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(generated from captions) Tonight - caught on camera, The Cronulla reveng attack but still no arrests.

of being an overseas drug courier. Schapelle Corby's brother accused A security upgrade at Long Bay for a dangerous escapee. as the hunt continues And Australia Day at the Open, into the third round. with Peter Luczak and Sam Stosur

This program is LIVE captioned. with Samantha Armytage. This is Seven News Good evening. of a Sydney gang Police have released graphic video bashing a backpacker after the Cronulla race riots. can be seen. Some of the attackers' faces of Middle Eastern appearance. They're young men

is furious with his own detectives, But Police Commissioner Ken Moroney the tape existed. who failed to tell him had just reached the front door The unidentified youth

where he was staying of the local hostel when he was jumped. within seconds. The number of attackers grew The victim had nowhere to run. He collapsed back into the doorway kicked and punched him mercilessly. as a gang of 20 Middle Eastern youths

captured every blow. Two security cameras The pictures are grainy, dark - they may lead to an arrest. but police hope identify anyone from those images And I again ask you if people can to please contact us. the night after the Cronulla riots, The incident occurred on 12 December,

descended on the beachside suburb when gangs from Western Sydney revenge attacks. for a series of brutal But a month later,

and police admit has been found and arrested. not one of the men on this tape The delay is unfortunate. the integrity of this task force. However, I'm not prepared to risk This is a phased campaign. It's a long-term campaign. is furious But Commissioner Ken Moroney he was never told about the tape. he'd been complaining And just last week

to arrest Middle East gang members. there wasn't enough hard evidence This is not a television movie are rounded up within an hour, where the baddies including commercials. we're talking about here. This is real life extensive bruising and a broken arm, The victim was hospitalised with but is otherwise okay. not only for its severity The attack was remarkable to the local police station. but for its proximity and the YHA is here, just 50m away. The station is here, completely indifferent. And the gang seemed anyone with information The police are pleading with to call Crime Stoppers. on a Cronulla lifeguard A teenager accused of the attack which led to the race riots to two charges. is expected to plead not guilty was part of a group It's alleged Ali Osman

on 4 December. that bashed lifeguard Patrick Hunt with assault and affray. He was charged are expected to be called 22 witnesses when his case resumes on 2 March. Schapelle Corby's half-brother on serious drug and assault charges, has been arrested in Queensland on serious drug and assault charges,

accused of being an overseas courier.

Her Indonesian lawyers hope the case against James Kisina her last bid for freedom. doesn't ruin Another Corby in custody. half-brother, James Kisina, Police arrested Schapelle's last night. The teenager is facing eight charges, and production, including drug possession after a violent home invasion, and assault

of cannabis dealers. allegedly at the property claimed Today, the 18-year-old's lawyer

his client was driven by frustration his sister's innocence. and he tries to prove I can say no more than that. I can only say it was misguided. The magistrate heard -

he was at the property James Kisina admits to try and obtain information but says he was only there which might help his sister. But the most damning allegation is in a police affidavit in the exportation of cannabis. which claims the teenager is involved There's no foundation at all as far as that allegation is concerned. in Bali in 2004, Since Schapelle Corby's arrest

has rejected drug rumours. James Kisina

He was with her at the time. Schapelle took the fall for him The teenager later denied more than 4kg of marijuana and claimed isn't helping Schapelle Corby. A brother's sympathy

Her lawyers and friends fear could destroy any chance this latest case

of having a 15-year sentence quashed. This thing only can be used reopened again about this case. if the Supreme Court will be in March. James Kisina will face court again will remain behind bars. For now, both brother and sister has waited all day Another member of the Bali Nine

making their sentence demand. as prosecutors again delayed 19-year-old Scott Rush was to learn today

would seek the death penalty. whether prosecutors Andrew Chan, He arrived with accused ringleader who joked about jail life. until Monday. Scott Rush's case has been adjourned

how prosecutors want him punished. Tomorrow Michael Czugaj should learn is spending a second night on the run A dangerous prisoner after breaking out of Long Bay jail. a security upgrade Authorities have ordered for Robert Cole's escape. after blaming staff incompetence

sightings of Robert Cole last night. Police chased several reported They were false leads. As they search for him,

searches for answers. an embarrassed government

at Long Bay, including a rolling 24-hour audit. random spot-checks, Authorities will now impose not just targeting prisoners, but prison officers. some just weren't doing their jobs, It's becoming apparent security commander... from the now-suspended he's failed miserably. In my opinion, in this case, to be checking Cole's cell the guards supposed

