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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. under investigation Another Labor Party figure as a government sex scandal deepens. rethinks his war strategy The US President to mend political fences. as he begins And queuing in cold - chance to see the Irish superstars. hard-core U2 fans camp out for the Ten News with Natarsha Belling. that's rocked the NSW Labor Party But first, the child sex scandal appears to be deepening this morning, under investigation. with yet another party official Paul Mullins Ten's state political reporter is following the developments. Paul, what can you tell us?

Oath late last night police issued

a statement saying they reopened an

investigation into allegations of

sexual assault involving a 62 year-

old man in the Newcastle area.

According to the full lays According to the full lays the

original case was Cuttack because

of lack of evidence. We do not mow

the agency of the 62 old men at

this stage. He has links to the a

LP in the Newcastle area. There has

been allayed some MPs knew about the allegations against

the allegations against Milton for

18 years. Those allegations are

coming from the father of the

alleged victim. The father

allegedly contacted one official in

Newcastle area and expected him to

pass the information on to the

police but be heard no more from

the police. This is an issue that

the opposition is honing in on today.

today. If the opposition leader

says it has the smell of a cover-up. says it has the smell of a cover-up.

With the election in the new Savoys

months away, the opposition must

think that their Christmas has come

early. The coalition is now in the

race. One of the problems for the race. One of the problems for the

government is Milton will be

appearing in court again at the end

of January and that is when the

March election campaign gets

underway in full swing. has put his own job on the line And in Western Australia the Premier from a phone tap scandal. in a bid to help Labor recover The Government was left reeling of a secret hotline after sensational revelations former premier Brian Burke. between a minister and disgraced

it can't have Brian Burke. If the Labor Party wants me, In an extraordinary ultimatum, put his career on the line Premier Alan Carpenter of Brian Burke once and for all. trying to purge the ALP by hundreds of secret phone calls Labor in WA has been rocked and a government minister between the disgraced former premier from government appointments where everything were discussed. to parliamentary responses

that through the Minister's eyes, Wednesday's CCC revelations showing also full of remorse. The sacked minister I've betrayed the Labor Party and Alan Carpenter is a great leader full support of the Labor Party. who deserves to have the Now, the Premier wants to move on reinstituting a ban the former premier-turned-lobbiest. on any minister having contact with

or wallow in the past. We can either go forward he can't escape that easily. But the Opposition claims

It was Alan Carpenter in appointing Norm Marlborough and his poor judgment back into the fold. that allowed Brian Burke

resuming next month, With corruption probe hearings there could be more scandal. the Opposition warns have been tarnished? How many other ministers with Brian Burke? How many had contact documents released to Brian Burke? Have there been confidential Cabinet Rob Newton, Ten News. American President George W. Bush with the Democrats has begun mending fences at the polls. after his party's thumping defeat about the war in Iraq. He also says he's open to ideas

Leisa Goddard-Roles joins me live. Ten's US bureau chief Leisa, a humbled President with the Democrats, hasn't he? has literally had to break bread

He certainly has. He had a power

lunch for some other lenders

including the woman who will become

the new Speaker of the house. If

she says she offered hand of

friendship to the President. He

meeting. said it was a very constructive said it was a very constructive

and the congresswoman's party won The elections are now behind us but the challenges still remain

we're going to work together and therefore, in a constructive way. to address those challenges We won't agree on every issue that we love America equally. but we do agree

There is no love lost between these

two. If she is described term as a

dangerous flyer and he has

liberal. described her as a dangerous

liberal. He convened his cabinet

and Alan Porter Hugo war has the story. in the US mid-term elections, Following a thumping defeat

A humbled President Bush says with newly-elected Democrats he's looking forward to working that's rattled his regime. on the issue Whatever party we come from to ensure that these forces we all have the responsibility they need to prevail. have the resources and support that will help us achieve our goals I'm open to any idea or suggestion defeating the terrorists. from the team photo, One notable omission Donald Rumsfeld former US defence secretary a complicated battleground. who concedes Iraq has become The first war of the 21st century. Little understood, unfamiliar war. His parting words for people across Iraq little consolation

sectarian violence than ever before. who are witnessing more

In Pakistan, sparked street celebrations. Mr Rumsfeld's resignation changes at the White House They're hoping in the Middle East. will welcome a new era of peace

