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Tonight - the Rinehart family

secrets laid bare. We can tell you

what is tearing this family Party.

Help at last for the brave souls

that Sydney forgot, rescued from a

life of squalor. Very distressed,

complaining to everybody I could

think of. A crazed US soldier opens

fire on the people he was supposed to protect.

And almost a hundred years of

Sydney Harbour history scuttled by

neglect. We've been trying to keep

months. it afloat for the last two or three

Good evening. I'm Bill Woods. Good

evening, I'm Sandra Sully. Also

tonight, brother against brother.

How gay marriage is dividing one of

Australian politics. the biggest family names in

And nature at its brutal best -

we'll get as close as we possibly

can to this shark frenzy.

But tonight, for the first time,

Ten News can reveal the details of

secret court papers in the dispute

between billionaire Gina Rinehart

and her children over their family

trust. We also learned today that

senior federal politicians tried in

vein to help settle this dispute.

Ten's Ellie Southwood has those court

court files. You are holding quite

a bundle. What's in them There

certainly is quite a lot in here.

They came through an hour and a half

half ago. I've done my best to have

a look through them in the time I

had. The interesting parts are the

email chains between Gina Rinehart

and her children. It gives you a

rare insight into one of

Australia's most private families.

Gina Rinehart has four children.

One is with her, three are against

her. And they want her removed as

the trustee of the family trust.

It's worth millions, and the

children were due to get their

inheritance late last year, when

the youngest, Ginia, turned 25. But

one business day before their pay

day, Gina Rinehart wrote to her

children telling them to sign a

document to change the vesting date

because they faced a $100 million

tax bill each which would send them

all bankrupt. Mrs Rinehart wrote:

Gina Rinehart also wanted to

continue controlling the trust, but

instead three of her children

launched legal action, claiming

misconduct. what she did amounted to serious

Hope wrote back: In an email shown to the court,

Gina then replied:

Even politicians wrote to the

children. Alby Shultz, the Federal

Member for human told Hope she was

seen in the media as too spoilt,

greedy and unappreciative.

Ginia, who sided with her mother,

continues to call for privacy by

releasing public statements. Today,

she added, "This case has been

nothing but a destructive display

sense of greed, jealousy and a selfish

sense of entitlement on behalf of

my siblings." Further to all of

this, for the first time, Hope

Rinehart-Welker broke her silence.

In a public statement she said,

"I'm deeply saddened by the

statement made by my sister" -

Ginia - "we have been close our

entire loves. She is being used by

our mother. It is deplorable that

we are subject to such a vitriolic

over yet. attack." This ugly dispute is not

To breaking news, and police have

revealed the state's most wanted

man, Malcolm Naden, is now rearmed. Strike Force detectives have

confirmed he is in possession of a

0.22 calibre semi-automatic rifle

and has ammunition. The firearm was

recently stolen from a property in

the state's north, loopg with food

and clothing. Residents in

Gloucester and Nowendoc are urged

to be vigilant about their home

under any circumstances. security and not to approach Naden

To a story that is sure to shock.

The appalling conditions that Sydney's most vulnerable residents

are being forced to endure. Ten

News has been given exclusive

access to the government facility

that has just been shut down

because it made the politician in

charge of it physically sick.

This is Mark and Michael. Life has

dealt both a rough hand. But they

are lucky. This dark, dinghy hall

is just a taste of the government-

run institutions still operating as

disabled accommodation. Sterile and

forgotten existence in a hidden

backlot in Westmead. This is the

shared male bathroom. The putrid

nature of the facility - you know,

it made me want to throw up. And

the cramped, cell-like rooms. No

privacy. No nothing.

Housing anyone in these conditions

is technically illegal, worse than

our jails, claims the minister. He

has ordered two of the most the

dismal facilitys at Westmead and

ridele mere to be closed. Almost

350 people will eventually be

upgraded to upgraded -- removed

upgraded to other housing. It is a

three-year transition period. At a

cost of $160 million. 1,500 people

statewide are still living in these

rundown facilitys. Despite the move

to better premises, it is expected

affected to be a turbulent period for

affected families. They will be

anxious on various points. For most,

this has been home all their lives.