from top to bottom every five days. We believe that this fellow for some weeks. had been chipping away at the bricks Even after this humiliation, remain unmanned at night. Long Bay's watchtowers That's despite scathing criticism that replaced them a decade ago the high-tech cameras and sensors are simply inadequate. The unions strenuously opposed the decommissioning of towers. There was a number of disputes, strikes over it. Officers were around the back of that wing and they do patrol. REPORTER: But they missed Mr Cole, didn't they? Beg your pardon? They missed Mr Cole, didn't they? Yeah, they did. Respected former police detective Bob Inkster carved a career putting men into Long Bay. He'll head the inquiry into how to keep them there. And see whether or not there has been any human failure

and then what we can do to ensure it doesn't happen again. A report into the collapse of Sydney's Lane Cove tunnel has found no single factor caused the cave-in. The operators have again apologised to tenants above the hole, but are now looking to have the safe tunnel opened on schedule.

We know what happened. This report tried to answer why.

Commissioned by the tunnel builders, it says no-one really is to blame. And that's there no sole cause and no one sole party responsible. With the strong sandstone was a weak section of rock called a dolerite dyke. Unique fault lines made it unstable and the digging triggered its collapse. The builders knew the weaker rock was there.

The design was strengthened in that area to allow for that dolerite dyke. But it wasn't enough. The company proud of how staff handled the emergency. I don't think it's done damage to our reputation at all. I think it's enhanced our reputation. Whether it stays that way, WorkCover's own investigation is still going. The builders are currently working on a redesign of this part of the tunnel to deviate away from the hole now filled with concrete,

but the company says despite all that's happened, they're still on track to open in May 2007. We apologise to all those people who were disrupted by that event. Like Rob Colquohn, one of four unit owners who'll never go back, selling to the company. 15 others also want out. Certainly something I wouldn't wish on anybody, but we'll come out of it. And so will his pet, Tweety - the bird rescued from the brink.

Very much looking forward to getting into its new place, which should happen next. A handful of communities on the far north coast remain cut off tonight by rising floodwaters after heavy rain overnight. The main street of Billinudgel near Brunswick Heads is underwater,

with residents and the SES sandbagging businesses.

Cars are pretty useless there, but there are other ways of getting around.

Up to 85mm of rain fell in the Tweed Valley,

causing flash-flooding in Lismore.

The highway at Ballina is closed. The weather bureau is warning of more flash-flooding. 43 asylum seekers are undergoing health checks after their boat reached northern Queensland from the Indonesian province of West Papua.

The 36 adults and seven children are believed to have been moved to an air force base. The government says the men will be put in detention,

but the women and children will not. We think we can make appropriate accommodation for the women and children. Their boat carried political banners claiming West Papuans are being persecuted by the Indonesian Government. Doctors are warning patients across Australia will suffer poorer health care

if radical changes are made to Medicare. a more streamlined system, A new inquiry's recommended a more streamlined system, with GP's losing some responsibilities to other health professionals. Traditionally, doctors and nurses just haven't got along over who should do what. Now a new report wants nurses to take more responsibility for patients' care.

There are many nurses who feel that they're under-utilised and that they have more value that they can add to the health system. The report from the Productivity Commission also wants patients to be allowed to bypass their GP and see specialists directly for their Medicare-funded consultation. The Productivity Commission report smacks of an economists' solution to what they see as a financial problem.

It also recommends a new national agency be set up to increase multi-skilling for health professionals. We do need to be training more health professionals, particularly in these areas of critical work force shortage. Health Minister Tony Abbott wasn't available for comment today.

He's still on holidays.

But a spokesman said the Prime Minister will take the report to next month's meeting of State and Territory leaders for discussion.

If we take these sorts of proposals into account, we may be looking at a much lower standard of care for Australians.

The father of tennis player Jelena Dokic has reportedly launched another extraordinary tirade, threatening to kidnap his daughter and drop a bomb on Sydney. Damir Dokic's comments from Belgrade

have prompted Jelena to again distance herself from him. If we believe renegade tennis dad Damir Dokic, Sydney will be bombed in revenge for his daughter's first-round exit at Melbourne Park. He's blamed Australia for Jelena's controversial loss on Monday in a rant to a Serbian tabloid newspaper.

