voice. Strength in numbers for the Kiwis, (All sing) a statement with their plumage - The dandier dressers were out to make bird flu be damned.

to the most effort But just who had gone was tough to judge. refused to be distracted. Fans there for the horse flesh and I live in the Fiji Islands, I came for the Melbourne Cup and I came down just for this. on the jam-packed lawn areas, With space hard to come by in Flemington's carparks. a lucky few found refuge carpark picnics to the extreme. The nursery enclosure taking Australian sport's newest icon strangest fans. attracting some of the nation's Makybe Deviates! On a day devoted to leisure about the pursuit of pleasure, and those serious to security staff. responsibility was left including metal detectors. The regime at entrances, BEEPING and belongings the once over. And police sniffer dogs giving bags

for men, Another first, the L'Oreal lounge the sun, allowing the fellas to escape

trading moist brows for moisturiser. sun protection made the most of it. Those who had brought their own of the Golden Slipper, We got thrown out so Melbourne know how to party. hand in hand. Partying and punting can go as his animal namesake. This bookie as busy $5! But as the temperature rose, was more than matched the staying power on the track by the patience required off it. A huge crowd and warm weather forcing couture to take a back seat to comfort. Cameron Baud, Ten News. The rain's held off for Sydney's Cup celebrations. Frank Coletta's at Royal Randwick. Frank, it looked a bit dodgy this morning?

It was having a bit of a bet each

way this morning, wasn't it? We

started off with some foggy patches

across both Rose Hill and here at

Royal Randwick A bit like Makybe

Diva. It was rather humid all day

long. Got up and above 70% humidity

all day. 24 was the top and it is

still 24 degrees, rather warm. Now

about 40,000 people came out,

hedged their bets against the

weather today here at Royal

Randwick and obviously they're all

applauding, fantastic conditions.

The hot tip around town was Makybe

Diva. I've still got the shirt on

my back, alhoe the bookies want it

after 6:00. But if ugot on the Diva

you're certainly rolling in it. TAB

outlets were running hot. For the

once a year punter, any system

would do. Pick by name. I think

you've got to spend a bit to win it.

So there's no use just putting in a

couple of dollars. How much have

couple of dollars. How much have

couple of dollars. How much have you splurged? $50. I hope I get it

back. One mystery gambler placed

back. One mystery gambler placed

back. One mystery gambler placed $1 million bet on Makybe Diva alone.

$1 million bet on Makybe Diva alone. More than $25 million invested on

the Cup nationally was plonked on

the great mare. For those who

couldn't get to policemenington --

Flemington Rand was was the next

Flemington Rand was was the next best thing. I'm going Vinnie Roe.

best thing. I'm going Vinnie Roe.

best thing. I'm going Vinnie Roe. With betting up a massive 27% on

last year, some tried to make a

last year, some tried to make a killing on the early events to

build a bank for the great race but

came up a bit short. I'm up a few

came up a bit short. I'm up a few but not flash so far. On the TAB

but not flash so far. On the TAB alone, up to $8 million was spent

every single hour and for the local

every single hour and for the local book maker, it's one of the

book maker, it's one of the highlights of the year too. Makybe

Diva winning the last two years has

been good for me because no-one

wants to back the favourite. Today

wants to back the favourite. Today is going to be different because

is going to be different because they're backing her to win. The big

moment finally arrived, hands that

had been holding champaign and beer

glasses, now held on tightly to

race tickets, palms becoming

sweaty. And it was soon easy to

sweaty. And it was soon easy to spot the winners. For the others

though, oh well, I guess there's though, oh well, I guess there's always next year. Still to come - a gruelling day in court for drug suspect Michelle Leslie. Plus, a cafe sprayed with gunfire - a special police squad now investigating Fairfield's deadly shooting. And the bizarre stunt that got Sonny Bill Williams busted for drink-driving. This program is captioned live. A new police squad is to investigate an extreme outbreak of violence