But according to John Howard

will have little effect the mid-term elections in Iraq. on the longtime strategy

in which their tactics change, Although they are looking for ways

is not going to change. their strategy

A few hours ago the last Republican

conceive of and that means the

Senate. Democrats have full control of the

a time and place for everything The Bible teaches us that there's congratulated Jim Webb and his team and today, I've called and

for their victory.

With both the Senate and House of

Representatives now, the Democrats

have full control of the US Con grace. The states are banding together al-Qa'ida suspect David Hicks. to urge faster justice for Australian

State and Territory attorney-generals are meeting in Fremantle today with Hicks topping their agenda. Ten political reporter Greg Turnbull joins me now. Hicks's lawyer Michael Mori will be there today but this meeting is missing a key player.

Yes. That

Yes. That is the federal attorney

general and he will not be there.

This is part - Muckle Mori is

continuing a crusade.

continuing a crusade. The he was

asked if defence a Hicks NT has

taking tours with the zeal. He will

urge them to raise the clamour and

Australia against the in castration

of Hex without trial. What has John Howard been

Howard been saying? He was on radio

in Melbourne this morning and he

gave of defence of the Israeli Government's position. I do not support him being brought back to Australia

until he has faced a trial in the United States. We have constantly pushed the Americans, and I will do so again, to give him a speedy trial. It was held up because of the appeal, in part supported by him and his legal advisors.

ANNOUNCER: How long has he been in custody? He's been in custody for five years. And guilty of nothing. Well, we don't know that either way, do we. Alright, convicted of nothing. No, he's been convicted of nothing. Yet he's done five years in jail. Yes, that's true. I am not happy about the time it has taken

but people should understand that if he is brought back to Australia he can't be tried for these offences because they were not offences under Australian law at the time they are alleged to have taken place.

There is a view disputed by

nationals Barnaby Joyce who said

this morning he thinks cheques

should be given a farce of

should be given a farce of child

faster trial. They are trying to

get something done for a man who

was jailed for five years. Two fishermen are lucky to be alive after their boat capsized south of Melbourne. The pair ran into trouble at about 6:00 last night, when their fibreglass boat overturned.

One man managed to swim to safety, launching a full-scale rescue effort to save his mate. There were knocking noises coming from under the hull so we knew that there was someone alive underneath. One of the fishermen was taken to hospital suffering hypothermia. The low-down on low carb diets - researchers reveal the best way to stick to them and make them work. That story when the morning news returns. And getting a jump on his Christmas shopping - one of Santa's helpers ends up a bit off course.

This program is captioned live.

Fury is spreading through the Arab world

following the Israeli attack that killed 18 members of one family in Gaza. Led by ambulances with sirens wailing, tens of thousands of grieving Palestinians poured into the streets to bury the victims. Screaming for revenge against Israel and America, the mourners carried the bodies past the shelled apartments, ahead of funeral prayers and burial.

People across Germany have joined in sombre reflection on the 68th anniversary of Kristallnacht - the night Nazi's destroyed thousands of Jewish synagogues, businesses and homes. But more than 60 years on from Hitler's death and politicians are warning neo-Nazis are making a terrifying return. For Germany's Jews a sign of revival -

a new synagogue in Munich, replacing one destroyed by Adolf Hitler.

A great celebration, but it's been clouded by the revival of the far right.

Neo-Nazis parading through the capital. No swastikas, no Hitler salutes but they openly call themselves National Socialists and they are gaining support.

In some parts of Eastern Germany, where unemployment is high, this party won more than 70% of the vote in recent elections. TRANSLATION: When we are in power every German will have a job. We will put an end to globalization and foreign infiltration. Then Germans will have a future. And listen to these lyrics.

