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(generated from captions) I hope so for you, Lucy. Fingers crossed. It's $20,000. Nicely played. Great work. you had $250.50. So between you and Mary, I've got $250. You've got the monkey, Do you reckon? I probably do. Is that what you say? Let's look. It's... Yeah! Yay! Look at that! into $24,000. You have turned 50 cents Let's see the money. That is a magnificent effort. Feast your eyes on this, family. Well, Paul. Well, Mia. Well, Louis. Mum done good, yeah? Very good indeed! thanks for being with us, girls. Hey, Deb, hey, Mary, Enjoy the trip. It's been a whole lot of fun. to send us a postcard, OK? Don't forget here in the Drome. 'Bye, now. See you next time, This program is captioned live. Tonight - wanted over a freeway rock attack police hunt two young men on a Sydney driver. warned to have new tests Thousands of skin cancer patients after their doctor is deregistered. childcare closing-time procedures A Sydney family demands tougher after their son was abandoned. Andrew Symonds under investigation And troubled cricketer at a Brisbane hotel. over an incident with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. A Sydney driver for saving both of their lives has his wife to thank the windscreen of their car after a rock was thrown through on the F6 freeway. Sydney police centre. Reporter Sarah Cumming is at he's a very lucky man. And Sarah, police say He sure is, Ian.

a cliff-face in Wollongong's south. A 2kg rock was hurled off smashing into his chest. It just missed his head, saved the day, His quick-thinking wife to push on the brake pedal. leaning over

the attackers. Police are now hunting His chest is badly bruised and cut. His wrist, too. The victim is traumatised so much worse. but it could have been

that I was in so much pain. I was hurting so much, who doesn't want to be identified The 56-year-old was driving at Berkley smashed through his windscreen. when a 2kg rock

WIFE: That moment was so scary.

that someone had shot me. VICTIM: And they actually thought

His wife was in the passenger seat. but the rock had lodged on top. She tried the handbrake WIFE: It was a big bang - big bang, we were blank. like, for a few moments She put her hand on the foot brake. eventually hit the guard rail. The car

"No, I have to do something" WIFE: I said, and put my hand on it. and I just bend down to the area Police were already on their way several rocks being thrown as witnesses had reported moments earlier. A second car was also hit. was cowardly to say the least, The behaviour of these persons it's incomprehensible. for two young males. Detectives are hunting forensically tested for DNA. The rocks are being

Last year, had part of her skull removed Nicole Miller in the Illawarra. after a rock-throwing attack the potential to be catastrophic These types of offences have in terms of their result. to call Crime Stoppers on: Police are urging witnesses

Ian. Nearly 7,000 skin cancer patients they may need more treatment are being warned was de-registered. after a Sydney doctor

is recommending check-ups, The Health Department still have cancer with a chance some patients

and don't know it. When he was a doctor at his skin cancer clinic, David Lindsay spent nine years face the question, now many of those he treated "Did he do enough?" unnecessarily, I don't want to scare the community to have the information. but I do want them Around 7,000 former patients

letters telling them: are getting Health Department are told to see a doctor More than 1,300 high-risk patients as soon as they can - special clinics for them. the department's even setting up those patients We really want to make sure adequate follow-up. have, in fact, adequately had is threatening legal action, But David Lindsay the best records in the country. saying he has got one of they were all cured. I treated all patients 100%, was deregistered in August The former doctor after dozens of complaints - criticism of his record-keeping. mischievous and incompetent The tribunal found he was cruel, and had a delusional disorder.

