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(generated from captions) walk but today she took a very different fashion houses, a catwalk regular, for a string of international The 24-year-old has modelled that's the maximum penalty. a maximum penatly of ten years, With that quantity she could face these two ecstacy tablets. They claim she was carrying she was searched by Balinese police. at a dance party near Kuta On Saturday night but not in these circumstances. used to being in front of the cameras Australian model Michelle Leslie is two ecstasy tablets in her bag. police allegedly finding during a raid at a dance party, was arrested 24-year-old Michelle Leslie facing jail in Bali on drug charges. the latest young Australian A Sydney model has become Good evening. This is Seven News with Ian Ross. This program is LIVE captioned. her lover's mystery disappearance. And Olivia Newton-John's anguish over for Catholic World Youth Day. 500,000 pilgrims expected in Sydney

Come to Sydney! The whole world is welcome. Day has never been held in Oceania. In its 20-year history, World Youth (All cheer) around, we're excited, aren't we? I'm excited, and just looking It's an awesome time for Australia. CHEERING place in Sydney, Australia. the next World Youth Day will take I am pleased to announce contingent had been waiting for. Then the announcement the Australian can become true... So that we ourselves their faith as a consumer product. urging Catholics not to treat from the pontiff, It was a back-to-basics message gathered for an open-air mass. 800,000 of the world's Catholic youth it was a spectacular sight - From the air, to Australia. and include the Pope's first visit for the economy The event will be a major boost to host World Youth Day. after our city won the right expected to flock to Sydney in 2008 Up to 250,000 young Catholics are not 10 years. she's likely to get 10 months, if she is found guilty, And insiders say on possession, not trafficking. The charges will likely be not drug arrests, but the bombing. Ironically, it was about Bali - when you saw that one story? Do you remember where you were promotion for Seven News in Adelaide. Michelle recently starred in a of her. I couldn't speak highly enough honest, loyal. We're talking about a diamond kid - I mean, really... over two ecstasy tablets in Bali. I mean, the poor thing, held in jail are already crying foul. But former employers No, no. Have they heard from Michelle? because we're still waiting. We don't know yet Are they planning to go to Bali? were saying little. Friends and family in Adelaide about Michelle? REPORTER: Can we just talk to you Her attempt to hide, thwarted. waiting for this moment. followed by local media and the Bali Nine in the steps of Schapelle Corby

student unionism. on plans to end compulsory Opposition v Government This was supposed to be isn't much of a debate. A one-sided talkfest because of fears for his security. at Sydney University in front of students to cancel a debate Tony Abbott was told of the federal Health Minister. for failing to guarantee the safety The police force is under fire to take six to eight weeks. His trial's expected before the company went under. of millions of dollars, to approve payments to Cooper an HIH executive He's accused of bribing that was part of HIH. ran a home security company 46-year-old Cooper of HIH Insurance. relating to the $5 billion collapse not guilty to 13 criminal charges Businessman Brad Cooper has pleaded checkpoint at Five Dock in February. when he was hit while manning a speed suffered head and chest injuries Senior Constable Michael McLoon from two to three years. has been increased But his licence disqualification community service. will perform 200 hours Instead, 20-year-old Melvin Tereszkun reduced on appeal. has had his six-month sentence for knocking over a police officer A P-plater facing jail his visit to Sydney in 2008. look forward to another first - the Pope and Australia can now His first foreign trip now over, the Rugby World Cup... like the Olympics, of holding big international events with a proven track record It's a huge boost to a city Planning's already started. for an estimated 500,000 visitors. at Sydney Olympic Park The challenge will be finding space is expected to generate $110 million. World Youth Day in Sydney the economic should also be healthy. in 2008, of the spiritual benefits to the city While Cardinal Pell is confident would be a good place." He said, "Well, I think Sydney Holy Father." I said, "I think you do, the venue for World Youth Day?" The Holy Father said, "Who chooses was, naturally, thrilled. And the man behind the bid