"I'm a Nazi in my heart and my soul," he sings, "and I will be forever." It's a Nazi rock concert in the heart of Berlin. Nazi ideology didn't disappear in Germany with the death of Adolf Hitler more than 60 years ago. It still has supporters but now German politicians and police are warning that right wing extremist groups are gaining in confidence and strength.

And growing more violent. Across Germany there's been an explosion of neo-Nazi brutality. In two years the number of attacks by right wing extremists has jumped by 50%. This man was attacked by 15 neo-Nazis as they piled out of a tram.

They started to hit me on the head, to kick me, to kick my head several times with five or six shoes. I could not recognise my face. The attackers were jailed but the victim expects more violence. The danger is people are killed because they have black skin colour, because they are Jews, or something.

That is a problem. But this man proves there is hope. Once a committed neo-Nazi with a Hitler moustache,

he has now rejected the far right. It is not only a German problem, it is a European problem because you have movements like this in every European country An ideology of evil which is refusing to pass into history. A British paedophile, who used the internet to prey on schoolgirls on both sides of the Atlantic,

has been jailed for 10 years. Adrian Ringland used advanced software to take control of young girls' computers, then terrorised them into sending him indecent pictures. and innocent teenager He pretended to be an attractive a 36-year-old father of two. but this man was actually he logged on to chat rooms From his house, and gained the trust of youngsters

he'd hack into their computers once he had their email addresses,

programs seen by police. using some of the most advanced by taking control of their computers. He would then terrorise his victims weren't even touching the mouse, He'd move the cursor around when they switch on printers, he'd open programs and files, and close the CD-Rom tray, he could even open

with his tricks, and once he'd scared them into stripping he'd blackmail his victims and sending explicit pictures of themselves.

One girl told police the control he had over her computer was something out of the science fiction film 'Matrix'. Another described her ordeal to police as "internet rape". I have not seen that level of sophistication here they use programming to take control of a child's computer and that's obviously the factor that's been significant here. From his computer in Ilkeston, he harassed a girl thousands of miles away

in Canada's Manitoba province. who eventually traced him Her family contacted the police there and he was arrested. However, he didn't stop there

for these matters, he carried on because whilst on bail

in an internet chat room luring a 13-year-old girl

a four month sexual relationship. and this culminated in them having as he was sentenced today in London. He remained impassive as disgusting and abusive. His crimes described by the judge in the jungles of Borneo A major rescue is under way to save hundreds of orang-utans. are being driven from the jungles Dozens of the endangered apes

by land clearing and fires.

almost 50 of the animals Conservationists have taken to a refuge for medical checks, before relocating them to safer regions. They're demanding the Indonesian Government

stamp out the illegal forest clearing to protect the orang-utans. A concerning new study predicts

the world's ocean fish stocks could be wiped out within 40 years. With the growing demand for healthy eating,

restaurateurs are now turning to fish farmers for their supplies. Today's catch comes from the ocean, but tomorrow's may not. in the journal 'Science' warns A new study are rapidly running out of fish. oceans around the world The culprit - over-fishing. of species quite literally Eventually, we're going to run out

within our lifetime. and this could happen What some people may not know doesn't come from the ocean, is that half the fish we eat fish farms. but from an actual farm, Isn't that a beautiful fish? 250,000 trout a year. This man raises and sells restaurants and your dinner table, Fish that make it to grocery stores,

is called aquaculture. this booming business are going down and down and down The ocean fish and to supplement that, you've got to have farm fish and this is where everything starts right here. There are 44,000 eggs in this tray alone. Once the eggs hatch, they're moved to holding tanks where in less than two years, they become full-grown fish ready to be sold...

And then I get into the cooler. customers like this executive chef. I come here, I pick out my fish and I bring it back, it's alive and it's as fresh as it gets. It's also accessible. about half the cost of wild fish The price is right, and she likes the taste. So do customers.