for over 20 years now, They've been trying to get me virtually my whole career. is appealing his de-registration. David Lindsay are sent out As the Health Department letters his former patients, too. he says he wants to write to about your health." And I'll say, "I have no concerns should get checked up - That people who've seen him to say. I think that's a reasonable thing has been warned A Western Sydney childcare centre it could lose its licence

locked inside. after a toddler was left alone demanding action The boy's parents are furious, in six months. after the second case of its kind angry and chasing answers The Vollmer family, on how 18-month-old son Uriah by his own childcare centre. was left forgotten and abandoned Parents have a right to know into care, that when they put their kid they're being cared for properly. last Thursday, At Penrith's Nepean Pre-School to find the doors locked mum Michelle arrived and Uriah trapped inside. and stopped. Fortunately, a staff member drove by unlocked the door, She kind of charged through, and ran to the back of the centre. turned off the alarm "OK, what's going on?" And I'm standing there going in six months. It's the second time Completely shocked. I thought, "What? It's happened again?" Gayatri Iyengar's daughter was locked up in her Rydalmere childcare centre. DOCs promised an investigation. We never heard anything from them after that. Well, nothing, that is, until today. With the media spotlight again on this issue, DOCs coincidentally contacted Mrs Iyengar this morning and give her the first update on the investigation

in six months. They revealed the centre will be prosecuted next Tuesday. So could the Nepean centre. The fine is up to $22,000, or worse. If that is found wanting, we have the capacity to revoke that licence, to suspend that licence. And the media spotlight is unlikely to leave this case - 12 months after a 9-year-old girl was found starved to death a review has called for the child protection system to be overhauled. Justice James Wood found

DOCs is still failing thousands of children who could be in danger. After 34 hours, a mother was reunited with her children yesterday. They were allegedly abducted by their father and known to DOCs. So was Shellay Ward - she was found dead last year, weighing 9kg. Her shocking case prompted a DOCs inquiry by Justice James Wood. His report was delivered today. This review, frankly, has been overdue. Justice Wood found: 21% of callers to the DOCs helpline who needed help, got none. Only 13% led to a home visit. 13% of follow-ups is an absolute disgrace. As Minister for Community Services, I can assure you that things will change as a result of this report. Recommendations include: Better feedback to callers who report to DOCs, background checks for people in contact with children, home visits for first-time mothers and the DOCs helpline only accepting reports of children in significant risk. Ultimately, the community needs to have confidence in the system and we'll make the changes required to get the system right. Justice Wood also calls for preschool for all 4-year-olds. New South Wales has the lowest participation rates in the country. The Premier says he's very close to a deal with the Commonwealth to provide preschool for all kids. Police are facing a crisis of morale

with almost 1 in 20 buckling under job-related stress and injury. Seven News has obtained figures showing hundreds of officers are on long-term sick leave. Others quit, and some kill themselves. Darren Moone was a sergeant, 14 years on the force. The things he saw will haunt him forever. There's numerous car accidents, blood, guts - I think about that every day, absolutely every day. Darren suffered post-traumatic stress disorder and in March he was discharged from the job he loved. (GASPS) It's just so hard to come to terms with - I'm not a police officer any more. A Seven News Freedom of Information probe has discovered he's far from alone. Police officers do one of the most dangerous jobs there is. They see and do things most people in the community wouldn't want to go near. Each year, about 700 apply for mental health-related workers compensation or stress leave. The average time off on compo is five months. Another 300 a year leave the force,

and in the last eight years 17 have committed suicide. absolutely diagnose who is going to be at risk and who isn't, but we do conduct extensive psychometric screening. One of the most stressful parts of the job, say police, is the way their authority has been undermined. Once, the uniform commanded respect, now it's just as likely to attract violent abuse. I think it's fair to say the work is becoming more complex, more dangerous, both physically and mentally. The Government has gone on the defensive over a new CityRail timetable that could see fewer services in Sydney's north. People to the west, south and east should see improvements, but those at Eastwood and West Ryde may be left waiting. Sydney's rail network is sometimes described as the world's worst.