to allow women in the defence forces to serve in front-line deployments, but they'll only be there in support roles after a review recommended keeping the ban on women in combat. It's the same reason that women don't play for the Wallabies, if I can put it - that in a one-to-one physical battle, women would be generally overpowered. The Opposition has welcomed the decision, but warns the military is facing a chronic skills shortage. Less than a week before it opens to traffic there's new criticism of the Cross City Tunnel and its cost to drivers. This time it's speed cameras, not the toll, but the RTA says they're staying. Traffic may never be this good again down in the Cross City Tunnel, The Federal Government has decided to allow women in the defence forces in a radio studio, without students. The debate eventually took place without Tony Abbott. The forum went smoothly It's bizarre. agree on something. Tony Abbott and the students as many can remember, For the first time in as long one very unusual consequence. The action taken by police has had but were unable to do so. to move it to another location, That is why we attempted we strongly support. Free speech is something of those involved in it. for the protection that was carried out It was a risk assessment the venue, not the students. Police say their problem is with and suddenly we're life-threatening. debate about government policy who want to participate in public We're 20-year-old adults We're adults. I am highly offended. I am so insulted. Students are taking it personally. that intimidation works. given the message unwittingly, I suspect - the police have - not to participate in a debate, a minister of the Crown By more or less instructing has undermined democracy. and he believes that advice Tony Abbott was told to stay away, life if this thing went ahead. that there was a serious risk to suggested Commissioner Waites' letter than this protest a few weeks ago. it could be more dangerous But police thought

where they're down to finishing touches like testing the deluge system - fire sprinklers that can dump thousands of litres of water in seconds. Quite simply, it is engineering at its best. The tunnel promises to cut out more than a dozen traffic lights. But gone too, are several free short-cuts into the city which are now blocked. All they're trying to do is force people into their tunnel to pay the toll. It's going to cause chaos in East Sydney and Woolloomooloo. The private sector invested $680 million in this project, and to get our return we have to charge that toll. Nearby neighbours are bracing for rat-runners as Sydney Council makes a new bid to cut all its streets to 40km/h. The traffic won't be here for a week, but the speed cameras are already here and waiting. Given the tunnel obviously doesn't have a history of speeding or accidents, critics say it's a sure sign of revenue-raising. motorists of NSW I think the long-suffering motorists of NSW should be given a break, given the opportunity to prove they're not irresponsible. But the RTA says it's hard to police tunnels any other way. Unusually, no government ministers on this tour. But they're expected out in force for the opening, which - this time - is guaranteed. I'll guarantee this tunnel will open on Sunday. Traffic congestion on the M5 motorway is easing after a fire caused long delays this afternoon. This was the scene late today at Denham Court near Macquarie Fields where northbound and southbound lanes were brought to a standstill. Fire crews are still mopping up the roadside blaze that broke out around 3.30. The town of Bathurst has rallied behind students left without a school after a weekend fire. The community has already raised nearly $50,000 to help rebuild. This charred wreckage is all that's left of Kelso High, and today emotions were still raw. They say something good comes out of something bad, but year 12 - they've lost everything. Kelso High's students, their teachers, staff and parents gathered in Bathurst to hear their tears have been matched by an outpouring of community spirit. Charles Sturt University has agreed to take 300 students from years 10 and 11, offering full use of the library, computer rooms, science labs, even the gym. It's been an amazingly quick response from the whole university. it's just astounding. Year 9 will go to Bathurst Baptist Church, 7 and 8 to Kelso Public and Bathurst West. Year 12 has priority, though. Today they toured their new home at Bathurst TAFE. It'll help us to achieve better, I think, and make us knuckle down and achieve higher. Two weeks before the Rock Eisteddfod grand final, It made me feel proud to live in Bathurst Kelso High School, it really did. and made me feel proud to be at Kelso High School, it really did. Two weeks before the Rock Eisteddfod grand final, local workshops are racing to rebuild the props. We're just one of the hundreds of people that have put their hands up to try and help Kelso. We'll go out twice as strong and do Kelso proud. Construction on the new school will begin next year and while people around here are convinced the fire was deliberately lit, police say it's still too early to tell. The FBI has joined the search for Olivia Newton-John's boyfriend after he failed to return from a fishing trip two months ago. Olivia has also called in a high-profile investigator to help find him. He may not be a familiar face on the red carpet, but for Olivia Newton-John, Patrick McDermott has been the man in her life for the past eight years. That is, until two months ago, when the 48-year-old photographer set off on an overnight fishing trip near Los Angeles and didn't return. Some people do remember him, seeing him on the boat, but they're trying to investigate as to whether anybody actually saw him get off the boat. That was on 1 July. Five days later, McDermott's family contacted the Coast Guard after they found his car at the marina and his personal belongings still on the boat. We're investigating exactly what happened to him. It's not really - I wouldn't call it a mystery. Coast Guard investigators are treating the matter as a missing persons case, but haven't ruled out the possibility that Patrick McDermott may have staged his own disappearance. Olivia is clinging to the hope her partner will be found. She's employed private security expert Gavin de Becker, who provides protective services to some of the biggest names in Hollywood. And while Olivia remains baffled by the disappearance, so, too, is the Los Angeles Police Department, which is relying on the public to help them with their search. Ahead in Seven News - Sydney's first specialist clinic to treat obesity. Also, parents warned against under-treating pain in children. And the hunt for Sydney's most conspicuous stolen car. Former Wests Tigers League star Jarrod McCracken was in court today seeking compensation for the tackle that ended his playing career. McCracken was spear-tackled in a game against Melbourne Storm five years ago. He proved negligence. Now he wants damages that could amount to more than $1 million. Today he was cross-examined about his earnings outside football. McCracken's become a successful property developer with more than $20 million in assets. Sydney has its first specialist clinic to treat obesity. The centre will operate on some of the two million Australians who suffer health problems from being severely overweight. A 747 jet crashing every 10 days for a year. That's the terrible death toll of obesity in Australia. It's estimated 17,000 will die this year from obesity-related diseases. Parents often worry about giving their children medicine, but now they've been accused of not giving them enough. Leading doctors are urging parents to do more to treat children's pain. 18-month-old Zac learned to walk just two days ago, but he hasn't learned to take his medicine. I'd say nearly impossible. I had a problem at 2.30 this morning because he has got a middle ear infection in both ears. The World Congress on Pain, held in Sydney, has been told most parents are under-treating their child. A study of more than 5,000 children found 54% had experienced severe pain the past three months. Often it was treated incorrectly or not at all. We, as parents, ask children to bear much more pain than we ourselves are prepared to stand. Part of the reason is that it's hard for children to communicate where the pain is. It's very difficult for them to say "The pain is here or there", and often, of course, if a child has a severe pain is offering a reward for its return. It's the 1949 Ford Mercury we told you about last night - a unique machine with a striking paint job. If you see a car that looks... ..and sounds like this... ..police would love to speak to you. So would Wayne Price. Just shock. Just numb, you know. Yesterday at 5am, his '49 Mercury drag-racer was stolen from Rooty Hill RSL. The trailer was sort of back about here. They've obviously to anybody who doesn't intend to... but isn't much use It's worth $300,000, They've got a sledgehammer. of the truck up. They've lifted the bonnet cut the fence here. stolen in Sydney over the weekend The owner of a drag-racing car into his mouth. but I can't get the pain relief I could wrestle one-tonne horses, for a young child. or something that seems easier I just wish they'd give us patches the best advice is to see a doctor. or hiding it in food doesn't help, But if measuring plungers no matter what you do. who won't take medicine Of course, there are some kids by weight, not age. The right amount is determined intoxication. are because of paracetamol of liver transplants We know that 30% It can damage your liver, severely. There's also fear of overdose. in the tummy, they pull their ears.

