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This program is captioned live. the death of the Crocodile Hunter. Tonight - during a film shoot A stingray kills Steve Irwin in North Queensland. and environmentalist the legendary film-maker cut down in his prime. has only This

has only got to be put down to

one of these freak situations

did. because he was very good at what he

and Sandra Sully. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. around the globe - It's news that has stunned fans the tragic death of Steve Irwin with a stingray. killed in a freak accident a documentary off Port Douglas The Crocodile Hunter was making through the chest, when a stingray speared him apparently striking his heart. The accident happened about midday. by helicopter Paramedics flew to the scene but it was too late. and tried to resuscitate him He was pronounced dead. Terri and their two young children. Irwin is survived by his wife Tasmania when the tragedy happened, Terri was in a remote part of pass on the sad news. police have only just been able to Jamie Rule joins us now Channel Ten reporter Australia Zoo, on the Sunshine Coast. from Steve Irwin's headquarters, the front gate there, Jamie, just near what's the mood like at the zoo? It must be particularly sad? a feeling of disbelief here Yes, Sandra, there really is at Australia Zoo. figure, a massive figure, Obviously Steve is such an iconic and internationally. both here in Australia and going all afternoon. There have been people coming at the gate. Some have left flowers and tributes

about how unbelievable it is But most of them have just spoken

Australia Zoo without a Steve Irwin. to understand that there could be an left Australia Zoo this afternoon. We spoke to some of those as they

I don't actually believe it. I

think it's a tragedy. We were sort

of talking before, I think he's a

great Australian. He's done a lot

Absolutely of good for the environment.

Absolutely shocking, shocking, yeah.

Devastating. It can't be good for

one icon killed. Australia Zoo, having its number

some ramifications Jamie, indeed we will expect were in Tasmania at the time. and while his wife and two children operations in the short term? Any word on how this will affect organisation now. Australia Zoo is a massive have poured literally Steve and Terri Irwin over the past decade. tens of millions of dollars into it so much, So because they've been away organisation or a structure in place there has been a management

for some time now. but Terri is still in transit, That will obviously continue back to the Sunshine Coast. we understand

changes might transpire It's still up in the air as to what in the continued operation and what role Terri might have of Australia Zoo.

only time will tell. I guess in this instance Thank you, Jamie. for all those involved. Difficult times ahead I'm sure

on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, Jamie Rule there Australia Zoo. just near Steve Irwin's the world tonight for Steve Irwin. There are tributes from around environmentalists Politicians and leading among those paying their respects. of working with wild animals, Those who knew best the dangers are reeling from his sudden death. Steve Irwin's mates and colleagues, Irwin and his father John Whygall spent years working with at the Reptile Park in Gosford, would be his final documentary. and was meant to join Irwin on what

I'm still in shock. The first

thought I had was three days ago I

was supposed to be in North Queensland with Steve. boy for quarentine. Steve Irwin was also the local poster

This little fella can chew through

gum stores so quickly.

News of his death, through Federal Parliament, sending shockwaves to the Opposition Leader, the PM breaking the news who then stood united in grief.

He was a one-off character. He was

a character for Australians and

lots of people around the world. David Suzuki says the world Internationally renowned scientist

of conservation. has lost a great champion

They thought he brought a much

are normally demonised. greater respect for animals that

alligators or crocs. that are demonised such as snakes, stunned by his death. Stingray experts have also been

Extremely rare. Tragic consequences.

But it's important to remember

these animals are actually

defensive. If they don't feel

this. threatened, they generally don't do threatened, they generally don't do

James Boyce, Ten News. A shocking murder in Sydney's east - and set alight. a quadriplegic man doused with petrol as he lay helpless in bed. The 63-year-old pensioner attacked As a quadriplegic, to help him with everyday tasks. Steve Chin relied on others This morning he died alone in bed, his Daceyville home. as fire raged through

it was an accident. Police don't think

alight. The victim doused in petrol and set

at this stage, yes. We're treating it as a murder in two different parts of the house. The fire was lit an adjoining home The fire also damaged but his neighbour managed to get out. and I haven't been burnt. I'm gracious that I'm still alive my neighbour didn't make it. And I just feel very deeply sorry

Steve didn't have a chance. Police say to get him out of bed, He needs the assistance of a carer so he's bed-ridden.