I think if the community was aware

of what has gone on here, and what

horrified. is continuing to go on, they'd be

The redevelopment process should be

complete in the coming four years.

Well, the water may be gone or

going, but the rage remains. A

billion dollar class action has

been considered by flood-stricken

farmers and residents in Griffith,

who blame man-made interference for causing super-floods.

Raymond Zahra grows fruit for the Sydney

Sydney market. He is battling what

he says is the crippling result of

irrigation channels delivering a

flood. The emotion of that is still

raw. Three of us are suffering,

lost a lot of fruit. We stayed here

from the beginning to the end, the

whole family. We fought it. His

neighbour, Paul Rosetto, remains

hopeful some of his trees will

survive. But he and another 300

farmers are angry, believing man- normal made irrigation channels made

normal flooding much worse.

And they're planning a billion-

dollar class action against

Murrumbidgee Irrigation. Did MI

create a super flood? They blame

tonnes of banked dirt put in place

for the past eight years for

causing the water to overflow the

canals. Water came in the township

of Yenda from three different

directions, made worse by floodwaters

floodwaters from nearby ranges

being released into already flooded

canals. I'm taking the legal action

is - I feel sorry for the people of

Wagga the township of Yenda. In north

Wagga Wagga, residents have begun

the cleaning up, but it is only half

the battle. Kate O'Sullivan thought

she was insured but is not. Even if

you have an income, how do you

replace everything quickly? It is a

big impact for people. Evacuation

orders are still in place for

Darling Point, Narrandera and Yenda.

Around 4,500 people remain homeless.

Coalition forces in Afghanistan are

on high alert after a maverick

American soldier went on a shooting

spree, killing 16 civilians. They

fear a violent backlash, despite US

vows to bring the killer to justice.

In a charred room, American shell

casings, from bullets used to kill

16 Afghan civilians. The dead were

in three homes, four men, three women

women and nine children.

Their bodies piled under blankets

in the back of vans. TRANSLATION:

They killed a child who was two

years old. Was this child Taliban?

Belief me, I have not seen a 2-

year-old Taliban member yet. It

happened at 3am. Some witnesses

claim there were multiple gunmen,

but NATO says its sole suspect is a

staff sergeant who left his base in

the dead of night. He is now in US

custody. The investigation into

this case, his reasons, have

started. Grief is quickly turning

to anger. We deplore any attack by

a member of the US armed forces

against innocent civilians.

President Barack Obama phoned his

Afghan counterpart expressing shock and

and sadness. Of course, an incident

like this is a truly distressing

one. But it is not going to

distract us from our purpose in

Afghanistan. Anti-US sentiment grew

last month when US troops burnt

copies of the Koran. Several

soldiers were shot dead as

retribution. The fellow that killed

the Afghan civilians has given a

free kick to the Taliban. As the US

in Afghanistan plot their

transition for the future,

relations have hit a deadly new low. An

An anti-same-sex marriage ad from

the political party founded by

colourful Queensland MP Bob Katter

has sparked outrage from the gay

and wider community. His openly gay

half-brother is leading the charge,

saying thep ad is grubby.

As the Queensland election battle

amps up, Katter's Australian Party

has taken a swipe at the Liberal National

National leader. It is a vote for

gay marriage. The ad sparked

outrage among the gay community,

including Bob Katter's half-brother,

Carl. It is home phobia, pathetic.

The party sounded says he respects

Carl's view but remains

unapologetic. I cannot see how

anyone could get stirred up about

it. Parents and friends of lesbians

and gays have labelled the ad a

desperate ploy. Think he was being

like a child, not getting any

attention. It is tawdry, it is

gross, it is icky. The party has

received abusive phone calls and

messages but has no plans to pull the

the ad. I'm not too sure whether

they are offended. It is repeating

a statement made by the LNP leader.

Campbell Newman has slammed the ad

but admits he is toing the party

line. The LNP plans to repeal civil

union laws if it wins government. I

said. They have a personal view

about it. But that is immaterial.

Equal rights campaigners have

lodged a complaint with the

Advertising Standards Bureau.