in south-west Sydney. A wild gang war erupted overnight, gunmen spraying a cafe with automatic gunfire, killing one man and wounding three others. Minutes after her son died, shot once in the head... SIREN WAILS ..his distraught mother asks why. Ramon Khananyah's shocked wife also in the arms of friends. The 29-year-old was in the Babylon Cafe with three other men when the gang war erupted. Three men, armed with semi-automatic pistols, burst in to kill Ramon and shoot another man several times in the back. His friend in his late 40s was also shot in an arm and leg. A teenager discharged from hospital late last night. At this stage, I am aware there is up to three or four men involved in the incident. The cafe is only a 5-minute walk from the local police station. And overnight police quickly set up a perimeter, seeking wtnesses. I understand a witness has allegedly told police that the four men were sitting ducks as they played cards in the cafe, that as the three gunmen stormed in they backed off, raising their hands before they hit the floor. The gunmen not missing any of them. According to police, the cafe owner would have sensed trouble. The cafe was shot up on Saturday afternoon but no-one was hurt before another incident yesterday when a man walked in with a gun. This area has been a shooting gallery in the last two weeks. The gangs task force, Gain, will talk to the owners. We have had incidents where a few within that community have turned to violence in order to underpin their criminal activities. It's pretty scary. Very sad as well. Harry Potter, Ten News. Young league star Sonny Bill Williams is off the road for five months after being busted for drink-driving. A Sydney court heard today that some bizarre antics behind the wheel brought him to the attention of police. Charged under his real name, Sonny William Williams,

the footballer pleaded guilty to drink-driving. As a P-plater he wasn't entitled to drive with any alcohol in his blood, but when tested Williams had a blood alcohol reading of point 0.75. The 20-year-old Bulldogs star told officers he had been at a Paddington hotel for a fashion launch. At first admitting he drank two vodkas but changing that story later saying he might have had 10. The court heard Sonny Bill drove into a fast-food outlet at 3:30am where his vehicle was seen kangaroo- hopping in the drive-through, obviously out of control, and police were called. Police saw the footballer's black Landcruiser sitting stationary at these traffic lights while they were green, the vehicle taking off when the lights turned orange. Williams' solicitor said the offence happened on the morning after the league player learned his footy season was over because of a knee injury.

Williams' license was suspended for five months and he was fined $700 on top of the $5,000 fine already imposed by the Bulldogs. John Hill, Ten News. A Bali court has refused to hear medical evidence in support of Australian model Michelle Leslie. But her lawyer hopes the trial delay won't extend her time in prison. It was a more sedate arrival for accused ecstasy user Michelle Leslie. The handcuffs hidden under her Muslim headscarf. REPORTER: Michelle, does it feel better

not to be handcuffed to anyone today? I was a more much civilised entry. Just being cuffed, one person avoids the problems that arose last week. She shared a cell with alleged Bali Nine drug mule Michael Czugaj but kept to herself. As always, appearing calm even as she entered court. There, police and security guards told how they found two ecstasy tablets in Leslie's bag as she was about to enter a rave party and how she looked pale and confused when questioned. I never said that they were mine. One of the big puzzles in this case is what's happened to Leslie's friend Mia,

the woman who allegedly bought the tablets, placed them in Leslie's bag, and then disappeared when her friend was arrested. REPORTER: Do you think she's abandoned you, Michelle? Well, no, but we just can't find her.

The witnesses told the court they never saw Mia on the night and at no stage did Leslie ask her whereabouts. The prosecution's witnesses over, Leslie's defence team tried to have their witness, a prominent Bali drug specialist, heard. He's expected to attest Leslie is an addict, a critical part of her strategy to win a lighter sentence. But the judges rejected their special request. Leslie will reappear on Friday, November 11. In Bali, Leonie Mellor, Ten News. Next, a wet welcome home for Sydney's hurricane survivors. And Oprah Winfrey's stirring tribute to a civil rights pioneer.

Time to check on the traffic. Vicf

you look closely there you might

see some people coming away from

Rose Hill wougt their shirts on

this afternoon. We've seen

hairstyles a bit mucked up. This is

traffic trying to get home. The

race course is on the right-hand

side of the screen. Take a look at

the traffic trying to get home

the traffic trying to get home along James Ruse Drive. We've got

delays panked over the Parramatta

River and into North Parramatta. A

lot of people went to Rose Hill to

watch the Melbourne Cup and that's

why the traffic's so heavy. We're

going to ogo and check Randwick and

the Eastern suburbs and have an

update at 5:50. Relief for a honeymooning Sydney couple, back home today after a terrifying experience with Hurricane Wilma in Cancun. Michael Cotrim and Katarina Gramelis had only been married a week when the hurricane struck their Mexican resort. They were unable to contact their parents for three days, leaving them fearing the worst. The couple unable to contain their joy at being back in Sydney today. Yeah, we're home, we're home. We're so happy we're home. More than 20 people were killed by Hurricane Wilma. The Prime Minister is facing a new series of demands by State and Territory leaders to soften his anti-terror laws. They want more checks and balances written into the deal before they sign. As the Parliament stopped for that race,