He does have an electric chair where they could They got in and searched of the fire forced them back. but unfortunately the ferocity by Steve's death. Neighbours say they're shocked They've revealed through his window just last year a burglar broke in and climbed over him in bed to rob his house. The 63-year-old could do nothing to fight back. It's pretty hard to fathom why anyone would want to hurt a guy in a wheelchair in the first place.

I wish he had been kept in hospital

bit longer. He would have missed

out on this. Detectives have

interviewed nearby residents and

several of Steve's carers, hoping

to establish a motive and track

down the killer. Police are setting up a special task force to investigate money laundering through poker machines. The State Government has rejected claims terrorists have been involved in the practice, but the Police Minister says the gaming industry needs to do more,

including electronic tracking of people who put money in a machine only to take it out again without playing. What I'd like to see is the possibility of requiring ID, taking a photocopy of that ID

and perhaps delaying the payment of the cheque for a certain period. The taskforce is expected to report back within three weeks. Tim Webster with sport - and a tennis great bows out in style. The great showman of tennis has played his last Grand Slam - Andre Agassi today made a tearful farewell when he was beaten at the US Open. Tennis was his life and Andre Agassi breathed life into tennis. The game died a little today. The scoreboard said I lost today but what the scoreboard doesn't say is what it is I have found. And over the last 21 years I have found loyalty.

You have pulled for me on the court and also in life. It wasn't always that way. Born in Las Vegas, the son of an Iranian boxer, was raised to make money from tennis. The boy with the big Bon Jovi hair had a brashness that divided loyalties and dismayed tennis traditionalists. He wouldn't play Wimbledon because they made him wear white, so it was ironic that his first Grand Slam title in 1992 came at the traditional home of tennis.

A lot of months and years of people

doubting me. And I thought of all

the people that have believed in me. Because he couldn't be bothered flying all this way, he was absent from eight Australian Opens before winning four of them and learning to love Australia. and while he was only the fifth player in history to win all four Grand Slams, bare statistics don't begin to tell the full story of a life lived as a celebrity which personally touched so many, Over the last 21 years I have found you and I will take you and the memory of you with me for the rest of my life. Thank you. Mark Chester, Ten News. Also ahead - Andrew Johns hands over the on-field captain's duties for the opening week of the NRL Finals. Johns's shock announcement coming as the eight finals skippers lined up today. He wants to concentrate on his own game, also Nathan Cayless is back as the Eels fight for survival against the Storm. Also, a violent conduct charge against a Melbourne player after the spiteful match against Sydney FC. We'll have more on the tragic death of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin later this newshour. Also tonight - a family's anguish - an inquest hears how hospital negligence contributed to a man's death. And fighting the fat - why fast food manufacturers are under pressure to dish up healthier meals.

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(Man sings) # Hm-hm-hm hmm hmm... # ROOSTER CROWS TRUCK HORN BEEPS # Woke up this morning with a smile on my face # Off to work It's such a happy place PEOPLE LAUGH AND WHISTLE # Woke up this morning with a smile on my face... #

This program is captioned live. A Western Sydney council has declared war on public spitters. It's threatening to book anyone caught -

the fine as high as $1,100. Famous footballers on the field, or people walking on the street? Whoever the projector, public spitting is often seen as - A bloody dirty habit. It's just dirty, that's all, it's not polite. Now in Fairfield, it's something else, too. Expensive. The Western Sydney Council is pioneering saliva police - rangers who will patrol not only parking and littering, but spitting as well.

Anyone caught in the act of spitting will be fined anywhere between $110 to $1,100.