A once-proud and vibrant piece of

Sydney history could soon be lost

forever. The charter boat 'Harbour

Queen' has finally bucked to

neglect, sinking into the harbour

she's called home for almost a century.

For a royal treasure of Sydney

Harbour, this is a miserable way to

go. Weeks of rain and an electrical failure

failure last night has will left

the 'Harbour Queen' resting on the

bottom of Blackwattle Bay. It has

been downhill for the last couple

of years. We have been trying to

keep it afloat. John doesn't own

the boat, but because it has been

left to practically rot at his

marina, it is his problem. Since

the passenger's permit was revoked three

three days before Christmas, it is

not insured. Not one underwriter

would touch it. As a party boat, it

has been sold three times in the

past decade. This year would have

been the Queen's 100th birthday -

what a rich history she has had.

Tens of thousands of Sydneysiders

would have had a ride on this old

girl. If I remember back many moons,

it is where I had my year 10 formal.

Brett Rosenthal had his wedding

reception on board. It was a

fantastic day. Yeah, yeah. With

that in mind, is it sad to see it

as it is now? It is a sad end. The

beginning, though, was grand. As

'Lady Scott' she cruised the

Parramatta River for 60 years until

a fire in 1972. She was rebuilt.

The question now is: with a tug

waiting at the dock, who will pay

to salvage this piece of history?

And still ahead, two sites for the

rail corridor to Sydney's north-

west, and the residents get to choose.

Plus, feeding frenzy, a school of

sharks spotted just a few hundred

metres off a popular beach. And

And going behind the scenes of the

Opera House, without even going into into central Sydney! (QUIETLY) Hey! (SOMBRE PIANO MUSIC) Hi! Nice to see you. How have you been? Good. VOICEOVER: Looking for healthier health cover? At Bupa, we provide a great range of cover, whatever stage of life you're at. Call 134 135, visit or drop by your local Bupa centre.

Welcome back. You are watching Ten

News. We have been hearing about it

for years, but the North West Rail

Link has taken another important

step in its long and bumpy journey towards construction. Residents

have now been given two potential

sites to decide on.

Gavn and Sarah moved to this

acreage at Ralph's Hill 10 years

ago, looking for the quiet life.

Peace and quiet. Yeah, we love it.

Not for much longer. 70,000 houses

will be built here in the next few

decades, and the first step towards

that is the North West Rail Link.

The plans have been talked about

for years but today the NSW

Government finally announced two

possible sites for construction.

If what the Government's determined

to do is to future-proof transport

options in this region, that is why

today we are releasing two

potential new transport corridors

seeking public comment.

We want acreage, so we will move on

when that happens. Others can hardly

hardly wait to be able to get on a

train. It might be the first one on it!

It is hard to picture now, but in

the next 30 years, about 200,000

people are expected to move into

this area. We don't want to cause

disruption or unnecessary

acquisitions in the future, because

the Government today didn't do its

planning. Residents have until May

to have their say. Construction

begins in 2014.

Our cameras have captured one of

nature's most ferocious and

spectacular images - a shark

feeding frenzy. This happened

within sight of a Perth beach reannounced for attacks.

A feeding frenzy off a northern

Perth beach. More than 50 sharks

feast on tuna, attracted by a

massive school of bait fish. Above,

birds get their turn, picking up

smaller fish and leftover scraps.

We see something like this every

couple of years. We don't often get

vision, and I don't have a chance

to see it myself. Rory McCauley

looked at Channel Ten's pictures

this afternoon. You can see the

black tip at the end of this one's

fin. He said it is a rare event to

capture on video. If there had been

other notable feeding events like

this off the north coast, they

probably have them out in the ocean

quite frequently. We only see them

occasionally when they happen close

to shore. Part of this frantic

school, a mixture of species,

including long-nose greys, spinner

sharks and blacktip whalers, a

tropical species attracted from the

north by warmer-than-usual ocean temperatures.

These species are not normally

known for their aggression, and usually

usually wouldn't school like this.

Sharks in general don't travel

around in packs but if there is a particular pray availability event,

they will be attracted to the same

thing at the same time. Nearby

beaches were closedlet as a precaution.