John Howard still hadn't introduced his controversial terror bill as planned. MAN: The Chair will be resumed at approximately 3:20pm. Earlier, the PM told his party room the laws were unusual, but regrettably they are necessary. The Attorney-General making soothing noises after more talks with worried backbench Liberals. The measures that we are proposing are constrained with appropriate safeguards. The Attorney-General's Committee has had very productive talks with the Attorney-General and they have achieved resolution of a lot of issues. As he prepared to fly south and try his luck, the Queensland Premier said a lengthy phone conference of the States' lawyers was hammering out changes to finally put to Canberra. We're closer than we've ever been. I think we've got a considered view now. We've just to to get that into writing. We want to make sure that this legislation, which is so important for the country, is constitutionally valid. The State premiers and leaders have done a good job

in forcing John Howard to back down from a number of the more offensive provisions. The big question is will John Howard accept the proposals? Kim Beazley has written to the PM flagging his willingness to support any Federal States agreement but also outlining continuing concerns over human rights and the need for tighter scrutiny of the new laws. The Labor Party room debated the issues and supported a call for tough laws with proper safeguards. But there was no blank cheque for the Leader. Well, there won't be any sight-unseen decision made by the Labor Caucus. The bill may now not be ready until next week. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. After a 2-day international summit on bird flu, Australian officials are now trying to avoid panic and scaremongering. They say the economies of some countries in the Asia-Pacific region are already suffering. It's portrayed as the disease which could kill millions, but delegates to the APEC summit on bird flu in Brisbane are now worried about scaremongering. Last night, Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer said a pandemic was not inevitable. That was reiterated today. The threat should not be overplayed. That whilst it is a serious threat, there is an element of scaremongering that is causing unnecessary economic damage to some economies. Some Asian countries are already losing tourism and trade, and APEC is worried they may not report new outbreaks of bird flu. Everybody agrees it's important to be open and transparent about those, to have clear communication about the challenges. 21 APEC countries have decided to examine each other's readiness for a pandemic. But some countries aren't preparing at all. There are some. I think PNG has said that they don't have a plan yet. So they'll almost certainly need substantial financial assistance. There were a few calls for assistance. It was more just working together and sharing information. There was no official communique out of this summit. Their recommendations, however, will go to a meeting of APEC leaders, heads of state and ministers in South Korea on the 19th of this month. Mark Suleau, Ten News. Federal MPs have stepped up their campaign to save Australian drug smuggler Van Nguyen from execution in Singapore. A petition of 400 signatures of members and staff has been delivered by MPs from both sides to the Singapore High Commissioner. Time is running out for Van Nguyen, sentenced to death for possessing heroin. A young man, his first time overseas, who did a foolish thing but should not be punished by the death penalty. He's been denied clemency and faces hanging within weeks. Hundreds have attended a Washington memorial for civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks. 50 years ago, Parks helped spark the civil rights movement by refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a bus. I would not be standing here today, nor standing where I stand every day, had she not chosen to sit down. Rosa Parks's body has now returned to her home town of Detroit

ahead of a funeral on Wednesday. Ahead - some rare good news for motorists. Also, a scanner that revolutionises cancer treatment installed in Sydney. And flamboyant fashions. We'll check out some of the wild creations turning heads at Flemington.

This Thursday's Powerball jackpot is $6 million. $6 million Powerball jackpot.

Let's do a weather check with Frank

out at Royal Randwick. We were

out at Royal Randwick. We were lucky with the weather today, some

of uss lucky on the punt and the

of uss lucky on the punt and the crowds were pretty big out there

too. Yes, almost 40,000 people here

too. Yes, almost 40,000 people here at Royal Randwick. They had a big

day at Rose Hill, about 10,000

day at Rose Hill, about 10,000 there. It threatened to rain on us

there. It threatened to rain on us quite a few times during the day.

quite a few times during the day. Only about 4mm in the end fell

Only about 4mm in the end fell across the metropolitan area. There

across the metropolitan area. There is some good news, over the past

is some good news, over the past few days over the catchment areas,

few days over the catchment areas, we've had about 50mm so we've done

we've had about 50mm so we've done very well. I've got to say, this

was one of about 50 race meetings

right across Australia during

right across Australia during Melbourne Cup day. We don't half

like Melbourne Cup, do we? Let's go

around the backyard. We did about

24 degrees here at Royal Randwick.