Ninos Khoshaba is surprised other councils haven't caught on. It happens all over Sydney, it doesn't just happen in Fairfield and it's not just saliva, also the spitting of chewing gum. Fairfield has a large migrant population but no one nationality is being blamed. Council says just because spitting is considered acceptable in some cultures and countries, it doesn't mean it's OK here. Some think the maximum fine, more than five times the fine for flicking a lit cigarette butt in Sydney's CBD, is too high. It's a bit unfair, it's a bit too much, $1,000 for spitting in the street. But Savash Salih thinks it's very fair, after spending years sweeping his sticky shop front. Every morning when I come there's big spits, yellow ones. He's hoping the spit fines and signs stay after their 6-month trial.

Danielle Isdale, Ten News. A disgraced police officer has been sacked and given 350 hours community service for illegally using pepper spray. Former Constable Hugh Brennan was found guilty of assaulting a drunk man with capsicum spray at Leumeah Station in Sydney's south-west last year. I'm just disappointed in the whole thing. On the night I thought I was doing my job but, obviously, it's come out to be the wrong thing in the end and I'll just take it from there. The Magistrate found his actions were driven by anger after being abused by a group of drunks but he did not act in self defence. A roofing contractor has plunged to his death at a Sydney recycling plant. Police say the 38-year-old fell 20 metres through a skylight, hitting a concrete floor. He was taken to Westmead Hospital suffering severe head injuries but died a short time later. WorkCover is investigating whether he was wearing a harness while replacing the factory roof.

The failings of the State's health system was highlighted today at an inquest into the death of Wayne Brown. Angry at the health system they saw let Wayne Brown down. I wasn't gonna let them bury this mistake without giving it a fight. Prove that they lied. It's all been lies and deception.

He was a good kid. He worked, he was quiet, got married, had a baby girl. 40-year-old Wayne Brown died in December 2003. Suffering from severe kidney failure, he was sent home from Concord Hospital because there weren't enough beds. His condition worsened, and admitted to Blacktown Hospital the following day. En route to being transferred to the Concord Hospital the next day, he died of a heart failure. The Coroner's Court heard evidence from professor John Charlesworth who headed the independent investigation into Wayne Brown's death. He pointed out Blacktown Hospital was underresourced and its medical staff too inexperienced to handle such a complex case. In court, professor Charlesworth also raised concerns about the lack of medical follow-up after Wayne Brown received medical testing at Nepean Hospital in September, at which point professor Charlesworth describes his condition as profound and life threatening. Professor Charlesworth questions the Nepean Hospital's underestimation of Mr Brown's kidney function, The inquest continues tomorrow. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. Send fast food manufacturers to jail for making unhealthy food. That's the drastic step being suggested

by world obesity experts meeting in Sydney. It's a Danish scheme that makes it illegal for food manufacturers to dish up one of our unhealthiest fats. Trans fat, often used in fast food, is the world's cheapest and most harmful fat, so the Danish Government has banned it. It means that you can get two years in jail if you sell a burger or french fries with trans fat and that has been extremely effective. The International Congress on Obesity has been told Australia should do the same because obesity rates haven't risen since the ban started three years ago. Trans fat can be removed from all food products without any effect on taste, price or food availability so it's totally unnecessary to have it in our foods. Governments around the world are being urged to stop unhealthy food production. You shouldn't be giving farmers extra money to make more sugar. Experts want tax cuts on fruit and vegies. Don't try to divert attention by telling people what they should eat and how much more exercise they should do, because it's a con game, frankly, until the Government takes the responsibility. With one-quarter of all Australian children now overweight or obese, UK experts are suggesting we set up weight-loss camps for kids. They've had incredible success in the UK, encouraging children to eat properly and exercise. By and large, no kid comes out at the end of the camp without losing some sort of weight. The second thing is, they enjoy it. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News.

Time to check the weather. I

suppose credit where credit's due.