Now the Government has a new timetable, but it's complicated, even for the Minister. Well, I have to check the detail of the timetable. I'm not going to stand here and pretend that I have looked at every line in the timetable and committed it to memory. The timetable promises additional peak services for the western, south and airport-East Hills line. Problem is it could make journeys slower. So the more services travelling down one train path in the course of an hour, means

they've got to slow slightly. Changes won't take effect until the new Epping to Chatswood rail link is up and running mid next year. When it does, some trains on the northern line will be diverted onto the new link meaning, fewer peak services reaching stations like Eastwood and West Ryde. This is going to be a mini Chatswood, so you think they'd be increasing the services. Disaster - and more people will take to driving. RailCorp says there'll be an extra 100 services a day but that still only a quarter of what the Government slashed three years ago in the last timetable overhaul. The Opposition says it can only find six more peak-hour trains in today's announcement. They had the propensity to increase those services during World Youth Day. The Government needs to explain why it can't increase more services. Sydney's weather has been fairly mild today - a relief after a weekend that, further afield, saw spring snow, flooding rain and gale-force winds. Experts say it's not quite climate change but a taste of what might be in store. Farmer Tim Hall counting the cost of the weekend storm that brought winter snow just as summer beckoned. Never seen anything like this, with the snow coming so late and causing so much damage. The snow had melted by this morning, but the weight of the fall destroyed expensive protective nets and much of the fruit under them. Oh look, we still would have lost roughly $150,000 worth of fruit with the damage. At Bedford Weir in Queensland, the worst kind of loss. A 4-year-old girl swept to her death by surging floodwaters after an inflatable dam section burst. Climate experts say such freak weather conditions are not unusual, just more extreme now. It certainly gives you insight into what we are going to see over the next few decades. It's not an example of climate change, basically because of the period that it occurred in. It's such a small space of time and climate change is shown through trends. Trends that give a taste of what's to come. Scientists warn that future storms will become more intense and frequent, adding to the financial strain on farmers. If we are going to get more of these events over the next few decades that's going to have a big impact on our insurance premiums, it's going to have a big impact on the cost of living. Still to come - a Sydney burglar dies after a citizen's arrest. Also, Kevin Rudd's fancy dress on his first anniversary as Prime Minister.

And Gordon Ramsay branded a kitchen rat, accused of cheating on his wife.

That's next. A burglar critically injured during a Marrickville home invasion has died. Earlier this month, he was caught by a resident who sat on him until police arrived. By then, he wasn't breathing

and had to be revived by ambulance officers. His life support was switched off and he died on Friday. Kevin Rudd has reason to celebrate after 12 months in power with polls showing he's Australia's most popular first-year Prime Minister. But as he prepares to return from APEC the Opposition's pointing out, Mr Rudd is also one of our most-travelled PMs. Looking more like an awkward gospel choir than a chorus of global leaders. This year's APEC fashion statement as unfortunate as the economic times. PHOTOGRAPHER: Mr Rudd! Australia! They all managed a cheery wave - except one. But he'd be happy about this first anniversary gift. A popularity rating of 67%. Four points higher than on election night, and our most popular first-year prime minister ever. He puts it down to ratifying Kyoto, saying sorry to the Aborigines, turfing WorkChoices - in short, keeping his election promises. But he's not ruling out a Cabinet reshuffle in the next year.

I think they've performed as a very good team,

and that is my view. I haven't changed from that. My other view is that we've all got to remain on our mettle - that includes me. A man on his mettle. As for the former man of steel? REPORTER: Has it been a good one year of the new government, Mr Howard? It's a beautiful day in Australia. And by being here in Lima, Kevin Rudd's assured of spending his first anniversary in a familiar place - overseas. He's not only our most popular first-year prime minister, he's also our most travelled. He's crossed the international date line so often that he doesn't know whether he's 'PM or am'. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is facing his own kitchen nightmare

after a British newspaper accused him of having a bit on the side. The married man is now considering legal action. This is a nightmare, you know that? It may well be, if it's proved foul-mouthed, food-loving family man Gordon Ramsay

is actually a cheat. You should be ashamed. British tabloid, the 'News of the World'

has published what it claims is proof Gordon Ramsay has steamed up the kitchen with a professional mistress. A former lover of Lord Jeffrey Archer, Sarah Symonds literally wrote the book on infidelity - even promoting it with Oprah Winfrey. If you're going to have an affair and your eyes are open, make sure it works for you as well, because he's having it all.