It's been a big day here at Royal

Randwick but I'm told the party is

just about to swing into gear.

just about to swing into gear. You'll see what I mean at 5:55. See

You'll see what I mean at 5:55. See you then. Stories we're following -

a police task force to investigate violence in south-west Sydney,

including the fatal shooting overnight at a Fairfield cafe.

One man is dead and three wounded after gunmen sprayed a cafe with gunfire. Young league star Sonny Bill Williams is off the road for five months

after being busted for drink-driving.

The 20-year-old apologising to fans after drinking alcohol at a fashion launch in Paddington then getting behind the wheel. And the champion becomes a legend. Makybe Diva thundering home, becoming the first horse ever to win three Melbourne Cups. She's about to enjoy a well-earned rest.

Today's race at Flemington will be her last. Fabulous fashions topped off the party with colourful frocks and feathery headwear. As a mare stormed into racing history, some well-heeled fillies vied to be the other belle of the big day. The fashion stakes that stops the nation - well, the feminine half at least. Months of planning and spending to look their finest for the Fashions on the Field. And all the while, the members on the lawn keep a watchful eye, some giving them a race for their money. Green is a good colour. At least they don't recognise you in the bushes after, do they? The men also in good form. I haven't been looking at too many of the men, I've been mainly looking at the women. Many were maidens in the fashion barriers. Amy Thies one of them, with a last-minute head adornment. The hat I made last night about midnight, myself, and the dress I bought from a little boutique. She, along with more than 200 other fashionistas, performed the compulsory twirl for the judges, all out to impress. There were never two of the same, and I thought it was wonderful. But it wasn't to be Amy's day.

I'll be back and be in it again next year. I might even be in again on Oaks Day, who knows. The honour in the classic race-wear category went to mother Siobhan Miller, who found her Hennen Who creation on the Internet. I've talked about it for years and never had enough confidence

and I thought this year I have to do it, I'm getting too old. A first-time racegoer took out the millinery award. Surprised to even be on the stage in the first place. The fashion competition at the Cup carnival is always fierce but this year it stepped up a notch, with 35 designers from around Australia invited to take part in the design award, a new category for the competition. One man with a style all his own casting a queer eye over the contestants. What I'm looking for is glamour and innovation and yet tradition, because there is so much tradition with the Melbourne Cup. The close competition taken out by a polka dot creation with a twist. I've never won anything before, so this is fantastic. The women will have to preen themselves to perfection again for Oaks Day on Thursday. Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Melbourne wasn't the only place where racegoers were celebrating. People all over Sydney were clutching champagne and betting tickets, experiencing the thrill of the great race. If you can't be at Flemington on Cup day, smack on Sydney Harbour isn't a bad second option.

'Bold and the Beautiful' star Ronn Moss the guest of honour at a swanky do put on by Cartier. And what do you make of our big horse race? I make that you guys are very serious about it. And the whole country stops, and that's to be applauded.

The glamour set still dressed for races even though there wasn't a horse in sight. I love the fact that it's such a great excuse. When else can you get away with wearing a hat like this.

And doing their best to look like an expert. I look like I know my stuff. Do you actually know what's going on here? I have some vague idea, yes. Railings is going to win. But you don't have to be a celebrity to get into the Cup spirit Sydney-style. There were hats and frocks aplenty at pubs and clubs across town. Even the littlies weren't going to miss out, but at this Eastlakes playgroup there was more painting than punting. Royal Randwick, on the other hand, got right into the swing of it,

crowds expected to hit 40,000. And you don't have to be at Flemington to party in a bird cage either. Another Sydney party going all out to recreate the car park atmosphere. On a day like this I'm happy to be in Sydney and, quite frankly, I couldn't bear the thought of 130,000 people and 30 degree heat in a suit in Melbourne. And while there were no real life jockeys, the next generation was saddling up. 2.5-year-old Jack Dye, son of legend Shane, showing he's a hope for the future. Then, as across the country, all eyes were on the race. COMMENTATOR: The champion becomes a legend. Makybe has won it. I had Makybe Diva but I boxed it and aren't I a stupid woman!

