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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. and this is Ten's 5:00 News. Hello, I'm Steve Leibman are among the injured Tonight - claims Australians in southern Lebanon. after Israeli air strikes

who pays for the mass evacuation. The Government under fire over over the Middle East violence. And thousands protest

is tonight investigating reports But first - the Federal Government

Australians have been injured in southern Lebanon. during Israeli bombing raids over the fate of two Sydney boys, It comes amid uncertainty on the border. trapped in a village under fire turns out to be a warning - A sign from above before it's too late. get out of southern Lebanon at the border, the bombing continues. As Israeli forces build up

to stand by Hezbollah, The Lebanese Government threatening to fight any Israeli ground assault. there will be no Israeli invasion. There is no Israeli invasion and for the Lebanese army So there is no mission to fend off the Israeli invaders.

destroying up to 30 homes Fresh airstrikes reportedly in the border village of Aiteroun,

8-year-old brother Abas from Sydney where 11-year-old Ali and his

are trapped. Nearly 48 hours, if they're still alive or not. I don't know anything, of safe passage for evacuees Reports about corridors and humanitarian aid failing to convince a worried mother. Don't believe anything. Don't believe them. to go there. Even the Red Cross not allowed I understand fully a Lebanese background must feel. the anguish that Australians of

The Government investigating reports in southern Lebanon Australians trapped have been caught up in the bombing. a widely reported claim There is obviously of some Australians being injured but we can't confirm that at all. The Americans believe the long-term hostility any quick-fix ceasefire won't solve between Hezbollah and Israel.

by the number of casualties. But even the US admits it's unsettled so determinedly It's why we have talked and so frequently with the Israelis about restraint in their operation. the humanitarian corridors open. It's why we've worked to get Grave fears are held still trapped on the frontline. for those Australians Murray McCloskey, Ten News. will get a free ride home. Not all Australians

from Beirut failed to materialise As the expected mass exodus because of no-shows, some of those who get a flight home the Government has announced will be expected to pay for it. A welcome home worth waiting for. of an Armenian dance group, Tears flowing as remaining members for several days, arrive home. trapped in the war zone

we were boarding the bus - Just before Welcome home sweetheart! we saw the pieces flying towards us. ..a bomb hit five minutes away and On behalf of the Lebanese people Government for their support. I would like to thank the Australian is going to be so happy. But not everyone over its evacuation response, The Government, already under fire home will be free of charge. today making it clear not all flights

of Lebanon, but Australian citizens, Where people are permanent residents

of Australia, but not residents to refund the taxpayer we would expect those people for the cost of the flight. out by tomorrow looks unlikely The plan to have 6,000 Australians turning up to the port with smaller-than-expected numbers to fill the chartered vessels. available on the ships, There were in fact more berths

the Australian Government, that had been charted by

to fill those berths. than people wanting we were able to offer assistance So much so that to a number of Swedish citizens. have made their way out. So far, 1,600 Australians for the embassy to call us - We didn't know we were waiting where to go. we didn't know what to do,

It's long delays. a little unorganised, very vague. We heard by word of mouth, it was is the next stage of the evacuation. An airlift out of Cyprus has been organised A commercial flight are believed to be on stand-by. and military aircraft the mission remains very risky. Foreign Affairs says there are no guarantees: In its evacuation advisory,

Warnings of possible disasters from the minds that could not be further

continue to find their way home. of those who, one way or another, Frank Coletta, Ten News. Thousand of people land takeover in Australia's north. An amazing claim tonight of an Asian

alleges A member of the National Party for military training purposes, the land is being used as slave labour. with illegal immigrants Jane McNamara, stole the show National Party delegate, at the annual Queensland conference border security. with her resolution on

in the northern parts of Australia JANE MCNAMARA: It's common knowledge by Asians. that properties are being bought the old World War II airstrips. We need to monitor

Her Pauline Hanson-style claims, for military training grounds that the Asian land buy-up is are disposable to their Asian bosses. and illegal immigrants used as labour No-one spoke against it. It's carried. Those in favour? Against? silencing the delegate. Party bosses soon realised the gaffe, rebel Senator Barnaby Joyce, Absent from the proceedings, "a clanger." who quickly branded the comments

I've got no problem with Asians.

with half my family. Otherwise I'd have a problem

Then this passing clarification. thank you very much. It's only hearsay, telling the conference Leader Mark Vaile the ACCC's petrol price watch has been extended to include ethanol blends. as Federal President The man he dumped merger plan, David Russell, over the botched Queensland reluctantly described his relationship with Mr Vaile as...