That was a ripper of a weekend and

a Monday. Thanks, Ron. I'll take

that because you get the flat

that because you get the flat weather, don't you. A sunny happy

blue sky, it helps wrap your teeth

around Monday and get into the

working week. That, in fact, today

was the 20th day of above average

temperatures in Sydney. Tomorrow

around about 23 degrees A. clear

blue sky and the little fella

blue sky and the little fella

missatise and muckatise up because

it goes soury, but don't we need it,

for about four or five days in a

row. We're getting serious with

this. We're taking your pic, putting

it on the television and we welcome

Harvey Norman into the fray. We're

giving away a Fujitsu handy cam and

Sony digital camera on alternate

weeks for your photos. Brad is

going to have first crack at it. He

sent us a cracker of a photograph

of Sydney. Beautiful skies and

wasn't that a wonderful weekend

across Sydneytown. There you go. I

love that sort of thing on a Monday.

Even more so across Saturday and

Sunday. With temperatures up to

about 28. No problems there.

Tomorrow, 23 degrees. The last of

the blue sky. On your television

the blue sky. On your television later tonight, proud to have Diesel

on board, playing a bit of music

and we'll see you again live from

Darling Harbour in around about 10. Australia turns up the pressure on East Timor to quell growing unrest. That's next. And tributes to the Cocodile Hnter - Steve Irwin killed in a freak diving accident.

I knew you'd be here. You know I never meant to hurt her. How can you say that when you know she knew I knew? But she doesn't know. Well, who does know? Catch more live cricket drama on Fox Sports, Call now and catch free installation with the Platinum package.

Time for a check on the traffic now

with Vic. All kinds of trouble down

in the south-west there, around

Moorebank. Bad news for the traffic

heading on the M 5. Four cars

colliding, right near Liverpool.

The exit ramp was blocked. We have

four cars pulled over to the right.

All lanes are open but the traffic

is slowing down. Delays extend back

past the M5 tolls and nearly on to

King Georges Road. It hasn't

King Georges Road. It hasn't affected the run towards Sydney

Airport so far. Still traffic

delays heading out towards the west.

The M4chockers out towards Parramatta. Medibank Private looks set to be the first health fund floated on the Australian Stock Exchange. The Prime Minister has supported the idea but there are still questions over whether the fund is the Government's to sell. Senior Ministers have indicated the Government is considering a $2 billion public float of the health insurer, instead of a sale to another fund. And now the Prime Minister has weighed in. I think the idea of the Australian public being able to buy shares in a privatised Medibank Private would be a good thing. But before the Government's starts counting the $2 billion such a float would raise, it has to rebut a Parliamentary Library report which has questioned the Commonwealth's ownership of the fund. After all, the Parliamentary Library is not a firm of solicitors or barristers. We've had professional advice consistently for at least the past four years to the effect that we do own this business and it is ours, or taxpayers', to sell. The only response that Nick Minchin has made to that Parliamentary Library paper is to slag off the people who wrote it. The Government is also open to the idea of Medibank Private customers being given preference in any share float.

According to the Parliamentary Library research paper, Medibank Private's 3 million customers might be entitled to more than the right to buy shares. It's possible they will be able to claim compensation if their interest in the fund isn't recognised by the new owners. Labor's linked the proposed Medibank sale to the imminent Telstra T3 share float, reminding the Government of the fate of investors in T2. Hasn't Telstra's price more than halved since T2? Now they're trying to drive down the sale price, at the expense of taxpayers, in T3. It's outrageous behaviour. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. An assurance from East Timor tonight that it can regain control of security. But Australia's Foreign Minister Alexander Downer says our forces could remain in Dili for some time yet. Mr Downer arrived in Dili

prepared for some tough talks on East Timor's future. How long will Australia need to stay here? Impossible to tell. Could be a while. A point reinforced during talks at the presidential palace. East Timorese Prime Minister, Jose Ramos Horta, telling his Australian and Indonesian guests things are on the mend. Mr Downer emerged optimistic. The advice that I have is that the situation is somewhat better than it has been

so we're pleased about that. Labor says the the Government must now stick it out, or risk another security collapse ahead of an April election. What Mr Downer should be doing is learning from from those mistakes, acknowledging that there is a security problem on the ground

and committing Australian troops to remain in substantial numbers right through to the East Timorese elections. While the UN has announced plans to send another 1,600 police to the troubled nation,

there are no plans to increase Australian troop numbers - at least for now.