So you should also be enjoying a certain type of lifestyle. While cooking up publicity for his TV shows and restaurants, Ramsay has also sold himself as a dedicated husband and father. He hasn't commented on the allegations but through his publicist, swears everything is fine and is reportedly considering legal action. Commentators say the controversy won't damage the Ramsay juggernaut. I think the public are very forgiving and I think this is quite in keeping with his personality

so I don't think it's going to affect his career at all. Sport now with Ben Damon, and more trouble for Andrew Symonds? He just got back in the team now there's allegations of an incident at a pub last night. We'll have all the details next. Also tonight, Ricky Stuart still angry about Australia's World Cup meltdown.

Did you not understand that? And the bad boy of golf ready to go wild in Australia. Cricket Australia is investigating claims Andrew Symonds was involved in an incident at a Brisbane hotel last night. Reporter Jim Wilson joins us now. And, Jim, what's the latest?

a day after Australia scored an

emphatic victory Avenue which New

Zealand, Andrew Symonds is in hot

water again. He has had a number of

indiscretions this season but this

one came last night at the Normanby

Hotel in inner-city Brisbane. A

Hotel in inner-city Brisbane. A patron apparently approached him,

asking for an autographed and he

rejected the off - request. If we

understand that Andrew Symonds did

not retaliate a return to the

Australian hotel last night and is

due to fly out with the team

tomorrow morning for Adelaide to

prepare for the second Test. There

has been a number of similar incidents recently involving Symons,

one in India, another in West Indies

and one in Australia. He is only

and one in Australia. He is only just come back from his omission

from the Test team when he went

fishing in dar went instead of

attending a meeting. Another

off-field discuss - distraction and

off-field discuss - distraction and indiscretion. Cricket Australia will

indiscretion. Cricket Australia will have a full-scale investigation. There's trouble too for Kangaroos coach Ricky Stuart who is facing allegations he abused referee Ashley Klein after Australia's loss to New Zealand in the World Cup final. Tournament bosses have launched an investigation after English match officials lodged a complaint about an incident

at their hotel. Ricky Stuart was in Canberra today raising money for teenagers living with cancer at his annual golf day, and not keen to answer claims he abused referee Ashley Klein. I just told you I didn't want to talk about footy, mate - did you not understand that?

Organisers can't understand how Stuart could think there was a conspiracy against Australia. Some claim he alleged that when he argued with ARL boss Geoff Carr after the match. Well, you can't say that. I mean, Ricky's obviously emotional about the whole game. He's a champion person, He's a great coach but he's extremely, extremely disappointed, and obviously extremely frustrated and needed to let off some steam.

And despite a ground being booked NRL CEO's have dismissed talk of a hybrid game between league and union. They can book all they like but they can't do it without players - We pay the players, they're contracted to us. It'd be interesting to see how we go, but until they do something I guess we'll never know. While some of the players are curious to see how such a game would go

the ARU say they have no interest whatsoever in such a proposal and won't be altering their schedule for 2009.

At the Eels new coach Daniel Anderson has run his first session.

Obviously I'm a bit of a kid in a lollie shop today. Hopefully Ando's the last part of the puzzle we need

to get the job done next year, And finally tonight, one of the most colourful characters in sport has arrived in Australia. Golfer John 'the Wild Thing' Daly hasn't played here for six years after throwing his putter in a lake. And obviously Melbourne and then up to Coolum. Is that to collect the putter? Nah, I don't want that putter. Daly will tee it up at the Masters on Thursday.