Very professional. the State goes to the ballot boxes. It'll be the last conference before There's growing speculation an early election, Queensland could going to in three Gold Coast seats. a new poll showing Labor is in strife

Cathy Border, Ten News. has rejected fears The new wages watchdog could miss out on future pay rises. that struggling workers As angry Spotlight workers rallied against individual contracts

in Melbourne, the Fair Pay Commission has been forced to defend itself. One of its key advisers has recommended against a rise for low paid workers, arguing it would threaten job growth. The Commission insists no decision has been made on the minimum wage. Australia's Miss Universe contestant, Erin McNaught, has appeared on the popular US talk show, 'Letterman'.

The Brisbane beauty was one of only four entrants to be chosen to appear on the program.

And once again she couldn't escape that raunchy photo scandal

that nearly took her out of the contest. Well, I think there was a little controversy in Australia. Really? She was in some nude photos as I understand. Woo! LAUGHTER Now you want to bring her back out? The Miss Universe competition will be judged on Monday.

Still to come - a teenager dies in a bizarre bakery accident. An Australian swimmer breaks an 81-year-old record. I'm

feeling pretty good considering. And the snake that went to extraordinary lengths to keep warm.

This program is captioned live. A teenage girl has died in a workplace accident on the Gold Coast. The 17-year-old apprentice was working night shift at a local bakery when she became trapped in a bread-drying machine. Rescue crews were unable to save her. Distraught family and friends say it was her first full time job.

It's a case of double the pain for players and fans of AFL club, the Kangaroos, today. Arsonists are believed responsible for a blaze

which tore through their training facilities in Melbourne early this morning, hours after their humiliating loss to Adelaide. Called to Arden Street around 5:00am, firefighters found buildings well alight.

A gymnasium and massage studio were severely damaged

and valuable equipment went up in smoke. The boys did a very good job to confine it to that area and stop it from spreading to the club-room. Also lost were irreplaceable player records, boots and memorabilia.

They not only lost their game in Adelaide, but they lost their clubrooms. Arson detectives are investigating. It's believed tyres were torched under the building. If it is arson,

that's a personal attack on the club and each and every one of us. Damage is estimated at $150,000. Keiva Matheson, Ten News. Another blunder for Australia's Defence Force, with claims a new missile-dodging system for fighter jets could be scrapped, a move that would threaten air security. An Adelaide-based firm was commissioned for the project, even though it hadn't proved it could apply the system to F-18s.

It's now believed the missile dodger may not be compatible, and could leave taxpayers with a $200 million bill. A new world record tonight for marathon swimmer Tammy van Wisse, the Aussie star smashing an 81-year-old record in the US. For someone who's swum the English Channel and the entire length of the Murray River

a 35km paddle from New York to New Jersey was not a daunting prospect. I'm was so relaxed I nearly slept through my alarm. 37-year-old Tammy Van Wisse powered past some world-famous landmarks in an attempt to beat the record set in 1926 by the late female swimming pioneer Gertrude Ederlie. Van Wisse wants to further Ederlie's legacy

by encouraging women and girls to tap into their inner strength. I think it's a great accolade to her and something that's lasted for 80 years, so with that in mind I hope Tammy breaks it smashes it in style. Her support crew keep her spirits and energy levels up. At the helm, her fiance Chris McChattie. Race you to the beach! MAN: Alright, race you to the beach. Messages from Australia always bring a smile.

More than two hours into her marathon swim Tammy is just over halfway and well within the world record. She's showing no sign of slowing down. Her stats reveal she's swimming faster now than when she started. When she does her mile lap work-outs in the pool she swims about 20 minutes per mile. That's what she's averaging right now in the open waters, which is really impressive. Barely five hours after leaving Manhattan,

Tammy arrived in New Jersey, smashing the world record by more than two hours. I'm feeling pretty good considering it was a good five hours in the office today. She's not sure what her next big challenge will be. but for now, she's just looking forward to celebrating her 38th birthday on Sunday. Have you got the official time? That's it. Five hours... 47. 47? That's pretty good. Yeah, it's fantastic.

In New York, Liz O'Gorman, Ten News. Thousand of people have taken their protest against the violence in Lebanon to the streets of our capital cities today. Despite the numbers, police reported no arrests. A sea of voices flooded Sydney's streets to tell the world what their loved ones in Lebanon could not. Our message to Israel is an international one -

leave us Muslim people alone. Stop killing us, our families, our children, our livelihoods. What's happened to your family? I've lost 10 members of my family.

Traffic ground to a block. They

wore their hearts on their sleeves.

And some brought props as a remind And some brought props as a remind ter problems

ter problems in the Middle East

don't stop in lebnon. As the march

wound its way through the city, a

new chant at each corner, this the

most popular. What do we want? No

war. There was also anti-American

sentiment. A concern shared by

union representatives taking part.

Millions of people in Lebanon and

Palestine have

Palestine have been subject to

bombardment by Israel supported by

the United States. The Australian

Government get behind us and help

us, like they did noo East Timor.

Why is East Timor different to

Lebanon. The protest path in Sydney

was a relatively short one by the

crowd made up for it in voice power

to make sure the message was heard.