That was the greatest effort I'd ever seen. I mean like, you didn't know where the horse was until the straight. That mare saw the end of the track and went "I'm there, see you later."

Angela Bishop, Ten News. The Australian share market had a steady day.

Craig James at Commonwealth Securities. A favourite came through today - a favourite of a different kind expecting to follow on the financial markets tomorrow?

The favourite should get up

tomorrow. The Reserve Bank board

met today and it's leaning to leave

interest rate asalong tomorrow. Lit

be the eighth consecutive month

they have been left unchanged.

There may be some good news in

coming months as well. The Reserve

Bank probably won't touch interest

rates until 2006, particularly

given inflation is coming down and

the economy is trending sideways.

Stkpwhri was just drawing attention

to that oil price, that's got to be

good news for motorists? Yes, it's

wonderful you news. It's the first

time in three months the it has

been below $60 a barrel. We haven't

had any fresh hurricanes to disrupt

production. What it means for

Sydney motorists, provided the

price of oil stays at these lows,

we koupld soon be paying in the

order of $1.10 to $1.15 for oil. A breakthrough in the treatment of cancer. A Sydney hospital developing world-first technology allowing doctors to more accurately pin-point tumours. A major challenge for doctors in identifying and treating tumours is pin-pointing exactly where the growth is. But now doctors from Royal North Shore Hospital have combined two scanning methods to develop a scan that is more accurate, more detailed and is better than anything else available in the world today. The two scans complement each other. The CT scan provides a detailed map of the body's structure,

but it's difficult to see exactly where the tumours are. The SPECT scan highlights the nuclear medicine in the body,

giving a clear image of the tumour or a specific organ's condition. And by combining them the benefit of the new scan is crystal clear. Ian Hill is one of the first patients to have used the scan. We've been able to pick up more abnormalities on this scan than what we saw on his normal CT scan and the more information his treating doctors have got the more they can tailor an appropriate treatment plan for him. Mr Hill is first scanned by the CT unit, showing a structural image of the body. The GAMMA, or SPECT camera, then takes the second image, highlighting any tumours. I feel more confident that they've located what they were looking for

and hopefully we'll be dealing with it accurately and well. It cost the hospital less than $100,000 to actually combine the SPECT scanner with the CT scanner, making it a viable option for hospitals across the country. What we've done here is a cost-effective solution

which many nuclear practices and hospitals could implement. Tim Potter, Ten News. Tim Webster is back with sport and ahead how the Diva did it. Ahead - the tactical moment that surprised jockey Glen Boss. Plus, Justin Langer out of the Windies Test. And the Aussie cricketer who's won his battle of the bulge - we'll count the kilos. Also, a Manly league great's truck hit by a falling power pole. And the penalty for a fan who attempted his own Play of the Day.

..developing hybrid vehicles smooth, seamless acceleration and a quieter drive with lower emissions. With Hybrid Synergy Drive,

a whole new world is taking shape. Hybrid Synergy Drive. Ready to go. This program is captioned live. Makybe Diva's jockey Glen Boss is gradually coming to grip with his own role in racing folklore, the first hoop to win an unprecedented Melbourne Cup triple. The Sydney rider says