At this stage we have just over 1,000 Australian Defence Force personnel in East Timor. We intend to remain at that level for the foreseeable future. It's a different story on another front, with the Government announcing another boost to troop numbers in southern Iraq. 38 more personnel will help support local security forces, bringing Australia's military presence in Iraq to 1,400. Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News. A senior al-Qa'ida leader has been captured in Iraq. Hamed al-Saedi was caught hiding in a house north of Baghdad a few days ago. Since then, 20 other militants have been picked up but there's concern the arrest will have little effect on the organisation.

We know that al-Qa'ida is like a multiheaded monster, when you cut one head, five emerge. Al-Saedi's accused of ordering the bombing of a sacred Shi'ite mosque in February, sparking a wave of sectarian violence. The day's finance news still to come. The moon mission with a bang - Scientists smash a space probe into the surface.

That's next. And the loss of a legend - the world in shock as news spreads of Steve Irwin's death.

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This program is captioned live. The top story this newshour - the shock death of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. He was killed by a stingray while filming an underwater documentary in north Queensland. Emergency crews say the 44-year-old died from a barb that went through his chest, causing a heart attack. His wife and two children were in Tasmania at the time. Well-known internationally, tributes to the Crocodile Hunter have flooded in from around the globe. Steve Irwin's manager was with him today just off Port Douglas. He says it's the worst day of his life.

We were in the Cairns, Port Douglas

area, filming a documentary for

Animal Planet called 'Ocean's Dead

leest', ironic term, which was

basically looking at things that

could kill you in the sea. And this

could kill you in the sea. And this morning Steve decided to - just

give me this - just decided to

shoot a couple of segments for our

new TV show that he's doing with

his daughter, Bindi, and the

cameraman went out on to the reef

to do a little sequence on

stingrays. He came over the top of

a stingray and the stingray's barb

went up and went into his chest and

put a hole into his heart. We got

him back within a couple of minutes

to Croc1, which is Steve's research

vessel, and tried for the trip back

to where we were going to meet the

emergency rescue people, we were

doing constants CPR, trying to

resuscitate him and make him

resuscitate him and make him survive. When we got there, it was

11:50, and when the emergency crew

arrived they pronounced him dead.

It's likely that he possibly died

instantly when the barb hit him and instantly when the barb hit him and

I hope he never felt any pain. The ever-enthusiastic Australian icon was loved and admired by all those he met. The world over he will be remembered as the Crocodile Hunter, an environmentalist who died doing what he loved best. Steve Irwin's family moved to Queensland from Victoria when he was a child. The move would become a defining point in his life, with Irwin's parents taking over the running of a small reptile park on the Sunshine Coast. Crikey! Irwin started off as a catcher and eventually took over management.

Mate, I love crocs. If I could kiss 'em on the lips, I would! Thankfully, it didn't come to that. The park also became a setting for romance - he met American-born wife Terri on site. Australia Zoo, which has grown under the couple's close supervision, is now one of Queensland's most popular tourist attractions.

And as it developed, so too did Steve Irwin's own notoriety.

Crocs rule, mate! Films, documentaries and a larger-than-life personality came together, and fame followed. Success in the US hurdled him to the top of his league. He's said to have a cult following of 500 million fans. But, ever the practical joker and larrikin, Irwin's antics at times found him surrounded in controversy, the worst, the baby Bob incident,

when he held his second-born child just metres from a crocodile during feeding time. Bob's older sister, Bindi, has also grown up in the spotlight.

I had this great flourishing career in TV and movies, and now I'm second fiddle to my 7-year-old daughter. But family was his love, his work, his passion.

He established Wildlife Warriors Worldwide and personally injected millions into the cause. To most, his lifestyle would have been seen as dangerous,

and now it's claimed his life. He goes into a death roll - great. Keeping the rope tight. That's good, OK.