a council worker seems to be the only person to have seen anything. there must be more witnesses, Wayne Price is convinced there must be more witnesses, so he's offering a $10,000 reward. For sure, $10,000 is better than losing $300,000. You can't replace something that's taken four years to build. CAR REVS Time for sport with Nick McArdle. Manly have to be kidding themselves? Yep. Their worst ever loss yesterday - 62 points. And they still reckon It was a poor display yesterday and the boys are really hurting today. We'll come out of this stronger and no-one individual is going to be asked to apologise. Despite having 11 tries scored against them, can still win the comp, coach Des Hasler says his side can still win the comp, the club's record loss to the Sharks. as they tried to recover from to keep the side's spirits up the skipper did his best but this morning charge during Manly's darkest day, Michael Monaghan was the man in Michael Monaghan was the man in on their team's finals chances. leaving Sea Eagles fans sweating The 68-6 defeat was a record beating, against the Sharks. despite their shocker club can still win the premiership Manly coach Des Hasler claims his concrete fender-bender. And Ryan Briscoe's Jason Gillespie. in the battle to replace Shaun Tait draws first blood Also tonight, in just a moment. We'll hear from coach Des Hasler they can win the comp. At this stage, you know, "What's going on here?" Someone would have to think, It would look ridiculous. only video surveillance. And no witnesses. No witnesses, That's correct. towing a trailer. A car towing a truck Wayne is amazed by how it was stolen. or the truck it was attached to. the thieves couldn't start the racer, Yesterday, even selling them would be difficult. but its parts are so rare, The motor is worth $100,000,