the greatest race of his life was also the easiest. Irish raider Vinnie Roe might have played the prima donna but this was a day for a diva. The people's favourite midfield at the final turn then the encore performance. RACE CALLER: Here's Makybe Diva. A nation roars for a hero! She's starting to wind up, 300m left to go now, Makybe Diva is racing up, Envoy is trying to go with her. They've got to Portland Singa and Lachlan River. Here comes Leica Falcon and Xcellent, but Makybe Diva clear with 100m to go. Xcellent runs to second. On a Jeune runs on, but a champion becomes a legend! On A Jeune second, New Zealand's Xcellent third, Makybe Diva defying her hefty 58kg handicap, 2.5kg more than she hauled to the post last year. Her partner in history astounded by the ease of her race. When I just split them through the middle I got there way too soon, but I'd had such a good run through the race I was on my bike, mate. They won't catch me from here. She's such a gutsy, determined mare, oh. An unprecedented third straight Melbourne Cup victory, she'll now be mentioned in the same breath as Phar Lap. Go and find the smallest child here, because that child might be the only person who'll live long enough to see something like that ever again because none of us will. The horse almost oblivious to the fuss as her owner announced this would be the Diva's swansong on the track, a new stage awaits. To ask anymore of this mare would not be fair. Leanne West, Ten News. Plenty of smiling punters, she started a $3.70 favourite in NSW. On A Jeune was the knockout horse for many trifectas at $18.60 the place. Xcellent paid $7.60 for third. The trifecta if you were lucky enough - $7,733. Opening batsman Justin Langer will miss Australia's first Test against the West Indies. Langer was ruled out with that fractured rib, paving the way for his West Aussie team-mate Mike Hussey to make his Test debut. When Mike Hussey posed for his first team photo today, it had nothing and everything to do with luck. No-one's scored more runs before playing a Test - 15,313 at 52.8 - yet it took a mate's misfortune to open the door. I guess I really feel like I had to earn it. And that's what it's all about, playing Test cricket for Australia, you do really need to earn your spot and that's why it's so prestigious and such a great honour

when you do get that chance. Fittingly, the news of his promotion was delivered by Langer. I was watching him bat in the nets and he didn't show any emotion. He was batting fine. He was hitting the ball nicely. And I was thinking, "Oh, no, this wasn't meant to happen." But at the end of his net he came over to me and said, "Look, Huss, you're in." For Langer, the pain of missing a Test match outdoes anything he's feeling from his ribs, and it would have been tempting to tell the selectors he was OK. The choice was his to make, and even though it will cost him the chance to play his 100th Test here in Australia, he opted to stand down. It feels like I've got barbed wire in my chest every time I run, and it's just, you know,

I know I won't be able to give 100% to this great team, so unfortunately I won't be able to play. That leaves the make-up of the bowling attack to be decided. It's hot and humid in Queensland, and with a cover of cloud over the Gabba conditions are conducive for swing, tailor-made for Nathan Bracken, who's now the frontrunner.

I guess for me I'm the first person with the opportunity, so I don't want to give anybody else the chance. I've got to go out and bowl well and basically work hard and hold my spot. Andrew Hamilton, Ten News. Manly Rugby League great Cliff Lyons is still counting his lucky stars after he escaped unscathed from a terrifying road accident on the Central Coast. The impact crushed the cabin of his truck. For years he evaded the toughest tacklers in rugby league. Now Cliff Lyons has slipped away from an even more formidable opponent - a termite-riddled telegraph pole crashing into his work truck on a busy stretch of the Pacific Highway at West Gosford. Working for a scaffolding business, the Manly legend on his way to a job at a former team-mate Terry Hill's Central home, when the freak accident happened.

I was actually moving, I was on the move, just going through a set of lights and saw it come out of the corner of my eye and just ducked for cover. Amazingly, Lyons usually has a colleague sitting where the pole struck. Luckily, this time, he made the trip alone. I was rattled. I took today off work and I've got tomorrow off. I went to the doctors yesterday and they gave me the all clear, so it's good. Escaping without a scratch, Lyons knowing just how fortunate he's been.

Lucky to get out of it, without a doubt. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Kangaroos coach Wayne Bennett says

Willie Mason is in contention to make his Test match comeback against Great Britain this weekend. But the half-back spot is still anyone's guess, with Scott Prince, Craig Gower and Trent Barrett all in contention. Meantime, backrower Nathan Hindmarsh says his knee is still sore, but it could handle 80 minutes of test match footy. It's gonna be interesting who he puts in the side to play GB. You know, I've put my hand up for selection and if I get selected I'll be very happy. And I don't there's always next week.