But seeing him on the job, it would've been hard to imagine Steve Irwin as anything but the 'Crocodile Hunter'. Amanda McLeay, Ten News. Our US correspondent, Rahni Sadler, interviewed Steve Irwin many times and she joins us now from Los Angeles. Rahni, you did interview him, you met him several times. How did you find him? I found Steve Irwin to be exactly in person what he's like in real life.

The first time I went to interview him years ago I thought he'd probably be a lot more low-key off camera than he was on camera. And in fact a lot of Australians thought,

"He's so over the top, he doesn't act like us." And I had a bit of a chip on my shoulder about meeting him and then when I met him I was so surprised at how incredibly lovely and incredibly genuine he was. He's always really good to interview. He'll answer anything. He'll stay to do a news story all day and all night to help you out. He's also a very big larrikin and he played a few tricks on me over time. He had a bit of a joke with me - put a big 9-foot olive python, 3-metre olive python around my neck, and made me scream. Always had lots of fun, always had a sense of humour, very over the top. But a really genuine, lovely, honest to goodness bloke. Rahni, we're all in quite a state of shock and a degree of sadness.

He was a young dad, so well liked, particularly in America.

What's been the reaction like there so far? The reaction tonight has been huge. On all the late night evening news bulletins, almost every single one led with the death of Steve Irwin and many of them had very lengthy items, not quite obituaries, they didn't have enough time to put those together but very lengthy items talking about his career and what he meant to America. It's difficult to overstate how popular he was over here. People really love Steve Irwin

and Steve Irwin was enormously famous over here before most of them had ever really heard of him.

He was having UCLA Crocodile Hunter Week.

His show was really, really popular over here. I was at barbecue when I found out that he died and everybody in the room knew exactly who he was and everybody was devastated by the news. A few people said, "It was only a matter of time." It's very, very sad news and received very sadly here tonight. I'm not surprised at all.

Thanks, Rahni, for the update. Rahni Sadler in Los Angeles. Thanks, Sandra. The local sharemarket bounced back today after last week's slump. Astronomers from around the world have witnessed a spectacular crash landing into the Moon. The mission hoping to bring scientists one step closer to determining how the Moon was actually formed. It's an end to Europe's first mission to the moon. APPLAUSE The European space agency sending its 'SMART-1' space craft to carry out a final experiment. Hurtling into the moon's surface at more than 7,000km/h, releasing a cloud of dust and rock.

I think we have had a space craft that provided a lot of new information training for us and it was really a great mission. The 'SMART-1' space craft has spent the past three years circling the moon,

its cameras beaming back the most detailed digital images yet of its surface. By crashing it into the moon, we can get a better idea of where it came from and did it in fact share an origin with the Earth. One of the theories is that some 4.5 billion years ago, an enormous object as big as Mars collided with the Earth, sending debris into space which then clumped together to form the moon. Scientists will now analyse all of the data gathered by the 'SMART-1' space craft, along with the plumes of moon dust to determine the history of the moon and test theories about how it was created. Everybody wants to know where the moon came from and this is a chance we get to get a sample without sending people there. When we finally put the picture together, what we'll get is maps of what the moon is made of, which no-one has ever had before. Although 'SMART-1' is now in pieces the valuable information gathered will also be used to examine the sustainability of human life on the moon.

Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News.

Time for another weather check with

the one and only staefb Billy who

is surrounded by a friend. What

about today. A flash-looking blue

sky. Beautiful conditions. 20Th day

in a row of above average

temperatures. Let's have a look at

the map of NSW for you.

Tomorrow at your place, blue sky

and 22 degrees. Tonight at your

place, I'm very proud to announce

the man known as Diesel.

the man known as Diesel. (Sings) # Right on the tip of Tim's tongue

* Right on the tip of Tim's tongue

* On the tip of Tim's tongue ... *

Doesn't get any better, Diesel

serenading me and Sandra talking to

me. It's a beauty his new album.