Not surprisingly, the nightmare dad played down the comments when a Melbourne radio station contacted him at his fruit shop outside Belgrade. KATE LANGBROEK: Is he worried about what Jelena will think when she reads what he's allegedly said in the newspaper, (speaks foreign language) No, that doesn't interest me at all. Unfortunately for Damir, this latest outburst is in print. It claimed - Then this - He reportedly has sought help from Serbian politicians, including an accused war criminal, to kidnap Jelena. She was out of sight today but later released a statement to distance herself from the drama. We have very different views on pretty much everything in life, and that includes tennis. But those close to Jelena don't believe this latest outburst from her estranged father will have any effect on her comeback. There's a gypsy saying and it says,

"The dogs will bark and the caravan will move on." Jelena's caravan will move on very nicely. Ahead in Seven News -

Indonesia blamed for atrocities in East Timor. Also, child care among the top choices for university entrants. And a judge orders extraordinary security as a bank robber is jailed.

The oil-for-food inquiry has heard wheat exporter AWB ignored advice from the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The Opposition says it's the biggest corruption scandal in Australia's history. But the boss maintains he knew nothing of the dodgy deals. At the inquiry into the Iraqi wheat scandal there were signs of exasperation. Wheat export boss Andrew Lindberg repeatedly denied any memory of key business dealings.

Counsel Assisting, John Agius, finally asking -

The inquiry considered how the AWB used money from a United Nations humanitarian account to pay the Iraqis $2 million compensation for contaminated wheat. Senior wheat officials admitted -

In fact, Foreign Affairs and Trade had advised completely different methods of repayment. Mr Lindberg told inquiry chief Terence Cole he knew nothing of this. When the AWB board discovered plans for another alleged kickback on behalf of an oil company linked to BHP, some directors said it was extraordinary.

What they weren't told then was the deal had already been done. Mr Lindberg says he didn't know at the time and when he found out he considered it too late to tell the board. REPORTER: Did you mislead the board, Mr Lindberg? This is one the biggest corruption scandal in Australia's history. It is also one of the biggest corruption scandals that we have seen around the world.

56,000 students are celebrating the offer of a place at university,

with early childhood courses a surprise popular pick. But thousands still missed out,

and they're upset that it's easier to get into university if you can pay up-front. Megan Riethmuller loves kids, so she's thrilled she got into an early childhood course.

I was so excited, I ran around the house and yelled it out.

Child care is popular this year, especially in the western suburbs. We've really got a new booming community here, lots of job opportunities, generates that need for child care. and that's the sort of thing that generates that need for child care. It's just an exciting job and I think the idea that if I can have an influence on their lives when they're so young, I look forward to that.

Across the State, offers have jumped by almost 3,000. At some universities, your chances of getting in are much higher if you can afford up-front fees. Courses at Macquarie and UTS have gaps of up to 18 points between HECS and full-fee-paying courses.

But Sydney's decided to keep the gap at just five points.

I think it's outrageous that students with money can jump the queue and buy a place at university you're getting someone who's rich, You're not getting someone who's qualified, and why does that make them qualified? But Monash University research suggests standards aren't compromised. The jury's out to some extent on the effect of the UAI on student achievement.

A United Nations report has blamed Indonesia To

breaking news, and Schapelle Corby

has had her jail sentence increased

to 20 years. Her lawyers

successfully had her sentence

reduced to 15 years, but pros durts

appealed and have been backed by

Indonesia's Supreme Court, which reinstated

reinstated the 20-year term. A United Nations report has blamed Indonesia for up to 180,000 deaths in East Timor during its 24-year occupation. The leaked findings from the Reception, Truth and Reconciliation Commission show the military poisoned the food and water supply. Australia's also been criticised for recognising Indonesia's occupation. Only a small number of Indonesian officials have ever been punished for their involvement,

but East Timor says it will take no further action. An American judge has taken drastic action against an abusive prisoner. Steven Aitken started yelling as the jury delivered its verdict over seven bank robberies and assault. Heavily armed officers then returned him to the court, gagged and restrained in a wheelchair. And the reason that you are secured when you are in this trial is to protect the court personnel, including your attorneys.

Aitken was sentenced to five life sentences. Sport now with Matthew White at Melbourne Park, and what a great day for the Aussies. A sea of green and gold here today, and they've seen two of our finest young talents knock out seeded players. First, Sam Stosur muscled her way past Ana Ivanovic.