OK. Oh, that looks good. It's controlled, about pollution you don't have to worry farm, so it's inspected and everything is controlled on the and it tastes great. But is it good for you? with the exception of salmon. Most species are considered safe farm-raised salmon Some studies have shown chemicals than wild salmon. have more potentially cancer-causing Still, experts say the benefits of eating fish, farmed or not,

far outweigh the risk. The articles are telling you to eat more fish, eat more fish and I think it's starting to click. More and more, people are getting hooked on the idea. After years of debate over low-carb, high protein diets, doctors remain divided over their health benefits. But Harvard University researchers in the US have concluded low-carb diets are not necessarily bad for your heart

as long as you eat the right type of fats. To carb, or not to carb for this woman. has always been the question from carbohydrates As a diabetic, she knows to stay away high blood pressure but she suffers from and wants to avoid the fats as well. Things that taste good, there when you know you shouldn't. you still have a tendency to go 'New England Journal of Medicine' Now a 20-year long study in the

of 82,000 women

and high in fats and proteins finds diets low in carbs for heart problems. don't always put women at risk from the types of fats they ate. It seems the benefits came risk of coronary heart disease We found there was a 30% reduced among women who closely followed the vegetable-based low carbohydrate. Those are fats from:

The good fats, fats found in non-animal products not the steak and bacon often associated with high protein diets. But still, many consumers wonder what's the best plan?

Follow the current, national, nutritional recommendations. They recommend lowering your saturated and trans-fat, eating a diet that's high in vegetables, fruits and whole grains

those are carbohydrates, but they're the good carbohydrates and watching your weight. If you do opt for a low-carb diet, the right carbs. it's important to eat Cut out the white breads and cookies. Go for it! alcohol consumption Factors like exercise, smoking, and family heart history, all play roles on our heart health. based purely on a questionnaire Some researchers feel this study doesn't really address those issues

a balanced diet. and that people should stick to has hit the stores a little early. One of Santa's reindeers racing into an Iowa Target store. Security cameras caught the deer watched Stunned shoppers and employees as it ran up and down the aisles, losing control near the cosmetics. After 20 minutes the deer finally found its own way out - the same way it came in - through an open door. Creating your own green power -

the simple steps to make conventional energy go further, that story next. And how many snakes can you fit in your mouth -

the extraordinary measures being taken

to get into the 'Guinness Book of Records'.

This program is captioned live. that's rocked the NSW ALP The child sex scandal

appears to be deepening this morning under investigation. with yet another party official denies there was a cover up It comes as Mr Iemma of Milton Orkopoulos. over the sacking American President George W. Bush with the Democrats has begun mending fences at the polls. after his party's thumping defeat

about the war in Iraq. He also says he's open to ideas in Sydney tonight, And U2 will burst on to the stage to be held at Telstra Stadium. the first of three concerts are already queuing outside. Diehard fans even camping out for three days. One couple The nation's attorney-generals are meeting in Perth today and they've joined demands for the Government to secure Australian terror suspect David Hicks a fair trial

or bring him home.

Ten News reporter Nick Way is there. Nick, this is pretty powerful freedom call?

It is. This group has called on the

Prime Minister and accuse him of

abandoning link and an Australian citizen.

citizen. This is a watershed day

for David Hicks and his family

because behind the there are a

protest is behind me. They are

meeting for their quarterly meeting

today but they will sign a

declaration called the free

trial, declaration. It calls for a fair declaration. It calls for a fair

trial, proper evidence procedures

and took up hold the Geneva

Convention. They will sign that

today and present that to John

Howard. Philip Ruddock will not

attend this meeting but what is his

position? His position as to be

extremely unhappy with this. He has

extremely unhappy with this. He has

arrived here 30 minutes ago but

that is for a short meeting with

the Governor General. He will not

be attending the obituaries by

eight Major General Mori. Philip

Ruddock will not be attending that

meeting. He has made it clear that

he does not approve of the Fremantle's

Fremantle's Declaration and it is

unlikely he will sign it. He says

it is inappropriate for him to go

to major Rory's address this to major Rory's address this

morning. Beer is lies at the end of

the tunnel. If this is part of a

watershed shift in the a Australian

feeling about David Hicks for the first time.