The Kangaroos team is expected to be named tonight. A reprieve for Redbacks batsman Mark Cosgrove, he's been re-instated after comfortably passing a fitness test. The 21-year-old was suspended a month ago for being too fat, but he's now been allowed to rejoin team-mates. And the former big fella is already feeling the benefits of the intensive fitness program. I feel I can bowl a bit more. I feel reaction times are a lot sharper. I just feel like a new person who's just hitting the ball well and moving really well. Cosgrove has lost five kilos and is a strong chance to be named in the Redbacks ING Cup squad to play Queensland on Friday. An American football fan faces a stint in jail

after taking his enthusiasm for the game a little too far. An embarrassed Gregory Gall fronted court today over his uninvited stint as a guest player for the Cincinnati Bengals. He snatched the ball from Green Bay's star quarterback Brett Favre

and sprinted off towards the line. But this would-be football hero didn't get the touchdown he wanted although he did manage to fend off two security guards before he was crash-tackled by another and arrested. Gall not only sore from the big hit, he's facing the added pain of 30 days in jail. And coming up on Sports Tonight with Leigh Diffey we'll catch up with the Wallabies ahead of their European tour opener,

we'll catch up with the Wallabies ahead of their European tour opener, we'll find out who's a hot favourite for the NBL Rookie of the Year award, and we'll follow the celebrations for the amazing Makybe Diva.

After a feed and a wash Makybe Diva

will probably be asleep. She needs

a good lie down. Vic, how were the

a good lie down. Vic, how were the punters leaving today? It looks

like most of them are probably not

leaving at this stage. We're over

leaving at this stage. We're over Randwick. Take a look at the crowds.

Randwick. Take a look at the crowds. Still currently down there enjoying

Still currently down there enjoying the afternoon and currently on the

roads, as we will zoom that traffic

camera up, we know Frank's doin

there somewhere. We've got traffic

on the Anzac Parade at a stand

still. Unfortunately there is a

police operation up ahead and

police operation up ahead and that's what's building the traffic

that's what's building the traffic up. All the major roads out of

Randwick are chaotic as party goers try to head home. Frank Coletta joins us from Royal Randwick with tomorrow's weather next. This cockroach is dead, but what about the germs they carry? Only Baygon Germkill kills cockroaches and has the antibacterial power to kill the germs they carry. Now, that's the whole story. New Baygon Germkill. Also available in flyspray.

Time to check all the weather

Time to check all the weather details flou. In fact the love

shack is playing out there quite

shack is playing out there quite

shack is playing out there quite loudly behind him. Frank, it

started out a bit of misery today

and the forecast wasn't great but

it turned into a magnificent

afternoon. Very lucky, some people

on the punt but we were lucky with

the weather. It was a bit of a

the weather. It was a bit of a foggy start and I bet it's going to

foggy start and I bet it's going to be a foggy finish judging by the

be a foggy finish judging by the people behind me. We had a few

people behind me. We had a few

people behind me. We had a few showers but only around 4mm in the

end. Here at Randwick it stayed

bone dry and kept everyone quite

happy. They're very happy at the

moment. Let's take a look at the current conditions.

Cloud is forming along the NSW

ranges and that's bringing humid

nort easterly winds causing heavy

nort easterly winds causing heavy showers an storm. A cloud band

across SA and bringing light rain.

across SA and bringing light rain. Onshore winds on the east coast

will cause a few showers. Hot

will cause a few showers. Hot northerly winds will freshen over northerly winds will freshen over

northerly winds will freshen over NSW, Vic and Tasmania. A trough

will generate a cooler change

will generate a cooler change across South aust. Isolated shower

and storms in eastern and southern

and storms in eastern and southern NSW, showers and storms in

Victoria South Australia and Tasmani

Victoria South Australia and Tasmani Victoria South Australia and Tasmani A develople low will maintain

strong showery winds in southern SA

strong showery winds in southern SA and also Tasmania. Moist onshore

winds on the Queensland coast will

bring further showers. Now, for

anyone who has the energy left, Big

Toy is in action here. About 40,000

Toy is in action here. About 40,000 hardy souls have turned up and not

many have left. I think they all

many have left. I think they all backed Makybe Diva. They're all

going to have a great evening. Let's go interstate.

It's certainly been a big one here

at Royal Randwick, the weather has

held off, a few people have backed

a win, the great mare won, I hope

you backed a winner. Have a great night. It may be the race that stops the nation, but Cup fever has also taken hold in Iraq. Australian troops in Al Muthanna have taken some time out for a flutter. Half a dozen please. Half a dozen! OK. The Cup was a welcome distraction for the troops, many of whom have just started a 6-month tour of duty. That's the 5:00 news. I'm Ron Wilson, goodnight. And I'm Jessica Rowe. We'll have the Late News at 10:30, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.