It's Tim Bailey. She called you

Steve Bailey, I think you're the

great wave hunter. Please forgive

me. I do have Steve Irwin on my

mind. You had a pretty interesting

incident with him before. At the

Logies. I did. It's surreal. It's

hard to come to terms with, isn't it? Tim Webster with sport

and Andrew Johns isn't captain this week? As soon as they get on field for the finals Joey will be handing over the duties. More shortly And as the finals captains square off, why the Eels say it isn't too risky to play injured skipper Nathan Cayless. Also, Lleyton Hewitt storms into the fourth round of the US Open. COMMENTATOR: That's vintage Hewitt.

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It's the dawn of a new age in driving. Introducing the all-new Holden Commodore, designed from the word 'go' With Electronic Stability Program standard for added safety and with Linear Control Suspension, it leaves the competition in the Stone Age. The all-new Holden Commodore. Go like never before. This program is captioned live. Knights skipper Andrew Johns has made the shock decision to leave all dealings with the referee, including the coin toss, to team-mate Steve Simpson. Just back from a 2-match ban for abusing a touch judge, Johns wants to take the pressure off during the finals. After a season marred by blow-ups with on-field officials, Johns using today's NRL captain's call to say he's taking himself away from potential confrontation. It's just about spreading the leadership and getting the pressure off me. If any questions are going to be asked of the referee, I think Steve Simpson's going to be going up. Johns returning to the scene of his most infamous clash this Friday night and again the opposition is Manly - Ben Kennedy back for the Eagles and wanting to see an even bigger Joey blow-up. I hope so. I hope he gets sent off. Another skipper also back - Nathan Cayless returning for the Eels after a second opinion on his fractured eye socket. Obviously there's a risk in any sort of injury when you come back that you could always do it again but he's assured me that risk is very minimal. The NRL boasting three of the top four sides are non-Sydney teams. The downside for the NRL is there's more empty seats this year. Crowds are down 1,100 fans a game on last year.

At least the Telstra Stadium decider will be a sell-out, even if it's Melbourne versus Brisbane. Oh, the Grand Final's just about sold out anyway so we hold back some tickets for the fans of the teams that make it on the 1st of October. But no concerns there, we'll take any combination. And Willie Mason delivering the news the Raiders didn't want to hear - a 2-match suspension has him raring to go. It's benefited me. At this time of the year you need to sharpen up a bit so these last two weeks have been good. Worries though for Reni Maitua - the Dogs backrower in doubt with a leg injury. Adam Hawse, Ten News. West Coast Eagles star Chris Judd has overcome an injury scare and is fit for Saturday night's qualifying final against the Swans in Perth. Sydney are also in good shape, they came through yesterday's hammering of Carlton unscathed and in top form. It appears everything's going along just swimmingly for the Swans - Paul Roos unlikely to make any changes for this weekend's qualifying final against the Eagles. The trip to Perth familiar territory for the defending premiers who started last year's campaign the same way. It's obviously a difficult game and the NFL had been really good but we feel we've got the game to certainly match them and hopefully come away with a win. Like 2005, the stakes for this first match are very high - a win would provide a welcome week off and a highly valued home preliminary final. A loss, though, would see a home final next week followed by a trip to either Adelaide or Perth for the preliminary final. Also adding to the drama of the contest have been the closeness of the matches in recent history - just 10 points in total separated the teams in their last three matches. Last year's qualifying final which the Eagles won by four points was clouded in controversy when a dubious free kick was paid against Leo Barry

in the last quarter. We're gonna not worry about those sorts of things even in that game we had a chance where we could've won the game In Perth, Brownlow Medallist Chris Judd has thrown off concerns over a groin strain by training comfortably this afternoon. In the wake of Sydney FC's spiteful showdown with Melbourne

Lleyton Hewitt has continued his march through the US Open. Hewitt's latest straight sets win set up a fourth round meeting with the 25th seed, Frenchman Richard Gasquet. Lleyton Hewitt played a waiting game against his 19-year-old opponent. Serbian Novak Djokovic has surged 60 places up the world rankings this year. Hewitt feeling out the 20th seed before moving in for the kill.