Up to 20,000 people of all ages and backgrounds joined the

backgrounds joined the rally. Their

deafening roars would have been

heard by a US consulate but a

police barricade around the

perimeter, made sure no-one got too

clois. The police of Australia

protect the USA but they should

protect Australian people in

Lebanon. 3,000 people turned out in

Melbourne and hundreds showing

support in other States lt but to the great relief of

the great relief of organiser, no

reported problems with police. I am

proud of every one of you today,

but you know why I'm proud of you?

Baz most of you have been

disciplined and we need you to

maintain the discipline. Their hard

work done, most walked away proud

they'd done their bit and sometimes

thatwise best told in the simp lest

of ways. Up next on Ten News - the European heatwave takes a deadly toll.

And how a quick-thinking father saved his drowning son. I don't remember nothing - just waking up in the hospital.

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This program is captioned live. A quick-thinking father has saved the life of his drowning son,

after the teenager became stuck at the bottom of a hotel spa. Sharif Pipkin and wife Diane cry at the thought of what nearly happened to their 14-year-old son, Aljuwon.

I just remember going down to the pool and I don't remember nothing else, just waking up in the hospital. A grate broke at the the bottom of a hotel spa, sucking Aljuwon down and holding him under the water. I began to holler for help for people. The teenager lost consciousness as hotel guests tried desperately to free him. They couldn't pull him up and he didn't come up.

And I pulled again Sharif Pipkin began taking gulps of air before swimming down and forcing it into his son's mouth. By the time hotel staff worked out how to turn off the spa, Aljuwon had been underwater for seven minutes. Early tests suggested Aljuwon may have suffered brain damage, but when he woke up, doctors determined he was fine. The near-death experience has left the 14-year-old with a new approach to life.

I can appreciate life more in each moment and work harder for things. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. California's Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has ignored President Bush's veto on stem cell research, Instead donating almost $200 million to the cause. The 'Governator' says he's still a strong supporter of the President, even though he disagrees with some of his decisions. what the federal government thinks.

It doesn't matter to me what the President thinks about it, or what any party thinks about it. There's speculation Schwarzenegger is trying to distance himself from the increasingly unpopular President, in the lead-up to California's election. Emmy award winning actor Jack Warden, has died in New York. The former boxer and paratrooper was best known for playing gruff cops, coaches and soldiers in a career that spanned five decades. Warden was nominated for two Oscars, and one Academy Award. He was 85. Dozens of disadvantaged children Now, are you a good driver. Do you have trouble reverse parking? Well, we think we may have found the solution, a car that drives itself. At an old East German airport a vision of driving in the future - or not driving. We're doing 80 miles an hour and it is absolutely terrifying, and, as you can see...

(Groans) ..the car is steering itself.

And its lap times are faster than most human drivers. Because the car knows its own limitations, it shouldn't crash. But to make the intelligent car think it has got to be able to see. This one has a rotating laser and senses the reflections from obstacles. A computer in the boot then calculates a route to avoid them and it directly controls the steering, gears and power.

But could this work on real roads in real traffic? If we really pushed the technology really hard, in a couple of years we are in a situation where we can do that. It will free up people's time and make people who otherwise cannot drive cars like blind people. But car companies are worried. If there is a crash they will get sued, so they are each using the technology bit by bit. This Prius can park itself.

The weather's next and then it's Sports Tonight with Rob Canning. Rob, Collingwood breaks their losing run in the AFL? Steve - a 37-point win over West Coast, and the Magpies' premiership campaign is officially back on track. We'll bring you the battle of the birds. Storming home - Melbourne is hot.

And look who's leading the British Open.

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This program is captioned live. Taking a look at the weather around the nation tomorrow. On 'Meet The Press' tomorrow: Shadow Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd, will be talking about the Middle East crisis, and the Australians trapped in Lebanon.

That's at 8:00am. Finally, a pet python, called Houdini, is recovering

after performing a rather uncomfortable disappearing act. The 3.5m burmese python got a little greedy. After polishing off his dinner, he ate his electric blanket as well. I looked, I said, "Where's the blanket? It's not here any more." I said, "Oh, no. Call the vet." X-rays showed metres of wire stuck inside the python's body - he even swallowed the power cord and plug. The local vet had to operate to remove the snake's unusual feast. That brings you up to date with the latest news. Stay around for Sports Tonight with Rob Canning. I'm Steve Leibman, glad you could join us, goodnight. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions

This program is captioned live. Welcome to Sports Tonight. Hello. I'm Rob Canning. being the best. Today's show is all about The benchmark, number 1. there's always someone better, They say but a small few are the best. The Crows. The captain. the body! COMMENTATOR: Ricciuto snaps across The milestone. There's a storm front coming. carve up the Sharks. The ladder leaders

for Melbourne! Oh Billy Slater's away slaying 'em in South Africa. Another Slater