Belgian Olivier Rochus. Then Peter Luczak battered Belgian Olivier Rochus.

..flame-grilled the Hungry Jack's way

on a fresh-baked baguette, with fiery outback sauce, fresh lettuce and tomato

and topped off with creamy mayonnaise. # Oh, yeah... # Value deal for a hearty meal. # Oh, yeah # Oh, yeah! # WHIP CRACKS

If Lleyton Hewitt needed any extra motivation to beat Juan Ignacio Chela tonight,

he can take it from three other Aussies on what's been a landmark day for the locals at the Australian Open. Nathan Healey has just beaten Amer Delic, but Peter Luczak and Samantha Stosur both staged big upsets against seeded opposition to move into the last 32, Australia Day came a week early at Melbourne Park. CROWD BOISTEROUSLY SINGS 'ADVANCE AUSTRALIA FAIR'

Aussie Peter Luczak didn't let them down against 24th seed Olivier Rochus. He lost the first set tie-break before fighting back to lead 2-1. And the wildcard was looking the winner in the fourth. COMMENTATOR: Oh, oh! Yes! Down the line. The Belgian won it in a tie break, but the fifth was all Luczak - the win was the biggest of his career. Luczak is through.

WILD CHEERING AND APPLAUSE On centre court, Samantha Stosur kept the flag flying against 21st seed Ana Ivanovic. APPLAUSE Buoyed by a big home crowd, the world No.98 took the first set in little over half an hour. And she's done it. The second set didn't start so smoothly. Oops! Off the edge of the frame. Ivanovic took a 5-1 lead before Stosur found another gear,

winning six straight games to take it 6-3, 7-5 and move through to the third round. She's done it! Central Coast product Nathan Healey is on track to complete an unlikely trifecta of wins for the Aussies after taking the third set against American Amer Delic. And Healey holds.

He takes the third set and leads 2-1.

In other results today, Roger Federer crushed Florian Mayer while Kim Clijsters beat Juan Meng. And last night Maria Sharapova defeated American Ashley Harkleroad. Blues opener Phil Jaques has been added to the Australian one-day squad after Simon Katich injured his groin at training this morning. And the Pura Cup match between the Blues and Victoria has ended in a draw

after the final day's play was abandoned due to heavy rain in Lismore today. Jockey Danny Adam has been suspended for four months after clashing with fellow hoop Michael Guthrie in the Bairnsdale Cup. Adam pleaded guilty to a charge of improper riding after striking Guthrie across the face with his hand and whip earlier this month. The board certainly gave Danny a good hearing and they made their decision, so we get on with life.

Adam had just returned to the saddle after a seven-year lay-off. The scene is set for a great night of tennis here tonight. No.3 seed Lleyton Hewitt takes on Juan Ignacio Chela, and also Emma Laine from Finland against Martina Hingis. All that from 7.30pm. It is going to

is going to be a big one. We'll be

watching closely. Thanks, Matt. I'll have Sydney's weather after the break, but first finance.

And the share market recovered after yesterday's big falls.

Toll shares continued to fall after the ACCC rejected its bid for Patrick Corporation.

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A mostly cloudy day across Sydney today with a few scattered showers. The highest rainfalls were at Pennant Hills and Turramurra. It reached 24 degrees in Richmond and the city.

23 in Liverpool, Campbelltown and Parramatta. A top of 17 in the mountains. Right now in town, it's 21 degrees. Around the country tomorrow -

A sunny day ahead for Perth, mainly fine in Canberra, rain forecast for the other capitals. On the waterways -

Showers should clear tomorrow to a sunny day.

A top of 28 forecast for Richmond and Penrith.

27 for Parramatta, Campbelltown and Liverpool. 26 for the coast and the city. Looking ahead - It looks like the sun is here to stay starting from Saturday. Fine and hot conditions forecast into next week. And that's Seven News to now. I'm Samantha Armytage. Thanks for your company. Goodnight.

Hello, and welcome to Today Tonight. I'm Anna Coren. Tonight, caught on tape - the Middle Eastern gangs exacting revenge for last month's Cronulla riots. Extremely

Extremely brutal. I think everyone

had a go. The tape that demands action. Why haven't they been locked up? Also, on the run - actor Denise Roberts pleads for her brother to turn himself in after a dramatic prison-break.

Has he tried to contact you? Can she make him do the right thing? That story in a moment. Also, the mad, mad world of Damir Dokic. Jelena's father gives Australia his biggest serve yet.