That's vintage Lleyton Hewitt. The 25-year-old has yet to drop a set at the tournament. He's through to the final 16 for the seventh year running. It was a little bit suck and see for the first six or seven games. It was a good win for me and first up against a guy like that. World number two Rafael Nadal through to the fourth round for the first time at Flushing Meadows, straight sets over South African Wesley Moodie. He's a great athlete. Top seed Roger Federer dropping just six games against American Vince Spadea, while a sparkling women's third seed, Maria Sharapova, finished off fellow Russian Elena Likhovtseva, also in straight sets. And she's done it. Leanne West, Ten News. Later in Sports Tonight we'll hear from Glenn McGrath, celebrating his call-up to the Australia squad for the ICC Champions Trophy.

We'll have more on the shock death

of the Crocodile Hunter next.

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It was a typical evening when the Riches were off to the theatre. (Poshly) Now, Johnny only wears red pyjamas on a Thursday,

and his cousins like three bedtime stories. They're all very picky. Well, what about dinner? It's all sorted. Thank you. KFC's new Boneless Variety Meal. You're in luck. Juicy boneless fillets, Crispy Strips, Nuggets and sides - variety to please even the pickiest of eaters. You're right - I am lucky. KFC's Boneless Variety Meal. SONG: # Can't beat that taste. #

This program is captioned live. The world is mourning the death of an Aussie legend tonight - Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin killed in a freak accident off the North Queensland coast.

The 44-year-old was make

agdocumentary on dangerous sea

creatures near Port Douglas when he

was stung. Tributes have come in to

him all over the world. Haven't we

all been struck by that news. What

a beautiful day you've managed to

turn on for us? Mondays aren't the

easiest beast to wrestle with, so

they might as well come light blue,

sunny. You know what I like about

Mondays, about this weather

segment? You can put people on it

that you really enjoy. I've lis

toond this guy for a lot of years

and to finally meet him today and

share him live with you in your

loungeroom, his new single is

called 'Saviour'.

(Sings) # Saviour

* I will find the debt in your eyes

* I learn enough to cry and I don't know why

* But I know I need a saviour... *

It's called 'Coathanger and Tennis'.

He'll play at Manly, the He'll play at Manly, the Brass

Monkey. It's just a bit cold as we

do it now. 20Th day in a row of

above average temperatures. What

about that weekend - temperatures

up to around about 28. Tomorrow, 22

degrees. The blue sky starting to

degrees. The blue sky starting to struggle a bit around Wednesday

with a late showers and showers and

temperatures going that way into 20

degrees and 19 degree territory,

Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Let's get into your backyard:, don't say I don', don't say I don anything for you.

Let's have a look at the satellite.

Cloud is sweeping across south-western Western Australia

with a cold front generating cool

showery winds. Low cloud lingers

showery winds. Low cloud lingers over Queensland and north-east NSW,

near a low pressure trough and is

generate agfew showers. Just happen

to have a weather map. A cold front

will bring a burst of strong winds

to South Australia, Tasmania,

Victoria and southern NSW. A low

pressure system will trigger

isolated showers over north-eastern

NSW as well. Predicted

precipitation, drips and drops

across rooftops. Showers developing

over southern NSW. Victoria,

Tasmania and South Australia.

Showers mostly clearing from

southern Western Australia.

Isolated showers over eastern and

northern Queensland. Snow on the

northern Queensland. Snow on the way too. To everyone in Thredbo

that did what they did to me across

that did what they did to me across the weekend, thanks for nothing.

You've been there. You know how

You've been there. You know how evil that place is? It can be.

Let's go interstate while the voice just hangs in there.

There it is. It's called

'Coathanger and Tenor'. Put out by

the good-looking bloke on the

television. It's nice to have the

people you listen to playing for

you on the TV. Give Diesel a hug,

goodnight.. A man of many talents.

With the gravity of the news we

haven't been able to say welcome

aboard for a couple of nights. Deb

will be back on Wednesday. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Sandra Sully. Stay with us for updates throughout the evening and the Late News at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. ( BELL RINGING ) ( WHISTLE BLOWING ) ( PLAYING THE BLUES )