first time. Philip Ruddock has

agreed to meet with a Hicks father

in Adelaide next week. It seems to

be in error of hope dawning for the

quite Guantanamo Bay. Hicks family after five years in

In finance news, is trading in positive territory the Australian share market

Australia is close to cracking most lucrative and protected markets. one of the world's have long criticised Japan Australian farmers its own agricultural sector for shielding with high tariffs. But that could be about to change, a free trade pact with Canberra. with Tokyo reportedly ready to sign

The Prime Minister will raise the issue at APEC in Vietnam next week. More and more Australians are taking a personal approach to helping the environment by producing their own green power. And there are simple steps to make conventional power go a lot further. 81-year-old John Smith has seen some changes in his time, but he reckons it's time we all made the change to green power.

Well, it's the environment, too, I think you've got to be interested in it. Somebody's going to have to live here for a long time. The former farmer produces his own solar power and even trades with the main electricity grid. He's loving the savings on his bills.

Nearly $500 before and it's come down to $160.

He's not the only one taking a personal approach to using green power. 20% increase in sales just for grid tie systems in the last six months. Solar is the best alternative power supply in our sunburnt country, but setting up isn't cheap. A reasonably priced system may well be about $20,000 and that's usually enough to supply an efficient home with all the power they need.

Other simple devices can also drastically reduce power usage. North facing and good insulation, you get an efficient building that's cheap to run, environmentally sustainable and quite possibly the way of the future. Of course, the sun isn't the only way to produce electricity. There's also a growing focus on harnessing the power of wind and water. Personal wind turbines can produce enough power

for the average Australian home, but are only suitable if you have a constant wind supply. Water generators need a strong constant flow or steep countryside to be viable. Either way there are choices available to those keen to be green. Andrew Leahy, Ten News. Now national weather for the rest of the day:

It's really just a full moon,

but officially it's being called Guinness World Records Day. Among the odd attempts is this New Zealand contribution, called Zorbing. It comes in two classes - the longest ride and the fastest. Or how about the most rattle snakes you can hold in your mouth at once?

Then there's the rather tame record for the tallest house of cards. Or how about the most blocks smashed in a single judo chop? The French naturally went for the most people kissing while Kathie Junge didn't have to do anything, she just has the world's smallest waist. It's down to the final three in 'Australian Idol'. For what's in store this weekend we talk to the show's Mr Music,

John Foreman, when the Morning News returns.

This program is captioned live. Well, there's just three weeks left in the race to see who'll become this year's 'Australian Idol'.

For all the inside gossip we're joined in the studio by the show's Mr Music, John Foreman. John, first of all, we saw Chris leave last week, This

This year in particular the

diversity of musical talent has

been quite outstanding. If to have

everyone from the three we have

left, that has made it challenging

but also rewarding from a musical

director's point of view and from

the bans point of view. We play a

lot of different styles. It has

lot of different styles. It has

been great fun for all of us. Today

Australia made the right decision?

Nothing surprises me any more on

the Australian idol. This year we

have got an used to the idea of

things being highly predictable -

unpredictable. A lot of dignity

unpredictable. A lot of dignity and

here is a great performer and he

has a great future ahead of them.

His ability and performance ability

and a Shirley and idol has been

able to unearth the fantastic

talent a much earlier. I have found

it fascinating was the favourite as tending

tending to be at the bottom for a

number of weeks. When someone is

deemed to be a favourite, voters

think he is so if and he/she is

safe if so I've don't believe to

vote this week. Apathy is us is to create him.

create him. We see this year after

a year. Sometimes ate their

performance can result in higher

votes because people think that

they're in trouble - the sympathy

vote. People are often boating to

save people instead of voting for the

the people who should worm. The

final three - how do you feel about

that mix of the moment? Adversity

of talent among those three. Jessica that is an outstanding

vocalists, very natural performer.