Everyone seems to be loving this

fine and gorgeous weather of late.

Tim Bailey - we are catching up

with you and you are promising a

few more days to come? I Joaned

walking through that weekend! What

about you, folks?! You would like

more, I know about that! It is

coming! 26 to 28 by the coast, 28

to 31 in the Greater West. Fine and

sunny for the next three or four

days. How does that sound?! Thought

you'd like it!

More blue skies coming to your

place Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and and Friday! place Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

and Friday! This is easy for

Sydneysiders to take for granted.

Not everyone can pop down to the

Opera House whenever they want.

Soon, they may not have to - the

internet is bringing this icon to

them! Over a tourist's shoulder,

through a washed window, or inside

on foot. And now a new way to see the Sydney Opera House. Hi!

Thanks to this crew... That is fantastic!

These kids can take an interactive

live tour from the comfort of their


What is this very cool building hind me The

hind me The Opera House! A digital

excursion offered to classes across

the state. It saves 12 hours of

travel times for the nine students

of outback school Whitecliffs

Prayer. The truth is that there is

nothing like being here in person.

The atmosphere, the behind-the-

scenes secrets - part of the magic

of the place. It is hard to

understand, because I feel like we

would be going to the Opera House.

I would have loved to have gone on

stage in person.

REPORTER: Would you like to do that

one day? Yeah, definitely!

But those who cannot, can only! We

want to be right across Australia

and all over the world. We want to

be delivering tours in French and

to schools in France - everything

between here and there.

between here and there.

Next up - Monday's markets in the

Commsec Finance Report.

Whitney Houston's daughter opens up

in her first interview since the singer's death.

And Prince Harry shows off his polo

skills on the last leg of his

overseas tour.

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Some breaking news now. The truck

driver involved in a crash that

killed two people near Mittagong

last month has been charged. A

A popular local tow truck driver

and the young woman he had stopped

to help on the side of the Hume

Highway were killed when another

truck hit them. A 24-year-old man

has been charged with dangerous and

negligent driving and has been summoned

summoned to appear in court in May.

Time to check the traffic now with Vic

Vic Lorusso. Tonight he is above

West Ryde. An accident, two cars

involved, on Victoria Rd. Commuters

heading home through to Parramatta

will be delayed tonight.

The traffic extends all the way up

through Ryde.

You can see two collars on your

right-hand screen -- two cars on

your right hand, a minor nose-to- tail accident, causing problems.

Double time penalty rates for

working on a Sunday may be under

threat. The Australian Retailers

Association is calling on Fair Work

Australia to chop the award in half

and save small businesses

struggling to meet the demands of seven-day traigd.

-- seven-day traigd.

-- trading. Retailers would be able

to employ more staff on a Sunday.

For the smaller businesses in

particular, you will find that the

owner wouldn't have to do the 80,

90, 100 hours a week. The union

movement has slammed the call and claim

claim retailers say they are happy

to reward employees catering for a

busy weekend of trade.

busy weekend of trade.

Well, investors seemed a little

untern which way to turn today.

Markets reacted well on Friday to

news that the Greeks and private

lenders finally shook hands on a

debt deal. This was followed by

China releasing one of its biggest

trade deficits in February in a

decade which was not very good news.

Overall, a good start to the new

trading week.

Public holidays in Victoria, ACT

and Tasmania added to the calm.

Australians are shying away from

taking on too much additional debt.

The number of debit card transactions

transactions is growing at three

times the pace of credit card transactions.

Most sectors lost a bit of ground

today, but Canadian-based Agri

Business did very well indeed, up

about 30%.

It has been approached by other


China's iron other imports rose

close to 10% in February.

Whitney Houston's daughter has

revealed plans to follow in her

mother's footsteps and tackle the

dangerous music industry with her

own singing career. The 19-year-old

has joined other members of her

family in an exclusive interview with

with talk show queen Oprah Winfrey.

It is the first time that Whitney

Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina,

has spoken since her mother's death.

In the heart-breaking interview,

which aired today on Oprah's OWN

network, she described her last day

with her mum. I went to go get her

and said, "Come lie down with me."