Neither did Schumacher. but he couldn't finish the race. his Williams, Oh! knows all about it. Opener Tim Roberts bowling quickly and accurately. showed selectors he is ready, The rookie South Australian set to miss out. with out-of-form Jason Gillespie for a spot in the Australian side, with Michael Kasprowicz Tait's locked in a battle unchanged line-up for Trent Bridge, While the Poms have named an with England. ahead of Thursday's clash batting practice got some much-needed before Justin Langer and Simon Katich another batsman to retire hurt Tait picked up two wickets and forced drawn tour match against Northants. with a fiery spell in the for a berth in the fourth Ashes Test but I'm hoping That's the worst-case scenario, four to six weeks. I mean, it still could take I mean, it still could take with ligament damage. for at least three weeks on the sidelines with the prop joining Darren Lockyer in Shane Webcke's knee, are hanging by the threads Brisbane's premiership chances to leave it at that point. and we're prepared on a footy field too in the heat of the moment Lots of things happen against Danny Nutley. with his eye-gouging allegation not to carry through Manly's Shayne Dunley decided When called by the NRL there's plenty to play for. Yeah, so when you put it that way, the final spot in the eight. but if Manly don't beat the Warriors here on Saturday night or Canberra in the last round, that record defeat could cost them that record defeat could cost them it's a lot better than that. That's the first I've heard about that. Yeah, it's a huge blow for them. I think he's the best go-forward player in the game at the moment. Penrith's Ben Ross is looking at a one-game ban for pushing referee Shayne Hayne. But the big loser is Souths' Luke MacDougall, who faces up to 14 weeks for a spear-tackle on Anthony Minichiello. Shaun Tait has staked his claim Oh, Jesus Christ. Ooh, ooh, ooh. Mark Webber has accused Michael Schumacher of unsporting behaviour after a crash which wrecked their hopes in the Turkish Formula One Grand Prix. The Australian was playing catch-up after a pit stop to replace a punctured tyre when he tried to pass the world champion. Webber looked to have the inside line to the corner on lap 15, but collided with the German. Pit crews tried to repair

Ryan, slow down. Nuala has Sydney's weather after the break, but first, finance. The share market hit record territory again today. Shares in Patrick and Toll Holdings surged after Toll launched a hostile take-over bid. and he's crashed out five times. Ryan Briscoe's had 12 starts and he leads the championship. Dan Wheldon won the race was able to walk away. but incredibly Ryan at 266km/h, Out of control and into the wall You can see that into the turn. COMMENTATOR: Wow! Indy Car Championship in the US. in the latest round of the Ryan Briscoe And a lucky escape for young Aussie of Raikkonen with five races left. Alonso is now 24 points clear second. with Renault's Fernando Alonso took the chequered flag, McLaren's Kimi Raikkonen

by the afternoon But it was back to sunshine to thank for the sprinkle. We have a cool south-westerly change haven't completely forgotten how. the heavens But it's reassuring to see not enough to really wet the ground. around in the middle of the day, but we were treated to a few showers this winter, It's not something we've seen much of Good evening. Well, could some bank fees be illegal? We've got the answers tomorrow on Sunrise. Kate Ritchie talks about life as Sally on Summery Bay. That's tomorrow on Sunrise.

causing a few showers. We've lost the cloud now, and that means we're in for a chilly night. Lows 3 and below away from the coast, where there could be some light frost. 8 in town and 3 in Gosford. Mostly sunny and dry tomorrow. Tops around 18 degrees in the cool south-westerlies. Sadly, we're not going to see any more of those precious showers for some days though it could be a little cloudy on Wednesday and Thursday. Sunny and mild on Friday, Tassie tomorrow, Another front is going to whiz past but falls were under 10mm. mainly over the south of our State, a few showers It managed to generate with some patchy cloud. Here's the change moving through up to the high teens in now time. and that meant temperatures were back Goodnight. Thanks for your company. like that. bring it out isn't It was a bit you know the rain dance? We need to their first rain in three weeks. So saw everyone dashing out to feel the showers have been so rare, I everyone dashes inside, but today Now normally when it rains, for this time of year. with temperatures close to average