I spoke to her the other

I spoke to her the other lies and

she has original songs we have not

heard yet. Damian dish very

talented performer and has a great

vocal range. He has a broad range

of audience they enjoy his work. He

has a great broad demographic

appeal. Team -

appeal. Team - he great the singer-

songwriter. He is a talented person.

He has had a lot of attention

because of his appearance but

underneath all that he is a great

musician. Very talented and very

different performers. This week is

a big week because the difference

between top three and top to his enormous.

enormous. If there is pressure

riding in the next couple of days.

We always talk about Palm portance

of choices are. We're putting the

judges to the test of by choosing

the solace. G thinking is feeling

the pressure? A thing or three contestants a

contestants a feeling of pressure.

At this point in the competition,

the fear of going out of his great

for all three of these people. It

is the difference between walking

up the opera-house as a finalist or

walking up there as one of the team.

To get this far and not make it to the next stage is

the next stage is very difficult

for anybody. There's a lot of money

riding on a have is this week. The

have a new show as well howlers

that going? This is going very well.

We're having a ball. We had Chris

and last night and he performed

last night we had gone lame as well. It

It has been great to welcome people

like Don laying back to television.

Keith we had kicked courageous on

the shirt last night. We think that

live music deserves a place on

television and we are thrilled

their Channel Ten has given us that

opportunity late at

opportunity late at night he to

rock people and keep them awake

after the late night news on a

Thursday. We want to keep them away

for an hour longer until hot dogs comes on.

One of the theatre world's worst kept secrets - news that Academy Award-winner Cate Blanchett and writer husband Andrew Upton will take over from outgoing artistic director Robyn Nevin at Australia's premier theatre company from the beginning of 2008. A short time ago the trio held a media conference to formalise the announcement.

The existence of the role of this

company it is an Absalom look firm commitment.

commitment. We have not made this

decision lightly. As artistic

directors I think there is a three-

month slot than a year. Sometimes I

may take that up but my primary

responsibility is to co-manager and

lays the company but whilst also

maintaining my own engagement as an

maintaining my own engagement as an

artist and we have not begun yet

end as and when those situations

come up, I wore CUC consider if come up, I wore CUC consider if

they loamy a way from what is

probably the most exciting thing

that has happened for us. With an aim

aim to make the building self-

sufficient. We're talking solar

panels, rainwater the works. This

would ideally with such a mess of

solar panels, generate enough

player power. This is the first

theatre company in the world to do that.

that. What advice do you have? You

have caught me completely have caught me completely

unprepared. Maintain your health

and sense of humour and trust your

instincts. I think both engine and

myself at practitioners who like a

challenge and that galvanised

challenge and that galvanised by a

challenge at and I think that when

opportunities arise for an actor

and a writer, it will be foolish

not to take those opportunities up. U2 will burst on to the stage in Sydney tonight, the first of three concerts to be held at Telstra Stadium. Diehard fans are already queuing outside, one couple even camping out for three days. Being a U2 fan isn't always easy.

First you have to wait nearly nine years for an Australian tour which is then postponed for eight months. And to top it all off, you have to queue three days in the cold. We've been here since about 1:30 Wednesday afternoon. And how's the weather been? It was terrible yesterday. Fresh, very fresh. But this group of Sydneysiders wouldn't have it any other way. Welcome to Sydney, boys. Long overdue.

It's about bloody time! Keen as. Wouldn't be camping here otherwise. Everyone's here for the same reason. Sort of uniting I guess. With sleeping bags and a couple of pool floaties, it's a home away from home. Welcome to cardboard city. Add to that some bad singers and front row in the standing area is well worth the wait.

Thankfully, the real rock stars hit the stage in Sydney tonight. And if the opening show in Brisbane is anything to go by, fans are in for a visual feast.

Bono and the boys head to Adelaide next, before two final shows in Melbourne.

Kate Donnison, Ten News. Ahead - a notorious European vacation over for the AFL's leading goal kicker, that's when Ten's morning news returns. Also, England's skipper takes the first wicket of the Ashes Tour.