Looks fit us any? Checking finance now, and the share market closed slightly higher. Often BHP Billiton gained 6%, the ASX 200 nine points. Often happens Gold miners recorded big gains after the metal price reached a 5-week high. Sara's next with the weather, and you've found the perfect spot to take in this afternoon's sunshine? Yes, Ian, I'm at the Opera House where a special celebration is about to kick off. I'll tell you all about it and give you Sydney's weather details, next. What I don't like about banks... That three-letter word - fee. Fees just suck. Monthly fees - what do you get for it? They charge too much. Way too much. Yes, I find that annoying. Fees to access my own money. I don't understand why they have to have a monthly fee. That's just a ridiculous amount of rip-off. With a Westpac Choice Account, you pay in at least $2,000 a month, and we give you banking with no monthly service fee. (FUNKY MUSIC) For a smoother, more feminine you, forget razors - try Veet's easy-to-use wax strips. Its new formula gives you touchable smoothness that lasts for up to four weeks.

It's only days now until 'Australia' the movie opens and already the hype is huge. Tourism Australia is hoping to cash-in on its imminent success tonight launching its 'Australia' campaign with a pre-release screening of the movie and celebration here at the Opera House. It was great to see the sun out today, although tops along the coast remained a few degrees below average. Katoomba and Richmond had a chilly start but temperatures warmed up quickly, along with the rest of Sydney. From the satellite - the low that brought the wild weekend weather is moving well out to sea. A high behind it is directing moist onshore winds along the New South Wales coast. Those winds will generate some isolated showers for us tomorrow, while a broad trough across the interior triggers showers and storms. Around Australia -

Tonight will be fine, but our skies will become cloudy leading to a cooler Tuesday with some isolated and brief showers. Most of Sydney should make it into the low 20s, but Terrey Hills and Wollongong are expected to reach just 19 degrees, while Katoomba is heading for a top of 16. Looking ahead - we could get a late shower

on Wednesday followed by showers and storms on Thursday and Friday and a clearing shower on Saturday. For the celebration tonight, Tourism Australia has recreated the dance scene from the film, including this massive boab tree. And that's Seven News to now, but we'll have updates during the evening. I'm Ian Ross. Thanks for your company, goodnight. Hello, I'm Matt White. Tonight - Gordon Ramsay's personal nightmare. His kiss-and-tell mistress and the affair that lasted years. Barbara Williams Also, the things that haunted last television interview. in her exclusive, And ready for summer - makes you look a size smaller. the swimsuit that one of our brightest stars. First, the toughest fight facing

a motor racing addict, Grant Denyer is a TV thrill-seeker, most of his time and a man who spends going non-stop, flat out. he's been flat on his back But for the last 10 weeks, shattered his lower vertebra, after an accident that to leaving him a paraplegic. and came close Now, for the first time on TV, about his painful road to recovery. Grant opens up this is the first time Look, I really, to be honest, about the whole thing, Matty. I've been emotional I think it snuck up on me. that part out of by body I don't think I've probably cleansed and think about what might have been where you actually stop what might have been. and I don't like I prefer the other option. He lives as he races. TV's high octane go-to guy. doing anything for a dare. The pocket rocket and living life in the fast lane Breaking world records on and off the box. But all that came to a brutal halt. NEWS FOOTAGE: Scans today confirmed was shattered into about six pieces a vertebra in his lower spine heavily during a demonstration... when the truck he was driving landed for some reason, When it came down, it just, in the suspension. didn't fully absorb everything It just stopped absorbing

straight through my spine. and that inertia just punched but I didn't know how much. I knew I'd hurt something, on the deck When you go to put your weight from underneath you, and your legs just fall then you lose feeling in your hands, potential spinal damage here". you go, "I think I'm facing the accident, So when you think about when you think about that moment, do you think, "Gee I was unlucky", that I can still walk?" or now do you think, "Boy I am lucky just setting in now, you know, I think it's just only was give me hope. the best thing that the doctor did "I think we can do this," The first word he says, that there was a chance, and then the moment I knew into making sure that I put every ounce of energy I had to recover. I gave it its best possible chance But it's now sinking in significant and horrific change that this could have been a fairly in life for me. to walk my future kids to school What if I was never able or walk down the aisle?

It's a frightening prospect who still wants to win Bathurst. for someone How do you view the future? a changed person, Do you think you are going to be I'm talking about, not just physically a changed Grant Denyer? do you think you are going to be