She stayed with me all night and

all day. Opera spoke to Whitney's

sister-in-law and manage, Pat,

about the frenzied moments after

the singer was found dead. I saw my brother...

Where? The security guard. Security

Ray. My brother trying to revive

her, to the point of exhaustion.

Then I see her...

She had a piece on this -- peaceful

look on her face. In the wake of

Whitney's death, many sought to

blame her ex-husband, Bobby Brown,

for introducing the singer to drugs.

I can't say he introduced drugs to

her - I don't think it is true. Did

you think that drugs would end up

taking her. The handwriting was on

the wall. I would be kidding myself

to say otherwise. For 19-year-old

Krissy, it is about the future. We

are going to do some acting, you

know, some dancing. Oh, my God,

that is a lot of pressure for you,

though, don't you think? It is a

lot of pressure, but she prepare

med for it.

Prince Harry has wrapped up his

successful solo tour by doing what

he knows best. After getting his Jamaican

Jamaican jive on and racing the

world's fastest man, the playful

prince spent the last day in Brazil

taking part in a polo match for his

children's charity. The 27-year-old

says he has enjoyed every moment of

the Caribbean and Latin American tour

tour to celebrate his grandmother's

Diamond Jubilee.

Still ahead - the first in our

special series looking at the cost

of living in Sydney and how you can make make your dollar go further.

In part one, we meet the couple

with four children who have just ripped ripped up their credit cards.

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Tonight's headlines - breaking news,

police have confirmed the state's

most wanted man, Malcolm Naden, has

rearmed after stealing a semi-

automatic rifle and ammunition.

Court documents reveal that senior

politicians tried to end the

Rinehart family feud, writing to

the billionaire's children.

Ten News cameras have captured a

shark frenzy off a beach in Perth,

an area reannounced for attacks.

They were feasting on a large school

school of bait fish. We know the

cost of living is recognise, and

the state of our economy -- cost of

living is rising and the state of

our economy is deteriorating.

Sydney is now the ninth most

expensive city in the world. How do

you make ends meet? Ten's Natasha

Exelby has a week of special

reports that will help you get the

best bang for your buck and survive

the sums of Sydney.

OK, so, the weather has been a

little lacklustre lately, but

general speaking, Sydney is one of

the most beautiful cities in the

world, which makes it one of the

most expensive places on the planet.

Over the next five days, we will

introduce you to four different

familys from four different walks

of life. We will show you how they

make ends meet and how you can too.

Welcome to the Sum of Sydney.

We have the Vikman trio, the Holt

Family, Mayhew is a single mother,

and these are self-funded retirees

at Newport. There is no grand prize

for picking the biggest fiscal faux

pas. Spending way above the caps of

income. Alyssa and Darren Holt have

four children under 6. They

recently ripped up their credit

card. Before along, there is a

$3,000 account coming through. I

chopped it and posted it back. We

said we will get a debit card. That

saves us a fortune in fees and

annual fees and charges. Inflation

is deflating the family budget. Liam

Liam is only little, but he is

putting a big hole in his parents'

pockets. Nappies and wipes and air

conditioning and heater in the - it

is costing us more. Our first

electricity bill was $500 more

because we had a constant heater on

for him through the winter.

Electricity is the biggest budget-

buster. Often that is is our fault.

Technology means we are using more

energy than before. The cost of

running a plasma TV is the same as

two large refrigerators. And there

are ways to save. Comparing your

products and services, making sure

that you get a reasonable discount

from your service provider. We turn

the hot water service down to 60-

odd degrees. Energy light-saving

globes. Planning ahead is also

pivotal. The car rego is due soon.

I'm putting some money aside every

fortnight now so that it is not

going to be over $1,000ly have to

find when the car rego is due. As a

single mother, she finds it tougher

than most. She cannot work because

she is the sole carer for her

daughter, Chante. She has epilepsy,

she is blind, a history of heart

conditions, which have all been

operated on and fixed now. She has

kidney problems, which cause

recurrent infections and

hospitalisations. Her pension is

eaten up by the baby's medical

costs. Really tough sometimes. I

found the East way to approach it

is to buy everything she needs

first and I play with whatever is

left. We discovered the family

finding it the easiest to survive

Sydney's economic onslaught is

self-funded retire yaes Pam and Brian.

The biggest worry is the children

won't have such a great inheritance.

We are living longer. Which isn't a

bad problem to have!

I'm sure you have your own stories. We ask:

Well, the greatest ironman

Australia has produced is set to

make a stunning return to

competition next weekend. Trevor

Hendy will compete against athletes

less than half his age, and among

them his son. Looking

Looking as fit as he did when he

last competed 10 years ago, Trevor

Hendy has announced he is back.

Enjoyed feeling good. The next

minute, it is an organic comeback.

He has put his hand up for the

Queensland titles against the likes

of Zane Holmes. He barely rated a

mention, as main rival, an

inspiration for the comeback, his 17-year-old

17-year-old son, TJ. I might be able

able to stay in front of him. It

works both ways. Hendy's nickname

was 'The Freak', he did things in

the surf no-one would have thought

possible if they didn't see it for themselves.

COMMENTATOR: He is surfing on the

same wave! He has won too many

titles to mention and became a

household names with sponsorships

and endorsements. MBF cover! Hendy

retired in 2001, with TJ and his

love of the ocean have lured him

back. He says he doesn't feel his

age and this is the real thing. I'd

love to make some finals and see

where I can feature. Not in it to

come last. He says that he hopes

his comeback into competition will

help inspire other men his age to get

get active. That is all it -- if that

that is all it does, it will be a

successful comeback. He will

compete in 10 events in the Queensland titles this weekend.

Time for sport. I could say, "To

our own ironman." But I won't. Brad

McEwen is here instead. Well done,

Sandra! One of the eel's favourites

is a late withdrawal. We reveal - well, well, we won't

well, we won't reveal I van Cleary's invisible Panther.

Trickett Trickett Trickett Libby

Trickett is keeping her head up

ahead of the Olympic swimming

trials. Forget the chicken and the

egg! What we really want to know,

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A mystery virus has ruled

Parramatta captain Nathan Hindmarsh

out of tonight's clash with the

Warriors. The veteran Eeel spent a

night in hospital on the drip.

Newcastle's culture Gidley is

having scans today on his

dislocated shourld, which could

spell the end of his season. Until

you get the scan, you don't know

whether it is season or a couple of

weeks. We are feeling for Kurt at

the moment. Gidley is still

expected to be sidelined for at least least a month.

Penrith has hit back at claims by

Sydney Roosters coach Brian Smith

that their wrestling tactics are

over the top. The Panthers say it

could be a case of sour grapes.

Too tough for the Roosters, but not

for their own marketing department.

Come on, guys!

The winning Panthers striking a

pose, coach Ivan Cleary like you

have never seen him. Under orders

to pretend he was holding back a

snarling Panther, which will be

super-imposed later for a club

promo. It his players' group on the

Roosters that had Brian Smith

ruffled, accusing Penrith of xefs

wrestling. I was disappointed when

I heard that. Yeah, look, we

haven't done any wrestling or

grappling or anything like that. I

don't know where it has come from.

If you want to say we were

wrestling, OK, but I think it is an

excuse. Michael Jennings is cooling

off, showing the form and footwork

that was missing in 2011. If

Jennings looked quicker yesterday

against the Roosters, he is.

According to his new sprint coach,

jenings is now 2m quicker over 60m,

improving his times by two-tenths

of a second. It is a rate of

improvement most professional

sprinters can only dream of. He has

a couple of yards back from last

year. It is good for us. Penrith's

next opponents arriving home after

last night's defeat to Melbourne. A

24-10 loss that leaves the

Rabbitohs equal last without a win.

Obviously, it is tough for the fans,

and I really feel for them. It

hurts us as well as the fans. I

would love to give them two win

wins. Burgess gave them something.

National swimming coach Leigh

Nugent has slammed critics of the

man spent helping the Olympic

comeback bids of Ian Thorpe,

Michael Klim and Libby Trickett.

Libby Trickett is ready to face the Olympic

Olympic trials. Libby Trickett

looks like the imposing athlete who

has won three Olympic gold medals

but getting back into shape has

tested every fibre of her work

ethic and self-confidence. I was

going, "What am I doing? Am I an elite

elite athlete any more?" Did I go

to an Olympic Games? Trickett's

short-lived 12 months of retirement

helps her regain her passion for

the pool. But she lost the world-

beating fitness that it took years

to build. I put on 10kg and my

metabolism decided to slow down.

Australia's head coach reckons her

experience will be invaluable

should she make the Olympic team. Leigh Nugent defending criticism of

the funding that's gone towards the

comeback bids of Trickett, Ian

Thorpe and Michael Klim. I think

you would be ungrateful person, and

a pretty ungrateful Australian, to

not assist our proven best

performers. Meantime, James

Magnusssen is using last year's

World Championship win as motivation

motivation for this week's Olympic

trials in Adelaide.

The missile superseded the Thorpedo.

Now these weapons of aquatic

destruction could well line up

against each other in next

monoMonday's 100m final. It has

been a life-long dream to make the

Olympics. I want to make the Olympics, not beat any particular person.

And the Olympic swimming trials get

underway on Thursday night. You can

see all the action live and

exclusive on Ten and One from 8 o'clock.

The battle between man and machine

reached new heights ahead of this

weekend's Australian Formula One

Grand Prix. The jet-packed-wearing

thrill seeker was no match for his

four-wheeled friend as the two were

pitted against each other. I'm sure he

he got me on the end there. I have

to slow down and put my feet on the

ground, like landing a plane.

Coverage of the Grand Prix begins

on Friday on One and then on Ten

and One over the weekend.

An Achilles injury forced Tiger

Woods out of the WGC event in

Florida mid-way through the final

round, now in doubt of missing the first

first major, next month's US

Masters. He proved he is still the

fascination of the golfing world,

followed all the way down the

freeway by media. McIlroy's final

round charge included this chip-in

for eagle but it wasn't enough to

catch England's Justin Rose, who

finished 16-under to claim the title.

Still in Miami, and it is not

unusual to see a hole in one for

Toyota Play of the Day. But when

Paul Casey told his caddie they

would split any bonus prize for an

ace, he thought he would be beating

Tiger in a brand new cadillac! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

Oh! The celebrations were wasted.

Casey pointing out that the prize

was only available on its different

par 3 hole. No caddie for the caddie!

At least he has won our Toyota Play

of the Day. Caddie for the caddie -

an attempted crack. Good for a

Monday. Not good on a Friday. But


Time to update tonight's traffic

and Vic Lorusso is over Chipping

Norton. Frblg three cars involved

here Liverpool-bound on Newbridge

Road. We had all lanes closed.

Police and ambulance in the left-

hand lane. Traffic is starting to

move again. It is impacting traffic

into Liverpool and Milperra. If

And Tim Bailey is on the way with

the weather details.

Do you want to hear the one about

four brilliant blue-sky days? I've

got it for you after the break!

VOICEOVER: It's on. Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour. 'La Traviata' with wine, food and fireworks in an unforgettable night under the stars. Tickets from $85


Well, there was no sun in summer,

but there is a bit around this

autumn. We will take it, regardless

of the season! Yes, I guess I

under-delivered that stuff up there

- blue sky! Plenty about in autumn.

It is just the finest of sunny days

when we get it right. The next

three days in a row look superb.

How about 26 to 28 degrees by the coast!

That stuff hanging over the back of

your backyard, it is brilliant! It

is a promise!

A low off the Pilbara coast links with the coast.

Cloud smothers the Coral Coast in

Queensland and wild westerlies push

cloud into the Tassie and Bass Strait.

This program is captioned live.

Tonight - birds do it, bees do it,

but when it comes to talking to

your kids, when is the best time TO

do it? Has our car industry run out

of fuel? The risks of co-sleeping

with your bub. Why is this TVad

causing so much controversy? This

is The Project!

Welcome to Monday evening here at

The Project. Great to have you with

us. Joining us tonight is The Project regular Barrie Cassidy.

Welcome back! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Thank you.

Canberra's quietened down now that

Kevin Rudd is back in his box. It

is good to be here and not talk

politics. We will find a way, I'm

sure. Well in the news today,