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So call now on: Yeah! This program is captioned live. Brendan Fevola's notorious European vacation has finally come to an end with the Coleman Medallist arriving home last night. A remorseful Fevola apologising for the drunken incident that saw him expelled from the Australian side.

After a trip marred by controversy Brendan Fevola has finally emerged from hiding, touching down in Melbourne, two weeks after his infamous pub brawl in Ireland. I didn't get to represent my country It's probably the one thing that our players don't get to do that often. I blew that opportunity which is shattering for me. The Carlton full forward full of regret for his run-in with an Irish barman during a drunken night in Galway that earned him an official warning from Irish police.

Just like to sincerely apologise for my actions in Ireland. I broke the rules. I'd especially like to apologise to the AFL.

I'm over there representing the country and I disappointed the boys, especially the coaching staff and the supporters back here. While the 25-year-old is keen to put the incident behind him, he's be back at Carlton this morning for perseason training

and to face the music. What we will be doing is sitting down with Brendan and discussing how we can support him and assist him in going forward.

Ian Cohen, Ten News. John Howard has officially launched this years Ashes tour in Canberra. England starting their campaign with a one-dayer against the Prime Minister's XI. Last night,

The magic catch from the keeper. Last night the England squad

Last night the England squad warmly

received in Canberra. This is the

most eagerly anticipated sporting

contest than Canberra's history and

the 22 years there I had been

coming here? Yes. We're expecting a

few supporters over Christmas. All-

few supporters over Christmas. All- rounder scab If we can restrict him and put him under pressure right through the series, then hopefully a few of their other players

might start feeling that pressure as well, and if we can start taking more than one player down,

it will give us a great chance of winning. On the streets of Mumbai, locals parading a green and gold donkey bearing Damien Martyn's name, an effigy of an Australian player as its jockey. The Martyn hate campaign in full swing the head of Indian cricket after he herded winners dais. off the Champions Trophy It's not a good look

the first time or the second time. and I didn't like seeing it a pink grip during each Test match And Matthew Hayden will use to create awareness of breast cancer. donating $20 for every run he scores His bat sponsor Gray Nicholls towards finding a cure. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. A-League leaders Melbourne their 10th win of the season, have recorded

1-nil over Perth Glory, on the edge of their seats. leaving fans at the Telstra Dome

With just two minutes remaining, midfielder Grant Brebner unleashed a superb shot. The Scotman's first A-League goal, enough to secure the three points. Victory now hold a 12-point lead over Adelaide at the top of the table, while Glory remains second from the bottom. Big plans for Miss Finland, the first filly to win the Golden Slipper VRC Oaks Double.

The new queen of the turf handing trainer David Hayes his first Oaks success and in brilliant fashion. Meantime, jockey Kerrin McEvoy spent the night in hospital in race one. after this sickening fall bleeding on the brain, McEvoy suffered

and a cracked vertebra a bruised temple but remains in a stable condition. has upstaged an all star field Golf, and India's Jyoti Randhawa

Tournament in Shanghai. in round one of the Champions Randhawa fired a course record 65 US open champion Michael Campbell, and sits one shot clear of former Youg-eun Yang and Mark Warren at the scenic 16th. who's putter was running hot

failed to fire. World number one Tiger Woods He's 7 shots back after an even 72. when the morning news returns. The weekend weather details

This program is captioned live. The child sex scandal that's rocked the NSW ALP appears to be deepening this morning with yet another party official under investigation. It comes as Mr Iemma denies there was a cover up over the sacking of Milton Orkopoulos. American President George W. Bush has begun mending fences with the Democrats after his party's thumping defeat at the polls.

He also says he's open to ideas about the war in Iraq. in Sydney tonight, And U2 will burst on to the stage to be held at Telstra Stadium. the first of three concerts are already queuing outside, Diehard fans even camping out for three days. one couple for the rest of the day: Now to the national weather

up to date with all the news. That brings you for updates throughout the day Stay with Ten

in Ten's news hour tonight. and the full details I'm Natarsha Belling, good morning. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions